Sex Beast Gets Boot

The Sun, February 16, 2012

Mohamed Kendeh, who sexually assaulted 11 women, at first successfully claimed deporting him to Sierra Leone destroyed his right to a family life here.

But he went on to be jailed again for robbery in 2009, prompting renewed efforts to deport him. The 25-year-old was finally sent back to Freetown on Sunday, the Home Office said.

Mohamed Kindeh

It comes as Home Secretary Theresa May’s attempts to deport radical cleric Abu Qatada, once described by a judge as Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe, are being frustrated by human rights laws.

Gabrielle Brown, one of illegal immigrant Kendeh’s victims, said: “It’s fantastic news.”

Ms Browne, who was training for the London Marathon on a towpath when she was sexually attacked by Kendeh in 2003, welcomed the move, saying he should never have been allowed to stay.

Ms Browne, 46, who has waived her right to anonymity, said: “I’m very pleased he has been deported. This should have happened in 2007 when he was, in my view, wrongly allowed to remain in the UK.”

Gabrielle Brown

It emerged after his arrest that he had recently been from a young offenders institution after sex assaults on four women when he was 15.

Immigration Minister Damian Green said: “Kendeh committed appalling crimes but made every attempt through the courts to thwart his removal and further prolong the suffering of his victims.

“I am pleased he has now been successfully returned to his home country.”

Kendeh claimed his right to a family life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which is enshrined in UK law under the Human Rights Act.

Mr Green went on: “For too long Article 8 has been used to place the family rights of foreign criminals and immigration offenders above the rights of the British public.

“This is why we will change the immigration rules to reinforce the public interest in seeing foreign criminals and those who have breached our immigration laws removed from this country.”

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  • Anonymous

    I have a hard time thinking about this story.  I see two possibilities he was allowed to remain the UK:

    1) Some misguided sense of forgiveness, through ignorance of the behavior of his race.

    2) An actual desire to destroy the society.

    I think 1) is more likely, although occasionally, dreadful people like Tim Wise will go for option 2).

      He is already in the US and is ready to vote this November.  He probably has enrolled in Columbia University.

  • Mohamed Kendeh, who sexually assaulted 11 women, at first successfully
    claimed deporting him to Sierra Leone destroyed his right to a family
    life here.

    How did that joke about John Edwards go?  He retired from politics to spend more time with his families.  I get the feeling that it’s much the same deal with Mr. Kendeh.

  • Anonymous

    This story has also been reported by The Daily Mail, where I read it. My first reaction was “Hallelujah”!. But there is more to this case than Mohamed Kendah or Abu Qatada expoiting Human Rights legislation to stay in the UK – and they are just 2 of the literally hundreds of foreign criminals and even terrorist sympathisers who have exploited the HRA in this way. This case shows how the HRA is exploited by liberal judges to pursue their own political ends. Let me explain:
    Whenever a foreign born criminal or religious fanatic appears before the courts facing deportation, Article 8 of the ECHRA is invoked. Article 8 states that:
    “Everyone has the right to respect for his Private and Family life, his Home, and his Correspondence” 

    The above is quoted in the courts by Lawyers and Judges, and parroted by the liberal media. BUT, what the courts and the media NEVER quote is PART 2 of the HRA – Article 8(2).

    What is Article 8(2)?. Before I answer that it would perhaps be helpful to state that the EU, and the British Government, define Article 8 HRA as a ‘Qualified Right’; which means that any interference with this right, by any member state, can be justified under certain circumstanes.

    Now, Article 8(2) states that interference with this right, by any member state, can be justified if that interference is in accordance with one of six ‘Legitimate aims’.

    One of those six legitimate aims is (as defined by Article 8(2) itself) “The Prevention of Disorder or Crime”

    Sorry if this is a bit longwinded, but we’re dealing with legal issues, so brevity is not going to be a feature. My point is this: British Judges ALREADY have the power to deport foreign criminals from the UK. But they are choosing not to. The British Government know that Judges have the power to deport, but they are not pushing the issue.

    Why?. It’s because the heathen/marxist cult of Victim Heirarchy and Multiculturalism is so ingrained in our Political and Legal establishment that it has become the default thinking process.

    The only reason that Mohamed Kendeh got deported from the UK is the bravery and dogged determination of Gabrielle Brown. For this she should be applauded. Is this case some kind of turning point in how we deal with foreign criminals?. My instincts tell me that it is not; there are still hundreds of foreign criminals here, and we are still in the EU. But perhaps Mrs Brown will be an inspiration to other victims.

    For more details, look up Article 8 on

  • Anonymous

    He appears to me to be a better candidate for execution than deportation.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that this human excrement should be deported…but he should be deported in a coffin. He will be raping again very soon. Whether he rapes teenage boys in prison, European women or African women, what’s the difference? He will be back in Europe soon, count on that.  There is only one way to stop this person. It’s time for citizens to stand up and enforce capital punishment. It’s time for the liberal court system to step down. They have become obsolete.

  • Castrate him & deport. Some elements of shariah law can be adapted to Western standards- to service needs of Western peoples.

  • Anonymous

    You make a good point. It is actually rather common for black rapists to think their victims like it and would want to do it again IF the victim is passive or seems pleasing in an attempt to save their own lives.

    If the victim can’t kill them at that time feigning cooperation and even adoration will likely provide a better opportunity.

  • Sonya610

    You speak of legal matters. The courts do not intervene without real evidence. Morality and legality are often two separate things.

  • JohnEngelman

    Crime is a genetic predisposition that varies among the races. 

  • Guest

    A district attorney friend had a rape caseload for years.  Although the black population of the county was never more than 10 percent and soon dropped to 8 percent, all the rapists were black.  They all insisted that the B***h wanted it, ah knows dey wans eh. The women were often injured.

    When my friend would point out that he had to break her wrist and jaw to subdue her, the moron below 70 IQ black would just repeat in his intelligble gabble, she wanted it I knew.  I remember one of them walked up to a woman on a city bus and began beating her up.  His excuse?

    He had made a sexual advance and she refused. 

    • Sonya610

      The women were often “injured”?  Let us just imagine if males were being raped, young boys or elderly men or those that were for some reason weaker than their attackers, would anyone say “the men were also injured” during the rape attack?

  • William_JD

    Not in the USA.  Here it is perfectly legal to kill someone who is attempting to rape you.

  • Christopher_Nelson

    11 women? That is  11 times that he should have been executed. 

    Maybe they can round up those women, give them all baseball bats, and leave them in a room with this guy for a half n hour.