Stunning Face Hidden for Thousands of Years: Wooden Sarcophagus Is Unearthed at Egyptian Necropolis

Daily Mail (London), February 16, 2012

Encased in soil, this extraordinarily delicate face emerges into the sun for the first time in thousands of years.

The wooden sarcophagus was unearthed by archaeologists at the necropolis of Qubbet el-Hawa in Aswan, Egypt.

Believed to contain the body of a person of some rank, it boasts extraordinarily delicate features, well-preserved by the sands of time.

The piece was found by a team from the University of Jaen, in Spain, who have been carrying out digs at the site since 2008.

Since starting a fresh excavation in January, they have also discovered 20 mummies and uncovered a tomb dating from around 1830BC.

The dig is being led by Professor Alejandro Jiménez Serrano, who is working alongside 16 staff from Jaen, as well as universities in Granada and London.

He said that his team came from a number of different disciplines which allowed a broad focus.

It had also allowed them ‘to develop new techniques such as RTI or scanning in 3D which helps read hieroglyphic texts with greater accuracy,’ he added.

The team had already found two smaller tombs in earlier digs.

Qubbet el-Hawa necropolis was in use from 2250BC and provided a last resting place for some of the country’s most important officials.

A string of 40 tombs cut into a rocky cliff face, the burial ground also forms one of the best vantage points of the city of Aswan.

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  • Anonymous

    Yes, that’s a good point.  But  now they have DNA verifying race.  For example, King Tut’s DNA matched 70 % of Brits and 50% of other Europeans. 
    The busts, statues, statuettes reveal caucasoid features, also.  Could Queen Nefertiti be any race other than Caucasian?

    • anonymous_amren

      No, only his Y CHROMOSOME matched 70% of Brits and 50% of other Europeans. The Y Chromosome doesn’t indicate race unless people have never interacted with other races. That’s because it can only come from the father (women don’t have Y chromosomes), and therefore doesn’t get mixed or diluted during miscegenation. You can be as black as pitch and have 99% black ancestry, but still have a white Y chromosome.

      The Y chromosome is still proper DNA, but it doesn’t usually encode much, except whether a person should become a male or not. So it doesn’t really tell you much about him.

      I’m pure white, but my Y-Chromosome doesn’t match King Tut’s. I’m in the I1 haplogroup, which comes from Scandanavia, although my particular variant of I1 has a mutation that occurred in Britain, so it’s part of the other 30%. King Tut was in the R1b haplogroup.

      Other evidence suggests King Tut (and most ancient Egyptians) had large amounts of white DNA, and they certainly weren’t black in any normal sense. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say he was white. Whitish, but not white.

      Ancient Egyptions were probably a mixture of white, arab, jewish, a bit of east african, and who knows what else. But it’s not just about the mixture, they also evolved for thousands of years after the mixture. So I think it’s most accurate to describe their race as uniquely Ancient Egyptian. If they were around today, we wouldn’t call them white.

      • libertarian4339

        “Ancient Egyptions were probably a mixture of white, arab, jewish, a bit of east african, and who knows what else. But it’s not just about the mixture, they also evolved for thousands of years after the mixture. So I think it’s most accurate to describe their race as uniquely Ancient Egyptian.”
        I would agree with that if you were referring to the period after about 1500 BC.   But I’m pretty much convinced the Indo-European Caucasoids that migrated down from the Black Sea area beginning about 5000 BC inundated every place from Egypt to Iran/Iraq/Lebanon, Syria, etc., and they consisted of mainly three sub groups of Caucasoids, all three of which probably had light complexions. 

      • libertarian4339

        I just completed a three hour research check, going over all the data available on the early Egyptians. But, first of all, let me say that up to about ten years ago I was with the opinion that the ancient Egyptians were as they are today. Then, I was prompted into checking into black claims that Egyptians were black, when I first became aware of the claims.

        The more I learned the more I found support that they were not black or brown, but white Caucasoids. I can sum it up briefly.

        1) The Caucuses area had a huge migration of people that ventured southward, eastward and westward.
        2) The climate in the area in which they lived for thousands of years is brutally cold and not likely to be inhabited by brown skin people who need a colored skin protection against the sun. Surely they were light skinned as a result of environmental evolution for thousands of years.
        3) Caucasoid features are present throughout the Middle East, India, North Africa, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, even today after thousands of years of mixing with people with darker complexions, and many of them look like the average white in the US today, with some of them having brown or reddish hair and blue, grey, or green eyes, common only to whites. People here in the US from other countries who are said to look like “whites with a tan,” are mostly Caucasoids but not entirely, but enough to be included in the category of Caucasoids.
        4) To call people that are of obvious Asian extraction Caucasians is incorrect and should be changed to consider only people who share enough commonality to be regarded as an extended family.
        5) Mummies, statues, drawings, Ag implements, language, etc, point toward white or nearly white Caucasoids.
        6) The horse was first domesticated by Indo-Europeans in the Black Sea/Caspian Sea area. The appearance of the horse in the Mediterranean area is more evidence of the Indo-European influx.
        7)To dismiss Y Chromosone DNA as only a possibility that a white male was included somewhere along the ancesteral path is not logical. The logical conclusion should be to include the DNA evidence, along with every other bit of data and assume that there is a far greater liklihood that the Y Chromosome markers more logically indicate white lineage than any other.

        • “nearly white” -There is the key.

          Ancient Egyptians/Modern Copts and other Near-Eastern minority ethnic groups (Assyrians, Non-Tuareg Berbers, and others) are “near-whites” rather than absolute “non-whites” in my view.

      • Le Fox

        Nope. Modern 3-D printers show this. Ancient Egyptians were white.

  • Anonymous

    It certainly doesn’t appear Negroid!  The nose alone betrays that.

  • Anonymous

    Somehow to me the features almost look English.

  • Anonymous

    “Toward its end, Egypt devolved internally by the hand of a smaller nation of Hiksos who were overthrown by the Egyptian Army for claiming Canaan and attacking the Palestinians 200 years before.”

    Yes,  the Hyksos defeated the Egyptians …once….by using horse-drawn chariots, which were alien to the Egyptians, and after making an alliance with a few tribes of Nubian Kings.

    The Egyptians, in turn, trounced the Hysos, after they constructed chariots of their own.  The also drove the Hysksos out, but they exacted a terrible vengence on the Nubians in reprisal for their alliance with the Hyksos.  Egypt had defeated Nubia many times prior to that time, bringing back tens of thousands of blacks to Egypts as slaves.

    It was the multiracial inclusion of blacks and others that bred the Egyptians out of existence after several hundred years.

    A mulatto Pharoah toward the end times even tried to co-opt Egyptian achievements as belonging to Nubians, but it was a feeble effort.  Embalming and Pyramid building were long gone by that time.

    Egypt’s Caucasoids were bred out of existence in their pure form  as were other whites in the area.  Some of the traces are quite evident, however, in Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, and most other areas in that region.

  • Harry Beadle

    Depends on the Egyptian dynasty.  Remember Cleopatra was Greek, a member of the Ptolemaic line — so yes, it could be caucasoid.

  •  Did they come here through a magical door in the heavens called the Stargate?


    Is it not time that we left the ancient egyptians in peace,?are we intending to dis-inter every buried body in the land?they were buried according to thier sacred timeless profound religious beliefs,are we so greedy for thier wealth that we can not leave them to thier eternity?It seems so,lust for fame trumps the right to immortality,and by so doing cheapens us all.

    • are we so greedy for their wealth that we can not leave them to their eternity?

      I think you have the right premise, but you’re asking the wrong question:

      Here’s the question you should ask:

      Are blacks so desperate for some sort of positive history that we can not leave Ancient Egypt to its eternity?

  • Anonymous

    The two earliest civilizations were in Egypt, and what is now Iraq. They started about five thousand years ago. They were both Caucasian. The only people who do not think so are people who do not think very much, and people who do not know very much. 

    • anonymous_amren

      White people didn’t stop evolving 5,000 years ago though. We have continued to change since then, and are no longer quite the same as they were.

      • JohnEngelman

        Of course we did not stop evolving 5,000 years ago.  The thesis of “The 10,000 Year Explosion,” is that human evolution is accelerating.
        Civilization breeds for intelligence because intelligent people tend to be financially successful, so they tend to have more children who survive and reproduce. Civilization breeds for law obedience because over a period of centuries the criminal justice system of a civilization removes those with criminal inclinations from the gene pool.                                              
        The more generations separate a national population from the paleolithic era, the higher its average intelligence is likely to be, and the lower its crime rate.

  • Anonymous

    “According to A. Sayce, the Hyksos defeated the Egyptians by immigrating to Egypt as carpenters and servants shortly after their defeat.”
    Yes.  The Hyksos were expelled about 1580 BC.  Several years later they kept filtering back in, along with other tribes, which continued the watering down process of the pyramid builders. Egypt was becoming a multicultural area.

    Blacks were already within the empire, beginning in more substantial numbers after a concerted attack on Nubia by the Pharoah Sneferu,  about 2570 BC who defeated them and returned to Egypt with 70,000 prisoners who were used as slaves.  Others were enslaved after earlier battles, under other pharaohs,  but not in those numbers. 

    It was the beginning of the end for Egypt.  Like the US, the white population was slowly bred out of existence.

    • The Hyksos occupation of Egypt was the second intermediate period between the Middle and New Kingdoms.

  • anonymous_amren

    You’re thinking of Daniel Jackson. And yes, the pyramids were really landing platforms for Goa’uld Ha’tak. But those aliens didn’t pass on their DNA to humans (well, except Khalek, Anna, Nirrti’s creations, and maybe a Harcesis).

    The aliens that did that were the Ancients, after they returned to Earth from the Pegasus Dwarf Irregular galaxy where they were being defeated by the Wraith, 10,000 years ago. That is probably where the ATA gene, that randomly occurs among some white people, came from. Although that could also have been a result of when the Ancients first seeded the Milky Way with genetic material 5 million years ago with the Dakara Super Weapon, in response to the plague from Vis Uban.

    And there was some slight genetic manipulation by other kinds of aliens, such as the rogue Asguard Loki.

    No wait, that’s Stargate.

  • anonymous_amren

    That’s only the Y Chromosome. Which technically is DNA, but doesn’t indicate race because it doesn’t get diluted or mixed during sexual reproduction (unlike race).

    It just shows that his dad’s dad’s dad’s dad’s dad’s dad’s dad’s dad’s dad’s dad’s … dad was white. But his dad’s dad’s mum’s dad’s dad’s dad’s dad’s dad’s dad’s dad’s … dad could have been any race, and so could every single one of his thousands of other ancestors.

    They did try to hush it up at first, I don’t know if they still are trying to.

    • 54yg

      That is right anon amren. People want to jump on here that Egypt was “white.” 

      I hold the conventional view that it was neither but a Mediterranean group of Northern Africa.

  • razorrare can also be found easily within the archives of AR..

  • Greg West

    cWhile DNA and physical evidence seems to make clear that Egyptians were not Negroid. I do not think they migrated out of Africa. Maybe they were the same branch that had split 10 0r 20k years ago. It would seem that they were in the business of writing and building stone  structures and we would have some evidence.

    I think the Egyptians just had population collapse as civilization do and they were out bread by the new comers that could not sustain the high culture.

    The same thing is happening in western civilizations today, as the darker folks  immigrate and subsiqenltly out breed us.

    The delution of high IQ people will be at a point soon were the west will not be able to feed itself much less maintain infrastructure.

    Egypt, Greece, Rome etc. all wen tthat way

    • Rome didn’t go away, it just followed a string of bad policies that left it in a bad financial situation and an unstable social situation: in any case the rump Eastern Roman Empire survived for a long time in a Hellenized form until its western parts were conquered by Latin-rite powers (Lombards, Normans, Venetians, et al.) and the eastern areas by Persians, Arabs, and Turks. Their were also forced to contend through all that with migrating Slavic and Magyar tribes, the Jewish Khazar kingdom north of the Black Sea, and even Viking raids from out of Russia!

      As I have explaned before here, the Egyptians fell primarily because the Persians were stronger, and not because they themselves declined. 

      Greece of course fell because they lacked the political unity that the Italians had under Rome: when Titus Quinctius Flamininus lead a Roman military mission in Greece against the Kingdom of Macedon, he was hailed as a liberator by many Greek city-states. There was never a pan-Hellenic resistance to the Romans and that made certain their incorporation into the Roman Empire (which they in turn conquered culturally).

  • “Huh?” to your last sentence.  That’s a 3500 year differential, which is about as ludicrious as saying that some Amerindian tribal war in 1500 BC is the cause of the  Hart-Cellar immigration liberalization act of 1965.

  • anonymous_amren

    Is the teacher white or black? I’m guessing black from the description, in which case there’s not much you can do. But if they are white, I’d have a word with them and try to reason with them. White people do like to appear reasonable and fair, and what they taught is so absurd that you can easily make them realise they haven’t been fair. Don’t go for the full Amren version of history, but suggest that maybe white people did develop some civilizations of their own. You shouldn’t just put up with that kind of nonsense being taught to your (and other people’s) children.

  • anonymous_amren

    I don’t think we should try to claim Ancient Egypt as our own. If we say they were white, it makes us sound like the white version of Afro-Centrists. Obviously there are some differences between us and Afro-Centrists, like our arguments actually make some sense, and we have Y-Chromosome DNA tests that come back as European.

    • libertarian4339

      I have no problem accepting that the ancient Egyptians were a tan mixture, and I was with that opinion up until a few years ago when I began researching ancient Egypt.  Like you, I took the tan skin texture of their drawings to indicate their true complexion, but there is so much strong evidence supporting the existence of light caucasoid people, it’s entirely possible the skin coloring was tan due to being outdoors much of the time.

      Whatever the case, we’ll know for certain in the very near future because the advancements in genetic evaluation are occurring rapidly.

      I have no problem if it turns out…in the earlier periods……they were a tan admixture of races.

      Right now, Dr. Hawass refuses to release info regarding DNA testing.  The explanation is that it could upset too many people.  Obviously, he means black mythologists, because they were almost apoplectic when the pic and info were released on Tut.

      But we’ll know for certain soon enough.  I’m just wondering how ballistic the blacks are going to go when their claims are unequivocally revealed as lies by science.   I’m betting they’ll claim the tests were biased, because they were conducted by whites or non-blacks, whichever might be the case.

  • Worlds in Collision, too! Stop bogarding and pass that thing over here, man.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Good Lord man, why throw into a perfectly sensible discussion these star-trek like fantasies?.
    You’ll be telling me next that the Queen is a shape shifting lizard!. We’ve had quite enough of that nonsence from the likes of David Icke, thanks.


    I am not sure if any remains of the pharoh Taharqa have been found, but he is depicted quite clearly as being of the Nubian racial type.

  •  How? The Persians got lucky, and conquered them when they had a youthful and most inexperienced Pharaoh whose allies had ditched him. Then the Persians were crushed by the Macedonian-lead Greeks, and the Greeks fell to the Romans. There is NOTHING surprising about what happened to the Egyptians: they fell because they were defeated in battle.

    Do we attribute Germany’s defeat the world wars to some sort of societal collapse, or the fact that they made strategic mistakes and just couldn’t win?

  •  You are joking right?

  • No, read my above comment to AmericaRising. The Egyptians fell to overwhelming military force in the same way the Germans did in WWII: their society was fine, but arithmetic knows no mercy and a few tactical mistakes can crush an entire nation.

    Like Germany falling in the two world wars, the Egyptians twice failed to defeat the forces of the mighty Persian Empire (at that time the largest in the world). There was no “decline”. There was a defeat.

  •  I don’t think an “active” eugenics policy is so necessary, so long as the actively dysgenic policies are curbed.

  • Take your children out of that school. I am only a few years out of HS and I was never taught such nonsense.

  • He might not have a replacement if the Islamic parties have their way. He is on difficult ground, being an Egyptian nationalist  in an increasingly fundementalist Islamic society which holds pre-Islamic Egypt in a low regard.