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Coming of Age, Then and Now

What does it take to become a man?


Some Amazonian tribes only have words for “some” and “a few.”

How to prove you are a Very Good Person.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Video is more persuasive than print.


Asians becoming as crazy as whites.

With Internet, poor people get fat and do worse in school.

Help us extend our reach.

Survey Results By the Numbers, American Renaissance

What do American Renaissance readers want more of? Less of?

Only black and Hispanic neighborhoods have this problem.

129 crewmen died on its final voyage.

No freedom of speech for “racists.”

Some have been unable to view comments on our site.

Fences work.

The police are very lucky they didn’t shoot a black.

59 percent of Democrats are proud to be American, compared to 41 percent of Republicans.

Obama administration wants to keep Samoans “non-citizen nationals.”

Child is undoubtedly black.

Bees are “Africanized.”

Another setback for mob justice.

Blacks discriminate against blacks as much as whites do.

“Life is tough if you’re a black guest on Airbnb.”

Young whites are now as pessimistic as young non-whites.

He was collecting on a settlement for lead poisoning when he was a child.

It’s “part of our plan to build more stores in urban neighborhoods.”

If women can’t meet the standard it’s probably too high.

Whites must teach themselves about “racism.”

Every woman failed the officer training course–some on the first day.

“Discrimination” is to blame.

. . . or in Ferguson . . . or East St. Louis . . .

Tolerance is increasing for communists, atheists, and homosexuals.

Customer could hand back a cup that says “Race Together” on it.

SPLC changes its mind. Redemption is possible.

Testimony before the National Tea Party Caucus on Capitol Hill.

Whites are turned down 10 percent of the time; blacks, 28 percent.

Will there be “white lives matter” demonstrations?

Black officer shoots a black who had his hands up.

Nearly half the women fail the test.

12-year-old black boy killed after pulling a realistic toy gun on police officers.

No rioting reported.

Student drivers face obstacles in East Harlem.

Holder: Bureaucracy will investigate everything “from antigovernment animus to racial prejudice.”

Small study finds drivers are more likely to stop for whites.

More people are fighting back.

The victim was over twice the legal alcohol limit and had smoked marijuana.

Whites are 97 percent of veterinarians and 96 percent of farmers.

And it costs blacks the most.

Nearly 2,000 were Chinese.

Another Mike Nifong?

And had a full head of hair.

Another first for Detroit?