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He “failed to meet the standards SPLC hopes to instill in the world.”

In Canada, it’s legal to kill and eat cats and dogs.

The case will go to the Supreme Court.

Some Seattle employees “encounter” hypodermic needles on the job nearly every day.

She is white. And not transgender. What were they thinking?

Another student falls prey to the school-to-prison pipeline.

Even 42% of Democrats feel like strangers.

Levin: “The ignorance on this subject is unbelievable.”

Fake News Comes to Academia, Wall Street Journal

Trio of liberal satirists “prove that higher ed’s fixation on identity politics enables ‘absurd and horrific’ scholarship.”

“White privilege” isn’t worth as much as minority status.

The focus is on “optics,” not on truth or justice.

Prejudice “can easily become incentivized in virtual populations.”

In Asia: “A white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults.”

“It makes it easy to hate the other side.”

The wages of idealism.

Malcolm X: White people are “like the cactus, deeply rooted, with spines to keep us off.”

A foreign belly dancer can be a star; an Egyptian belly dancer is a hooker.

HUD is reviewing the 2013 rule that uses “disparate impact analysis.”

It offends the “21st-century ideal of strength in diversity.”

“Taxi drivers in L.A. were 73 percent more likely to cancel on black riders than whites.”

Where Are All the Good Men?, Special to AR News

Waiting for good women on WhiteDate.NET.

“Crazy. Chaotic. Noisy. Messy. But, we enjoy it.”

Succeeding by whining.

Twitter says it is aiming to relieve users from the “work” of dealing with “abusive” tweets.

Other Canadians must wear helmets.

He faces 10 years in prison and a $100,000 fine.

Members are angry that their dues are supporting a government agency’s left-wing agenda.

She was going through a “hard time” in her life.

Former black slaves living in India. Many work as servants or musicians.

The Chinese steal from the US about $300 billion in intellectual property each year.

Limiting multifamily homebuilding is segregationist.

Tens of thousands of Africans will be “absorbed” in the European Union, Canada, and the US.

Illegals’ private information will be kept from the federal government.

Budget doesn’t allow HUD to compel local neighborhoods to rezone along racial lines.

Parents think the school was teaching their daughter to be a white supremacist.

Starting wage in 1980s was $40 an hour; now it’s $11 an hour..

Black graduates can help their communities most by becoming entrepreneurs.

The restaurant has had problems with dine-and-dashing.

Buddhist nationalism is on the rise.

New Black Panther Party leader is forced to repay money he took from a client.

Mistress Velvet knows how to make her clients really suffer.

Opera directors say requiring Porgy and Bess to be black is racist and politically incorrect.

An inspiring video from a dating site for white people.

China wants to become the top superpower.

How can it, with so little diversity?

Embarrassingly gushing. Will no one say, “The emperor has no clothes”?

Artist: “It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing.”

MIT researcher: “You can’t have ethical AI that’s not inclusive.”

“It’s an interesting look coming from a party that seems constantly ready to sell out the people of color in its base.”

Some providers don’t honor patient requests for doctors of their own race.