Posted on December 23, 2022

Helping the Palmgrens with NICU Bills for Sigrid

GiveSendGo, December 2022

We were thrilled to be expecting a baby girl, Sigrid, who unexpectedly and suddenly came a month earlier than her due date. Then we were distraught and heartbroken when she had to spend 12 days in NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) to be monitored while also dealing with the stress of the mainstream medical establishment trying to push unnecessary hospital protocols on such a sweet little baby. Her big brothers cried when they weren’t allowed into NICU.

Thankfully Sigrid is healthy and thriving at home! Unfortunately, the NICU bills are beyond outrageous and should be criminal, and same with the extremely high family deductible that independently employed people have to pay.

Having a late term preemie also means feedings every 2 hours, which makes it hard for mama and papa to get sleep in order to function for work, chores and homeschool BUT we are loving every moment with her regardless of sleep deprivation! Babies are a gift and she is a dream come true.

This fund was started after friends and supporters asked how they could help and we appreciate it immensely! It will help us put the resources we have into what we do, not medical extortion.

Much love,

Henrik and Lana