Posted on January 3, 2021

For Whites to Survive, We Must Accept Each Other

Liv Heide, American Renaissance, January 3, 2020

Romantic relationships are unstable in the West. White men and women do not seem to behave in ways that attract the other sex for a long period. Not enough whites build the stable families we need to ensure our future.

Why is love so rare among people whose ancestors had been masters of romance only 120 years ago? The spirit of romance inspired music, poetry, fashion, countless art pieces, and high birth rates. German women before 1914 had an average of four children.

What happened? In the 1900s, sex roles were clear, and vulgarity, degeneracy and promiscuity were considered shameful. Western media, education, and politics supported family creation. People took eugenics for granted; no one wanted to perpetuate weak or unattractive traits. They saw character as a heritable trait, just as hunters still look for desirable qualities in hunting dogs.

After decades of brainwashing, we now accept abortion for healthy white children, and the media seem to glamorize everything weak and defective while they vilify the strong and healthy, especially if the strong and healthy are white. Businesses offer countless solutions to problems hardly known in the past: crooked teeth, acne, obesity, food allergies, auto-immune diseases, etc. These are caused mainly by bad nutrition and lack of self-discipline.

How can people who live in this destructive environment become solid, fit, moral spouses and the loving parents of future generations? Many whites are now shaking off anti-white propaganda, but they cannot change their thinking and behavior overnight. It takes a long time to recover. White men and women alike will need time, tolerance, and generosity from other whites, especially as they try to find mates.

In practical terms, this means we should not set standards too high. Not everyone is blue-eyed, 10 years younger than you, or a virgin. Of course we can all improve. You can lose weight and start exercising. A green-haired woman can resume her natural color. You can encourage timid male friends to court a woman. We can forgive whites who have dated outside their race. An Instagram attention addict can learn the values of modesty. A globetrotter can discover the biggest adventure of all: the glory of having a family.

We must work with the people we have become. We must take our fellow whites as they are, for there are no others. Otherwise, whites will perish, and take their idea of perfection with them.