Posted on April 6, 2022

Finally, You Can Hear the Other Side In the Arbery Case

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 6, 2022

I believe that the defendants of the trials in the Ahmaud Arbery case have been victims of a terrible, anti-white miscarriage of justice. Only dissidents — people such as me and John Derbyshire — seem to understand this. I don’t know of a single “conservative” who has pointed out the judge’s biases, the black-power intimidation of jurors, the constant media slant against the defendants, and the outrageous sentences that were imposed. And there has never been a sympathetic profile of the Bryan or McMichael families that have been torn apart by this travesty.

Finally, Leigh McMichael, the wife of Greg McMichael and mother of Travis McMichael, has a website where she has begun to tell her story. She has also set up a GiveSendGo for her family, so you can support these victims of racial injustice. Please be generous.