Posted on May 31, 2021

AmRen Commenting Policy

AR Staff, American Renaissance, May 31, 2021 has one main purpose: to promote race realism and white advocacy. Everything else is secondary.

Commenting is a service and a privilege we offer you. It is not a right. Commenting must serve our main goal. We warmly welcome comments that serve that goal, but we will eliminate comments — and commenters — that do not.

AmRen is certainly for people who understand race, but it must be welcoming for the curious and the unconvinced. They must not be driven off by intemperate, mean-spirited comments.

AmRen is not a public, free-speech forum. That is what Facebook and Twitter should be, but are not. There are other platforms that are trying to be free-speech alternatives. If that is what you want, please go there.

Rules for Comments:

  • Never use vulgarity, profanity, or slurs.
  • Offer facts, interpretations, parallels, and insights relevant to the story on which you are commenting. We delete threads on unrelated subjects.
  • Do not be mean-spirited. Yes, there are many people and groups acting against our interests. Write about them accurately and thoughtfully; not with the animus you may think they deserve.
  • When you disagree with an article or another commenter — and of course you will sometimes disagree — be polite. Imagine you are explaining to your grandmother why you think she is wrong, and write as if you were talking to her face to face. Write to enlighten, never to attack.
  • Don’t comment solely to express agreement or disagreement with another comment. Use upvotes or downvotes for that purpose.
  • Thoughtful comments about Jews may meet our other standards. However, such comments invariably give rise to vituperative and obsessive comments. Therefore, if you would like to write about Jews, please do so on other platforms.
  • If you break rules we will remove your comments. If you keep breaking rules, we will remove you. If this happens, and you think we were unfair, don’t contact us. Come to this page and read every word. If you honestly believe you have followed all the rules, both in spirit and letter, then you may write to [email protected] Do not telephone us.
  • Running this website is a lot of work. Please think about that before you make more work for us.