Posted on February 10, 2021

A Notice About Deplatforming and AmRen Videos

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, February 10, 2021

Later today, Disqus may deplatform us. If that happens, we will have a different commenting system by the end of the week. Although AmRen could switch to another service preemptively, we would rather not. Disqus is popular, and many people already use it. That makes it easy for people just discovering us to join the conversations under each article.

We have setup, or are setting up, alternative equivalents for every service AmRen uses. I have uploaded about a quarter of all AmRen videos (nearly 300 in all) to several different websites in case something happens to BitChute. If you know how to upload videos to YouTube or elsewhere, we would be grateful if you would create “mirror” channels. About 70 of our videos are on 3Speak (and more will be soon), where you can easily download high-quality versions.

This will not be a copyright violation of any kind. We want our message to spread. If you don’t have the technical savvy to download and upload videos, but want to help, please watch our videos on Brighteon. On that website, the number of videos we are allowed to upload is based on how many views we have. So every time you watch something there, you are helping us.

Big Tech will try to silence us, but will always find a solution.

If you have emailed me about these issues, I will reply, but please be patient.