Posted on April 4, 2021

Even Those Who Would be Trad Wives May Miss Their Chances

Liv Heide, American Renaissance, April 4, 2021


Looking at the sign-up ratio at my website WhiteDate.Net of 12 traditional white men for every traditional white woman, one might think women have all the choices and men must compromise if they hope to find a partner in the crime of creating a white family.

But, white ladies, don’t be overconfident. White trad wives are the most desired creatures on the planet, but many white women still manage to blow it because they have never been told the rules that were invented by our female ancestors to protect their daughters. Even when men have fewer choices, they will still be men, even those who have the vision to create a family and build their own white clan.

In the early stages of dating, it is the woman who defines the pace and direction of a relationship, and it is she who can bewitch a man so that he does not even know why he feels so attracted and sees this lady as the mother of his children rather than a fling. She dresses and behaves in a feminine way and is pleasant to people around her. Long, hair, modest but chic clothing, and a lovely smile are always assets. She encourages a man to make further moves without overloading him with information; she would rather let him find out step by step. A wise woman does not pressure a man. She would not take the initiative to suggest a date, ask for his number, call, or offer her precious body. She makes herself elusive but is sweet and smiling. If he disappears she can make a move after a few weeks — a nice text message, or an email. She lets him retake the initiative if he wishes.

The white woman should be reactive, which is the opposite of the sexually aggressive, dominant, promiscuous, vulgar, emotionally empty woman that modern media have taught us to be: “Just be yourself, throw yourself over him, and it will magically work out”. It won’t. Men appreciate women with standards and values they want transmitted to their children even if they themselves are not 100 percent up to these standards. Women set the bar.

Many Western men are horrified when they look at what has become of our women. I plead guilty myself for, as a white woman, having been manipulated in my youth by movies, television programs, and music. I acted in harmful ways. But then I began to define what I wanted, understand what led to results and what didn’t. I learned that our grandmothers were right.

I wish our men could help us become better versions of ourselves by explaining what makes us attractive. Unfortunately, reality is different. We must discover who we are, and whom we want to attract. Men must do the same. Fish do not tell fishermen how or when to cast their lines. Fishermen must figure this out for themselves. And we must always be strong enough to resist the call of vulgar modernity and respect the natural order our ancestors understood.