Posted on June 25, 2020

Praying for Leftist Overreach

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, June 2020

On a recent podcast composed entirely of people who have abandoned the Left (including Aimee Terese), Angela Nagle commented on the political impact of the recent riots:

One of the reasons I think that people like us can offer something valuable at this time, is that in a way, what we have seen over the last few years, the whole mainstream culture is now going to see. Like, they are going to see the Left in its full ugliness, they’re going to see all the stuff that went on in kind of, more niche corners of politics previously, you know. And they’re going to be subjected to all their psyops, and deranged ideas and behavior, and their sadistic personalities, and all of it, you know? So, the way in which — we are all familiar with this, but most people won’t have really seen it in full flow. The way in which they simultaneously adopt a position, and then have utter moral certainty about it. So that they act as if, even though no previous conversation has gone on, they act as if we have decided this now and if you don’t agree with this you are now evil, and this is what we have decided as of this morning, so this is how it goes from now on. And again, once they’ve realized that they’ve reached the end of something and they’re not going to get it through by any popular means, they will push it through in some other way. . .

Miss Nagle’s analysis of the Left is persuasive, but I wonder if she is being too optimistic. After years of wrangling with the Left, is she projecting her own disgust onto the population at large?

What do you think?