Posted on June 25, 2020

Target: The White Man

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, June 26, 2020

The attack on statues is an assault not just on “racists” but on whites.

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In the last few days, monuments have been coming down at a great clip. After George Floyd died with Derek Chauvin’s knee on his neck, Confederate statues were the first to go, though I never did hear that Officer Chauvin had any Southern sympathies. Blacks and hopped up whites just don’t like Confederates because, as the current thinking goes, they were racist, slave-holding traitors.

Of course, the Founding Fathers were racist, slave-holding traitors to King George, so they had to go, too. Here is Thomas Jefferson, who used to be on a pedestal in Portland, Oregon. George Washington got the same treatment, with an added message for the police. Washington’s statue in Baltimore is still standing but got a face lift.

And, of course, it’s all the rage to go after Columbus, because he brought white people to America, which was the mother of all crimes. Here he is on his face in Minneapolis, with an Indian kneeling on his neck, in honor of George Floyd. The Columbus statue in Richmond ended up in a pond. In Boston, Chris lost is head. But Columbus has been taking a beating for a years. Here is he is Central Park in New York with blood on his hands. The statue in Bridgeport, Connecticut says “Kill the colonizer.” That means you. In Houston he got the red-paint treatment.

Norse explorers get the same treatment. Thorfinn Karlsefni was the father of the first white child born in North America. Over 1,000 years ago. His statue had stood for nearly a century in Philadelphia, but two years ago he was pitched into the river.

But let’s get back to the riots. Did you know that an actual, Vatican-recognized Catholic Saint has been pulled down? Junipero Serra was an 18th century Franciscan who set up the Catholic mission system in California. Here he is after he took a tumble in Los Angeles. And down he came in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Francis Scott Key and Ulysses S. Grant came down the same day. You would think Grant would be a good guy because he killed Confederates, but, no, he was a bad guy, too.

Washington, DC used to have a nice statue of Albert Pike. You probably never heard of him, but he was a big name in the Masonic movement. Here is his in his regalia. But the only thing that matters now is that he fought for the Confederacy.

There are other people you probably never heard of who had to come down. Here is Caesar Rodney being hoisted out of Rodney Square in Wilmington Delaware. The city took him away just ahead of the mob. Wilmington got rid of Columbus, too.

There’s no end to the people defaced, destroyed, torn down. David Farragut, Matthias Baldwin, Zebulon Vance, Philip Schuyler, Juan de Oñate, Abraham Lincoln, John Sutter, Teddy Roosevelt, Edward Carmack, Frank Rizzo, Jerry Richardson, William Clark, George Marshall, Hans Christian Heg. I’d never heard of some of these people. And what did Revolutionary hero Thaddeus Kosciuszko ever do to black people?

But to me, the most important people who have come down were not politicians or explorers or soldiers but just ordinary folks. Cal State Long Beach used to have a mascot named Prospector Pete. He had to go because the Gold Rush brought people to California. White people.

At the University of Oregon there used to be statues honoring the pioneers who settled the state. This guy never owned a slave or fought for the Confederates. He just came West. The same is true for this statue to the pioneer mother. All she did was come West — and have children.

Madison, Wisconsin used to have a statue called “Forward,” symbolizing devotion and progress. Sculpted by a woman, Jean Miner. A mob tore her down in the name of Black Lives Matter.

What do all these people have in common? They were white. Because, you see, whites lives — white monuments — don’t matter. They are bad. Must be a form of white privilege.

Monuments do come down, of course. History is full of statues knocked down and mutilated when the population changes. In ancient Egypt, when there was a change in dynasty, the new guys knocked the noses off the old guys — and gals.

You will remember that in 2015, the Taliban blew up thousand-year-old statues in Bamiyan because the statues were Buddhist and the Taliban were Muslims.

This was the 2,000- year-old temple of Baal in Palmyra. This is all that was left after the Muslims of ISIS wrecked it. We consider this barbaric and revolting.

A country can decide whom it will honor and whom it will not. There are orderly procedures for this sort of thing. How is what we are seeing now any different from what happened in Bamiyan and Palmyra?

There is another important point. When the English settled the colonies, there weren’t any monuments to destroy, but there were places names we could have erased — and didn’t. More than half of American states have Indian names. Countless rivers, lakes, mountains, towns, and cities have Indian names. This is just the beginning of an alphabetical list of Indian place names in a *state* with an Indian name: Alabama. Have you ever heard of a movement to take down a statue of an Indian or change an Indian place name because white people got scalped? Never.

But ask yourself: In this current frenzy, is any statue of a white man — or a white woman — safe? I can’t think of one.

When people tear down monuments, it’s usually because there was a change in population or a change in political regime. The population of the United States is becoming more non-white, and that’s part of the mania to tear down the white man. But many of the people stirring up the mob are white. This is unprecedented. No group in all of human history has ever wanted to tear its own face off its own monuments. But is this any different from people in white countries opening their borders to strangers and aliens?

When white people knock down statues of Columbus or pioneer women, they are saying, “we don’t deserve to be here.” Should we then all go back to Europe? Maybe — If we could have the continent to ourselves, but that’s not allowed either. The people who tell you the United States is stolen land would be the first to tell you that France and Germany have to let in millions Africans and Muslims.

This sickness has been festering for a long time. It’s just coming to a head. Wake up, white man. You have bitter foes, some of them in your own ranks. Some day you will have to fight — or you’ll have nothing to fight for.