Posted on December 11, 2019

Aimee Terese: Contrarian, Marxist — White Advocate?

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, December 11, 2019

Aimee Terese

Aimee Terese (Credit Image: Twitter)

In 2014, James Kirkpatrick wrote a column on the then-looming Scottish Independence vote, and noted that:

Yes, Scottish “nationalism” is less an expression of cultural pride than a Leftist power grab. Yes, yes, it’s supported by hypocritical, unreconstructed socialists who support mass immigration, the European Union, and hatred of the English. Despite all of that . . . I believe that immigration patriots in America and abroad should support a “Yes” vote — because our biggest enemy is not “the Left,” but the status quo. [emphasis added]

I sympathize with the sentiment, and often feel about the same whenever I discover thinkers who, though far from aligning with my views or those of the Right, are heterodox enough to grab my attention. This is especially true of intellectuals who are more-or-less Marxists, but ferociously oppose the hypocrisy, elitism, and double standards of the mainstream Left on race and immigration. I do not support Communism, but I agree that the biggest enemy dissidents face is the status quo. The “anti-anti-white Left” (as I have come to call it) is therefore a force for good.

This political niche rose in 2016 and has largely crested. This is unfortunate, because the anti-anti-white Left causes discord and division within the Left — which is to our advantage. The more power this faction gains, the better for whites. As a white advocate above all else, I hope to see day when both the Left and the Right are pro-white — or at least not overtly hostile to whites. So better a Left whose priority is bolstering union membership and reducing pollution than one whose priority is throwing open the borders and disarming the police. No critique from outside the Left has any chance of changing its view. Self-avowed Marxists have far more power to convert their comrades than I do.

One fine example of this is Aimee Terese, a woman who denounces anti-whiteness and open borders, along with other cruel absurdities, all while staying within the framework of Leftist thinking. Here are just a few highlights from her Twitter feed, which reaches over 11,000 followers:

Miss Terese says censorship and the war on white heritage do not benefit non-whites, but simply let liberal whites show how virtuous they are. Meanwhile, she believes that the economic policies of a President Bernie Sanders would do a great deal of good for poor people, many of whom are non-white. Thus, she concludes that whites who care more about destroying statues of “bad” whites than they do about improving the lot of the poor are, in effect, racist. I generally dislike any argument that calls others “racist” (which is an amorphous and useless word), but this logical Jujutsu is interesting, and must give plenty of Leftists pause.

Here, she notes what James Kirkpatrick said years earlier, that antifa are, “The Dobermans of Political Correctness” in that they violently protect the mainstream’s taboos from criticism:

Here she attacks the Left for being slimy, while retweeting the very popular right-wing account Bronze Age Pervert:

I did not know about either of these two polls — and seeing them in my Twitter feed was welcome news:

She has defended Tucker Carlsonwhom much of the Left smears as a “white nationalist” – and more than once:

Miss Terese has the right view of “cancel culture,” the practice of ganging up cruelly, often on Twitter, against anyone — prominent or otherwise — who has violated fashionable taboos.

I am envious that I did not come up with this quip first:

That is why so many non-whites benefit from it.

Aside from race and immigration, Miss Terese is also keenly aware of Leftist hypocrisy on relations between the sexes, and sees how the Left uses accusations of sexual misconduct for its own gain:

Here is another quip I am envious of. If American Renaissance were to ever publish a book of quotations, I would want to include it, though without the f-bomb.

As I have noted of other anti-anti-white Leftists, Miss Terese is no “white advocate.” She calls herself “a woman of mixed ethnic background.” But we have common enemies and I wish her the best.