Posted on May 2, 2018

Silent Sam Statue Defaced with Red Ink and Blood from Protester

Jane Stancill, News & Observer, April 30, 2018

Silent Sam, the Confederate monument at UNC-Chapel Hill, was doused with blood and red ink by a protester Monday, in a defiant act that was broadcast on Facebook Live.

In an email to the media, Maya Little took responsibility for defacing the statue, which has been at the center of intensifying protests during this academic year. Little said she has been an organizer for the Silent Sam Sit-In since September. The Move Silent Sam group identified her as a doctoral student in UNC’s history department.


“Silent Sam is violence; Silent Sam is the genocide of black people; Silent Sam is antithetical to our right to exist,” Little wrote. “You should see him the way that we do, at the forefront of our campus covered in our blood.”


A short distance from the monument, officers stopped long enough for someone to bandage the student’s cut hand. She was then handcuffed, arrested and taken from the scene in a police car.

Little was charged with defacing, striking, marking or injuring a public statue, according to the Orange County Magistrate’s Office. {snip}