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Charles Murray is now on the diversity bandwagon.

The American Southwest will become an outpost of Mexico.

Because I-19 isn’t in Mexico; it’s in America.

The tribalism of America’s Left will leave the country hopeless.

What can a white woman know about beauty and fashion for black women?

An America Without Americans, AR Classic Article

A remarkable new study of the prospects for the American nation.

Aloha Segregation, National Review

Congress wants to recognize native Hawaiian sovereignty.

What’s wrong with Whitopia?

Conflict between immigrants and native-born is worse.

Partition next year?

Obama supports the balkanization of his home state.

“There’s a 55-45% chance right now that disintegration will occur” in 2010.

The balkanization of California continues.

You can’t be a successful candidate in Orange County without the Vietnamese vote.

America expert predicts partition into six areas.

De facto Hawaiian independence as soon as next year?

Untied States, American Conservative

Secession: An idea whose time has finally come?

Wealth Gap Creating a Social Time Bomb, The Guardian (Manchester)

UN worries about racial inequality in US.

We Need a Black Google, Los Angeles Times

Google gives results that interest only whites.

Bill Clinton discovers that Americans prefer to live among people they agree with.

Large parts of California have more in common with Taipei, Beijing or Shanghai.

Blacks in Roanoke don’t like their Somali Bantu refugee neighbors.

“He’s not black, and he can’t represent me. That’s the bottom line.”

Building a “nation” in Hawaii.

Ethnic and racial conflict are replacing the conflict of ideologies.

High School Bans American Flag, NBC17.com (Raleigh-Durham)

Administrators at North Carolina school view all flags—even Old Glory—as “disruptive.”

Akaka Bill could serve as precedent for all groups with “ancestral grievances.”

Half of immigrants prefer media that caters to them, rather than the general public.

Black Army Recruits Down 41 Percent Since 2000, Daily Press (Hampton Roads, Va.)

Blacks apparently don’t support the white man’s war.

The channel’s programming will be geared entirely towards Asians.

Rome fell because of ethnic conflict. Will the EU meet the same fate?

Black educator wants to start a school founded on the principles of Kwanzaa.

Children of Muslim immigrants are less inclined than their parents to assimilate.

New TV channel caters to American-born Muslims.

A Race-Based Drift?, Washington Times

New bill would give Hawaiian Polynesians self-determination.

Who Are We?, The American Conservative

Mr. Huntington’s book refutes every argument used to dismantle America.

Mexican immigrant convicted of sexual assault will get new trial.

Bank for Hispanics to open in Phoenix.

A New Parade For Old Glory, Jim Herron Zamora, San Francisco Chronicle

California Fourth of July parade features flags of Mexico, China, Qatar, and Pakistan.

Kristie A. Martinez, Associated Press, SanLuisObispo.com, Jul. 1 LOS ANGELES—When Yang Ye visited Wondries Toyota in 2000, he was looking forward to buying a car. Although his English ability was limited, he knew the salespeople at the Alhambra dealership would speak his native Mandarin. Yang said he and a Mandarin-speaking saleswoman negotiated the price of […]