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People who live in whiter districts pay more in taxes.

“Upgraded version” should pledge “allegiance and love to our indigenous and immigrant heritage.”

She chose Martin Luther King Jr. Day to announce her candidacy.

Ocasio-Cortez gets it right: “One race isn’t substitutable for another.”

Fraternity responded to recommendation to remove the flag by flying a bigger one.

Not because immigration is otherwise undesirable.

I’m not a “foot soldier of the patriarchy.”

Racism on the Rise, American Thinker

Diversity is not a virtue; it’s an anti-white political program.

There’s money in being non-white—even if you’re white.

“The high concentration rate of foreign pupils gives the school a bad reputation.”

Whites are guilty of a subtle “devaluation of black space.”

Mexico Moves North, AR Classic Article

Happy Mexican Independence Day!

It is not obligatory and whites may attend if they want.

A Visit to Islamic England, Wall Street Journal

In Muslim communities, there is no attempt to assimilate.

They “may be giving discredited old ideas about ethnicity and race new visibility.”

Sins of the fathers . . . to the third and fourth generation?

“It makes it easy to hate the other side.”

Says too much diversity can divide Canada into “little tribes” and destroy what makes it great.

Multiracialism is a failure the world over.

“Democrats must abandon the myth of the white swing voter.”

Bashing whites is a way of signalling you’re not one of the “lower-whites.”

She wants supporters to “fully address issues of race and gender.”

Seattle blacks say they’re victims of “ethnic cleansing.”

“This is our land.”

And have been for some time now.

Republicans are “aligning themselves with an administration whose official policy is to torment minorities.”

The political goals of homosexual groups are dominated by the interests of white people.

Government officials will determine whether religious beliefs are sincere.

And for homosexuals, illegal immigrants, “Latinx,” and American Indians.

Nearly half of Americans think race relations are worsening.

Black pastor doesn’t want a white church in his neighborhood.

“The race or ethnicity of the professor is not an academic ground and, thus, should not be a consideration.”

Doctoral history student says statue represents “the genocide of black people.”

“Sometimes it’s nice to have a time to be with people who identify in the same or similar way that you do.”

Today’s black activists “turned a movement into an industry, if not a racket.”

The U.S. may be the first country conquered by fear of intolerance.

“Inclusion is not inherently good, and exclusion is not inherently bad.”

#MediocrityToo, City Journal

Heather Mac Donald hits another homer.

‘Listening for an Echo’, AR Classic Article

Twenty years ago today, Enoch Powell died — and Britain needs him now more than ever.

Victor Davis Hanson’s “Mexifornia: A State of Becoming.”

Can America Be Saved?, AR Classic Article

A patriot’s plea for his country

Seventy-two percent of blacks—but just 31 percent of whites—say Donald Trump should be impeached.

Hispanic Consciousness, AR Classic Article

Happy Mexican Independence Day.

State must pay for interpreters in civil as well as well as criminal cases.

With Muslim immigration comes terrorism.

Census numbers can’t be trusted.

Charles Murray is now on the diversity bandwagon.

The American Southwest will become an outpost of Mexico.

Diversity Destroys Trust, AR Classic Article

Harvard discovers homogeneity.