Is Secession the Answer?

Pat Buchanan, WND, November 30, 2012

“When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another …”

So begins the Declaration of Independence of the 13 colonies from the king and country to which they had given allegiance since the settlers first came to Jamestown and Plymouth Rock.

The declaration was signed by 56 angry old white guys who had had enough of what the Cousins were doing to them. In seceding from the mother country, these patriots put their lives, fortunes and honor on the line.

Four score and five years later, 11 states invoked the same right “to dissolve the political bands” of the Union and form a new nation. After 620,000 had perished, the issue of a state’s right to secede was settled at Appomattox. If that right had existed, it no longer did.

What are we to make, then, of petitions from 25,000 citizens of each of seven Southern states—116,000 from Texas alone—to secede?

While no one takes this movement as seriously as men took secession in 1861, the sentiments behind it ought not to be minimized. For they bespeak a bristling hostility to the federal government and a dislike bordering on detestation of some Americans for other Americans, as deep as it was on the day Beauregard’s guns fired on Fort Sumter.

Our Pledge of Allegiance still speaks of “one nation under God, indivisible,” but that is far from the reality in the America of 2012.

The social, cultural, moral and political revolutions of the 1960s, against which Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan inveighed to win their 49-state triumphs, have now captured half of the country.

One America believes our history is a catalog of crimes against people of color, that women have an inviolable right to abortions, that condoms should be handed out to sexually active teens in schools where Darwinism should be taught as revealed truth, while Bibles, prayers and religious symbols should be permanently expelled.

The other America sees all this as unpatriotic, godless and decadent.

One America believes in equality of rights; the other demands equality of results brought about through the redistribution of income and wealth, affirmative action, racial and gender set-asides, and quotas.


Where one America divinizes diversity, the other seeks out our lost unity and community. {snip}


Could today’s America come together to build an interstate highway system or send astronauts to the moon, as we did just seven years after John Glenn first orbited the Earth?


As for states seceding, however, is that really a solution to national disintegration? Tens of millions with Blue State mindsets live in Red State America, and vice versa. While folks in Texas may talk of seceding from the Union, folks in Austin talk of seceding from Texas.

Yet we should take seriously what is behind this desire to separate and sever ties, for it mirrors what is happening across our civilization.

The West is decomposing.

British Tories seek to cut ties to the European Union. Scots want to leave Britain. Catalans vote to divorce from Spain, to which they have been wedded since the 15th century. Flemish talk of leaving Walloons behind in Belgium. Northern Europeans are weary of carrying their profligate southern brethren and muse about cutting Greece adrift and letting it float out into the Mediterranean.

And Americans are already seceding from one another—ethnically, culturally, politically. Middle-class folks flee high-tax California, as Third World immigrants, legal and illegal, pour in to partake of the cornucopia of social welfare benefits the Golden Land dispenses.

{snip} People gravitate toward their own kind. Call it divorce, American-style.

What author William Bishop called “The Big Sort”—the sorting out of people by political beliefs—proceeds. Eighteen states have gone Democratic in six straight presidential elections. A similar number have gone Republican.

“Can we all just get along?” asked Rodney King during the Los Angeles riot of 1992. Well, if we can’t, we can at least dwell apart.

After all, it’s a big country.

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  • The disadvantage of a large country is keeping it together. Places like Russia, Canada, China, Australia, and Brazil have huge areas undeveloped. The United States does too, but the path to succession is to NOT ask for permission! You wait for the opportunity, as in a country going the way of Detroit, make your move, and try not to do what ruined your country to begin with.

    • Liberalsuck

      Exactly! That is the problem with whites nowadays. They ask for permission instead of doing what they think is right. Look at any successful person or movement throughout history. Did any of these people ever ask for permission? Did the leftists ever ask us for permission when they outlawed segregation in schools? Did the leftists ask us for permission when they pushed feminism or told us we couldn’t have nativity scenes on government property?

  • David Ashton

    Where, when, who and how?

    • Gracchus123

      The Zionist movement is a pretty successful model to follow perhaps. I would welcome others’ opinions about this. But, the Zionists had very, very big money behind them. Where do we get the funding to begin such a movement?

      • 1 am

        I believe they, the Zionists, got it from American taxpayers and bankers. They financed the Bolshevik revolution, then pumped money into the new Soviet terrorist regime.

        (I think this happened during Khrushchev time) The Soviets sold their wheat to make money to build nuclear missiles. Their people were then short on food, so the Soviet government made a deal with the USA to provide FREE wheat. Part of the deal was for the US to buy any wheat that the Soviets produced at a rate higher than the normal commodity price. Once the Soviets received their FREE wheat, they immediately turned around and sold it back to the USA, and used the money to make more weapons. The US being a bunch of imbeciles gave the Soviet Union another batch of FREE wheat. The US could have ended the cold war at that time, because the soviet military could not survive without food. When you have a country of stupid people like in the US, it is only a matter of time until it all collapses.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Perhaps it is time to revisit the monarchial sects of Europa. After all, Columbus, Michaelangelo etc. all had “sponsors”. Even Hitler had “sponsors” among the German “elite”.

        • Gracchus123

          Good point. The Monarchies have been systematically shorn of power over the last few centuries. Perhaps there are some with the wherewithal and desire to bring back the old order. Benevolent monarchy is not such a bad governmental model.

  • At some point, I think there’ll be some form of secession or at least segregation. This past “election” made it a sure thing. People aren’t going to sit still for being robbed. That’s what the noncontributing sector of society wants and voted for, to rob (through taxation) the working element of the society. Sure it’ll work for awhile, but not for long. Workers will find ingenius ways to shelter their assets from seizure through “taxation.”.

    • Petronius

      Precisely. As productive people begin going Galt, certain Red States may, too.

      Secession is best accomplished quietly and incrementally, taking advantage of the cover afforded by the coming economic disruptions.

  • Epiminondas

    I hope and pray eventual secession will be peaceful.

    • heef

      They’re already throwing around the “traitor” canard. The empire has supported secessionist movements around the world for decades – neocons have even floated the idea of dividing Iran in the same way. In the end, this was their idea. Now, they have a problem with it?

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Traitor to whom exactly? They oligarchs that sell us down the river at every turn?

    • Aaron

      Don’t count on it. I’m storing food and weapons as you read. I suggest you do the same.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Molon Labe! my friend. There will be blood.

    • All we need to do is follow the guidelines of Martin Luther King JR, Gandhi, and the civil rights movment. No violent protests and non violent acts of disobedience.

      If federal troops want to open fire on men, women, and children exerting their civil and human rights to protest, their blood will be on the hands of the US government.

      • Gracchus123

        Read about The Bonus Army. The blood is already there.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          Yes. future American “hero” Douglas MacArthur slaughtered his own former comrades. I believe “I like Ike” was involved as well.

          • Gracchus123

            People interested in governments killing their own should read DEATH BY GOVERNMENT by Rummel.

      • ed91

        whites seem to be the only ones susceptible to non-violent political stands.

        • ed91

          e.g. the British in india when Ghandhi pulled his stunts
          and michael king in the mid 60’s

          the people who try the same tactics in china or russia are never heard from again.

    • refocus

      The only way secession will work is by enforcing the Tenth Amendment, States Rights.

      This other talk about a new country is intelligence agency obfuscation that will lead to suicide.

      Must reading is Sam Houston’s address to the Texas State legislature before the vote of secession in 1861.

    • Dom

      It will not. I pray for victory!


    The Africans and Mexicans will never let the White Man go.

    With out us, they would all starve. They know it but can not admit it. That is why deep in their skulls they hate us, fear us and beg us to stay so they can eat.

    Only the White Man can create a modern industrial civilization worth living in. Want proof? Mexicans flee other Mexicans and will risk starvation and depth so they can live around Whites. As for the African, they too will kick, scream, bite,, curse and burn their own houses down when they can’t live with Whites.

    We Whites are like the GODS of old. We bring order, food, knowledge, toilets that run, elevators that work, etc. The Haitian, African, Mexican, Arab can’t do that. If they could they would. But, since they can’t, they sneak in like rats to eat away our lives.

    The most advanced, cleanest, safest, beautiful, peaceful civilization ever created were those by Whites. It is when we have made contact with the genetically stunted, and allowed them around us, that hideous damage is done.

    Segregation is not only imperative for the survival of the White race, but imperative for the survival of anything called human.

    They need us. We don’t need them.

    • They follow us around, subsisting on our benevolence and livelihoods whilst accusing us of racism and privilege. It’s insane.

      • You Are Now Enriched

        Why do they leave the Kennedy Compound unmolsested?

        • Hmmm. I dunno! Could that be where real privilege resides?

      • Indiana Guy

        The new secessionist states should immediately allow immigration of all white south africans and any white Rhodesian that may be left. It should perform rescue operations to save any that are endangered there. WE should make it clear from the very get go what this is all about. Right now we should have already established smuggling operations to get them into a country where entry is easier, say Mexico and then smuggle them across the border. There is a genocide going on there. Nine million white lives are at stake.

        • 5n4k33y35

          White South Africans need something like the Marshall Plan.

        • Charles Edward Lincoln III

          I think we should start lobbying together to offer free immigration to all White South Africans, Rhodesians, and even white survivors of Portuguese Colonial Angola and Mozambique—really any white people in the world should be permitted to immigrate to the United States (analogous to the israeli “Law of Return” perhaps? (“Return to the New Jerusalem?”), but as a matter of humanitarian and political asylum, the whites of South Africa really do need our help—at least our open doors. If there are others interested in forming a special committee to promote and lobby this, or if there’s such a committee already, I’d like to join or help organize. Please call me at 512-348-6071. I am in Hawaii right now and studying what a cultural, economic, political, and racial mess this state is really in….pretty obvious how it helped shape Obama…..just as Dinesh D’Souza suggested in “Obama 2016.”

        • Tucker

          From my listening to a number of Web radio interviews with some of these White South Afrikaners, my sense is that the vast majority of them are largely useless as far as White racial awareness is concerned. They remind me of these de-racinated, castrated, ‘please-oh-please’ don’t call me a racist, spineless white Tea Party wimps – who fall into some kind of bizarre orgasmic seizure at the mere mention of MLK Jr. and who were literally screaming themselves hoarse over the speeches delivered to them by the microscopic number of the Koch brothers handpicked black political stooges who appeared on stage at Tea party rallies.

          Look, Indiana Guy. Whites who think they need to have their views and values validated through the mouth of a black man or woman are NOT the kind of whites we need to add to our team.

          • Indiana Guy

            you are not listening to people that represent the majority, you are listening to propaganda

      • Joseph

        It is nonetheless, a very effective survival strategy, at least in the medium term. Presumably, when we have been extinguished a new equilibrium will be established which operates by a mechanism different than the present type of parasitism.

    • Rob

      And they want our women too, and the hush crimes involving White female CHILDREN are so common and so HIDDEN by the mainstream media that once you learn about it you become a little harder, a little more determined to end this GENOCIDE against our people. Look at these two White teen girls in Oakland the other day:

      • refocus

        What defense does anyone have against being blindsided by a hail of bullets ?

        • Anonymous By Necessity

          The best defense against that is simply not being in a place where that’s likely to happen.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Horrible! Horrible! People will ask “What were they doing in the neighborhood? as if that somehow mitigates the atrocity. Blacks have de facto carte blanche to kill any Whites who happen to be in their territory. They also have carte blanche to call publicly for the killing of Whites and their babies. Regardless of the home life from which these two kids may have come, they did not deserve to be slaughtered whether they buying drugs, consorting with Black males or both. Their blood as does the blood of all innocent murdered Whites cries out for vengeance I say vengeance because there IS no justice anymore. It’s getting to the point where you may have to indoctrinate your kids about the evil of which the Mau Mau are capable. Their minds have been expropriated by the news, entertainment media and by our public education system who have co-opted White girls and marginalized the boys. If you watch TV commercials you must have realized how White men are portrayed and how the pairing of White women with Blacks is becoming ever more prevalent. You have to be blind not to pick up on the agenda. A ” Dirty War” has been declared on us except instead of our government actively engaging it as they did during La Guerra Sucia in Argentina, they are using their acolytes to do the job. There are approximately 700,000 police in the vast country. They are overwhelmed.

        If we had all the free time to research the number innocent of White people who have died violently at the hands of Blacks over the last 50 years, the numbers would be stunning. And let’s cut out all the BS about Black on Black crime gang killings of other gang members. As Leonard Pitts said in his article about the Knoxville Horror, “Cry me a river”.

        As Ronald Carver used to say on Howard Stern’s show “Wake up Whaat people!”

        You have got to start defending yourselves, Start off with the media advertisements. Let these entities know that you will not buy any of their products due to the commercials that demean WHites. Stop patronizing the NBA ( hall that damned basket up to 15 feet) and the NFL. Don’t buy tickets nor attend the games. Don’t watch TV programs that glorify Blacks and degrade Whites. Stop watching the late night talk shows. Let Letterman’s, Kimmel’s, and all the other butt kissing Whites’ ratings drop. Don’t attend movies that do the same. Don’t even buy the videos. Teach your kids to be proud of being White despite the scat with which they’re bombarded in School. IF you’re Christian e if you’re kids attend a school where the baby Jesus has been replaced in the creche by Frosty and/or Rudolf, descend on the school and protest.

        Lastly prepare to defend yourself and your “crackuh babies” against any potential physical violence. Instead of a big flat screen, but yourself a firearm or several and you and your family learn their safe, accurate and responsible use, a complete contradiction of the in which way the Mau Mau use them. BTW if you’re buying a handgun ( pistol or revolver) don’t hold it sideways.

        A gun’s a tool, like and axe or a shovel. It’s only as good or as bad as the person who uses it.

        • LaSantaHermandad

          I want to make a correction Klansman Carver whom I mentioned as calling for White people to awaken was Daniel not Ronald, Carver

      • Liberalsuck

        The more nasty things I have heard being committed against whites, the less love and sympathy I have for any black person. Hell, I heard recently that a white man shot some black teenagers for having their music too loud. I honestly don’t care he killed those loud black teenagers. In fact, I am glad.

    • MikeofAges

      The East Asians can do it having now mastered the material processes of modern, western-created industrial civilization. But at what price? The toll will higher than whatever whitey takes. That’s for damn sure.

    • i am

      “he Africans and Mexicans will never let the White Man go.

      With out us, they would all starve. They know it but can not admit
      it. That is why deep in their skulls they hate us, fear us and beg us to
      stay so they can eat our left-overs of kill us for what’s on the table.”

      So true. They hate us out of envy.

    • If you listen to the left, they claim they would be more than happy to be rid of the right, so let’s start the process!

    • In nature, without a host, the parasite dies.

      • blight14

        Oh, are you speaking of our ’51st’ state by chance?

        • I was speaking of liberal-‘progressives’ in general.

          They need productive people because they can’t live their lifestyle without funding from others.

          That’s why the ‘progressive’ left will fight secession. You’d think they would want us to go so they could build the ‘progressive’ Utopia of their liberal dreams. But they know they need our money.

          • Indiana Guy

            what will they fight it with? They are used to controlling a court and a media and using that form of intimidation t get their way. The overwhelming majority of the men with the guns in our armed forces will not be doing their bidding once secession happens.

          • adplatt126

            But the nucs, the military apparatus, the technology, the weaponry, the money, will all be theirs… it’s gonna be an ugly century.

      • pcmustgo

        Many Blacks and Mexicans see whites as the parasites, stealing large chunks of land.

        Let’s be careful throwing around the “parasite” term… your choice though

        • Indiana Guy

          Did we steal land from blacks and mexicans?No. Are we being sucked dry to support them and breed them, yes. They are parasites. The term is accurate. Your cowardice is disgusting.

    • rob

      that is so true

    • Smedley Butler

      Mexicans gave us Kaluah and blacks gave us Joe Louis.

      • ed91

        we had to provide the backdrop for joe.

        without us he’s just a bad jungle dude——– we gave him the structure to climb.

        which leads to another problem I have with blacks taking over our sports. You realize they wouldn’t so completely take over if we held them to academic standards in high school and colleges but we won’t. They have pushed some of our best players and teams down into division 3— those guys can play and make the real grades.

        • Smedley Butler

          Joe Louis was the focal point of anti-nazi sentiment during WWII.
          Be proud of your race.
          White America fights for freedom on every front.

          • i am

            Joe Lewis or Jesse Owens?

            Here are some things you didn’t know about Owens.


            “Hitler had a certain time to come to the stadium and a certain time to
            leave.” “It happened he had to leave before the victory ceremony after
            the 100 meters. But before he left I was on my way to a broadcast and
            passed near his box. He waved at me and I waved back. I think it was bad
            taste to criticize the ‘man of the hour’ in another country.”

          • ed91

            I don’t believe you or the propaganda perpetually preached about ww2

      • pcmustgo

        And Jimi Hendrix and Jazz and Rock… among other things.

        • Daisy

          Jimi Hendrix was known for beating white women, saw a documentary on it featuring his old bandmates. When the women preferred some of them, JImi would beat them even harder, and yes, they were the white ones…

          • pcmustgo

            Hendrix had one black female model girlfriend, Devon (also kind of mixed race looking like Hendrix)…. all the songs he writes about “evil, mean” women are about her… typical Angry Black Woman type. All the songs he writes about angelic women were about his main white crush. Whites ALWAYS liked Hendrix better than blacks, so granted, there were more white groupies to be had than black groupies. As far as him beating women, don’t all of these rock stars get involved in sex, drugs and violence, often with underage girls? Beating how much? Can you blame him for dating pretty women? He probably had untreated manic depression.

            Please put a link in here that states Jimi Hendrix beat white women more for preferring black men… I did not hear that part.

            His black ex-girlfriend Devon was a heroin addict too, who threw herself out of a window of the Chelsea hotel. All of these people were leading pretty f—ed up lives.

            Charlie Sheen has beat women too. Plenty of white celebrities are known to trash hotel rooms.

            Heroin, coke, and endless rock tours are known to lead to some pretty destructive behavior.

            He did come from a shi–y background.

            What can I say… he beat women. He is not perfect.

            But he was a gifted musician.

            He was surrounded by whites btw. All the bandmates were whites. He wasn’t into the hating whites stuff at all, but the Black Panthers were courting him by the time of his death. He was a white man’s kind of black guy… you know, one of those blacks…

          • pcmustgo

            Also, could it be some of those women were STALKING or obsessed with him or … as a woman, I won’t say deserved it, but what are the details on this… I’ve hit a few of my boyfriends- they were being profoundly emotionally abusive to me- and they deserved it. Beating as in “black eye” or beating as in got a little out of control, threw a slap on their face?

          • pcmustgo

            Groupies can be pretty obsessive.

          • Daisy

            Here we go, only someone who is not white (as in half jewish) would come on a pro-white site and try to justify the beating of white women by a black man. The source for my original post related to this is the Biography Channel, although I’d heard it before about Hendrix. And further, the women he’d beat according to his bandmate (the most famous one whose name escapes me at present, although others confirmed the pattern) were usually the ones who were coming to knock on the doors of the other bandmembers’, not Jimmy’s. I think one of the bandmates who was interviewed in the doc said he decided to leave at a certain point because of it, and that they all recognized that the beatings (which increased in intensity and frequency over time) were the beginning of the end for Hendrix. It would seem fit that the Black Panthers were ‘courting him’ as Eldridge Cleaver had his own affinity for beating and raping white women…and I’m sure they were white, native european!!!

            But you’d have to actually be a white woman to know what it is to face the wrath of scorned black men. Unbelievable that I cannot come on this site and have to hear that I somehow deserved it, or made it up, etc. Please white people pay attention to this.

          • Daisy

            As a white woman, I have strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes and a proto-type celtic/germanic face. I am 5’8 with an athletic northern european frame.

            Try actually being a white woman living amidst a plurality of italians and jews and around blacks and hispanics to know what hell is.

          • pcmustgo

            You said before Hendrix (a massive drug addict- which leads to violence often- Lindsay Lohan just attacked some woman in a bar) beat the white women who preferred the black men… now you’re saying he beat the white women who ditched him and wanted his white bandmates- sounds like one big cesspool of drugs, sex , and (inter-racial?) jealousy, this Jimi Hendrix band , as almost all polyamorous situations are. Could you forgive him for being jealous? Of course he was jealous when these women took off and f-ed his friends. I’m sure if they screwed his black friends he’d be enraged too.

            I am not excusing him at all.

            I just said he was a gifted musician/singer/talent.

            Jim Morrison did some wild stuff to his girlfriend Pamela as well… oh wait, she was his “main” girlfriend… of course, there were 100’s more. In fact, he often cheated with other women right in front of his face and purposely to anger her. There may have been some violence there too.

            It must be hard being so young (they all died at 27) and having endless drugs and women on a platter shoved in your face. It’s NOT a healthly lifestyle.

            Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin (both white) got into a violent altercation at some bar. Lots of drugs, sex and violence. And music and partying. All of these people were mentally unstable, but highly gifted.

          • Daisy

            pcmustgo, you have done something twice now in just the last couple of days: you claim I said something I never did, nor ever implied. On another thread you accused me of ‘idolizing Hitler,’ a notion you completely imagined. Now, you’re saying I claimed Hendrix beat women who preferred black men. I never said nor implied that in any way. It’s right up there for anyone or you to read. I said Hendrix would beat white women groupies coming to see the white bandmembers, plain and simple. Whether Hendrix beat women in general I don’t know; all I saw was interviews of his white bandmates recounting how Hendrix would beat on women who were coming to see them and that this behavior got worse over time. .

          • pcmustgo

            Perhaps he was some kind of jealous Meglomaniac…

            Look, Picasso was pretty f-d up in the way he treated women. It doesn’t take away from his genius.

            Salvador Dali was probably gay and supported Mussolini and other dictators- it doesn’t take away from his genius.

            A lot of gifted artists are narcissistic/selfish and/or nuts- we shouldn’t accept that behavior from them. But it doesn’t change their contribution to a certain field.

            Turns out Einstein was a big womanizer, I heard.

            I would imagine most men would be if they could be.

            Blacks clearly take womanizing to more extreme (and irresponsible) levels.

            I read some more up on Hendrix and he had one of the most pathetically poor and dysfunctional black childhoods… both parents alcoholics, mother basically a prostitute and having children with different men of all races (Leon, his brother, is half asian). His mother went on to have about 6 children, most of whom turned out so deformed by alcohol that they were taken in as “wards of the state”. He often lived in 1 room type situations with multiple family members, and his parents were incessantly fighting, dumpster dived for food, lucky even if he got that, faced severe malnutrition, was poor even compared to most blacks in the ghettos he lived in, relied on other black neighbors for food and structure, etc. He was also sexually molested at one point, or so he later confessed.

            What’s striking about Hendrix’s bio is that it was his father, not his mother, who “stuck around’ and raised him (usually the opposite for blacks). With blacks it’s either the single father or the single mother or the grandmother…

          • pcmustgo

            His mother would also have these deformed, alcohol defected babies from other men WHILE she was still married to his father… basically having different men’s babies while married and living with his father.

          • Daisy

            Again we have a half jewish person attempting to somehow rationalize or justify a black man beating on white women. And this post will be another pointing this out that will get deleted…

            I come on here as a white woman – celtic and germanic, strawberry blonde and blue eyed, a european face – to hear about how it’s just de rigeur for black men to beat on white women? The women weren’t even interested in Hendrix!!! Noel Redding said they would knock on his or other white bandmembers’ doors and your musical prodigy would beat the crap out of these women. You think you have any idea of what it is to be a white woman, yeah…try to show some principle moderators and allow this post to stand.

          • i am

            “And this post will be another pointing this out that will get deleted…

            …try to show some principle moderators and
            allow this post to stand.”


            It makes you wonder if Amren is really trying to help the white race or another race that likes to mimic whites so they can steel from them.

          • i m

            “Look, Picasso was pretty f-d up in the way he treated women. It doesn’t take away from his genius.

            Salvador Dali was probably gay and supported Mussolini and other dictators- it doesn’t take away from his genius.

            A lot of gifted artists are narcissistic/selfish and/or nuts- we
            shouldn’t accept that behavior from them. But it doesn’t change their
            contribution to a certain field.

            Turns out Einstein was a big womanizer, I heard.”

            1) Picasso was not a genius. His artwork was childish and grotesque. He was a sociopath.

            2) Salvador Dali was a better artist. If he felt Fascist like Franco were better for a country then he was also more intelligent than Picasso who was a communist.

            3) Narcissists are not gifted or talented artists. They steel other peoples work and claim it as their own.

            4) I heard Ron Jeremy was his love child with a prostitute.

          • i am

            Charlie Sheen has beat women too. Plenty of white celebrities are known to trash hotel rooms.

            Ron Howard comes to mind, but I would throw him out with the rest.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            Has anyone noticed the behavior of so many younger white men these days. They act, swagger and talk pretty much like Black thug types. It as though the “agenda” has pretty much relieved them of their Whiteness and with it their value and as an attempt to exist, they adopt the speech, mannerisms, and lack of moral code of the of the new chosen race.

          • Svigor

            Hendrix is overrated. Comes from the “magic negro” thing, plus the “martyr” exaggeration effect. Sloppy player, really.

          • ed91

            true dat………… the studios had to clean up all his stuff…….
            any live recording shows the slop he constantly played.

            I love the albums that are studio produced though

          • pcmustgo

            Almost ALL singers and musicians are not as good live. The studio’s clean up everyone’s voice and make it sound all perfect

          • pcmustgo

            You guys are assuming I am not aware that Jazz came out of a European tradition… indeed, it did not come out of Africa.

            You guys are obsessed with us returning to Classical Music in our everyday lives- not gonna’ happen.

            You guys are obsessed with Jimi Hendrix’s “technique” not being as good as some other guitar player. The Jimi Hendrix Experience Band was not just a guitar player… it was the whole package, which included two white players… it was a sound. It made a huge mark on American history. Of course, Hendrix is not the only gifted musician in America, or the only important band…

            Indeed, Jimi Hendrix was at least half white and mixed with amer-indian too.

            Race realists should be able to give credit where credit is due…

            The fact that civilization arose in more “brown” part of the world and that Jimi Hendrix’s sound was indeed awesome, and he made some great tunes, does NOT change or effect the goals of amren and race realists or make whites inferior or change the fact that we suffer a great deal of racism in today’s day and age and multi-culturalism is generally a failure that leads to endless conflict.

            As far as Ancient Egypt being “white”, I don’t see one single Egyptian wall painting that shows white people. It shows browns- I’m sure some whites mixed in and yes , I know about the red-haired mummies… but where are the pictures of them?

            The fact that Jimi Hendrix and other black musicians were gifted composers/artists does not change blacks violent crime rate.

            Europeans should be able to embrace who they are without LATCHING UNTO ANCIENT EGYPT, AS SUB-SAHARAN BLACKS SO OFTEN DO… really, totally ridiculous. We should be able to celebrate our musical genius’es- without tearing down black musicians…

            Race realism should mean standing up for ourselves- not engaging in petty , insecure games that wind up discrediting us.

          • pcmustgo

            Jim Morrison also had a HUGE influence on rock, as much as Hendrix , and he never picked up a guitar in his life. Some people say The Doors are “over-rated” but there is no denying their importance. The Doors sometimes played more black sounding/blues music and sometimes music that seemed straight out of the alleyways of Europe and Paris.

            So you seem to be narrowly equating Hendrix with “guitar technique”… as if he didn’t write songs (indeed, pretty simple songs), have an entirely new sound (indeed, mostly altered by playing with the sound equipment), etc.

            I would argue whites embraced Hendrix not out of white guilt, but out of their sense of fair play that is unique to them, and BECAUSE WHITE’S HAVE BETTER TASTE….

            Blacks never embraced Hendrix. He simply doesn’t register with them.

          • pcmustgo

            It’s like saying the robotic asians who churn out those classical music violinists are somehow more gifted at music because of their little classical music acrobatists… Yeah, the chinese ice-skaters were best at doing all those little turns, but not at “grace”… You’re turning this argument into “who’s the best guitarist in the world?” which is almost a silly question to ask.

          • Daisy

            Read an article about why chinese people excel at strings…this article attributed that to being socialized in a more multi-tonal language which enables them to hear and play more easily a greater range of whatever…I’m not musical, but just read this. Also, people raised playing musical instruments were seen to enjoy a benefit to their verbal abilities.

          • pcmustgo

            I’ve never seen a china man play a guitar.,… they excel at strings because all their drone parents push them into that. Thanks, I’m going to go listen to my favorite white country singer right now, play his 6 string guitar.

          • i am

            “Blacks never embraced Hendrix. He simply doesn’t register with them”

            Actually he does register with blacks, but only his skin color. They think he and Chuck Berry invented rock and roll, and the white man stole it from them

          • Indiana Guy

            Jazz has roots in Jewish Klezmer music. Early Jazz is almost identical to it.

          • Indiana Guy

            did he ever actually finish a song? He played a few bars of the national anthem and that is supposed to be some great thing.

          • i am


            A lot of idiots think he played the guitar upside down because he was left-handed and played a right-handed guitar. All he did was restring the right-handed guitar so it could be played left-handed. Those same idiots would probably be impressed when Hendrix used a right-handed can opener.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            Hendrix was still ugly and the uglier the better for White women who suffer from the Faye Ray syndrome.
            DIdn’t he shoot H into his testicles, or was it Cocaine?

            Wagner was truly a genius. He even invented a new type of tuba.

          • i am

            “Wagner was truly a genius. He even invented a new type of tuba.”

            And Colonel Bill Killgore never blasted Hendrix while attacking a VC village.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Just like Michael King did! He like white hookers.

          • ed91

            things would be infinitely better had michael king played guitar instead plagiarism.

          • [email protected]

            Jiggaboo Jones apesaults grand-niglets wit bat, fist over messy

        • Smedley Butler

          The M14 rifle is the only woodstock.

          • ed91

            what about the M1?

          • i am

            I believe the later issue M-14 stocks were fiberglass or some sort of plastic. The M1 Garand had a wood stock, as almost all pre-1950 battle rifles. Bakelite/plastic stocks started to come out in WWII, when wood was scarce, but it wasn’t main stream. The MP-40 had Bakelite type plastic stock parts. I like a nice wood stock. I even like wood grips on my pistols.

        • Caracal

          And you go by the name of “PC must go” ? Oh the irony !

          Not only no society can sustain itself by entertainment alone, but your examples are some of the biggest PC clichés for heaven’s sake!

          Sorry, but mulatto Hendrix is the poster boy of the overrated/PC/White guilt/one trick pony negro who was nowhere as skilled as many White contemporaries like Duane Allman or Johnny Winter who could not only play electric lead guitar just as well, but completely blow him off the water in electric slide guitar.

          As for “Jazz”, it is a complete rip off White Folk, Classical, and March Music in the first place, and there wouldn’t be any “Rock” without White Country Music, especially without those little White innovations like those electric guitars and amps, OK?

          The language, the notations, the instruments, and the energy source that blacks are using to play and record their so-called music all come from Whites, not the other way around. All they’ve really done was to bastardize and simplify what we had already created in Europe and among ourselves in the US long before them.

          The only true black contribution is “rap” and it is no surprise that this primitive blabber doesn’t require any instrument, nor a good command of any language.

          What a joke !

          • LaSantaHermandad

            On another post I mentioned the need of young White males to adopt Black ” cultural” practices. Rap rhymes with crap.

          • Indiana Guy

            He was an opening act for “the Monkeys”on one of their tours. He was consistently booed and had to play over the crowd chanting “We want the Monkeys!” The white audience was having none of his monkey antics. They weren’t yet subjected to the propaganda that he was a “genius”.

          • EW

            Weell, that was a mistake of the concert organizers – not Hendrix’s fault. Hendrix played a different style, no wonder that the Monkeys fans did not like that.

          • Indiana Guy

            Jazz is pretty much nothing more than black people trying to play Jewish Klezmer music. It is Klezbonics.

    • Smedley Butler

      Please, for the amren audience, admit that your statements are not a tagline for left-wing extremism.

      • WHITE DAWN

        My statements are a tagline for right-wing extremism. (Ha Ha)

    • The Africans and Mexicans will never let the White Man go.

      If you keep out the chosenites, you might have a chance. Throw the them out with the bantus. The chosenites are the ones who keep letting them through the door.

      • blight14

        100% correct…………..we’re just not supposed to mention that pesky fact….

      • WHITE DAWN

        Oh, I am aware. The Mexicans and Africans are too stupid to be doing this on their own. There is another group which wants to destroy us since we are the only group that can oppose them.

        Non-White minorities are just the pawns in a nasty game of extermination. There are two groups fighting for world control but only one knows it.

        “By Deception Ye Shall Wage War” Motto of the Mossad.

        This will not end pretty.

    • Liberalsuck

      It’s worse than dogs, because at least dogs know they need you and will let you know they appreciate you. Not with blacks and latins.

      • pcmustgo

        Mexicans see whites living off the fruits of their labor. Mexicans (at least the illegal ones who work) work their tails off in the fields… hard labor… Yes, we “need” people (not necessarily mexicans) to harvest FOOD…

        • i am

          They use to hire college students to harvest the food around here. They paid good. You got paid by what you produced, and not how many hours you worked.

        • Bob Wallace

          I worked in the fields in high school and college. Never saw a Mexican then and don’t need them now, contrary to the myth.

    • pcmustgo

      “With out us, they would all starve. They know it but can not admit it.

      I highly doubt that. Blacks and Amer-Indians survived for 1000’s of years in Africa and in the Americas… yes, life would be harder for them… famine, etc… but they would “survive”…they would have a brutal way of life (as they often do now)… but why would they disappear now when they lived for 40,000 years in America without the white man and what, 100’00’s in Africa without whites.

      • pcmustgo

        I’m a race realist too, but don’t forget that civilization arose from ancient egypt and the middle east… There was a time when we needed “them” too.

        • Katherine McChesney

          ‘ There was a time when we needed “them” too.’
          Pray tell me how did we need them? I’ve never heard that one. And there’s some proof that blacks history in Egypt was not entirely true as they teach it. They have a history, too, of enslaving the Hebrews. Of course, and I know this for a fact, they will tell you they were kind to the Hebrews. I don’t believe that for a moment. It’s in their dna to be troublesome and violent.

          • pcmustgo

            “Them” not as in Blacks but at least as in Browns or Middle Easterners… Ok? This is about self-preservation, not supremacy. RACE REALISTS SHOULD BE ABLE TO BE “REAL” AND HONEST ABOUT THE PROS AND CONS OF OTHER GROUPS…. We don’t need to deny other groups their dues just to build ourselves up.

          • Tucker

            One cardinal and unbreakable, non-negotiable rule that must be imposed and enforced upon our new White Ethnostate is this: Whites will do their own dirty work. We will collect our own garbage, take care of our own lawns, pick our own vegetables, do our own manual labor tasks – and, there will no tolerance any nose-in-the-air, elitist snobbery or arrogant disrespect for those Whites who are engaged in such labor.

            That has been the traditional Achilles Heel weakness of the White European people – and we have continually imported non-white labor to do these kinds of tasks that we somehow believe we are too good to do ourselves. And, this brainless lack of long range thinking has caused the destruction of the greatest White European civilization to ever exist – and we must never again repeat this same mistake.

        • ed91

          They finished that forever when they embraced islam

        • Indiana Guy

          Genetic studies have shown that the modern Egyptian population has very little genetic relationship to the ancient Egyptians. The modern Egyptians are not the true descendants of the ancient Egyptians.

        • SLCain

          The ancient cultures of the Near East, Asia Minor, and the Nile and Indus river valleys were NOT black.

          • pcmustgo

            But they were rather BROWN… or non-white

        • i am

          There was an ancient village uncovered in Switzerland that predates anything in Egypt by several thousand years. They village showed signs of farming.

        • You say this like Blacks and modern Jews were the ancestors of those civilizations. They weren’t.

      • Tucker

        Cannabalism. Bon Apetite, to all of the non-whites in their new ethnostates.

        Better stock up on Heinz 57 before the collapse.

      • Bob Wallace

        They cannot maintain a technological society and if it collapsed hundreds of millions of them would starve. Or do you not know about nitrogen fertilizer? If not, look it would and be shocked at what would happen if it didn’t exist.

    • Svigor

      The Africans and Mexicans will never let the White Man go.

      With out us, they would all starve. They know it but can not admit it. That is why deep in their skulls they hate us, fear us and beg us to stay so they can eat our left-overs of kill us for what’s on the table.

      The root of the problem is that leftoids love centralized power and abhor political diversity. This is because decentralized power and political diversity threaten their power. Competition threatens leftoid power, because people will always choose freedom over leftoid hegemony; because people, given a choice, tend to choose something other than leftoid hegemony.

      It’s like a company that has a monopoly in one country; it naturally seeks to extend that monopoly over the whole world.

      It’s not that they can’t survive without us, so much as they can’t be Masters of the Universe without global hegemony.

    • jamestown rebirth

      Whites also invented and set up all business and that includes sports and music where they excel. NBA, NFL, MLB, Tennis, Golf, Track and Field, Boxing etc etc and this includes the Olympics have made blacks mega millions.

      Everything in blessed chosen western civilization to the black man from the savior white man was a free gift including the all time biggest gift of being bought from their tribal chiefs as rejects and removing them permanently from the unimaginable wretched cesspool 3rd 4th 5th world hellhole called Africa and bringing them to the western shores to for a little soft manual labor picking cotten and cleaning house for a few hundred years before living in close quarters on the same property or in the same plantation homes. No race on earth ever had it so good and laid out for them and they sure refused to return to the hell of Africa after Marx and his Lincoln tool invaded a sovereign peaceful agrarian independent self contained self made nation of 11 states in a ruthless barbarian deadly unethical fashion undoing the fabric of western civilization and the region where American and the western hemisphere was not only founded but where all the leadership and founding documents came from.

      The Father of The Nation George Washington for whom the capital was named was a southerner as was Jefferson and Madison who wrote the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution in spite of some shortsightedness in both documents that could have been easily corrected with a little more thought process consideration for the future.

      It is almost hilarious of the nauseating continuous troublemaker revisionist jealous haters of the south and their monumental lies about black slaves being abused or mistreated when 100% without exception as eternal tribute for everything the white elite slave owners had done for them gladly took the surnames of their masters after the Lincoln Marxist War and 100% of these ex-slaves never filed reparations against their owners knowing full well they were saved from the hellholes of the African jungle wretch by this act of kindness and mercy.

      Had slaves who were part of the elite white family living side by side for 250 years in close quarters been so mistreated would they have ever in a million years taken the last name in tribute honor to their owners not to mention never filed ridiculously a single reparations lawsuit? This is ludicrousness and only comes from the latter day sorry worthless useless bunch of spoiled rotten black brats who call themselves leaders but are nothing but rat feces and cockroaches who should on their knees showing gratitude to the white elite savior for saving them.

      The deviant Lincoln attack on the real America of the south was some dastardly diabolical evil from hell and created nothing but strife and dissention between the regions and whites and blacks to this day typical of all liberalism from hell.

      Time to split Red States from Blue States and this time there will be no slavery issue. Split the 25 and 25 states and split the debt to 8 trillion for each new nation plus everybody keeps their own assets as all public assets including military assets are split down the middle. Each nation can draw up their own new constitution to their liking but every citizen has to take an oath to abide by its so those who desire to switch to Red or Blue are fully able to do so. Capitalist Red and Socialist Blue will be spread out in all regions so there is some semblance of geographics and demographics.

      Red States already have their president named Romney as do Blues States named Obama. Compared to 1861 this should be a piece of cake with no hostilities and all complex details can be worked out. Time is NOW !!!

      Do it for your children, their children, and their children etc etc NOT for YOU. The future has to be taken into consideration not just the present. As opposed to the mistakes of the Founders try to draw up a Constitution and use thoughtful wording that cannot be bastardized or twisted in the new Red Nation.

    • Tucker

      In the context of the excellent comment and analysis by White Dawn, allow me to toss another fly into the multi-culturalist’s unsustainable, Utopian punchbowl.

      These Africans, Mexicans, and Asians (along with every other smaller and less numerically significant non-White ethnic group) who defiantly (and shortsightedly) exposed themselves on November 6th, 2012 as being completely out of touch with the values, traditions, customs, morals and governing principles of the traditional White European founding stock of this 100 percent White European created nation – could not resist the urge to gloat and to crow and to spew their pent up hatreds, resentments and hostilities towards the White conservative citizens of this nation.

      This was like an electric shock from a cattle prod being applied to millions of White pairs of hiney cheeks – as the racial competition light bulbs suddenly flickered on over clueless and deracinated heads of a few million or so more Whites who had previously been asleep – or, more likely, who had been brainwashed by our anti-White, Cultural Marxist controlled media into unilaterally disarming themselves racially by believing it was evil for Whites and only Whites to think ‘tribally’. So, the Africans, Mexicans, Asians and other non-Whites actually did us a very big favor on November 6th. They provided rock solid proof that they do not share or respect our values.

      White Dawn is right – when he states: “That is why deep in their skulls they hate us, fear us and beg us to stay so they can eat our left-overs”. Which is why I think things are going to get very tenuous in the not too distant future – because the fear that our parasitical rulers have that Whites will decide to break this nation apart and create our very own exclusively White Ethnostate is going to motivate our non-White rulers to attempt to disarm White European people. To remove the means by which we can resort to physical force, if necessary, to secure a homeland for White European people who care about preserving our race and our heritage as a people.

      That will be the flash point. Under no circumstances can we ever allow our parasites to take away our means of self-defense.

      • Indiana Guy

        It seems to me that the majority of “gloating” is done by liberal white women in the media. Smugness has reached critical levels in this demographic. Their hatred of everything white and male comes straight through their smily cheerfulness.

        • pcmustgo

          They see themselves , as white liberals, as beyond reproach from blacks. They are the “special” whites, whom blacks love.

          • Indiana Guy

            After secession, that will all change. They will be left behind in areas overrun with the minorities that flee the new white America.

      • “…the fear that our parasitical rulers have that Whites will decide to break this nation apart and create our very own exclusively White Ethnostate is going to motivate our non-White rulers to attempt to disarm White European people. To remove the means by which we can resort to physical force, if necessary, to secure a homeland for White European people who care about preserving our race and our heritage as a people.”


        Cambria will not yield (blog post of same name) this week had it absolutely correct, when he concluded his post with these words:

        “We don’t need superior numbers. We need only a few white men to stand up for Europe, fully convinced that in doing so they are standing for the right against Satan and his unholy legions. If we believe in the rightness of Christian Europe and the satanic evil of diverse liberalism, we will fight and prevail against the liberal pestilence that walketh in darkness and the colored hordes that wasteth at noonday.”

    • Dave4088

      Separation is imperative before the parasites (blacks and browns) completely overwhelm and exterminate the most gracious hosts (whites). The status quo is not only untenable but completely unacceptable for any white person with a grain of sanity and rationality.

    • JohnEngelman

      The most advanced, cleanest, safest, beautiful, peaceful civilization ever created were those by Whites…

      – WHITE DAWN

      and Orientals.

      • Smedley Butler

        The orientals learned how to build a civilization from whites.

        • JohnEngelman

          Civilization began independently in the Nile Valley, the Tigris Euphrates valley, the Indus River valley, the Yellow River in China, Mesoamerica, and in what is now Peru.

          • Smedley Butler

            The first civilizations were created by whites and then passed around the world.

            Your comment is similar to White Dawn because if you say what you mean and you mean what you say, your comments would not be a guise for something else.

          • JohnEngelman

            No credible historian believes that. Agriculture and civilization developed independently in various parts of the world at different times.

  • Robert Binion

    For now we are empty metaphors, willing slaves to the machine–automobile, computer, television–mere contented interstices on “the grid.” But what will happen when the lights go dark and our automatic desires unmet? I foresee a time when real privation becomes the blogger’s lament, when ancient hunger turns the most complaisant irascible.
    (She just said that when I write like this my “Southern comes out.”)

    • TeutonicKnight67

      When that happens, whites (north and south) will do what they do best….SURVIVE.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Pat Buchanan is slipping. He should have recommended hard nullification as the step that makes weak secssion unnecessary.

    • SLCain

      I agree. What governors, state legislatures, and state courts need to start doing in resonse to these illegal federal mandates and usurpations of power is to reply “Not gonna. Make us.”

  • Rob

    The GOP passed in the House an immigration bill that lets all these Asians who are in our universities to STAY and GET JOBS and become citizens. All the Whites who are now DROWNING IN DEBT due to exorbitant tuition and other expense connected with getting a degree have been SHAFTED, once again, by the GOP. The same GOP whose Nixon gave us Affirmative Action, whose Reagan amnestied multiple millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS in 1986. Whites are being screwed by both parties, we have NO FRIENDS, save a Jeff Sessions and perhaps DeMint. Secession FROM .gov is GOOD, the LAND is OURS, ALL OF THE LAND, .gov and its minions need to RELOCATE to some THIRD WORLD hellhole. Politics in America is ORGANIZED CRIME and .gov is a RICO statute organization.

  • MikeofAges

    The problem with this thesis is that the idea of culturally radical “blue” state finally has been exposed.. Look at the 2012 election results. The Romney-Ryan ticket carried the white vote in all but a handful of states. Even in supposed “blue” state bastions like New York, Illinois and California, the majority of whites voted for the Republican presidential ticket. Add to that the fact (and it is a fact) that most of the minority community, even the black community, is quite socially conservative. Some blacks and Hispanic fall into the category of metrosexual, avant garde or radical, but most are not. You can say the same, actually, for the blue collar whites and upper middle class moms who voted Democratic. The mystery is, how does the progressive-popular front ideological coalition exerts so much influence within an otherwise conservative country. Well, the answer is, largely, that their party give both minority voters and white labor a reason to vote for it, but the political power goes to the twisted white elitists who form the political left wing.

    • pcmustgo

      THEY BECAME THE ESTABLISHMENT- THEY HAVE THE MEDIA ON THEIR SIDE. You are evil/horrible/bad if you are right wing. And dumb. So it goes…

  • Smedley Butler

    Secession is the best way for whites to reunite after all these decades of division and reaquaint ourselves with the people we used to know.
    It has been 32 years since the international corporations teamed togeather with Washington to spread empire around the world, and white people are now left with bank bailouts, Walmart slavery, and a congress more concerned about promoting AIPAC than securing our borders.
    Secession looks better everyday. If we do it, lets do it for the home team. Devil dog style.

  • We were good for a long time, we came a long way and overcame a lot, but it is time to admit we have grown apart and we are in a bad marriage. It is better to peacefully divorce now than to end up in a war. you cannot reconcile two ideologies that are so far apart.

  • We were a flame that burned too hot and too fast. Our success made us an easy target for those too jealous to see that everyone is responsible for their lot in life. It’s easier to blame others for your failure than to blame yourself.

    There are those who look at the largest mobile social and economic middle class in the history of the world and say “it should be 100%! What about the poor? The rich are hording the money! The system is rigged!”

    I can see the flaws in the system but on a whole, the system worked for most people.

    Unfortunately, the left wants a ‘level playing field’ and that means bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator.

    • But humans are not meant to live at the level of lowest common denominator, humans are meant to excel,and that is what we are trying to accomplish, and what the left is trying to resist

    • i am

      “I can see the flaws in the system but on a whole, the system worked for most people”

      This is because most people are dead beats.

  • tickyul

    There is mainly two vastly different visions for what this country should be and become. Both sides are 180 degrees apart on most issues…..a meeting of the minds will not happen….compromise your ideology…..nope.
    One side want to impose their ideology on the other. It looks like the “Imposer” if you will, is going to be the Demorats for the most part. The other side is going to resist….at times in a violent manner. It makes a lot more sense to just separate before we get to that point.

  • Stevefield

    Pat Buchanan has the unfortunate distinction of being a forecaster of
    our modern crisis that far too few listened to until it was too late–
    above all the Republican Party, which made sure to ignore and ridicule
    Buchanan’s warnings and now faces it’s probable collapse as a political
    party because of it. The GOP is falling apart because it stupidly
    ignored what Buchanan, and a few others like Lou Dobbs, have been saying
    for 20 years, that the interests of the current Republican
    constituency– corporate outsourcers, greedy banksters and the financial
    industry, rabid Israel-first neocons, the cheap labor-loving Chamber of
    Commerce, corrupt CEO’s with an interest only in the next week’s
    profit, hedge-funders and billionaires who scorn White families below
    the uppermost upper class– are NOT the interests of White America, nor
    of conservatives in general.

    The irony of all the media coverage after the GOP’s wipeout in the recent elections, is that they all point to a demographic crisis for the Republicans, but they’ve chosen the
    wrong one to focus on. The GOP didn’t lose because it was hated by
    Blacks, Latinos, Asians and other minorities who would never vote for
    Republicans anyway. Romney and the Republicans lost because they angered
    the critical demographic of middle-class and working Whites in the
    Midwest and Pennsylvania. Just like Buchanan had always warned.

    I hail from Ohio, and I saw this process up close. Virtually all my
    neighbors and old friends are old-fashioned White Midwestern
    conservatives, yet almost all of them simply stayed home on Election
    Day, which proved to be the doom of Romney’s candidacy. The Republican
    Party kept whining about how working class Whites refused to support
    them, but they would have won the state if the GOP had bothered to truly
    support the interests of working Whites, as Buchanan has always drawn
    attention to.

    Instead, the Republicans doubled down on outsourcing of jobs to countries like Bangladesh, India, Filipino offshorers and other countries nearby. The L1 and H1 visas continue to be outrageously misused, to import rock bottom cheap Indian slave labor
    as an excuse to mass-layoff working White families, and the Chamber of
    Commerce and other big Republican donors just love it. Oh, and after
    these lamebrained pretend-conservative jerks suck out the economic
    lifeblood of our towns, they turn around and pour in a few million
    people from the Third World to make us even more miserable and less able
    to demand fair wages for our work, Then have the gall to call us, the
    vast majority of White Americans, slouchers and deadbeats when we dare
    to oppose them.

    The Republicans kiss up to the banksters and arrogant college presidents wrecking our kid’s financial prospects with tuition loans, as much or more than the Dems do, while making sure that the useless CEOs of medical insurance companies drain away even more money from our struggling households since these companies have enough money to buy the votes of our legislators on Capital Hill. The GOP helps
    to ship out our factories and our tech industry to India, while
    constantly attacking the careers of White cops and firemen as if we were
    moochers. The GOP does nothing to reform obvious PC stupidity like our
    divorce laws or the tax laws on small businesses and contractor workers
    that most penalize productive and entpreneurialistic people.

    And then, as Buchanan has also warned, the Republicans insult White
    families further by using our kids as cannon fodder in the imperialistic
    wars of Israel’s hard-line governments, then turning around and
    screwing over our veterans. My son is in the Army, and when he dared to
    raise complaints about the treatment of brave White Iraq war vets, it
    was none other than a major Republican official in my hometown who
    called him a deadbeat. Unbelievable arrogance, and it caused this jerk
    to lose his seat once the White families all over the town realized he
    didn’t have their interests in mind.

    That’s why most of the White working families in Ohio simply stayed home, or otherwise voted for someone like Virgil Goode. However, of those who did vote in other elections, many White Ohio workers did vote for the White Democrat
    Sherrod Brown, and there lies a warning for the Stupid Party if they
    fail to take into account White interests. If the Republicans yet again
    stupidly misread the election, and pick a minority flim-flam artist like
    Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal or Allen West as their
    nominee or running mate in 2016, then millions of White Midwesterners
    will vote for a White Democrat instead. The GOP is finished unless it’s
    realizes the true demographic crisis that Pat Buchanan has been warning
    about, that they’re deeply offending the vast majority of American
    Whites by completely ignoring or attacking our basic interests, in favor
    of the profiteers and banksters who see us as little more than sheep to
    be robbed blind.

    • Dr. X

      I love Pat Buchanan. I was for him in 1992. Unfortunately, since then he hasn’t been able to convince more than about 2% of the population that he’s right. 1992 was 20 years ago. Pat isn’t getting any younger — and neither am I.

      • White_Prime77

        2% of the Population?

        Big Pats books are routinely best sellers! Plus he makes the rounds on all the conservative talk shows. Assuredly Big Pat has more support then you suggest!

        • Liberalsuck

          That might be true, but it will up to the younger whites to fight hard. The future of our race depends on the white generations coming up.

          • White_Prime77

            Well I think there are some good signs out there. For example the Towson White Student Union is one that some younger people are taking Pro-White stances.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Instead, the Republicans doubled down on outsourcing of jobs to countries like Bangladesh, India, Filipino offshorers and other countries nearby.
      Yes, I knew Rpmney would lose when a couple weeks before the election, he had a Facebook posting that knocked Obama for his lack of new free trade agreements with Latin America. With 23 million unemployed, there are still many of us who remember the “giant sucking sound” that NAFTA created. It’s been pure ruination under our Affirmative Action hire, but some of Romney’s ideas were just as bad.

      • MartelC

        One has to wonder if republicans are really this stupid, or if they are just running loyal opposition… either way the effect is the same……

        • i m

          “One has to wonder if republicans are really this stupid”

          No need to wonder. They are.

          • ed91

            actually, the so-called repub leaders are sellouts and politicians………..

            stupid? in some ways perhaps

    • Daisy

      Bravo, this is one of the best posts or articles I’ve read on here (although I don’t agree about suburban cops and even some city ones making too much money – they do). It also answers some questions about what white voters chose to do in the midwestern swing states. Thanks for the effort.

    • razorrare

      Did you catch Newt Gingrich on Jay Leno last night? Jay Leno showed him a picture with 20 White congressman & senators on it whom were republican and asked Newt what was wrong with that picture…and Newt replied,” Yes,it is shameful and we must do more to change that,” or words to that effect. Instead of responding,yeh…i got a picture too that shows too many White faces as late night talk show host,so give up your job to a minority you filthy hypocritical race traitor pandering s.o.b…

      • ncpride

        I understand your fury all too well. I can’t count the times I’ve heard the phrase ‘Old White Men’ since this election, and these spineless, cowardly, terrified, wimpy fools won’t say a damn word in protest. It’s beyond infuriating to watch them cower like scolded children instead of standing up for themselves and fighting back. Men like Newt can take his ‘shame’ and shove it up… well, you know.

      • IstvanIN

        “Newt” cheats on his wives. What makes you think a man of such low morals wouldn’t cheat on his race and his nation. He is no better than Ted Kennedy, except he is still alive. Oh, and he didn’t drown a girl.

        • Newt was one of the few people who would show his face publicly in support of Todd after the Fateful Sunday. But that doesn’t mean my estimation of him and his political career has gone up. Taken as a whole, Newt Gingrich’s political career was for our sake feckless and best and treacherous probably.

          I met him when he came to St. Louis for a campaign event. From the primaries, everyone now has these lofty expectations of Newt as a grandiose speaker, but I didn’t find him all that impressive that day, nor did I find his RNC speech (where, amazingly, he showed up with the same wife he had during the Primaries, must be a personal record for Newt), all that impressive either. I think Newt is the kind of person whose engine warms up slowly, the train pulls out of the station slowly, and it takes a long time to get up to speed. But once he gets going, he will be going and going fast for a long time. But…any stick on the tracks will easily derail him.

          Long story short, don’t expect the zany Newt from December and January who could work in a missive about lowering marginal income tax rates, human colonies on the moon, an unbuilt interstate highway and the day being the anniversary of some semi-significant military or political event that Newt and only Newt cares about in a rhetorically entertaining way.

          His name is being dropped for 2016. He’ll be 72 years old then, which means pretty much no dice just on age alone.

      • MartelC

        Newt and Leno can start with themselves. Buchanan has brought this up in the past – whenever ANY white person says we need more diversity, suggest THEY give up THEIR position.

      • john

        I couldn’t agree more, razorrare. There is nothing more disgusting to me than witnessing emasculated White males like Jay Leno, David Letterman, New Gingrich, and Chris Matthews hypocritically asserting their disgusting egalitarian views and anti-White positions. Do they realize how stupid they come across? Do they think for one second that a Black flash mob wouldn’t slice them down on the spot at first sight?
        The Jay Lenos of the world should lead by example and personally finance the search efforts for young homosexual Black militants or radical Black lesbian feminists to take over their jobs with an immediate increase in base salaries and benefits to make up for centuries of alledged abuses. They should then donate all of their wealth to the NAACP and stand down never to be heard from again. The same goes for the thousands of White mediots, be they male, female, or confounded. It is nauseating to watch them all. I’m glad I disconnected my television service nearly a decade ago. Now, I only see brief clips of these imbeciles online, and it has gotten far worse based on what little I see and read.

    • JohnEngelman

      The Republican Party exists to advance the economic interests of the richest ten percent of the population. Since the inauguration of Ronald Reagan they have been very successful at that.

      If you keep that in mind, you will never surprised by what Republican politicians do after they are elected. I hope you will be angered, but you will never be surprised.

      • i am

        Yet the richest people in the US are Democrats.

        • JohnEngelman

          Rich Democrats are motivated by noblesse oblige.

          • David Ashton

            Generous with other people’s tax dollars?

          • JohnEngelman

            And their own.

            Rich Republicans illustrate what John Kenneth Galbraith said of them, “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”

          • ed91

            what a horse’s arse you are.

          • storibund

            “Rich Democrats are motivated by noblesse oblige.”

            That was sarcasm…. right?

          • SLCain

            No, stupidity.

          • Svigor

            Something tells me Engelman is bosom-buddies with his television set.

          • SLCain

            Gosh, you mean the executives at Goldman-Sachs are motivated by noblesse oblige? Hollywood? Ambulance chasers? The porn “industry”? All just motivated by noblesse oblige?

            What a ridiculously stupid statement, even for a horses’ ass like you.

          • i am

            “What a ridiculously stupid statement, even for someone like you.”

            You have not read enough of Engel’s posts.

        • Many of the richest people in America are Oligarchs. Corporate Oligarchs to be more precise. There adherence to any supposed Democrat or Republican ideals depend on which set of values makes them the most money. That’s usually the path of least resistance, which is paved by the media pushing perceptions of what is right and what is wrong.

      • Svigor

        A pox on both their houses. Dems as the friend of the little guy is laughable, given their support for the browning of America, hatred of free speech, the right to bear arms, free association, etc.

      • Indiana Guy

        where are you living since OWS shut down?

    • pecosbill

      Seems from your post that all the blame for our present situation is totally the fault of Republicans. From what you are saying, it’s like the last four years never happened. Newsflash, the Republicans have been out of power at the top for four years and in the senate for six. They only gained back the house two years ago.

      The reason mid-west states fell to the communist/Muslim/racist/Kenyan Obama, is that the typical white voter in that area has been brainwashed by the unions so long they can’t think for themselves.

      Whites in the mid-west who didn’t vote, didn’t do so for two reasons: 1. They couldn’t go against the dictates of their real god, the union, and vote Romney. 2. and, they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a worthless black. Thus,in such a moral box, they didn’t show up. .By doing so they condemned themselves, their kids, and grandkids to a black run hell. A hell that I hope they well suffer until their stupid genetics are starved and beaten and bred out of existence by blacks.

      When their last beautiful daughter is raped by or marries a Negro, and their white sons are affirmation actioned out of a career, they can say:with pride: “I saved my union benefits.”

      Pat is an old time trade restrictionist. He wants to bring back the glory days of the
      50s-70s when American manufacturing ruled the world. During these times consumers had no choice but to purchase overpriced union made and often defective products. The big three auto manufactures are examples.

      When foreign markets recovered from the FDR – Churchill war they eventually produced superior products like cars that has brought the big three union bloated and union infested companies to the point of bankruptcy. .

      One reason some whites in the mid-west DID vote Obuma is because he stiffed the taxpayers to insure the continued viability of union extorted fat pensions and health insurance. The rest of us are paying for these greedy stupid union bastards to have their condos in Florida, their hunting cabins in the upper peninsula and their nice homes in clean white suburbs free from the black plague.

      Pat has said in interviews that if Romney had come out early for the mugging and raping of the taxpayers to save the unions, he would have won the mid-west. Well really now, Pat, just screw the rest of us to save a few union pigs.

      This is an odd position for Pat since he has correctly sliced and diced Ape Lincoln’s war on the South as a trade war. Lincoln understood that a free trading Southern nation aligned with the industrial and military powers of Europe would doom his corrupt slave labor industrialist supporters. They could not survive such an arrangement. Thus the war. And of course there were big profits in war for his industrial cronies as well. BTY, the phoney Mark Twain was a big time suck up to these civil war, war profiteers.

      In my time I’ve seen unions destroy the following industries/companies/institutions:

      1. Steel

      2. Merchant Marine

      3. Commercial ship building

      4. Eastern Airlines

      5. Auto manufactures

      6. Schools

      7. Municipalities

      8. States

      These are just a few examples. Unions are rackets set up to extort non union consumers and taxpayers.

      Your post places the blame for jobs and industry going overseas squarely on the GOP. Please remember that Clinton signed NAFTA, the most damaging agreement ever. Let us not forget that Obuma had total control of congress for two years, Did he move to renounce any of these agreements and get them reversed? What? Say that louder please? Ok, you say he didn’t.

      Concerning the wars. I seem to recall that we were attacked on 9-11. I guess we were to do nothing. Maybe the Iraq war was unnecessary, but so was WWII, WWI the Civil War. What else is new. Bush took a page from FDR after the latter goaded Japan into making a deadly mistake. Bush forced the terrorists to defend their neighborhood like FDR forced Japan to defend their gains in the South Pacific. Both strategies pulled enemy resources away from the homeland.

      I remember too that Obuma had his filthy hands in the misadventure in Libya. That will end badly. Oh, the Afghan thing is still going on, and Obuma still has his peace prize.

      To say that the Republicans are close to worthless is not a revelation. Yet this weak old nag will still response to white demands, even though it doesn’t want to.

      Had the brainwashed mid -westerners not put Obuma back in, there would be no talk of amnesty in a serious way since the GOP would owe Latinos nothing. And, white voters would have the Republicans by the short hairs.

      Republicans suck up to university presidents? Huh? Republicans are not allowed on campus. Go ask Ann Coulter about reaction to her at universities. .

      Concerning the student loan fiasco, it was none other than VP Joe Bite Me who inserted a rider in the loan guarantee law that prevents students from filing bankruptcy to get out of the debt. But Joe is such a nice and funny guy, Joe is such and idiot.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        It is sad to see what has become of unions – but everything, in its time, becomes corrupt. Businessmen themselves created unions – if they didn’t hold over the workers’ heads that “we’ll just bring in cheaper labour from China if you don’t like starving and living in a leaky hovel”, unions might never have been necessary in the first place. But of course, as with gay rights, once everything the group previously wanted has become law, they just can’t seem to get up the heart to disband. Then comes the ridiculous demands, that ultimately hurt the group in public perception/real life application.

      • SLCain

        “Your post places the blame for jobs and industry going overseas squarely
        on the GOP. Please remember that Clinton signed NAFTA, the most
        damaging agreement ever.”

        Clinton signed NAFTA into effect. But Bush signed NAFTA ceremonially. And it was the Bush administration (and the Reagan administration before that) that negotiated it and really pushed it. More Republicans voted to ratify it than did Democrats. You can’t place more blame for NAFTA on the Demorats than on the Republicans.

        I don’t think that Steve Field was defending the Democrats; he was just pointing out that the Republicans are, essentially, just as worthless to us.

        • Gracchus123

          These arguments remind me of what George Wallace said about the difference between the Dems and the Repubs back in 1968…tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum, or “there’s not a dimes worth of difference between them”.

          On certain wedge issues there is a difference, but on the big issues, not so much.

    • Tucker

      Outstanding comment and analysis, Steve. I was remembering the arrogance of the despicable, amnesty loving John McCain back in 2008 when he was campaigning up in Pennsylvania and at a campaign rally he told the White working class people in that state who had lost their jobs and livelihoods due to outsourcing and off-shoring policies that the treasonous, globalist snobs in the GOP had helped initiate – to suck it up, those jobs were gone and weren’t coming back. Basically, he told those White working class people: tough noogies, folks.

      This is the kind of treasonous, elitist, arrogance, snobbery and materialistic greed that exists at epidemic levels among the rats who have taken control of the GOP – these vile worms spit on the very people who they cannot win elections without and I truly believe that these elitists laugh at how stupid their base is, because despite the continual betrayals, these White nitwits still keep voting for their Republicrat candidates.

      Frankly, I would like nothing better than to see the GOP completely destroyed – root and branch. And, whatever new party arises to take it’s place – we must make double danged sure that not a single rat from the RINO or neo-con GOP is allowed to join it or participate in it’s organizational structure in any capacity. These rats carry a plague and it’s called: White genocide.

  • fsagas

    What I’m confused about is if racist are so stupid and ignorant why would you want to integrate with them?

    • Svigor

      Oligarchy abhors competition, diversity, etc.

  • Well, S Brown was against coal mining, not certain about the Republican and most likely Brown supported legalizaton, he is a pretty liberal white guy. Haley supported e-verify in South Carolina and West is also strong against illegal immirgaiton. Rubio and Cruz are latinos and Jandel is to be trusted less than Haley.

  • Well, hispanics are the biggest moochers along with blacks but the Republicans are tied up with the tea party that doesn’t like white folk on the dole. I agree I rather see white folk than illegal hispanics.

  • Pat Buchnaan could have done the immirgaton thing back in the 1990’s but he was too interested in the social issues. Ca passed 187 did Pat helped to create a new 187 in Calfornia, no he was too busy on the reform party ticket.

    • I was a 19-year old in 1996 when I was a local and state delegate for Pat Buchanan to win the Republican nomination. Yes, he did talk about immigration then. Not as much as he did after 9/11, but he did. However, because the economy in 1996 was improving, immigration wasn’t as big an issue outside the areas of its immediate affliction.

  • charlie brown

    It’s understandable that many (or all) of us will regularly be seeking out the comforts of…I guess the dream world wherein strange empowerment comes our way and we can save our people. Yeah I go there. A lot actually.

    It’s understandable because we are having to live with and witness things worse than any generation of ancestors had to. This is the very worst. It’s a nightmare. Witnessing the extinction of our entire race, dismantling of our civilization, dispossession from our lands, demonization of us and our ancestors. We have to watch our own brethren gleefully cheering it all along, not knowing if it’s because they are asleep, are sleep walking smiling into the mire; or it’s because they are confused and afraid and there’s a tear in that smiling face eye.

    It’s even worse than that because actually there’s an enemy. A people who hate us. We didn’t even know they hated us…we welcomed them into our lives and gave them the keys to our society. We thought they were our friends but they hated, hate us. There’s an enemy and our brethren aren’t sleep walking, but being frogmarched whether they know it or can face up to it or not. There’s an enemy but we don’t even dare to speak their name. it’s that bad. We don’t dare speak their name, because we gave them the keys to our minds and societies and then we went to bed and in the morning they’d redefined everything so that now we don’t dare say their name because if we do that would make us the evil ones, us the haters who seek genocide and destruction of a people who opened their f__king doors and welcomed them to in.

    There’s not going to be any secession. You know that. It’s understandable to go there but you know it’s a fantasy world. It’s the fantasy story that everything that has happened is just a big awful mistake…just the forces of entropy. But it isn’t…it’s an enemy…an enemy so powerful that every single one of us knows…whatever the stage of denial and rationalization, on some level we all know what is happening.

    • ricpic

      Your post is very powerful. It’s hard to deny what you say, that we are in a nightmare. And that, as things presently stand, there is no way out of the nightmare. But I wish you had been more specific about the enemy. I believe the enemy is worldwide, or more accurately, western worldwide. Let me back up and make a very general observation. I think we are in a nightmare because of the very success of the white western world in amassing so much wealth, such a widespread affluence, that it allowed millions to become unhinged from reality, from the gods of the copybook headings, if you will. There is a relatively small core of hard leftists that passionately hates whites, the west, freedom. But they would have gotten nowhere without a much much larger cohort who began to take the good life for granted and then became increasingly bored with it, even irked by it. These were the easy pickings, in their millions, that made the triumph of the Left possible, here and in Europe. That’s the enemy as I see it, a hard core of fanatic leftists surrounded by a much larger number of dupes, to be blunt. As long as the dupes stay fat they’ll stay happy. They’ll even stay happy if their fortunes stop improving under their masters. What is needed is economic catastrophe. I don’t say that lightly as the suffering will be immense and the outcome very uncertain, since demagogues “never let a crisis go to waste.” But it is possible that the extreme suffering engendered in total collapse will make the scales fall from the eyes of millions and millions of whites who at present are, to use your phrase, “sleep walking” to their doom.

  • time to split Red and Blue

    Get real. In 1861 the rest of the 11 states following SC who seceded in late 1860 of the real America seceded peacefully and legally not only in Washington DC but also in each state house with the consent of the people. Lincoln who had just been selected to be the 16th president of the north become enthralled with Marx and Engels and their 1848 published Communist Manifesto previously goading SC with his troops to fire on them at Charleston harbor Ft Sumter that gave him reason to crush

    the secession and thus causing the other 10 states to exit completing the new nation with

    VA, TN, FL, NC, SC, AR, LA,TX, MS, GA, AL.

    Lincoln has followed Marx with complete centralization his states making him the tyrant dictator and massed 2 million troops to invade and attack the southern states for no logical reasoning since these 11 states many who were the original states, desired a divorce from what clearly a bad situation of excessive taxation up to 60% and northern domination of everything plus the north was extremely envious of the southern world class ports and millionaires as SC was the richest state in both nations and good friends with France and England among others. Most European nations despised the northern industrialist states.

    Had evil Lincoln not viciously attacked the placid peaceful south forcing a nation of 5 million whites to defend itself against merciless aggression it was planned that all slaves would be liberated and returned to Africa and that slavery was a terrible economic system bankrupting 50% of larger plantations. Slavery would have been eradicated and the white south would have reverted to paid labor and sharecropping.

    Lincoln knew the south would liberate the slaves and this is why he had to immediately attack to give the radical activist abolitionists like himself a reason to feel morally superior to the south in order to justify his tyrannical thirst for power and control in order to keep the taxes coming into Washington and subordinate the 11 southern states under his regime.

    The wrong side won the war and 100% of slaves without hesitation took the surnames of their former masters proving there was no abuse as the northern aggression lied about to justify their Marxist imperialism with comrade Lincoln. Had slaves been abused would they have taken the last name of their hated masters as the northern revisionists lied about? The lies about raping slave females is another evil that allows government fed and bred spoiled rotten animals to justify their savage instincts with all the rape murder or other crime they commit in todays pc society.

    The north and especially Lincoln was petrified at the south being their own nation and wasted no time eradicating it and subjugating the survivors never rebuilding it intentionally as it did other defeated nations like Germany or Japan. Lincoln was a crafty evil serpent and knew exactly what he was scheming and also knew full well the south planned to return all its slaves to Africa without exception.

    Buchanan needs to realize there is no slave issue to deal with in 2012 and if ever there was a better time to secede with 25 states it is now and before its too late after Obama begins in consolidate his power with the illegals in 2013 that is will certainly occur and not allow the 2014 take over of the Congress by Republicans and eradicate the Red party and Red States entirely.

    The 25 states need to secede including those who want to split such a Florida and Virginia or others and with Red States spread all over the nation except the northeast who originally stole the nation anyway from Jamestown in 1620. Give those in Red or Blue states the opportunity to exit and sell their property since once the finalization is completed there will be no turning back.

    At this time the serpent in the WH and his media serpents are lulling the Red states into submission with diversion business as usual on the fiscal cliff but this is simply a trick as they know exactly what they are doing in taking attention off any the real issue of his bottom line goal of making the white race the minority race and would welcome Republicans to assist him in eliminating it ultimately.

    Isnt it odd the gloating liberal scum only mention old white men as their goal to eliminate? What about old white females or does the serpent understand that females as the weaker mind is always the most gullble plus the dark side can use them for procreation miscegenation as they have been doing and have absolutely zero usage for the white male unless they are brainwashed liberals.

    Whites better wake up. In the end it is the white male against the rest of the world. Unless you want to end up like South Africa or Rhodesia or Haiti and all others your fate will be death and eradication at the hands of the inferior races and especially the Ham race whose awakening hasnt even begun to be realized yet. If 13% in America with half in jail can take over with the media serpents then its easy to see how the white race is already extinct and just biding their time until their death while white females are used to continue as the prize possession trophy for miscegenation an soon will become eradicated too in the end.

    Dont be lulled into a sleepy dreamworld thinking you will be spared. Its over unless a split of the states and momentum is sustained until the split is consummated in Washington and all assets are split with all Americans given the chance to live in either Red or Blue before they assume their citizenship and the split is finalized.

    Time to get the ball rolling now and split the Red and Blue bad marriage and divorce on irreconcilable differences to create a capitalist Red and socialist Blue split nation and no slavery involved that makes it a million times easier to perform.

  • Armando

    Not exactly sure how a story about secession turns into a thread about GOP bashing? It is true that the GOP has not been smart in understanding what is going on, but it is the Democrats who are actively seeking our destruction. In other words the GOP has been inept, but the Democrats have been malicious. There is nothing wrong with our country that neo-socialism will make better. Open your eyes. The Democrats are the party of black people. The Democrats are the party that wants to redistribute your wealth into their pockets.

  • cali

    I agree with White Dawn. They will follow us to the ends of the earth like a parasite to its host. I believe they resent us because they need us. They could NEVER live the lives they lead now without us. They are currently allowing us to be the producers and we give them our paycheck (oh yea, they would also like all the credit). The cries of hate and fear would run rampant if we tried to part. If we did part, I believe we would become strong and feared. They would be less crime, our morality would improve and hard work/ethics would dominate again. Such a beautiful vision

  • cali

    One other comment. As our parasitic brother follows us around to eat off of our success and hard work, you also begin to see that they want power and undeserved credit. We have actually done well at supporting their lack of effort, but know as they are crawling into ranks of authority. They are destroying us/themselves at a even more rapid rate. We now have people in charge (primarily for an ego trip) that have no idea what they are doing. These positions come with massive responsibility and hard work and they are generally not up to task. Their criminal behavior also becomes too tempting. Our local politicians/educators are in the news daily for criminal activity, and 9 times out of 10, its a minority.

  • Zap Branigan

    Of course secession is the answer. I have no further loyalty to a country that would reelect a person like Obama. We don’t need a federal government anymore, the states can get along just fine without one, the federal government is a burden to them anyway. Let the states become independent entities again.

    • White_Prime77

      That is right!

      I have already seceded in my heart!

    • SLCain

      In matters domestic, I largely agree with you. But there is still a reason for a union: to defend us from foreign predation. I admit, that doesn’t seem to particularly concern the federal government today, but it is the primary reason why the union was established in the first place If, for example, China wanted to gobble up part of North America, could ten or twelve small republics stop them? I have serious doubts.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Only if they are racially white and homogenous.

        • SLCain

          Actually, even a non-homogenous, multi-ethnic nation could defend the territory (allthough such a nation would not be my preference). The most important thing is that that nation can maintain a nuclear arsenal sufficient to serve as a credible deterrent..

  • How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot 101:

    “that women have an inviolable right to abortions, that condoms should be handed out to sexually active teens in schools where Darwinism should be taught as revealed truth, while Bibles, prayers and religious symbols should be permanently expelled.”

    Way to go, Patty! Nothing says out of touch with reality quite like a moral demagogue who uses absolutes and cements his positions with the same old divisive attitudes year after year, decade after decade. Adapt or die isn’t just a nice sounding phrase, it is an essential part of nature that you can see in action. Of course, someone who dismisses Darwinism and evolutionary realities might not comprehend how a seemingly primitive, microscopic organism can subdue and eventually kill a supposedly superior organism.

    America isn’t falling apart because of anything you’ve mentioned, Patrick. It is falling apart because White people and non-White people can’t coexist under a system that was set up by White people, for White people, and more specifically designed to accommodate the genome of White people.

    • storibund

      All the more reason why there should officially be two Americas. White America… and what everybody else wants.

      We’ve been trying to do this by moving to the suburbs after blacks/browns overrun the cities, but for some reason the blacks/browns keep following us. Pretty strange for people who can’t exist under a “White” system.

      If we do manage to officially divide America, I hope to God we have some kind of wall so y’all can’t follow us.

      • I’ll be the first to donate to the wall.

        The undeniable truth is that there are millions of black and brown people who would fit nicely into Buchanan’s model of religious, anti-abortion, “patriotic” Americans. How on earth that makes them more compatible with any type of White society is beyond me. A community’s decline(both in safety and economic viability) is usually proportional to the decline of the White percentage of that community, not a decline in the attitudes of non-racial, social issues. Many European countries are far less “conservative” and religious than America. They all do fine UNTIL non-White percentages start to climb in their countries.

      • Gracchus123

        The metal lead makes a good, strong wall.

    • My response to you here has nothing to do with my or your opinion about social issues. It’s merely an observation.

      First, are you aware of the blogger Half Sigma? You remind me a lot of him or her.

      Anyway, I get the sense that from reading both your comments on AR and HS’s blog posts that both of you seem to have this fantastic notion that there are throngs upon throngs of white doctrinaire social liberals who are right on the vestibule of becoming white nationalists or at the very least race realists, but the only thing that precludes that is that WN/RR has as much as one pro-life creationist involved with it, and that and that alone is the reason why these supposed millions of white liberals on the verge will go running right back into the arms of left-wing egalitarians.

      I’m not seeing any good evidence that that’s true. What I do think is that it’s desperation thinking on the part of white nationalists or racial realists that live in the Northeast, New England, New York or the West Coast. Also there’s the common sense problem: Any about-to-be WN/RR from New York who would let the presence of a social conservative in Alabama be the impetus to make him or her avoid WN/RR is probably nowhere near becoming a WN/RR to begin with.

      That said, I agree with you that one of PJB’s problems in his thinking is that mixing WN/RR and social conservatism is not necessary, that one doesn’t need to be a prerequisite for the other, and one does not necessarily have to beg the other. That said, you have to admit that there’s probably reason why in the modern American experience, there is a fairly strong venn diagram crossover between the two.

      • Maybe you’re confused about what I believe and how I believe foundational concepts are hammered out. My “fantastic notion” isn’t that there are any more liberal/centrist-minded racialists out there than conservative ones. I do know many more Racists/Race Realists who consider themselves liberal or libertarian than I do with the conservatives—and I know probably four times as many self-described conservatives. But this is simply my personal observation.

        My Notion is that the people who like to draw distinctive lines using their own personal convictions are the antithesis to how a working foundation can be built in hostile territory and without tearing itself up in the process. This big Racist “liberal” understands this. Though not intentionally, black people, brown people, red people and yellow people understand this as well. People like Buchanan don’t. I don’t have to package my racialism up in mantras of PC circle-jerking, dictating my views of social norms, all while some using faux racialist speech and cryptic messages. People like Buchanan do.

        The fact remains that I don’t just think or maybe read somewhere that there are non-conservative, racially aware White people who are completely repelled by the fundamentalists, I have been told that countless times to my face and in correspondence. There are many people in the pro-White sphere who wouldn’t disbelieve it if I were to tell them possible racialists might just run the other way if Stormfront or VNN were given a podium and carte blanche to draw out their diagram of White America, so I don’t know why it would be so fantastical a notion that more liberal-minded people with racialist tendencies get driven into the arms of Leftists when people like Buchanan speak.

        • The fact remains that I don’t just think or maybe read somewhere that there are non-conservative, racially aware White people who are completely repelled by the fundamentalists, I have been told that countless times to my face and in correspondence.

          Then ask them this: Why are social issues more important to them than racial issues such that they can’t come to “us” because of “our” (not your) social conservatism? Why should “we” chuck everything else about us just to turn into them? Better yet, why can’t we meet in the middle, or even better than that, put the social conservatism, left or right, on a back burner for awhile while we fix our racial mess? As “bad” as you think social conservatives like PJB are, the near-racially minded social left is just as bad if that’s their attitude.

          I do know many more Racists/Race Realists who consider themselves liberal or libertarian than I do with the conservatives—and I know probably four times as many self-described conservatives.

          I contend that’s a function of geography.

          • The person that is indifferent or pushes aside very divisive social issues is NOT the person you should be asking those questions to. The middle ground is not about pushing one way or the other. It’s about shutting up, compartmentalizing, and focusing on something singular, something attainable. If Buchanan is in the middle, then I’m the love child of Hitler and Eva Braun.

          • It’s about shutting up

            Perhaps so. But why is incumbent that Alabama “shut up” and New York City not?

          • If someone is pushing non-racial, social issues into the spotlight and merrily using it as a wedge that has proved itself divisive with White People(it’s specifically divisive to White people and only White people), then they deserve no support from actual racialists. Left, Right, Alabama, New York…. it doesn’t matter. I never said otherwise.

          • But now we’re back to the single-edged sword. The Half Sigma School entirely blames the knuckledragging fundagelical from Alabama for pushing wedges, it never blames the blue-blooded caviar munchers on the Upper West Side. You might have never said otherwise, but I really don’t remember you ever denouncing social leftists for pushing wedges.

            If we get Puggg’s desire of a border between NYC and AL, I bet that Alabama would far sooner adopt public policies are are overtly or very close to out and outright white nationalism before New York would. And Alabama doing so first would not necessarily be due to its social conservatism, nor New York not doing it first be due to its social liberalism. There are other factors, Patterson’s First Axiom among them.

          • Why would I need to constantly and forcefully denounce leftists when I call myself a Proud Racist on a site that is unquestionably against what the modern Leftists stand for? I figure that alone is enough of a middle finger to their set of PC mantras. I guess you’re more concerned with me parroting the same stuff that everyone else says just so I can prove my value. Sorry, but that’s not in my DNA.

          • But I thought you said all these white leftists were on the vestibule of becoming white nationalists. Anyone’s “Proud Racism” shouldn’t be a poke in the eye to them, if that’s true, it should be their final epiphany which turns them into one of us.

          • No, YOU said I said that. I said I know just as many left-leaning, libertarian types that consider themselves RACIST as I do conservatives who consider themselves RACIST. I said nothing about “White Nationalists.”

            I don’t think I’ve ever referred to myself as a White Nationalist. I am White; I would choose Nationalism; I am a big old Racist; AND I just so happen to be much more liberal than many of the zealots of the Right.

            In the future, please don’t insist I said something that you yourself said.

          • razorrare

            The moderator likes you…he deleted my reply to you…

          • SLCain

            I think all this talk of “dividing people” is nonsense. Nobody “divided” people in Alabama from people in New York. They already were divided. They are different. Perhaps they were indeed divided more, by liberals, socialists, Frankfurt School professors, and assorted other culture wreckers, going back sixty or seventy years – but that all happened long before Obama came on the scene. It isn’t Nancy Pelosi that causes me to be repelled by the kind of person who would vote for Nancy Pelosi. I am repelled by that person because for the very reason that they would vote for Nancy Pelosi.

          • pcmustgo

            Are you f-king kidding me? LIBERALS AND THE LEFT ARE SO F-ING DIVISIVE AND HATEFUL THESE DAYS… pathetic. Hyphenated-American Victim Group Supremacy Scale.

          • SLCain

            My point was this: Those liberal politicians are not sowing division between them (blacks, mexicans, gays, etc.) and us. There IS division between them and us. They don’t need to create such divisions, they merely need to exploit them.

          • I just happen to think it’s a matter of our people who live in deep blue areas grasping at straws. They figure we can’t win unless we get all the white liberals on our side, because where they are is full of white liberals. Therefore, throw the knuckledragging fundagelical in Alabama overboard, and insto chango the white liberal becomes Lothrop Stoddard.

            Not that easy.

            Hypothetical exercise. In Alternate Universe A, the only difference between it and reality is that Obama doesn’t run for re-election, and Melinda Jelliby, the racially minded white woman who is liberal on everything else, author of the famous AR piece, “Don’t Write Off the Liberals,” wins the Democrat nomination.

            I know these two things will happen:

            1. I vote for Melinda Jelliby for President
            2. Mitt Romney wins Alabama

            Then it makes me wonder who Massachusetts would vote for, Jelliby or Romney?

            In Alt Universe B, the only difference is that Romney doesn’t run and Pat Buchanan wins the Republican nomination. These three things will happen:

            1. I vote for Pat Buchanan for President
            2. Buchanan wins Alabama
            3. Massachusetts votes Obama

            My point in my debate with CT is this: Yes, race comes first, and yes, everything else is ultimately negotiable. But let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that there’s a mass groundswell of white libs ready to turn WN but a fundie in AL is precluding it, just because CT happens to know a few. Pauline Kael knew nobody that voted for Richard Nixon. Get my drift? But compromise is a two way street. When it comes to white racial thinking, the Deep South is the girl that let you take her to the dance, so in the game of compromise, we have to dance with her while we’re at the dance, and by “dance,” I mean wedge issue compromise that means not insulting Alabama all the time.

          • Puggg

            Or there’s a third way, and that gets to the point of this article:

            An international border between New York and Alabama. That way, New York can be white nationalist while socially liberal, and Alabama can be white nationalist while socially conservative.

          • “New York can be WN while socially liberal”

            You stumbled onto a good point. Where are all the white liberal white nationalist socially liberal governors of blue states? If the Alabama fundagelical is precluding the Massachusetts liberal from becoming a white nationalist in terms of national politics, then that’s one thing. But Alabama voters don’t matter when it comes to Massachusetts state politics.

          • razorrare

            You arent fit to shine Pat Buchanan’s shoes…who in the heck are you to to be slandering Pat Buchanan,a great American & Patriot…no one has been more demonized by the MSM and its liberal followers than Pat Buchanan…he has been called racist to the reincarnate of Hitler…have you even bothered to read any of his books? Pat Buchanan a social conservative??? More slander…Pat Buchanan is a paleo-conservative…He left the republican party decades ago because the party had been hi-jacked by troskyites…Pat has more courage than you could ever dream of mustering…Dividers like you hate Pat B for what he stands for…i have been an avid reader of Pats columns for years…where were you and those of your ilk at when he spent countless hours speaking up for John Demjanjuk only to be demonized by the media for doing so…Pat B has done more for his White race than you could ever hope to accomplish…Whites who condemn/judge Pat for choosing a black running mate should look at themselves when they compromised for one reason or another not to speak up when challenged by blacks or human relations figureheads in the workplace where a discussion takes place that questions their beliefs pertaining to hot racial issues….Pat B was being viciously attacked by the Zionist controlled media as being a racist and an anti-semite when he was running for president…he believed he could silence them by choosing a black female running mate…or perhaps he wanted to show the hypocrisy of those who were attacking him as being racist…The media completely ignored the fact that for the first time in U.S. history a double minority was on the VP ticket….they totally suppressed it….you would have thought it would of gotten worldwide coverage but just like the other 4 candidates that ran for president this year, hardly anyone knows their names,and they didnt get to know hers…regardless I believe Pat B knew that he had no chance in heck at winning…his previous preidential run was hijacked…he was winning Iowa huge when in the last hour the numbers had him losing…so why not the second time around announce he was having a black woman run as his VP and watch the action or no action from the media…and thats exactly what he did and nary not one mention in MSM that a black woman was chosen by Pat to be his running mate…He didnt come close to winning the election but he was victorious in showing the hypocrisy of the Zionist media heads who attacking him as being a racist and a reincarnate of Hitler…
            I dont want any part of your liberal White utopia you fantazise about…you mock Faith,Family,& Tradition…keep your forty pieces of silver,and go find some other sucker to fall for your b.s.

          • If I want to skirt around Race and cozy up to black conservatives, I’ll be sure to give Pat a call.

          • Gracchus123

            Those issues are not called “wedge issues” for nothing. “Divide and conquer”.

        • Svigor

          Your anecdotal experiences contradict everybody else’s. Maybe it’s time to STFU, eh?

          • I didn’t ask you to.

          • razorrare

            Nice,moderator censures replys to your slanderous comments on Pat Buchanan which shows his or her bias for those of a religious Faith…Atheist like you are allowed to be “uncivil” while those who defend their beliefs and their hero’s like Pat Buchanan are censored…yeh,this White racial movement of Amren is going nowhere…many more readers/contributors here will simply stop contributing until something is done about this problem of biased censoring…the moderator will feel quite comfortable with you in your foxhole…

          • razorrare

            the moderator wants to join you in your foxhole…its evident by the bias he or she displays when choosing which comments to censor…he allows you to spew slanderous invective statements against Pat Buchanan and people of Faith while censoring those who defend Pat Buchanan and their Faith…

          • razorrare

            the moderator wants to join you in your foxhole…its evident by the bias he or she displays when choosing which comments to censor…he allows you to spew slanderous invective statements against Pat Buchanan and people of Faith while censoring those who defend Pat Buchanan and their Faith…

          • I have stuff censored and deleted as well. I complain about it, then I move on. Maybe you should move on, or just find a different way of saying what it is you want to say.

          • razorrare

            Perhaps,but with you his censoring is mostly confined & defined when you mention a truth about the “tribe”…with others its a broad sweep of thoughts on subjects that get censored…he has a fondness for censoring those who defend Christ on the grounds that its “proselitizing.”

          • A few of my thoughts on this very article were deleted. They had nothing to do with those that shall remain nameless. If what you need to say is so important, then you will find another way to say it. If nothing else, feel free to contact me and enlighten me on the error of my ways.

          • razorrare

            What i needed to say has already been said in my original first reply to you in which you were unable to refute my points of critique on your pathetic critical assessment of Patrick Buchanan…i saw your snarky & flippant comment before the moderator deleted it…
            My critical reply was not meant for only you but rather for the other readers enlightenment here that might take it as truth your invective and errorful rant on Pat Buchanans character… whatever animus i may have concerning the deletion of that reply is solely towards the moderator who deleted it…
            Why give personal instruction to someone like you who are unable to follow their own advice that they give to others…it would be an exercise in futility that would bear no fruit…like dogs return to their vomit so does a fool to its folly…
            Seems like you desperately crave to have the last word before you are able to move on…feel free to contact me if thats what you so desire.

          • Dogs and vomit, that’s what you were desperate to get off your chest? Congratulations! You accomplished your mission. So now what?

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Why is he out of touch with reality? Because he thinks white women should procreate and actually continue the society and culture our ancestors have bequeathed us? Because white women should have the “right ” to misegeneate with whomever they “choose” in the guise of “liberation”? Divisive because he actually has principles that he believes in? Darwin was gifted yes, but NOT the be-all end-all of human existence, any more so than Buchanan.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    I only read the title. It’s a no-brainer. Large nations were never really meant to exist, unless the population of like-minded folks who shared the same general gene pool required it and were able to conquer what they didn’t have before.

    Humans, as a subspecies of chimpanzee, are tribalistic by nature. We always were, and always will be. Xenophobia is a very useful genetic tool, in making sure that diversity is encouraged, and mixing subspecies into one homegenetic “one species, no races” occurance shouldn’t happen – because such occurence is likely to result in utter extinction of the entire “species X” genepool.

    Not only are racial and ethnic divisions of territory needed, but subdivisions as well. This forum pretty much illustrates that white people who are atheist but who don’t like non-whites need separate territory from their like-minded brethren who are, however, religious, and each religious flavour will need separate territory from each other.

    It doesn’t mean that such small tribal nations need to war with each other, as long as everyone understands that each territory is _soveriegn_ – what goes on in someone else’s territory is none of your damn business. Trade in goods and GOOD ideas is one thing, but that’s about as far as it needs to go.

    • “Not only are racial and ethnic divisions of territory needed, but subdivisions as well. This forum pretty much illustrates that white people who are atheist but who don’t like non-whites need separate territory from their like-minded brethren who are, however, religious, and each religious flavour will need separate territory from each other.”

      Talking about dividing up and separating racially aware White people beyond the already separated situation we find ourselves in is just a really, really bad idea.

      I am just a dumb American, so what do I know. But here is a really smart American who can speak for me:

      “In a free society with a government based on reason, it is inevitable that there will
      be no uniform opinion about important issues. Those accustomed to suppression and control by governmental authority see this as leading only to chaos. But a government of the people requires difference of opinion in order to discover truth and to take advantage of the opportunity that only understanding brings.” — Thomas Jefferson

  • Mary, White Advocate

    Looking at the county maps of the blue states, especially that of Pennsylvania, one cannot help but notice the dichotomy between the rural and urban areas. The rural areas tend to be mostly red while the urban areas are blue, thus indicating that the places where the majority of the population is white people voted for Romney, but the cities where there are large percentages of non-whites, people voted for Obama.
    This is not succession by states, but succession of European Americans from the others.

    • Gracchus123

      Yep. Pennsylvania is described as Philly, P’burgh, and Alabama between the two. So right. I live in that Alabama.

      • IstvanIN

        You would be surprised at how much of Mexico and Puerto Rico there is between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Not to mention Africa-on-the-Susquehanna (Harrisburg).

        • Gracchus123

          Surprised? Not so much. As i said, I live there. Harrisburg, being the capitol of the state has many Africans, but between H’burg and P’burgh, there are not many Africans, but during the harvest, lots of Mexicans show up. They leave after the harvest though.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      So true. i looked at the county breakdown for PA since I would like to move there in the near future. It was just as I expected. The entire state was red with the exception of Pittsburgh and Filthadelphia. Just like my home state of NY, the larger cities dominate the political landscape.

      • Gracchus123

        I live between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh. If you draw north/south lines between those two cities from NY to Md, there is very little diversity. Check out one of the many sites which will give you demographics by community, county, etc.

  • The big thing about the “election,” I think is it’s the first election ever that one of the groups came right out and campaigned openly on a concept of seizing the money/assets through taxation of the adversarial group/taxpayers. There’s going to be a gigantic backlash to that. People are not going to take kindly to being openly robbed. The govt. isn’t even making a pretense anymore of taxation for the good of the society at large. It’s just for the good of the willfully idle sector of society. The arrogance of this govt. will be it’s own downfall. What form that downfall takes is the only unknown quantity.

  • Can’t we all just learn to swim?

  • ImTellinYa

    Secession won’t solve anything. It’s just another way of running away from the main problem which is the invasion of third-world savages into our White country. There’s a lot of talk about Texas seceding. So what? Texas is about half Mexican. If it secedes from the U.S. successfully what happens then? Either Whites in Texas continue their cowardly surrender to invading nonWhites or there is civil war in the new Republic of Texas. That is the stark choice. Expel the invaders or continue to support them while they attack us.

    The social pathology known as liberalism, progressivism, leftism, etc. has permeated White culture. THAT is what must be eradicated and our countries must be reclaimed from the Leftists and their nonWhite foot soldiers.

    Again, what if the South secedes from the U.S.? The problem still remains that the South is full of Blacks and Hispanics who hate and despise Whites in spite of the fact that Whites built the country they all want to live in. Do Whites continue to support and pander to these savages in the new, smaller polity? Or do Whites fight back and reclaim their land?

    Either way with an intact U.S. or smaller fragments, Whites are still confronted with the same problem; millions of hostile third-world savages whose numbers are growing every day because we are too cowardly to stop them. Secession changes nothing.

    So what SHOULD we do? It’s hard to say exactly, but looking at what we shouldn’t do sometimes helps to define what needs to be done. About half of White people are still committed to the side of affirmative-action parasites like Obama, which means they are either cowards or traitors.

    White people need leaders who will articulate the problem in a loud, blunt, public manner. With leaders and a public declaration of the problem, I think the solution would form of itself; deport the third-world savages using as much force as necessary.

    But at the moment we are ruled by a lively, vibrant, diverse coalition of White cowards and nonWhite savages. Splitting into mutually hostile, smaller polities will do nothing at all to help that.

    • Indiana Guy

      you just don’t get it do you

    • razorrare

      Sam Bushman and Keith Alexander discuss the pros and cons of secession…

      Radio show Hour 1…

    • Separating the country will solve a great deal. Against homosexual “marriage”? ( i don’t know what “gay” means) migrate to the conservative half of the county. like abortion? migrate to the “progressive” half of the country. In favor of amnesty for mexicans? move to the liberal half of the country. Opposed to having your money taken from you to provide lifetime benefits to the underachievers? Believe that “diversity is our strength”? then go left young man! Freeing yourself from having to suffer under the tyranny of an ideology that goes against all you believe will solve a lot of problems for everyone.

  • russia is smart

    Obviously a rhetorical question if only the get rid of all white liberal scum filth feces traitors in order to allow them their wish to live and wallow in a total lib nation of pure socialism and not have their hated despised enemy conservative capitalists as their catalyst excuse for being such worthless idiot screw ups while feeding off their taxes or red ink of their mutt messiah who would be exposed as the dumb incompetent POS he is. But just like in 1861 and the Marx Lincoln socialist who wouldn’t allow his reason for being elected in the first place to escape with the taxation they produce plus being his devils advocate reason to sustain his nation and way of life. Liberals would shivel and die without conservatives.
    They say you need the bad to sustan the good and vice versa but that is totally false. The good guys do not need the bad seeds for any reason whatsoever.

    The answer to the entire problem was missed after the Revolutionary War ended and the US Constitution formation in Philadelphia until ratified in 1789.

    Technically Madison screwed up in a major way not only with his ignorant 1st Amendment but due to the fact that in 1789 there was a major split between the north and south colonies over slavery.
    Had the 13 states been wise there should have been 2 separate nations created back then but we know at that time the southern states or colonies were dominant over the northern ones and the north ended up conceding to the south. This came back to bite the south in the ass as we know with the entrance of Karl Marx and the urban industrialization of the north while the south remained smaller and rural.

    Clearly the fall of the failed Marxist USSR in 1989 and reformation of many separated smaller independent nations especially Russia who returned to being who it was before the Bolshevik war in 1918 to clearly understand that a split of America into Red and Blue would be the perfect final solution and under no circumstances does the Red nation need any part of the Blue nation and would prosper beyond unimaginable belief if the movers and shakers in the 25 Red States would get together and begin the process of splitting this bad marriage and reforming what would be their final last opportunity to grasp back power and take back their nation from the hell monger Blue socialists who need the Red states to survive and they know it otherwise they would be 3rd world completely like Haiti.

    Red States need to understand this is their last chance to save themselves and their white race from what will certainly be complete destruction and eradication. In the end even the liberal white scum with be incorporated into the other races thus vanish from existence.

  • katzkiner

    If Romney had won Nov. 6 , 250,000 whites would be dead or injured by now. In four years a defeat of the next messiah will probably cost ten times that many white lives. Want to see your future? Look no further than South Africa. Genocide of whites is the only outcome the darkies will accept. You can cover your eyes, but , the lion still eats you.

  • maxonepercent

    Succession is great, but what we really need is a total collapse of the welfare state. Once the welfare stops flowing to the third world immigrants and other degenerates in our nation their numbers will quickly decline. Without government handouts to support dysfunctional lifestyles society will have to get back to promoting stable families again. There will be a painful and potentially bloody transitional period, but ultimately I think it is the only real chance we have at getting our country back.

  • Bob Wallace

    The 620,000 casualties in the War Between the States would be over five million today. This puts Lincoln – who was a brain-damaged, syphilitic homosexual (and worse, a corporate lawyer) – into the category of mass murderer.

    • MikeofAges

      Just keep in mind one thing about Lincoln. He never got to complete the development of his ideas. He had that remarkable capacity to carry on long term thought processes. The reason why his ideas are treated as written in stone is because they are, because he never had the opportunity to bring his thinking to the ultimate stages of its development. If he had lived to do that, he might have had some second thoughts. When I was younger, I thought Lincoln was the last word. Now I do not think it is justified to treat him as such. Lincoln’s thesis at Gettysburg was his real justification for the war against secession. That was the argument that the destiny of the liberty and democracy in all nations were at stake in the American Civil War. If you do no believe that, then you cannot believe that the war was justified. If Lincoln had merely wished to contain and ultimately end American chattel slavery, there were other, less bloody ways to do it. I think the American Navy could have kept the Confederacy out of the Caribbean and the Army have kept it out of the Southwest and Mexico.

  • Laager

    Off Topic: Mike Smith’s Political Commentary is back on line
    After 2&1/2 months of R&R he is once again telling us like it is back in the Rainbow Nation

  • “The declaration was signed by 56 angry old white guys….”

    Actually the median age of the signers was only 42.

    The states like Mississippi and Texas with the most signers for secession also have the largest black and Hispanic populations. That implies secession is just the first step.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, Texas is full of bull crap they have between 1 million to 2 million illegal immirgants that Texas business love to hire and the Texas Republican Party has a guestworker program.