Posted on October 1, 1992

O Tempora, O Mores! (October, 1992)

American Renaissance, October 1992

The Riots Rumble On

Having burned down much of South-Central Los Angeles, blacks now claim they should get “their share” of the reconstruction jobs. Crowds of blacks have taken to swarming over construction sites, chanting “Blacks don’t work, nobody works.” Several “demonstrations” have turned violent; blacks have chased whites and Hispanics off the job and have torn down half-finished buildings. In some cases blacks have come back in the evenings to smash what crews have built during the day.

Tactics like this work. Contractors are capitulating and hiring blacks whom they otherwise would have found unqualified or overpriced. So far, there are no reports of blacks being arrested for assault or destruction of property. Hispanics, outraged by these strong-arm tactics, are calling for forceful measures against them, but there is no organized resistance from whites.

Meanwhile, Rodney King is in trouble again, this time with blacks. According to Houston rap singer, Willie D, Mr. King is a turncoat for having made his “We gotta get along” plea for peace during the Los Angeles riots. Mr. D, who appears to think that “getting along” is an exclusively white responsibility, says Mr. King deserves to die for his treachery. In a recently-released “song” titled “Rodney K,” Willie D yells obscenities at Mr. King and then shoots him.

More Problems for Haiti

The Haitians, of all people, have a problem with illegal aliens. A boat-load of 151 Chinese men who were hoping to sneak into the United States was dumped on the shores of Haiti instead. A government spokesman says that the Chinese could be deported, but that Haiti “wants to give an example of humane treatment to refuge-seekers.” Haiti must not be all that bad; the Chinese want to stay.

More Rights for Illegals

A federal judge in California has ruled that when illegal immigrants are arrested, they must be told their rights, namely, that they may have a legal right not to be deported, and that they have the right to call a lawyer. This information must be conveyed to the illegals in their own languages. In order to help non-citizens exercise their rights, the INS must post a list of free legal services in its holding facilities. Illegals must be asked if they think they will be harmed if they are repatriated. If they say yes, they are entitled to seek political asylum.

Today California, Tomorrow America

In just one year, the cost of the services that Los Angeles County provides to illegal aliens rose 33 percent, from $207 million in 1990 to $276 million in 1991. The federal costs for those services shot up 141 percent in the two years from 1989 to 1991: $58 million to $140 million. It is likely that the federal costs alone could be well over $500 million by the year 2000.

A large part of the cost is for welfare payments to children of illegal aliens. In 1991, of the 44,000 live births in county hospitals, 65 percent were to mothers who were illegal aliens. The medical costs alone were $28.5 million, and the children are, of course, United States citizens and entitled to welfare and Medicaid.

A Criminal Expense

In 1991 the Immigration and Naturalization Service spent $161 million to detain and deport 58,323 criminal aliens, but this is only a fraction of their cost to the nation. Consider the case of Jamaican immigrant, Steven Beckford. Since coming to the United States legally in 1985, he has been convicted of aggravated child abuse, burglary, drug possession, resisting arrest, and assault on a border patrol agent.

Law enforcement, court time and public defenders all cost tax money. So does hospital care; Mr. Beckford owes $84,000 for treatment received after three gun and knife fights. He also has two illegitimate children on welfare, and despite two stints of publicly-funded alcohol and drug rehabilitation, he says he consumes between 24 and 36 cans of beer and smokes $100 worth of marijuana every day.

After Mr. Beckford has served a jail sentence for his latest crime, assaulting the border patrol agent, he will be released before he is scheduled for a deportation hearing. He will probably not show up for the hearing for there are no penalties for failing to appear. If he actually attends the hearing and is ordered to leave the country, he can appeal. The bill to the taxpayer for Mr. Beckford’s stay in America may have only begun to mount up.

A Criminal on the Loose

America has enough trouble with homegrown miscreants without having to import them. Larry Hogue is a 48-year-old black man who has been terrorizing the Upper West Side of Manhattan for the last eight years. In that time he has been arrested at least 38 times and has been to jail twice. He is currently on the loose because he hasn’t done anything lately that was serious enough for the city to make space for him in its crowded jails.

Mr. Hogue’s brain was reportedly damaged when he was hit on the head while in the Army. Ordinarily, he is calm and docile, but whenever he smokes crack cocaine he goes on a rampage. His $2,000-a-month disability checks from the Army pay for his crack habit, and he is now such a familiar menace in his neighborhood that women, children, and dogs run when they see him.

Mr. Hogue likes to threaten people with knives, ice picks, machetes, and screw drivers. He also likes to pull down his pants in a crowd and defecate on the sidewalk. His most recent arrests were for scraping the paint off someone’s car with a knife and for throwing garbage at a woman. After an arrest, he is usually sent home in 72 hours, when the cocaine has left his body. He cannot be shut up in a mental institution unless two doctors agree that he is a menace to himself and others. Only in America would there be any disagreement about that.

People in the neighborhood fear that Mr. Hogue’s career will end only if blood is shed. As a Manhattan Assistant District Attorney says, “This is not a problem the criminal justice system can solve, unless we’re prepared to wait until he hurts somebody.”

Spiking the Students

Spike Lee has urged blacks to skip school or stay away from work so that they can come see his movie, Malcolm X, which opens in November. “[Blacks] have got to turn out to support this film,” says Mr. Lee, who justifies skipping school because he claims his movie presents “the American history [students are] not getting in school.” Among its many provocative scenes, the movie opens with a burning American flag, and includes the television footage of the beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police officers.

Wicked Winston

It is well known that Winston Churchill was a eugenicist, but new evidence of the strength of his feelings has recently come to light. A former British civil servant, Clive Ponting, claims to have uncovered papers in which Churchill worried that “moral degenerates” and people of low intelligence were outbreeding the educated classes. Writing some time after 1910, when he became Home Secretary, Churchill proposed that “mental defectives” be incarcerated and that the “feeble-minded” be forcibly sterilized. Churchill reportedly told his government colleagues that:

The unnatural and increasingly rapid growth of the feeble-minded classes, coupled with a steady restriction among all the thrifty, energetic and superior stocks constitutes a race danger. I feel the source from which the stream of madness is fed should be cut off and sealed up before another year has passed.

Mr. Ponting, who is writing a biography of Churchill, promises more details about the PM’s views when the book is published next year.

The Rising Tide

If you think that Hispanics are displacing whites only in the Southwest, you are mistaken. The following letter was published in the July 21 issue of the Fairfax Times, of Springfield (VA):

What’s going on at the DMV [Department of Motor Vehicles]?

I recently was at the Baileys Crossroads office, and I was treated by the Hispanic personnel as if I were an outsider.

Hispanic staffers persisted in referring to me as “Gomez” or “Gonzalez,” despite my repeated requests to be called by my proper name.

When it was time for my written test, I was given a booklet in Spanish. I asked for a booklet in English, and the Department of Motor Vehicles staffer sneered, “What’s the matter? You can’t read Spanish?”

While I took the test, most of the Hispanics taking the test compared papers and shared answers. DMV personnel made no attempt to stop them, but cautioned the non-Hispanics about sitting too close to others, talking, comparing papers, etc.

One Hispanic woman spoke Spanish to answer the questions of Hispanics, but only pointed when asked something in English.

Integration Knows no Bounds

The city of La Crosse, Wisconsin is trying to launch a new form of school busing that will integrate schools by social class. Class would be determined by whether a student qualifies for the federal free-lunch program, that is to say, whether he comes from a family of four with an income of less than $17,420 a year. Seventy percent of the students at one school get free lunches while at another, only four percent do, an intolerable imbalance. Members of the school board concede that the schools are virtually indistinguishable in terms of teaching staff and physical plant, but claim that children who are “segregated” by social class are denied equal educational opportunity. Children must therefore be shipped across town so that the poor can rub shoulders with the well to do. Some groups of parents are furious about the plan, and appear to have a good chance of heading it off.

Bilingual Ballots

In August, Congress extended the provisions of the Voting Rights Act that require ballots in foreign languages. Any jurisdiction in which non-English-speaking minorities are more than five percent of the population must offer ballots in different languages at public expense.

As usual, Congress has defied the will of the people. On every occasion that Americans have had a chance to vote on the question of bilingual ballots or whether there should be an official language, they have voted strongly for English. Even San Francisco, one of the most relentlessly liberal cities in the country, voted by a 64 percent majority in 1983 against bilingual ballots. The next year, the entire state of California voted three to one against bilingual ballots.

Voters in Colorado, Arizona, Florida, and California — the very states in which immigrant concentrations are high and in which support for foreign languages should be highest — have all voted decisively to make English the official state language. In Alabama, the people voted nine to one for English. Whom does our Congress represent?

Black TV Show Stymies Science

A scientific conference at the University of Maryland called Genetic Factors in Crime will probably be called off because the government has canceled funding for it. When the National Institutes of Health (NIH) originally approved the grant, it found that the conference’s organizers had done “a superb job of assessing the underlying scientific, legal, ethical, and public policy issues and organizing them in a thoughtful fashion.”

What made NIH change its mind? A program on Black Entertainment Television. Blacks claimed that the conference is a racist plot to put criminally predisposed blacks in jail before they can commit any crimes. “It is an effort to use public money for a genocidal effort against African Americans,” says Samuel Yette, a former journalism professor at Harvard University. NIH has obediently decided to withhold the grant because of “sensitivity and validity issues.”

Perhaps the scientists who depend on public money will come to realize that government funding always comes with strings attached. Nevertheless, it is a sad day when decisions on government-supported research are overruled by a black television program.

Jobs for the Boys

The former Police Chief of Detroit, William Hart, has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for embezzling $2.6 million from a fund established to pay for undercover police operations. Coleman Young, the black mayor of Detroit, insists that the charges against Mr. Hart, also black, were racist fabrications. The city’s black-run pension board has decided that Mr. Hart is entitled to a $53,000-a-year pension.

Blacks to be Tested

Judge Robert Peckham, a federal judge in California, has let himself be dragged full circle by liberal thinking on race. In 1979 he banned the use of IQ tests as a method for putting black students in classes for the mentally retarded, since he refused to believe that any legitimate test could show that four times as many blacks as whites should be in such classes. Seven years later, he banned the use of IQ tests for black students under any circumstances, though he allowed their use for students of other races.

Two years later, a group of black parents sued, claiming that their children were not being put into proper classes because of a discriminatory denial of IQ tests. Judge Peckham has now beat a retreat, and ruled that IQ tests may be given to black children after all.

One might wonder why a federal judge should have anything to say about IQ testing. Such are the thickets into which race and “discrimination” lead the courts.

Long May She Wave

Vincent Paramore is a black, living in Florida, who thinks his people should have their own symbols just as other people living in Florida have theirs. “The Haitians have a flag,” he says; “the Cubans have a flag . . . Everyone else has a flag.” Mr. Paramore has therefore designed a flag for blacks, which combines elements of the Ethiopian, American, and black nationalist flags. Sales of the banner have been so successful that Mr. Paramore has quit his job and become a full-time salesman. Orders are being taken at (305) 927-3751.

If the Cubans, the Haitians, the blacks, and the Mexicans all have their own flags, does that mean whites should have their own flag — or can they simply reclaim Old Glory?

Cocaine Roulette

The May 20 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association reports a study on whether people who take cocaine are more likely than others to take stupid risks. The stupid risk the study investigated was Russian roulette. Sure enough, the Journal found that during a recent four-year period, 78 percent of the New Yorkers who killed themselves playing Russian roulette had been drinking or taking drugs, and 64 percent had been using cocaine. The study found that Russian roulette is played exclusively by men, almost always in groups, so as to “enhance their self-esteem in the presence of other males.” Eighty percent of the people who died playing Russian roulette were black or Hispanic.