Posted on February 1, 1992

O Tempora, O Mores! (February, 1992)

American Renaissance, February 1992

Black Korea

Many of the Korean immigrants who remain run grocery stores, sometimes in black neighborhoods. Blacks often resent the success of these hard-working newcomers, and claim that Koreans do not treat them with respect. By this they usually mean that Koreans keep a sharp eye out for black shoplifters, of whom there are many. Altercations between blacks and Koreans have led to well-publicized shoppers’ strikes, fire-bombings, death threats, and even killings.

The rap singer Ice Cube has taken up the subject in his latest album, “Death Certificate.” His song, “Black Korea,” has the following lyrics:

So don’t follow me up and down your market,
or your little chop suey ass will be a target.
So pay your respect to the black fist,
or we’ll burn your store right down to a crisp.

‘Too European’

Atlanta, Georgia and Tblisi in ex-Soviet Georgia are sister cities. As a gesture of friendship, and to commemorate the struggle for freedom in the Soviet Union, the citizens of Tblisi decided to give to the citizens of Atlanta a towering, 67-foot sculpture called “Birth of a New Man.” It is a Herculean figure, with arms upraised, bursting through a massive wall.

Atlanta, with a population that is more than 70 percent black, is not sure it will accept the statue. The city’s Urban Design Commission says that the statue is too “European,” and doesn’t fit in with Atlanta’s claim to be the “cradle of the civil rights movement.” Since “civil rights” appear to leave no room for the aspirations of whites, the New Man of Tblisi is expected to remain homeless. [Alma Hill, New Man stuck in Tblisi, Atlanta Courier Journal, 12/2/91.]

Telling it Like it is

The Canadian thought police are just as active as their American counterparts, but may not be quite as sophisticated. A 40-year-old Canadian author, Jud Cyllorn, has thrown the politically correct into a fearful tizzy with a trick that might not have worked so well south of the border.

He has written a book called Stop Apologizing, which deliberately breaks all the taboos about race and non-white immigration. How do you get publicity for a book that distributors are afraid to handle? Mr. Cyllorn sent 1,300 complimentary copies to media people, government officials, and certified liberals of all kinds. They rose to the bait very cooperatively and made an enormous fuss about how awful Mr. Cyllorn is. He and his book became the latest media and talk show craze.

What does Mr. Cyllorn say? That since the 1960s, Canada has sponsored a “continued influx of non-assimilating, non-Christian, non-democratic, non-industrial peoples who can’t or won’t fit it.” That whites should stop apologizing to “the different, the disadvantaged, and those whose skin color is a badge of historic failure.” That they should stop feeling guilty about the fact that they have established a better way of life and stop thinking that they are responsible for the world’s poor and for “the failures of non-achievers.”

There is just one hitch: Canadians can’t get the book because it is not in stores. They must call a privately publicized 800 number to order it. For the time being, all that many Canadians need to know is that the book stands up for white people. Callers who haven’t even read Stop Apologizing have been telling talk show hosts that they agree with everything in it. Mr. Cyllorn expects to have his book in stores soon, even if it means he will be prosecuted under Canada’s hopelessly vague “hate” laws. [Virginia Byfield, Speaking freely, in a plain brown wrapper, British Columbia Report, 12/9/91, p. 29.]

Muddy Meditations

Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, friend of pop stars and inventor of Transcendental Meditation, had a plan to save Washington (DC). Ten years ago, he moved his American headquarters there, and encouraged followers to come and live in the city. The theory was that if enough high-powered meditators were gathered together in one place, it would create a “Maharishi effect” that would bring down the crime rate and promote world peace.

It didn’t work. Washingtonians continued to murder each other at a frightful clip, and this interfered with world peace. At least the Maharishi knows a bad thing when he sees one. Last August, he quietly moved his US headquarters to Fairfield, Iowa, and has now given his Washington disciples new marching orders: Clear out. Saith the guru, “I would not advise anyone to stay in the pool of mud.” [Jim Naughton (Washington Post), Tip to meditate on: Flee Washington, Denver Post, 12/19/91.]

Loco Rulings on Local Rules

The town of Harrison (NJ) has always had a policy of hiring only residents for public jobs. Many municipalities have such a policy because people are loyal to their towns and are likely to work hard for them. Also, if off-duty police or firemen must be suddenly called out for emergencies they can respond quickly.

The NAACP decided this policy was discriminatory because only one percent of the population of Harrison is black, and only one black person had ever worked for the town. Both a federal district court and the 3rd Circuit US Court of Appeals agreed with the NAACP. Harrison has now been ordered to junk its residency requirement and to hire blacks by quota. It must hire black employees in proportion to their population in the five surrounding counties. [City Rule Discriminated Against Blacks, HR Manager’s Legal Reporter, November, 1991, p. 8.]

It doesn’t do much good to wonder how the courts might have ruled if the situation were reversed, that is, if a non-resident white were to sue a largely-black municipality that had a residency requirement for its employees. People who are not black seldom want to join the local Black Firefighters Union or go to “historically black” colleges or attend “Afrocentric” private schools or join the Negro Theater Ensemble.

Just as non-whites immigrate to white countries and not the other way around, integration and the promotion of “diversity” are always at the expense of whites. The pressure to break apart any white grouping is so great that even a venerable and perfectly reasonable practice like Harrison’s residency requirement must be sacrificed in the name of “racial justice.”

Turning the Other Cheek

A 12-year-old white girl in the Detroit suburb of Southfield was recently raped by a 26-year-old black man. The crime was particularly shocking because the girl was walking to the school bus stop, just seven doors from her home, when she was attacked and dragged into a back yard shed. At the trial, Judge Gene Schnelz called the rape “a parent’s worst nightmare.” He pointed out that it took place in “what normally would be a very safe neighborhood,” and said the attack “bordered on the perverse and filthy.” Strong talk for a judge.

What did the girl’s father think about all this? At the sentencing he made an emotional appeal for, yes, racial harmony. “Most people I know would like to see him [the criminal] hanged, at the minimum thrown into jail and the key thrown away,” he said, but went on to suggest that this would be harsh and divisive. “An incident such as this fuels racial hatred among those who do not think,” he warned, and called for a time of “healing.”

“Healing” will have to be a one-way street. In 1988, there were 9,406 reported cases of whites being raped by blacks. There were fewer than ten reported cases of blacks being raped by whites.

‘Invisible Victims’ Win in Court

A South Bend (IN) white man has finally won a reverse discrimination suit against the city, which had deliberately discriminated against white applicants for firefighting jobs. Timothy Janowiak has been sworn in as a fireman and was awarded $62,000 in back pay. He has been fighting the suit for eleven years.

It took John VanDam only six years to win a similar case against the Grand Rapids (MI) fire department. This time, it was women who were getting preferential treatment, and Mr. VanDam got $200,000 in back pay along with his job. However, this doesn’t mean the end of affirmative action in Grand Rapids; Mr. VanDam won on a technicality.

According to a state civil rights law, all cities must have their affirmative action programs approved by the state Civil Rights Commission, and Grand Rapids had not realized this was necessary. There was nothing wrong with the city’s discriminatory hiring policies — it simply hadn’t gotten all the right rubber stamps. Assistant City Attorney James Moore says that current affirmative action programs are not in danger because they have all the necessary approvals.

American Coolies

Immigration officials recently found 118 illegal immigrants from China packed into a three-bedroom house in Garden Grove (CA). They had all been charged as much as $30,000 to be shipped out of Fukien province and smuggled into California. From Garden Grove, they were to be sent to various destinations across the country.

Since very few Chinese have $30,000, most of the illegals had put up only a small portion of the fee. They had agreed to work off the rest of their debts as indentured servants. This kind of servitude has become increasingly common in large American cities. In a recent case in Chicago, the owners of a Chinese restaurant were found to be paying illegals $120 to $150 for 60 hours of work a week — not bad for Fukien province but against the law in America.