Unruly Europe, Part Two

Mark Bruijn, American Renaissance, April 19, 2013

A new dawn of European nationalism.

Part I described the threat to Europe of mass immigration, and the capitulationist response of church and state–institutions that traditionally defended Europe against invasion. Part II describes the current renaissance in nationalism.

Resistance to immigration

In the early days of European immigration, the Left did not want guest workers. At that time, some left-wing parties actually represented the working-class and did not want competition for jobs and downward pressure on wages. Unions opposed immigration. Things are much different now. The Left now sees immigrants as future voters, and it promotes multiculturalism.

The traditional right-wing parties backed the idea of guest workers because business interests like low-wage labor, and companies were able to convince governments that foreign labor was essential to the economy. Both Right and Left are therefore guilty of promoting the process that is destroying Europe.

During the 1990s there was very little open resistance to immigration, but that is changing. The terrorist attacks in the US in 2001, the Madrid subway attacks in 2004, and the London bombings in 2005 opened many eyes. Support for anti-immigration/nationalist parties is growing, and they have had successes in France, Austria, Greece, and the Netherlands. Nationalist parties also have a substantial presence in Ukraine and Hungary.

Geert Wilders leads the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV), which has achieved electoral success.

Geert Wilders leads the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV), which has achieved considerable electoral success.

Germany still has a hangover from the Second World War and has no real anti-immigration parties. German Chancellor Angela Merkel famously said in 2010 that multiculturalism in Germany has “utterly failed,” but she has done nothing to stop or even reduce immigration.

In Britain, the British National Party collapsed after showing a flash of promise, but the subject of immigration can at least now be discussed. Large majorities of Britons have opposed the influx since at least the 1960s, and about three quarters now say they want less of it. Even the Labour party has admitted it was not “sufficiently alive to people’s concerns,” and the United Kingdom Independence Party is winning votes by promising strong border control. However, most elites are still enamored of multiculturalism and the media—especially the BBC—are parades of political correctness.

Sweden is probably the most political correct country in the world, though it is not clear why. It does not have any of the usual reasons for “white guilt:” It was never a real colonial power and had no part in the slave trade. Still, non-white immigration is soaring, and the arrival of 5,000 Syrians pushed the total number of immigrants in 2012 to 82,600—a new record. The number of Muslims is expected to double by 2030. In 2010, popular anger over immigration finally propelled a genuinely restrictionist party into Parliament, and the Sweden Democrats now have about 8.5 percent support.

The breakthrough in Sweden led the old Right-wing parties to do what they always do when common sense finally gets a voice: They are edging towards sanity, though they still cooperate with the Left.

Southern Europe faces special challenges. Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece are particularly hard hit by the economic crisis. The EU is sending billions of Euros in bailout money, but there is much resistance to austerity measures. Unrest and strikes are common. There is a great deal of suspicion towards the EU, but governments are utterly fettered by EU aid.


Greece, which suffers the most, is a particularly interesting case. The unemployment rate is 26 percent, and one in three Greeks are officially poor. The country has already swallowed €240 billion of bailout money, but the crisis is far from over.

Adversity seems to have been boosted nationalism. There are approximately a million illegal immigrants in the country, a huge number for a country with a population of just 11 million. Most of them come from Africa and the Middle East, with a high number of Iraqis and Afghans. Illegal immigration has made many Greek neighborhoods unrecognizable.

The EU invested millions of Euros to build a fence along the Greece/Turkey border but it does not keep out the illegals, whom Greeks increasingly see as a serious threat to the nation. Immigration, combined with the economic crisis, led to gains by both the far Right and Left in the 2012 elections, with the nationalist party “Golden Dawn” entering parliament for the first time.

Golden Dawn is demonized in the media, but this has not held it back. It has solid backing in the police and the army, and is known for distributing free food and clothes—but only to Greeks. Its support comes from all classes of society, and it is helping to inject nationalism into the mainstream. Already, the conservative New Democracy Party is copying some of its positions. The EU is capable of taking harsh measures against Greece if Golden Dawn wins much more popular support, but nationalists hope that its success will stimulate similar action in the rest of southern Europe.

Violent reaction

Recently, non-white immigration has resulted in something new: violent reaction by whites. The most spectacular was Anders Breivik’s rampage in Norway that left 77 dead. The victims were mainly young members of the Socialist Party, which Mr. Breivik considered responsible for the Islamization of Norway.

Although not widely reported outside of Europe, between 2000 and 2007, a German group called the National Socialist Underground killed 10 people, mainly Turks. The group’s existence become known only in 2011, and Germans were shocked to learn that it had operated for so long without detection by the authorities.

In 2012 in Sweden, Peter Mangs was sentenced to life in prison for what became known as the Malmo shootings. Malmo is notorious for its large immigrant population, and during 2009 and 2010, Mr. Mangs shot at dark-skinned people as many 15 times, killing three.

Anders Breivik is prompting imitators. In 2012, police arrested a Polish university researcher named Brunon Kwiecien. He had accumulated several tons of explosives, which he planned to load onto a truck and drive into the parliament building. He was a passionate admirer of Mr. Breivik, and complained that the Polish parliament was run by foreigners. In August 2012, police in the Czech Republic arrested a man who had accumulated weapons and explosives in what was thought to be an attempt to imitate Mr. Breivik.

In response to events of this kind, a lefty British group has set out to monitor “Right-wing extremism.” The Policy Network will keep an eye on nationalist political parties and try to figure out “what influences the transition of a politics of hate into one of violence.”

The arrival of large numbers of non-whites has clearly planted the seeds of violence—mainly by immigrants against European natives—but there are signs of violent resistance to their incursions.

Regional sentiment

The turmoil in Europe has sparked a renaissance in regional sentiment. As the European Union wipes out ever more national distinctions, people are returning to local roots. Many regions now want autonomy and even independence.

The Basques, who straddle the border between Spain and France, have long wanted their own country, and for many years the independence movement in Spain fought a low-level guerrilla war. They’ve since been granted a degree of political autonomy. To the east, the Catalan people have similar ambitions, and their influence is growing through peaceful means: A Catalan separatist was actually elected mayor of Barcelona in 2011.

In Belgium, the Vlaams Belang and its predecessor party, the Vlaams Blok have long fought for an independent Flanders. A more “moderate” independence party called the New Flemish Alliance was established in 2001. It has gone from strength to strength and is now in coalition government in the Flemish parliament. If Flanders were ever to become independent, it would be a headache for the EU because its capital, Brussels, is in Flanders.

Scotland and Wales have independence movements, and approximately 30 percent of Scots say they want an independent Scotland. In Italy, the Lega Nord has long promoted independence for northern Italy, and has seen considerable electoral success. Many eastern European countries have sizable ethnic minorities—such as the Hungarians in Romania—and if any western European independence movement succeeded, it would probably set a pattern.

The parties that promote regional autonomy run the gamut from Left to Right. Some of the leftist parties think strictly in terms of territory rather than people, and pretend to believe that anyone living in Scotland, for example, is a Scot. Separatism is inherently exclusive, however, and many regional parties strongly oppose immigration because it dilutes local character. Regionalism makes it much harder for the EU to impose its uniform federal state, but unless regions gain full control over borders and immigration, they cannot solve the demographic problem—and then, only for their own region.


The signs say “Islam is a threat to your freedom . . . Stop immigration.”

Fleeing Europe

One regrettable but understandable tendency of today’s Europeans is to leave the continent entirely. It has long been popular for pensioners to retire elsewhere in search of a better climate, but now working-age European families have begun to emigrate. Mass Third-World immigration is unquestionably helping push some out. The loss of workers, in combination with the increase in old folks, will give the Left an excuse to push for more non-white immigration.

Popular destinations for young Europeans are Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Many young Spaniards and Portuguese who cannot find jobs go to former colonies such as Brazil and Angola. The flight of these people, especially those with college degrees, will certainly damage the labor force. Here are examples of what is happening:

An estimated 130,000 Spaniards left Spain in 2010, and another 150,000 in 2011. A total of 1.7 million are now living abroad, and the hard times are likely to drive yet more overseas.

More than five and a half million Britons are expatriates, and including people who live or work abroad part time raises that figure to six million. That is about 10 percent of all British citizens. Every year for the last 40 years, an average of 67,500 more Brits left Britain than returned to it. In 2011 the figure was 107,000, or 2,000 people every week.

In the first five months of 2012, 52,000 Dutch citizens left the country, up from 47,000 the year before. Many European Jews are leaving the continent and buying homes in Israel. The outflow has been especially great in France due to high levels of Muslim immigration and rising anti-Semitism.

In Holland, the annual Emigration Fair is a big event. It is staffed by immigration officials from popular destinations, and attracts people from all over Europe.

We must assume that southern Europe, which has been losing the most people, will eventually solve its economic problems, but many of the people who have left will probably never return. If they marry in their new home or have children there, they will be very reluctant to return.

Aside from Jews who say they are leaving because of anti-Semitism, only a few Europeans admit openly that they are forsaking their homelands because of non-white immigration. In this respect they are like American whites who move from southern California to the northern counties but say that it is because of “traffic congestion” or “pollution.”

What Future for Europe?

We thus have a combination of forces that make this a very difficult and complex time for Europeans. In general, Europe has lost any awareness of the need to survive as a homeland for whites. Europeans have a supranational government that wants immigrant-friendly uniformity, and national governments that, for the most part, also promote immigration. Europeans face a low birth rate and are seeing their country—especially their great cities—transformed by prolific non-white immigrants.

Southern Europe, especially, suffers from a terrible economic crisis. This has demoralized Spaniards and prompted many to leave their homeland, but in Greece, it has stiffened the will to survive. All over Europe, we see the slow but unmistakable rise of “far-right” parties that stand, if not in so many words, for a Europe for Europeans. These parties can only increase in influence as they gain respectability, power, and experience, and as the savage consequences of dispossession become ever clearer.

But they will have to work hard. As Guillaume Faye has written, “If the generation of native Europeans that turned 20 between 2000 and 2010 doesn’t act, everything will be lost—forever.”

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Mark Bruijn
Mr. Bruijn is a student of international relations.
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  • Kilroy

    A spectre hangs over Europe, the spectre of european Existencism. (With apologies to Karl Marx)

  • ProWhite son of Jacob

    I love Anders Breivik’s beliefs very much (even if I have some reservations regarding his methods). “2083 a European Declaration of Independence” is a hallmark manifesto.

    What’s really too bad is that the immigrants don’t target the Marxists in Europe with their criminal behavior…

    • NeanderthalDNA

      I have no problem with him. Liblefty politicians are committing stealth genocide on their own people and hiding behind their ideology and wealth. At least he’s honest.

      • Lygeia

        You have no problem with him?

        The parents of the 77 dead white young people certainly do, and your loyalties should be with them, not him.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          That was tragic, but not as tragic as the destruction of European civilization that the smiling genocidalist liblefty’s have inflicted on their homeland and people.

          77 dead? How many have died at the hands of hostile aliens their party invited into once “fair” Europa? How many rapes, murders total? How many more to come?

          Action/reaction. Certainly the death of innocents is rough to stomach but what of the death of an entire people, of a civilization? The governments of Europe are the terrorists – terrorists hiding behind official titles and living in comfort while they sell their own down river. They play with fire and get burned.

          When Muslim terrorists perpetrate horrors then hide behind their women and children, then their women and children, their human shields, die when we respond, the bleeding heart liblefty weeps and gnashes his teeth. Oh we’re so bad! Oh look at how evil we are!

          But we’re not responsible – they perpetrate horrors and hide behind the innocents, who die then in the process. That’s on THEM. Tragic, sad, but…

          Cry me a river.

          Sure it would have been nice if he could have pinpointed his attack on those in office, those who hide behind the sick, smiling abomination of a world they make.

          THEY made Anders Breivik. He just blew up in their faces.

          But yes, hoping the next ticking time bomb those treacherous bastards set off is more precise in his/her strike. Collateral damage is ugly. Breivik was sloppy.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          How many of those dead young “white people” – some of whom were very arguably “white” – would have had white children or grandchildren, as a result of their parent’s self hatred and enabling of the non-white genetic Trojan horse the entry of which their sick ideology has enabled and continues to enable?

          Again, wish the guy had targeted the politicians, but they were hiding safely behind the apparatus of their government.

          My point is that ABB is a logical result of their policies and treachery. Whether I approve or not he, in the big picture was a natural consequence of their sick experimentation.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Yes, if I remember correctly, he had plans to attack the higher ups, but that didn’t work out.

        • whiteuncleruckus

          Are you freaking serious? Loyal to a buch of race traitors who actively sought the destruction of our race? Breivik is warrior and a hero. It doesnt matter that he attacked white people because traitors are worse than the enemy itself. If we had more people like him we wouldnt have the kinds of problems we have now.

        • Morris LeChat

          My loyalties are NOT with them. You would keep a gangrenous limb and have the whole body die.

        • ViktorNN

          I agree with you, more or less.

          If Brevik had targeted non-white rapists of Norwegian women and their foreign invading families then his deed likely would have been supported by most of the white indigenous population.

          Even going after the leftist politicians who support importing non-white foreign invaders would have made more sense than going after their children. Killing teenagers just comes across needlessly cruel and indeed psychopathic.

          And that’s how most people see him.

        • Sun Wang

          They weren’t White. They were anti-White and plotting for White genocide. Get it right.

        • LaSantaHermandad

          The European Union needs to go. Why does Western Europe allow itself to be bullied by these leftists in Brussels? The UK showed some courage in not participating but they’re committing ethnic suicide all by themselves.

      • Morris LeChat

        the white liberals want to commit white sucide. Brevick just sped that whole process up for them. He also deprived them of their morbid enjoyment in their demise, the masochistic enjoyment they get from blaming themselves for the fact that blacks and others can not behave like humans. The enjoyment they get from blaming themselves for the failure of blacks and other groups to be able to create or sustain civilization. He deprived them of their opportunity to be sanctimonious about their suicide. He just said, they want death, oblivion, extinction, they think it is good, ok then, here it is.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Yep. It was like a form of assisted suicide. I think the big scary secret (for the liblefty duckspeakers) is that his manifesto made so much sense and that he indeed achieved his goal – awakening a few more Whites, who will awaken a few more…and so on…

          I’d like to meet the guy and shake his hand. Deserves a statue.

          • Morris LeChat

            Yes, the lefties are hamstrung by their own rhetoric. They will not execute him and he will be back as a political force, much stronger and fiercer than before. I think the future belongs to him. In the end, what he did was actually quite intelligent. There has been this spell, this hypnosis, cast over white Europeans. The only thing that could break that spell was a big shock, he gave it to them, but he laid the groundwork FIRST. That way, when they awoke, he had somewhere to lead them, some alternative, so that they wouldn’t just sink back into the same sleep. Let’s face it, someone, some group, has gotten the better of white Europeans, and has been cooking them slowly like the proverbial frog in a pot. Brevick is helping to wake up some of the frogs and get them to jump out of the pot.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            You know, internally the white race is the most diverse of the big three as evinced by the arguments seen here. Which, along with ugly history and other White traits which are otherwise good and noble, have contributed to the current pathos. For a Scandinavian to feel kindred with a Spaniard is legitimate, for any White to feel a sense of injustice at say the English treatment of the Irish is noble.

            Unfortunately to extend such notions too far afield is disastrous. I think we largely have ourselves to blame unfortunately, or at least those of us who have fallen for liblefty idiocy…

            Yeah, blame whitey, lol, but I think in this case it’s legit.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            It’s like an old Buddhist fable I love…

            The Compassionate Fool

            One day a very compassionate man was walking down a road behind a fishing cart. The cart hit a bump in the road and a large fish fell out. The compassionate man noticed it was still alive barely, and picked it up, chucked it into a small peasant fishing pool nearby. Walked home content with his kindness.

            Unfortunately the pond was too small and eventually the big fish ate all the little fish and died of starvation. And the peasants lost a supplement to their food supply.

            Compassion sans wisdom is abominable…

          • Morris LeChat

            wow, that’s a funny story, almost as funny as the story of the whites in the US treating blacks as equals.

          • Morris LeChat

            a number was done on the white race and it was done primarily through the media and courts. I think this was a conscious, deliberate, well thought out strategy .I think the basic outlines of it were laid out in Soviet documents on “Mind Control”. One of the first and main tactics of this strategy was “demoralization”, whereby people were separated from religion, personal dignity, and seduced to embrace and accept all sorts of perversions. Another important facet of this strategy was the “breakdown of the family unit” and the two tactics become one at the point where “gay marriage” is accepted and embraced. Some point the fingers at a Jewish conspiracy, but I don’t believe this myself. I think that the plan may have been hatched by bitter Jewish atheists. People bitter at the treatment of Jews under the Tsars, bitter at the progroms, but I think that this sort of ” church of destruction” took on a life of it’s own after being hatched. It in fact eventually claimed millions of European Jews as some of its victims, as they were a very family oriented ethnicity. Today, the elites of most European countries belong to this church.

          • David Ashton

            In Britain we can certainly trace our “equality and diversity” legislation back to Western Marxists like Marcuse. I was a fly on the wall of the “anti-racist” movement in education and can document its progress upwards and outwards through our institutions, and the promotion of former student leftists to political influence. Patterns are similar throughout the “white democracies” (even the chronology, like “gay marriage” in the UK, USA, NZ & France).

          • LaSantaHermandad

            Right you are! Look at the ridiculous publicity that the Basketballer Collins received upon announcing that he’s gay. You’d think that he’d found the cure for Cancer!! He is now sure either to keep his spot or be picked up by another team despite his poor performance. He’s got the “sexual orientation” card ready to play. I’d wager that it had nothing to do with Boston Bombings. Another idiocy is the comparison of his situation with that of Jackie Robinson. There IS no comparison. Robinson was Black and he couldn’t hide that!

            Tim Tebow has no card to play. “I’m a Christian” won’t resonate in the new Fundamentally Transformed America.

          • kerrysmith

            NanderthalDNA indeed.

    • Lygeia

      You “love” Anders Breivik’s beliefs “very much?”

      White people who love their race do not murder beautiful young white people, who would probably have grown up to be race realists once they were exposed to diversity.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        White people who love their race do not sell their entire people downriver, do not work tirelessly to destroy their heritage and bring genocide down upon themselves.

      • ProWhite son of Jacob

        Sometimes Marxism is just an ideological blind on the effects of diversity. Let’s not pretend diversity is something completely misunderstood, and that they would just become “race realists” when exposed to diversity (as if no such exposure had occurred). Sweden is the “rape capital of Europe,” and it’s not because of White men that this is so.
        Any White Scandinavian who willfully ignores this because his/her loyalty lies with Marxism and self-destruction instead of the Scandinavian people, doesn’t particularly deserve my sympathy.

        Anders Breivik didn’t kill innocent White children, he killed indoctrinated and fervently Marxist people who wouldn’t much care if they destroyed their nation. “Diversity” wasn’t going to make them race-realists. If it was going to, it would have done so already. At some point, one aught to know better.

        And we should stop using the word “children.” When I was 13, I knew the consequences of my actions and my beliefs. And I knew some time before that, that ideologies and politics engender obvious changes in people, countries, and society at large. When I was 15 I knew the principles behind Das Kapital.

        I also knew what “patronization” was. I don’t think we should patronize Marxists. Many of those “children” would have been old enough to participate in the Bolshevik revolution.

        But as I said, I do have some reservations regarding his methods…Obviously we shouldn’t arbitrarily kill 16 year old criminals. But my sympathies still lie more with Breivik than a dead traitor.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Amen my Hebraic doppelganger! The simpering liblefty traitors have been waging war on their own folk for decades now. Their loyalty is not to their people but to their hypocritical ideology. I almost said “to their class”, as per classic Marxism but that’s just not true beyond lip service. The movers and shakers of their sick movement are NOT the working class but the parasitical, dreamy, TROUBLE MAKING mandarin class. THEY are the parasites, the last to feel the sting of of their actions, until someone like ABB finally explodes and shows them how it feels to live in fear and apprehension.

      • Morris LeChat

        those young people would not have had many children, if any, and some would probably “adopt” an afreekin baby from an adopt and shop. They are like coal burners. They are agents for the demise of the whole of the white people. They are like infected cells that the immune system kills. They are infected with an insanity called liberalism, they are,or were, pod people.

      • NeuBismarckian

        I’m with you, even though I understand the angle that your detractors are coming from. I consider myself willing to do pretty cruel things to one day expel the non-whites and their sympathizers from our homelands, but I would never harm white children like Breivik did. He should have blown up immigrant families (their children are fair game to me) and the parliament, but killing Norwegian children was wrong, especially considering that they could have been easily reverse-indoctrinated to love Norway, their kin, and pan-Europa. I’m not too familiar with Norwegian politics compared to the larger European countries, but I imagine Breivik’s tactics could have upset Norwegian nationalism, unlike the Malmo shooter, who helped excel Swedish nationalism because he targeted Muslim immigrants. In any case, I expect more “Breiviks” across Europe, but I hope they won’t make his mistakes.

        • ProWhite son of Jacob

          I find it likely Breivik was operating from this reference-point:

          “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot
          survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable,
          for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves
          amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through
          all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the
          traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his
          victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the
          baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a
          nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the
          pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no
          longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

          -Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman Statesman

          • David Ashton

            How have Breivik’s cowardly murders actually advanced the “white cause”?
            He soaked the “good bits” in his manifesto in the blood of helpless victims.

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            That is, if you were to believe them to be helpless victims.
            Anyway, the Marcus Cicero quote speaks for itself, so I can only speculate…

            My speculation suggests to me that if he had attacked Muslims instead, this would essentially incite mass violence and unrest (for many Muslims, the act would be tantamount to a war). The cultural Marxists in government would quell the civil unrest, but they would crack down more on nationalist and right groups. It isn’t quite so outlandish to suggest that the government there would be more perturbed by the death of Muslims (and the resulting Islamic response) than the death of Labour Party members and future members.

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            Or actually I should word that… The government would be more perturbed by the death of Muslims than the death of Whites. Breivik knew most of the angles.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Those poor brainwashed white and non-white children he killed were the human shields behind which hide treacherous abominations. They were being raised to betray their people, to breed and humiliate Whites out of existence. I take no glee in their deaths but neither can I cry a river.

            It would indeed have been far preferable if he had targeted his attack better, but…

            I found it darkly hilarious and telling how they tried to paint him as a deranged and mentally deficient madman yet when confronted with his “racist diatribes” their faces evinced a shocked and disjointed sense of profound confusion at how rational and sensible his beliefs were.

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            I agree with you, but some things need to be made clear. This is also in response to NeuBismarckian.

            Firstly, I must state that I am not condoning any of this (although I recommend his manifesto), but his actions do deserve to be accurately represented.

            They weren’t “children,” although this claim was made by the media. The youngest was 14–her name was Sharidyn Svebakk- Bøhn, and she was a Maori native from New Zealand. So the youngest wasn’t even White. So if the argument is that it was bad because she was “White,” then no, that is factually inaccurate. Furthermore, she could arguably be considered collateral damage.

            Among the “children” that Breivik killed on the island, where the 69 died (not 77), the oldest was 51 and the average age was about 18. Old enough to go to war. The two age demographics with the highest distribution were 17 and 18. Fourteen of them were over the age of 20.

            There were also 7 Muslims: the oldest was 21 and the youngest was 17. The average age was 18.

            The final number of 77 comes into play when we consider the Oslo bombing, where 8 people died. The oldest was 61, the youngest was 26. The average age was 40.

            Their positions were:
            -Senior consultant to Norway’s PM Jens Stoltenberg’s office.
            -A senior government worker in the prime minister’s office.
            -Worked as an adviser to the ministry of justice. Worked for Amnesty International.
            -A lawyer who worked in the justice department. Worked for Amnesty International.
            -Worked on international issues in Justice Department.

            The other three weren’t threats in government… A receptionist, restaurant owner, and a secretary of a technology union. So they would be characterized as collateral damage. However, still not “children.”

            Statistics from: https://sites.google.com/site/breivikreport/documents/detailed-oslo-bombing-and-utoya-massacre-victim-list

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Thanks for the details. So the bombing did get some of the more directly responsible.

            Yes, and for the sake of Truth and whoever the gubbamint has monitoring, I also am in no way planning anything like what he did, lol…

            By the way, glad to hear from you – when I read that article about the Jew on the NY subway and the resultant negro mob insanity I thought “Oh Lord, hope PWSoJ is ok”, lol!

            “Hey we’re cousins.”

            “No we are not!”

            Ha Ha!

          • NeuBismarckian

            Excellent quote and point made, but again, did he have to target Norwegian children? Why not the Socialist Party headquarters, parliament, or even the king?

          • iberianpride

            Exactly, He had no right to do that. People here seem to forget that what you believe at 17, 18, 19 years of age or younger, is not what you will believe or follow your whole life. When I was in my teens, back in the 1980’s, I started to develop an interest in politics, and my views were extremely left of center. I believed every trendy cause that was popular back then, I was against apartheid, against aid to the contras, I supported gay rights, I hated Reagan, I hated the military, I hated America and pretty much believed that black poverty and crime were the result of white racism. It wasn’t till I was about 20 that I started to slowly come out of that mental fog.

            However had I been born at a later decade, and been Norwegian, and at that same age, I could’ve been on that Island being gunned down too. I’ve noticed from time to time others posting on Amren who admit to having been liberal in their tender years, and like myself, they woke up. What Breivik did was wrong, although a lot of the points he makes in his manifesto are absolutely correct.

          • Guest

            Probably, one of the greatest practical truths ever uttered. And it applies so widely.

            Think, for example, of Jerry Sandusky the disgraced and jailed former football coach. Did he not speak in “familiar accents” and wear our “face and [our] arguments?” “Rot the soul?” “Work secretly in the night?” “Infect the body politic?”

            That how betrayal works, writ small enough for the ordinary man to understand.

    • Major domo

      The reason immigrants (Muslims) don’t target the Lefitists in Europe is simple: They are birds of a feather who want the same thing– the destruction of European nationhood with the elimination of its peoples and the establishment of a universal caliphate under Sharia law. The Left are simply useful idiots, traitors, who sign on believing, in their higher stupidity, that the Jihadists will treat them as equals.

  • a multiracial individual

    “We are not at war with Islam”

    – Bush and Obama

    I am glad our nice leaders are there to tell us the truth. Geert Wilders lives under constant threat. His movements require extensive security measures. How many American politicians would be willing to tolerate such a thing? How do you get liberals to wake up? Well since they do not care about Whites, you have to convince them that Islam is harmful to non-whites more than anything else (which is true). Have them read “Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. No one suffers under Islam more than women, gays, children, and non-whites.

    • concernedcollegekid

      On an aside (kind of), I think Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a race realist. In her book Nomad she talks about reading The Bell Curve, loving it, and meeting Charles Murray and telling him how much she liked it. That part of Nomad was why I started reading Charles Murray, actually, which eventually led me to identify as a race realist. I was still a liberal when I read Infidel and Nomad, so whatever you think of Hirsi Ali overall I think she’s a good writer to recommend to liberals who are going to be turned off if you recommend The Bell Curve or something.

      • NYB

        Hirsi Ali is a strange case. She’s sleeping her way to status with a string of white males, yet she’s leaving us a damning account of the system which allowed her to do it.

    • MBlanc46

      It’s interesting to see American feminists support the segregation of Muslim women in the US.

  • Michael Alan Prock

    ”Golden Dawn is demonized in the media, but this has not held it back. It has solid backing in the police and the army…”

    The above excerpt indicates a vital place for us to educate and form relationships, but those who would grind us into dust are already far ahead of us:
    ADL’s Advanced Training School (ATS) was conceived shortly before 9/11 as an
    “ADL Academy” to provide law enforcement executives and commanders from across the country with practical and useful information, resources and contacts to increase their capabilities in combating domestic terrorism and extremist threats. In 2010 alone, they trained more than 10,500 law enforcement officers from all over the country.

    If we can’t get the police and military on our side we’re done for.
    This would be a good area for the New Century Foundation to consider as a target for some kind of “outreach.”

    • dhs

      You make a good point. The problem that these groups face is that white men have self control. In spite of provocations, white men do not enagage in “terrorism” or “make threats” to any signifiant extent. Certainly not enough for law enforcement to make it a priority. Do you think that cops “on the front line” are more concerned with Aryans peacfully assembling or blacks wilding and looting?

      The internet also provides a communication medium where intelligent white men can instruct and guide the less intelligent, explaining that violence is counterproductive at the present time. Remember the big stink the liberals made a while ago about the Minute Men. No criminal activity was uncovered in spite of massive investigation. All that was happening was guys going into woods and practicing survival skills, instead of staring at a TV.

      Also the cops and military will be on the side that pays them. If governments can’t pay them, the governments will get no protection.

      • Michael Alan Prock

        I think the challenge is to contextualize the experiences police and military personnel have had with minorities so as to overcome the brainwashing our whole society has been subjected to. Given their experiences, we might find some fertile ground there.
        A stable society is the best guaranty to “getting paid.” I don’t think most are as cynical as you suggest, but even the ones that are can understand the consequences of a societal breakdown along racial lines. If they had an alternative framework with which to comprehend this beyond the PC nonsense the ADL promotes they might embrace it. Because of the fear of discipline for active personnel for “incorrect thinking,” veterans organizations and ex-police might be a good place to make inroads.
        I’m trying to be optimistic.

  • David Brims

    The Irish nationalists, Sinn Fein, Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness welcomes Africans, muslims and gypsy immigrants into Ireland !!

    Makes Irish independence a bit pointless, doesn’t it ?

    • David Brims

      Also, the Scots, Welsh, Catalan nationalist parties are all pro mass immigration and multiculturalism.

      • David Ashton

        The PC seepage into almost anything and almost everything.
        Quite apart from the prevalence of Western Marxist “critical studies” in UK & UK academic circles, the dominant “equality and diversity” legislation in Britain is the exponential development of propaganda by “intellectuals” like Herbert Marcuse who sought specifically to enlist ethnic and sexual minorities, students and the disabled, as battering rams for revolutionary change.

      • Oil Can Harry

        Scottish independence is so vitally important; that way when millions of blacks and Muslims move there they’ll have the Scottish flag on their passports instead of the Union Jack.

        I’m sure that will impress them.

        • David Brims

          Africans don’t know where Scotland, Wales or Ireland is ( which is a good thing ) they were imported by scumbag Tony Blair’s dispersal policy to make Britain more multicultural and ”rub the right wing noses in diversity ”Labour spin doctor Andrew Neather revealed.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            And in Ireland it was the scumbag Shatter. (a fitting moniker).

      • gemjunior

        That’s so Ass Backwards. Nationalist parties (presumably love their nation? and wish it to live vs. to become extinct? – am I on the right track here? WANT to flood the country with people who look totally UNNATURALIZED from the land who will breed them out. OK, that makes sense.

        • sbuffalonative

          Which is why they need to make it clear to their people that they are the ones ‘defending the faith’ so to speak. It’s not about hating others. It’s about love for your own heritage and people.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      While in Belfast last year, I was curious as to why many IRA murals so highly praised sundry and irrelevant leftwing causes/figures from around the globe. Perhaps they felt a strange solidarity with some groups (like the PLO terrorists), but you’d think Irish nationalists would have learned from the past 400 years that uninvited foreigners can be a bother.

      • David Brims

        Sinn Fein is a marxist party, Gerry Adams looks up to Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, the PLO, etc etc.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          I’m glad you said that Mr. Brims.
          As an American with considerable Irish ancestry, I can honestly say that most Irish-Americans have no knowledge of the Marxism of the IRA. They just seem to enjoy being reflexively anti-Britain without understanding the true motives of their Irish “heroes”.

          I have several friends who return to Ireland frequently to visit their relatives and they tell me the IRA are drug-dealing gangsters with no real loyalty to anyone but themselves. And they are nakedly Communist in nature.

          Once you know the true nature of these thugs it is easy to see past their false “nationalism”. They are nothing but cultural-marxists hell bent on pimping their Irish women out to Bantu savages. Disgusting and disgraceful to the last.

      • Garrett Brown

        Any Brit know why the BNP “collapsed”?

      • C’mon the Irish collaborated with the Nazis,the quintessential totalitarian socialist party.Why blink at Muzzies ,gypsies and coons?

    • gemjunior

      I’m glad you brought it up. Both of them should be put to death for treason, or for any good reason. They were seen as hardliners who would use any form of violence, even against innocent people, to shake off the last unfair remnants of those who made possible a favored and protected class vs. a despised and punished class. They were willing to do whatever it took – and some young men just out of their teens died on hunger strike for it. What a betrayal by these two scum. I’m surprised the families of the ten dead hunger strikers haven’t come out of the woodwork and shot them both to death. Imagine – killing countless people who look like you, speak like you, live like you – are pretty much indistinguishable. So a few years later you can destroy your country by opening the door to Africans and Muslims, gypsies and hottentots, squats, and Lord knows who. It really is a foul situation – the entire British Army (loaded with bombs and barbed wire) and Shankill Butchers, UVF/UDA/U-Whatever, couldn’t do the damage that a few African males and females can do. By breeding incessantly the CAN DESTROY a small nation like Ireland in one generation. You’ll see – it’s heartbreaking but Ireland may as well sink. Because it will be totally destroyed. I’m sure that Northern Ireland will look WAY worse in 2020 than it did in the early 1970s after the “New Irish” (As If.) have had a crack at it. You can’t beat the Africans when it comes down to experts in destruction.

    • KenelmDigby

      And how many British soldiers did they kill for it?

    • sbuffalonative

      Ted Kennedy was Irish. Look what he did to America.
      While the Irish have a valid disdain for the English, like the French in Quebec, they are sacrificing their ethnic heritage and identity just to get back at Anglos.
      In the near future, the Irish and the French Canadians are going to look around and see they are overwhelmed by people who are nothing like them.

      • Paleoconn

        Excellent point. Last time I visited Quebec about 3 years ago to catch my Penguins play the Canadiens, I was amazed how many third worlders there were. But hey, at least they speak French.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Black and Tans = evil
      blacks and tans = good

    • nexus

      I realy think Sinn Fein’s new acceptance of turdworlders is purely a Revenge thing..
      They couldn’t get the Irish to totally throw the Brits out, so they’ll destroy the whole country with a turdworlder horde in-the-making.

  • pcmustgo

    “Southern Europe faces special challenges. Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece are particularly hard hit by the economic crisis. The EU is sending billions of Euros in bailout money, but there is much resistance to austerity measures. Unrest and strikes are common. There is a great deal of suspicion towards the EU, but governments are utterly fettered by EU aid.”

    It truly boggles my mind why African migrants are let in to pick tomatoes in Spain and these other countries… or France even… they already have such high unemployment rates. Oh, maybe it’s because Europeans are addicted to welfare and won’t get out there and work. Cut the welfare, and watch them pick tomatoes. I also feel these high unemployment, socialist countries are setting up immigrants even for failure…

    Why bring in immigrants, who wind up having even higher unemployment rates (which, rightly or wrongly, fuels even more resentment), when there are no jobs? Why do this?

    What is the rationale?

    • David Ashton

      Short-term profit for finance, long-term revolution for communists.
      Both forces feed on flux.

    • KenelmDigby

      You’ve got the exactly the same thing in the USA with Mexican farm labor coexisting with mass American unemployment.
      Basically the answer is that the tendency in any capitalist society is for business to pay as damn near close to zero wages as they can possibly get away with.
      I’m not having a go at capitalism, but it’s a fact of life engendered by razor sharp competition and profit margins combined with a super abundance of labor.
      Another reason why ‘open borders’ is just a heap of doggy-doo.

      • Gwynn Ap Nudd

        Why not have a go at it? There’s obviously a criminal weakness there. The answer is not Communism but the Third Way between and above both. Japan is a non-militarist example.

      • MBlanc46

        Not only Mexican farm labor, but Mexican labor throughout the lower reaches of the economy–hospitality, lawn care, meatpacking, even construction. And we’re about to have many more.

  • Tomas

    “If the generation of native Europeans that turned 20 between 2000 and 2010 doesn’t act, everything will be lost—forever.”

    I’m one of those Europeans.

    I vote for the only party in my country that is against the EUSSR, non-white immigration, Islam, the nanny state and multiculturalism. They’re labeled as racist and bigots by all other parties and the MSM, which have effectively created a cordon sanitaire around them. They’re not even represented in parliament.

    All major political parties would never even hint at thinking about those issues, for as in many other European countries, political correctness and the egalitarian regime have
    become the State’s official religion. Reason has lost its place in contemporary Europe and I don’t think it will be coming back any time soon.

    The people who know me know that I’m a race realist. I don’t apologize for it. I give them the facts about criminal statistics. I tell them about IQ differences. I tell them that non-whites
    will never identify with, let alone feel proud about OUR ancestors because those were not THEIR ancestors. I tell them that politicians are rewriting our history books as to not offend “our guests” for our colonial empire. I tell them that Libtard diversity is killing the REAL DIVERSITY in Europe. I tell them that we have a beautiful culture that is worth preserving. I tell them that it’s not about hating others, it’s about loving ourselves, the kind of love that ONLY WE HAVE BEEN DENIED, the love for who we are, for our People and their accomplishments.

    It’s hard to keep hope but I’m doing my part. It’s time for others to “come out of the closet”, to stop being afraid of what someone “might” think and just tell it like it is. If enough people do this then maybe it won’t feel so awkward for others to also “come out”. Only by changing their perception and showing that there are many who think this way can we achieve something. Start with your closest friends and then grow your network. Listen to their concerns and show them that NON-WHITES WILL NEVER CARE ABOUT THEM.

    Let’s come together as a People. And maybe then we’ll have a future.

    • puffdaddy

      Good luck to you, you have a big job in front of you.

    • Garrett Brown

      You just need some more anti racist Hitler!


    • I support you, but we must first understand the role the jews have played in the destruction of white men. Once we understand that, we can begin to grow.

      • Brady

        When your house is on fire, you don’t have a discussion about how the fire started before you turn on the fire hose. You put out the fire by any means necessary. Save the talk for later.

      • David Ashton

        Please define “destruction”.
        Please document your main points of evidence.
        Explain their motives in your view.
        Have these changed since Hitler?
        Please outline your solution(s) to the problem as you conceive it?

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    The right-wing groups are preparing for war. The economic collapse will be the spark for WW3. Hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride…

  • William Allingham

    I read somewhere that the whole population of Europe can be traced back thousands of years to just 7 women, so i think that only a few, conservative whites will survive this destruction and will slowly start again to create civilization (white is the creative race).

    Every migration brings difficulties and upsets the already existing institutions but the difference between the migrations just before the “middle ages” (whites) and modern migrations to the USA or Europe (non-white) is that in the former case the “invaders” had already taken measures to learn the Romans language and material culture. Despite of Roman accounts, archeology shows that they already had important centers (Oppidum) and after their incursion, very soon, we saw the abolition of slavery (yes in medieval times, although slavery returned in classical times) we saw women having high positions in the church (yes in medieval times the church didn’t hate women, although womens’ status changed drastically in classical times) and the proliferation of more sophisticated literature genres, also many scholars talk about an “industrial revolution” in the middle ages (see: Jean Gimpel “The Medieval Machine”).

    so this was a real enrichment not the fraud that we’ve seen in modern times when low IQ immigrants bring their more bigoted religions.

    Germanic immigrants were becoming Christians in their own communities by their own will even before Roman conquest but Muslims remain Muslims even after several generations of living in first world, secular countries.

    the middle ages are depicted as dark in order to simulate progress in classical times and cover up their return to exploitative laws, slavery etc. this was done (i believe) by the same narcissistic, profit-obsessed elite which today is destroying Europe.

    Church authorities of those times talk about the Goths piety and easy assimilation, so we see that although white migrations in the past caused similar suspicion among the former inhabitants: the results were very different from current migrations.

    we have similar circumstances but the protagonists are very different and thus the consequences. white immigrants in ancient times were intelligent and had a cooperative character, now a days after many generations black and Latin American immigrants have not even coped with whites at school so never mind expecting them to invent something equivalent to the mechanical clock in the middle ages or the book (or a new literary genre!)

    the whole structure of Germanic languages (including English) is poetic by nature but we see that in places like mexico in an era of cheap mass produced books, they rank among the people who read the less (because they just don’t like it) and they have still a lot of illiterates (because they don’t consider learning to read an important pursuing).

    a good analogy would be to see the “melting pot” theory as a good recipe and whites from different parts of Europe as the right ingredients. will a good recipe work using bad ingredients?

    what Liberals are basically saying is that “this method worked perfectly for transforming flour, sugar etc. into a cheese cake, why wont it work to transform beans and corn into a cheese cake also?

    • gemjunior

      This is a very interesting post, thank you for it. I need to look up a couple of things that you wrote that were pretty interesting. Good job

      • David Ashton

        Agreed. That reminder of Gimpel was important.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Good point on the “melting pot” theory. That was a description used on WHITE immigrants. It never included the swarthy races; though the cultural marxists would have us think otherwise.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Nice to see that many people are waking up. None of our countries were formed by forefathers who wanted to see us stampeded by radical 3rd world arabs, africans, and latinos. Yet in 2013 our governments essentially say “come on in and take our stuff!”. Why do we need radical demographic change? Vibrancy you say? The only thing that has been made more vibrant by these non-white immigrants is the crime stats. The inability to say the words “no” or “enough” is what got us into this mess. Those words need to be seen as real answers, and not conflict with PC ideology. I really hope in my lifetime there will be a white homeland. Wherever whites are the overwhelming majority, there is often success. The problem is that when whites leave, minorities have no one to look after them or give them free things.

  • KenelmDigby

    I have long argued – I have been a regular contributor to Amren since its inception – that the mass, apparently unlimited and uncontrolled third world immigration into Europe is most definitely NOT an ‘inevitable and uncontrollable force of nature’ but a deliberate and wholly avoidable and unnecessary policy foisted upon a largely unknowing populace by a vicious, unprincipled and lying elite, whom I like to label as the ‘political class’.
    ALL their arguments for third world immigration are just a heap of trashy lies, yes trashy lies – no other term can do that cold blooded deception and snake-tongued falsehoods justice.
    Third world immigrants DO NOTHING to boost the economy – in fact they destroy it.
    Third world immigrants DO NOTHING to fund pensions – in fact they bankrupt the system.
    Third world immigrants DO NOTHING to improve the cultural and national life of nations stupid enough to take them – in fact they ruin ancient nations.
    All this is obvious to an intelligent 11 years old. It’s a pity that we are ruled by creatures who are tan insult to the intelligence of nematode worms.

  • Kombatx

    This article is quite myopic, leaving out of the picture the biggest european country – Russia, which has been getting increasingly nationalistic over the years.

    But meh, they’re commies, right, Mr. Brujin?

    • HaroldWesterling

      I can’t read his mind…but maybe Mr. Brujin left Russia out because they have not experienced the unbridled flow of third-world immigration that the rest of the EU has experienced. I think the general theme of this article was to show how native Europeans are now standing up and reacting to that influx of alien immigrants. I have hopes that Russia will be more pragmatic than the rest of Europe in this respect.

      • Kombatx

        They indeed have.

        The only real difference is that Western Europe has a flow of migrants from geographically distant former colonies of her thalassocratic empires of the past, and Russia has migrants from border republics that were once a part of the USSR, namely Caucasus and Central Asia.

        In both cases though, its the same dynamic of savages infestating a weakened metropolia.

    • mb

      I wrote this article and I didnt mention Russia because I do not have knowledge about that country. It is a huge country and I never visited it. Maybe you can write something about it?

      • Kombatx

        I most certainly should.

        But we do have internet, don’t we? Doesnt take too much of an effort to research any subject briefly to get a more or less accurate overview. People who write about historic events arent there either, or never participated in them, they use sources.

        Im only saying its incomplete and therefore, myopic, due to the fact that leaving a large variable out of the equation would produce a distorted and incorrect result.

  • s. euro

    “A Basque separatist was actually elected mayor of Barcelona in 2011”
    Barcelona is not located in the Basque Country, I guess the author meant “A Catalan separatist”?

    • Paleoconn

      For sure. And the guy’s name doesn’t sound Basque.

  • s. euro

    Oh and one last thing, I wouldn’t call Barcelona’s mayor separatist, he just wants people to vote for him, then he will keep crowding Barcelona with drunk tourists and immigrants. Votes and money, that’s all that counts.

    • NeuBismarckian

      How do the Spanish feel about the influx of Brits into the Spanish Riviera? I know there’s still a degree of bad blood between them because of the British retention of Gibraltar via the Treaty of Utrecht (hypocritical, in my opinion, because Spain still retains Ceuta and Melilla on the coast of Morocco), but are Brits treated well in Spain?

      • David Ashton

        Depends on Brit “behavior”. Some of our settlers have troubled to learn Spanish and adopt local cuisine.

        The drunken antics of some of our younger “holidaymakers” overseas are a disgrace.

        • NeuBismarckian

          Pity. Like most Americans, I’m a European “mutt” (half English, some Flemish, some German, and a quarter Croatian, the blood of which I’m thankful for even though I’m a Nordicist), but I identify heavily with Great Britain and am embarrassed by your “chavs” that are in the same age group as me, wherever they may be. I’m thankful my English grandma taught me how to be respectable, anyway, like the English used to be.

  • Paleoconn

    Jewish people are leaving Europe NOW? I thought Europeans were always anti-semitic. I don’t get it. So I guess they had it pretty good then before the Muslims showed.

    • John

      If the blacks started acting civilized tomorrow I think it would take a little time getting used to.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Genetically impossible sir.

      • Morris LeChat

        If I started shitting gold coins tomorrow, that would take a little time to get used to too.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      After Hitler those Jews left in Europe did have it pretty good. No Hitler and an entire continent aghast at what he did… Not so bad.

      But aside from a few marginalized neo-Nazis and skinheads the vast majority of dangerous, genocidal anti-Jewish attacks and vitriol has come from the Muslims. With their growing numbers and increasing boldness perhaps 114 avg. IQ Jews are simply seeing the writing on the wall and wisely fleeing to fortress Israel with its no nonsense attitude and nuclear arsenal.

      Makes perfect sense to me.

      • dhs

        What doesn’t make sense to me is why Jews did nothing to stop that massive influx of Muslims into Europe.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Kind of shoots a hole in the “Jews control everything and are out to destroy Aryan civilization” thing to me. But then I guess they were all packed and ready to go to Israel or something.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          I think it’s because Jews believe white gentiles to be a much bigger threat to them than Muslims.

          They know that Muslims hate them and want to exterminate them, but Muslim nations are so backwards and undeveloped that Muslims could never kill every Jew. They might kill a few occasionally, but they’re just too low IQ to manage the extermination of the highly intelligent Jewish race.

          White gentiles, on the other hand, are probably quite capable of killing all the Jews if we really put our minds to it. During WW2, Jews only had to worry about the Germans and the Italians. Think about how much more difficult it would have been for them to survive if every white gentile country had been trying to kill them.

          Now of course, we all know that such an occurrence will never happen. White gentiles just aren’t that barbaric. But Jews are still scared of the remote possibility that it could happen.

          This is why they do everything they can to push multiculturalism on white gentile countries. They hope that if they can make us tolerate everyone, we won’t ever have cause to not tolerate them. Importing Muslims also provides a decent distraction for white gentiles. When you’re surrounded by Muslims, you’re not likely to think about Jews at all.

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            Having known Jewish leftists… They don’t actually think that specifically about multiculturalism necessarily. They usually passively support it on account of “humanism”–Which is a fundamental untruth. You’re right that that is still traitorous and destructive though. Maybe death by the hands of Muslims will make race realists out of them… But quite sadly, the ones who become race realists and leave aren’t the Marxists being groomed for power (we need a European McCarthy, honestly).
            Like what happened to this little girl: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/9154350/Toulouse-shooting-little-girl-cornered-in-school-and-shot-in-head.html

            As far as Muslims go… Low intelligence doesn’t make them less destructive, even if the docile multiculturalist society makes them more able to carry out their inclinations. I maintain that Arabic intelligence is created by hierarchy. A single ant is not intelligent… But in colonies or hives they form a kind of intelligence. I’ve noticed this firsthand in how Arabs behave when they are by themselves (reasonable) vs. large groups of them. Low intelligence never stopped them from taking Byzantium or forming Caliphates, so I am not going to underestimate my enemy. Underestimation is a tactical error that has proved devastating for people–regardless of intelligence–throughout all of history.

            I think a point that is missed though is that America aside… Jews don’t hold that much influence in the EUSSR (I would imagine that if they did, the EU wouldn’t be pro-Palestinian). There are just too few of them in Europe. European multiculturalism seems to me to be inspired by other forces, generally. You can focus on the leftist Jews there if you want to–and extrapolate them to represent all Jewry…But that’s probably just going to distract you from the real sociopolitical dynamics at play.

          • David Ashton

            Jewish fears help to explain their motivations.
            This is not the only factor in “antisemitism” and its causes, of course, but it is a big factor since WW2.

  • Sun

    ….southern California to the northern counties but say that it is because of “traffic congestion” or “pollution.”

    I’m sorry those are valid reasons.

    Do you have any idea how bad traffic is here? Of course not.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      And completely unrelated to immigration…er…um…

    • Unperson

      SoCal traffic is bad because her roads are now forced to an untold number of MILLIONS MORE DRIVERS than they were designed for. Millions more beat-up minivans with the Virgin of Guadeloupe decal on them. Millions more beat-up pickups carrying lawnmowers and leaf-blowers in their beds. Millions more beat-up import sedans from the ’80s and ’90s that are low-budget barrio versions of the ricers from the “Fast and Furious” movies (some of whom like to do their racing on public freeways).
      And WHERE did all those millions come from?

      Get rid of your illegal Mextizos, get rid of your traffic problem. You’ll also get rid of a whole lot of OTHER problems at the same time.

  • Mike Lane

    I can always rely on AmRen to provide me with a good sort of people and some useful information. I had no idea Breivik had such a cult following. I’m also not surprised I haven’t heard this elsewhere.

  • Why all the complaining?

    Diversity is good!
    Diversity is a strength!


  • Epiminondas

    What a horror story. We can only hope the socialist nightmare self-destructs before it brings us all down.

  • Garrett Brown

    What happened to the BNP for it to “collapse”?

  • European immigration is good!
    European immigration is a strength!


    • seapeaMP

      heh! That’s funny.

  • Morris LeChat

    Andreas Brevick has shown all the people in Europe that their leaders are “the weak horse”. He killed 77 of their children, and they do essentially nothing to him. The liberal rhetoric about the sanctity of life and not executing murderers is shown to be nothing but weakness. He killed their children, and they are too weak and cowardly to deal with him. This makes them disgusting, this makes the elites of Europe worthy of the treatment of being spit upon. This makes them less than dirt. What Brevick did though was to bring to them what they have brought to Europeans as a whole. He violated the world of the elite that the elite thought was impregnable. They thought they were so righteous in sacrificing their fellow Europeans while committing suicide that God himself would protect them. Brevick showed them they are wrong, no one is on their side, and that they are the monsters.
    In the end, the people follow the strong horse, not the weak horse. Life sides with life. Brevick, lives, the 777 children are dead, they are no longer relevant. Their parents, the current elites, have been shown to be the weak horse. Brevick struck a blow that is continuing to resonate and that resonation is continuing to destroy the world of the liberal elites, it is continuing to destroy their legitimacy.

    • Lygeia

      Anders Behring Breivik will be in prison forever.

      There is a special exception to the 21-year prison sentence rule in Norway, and that is that prisoners can be kept indefinitely in prison if they cannot be rehabilitated.

      He will never get out.

      He is not the strong horse.

      • Morris LeChat

        oh please, he will be released when the political climate changes. The climate change is something he set in motion. He will be release you silly woman. Liberalism is dead, it just doesn’t know it yet.

      • Morris LeChat

        He is alive, their children are dead, he is the strong horse. A life in prison is not a punishment for taking 77 lives.. He is only in a stable at the moment, not buried like their children.

      • JohnEngelman

        Anders Behring Breivik ought to be hanged by slow strangulation.

      • Gwynn Ap Nudd

        You can’t imprison an idea. If Europe lives and regains its freedom, he will be remembered with honor.

    • Carney3

      Breivik is a fool and could not possibly have done more to make the Muslim/non-white presence in Norway permanent and irreversible. The smart way forward is to echo parties such as those in Denmark, Switzerland, and Austria that have not only gained support but affected policy including on immigration in a positive direction. Thanks to the IDIOT Breivik, now any such party in Norway, any movement to save the nation, is stigmatized and crippled, and the “center-right” establishment will feel no pressure to change immigration policy, let alone accept a nationalist party into any coalition.

  • In America, we need to understand, that it was the filthy jewish schwein, jews, that have destroyed America! If you ever notice, it’s the filthy jew that promotes the knee grows. I was looking at American tv tonight, and eveywhere the promotion of the knee grow grows ever stronger. Every where, everywhere, there is the promotion of knee grow. When will white male ever wake up?

  • I meant to say, ‘white males’ ever wake up. Jews have become such a cancer. They feel as though they have an upper hand, but they don’t.

  • Stand up, Europeans, and fight back. You have nothing to lose but your chains!

  • why is amren and the rest of the anti-immigration movement characterizing anti-immigration political parties as ‘rightwing’? It is clear that rich investors and the corporations they own want more mass immigration. Being anti-immigration is NOT right wing. It is LEFTwing. Left mean being FOR the majority. Rightwing means being for the rich. If you are anti-immigration you are FOR the white citizen majority. That aint RIGHTwing.

    I can see why the corporate media wants to confuse right with left, as they do when they call Golden Dawn and similar parties rightwing for being anti-immigrant. But why does amren, et al., have to do this as well? The corporate media is a tool of the rich investors and their corporations. Is amren ALSO a tool of the rich investors that want to separate political ideologies into two separate bundles?

    By called anti-immigrant ‘rightwing’ you associate being anti-immigrant with being against progressive taxation, being against universal healtcare, being for a runaway military industrial complex and all the other nastiness that is associated with the Right in America.

    Stop enforcing ideological purity among the political ideology. In america we are forced to choose between two seperate and un-mixable bundles of political ideology:

    1) on the conservative/rightwing side, we can choose the GOP that is supposedly against immigration and affirmative action/race spoils (but in reality they only give this lip service); and against progressive taxation and the social safety net, and against controls of how the wealthy can use their money.

    The rich definitely win when the GOP wins.

    2) the liberal dems who are supposedly for taxing the rich more and for a strong social safety net (but increasingly just give this lip service); for more mass immigration and affirmative action/social safety net. etc.

    The rich also win when the Dems win. But the key to the rich winning either way is that the ideologies associated with both parties are bundled and un-mixable. For example, it is defacto forbidden to be FOR a strong social safety net and FOR progressive taxation while at the same time being AGAINST mass immigration and AGAINST race spoils/affirmative action.

    The media and the entire establishment enforces this ideological apartheid system. Amren is doing its part to enforce ideological apartheid as well by referring to golden dawn et al as ‘rightwing’.

    And what a coincidence that every other anti-immigration website does the same. What a coincidence.

    • JohnEngelman

      The terms “left” and “right” appeared during the French Revolution of 1789 when members of the National Assembly divided into supporters of the king to the president’s right and supporters of the revolution to his left.


      The way I distinguish between left and right is that the left wants more equality; the right wants more inequality: it may be inequality of wealth, race, or religion.

      Democrats want to loosen immigration restrictions because they care about poor immigrants. Republicans want to loosen immigration restrictions because they care about the rich businessmen who will become richer when the coming tide of immigration enables them to raise prices and cut wages.

      • why is ideological apartheid enforced? Why am I the only one who notices that this exists?

        • dhs

          No, I have noted and commented on the crude ideological taxonomy used in discussing politics. The main distinction in the U.S. is between those who support Liberalism and those who oppose it. To liberal benefit, those who oppose liberalism are fragmented ideologically: neocons, paleocons, libertarians, Christian Conservatives, etc. These anti-Liberal groups disipate much of their limited resources fighting one another.

  • kerrysmith

    I would not have run that indulgent portrait of Breivik, the mass murderer of white adolescents.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Great picture. The plastic surgery he had worked. Mass murderer of future white genocidalists.

  • White terrorism

    White people are such racist cowards ! Why can’t they just say they hate brown and black skinned people instead of talking in code about “radical islam” ! Christian or atheist NATO and American soldiers have raped, killed and tortured more innocent muslims than all the muslim terrorists and criminals in all of Europe.

    And F.Y.I. Syrians (like the Boston bombers) are White, racially caucasian. I thought Amren was all about whites going back to Europe !

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Here’s how the subSaharan African trojan horse slowly eats away at civilized nations and leads to White genocide…

    “During the 2006 election, it was brought to attention that Reinfeldt’s paternal great-grandfather, John Reinfeldt, was the illegitimate son of Emma DoroteaReinfeld, a maid from Eckau in present-day Latvia, and John Hood, an African American circus director from New York.[54][55] Emma Dorotea Reinfeld later married the Swede Anders Karlsson, but her son John kept his mother’s surname. The spelling was later changed to Reinfeldt.[2][54][55] He also has Italian ancestry, via his paternal grandmother, who was allegedly related to royals King Ferdinand IV of Naples and his queen, Marie Caroline of Austria.[55]

    He has revealed that his personal distaste for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats party is based on his partly African ancestry.[56] Opponents on the far right often mock the Prime Minister for being ‘non-white’ because of this.[citation needed]”


    Good work, Mr. Breivik. So much more work to do…

  • nunjobizness

    Multi Culti NEVER works. I am a native southern Californian. I can tell you of many areas that were once clean and crime free that now look like mexico. Our so called “leaders” don’t have to live with it, but WE do. We did not ask for them to come here.

  • Charles Paddington

    Who cares about Sinn Fein and Ireland. The Irish have never historically been able to handle a functioning nation-state. They would be better off in the union with the rest of the countries in the British Isles. I often wonder if the Irish really do, as was perceived in the nineteenth century have a self-destructive gene. They have, historically made ideal soldiers, but never in their own army; it is always in other countries’ armies. They only had one shot at a properly functioning nation-state with the Blueshirts, Michael Patrick Lynch and Ian O’Duffy. But DeValera saw to their destruction, sadly.

  • “American whites who move from southern California to the northern counties but say that it is because of “traffic congestion” or “pollution.”
    I left the SF Peninsula for a variety of reasons. It’s complicated but part was my conflicts with the Black Panthers and the other was some of my families very liberal ideas re: inter racial marriage which I hate.
    I’ve been living in the Sierra Foothills for approx. 16 years and visited the Bay Area to attend my mothers funeral. Otherwise I would not have gone.
    I’m known as a rascist down. I did go to Veterans PTSD counseling for a couple of years to get myself calmed down and discovered that I was not alone. There are many veterans who confided that they had the same problem.

    • Martel

      Veterans with the same issues politically? Did you keep in touch?

  • BellaCosa

    Words are insufficient to express my sorrow at the direction Europe is taking. The US is a lost cause to me at this point, the treachery of our homegrown leftists being old hat. But the situation in Europe makes me seethe. I truly cannot conceive of a scenario where the Europeans actually come to their senses and do what needs to be done: forcibly repatriate, en masse, the hordes of third world squatters (even to the second- and third-generations), and conserve Europe for Europeans. To me, that is just so far-fetched, a bookmaker couldn’t give me odds favorable enough to make me bet on it. Last summer, I was visiting friends in a small European city of about 40,000, and even there, they had a ghettoized part of town and it wasn’t uncommon to see third-world immigrants on a daily basis. To think that this is what has become of my great-grandparents’ homeland makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Gerónimo Anónimo

    “In this respect they are like American whites who move from southern
    California to the northern counties but say that it is because of
    “traffic congestion” or “pollution.”
    There are other things that can be described as “pollution”. It’s not always what’s in the air.

  • Nick

    Very good read. Reading articles like this one really gives me hope that there are sane people out there, unlike skinhead white extremists. They solve this huge problem with violence, but it’s not the time (yet).