FBI Releases Images of Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects

CBS Boston, April 18, 2013

The FBI has released images of the two suspects they believe planted bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday. The two suspects are seen in surveillance video walking on Boylston Street.

The first suspect, a male, is wearing a black hat, black jacket and was carrying a black backpack. This man, “Suspect #1″ is believed to be associated with the explosion near Marathon Sports.

“Suspect #2″ appears to be a white male wearing a backwards white baseball hat. He is seen in surveillance video carrying a black backpack over one shoulder. The FBI says this man left a backpack near the second bomb site, in front of the Forum restaurant.


The FBI has more video evidence of the men, but they only released a short clip to the media on Thursday.

Three people died and over 170 were injured when the two bombs went off shortly before 3pm on Monday. {snip}



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  • Winston Merryweather

    Two Arabs wearing backpaks were photographed. Why would two grown Arabs be wearing backpaks like two school children? Suspicious to be sure.

    • sbuffalonative

      There were lots of backpacks at this event. People holding clothing for others. Also, Boston is a college town and there are lots of 20-somethings with backpacks walking around the city.

      • Morris LeChat

        No actually, there aren’t. I go into boston frequently. One rarely sees anyone with a LARGE backpack. When one does, one always assumes it is a Euro tourist, since they tend to do the “hostel” thing. They look ridiculous and stand out, they are very conspicuous. They would avoid huge crowds like this since it would be harder to get through them with large packs.

  • Bill

    There is a big difference between a backpack and a duffle bag. Didn’t they say the bombs were made of pressure cookers and in duffle bags? And of course, we can assume the 1st man is a black, since they didn’t mention race, but made sure to mention race concerning the “white” man who may or may NOT actually be white.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      I wouldn’t say black. Perhaps arab. I bet both of them are of some sort of Middle Eastern flavor.

      • The__Bobster

        Obvious camel jockeys. Tim Wise and Salon must be sooooo disappointed.

      • Bill

        You are correct. I hadn’t seen the cam shots when I posted. The one “white” definitely looks swarthy and not white. The other, in the white hat, looks more white but the nose looks Jewish or semitic. And who’s to say what KIND of whites they are if indeed they are white? Could well be tree huggers, or Occupy dolts, or Democratic in voting passions aggrieved over somethings stupid like they all are.
        They arrested a white guy for the ricin deliveries, but all they are saying about HIM is that he is an Elvis impersonator. Gee. If he’d been right wing, they’d trumpet that, so they must have found out he was “one of them” so all they tell us is he’s an Elvis impersonator. Just like they shut up quick when the Colorado nutjob turned out to be an aggrieved liberal who didn’t think the Congresswoman and judge were liberal enough.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    Dang, I was hoping for black muslim lesbian women, maybe even hispanic black muslim lesbian women. Oh, well, at least they are unlikely to be mick-Americans like me.

  • bigone4u

    just your typical white male conservative/Republicans “Patriot” murderers

    Above is one of 10 comments currently on the linked CBS website. LIke the Salon story on Amren yesterday suggested, the libtards so desperately want to blame white conservatives, which is their code word for white racists.

  • ncpride

    Neither of those two look ‘White’ to me…..Despite how desperate the media want them to be.

    • khesanh67-68

      At this point, as far as the media is concerned, they’re White enough…

    • Warren

      Maybe they are ‘white Arabs.’ Or yet more ‘white hispanics’? Maybe whitey put them up to it!

      • potato78

        In this case, white = 1 cent.

        • Anon

          Or you could be honest about what they are and admit they look jewish.

          But then we’d have to bring up the fact that Israel is the ONLY country we’ve ever caught committing terrorism against the US (multiple times at that), and that every nation in the world, including half the US admits Israel did 9/11. Hell, we caught the guys (and several hundred other spies from Israel) at the time and let them go…..all of them. Zero prosecutions. Soon after, the ridiculous stories about Al Queda (the word has no other meaning nor usage than, “the toilet”) and other ridiculous, impossible fantasies. The newspapers of every country of the world covered how every intelligence agency in the world, blew the whistle on Mossad…..except, of course, for US papers which had complete censorship of foreign news.

          My point. Mossad is literally famous for getting caught murdering innocents in order to create phony terrorism to blame of arabs. They’ve been doing it a long time. Specifically, they have been doing it to US. And the ONLY reason we haven’t responded by turning Israel into a sheet of glass each time they get caught doing it, is they control our government top to bottom….our media to.

          Those pictures are going to disappear so fast….

          • thoughtcrime

            Indeed they look Jewish to me. I suspect this was a Mossad operation just like 911 was. Everyone here should google 911missinglinks, it uncovers quite a bit and doesn’t bother with the typical “they used bombs/mini nukes” etc etc conspiracy crapola to explain how the buildings came down. IMHO it doesn’t really matter how the buildings came down it is more important to reveal the WHO and WHY behind them coming down.

            If these two men are found and determined to be Israeli’s they will be “cleared” and allowed to quietly slip back to Israel. There will be no prosecution.

            Just like the USS Liberty case, there will be an extensive cover up.

            Now of course if they are revealed to be two “gentiles” they will be “connected” to radical right wing extremist groups in various ways even if they have zero connection and are simply two guys with autism who liked to blow things up. That crack was in relation to the so-called Sandyhook shooter who was supposed to have Aspbergers (sp). Seems a disorder that someone is born with is determined to be “mental illness” to justify gun confiscation of any White person who was diagnosed and treated for depression,..even decades ago.

            Since I am on that subject, I wonder if any white politicians will determine that gun confiscation laws (if they are eventually rammed through) that use medical records to determine whether or not someone can own a gun, will have a disparate impact on Whites as most blacks never seek treatment for their amazingly high number of mental disorders.

            I think i can be reasonably argued that most blacks are criminally insane and prone to violent fits of rage at zero provocation and if they were properly diagnosed and treated the majority of them would be lobotomized.

          • RubyR

            Right on. I feel we’ve been neglecting the critical struggle over gun rights and background checks; so far the republicans are winning but I think we should be trying to organize support. Aspergers isn’t even classified in the DSMV or whatever as a mental illness, so Newtown’s contribution to the hunt for the mentally ill is just a red herring. Basically the government wants control, information on us, and to deprive whites of their constitutional rights.
            Excellent point about whites seeking treatment more often. I’ve also noticed that whites complaining about racism or abuse by blacks particularly are deemed paranoid in some clinical sense.

          • …. will have a disparate impact on Whites as most blacks never seek treatment for their amazingly high number of mental disorders …..

            blacks are diagnosed in prison and charity hospitals.

          • Steven Bannister

            Here’s a strange thing that’s ALREADY happened:

            Remember when Boston police identified a “Saudi National” (and also produced photos of 2 other Arab looking men) and then quickly dropped the charges?

            Well, it turns out that this Saudi National was a RICH Saudi National and one who was scheduled to be DEPORTED a week after the Boston Marathon. Suddenly, Obama had an unscheduled meeting with a member of the royal family and shortly after, the Saudi suspect was let go.

            To me, this sounds eerily similar to when Bush quickly shuttled Bin Laden’s rich family out of the United States right after 911.

            If anyone knows more details, feel free to elaborate.

          • ICE denies:


            Seriously, I think we should all chill out on the speculation until we have something official. Then we can start theorizing. I know whatever the official story and official suspects will be, I’ll half believe it and half not. There is a part of me that hopes like Hades the official suspects aren’t white, just so I can read the underroo-clad losers in their parents’ basements go unhinged on Huffington Post et al.

          • gemjunior

            I think that this has already happened as well. What’s more, this guest on Michael Savage is called Walid Shoebat. He is a former Arab terrorist himself as a member of the PLO who converted to Christianity from Islam, and began working as a specialist in tracking terrorists and writing books. He has an expert opinion on this matter and was very interesting. It’s a little more toward the middle of the show.

      • StillModerated

        Who do you mean by Whitey? Be Bold!

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Many Arabs are White. Anyone who speaks Arabic as a first language is viewed as being an Arab. Lebanese, who are actually descendants of the Phoenicians are also Arab speaking as are other ethnic groups who live in Arab speaking countries. These guy could be Arabs or as you said, Hispanic. Saddam Hussein was an Arab but you put him on a street in Tijuana and he could just as well be Mexican. Same with Omar Sharif. Anthony Quinn who was half Mexican played the role of Auda Abu Tai in Lawrence of Arabia and very convincingly.
        But guess what. The FBI and the media are ready to ” ORG out” over the prospect of the suspects being White.

        • Gunrunner1

          I think you are talking about the Semitic race. Da Joooosssss! It could be a Mossad psyOp. No one claimed credit, odd for Arabs

          • MBlanc46

            “No one claimed credit, odd for Arabs”.

            That’s what got me thinking that it might not be Arabs or other Muslims.

          • MikeofAges

            Hey. Why pay for what you can get for free?

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I think they could be anarchist occupiers. How much could it have cost to make those primitive but highly effective explosives? A hundred bucks? Two hundred? Heck, even an occupier living in Mom’s basement could come up with that given a couple of months and cutting back on his pot purchases for a week or two.

            Wouldn’t that be delicious? If it were a couple of white boys…on the FAR LEFT? That, for me, would be the “let’s hope it’s a…” scenario!

          • MBlanc46

            Or militias. Or just some lone psychopath with a grudge against somebody. As far as I can tell, no one has much of a clue. And until there’s some real evidence that the guys in this picture aren’t just a couple of guys with backpacks having a natter, it looks to me as if the authorities are still at square zero.

          • dogbone

            “NeanderthalDNA -I think they could be anarchist occupiers”

            The young suspect in the white hat looks like he is a member of ANTIFA. If he is then the FBI won’t do anything.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Sure, some. Assad of Syria looks pretty white to me.

          I’m hoping for White myself – a White anarchist/marxist occupier would be a real jolt to everyone, especially the left…

        • jay11

          I know some Arabs from Syria with blonde hair and multi-colored eyes. Caucasians have been in the middle east for thousands of years from ancient Greek traders and Alexander the Great to the Crusaders. For that matter, I know some Aryan type people from northern india who could pass for any white American with a tad bit American indian thrown in. Lotta mixin’ goin on.

      • Nate Miller

        The suspects are either white Americans or Arab Americans. They certainly don’t look Hispanic, black or Asian to me.

    • Jefferson

      When it comes to how the U.S government racially classifies criminals, if you are not an obvious Bantu or a Chink, than you are automatically “White”.

      Only when it it comes to affirmative action programs, does the definition of Nonwhite broaden to include more groups and is not limited to just Congoids and Orientals.

      • Freya

        I’ve noticed that ‘white supremacism’ is a label connoting ‘white male.’ The KKK was a white male organization, Hitler’s party was largely male-dominated and hyper-masculinized, even by gay men like Rohm… Somehow the notion that white rights equals ‘supremacist’ has always assumed subtext of a male abuse of power. I doubt Warren would be called a white supremacist.

        • Jefferson

          Warren would still be referred to as a White terrorist and not a Native American terrorist if she committed a terrorist act.

          She is only considered Nonwhite for affirmative action purposes.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            As a proud Son of the South, listen to me…

            Don’t dig too far back in yer woodpile if you don’t want to find something you don’t want to find. It’s not important.

            The American White is a New Man, a New White subrace. Take pride in your roots, but beware hyper exclusivity.

            Look White, Act White, Live White. Too small a tent will result in extinction as surely as the mental disease of libleftyism aggravated by faux conservatism.

      • Fauxcahontas is a con artist, nothing else.

    • PBL

      Not white enough to disqualify them from AA, I would wager. Especially suspect two (white hat), he sure looks ME or South Asian. That being the case, it is doubtful he partnered with a white.

      • StillModerated

        How about a white Mossad agent?

        • PBL

          Not Mossad; Assad; or even Anti-Fa activists, in my opinion. All those groups have enough wattage to see the potential downside outweighs any benefit that might accrue to them. The only rational view is the attack was revenge perpetrated by people with a white hot hatred of the U.S. Muslims best fit the bill for that.

      • PBL

        Sunil Tripathi, South Asian Brown university student.

      • Nate Miller

        Both look pretty light skinned and Caucasoid to me (from their facial symmetry and nasal structure). But since the picture is so grainy, it is hard to ascertain if the two suspects are either white Americans or light skinned northern Levantine Arabs. It is highly unlikely that they are southern Arabs, south Asians or even Hispanics.
        Also what gets me wondering is how did the FBI narrow down these two blokes as suspects? They seem like 2 random regular Bostonians with a baseball cap backwards donning a backpack.

        Also on another note, it seems highly unlikely this incident in Boston could be an islamic terrorist handiwork. Here’s why:

        1. Muslim terror groups tend to immediately take credit and they want the whole world to know that they are responsible for bringing “great Satan” to her knees to avenge the plight of the “poor” Palestinians and other assorted Muslim fruitcakes by the “evil Zionist America”. My military experience has taught me enough to ID a Muslim terror handiwork.

        2. The ever so efficient FBI, CIA, NCIS, NSA et local law enforcement are unusually taking a very long time to find the suspect(s) of 2-3 cheap homemade bombs versus immediately obtaining fruitful results when major disasters like 9/11 took place. Very fishy indeed!

        3. Muslims are either too incompetent or just plain masochistic & stupid enough to get caught by the cops. The person who did this, is someone with a reasonably high IQ who is smart enough to cover his tracks against all odds ( CCTV footage, massive intelligence booby traps etc). Again, a very un-islamic trait!

        I wouldn’t waste my time imagining Saudis or other Muslim Arabs behind this bombing!

        • Anon12

          They are: NOT WHITE !

          Chechens – the descendants of the ancient people of Khazar (Khazar Khanate)

    • Dr. X

      IF that is actually the bombers… (presuming the FBI released the correct images) they look like Eastern Mediterraneans to me — not “white” in the sense of the Northern European, but not “nonwhite” either… Possibly Turks, Lebanese, Bulgarians… light-skinned Arabs — Syrians, maybe. Interesting question: could they be some of Assad’s boys getting revenge for Obama supporting the jihadist Syrian rebels ?… just a thought…

      • PesachPatriot

        This is a pretty solid theory…the only thing is, Assad is not some wild eyed fanatic like bin laden or the goofballs in hamas….he is not itching to meet 72 virgins any time soon….provoking the US is the kiss of death for arab rulers and he knows it very well….if Saddam had just stayed quiet and oppressed his own citizens after gulf war I when I was a teenager he’d probably still be alive today, but the assassination attempt on bush senior in kuwait probably sealed his fate.

    • ncpride

      The media is reporting one of the bombers has been killed, and the other on the loose. One police officer slipped up and said…..’They came here to kill people’……Which indicates to me they are not Americans, despite how ‘light skinned’ (their description) they seem to be.

      • MikeofAges

        They came here at a young age. NPR, in its early reports, was trying to spin it as “home grown terrorism”. If that doesn’t work, the talking head media will come up with something else. Anything to avoid admitting that there can be people who declare themselves your enemies. Not because of what you have done to them. Because they hate who and what you are and because they want their tribe to prevail. Generous sorts though. They will willingly adopt you so long as you adopt their creed and allow your progeny to be raised as one of them.

    • JoeMcCarthy
    • Nate Miller

      Actually, they DO look white to most of us. In America, they would be considered white. If you think these two muslim savages are anything but white, maybe you should also include most Jews, Italians, Poles, Russians, Serbians, Czechs, Spaniards, Greeks, Romanians, Slovenians and Ukranians as non whites too.

      • jay11

        I saw pictures of them up close in other settings, and I would not consider them ‘white’ at all if I saw them on the street. I would think they looked middle eastern or some kind of latino.

  • anton Drexler

    “White man” looks more Arab than western. But even if a white guy didn’t do it, we know whites are responsible somehow, right CBS?

  • Dave4088

    As a few posters have already noted, these two suspects don’t exactly resemble Nordic supermen. Suspect #1 looks like a lighter skinned middle eastern male with a large nose atypical for most Europeans and suspect #2 clearly has dark skin judging by the video evidence.

    • Ken

      Could be Chechen muslims. They’re white aren’t they?

      • jay11

        Actually, the whole Caucasus region, for which our race gets its name, is full of white-ish people (chechens, dagestanis and more) but they are not euro-type whites and their culture is more Asiatic/middle eastern in nature.

        • Anon12

          They are Turkish-Mongolian (Asiatic) peoples…Khazars

      • Anon12

        Absolutely NOT White..

        Chechens – the descendants of the ancient people of Khazar (Khazar Khanate)

  • Charles Edward Lincoln III

    To my mind, there is almost zero probability that the Boston Marathon was anything other than the third major “false flag” terrorist event in the past year. Aurora, Colorado, in mid-July, Newton, Connecticut, in mid-December, and now Boston in mid-April. I’m not Alex Jones’ greatest fan but I think he has called this absolutely right:
    See also:
    See http://www.sheepdogreport.com/false-flag/

  • jay11

    Why do they call them “white”? The guy whose face can be clearly seen has a middle-eastern ‘hook’ like nose. He is NOT any white European group I have ever seen. Oh, I remember now! Just look at the Texas Most Wanted list – it’s full of Mexicans, and almost all of them are labeled as ‘white.’

    • potato78

      That is the problem. The media white definition is soosoosoo broad spectrum from Nordic north to south africa south, from west west Europe to middle east east, from north america to south america. Now white is no longer used to be “white”. Then I would like to be called, British, German, Irish, Scandinavian, Italian, etc….White Americans….these people has true “white heritage” people.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    It is amazing seeing the idiotic comments that appear under MSNBC articles and the like, when stories like this get presented.

    Remember the other story a few years ago about some guy with a backpack and a bomb in New York City, I think? The media was quick to identify him as white. Then they found out he was arab, and then there was dead silence and we never heard about it again.

    After his real identity came out, the liberal trash commenters under the MSNBC articles kept attributing it to the fact that:

    ” Of course it isn’t a Southern white male. Southern white rednecks are too stupid to put bombs together. Hence, it makes sense it is an arab”.

    Liberals are very sick minded, twisted individuals. Where do they come up with this trash, and what goes on in their dispicable and morphed heads all day, that leads them to spew such mentally retarded nonsense?

    • Dave4088

      I’m not a Southerner, but white people in general and white Southerners in particular are the only people one can righteously hate, malign and marginalize without penalty or repercussion. In fact, it’s actively encouraged among the tolerant, holier than thou, race doesn’t matter but only matters when whites screw up, left wing.

      Can you imagine an MSNBC host rhapsodizing about the criminality, stupidity and mental retardation of inner city, welfare dependent blacks?

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        I am getting so tired of it. You might disagree with me, but when they started talking about how arabs are smarter than Southern whites, I got 10 times more aggravated than when, before his identity came out, they were saying Southern whites are more likely to be terrorists than Middle Easterners. Blaming whites for being violent is one thing,……we are all used to it by now, and it has become cliche……but it is when they also start talking about how dumb we are that really makes me mad. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t blame us for all the world’s evil but then turn around and accuse us of being dumb. That right there is flat out insulting and hypocritical.

        • So CAL Snowman

          Exactly, they keep saying that White Superiority is just a “myth” but somehow “White Privilege” is everywhere and seriously holding back blacks and browns from flying space ships to Neptune. They say White Superiority is a “myth” but somehow White people are responsible for holding back blacks and browns for centuries. So if we are all equal, why weren’t the blacks and browns able to shake off the yoke of White oppression and actually contribute to the world for a change?

        • Dave4088

          I think the economy and GDP of the South would probably exceed the GDP of the entire Arab world. That wouldn’t be the case if Arabs were truly and generally smarter than white Southerners. Moreover, no Arab nation can be considered first world and probably never will be as long as they remain mired in obscurantism owing to the Islamic faith.

          The anti-white left wing are hate filled liars and truly insufferable and we cannot coexist with such slime. I rue the day when I can expel them from this country.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            Good point. Not only that, but arabs haven’t contributed much to science since the Middle Ages, but even there liberal historians make great exaggerations about what they actually did. Today everyone makes a big deal about Dubai, but all those buildings were designed by Westerners.

          • Dutchman

            You are so right about the Arabs and the Middle Ages. The most important thing the Muslims did was to preserve Classical Greek learning which eventually found its way back to the West. In the case of supposed great Muslim scholars, most will themselves be Greek converts from Syria or Persians that were already advanced before the Arab conquests. In other words, most of the Islamic achievement is still white!

          • Andy

            They like to talk about how the Muslims preserved knowledge during those terrible Middle Ages when the Christians hated it. The Church was the biggest promoter of learning during those years.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            The GDP of the American South is enormous, and the League of the South has pointed this out in detail.

            As for southern whites being dumb, they are largely of Scottish extraction, a group notable for our contributions to American science, engineering and medicine.

          • gemjunior

            Scottish have one of the highest IQs in Europe.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            It’s always amazed me how 5 million Southern Whites managed to hold out so long against 20+ million Northerners with vastly superior infrastructure and industry. Yet there my peeps were, somehow churning out cutting edge ironclads and subs and git’in ‘er done. Until they just couldn’t anymore.

            Read a fascinating book on the Confederate navy. Those ironclads were pretty unreliable and potential death traps back when they were cutting edge technology, even the Northern ones.

            South still should have listened to ol’ Hinton Helper though. Too bad the guy had no sense of humor nor tact.

          • MikeofAges

            “It’s always amazed me how 5 million Southern Whites managed to hold out
            so long against 20+ million Northerners with vastly superior
            infrastructure and industry.”

            Interior communications. The same reason the Germans could hold out in WWI and WWII.

        • bigone4u

          I write rebuttal comments all the time on Huffington Post calling out ignorant anti-white, anti-south bigotry, but there’s so much of it. Last night I defended Mississippians who were under attack because of the Elvis impersonator guy. Liberals insist, demand, that everyone be like them.

      • I disagree. We can also ridicule Germans all we want.

        • Dave4088

          Oops, I forgot about the Germans. Good catch.

        • josh

          I have a very high opinion of Germans…for things theyve done…l

          • Katherine McChesney

            I’ve got news for you. Germany has legalized beastiality. There are thousands (they say) of Germans who have sex with their pets and protested to have it legalized. I received the email today about it from a private source linked to Germany.

          • bigone4u

            Ditto Denmark. They promote bestiality tourism.

          • Anon12

            Are you sure they are the REAL White Dutch? Not just those with the same skin color as we have here in the USA? Guess who runs all these types of ” sicko enteratinment” the world over?

          • bigone4u


            It’s really the Danes as far as I can tell. Click on the link to read the saddest story ever.

          • Anon12

            You sure they are of the Germanic WHITE race or are they…..? Most degenerates are of the “other”…. persuasion…same as here in the USA…..

          • Andy

            Europe is going nuts. America’s following in her steps. At least it’s not sustainable. When the insanity reaches people at an individual level, they will fight back. And people who marry the same sex, their siblings, and animals rarely have healthy offspring.

        • potato78

          Why do you like to ridicule our Mighty Germans.

          • Anon12

            I, for one, love the German people. They are our brethern.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            My old man, who fought them, hated Hogan’s Heroes…

            “Germans are neither stupid nor bumbling nor inept. Just the opposite. This show is stupid.”

            He got shot at by them but he respected them.

            Yeah sure, some are depraved. Who the hell let’s the law get in the way of screwing their own pooch in the privacy of their own home anyway? Oh, maybe law abiding Germans…

            Hey, we can also poke fun at our brethren, eh? LOL!

          • Anon12

            Love the video…..loved the music also……

          • Charles Edward Lincoln III

            I get very sad when I see all these wonderful old films from the 1930s. I can’t help but think how few of the fine looking men would ever live to be fathers or grandfathers because of Hitler’s folly in taking on both British Empire and the Soviet Union. How many of their family homes, schools, shops, farms, and churches were blown up or reduced to ashes, how many of their girlfriends and wives never saw them again after a certain day in 1942, 1943, 1944, or worst of all 1945.

            As vapidly elegant and romantic as these nostalgic and militaristic images are, Hitler was the worst thing that ever happened

            (1) to Germany,

            (2) to the German People,

            (3) to the position of Western Europe and all its people in the world.

            Whenever I go to Germany I can only cry for the scale of the destruction Hitler brought on his own people. Were the allies unnecessarily vengeful at Dresden and elsewhere? Were the Nurnberg trials a farce? Yes to both questions (I studied under Sally Falk Moore at Harvard—she gave up the profession of law after serving as Robert Jackson’s law clerk at Nurnberg—she lost all faith in the legal system and could never bring herself to speak of it again—We were supposedly “the good guys” and what we did to “the bad guys” and how we did it scarred the young lady originally predicted to have been most likely to be the U.S. Supreme Court’s first female Justice for life.)

            Hitler could not have left “US”, the entire Anglo-Saxons, Germans, and Austrians, a worse heritage if he had been paid by the Rothschilds totally to sabotage the Western Imperial world order.

            Without Hitler’s War and the rest of World War II, India and Africa would still be under British and French rule and America would never have gone through the convulsions of the (anti-) Civil Rights movement.

            Hitler should have had better sense than to bring England into the war by invading Poland. He should have allied with the beautiful blonde and blue eyed Slavs of Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and the Ukraine to fight Communism to the death and then be celebrated in Western Europe as the man who vanquished the Reds.

            I have a lady friend in Los Angeles who is Orthodox Jewish (I had never known any practicing Jews before I moved to LA, all the ethnic Jews I ever met at Tulane, Harvard, and Chicago are quite agnostic or atheistic even). She was born in Russia and came over to this country in the 1990s as a religious persecution refugee. Strange to say, she often repeats the most moving tribute to Nazi Germany I have ever heard: her father had always told her the story of marching with the red army into Berlin in 1945. (He was an old man when she was born, I guess, having married a young girl given his status as a revered “War Hero” in the USSR).

            But what Julia’s father had to say was this, even about Germany in ruins: the whole country, but Berlin in particular, was a more beautiful place tan he had ever seen or dreamed of. It was organized in an ideal manner, efficient, rich, and clean. It was the pinnacle of civilization, and he so desperately envied the German people he had just participated in conquering.

            This is the world that Hitler destroyed—the pinnacle of Western Civilization, possibly the highest point of the Civilization of the World—and his heritage has been used as a justification for tearing down all that is left. This is the Mighty German Heritage to which you refer—doom, death, and destruction of all that we, our parents, and grandparents ever held dear.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Amen. He really was a form of antichrist…

          • NeanderthalDNA

            He may have been a political and oratorical genius, but he was a military moron. Beyond the grand strategic stupidity of taking on too many enemies at once, he time and again arrogantly and vainly interfered with his best generals to such a point that they tried to kill the monster.

            How many times did that hubritic bastard issue orders to his field marshals that resulted in the losses of entire corps and armies and even army groups of hundreds of thousands of soldiers?

            Hitler was by far Germany’s most effective enemy in WW2…

          • Charles Edward Lincoln III

            And to your last summary I’ll say “Amen” right back to you. Hitler was no Napoleon and yes, it’s as if every military decision he made was intentionally designed to produce the worst possible result—but nothing was worse or stupider than the initial invasion of Poland which he knew would force Britain into the war. And nothing was crazier than, having made peace with Stalin, to betray him after partitioning Poland and then invading Russia. Hitler totally deserved to lose the war, but the German people (and as you mention, some of the greatest military minds in the world were German generals) did not deserve Hitler or the catastrophe he brought on them. He should have “proclaimed victory” after the annexation of Bohemia and Moravia into the Reich and then negotiated with Poland over Danzig, the Polish Corridor, and Posen. Possibly Poland could have merged with the Baltic States and ultimately with Belarus and the Ukraine as a Slavic-Fascist German Ally and “Greater Poland” as a bulwark against Stalin. But 20-20 hindsight cannot excuse the fact that Hitler’s own generals saw the disastrous nature and potential of his plans at the time and still sought to implement them.

          • Anon12

            Poland was full of communist jews who hated the German civilains inside Poland…Have you never read about the slaughter of the German people within Poland? I’m just sayin…..That whole war (including America’s version) has so many unanswered questions and nobody (except a few) has dug a little deeper into the causes.

          • Anon12

            You need to read up a little more and not the pc garbage we have heard all our lives. I distinctly have read many times that Hitler wanted the USA and England not to fight the Germans but to help them go after those bolshevik COMMUNIST “russians”. Even Patton, after the war said we should have gone after those damn bolsheviks! He realized after it was too late many things about that war and what we the Americans were being bombarded with through our media from our government. Yes, the media back then was a mouthpiece for certain propaganda. Eisenhauer hated Patton because he knew that Patton saw it all first hand and figured it out that we fought the wrong people. There are still many who question Patton’s convenient death in a “car accident”…….

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah I know all about Hesse and Hitler’s respect for the English. So why did he attack Poland when he should have known the English would intervene?

            Poland was more of a paternal autocracy. They had fought a war against the Soviets after WW1. Where you getting your information from?

          • Anon12

            I cannot remember where I got the info from it has been about 10 years ago. Maybe you can google it and hopefully (if it all hasn’t been taken down) you can find something besides what they want us all to read. The pc stuff.

    • Anon12

      Good one, Courtney! Glad you are still posting here…

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Impossible to tell what ethnicity from those pics.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Just thought about something I’ve not seen anybody else hit on…

      What if these guys are some kind of “occupiers”? Leftist leaning types going all “weathermen underground” or something?

      Neo-anarchists? When I went to one of those occupy things I got lectured to about my white privilege by the lowest form of pompous liblefty slime.

      The goatee, the dress…getting vibes not of right wing but more of radical left.

      Of course could be disguises regardless…

  • The__Bobster

    No Whites in my family look like that.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Looks like they found a couple of Mossad agents to me.

    • Dave4088

      My thoughts exactly.

    • JohnEngelman

      Mossad does not have the motive for something like that.

      • Anon12

        No motive? Really? Where have you been? Under a rock or on another planet…..

    • Anon12

      Ditto…..sure looks that way, doesn’t it?

  • NYB

    “Appears to be a white male”

    Many Mediterraneans and Iranians can pass for white, and there have been documented terror attacks in Iraq and Europe where the operatives altered their appearance to look European in order to deceive security.

    The racial angle is taking on distinct importance in the media’s reporting. When the truth comes out, the conduct of the media should be held up to scrutiny.

  • Secret Tribunal

    White- Muslim hybirds are just as dangerous as the high yellow mongrels who rule us now.

    • StillModerated

      and so are non-Christian whites!

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Not into Christian bashing but I often wonder if the “turn the other cheek” aspect of the religion of the Jew from Galilee might not be part of our problem.

        Much of all Abrahamic religions came from Aryan Zoroastrianism, by the way.

        Also beginning to wonder if Ol’ Odin and Thor and company might not be a better fit for our current plight…

        • Charles Edward Lincoln III

          What on EARTH is the source of your statement that “much of all Abrahamic religions came from Aryan Zoroastrianism, by the way?” I studied Near Eastern Archaeology, History, and Religion as my minor area of concentration, and I cannot imagine what you’re talking about. Zoroastrianism was a relatively late arrival to/development in the Near Eastern Scene for one thing and marks a major deviation from early Aryan (Indo-European) religious and mythic forms. There is almost no relationship whatsoever between any of the Abrahamic religious dogmas and doctrines and the Zoroastrians—that I’m aware of: please name even ONE, because I absolutely cannot. Zoroastrianism is kind of a weird offshoot any way you look at it. It survives in India (and of course, now in Los Angeles—except they can’t leave their dead out to be eaten by the vultures in Los Angeles the way they do around Mumbai….)

  • MekongDelta69

    Oh c’mon – everybody knows this MUST BE George Zimmerman…

    (Do I really have to put “/sarc” here?!)

  • Anon12

    The one in the White hat looks jewish with side view angle…..Isn’t it strange that the muslim guy was to go back to Saudi Arabia (deported)…I will wait until tomorrow to see what Glenn Beck says about all this….we all KNOW the media and our gov wanted it to be a White guy so let’s play their game to see how they play this one out.

    • Katherine McChesney

      If their Semites, they’d look like Jews and Arabs.

      • Anon12

        They do.

    • rightrightright

      There is or was a crime in English common law known as “praemunire” which refers to the treason of taking orders from a foreign power. It was used against Cardinal Wolsey who was accused of taking orders from the Pope. Did the USA take this law over at Independence?

      Obama appears to have followed instruction from his Saudi masters and let the “person of interest” go free and out. Obama should be impeached for treason under praemunire.

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        It’s not like we need to look for anything as obscure as praemunire, Obama should be impeached for treason for about six thousand different reasons, although the top of my list would be treason to the constitution in signing the NDAA. If any two dozen members of the House or Senate had any integrity, this would have happened a LONG, time ago. If the system had any integrity, Obama could never have been elected President.

  • Charles Edward Lincoln III

    I can’t help but feel that we’re playing into our enemies hands if we focus here on the racial identity of the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon events rather than trying to find out what organization or ideology was behind them. As I wrote a few minutes ago, I don’t believe for a second that this was a real terrorist attack.

    Boston was clearly and plainly a set up of some sort, and you just have to ask yourself: by whom and for what. The race of the on-the ground perps was probably selected (or may now still be being selected by those in charge) as a symbolic tool which can be used in so many ways. Obviously, there’s nothing more despicably diagnostic of our times than the Salon.com opinion-editorial article “hoping” that the perpetrator would be a White Christian Conservative. That, again, though, is the enemy’s tactic—and the enemy may well be our own Federal Government here—the FBI has sponsored more terrorism than Al Qaeda ever dreamed of, especially since 9-11 but probably for a long time before that.

    The US Government is largely, if not entirely, a tool of World Communism now, our President and all his allies are students of Karl Marx, V. Lenin, and Saul Alinsky, and we need to realize that and not allow ourselves to be ground down into trivialities. The race of the “on the ground perpetrators” simply doesn’t matter because they are PATSIES. We have to find out who set them up and who paid for and planned this operation, and maybe when we do that, that will awaken our people to the fact that it is the RACE (or Races, groups, religions) in CHARGE of CRIME WORLDWIDE that matters, not the stupid kids on the street who carry out the will of their masters….

    • wattylersrevolt

      Mossad…Mossad…Mossad..Mossad…Mossad and two retarded Iranian youth.
      Barack Obama is not a Marxist…Communust…he is owned by Wall Street…the banks..ad the health insurance industry..I am begging you Comrade not to force me to call you a Retard…….
      Think Israeli art students…think USS Liberty….

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        Don’t force ME to call YOU a Retard (not that I ever do such things without truly extreme provocation) but have you read the Communist Manifesto? Have you read Das Kapital? I repeat this every few months on my blog: http://charleslincoln3.com—read the Communist Manifesto and you will see and understand what is happening in America today.

        You are dead wrong that Barack Obama is not a Marxist Communist, he plainly is. In fact, when he was elected, don’t you recall Newsweek’s cover that said “We are all Socialists Now?” It’s not like Obama makes any secret of it—he comes from a family of three generations of Communist-Sympathizers and was mentored after his return from Indonesia by a red flag carrying Black Communist named Frank Marshall in Hawaii.

        But you are simultaneously correct that he is owned by the Banks. If you read Marx’ works, you will see that liberal lending by Central Banking is the tool by which Communism is implemented. Easy extensions of credit (not real money, not capital at all, but “notes” only, promises to pay thin air) are extended to people to acquire private property in real estate and “the means of production.” The mortgage crisis is not a failure of communism, the mortgage crisis is the TRIUMPH of communism.

        Ultimately the Banks (owned in part by the government already through the Federal Reserve system, and all so heavily regulated and controlled by the Federal government as to be a single organization with it already) will own all the private property in North America, Europe, and the World through government sponsored extensions of easy credit through and by means of the Central Banking System.

        This is not my fantasy, this was Karl Marx’ and F. Engels’ fantasy. But to deny that Barack Obama is a communist is to deny that the first snowfall is white in the Canadian Rockies or that the air in New Orleans is always humid.

        You need to educate yourself by reading the original sources on Marxism—CENTRALIZED BANKING IS THE KEY ELEMENT TO THE PLAN TO ABOLISH PRIVATE PROPERTY IN REAL ESTATE and centralize ownership of all production in the government.

        All Americans are woefully undereducated on this point, but if you still think there is some opposition between Communism and Wall Street, it’s time to Wake Up! American Banking Interests supported the Soviet Union from the beginning.

        • Anon12

          A great post! And true.

        • bigone4u

          Pravda, the voice of Soviet Communism, calls Obama a communist and wonders why we would elect such a destructive person to high office. The Russians know a communist when they see one.

          • wattylersrevolt

            Who would you like to have in office of POTUS? a psychopathic capitalist such as Jack Welch or Ron Paul or Rand Paul? If you do…you are voting for rapid-race-replacement and a very low low low wage economy…in other words..you would be voting the Corporations as POTUS..the exact same thing as you would get if you voted for Barack Obama. Are you two both for privatizing Social Security?..that is to say, handing it over to the Psychopaths on Wall Street?..if you are, than by extension, you both are Psychopaths who worship the Psychopathic Corporations.

          • bigone4u

            Calvin Coolidge might be my choice. Or Andy Jackson. But they’re dead.

          • wattylersrevolt

            Andy Jackson…a Waxhaw Man…by a landslide!!!!!

          • Charles Edward Lincoln III

            Please educate me: what’s a “Waxhaw Man?” I admire Jackson for terminating the Bank of the United States, but he was not a uniformly faithful adherent to the Constitution. Nor was he even quite of one mind with his own first term Vice-President, John C. Calhoun, on the issues of central vs. state power and nullification, and I would have sided with Calhoun.

            I hate to say so in a forum that (in many cases reasonably) favors something you might call “ethnic cleansing”) but I cannot possibly admire Jackson for the Deportation of the Five Civilized Tribes of Indians.

            Unlike so many of today’s ethnic “minorities,” the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Creek were (by-and-large) acculturated, literate and bi-lingual or English speaking, Christian, and slave-holding farmers. The Seminole of Florida were different but also fewer in number.

            The Trail of Tears was unnecessary, as I think was evidenced by the fact that the Five Civilized Tribes were almost uniformly Confederate allies during the War Between the States.

            But I too would choose Andrew Jackson over Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge was mostly notable in history for what he didn’t do, which was almost everything, which is to say he will always be remembered as “Silent Cal”, famous for doing absolutely nothing. When he died, the famous New York wit Dorothy Parker was famous for saying, “Oh really, I hadn’t heard, how can they possibly tell?”

          • ncpride

            Jackson was from a small town in NC called Waxhaw.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I detest “right” and “left”. Not saying the Truth is in the middle…the Truth bears no relation to either.

            I believe in 4th Way – propaganda of Truth. It’s on our side anyway…

          • Today’s Pravda isn’t the same thing as the USSR-era Pravda.

          • Charles Edward Lincoln III

            I’d say that Pravda has more accurate news and editorial stance than almost any UK or American Mainstream Media. There is much hope for the White Race resting behind what used to be the iron curtain.

        • wattylersrevolt

          You are tempting me…but I’ll refrain for now…question:Who does Barack Obama work on behalf of:the White Proletariat..or the White Banksters and Hedge Fund Managers? Ok, now I insist now that you stop watching Alex Jones on You Tube. Another Question:during the Industrial Revolution in England whose side would Barack Obama be on…the exploiters of English Labor..or the exploited English Worker…..and whose side was Karl Marx on? You should know the answer to this question if you read Karl’s two books. Can I please call Retard?

          • Freya

            I think you both make good points, although have to agree that Obama is controlled by those who control the banks, and they ain’t commies. They’re not majority white either.

          • Charles Edward Lincoln III

            Define what you mean by “White Proletariat” first. Obama was essentially created by people like Harvard’s old President Larry Summers and the Credit Factories of Lower Manhattan and LaSalle Street in Chicago. Alex Jones got the Boston Marathon right, and he called it better than anyone else so far, but I’m not typically watching Alex Jones videos on youtube. Watching them on Infowars works fine…. actually that’s a joke. I agree with about 70% of Alex Jones’ analysis but the man has no plan, no solution, no proposals. He has nothing to offer but (whining about) blood, toil, sweat and tears to make sure that we are all scared to death of fear itself. As for what Barack Obama would have done during the Industrial Revolution in England, I suspect he would have been driving carriages or blacking boots because he couldn’t get a good factor job due to lack of skills or competence. Karl Marx’ was funded by rich English, French, & German industrialists, not least of whom was F. Engels. “If [I] I read Karl’s two books?” Well, “Kapital” is usually published in two volumes, but Marx actually published more than a dozen books/major pamphlets….

        • NeanderthalDNA

          We should, however, adopt some of their methods, especially Alinsky’s. It obviously works…

          • Freya

            Audre Lorde wrote, “The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” I say, only the master’s tools will dismantle the master’s house.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yes lovely Freya. Alinsky’s ideas are perfect for our cause.

          • Charles Edward Lincoln III

            You know, I agree up to a point, but honestly, some of the things Alinsky did and advocated doing (such as the “Piss in” at O’Hare Airport) were just so disgusting I would have a hard time stooping so low. As you say, his tactics work…. and that’s a sad, sad commentary. But as PT Barnum supposed once said, “Nobody ever went broke UNDERESTIMATING the intelligence of the American Public….”

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Piss in? Haha! Missed that. Well, perhaps not everything. But in general our enemy has been very kind to us by showing us how to destroy him. Let’s not look that gift horse in the mouth.

            It’s like the Islamic concept if kitman, also appropriated by the Left. Smile and go along, but…chuck a monkey wrench in the machine every effin chance you get. Sabotage by stealth, spread the word surreptitiously at every opportunity and always keep the faith. Function as well as you can in the evil society you are oppressed by but destroy whenever you can and bide your time.

            Like what the muzzies are doing in Europe.

            Ever seen this?


            One of the first steps for me in my racial/cultural awakening was watching this.

          • Unperson

            some of the things Alinsky did and advocated doing (such as the “Piss in” at O’Hare Airport) were just so disgusting I would have a hard time stooping so low

            Apparently the vile Saul Alinsky — spiritual mentor to both Obama AND Hillary Clinton — also advocated a “Fart-In” for some kind of “mass action” in Rochester, NY. Possibly against the horrible, evil, profit-oriented Kodak company, which is the main employer there. Alinsky’s plan was for his protestors to gorge themselves on beans before attending the Rochester Symphony. All those horrible, evil symphony fans would then have their horrible, evil European classical music disrupted by a Leftist recreation of the campfire scene from Blazing Saddles.

            IIRC they didn’t go actually through with this for some reason. But regardless, it’s another example of those Alinskyite tactics that seem disgusting (not to mention infantile) to the reasonable, mature adults like us who oppose Alinskyism. I too would like for our side to fight fire with fire — to use Alinskyite tactics against the Alinskyites — but as you say, some of those methods involve stooping lower than most (non-Marxist, non-insane) whites like us are willing to stoop. It’s a problem for which I can offer no solution.

    • Anon12

      Thank you. I feel the same way as you. Only you said it way better than I could.

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        Are there two “anton Drexlers” posting here? Your comments seem contradictory to each other. Either you think I’m a retard or you feel the same way I did, or were you congratulating yourself on your criticism of me? I’m really confused…. could you edit and “will the real anton Drexler please stand up? (There’s only one of me—-and so many people are relieved to hear that….)

        • C B

          i think you read anon instead of anton

        • Anon12

          Huh? Both of my comments were complimenting you and that I agree with what you posted…sorry if you misunderstood….there is no criticism on my part whatsoever….

          BTW, who is anton Drexlers?

          • Charles Edward Lincoln III

            I have no clue who anton Drexler might be or pretend to be but it appears his comments were deleted (again by whom I have no idea—he might have retracted them or the AmRen moderators might have taken his thread out—) but the confusion arose from the fact that (originally, when I wrote “Are there two “anton Drexlers”), I think he was possibly manipulating things so that I was reading YOUR posts under HIS name as well as his.

            So anton Drexler might possibly be a simple troll or a spammer, maybe a member of DHS sent to infiltrate AmRen—would you be surprised? I’d be surprised if there weren’t at least one spy each from SPLC, ADL, JDL, DHS, and the White House “situation room” taking screen shots of everything that gets posted here in case it’s later edited or deleted…. Just remember: Big Brother is Watching YOU! (and me, and everybody else—so we’re all in this together…).

            Sorry for my confusion if I was mistaken and if I just misread things. I appreciate your clarification now though.

    • robin

      lighten up chuck.

    • Bill

      Good luck with that. We never learned the real facts on JFK and RFK. They completely ignored the Sirhan Sirhan connection, or that he might have been programmed in some way like possibly Oswald had been, IF the shooter was Oswald. Anyway, the media back then was very much less the unified empire it is now, and even back then we have been lied to and led down a false path for over 50 years. With today’s monolithic MSM so obviously in the thrall of the Marxist Socialists running this country we’ll never be able to get the truth. Race IS important however. Stereotypes DO have validity. Let me explain: if these guys are muslims, it’s the same old muslim terrorism for the same reasons that have NOTHING to do with Israel. Osama himself stated his grievance against the US was due to the Saudi government allowing our dirty, infidel boots on sacred Saudi soil…..even though we were THERE to keep Saddam out of the Saudi oil fields. From the beginning he hated us for who we are, and that we were allowed on Saudi soil. He did NOT mention Israel early on until he wanted to broaden his support and add to his recruits. If they turn out to be Palestinians, then their motive is obvious. And it would be because we support Israel. They did NOTHING with that country when they were the majority and had it in their hands. Nothing. Jews made the country bloom, made the country a source of leading edge medical and technological advances, and give us a LOT of intelligence about that region. If they are American Jews, then they are liberals and bombed for a liberal “cause”. They obviously aren’t black, because blacks act on impulse and not by plan usually, and the ones who do, do so as stupidly as the Christmas bomber. Mexican narco-terrorists and reconquistas are more violent and have nothing to gain by terrorism here – we are already GIVING them everything they want.

      • wattylersrevolt

        Why do you care about who assasinated JFK and RFK? Who cares..what an f….g waste of time. They both were the mortal enemy of Native Born White Americans..who cares? I don’t…the conspiracies JFK-RFK are of interest to the most trivial of minds…of which you obviously possess.

      • groundzero

        Do you have any idea that one of the prevailing JFK assassination conspiracy theory holds that the Mossad had him killed? JFK was not drinking the Lobby’s kool-aid and this outraged the Israelis, according to the theory, and LBJ was far more indulgent of their agenda and had a known history of being so. Also, LBJ’s civil rights legislation was more radical compared to JFK’s.
        I have no idea whether it’s the truth although I read the main proponent’s argument and it’s cogent. What I do know is that Oswald either wasn’t the assassin, or he was a patsy, and RFK told his son, RFK, Jr., that he was sure Oswald didn’t act alone.

    • Xanthippe2

      I agree.

      And as far as the Middle East goes, even the people there can’t tell who is what just by looks (although they can, and do, guess). They go by accent, life story, etc. and all can be misleading — sometimes deliberately. Then there are plain old paid traitors.

      All I am saying is even knowing that say, the people involved were Saudi or Iranian won’t mean much. But the longer the whole thing is unsolved the more likely a sophisticated government was involved and not some ad hoc terrorist group. Ditto if the whole thing is wrapped up soon but the “answer” seems fishy.

  • wattylersrevolt

    They look very Iranian..or Lebanese..notice the Danny Thomas probocus of the guy in the white hat. If these two are the culprits…I am thinking nuclear WW3…If this is who they are…they gotta be patsies for the Mossad. There is a very weird Marxist-Cult Iranian dissident group that is crazy enough to do this…or they could be two really pissed off Kurds…PKN ..PKM…PK whatever dudes…. Netanyahou has been chomping at the bit the past two days..big time…

  • He’s white

    white = arab/maghrebi/jewish/afghan/persian/armenian/russian/bosnian/polish/german/danish/norwegian/irish/spanish/greek/moroccan. So yeah. The perpetrators are white. Deal with it.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      Cavalli-Svorza’s genetic cluster maps seem to say otherwise. There is a difference between caucasian and white. What you list above, are examples of the caucasian race, not the white race. White = Indo European. Only some of those groups qualify as white. Others are questionable and so so. Still others definately aren’t.

      If an arab discovered the cure to some disease tomorrow, would you still be trying to tell us that he is white?

      • BROTHER Grimm

        You are correct. Caucasoid is the top of the pyramid and then follows sub-sets.Carlton s. Coon did probably the best book on the subject: Titled “The races of Europe”

      • Anon12

        I always say White….for our race, but maybe I need to change that term. Should we use Indo European?

  • Diamond_Lil

    Oh please just let them be illegals. Goodbye amnesty.

    • Bossman

      Whenever the climate is favorable for immigration reform is when those kind of terrorist attacks take place. Same thing happened in 2001. Those Muslim terrorists seem to be aiding and abetting the right-wing who love to promote paranoia and xenophobia. It was as if they were working for the same goals. Makes one wonder if Muslims hate Hispanics or don’t want to see more North American integration. I hope politicians will not be intimidated by terrorists and go ahead with necessary legislative agenda. All the Americas should come together to create a shield against the hordes of Islam and the countless hordes of Asia.

  • Charles Marlow

    Suspect #2 looks fair skinned, not unlike Mohammed Atta.

  • StillModerated

    And at Salon mag, they are slashing their wrists.

    • We could only hope.

  • josh

    So what if theyre as white as the guys at a Ted Nugent concert? A white guy can believe in Islam,a white guy can believe in all KINDS of stupid idiotic drivel,like Islam,like diversity,like feminism,like the NAACP. A white guy can believe its OK to kill his own kind for Allah,as well as he can believe its OK tio kill his own kind for MartinLuther King!

  • The Ice Queen

    If they were any shade lighter than midnight, they were going to be labeled white. Tim Wise must be having a happy fit right now.

    • bigone4u

      Africans do not have the intelligence or organizational skill to pull off a crime such as this, so you’re point is well taken.

      • “There’s no way these D.C. Beltway snipers can be black. Because these shootings and killings seem like they take a lot of planning and organizational skill.”

        –Me, October 2002

      • StillModerated

        I wouldn’t say that. They are doing more flashmob action than ever before.

  • Anon12

    How about this black “woman” facebooking her remark about the explosions in Texas…She was fired from her job…just another Whitey hater….


    • NeanderthalDNA

      “It’s amazing how the ‘whites’ get angry when Obama speaks,” the comment read. “Oh well….its most of the whites who is getting blown away. So they will soon be wiped from the earth. Lol”

      Her response…

      “My Facebook account was hacked and the statement that was made is not of my character. I am a school counselor who will never 1) jeopardize my family, 2) jeopardize my job, and 3) jeopardize the trust of the students, parents, staff, faculty, and administration of GPISD,” Wright wrote in a statement to News 8. “I am upset that this statement was posted on the WFAA website without Josh Davis nor WFAA calling the true source to get the true story. I am truly saddened by the tragedies in Boston and West, Texas. I have prayed for those cities and the families whom was impacted for I wish no such catastrophe to happen to ANYONE regardless of race, nationality, etc. This is not and will never be apart of my character or what I stand for.”

      Translation: either “OOPS!” or “I didn’t do nuffins!”

      GREAT FIND! Hope to see it as a AR news piece tomorrow. GOOD WORK!

      • It’s amazing she can’t use the proper tense for a verb on FB but writes like a professional when she must grovel to get her job back.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          It’s funny when some AA black with a little ejumucayshun lets the guard down and shows its true nature, then remembers how to speak properly when the poopy hits the fan.

          Had one slither up to my place the other day from the local University trying to slime money outta me for some poor pitiful minority ejucayshun crap. Had a clean shirt and half windsor tie dangling from around his neck (hmmm…) but hair all corn-rolled. I’d just been posting here and settled down for a nap. Kept ringing the doorbell. Boy it was all i could do – especially when I found out what he was pestering me about – not to…do something I would have regretted for my own sake. Especially after I said no twice. Think he saw something brewing in me finally and gave it up. Good for both of us.

          Yeah, n****r, I’m so going to gibs you more money than your parasitical race already sucks outta me through my rotten gubbamint.

          Thank God for my White frontal brain lobes…

      • guest

        Another disgusting black woman with an oversized head, and a black heart.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Yeah, someone hacked her account! Really negress? Did “they”. Counselor, eh?


        • Rebel Rebel

          She sounds alot like many of you on this board.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Most on this board can get subject verb agreement right.

            Rebel rebel…really?

          • me

            And to think that she was a school counselor…..but, you’re okay with this because??? Rebel, Rebel…you’re brain is a mess….Rebel, Rebel…go fix your dress….Rebel, Rebel…How could you know….Dumb tramp….she hates you so…

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Good find but already commented on, below.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Oh no – other thread…

        No – right here. Oops. How can I delete my own post?

  • enough already

    Both look like swarthy Arabs to me.Dont remember seeing these types in my town growing up,now they are taking over. What do these people have that we so desparately need?

    • BROTHER Grimm


  • KingKenton

    There were Blackwater / PMI types in the vicinity of the explosion. Not saying they had anything to do with it, but it is curious that they were there. Wonder why and who requested their presence? You would think Boston PD could handle security for a Marathon without outside assistance. The articles in the links below is a little kooky but it definitely ids Blackwater / PMI types as being present.


    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      I’m sure that this is the answer: see my comments below. Whatever the race of those on the ground, the identity of the Masterminds is the important point, and in all probability, we’re talking about the top Mastermind being a certain person of mixed heritage (Kansas & Kenya) who resides primarily at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue these days….and possibly his “All American” Attorney General Eric Holder.

    • Freya

      You rock, thnx for links.

    • Believe NOBODY

      Alex Jones is NOT to be trusted. I would do some very very careful research and double-verify anything he prints before putting any stock in it. He is known bullshit artist and deliberately misdirects focus from certain groups who are very well doccumented enemies of Amererican sovereignty.

      Also those pictures show a couple (likely plainclothes cops) with backpacks. Of course they still have their backpacks on AFTER the bombs went off.
      This sort of sensationalist rubbish only serves to discredit people who will find legitimate issues.

      • KingKenton

        I would do some very very careful research and double-verify anything he prints before putting any stock in it.

        I totally agree, which is why I pointed out that the article(s) were kooky but the pictures of the PMI types, curious / interesting. If you remember, the U.S. Army had representatives / advisers on the ground at Waco working with FBI / ATF. So, it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. I wasn’t trying to further an Alex Jones conspiracy, merely wondering why the PMI types (if that’s what they are), were at the Marathon to begin with. Seems a little curious / odd, at least to me.

        I don’t think AJ is a bullsh**ter. I think he’s sincere in what he does. It’s just that he’s on the kooky edge. He does come up with good information from time to time. You just have to learn read between the lines and separate the wheat from the large amount of chaff. And as far as kooky goes, is he really any more kooky that the MSM? After all, it was only last week that the MSM was weaving their own conspiracy theory concerning the Texas DA shootings trying to link them to White supremacists. Not to mention the MSM scoop on the hate-mongering White supremacists who held a conference in Tennessee recently.

        And as far as the government goes, they wouldn’t lie to us would they? They wouldn’t lie about WMDs as a pretext to invade a country would they? Did WTC building 7 just free-fall and pancake like a controlled demolition all by itself ( Maybe, but it does strain credulity, and makes one wonder)?

        And the FBI are our friends, right? And would never do anything to harm innocents would they? I like to think so. I like to think the FBI are good guys. But then again, I remember Waco. I remember Ruby Ridge and how they shot Randy Weaver’s boy in the back and his wife in the head. So, I guess I always have to give pause now, and at least ask questions.

        I like to think we live in free country where we can exchange ideas without government oversight. But then again, I have to wonder given recent DHS rumblings about domestic terrorists and “hate” groups (like Amren), if they aren’t compiling dossiers on everyone who regularly visits Amren (or at least logs all the traffic here).

        Just saying…

  • wattylersrevolt

    Two really pissed off Kurds from the PKK…felt they were backstabbed one too many times by the CIA?
    Contract killing paid for by Michael Moore?

  • question diversity

    they are middle eastern

  • tickyul

    Neither is white….nice try Liberals. But that is the way the story will play out…..the Liberal Media controls the meme.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Maybe you can erase this comment twice:think Mossad..Mossad..Mossad…two Iranian Patsies from a weird Iranian Marxist Opposition Group..nuclear WW3…comming up…Think USS Liberty..think Israeli art students……

  • Beetlejuice

    Armed and dangerous is far past a “person of interest” — but OTHO, there’s already been too much deceit from this administration and the media.

  • wattylersrevolt

    If these are the perps…Iranian…Lebanese…or Kurd..PKK Kurd blowback operation…or maybe vey close friends of Michael Moore…I mean, we all know how Mikey luuuuuvvs us White Folks.

  • Jennifer

    They sure don’t look White to me!

    • Not Politcally Correct

      Yes they do!

  • Pressure cooker bombs according to a 4chan post. Straight out of Inspire Magazine

  • Tannhauser

    Suspect 1 is clearly not white and looks to be an Arab, Pakistani, or Indian. Suspect 2 looks white but if so could be Albanian or from Southern Europe. I am still betting this is related to Islamic terrorists.

  • Easyrhino1

    They’re probably already having beers with Dominik Suter.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    They are black whites.

  • Gunrunner1

    My feeling is that they are already in Mecca, flown there by Daddies money on an Airplane built by Whites

  • It’s hard to tell if they are white or not. Either way, I hope they’re brought to justice. Also, let us not lose sight of the fact that there are evil white people out there. I don’t think the race of the perpetrators, whether they be white or not, will have any effect on our views. It certainly won’t impact the views of our enemies. The attack, while tragic, pales in comparison to the ongoing violence being perpetrated upon whites by “diversity”. We should focus on that.


    • NeanderthalDNA

      I’m hoping it’s white liblefty anarchist occupiers.

      Even more than muzzies…

    • me

      Reuben, sometimes identifying people by race is a life saver….In nature, the colors red, yellow, and orange signify to other species that there is danger there. The black widow, many types of snakes, and many other insect species that are highly toxic all have markings identifying them as such. You contradicted yourself in the above statements. On one hand, you say that the race of the perps shouldn’t have any effect on our views. On the other hand, you comment on the “violence being perpetrated upon whites by ‘diversity'”. This attack was against white people! How many blacks, compared to whites, participate in the Boston Marathon? How many Latinos or Arabs? When do you see any of these groups running for sport on a large scale, except from law enforcement? Let’s not talk about ‘evil white people’ being relevant to this topic–the msm does that enough for all of us!

      • Anon12

        Thank you,me Yes, people should be identified by race!

        He also made sure to put this in.

        ” I hope they’re brought to justice. Also, let us not lose sight of the fact that there are evil white people out there”

        Since he did not add this, I will

        There are many many evil Jewish people out there.

        But of course they always paint themselves as “white” when committing evil deeds and/or crimes so as to fool and increase the number of crimes added to the total committed by Whites.

      • If each time there’s an atrocity such as this one, we jump to conclusions before the facts are out and say “the perp must have been non-white, Muslim, etc.” then sooner or later we’ll make fools of ourselves. We can easily make our point, about crimes against whites, using already established facts without resorting to guessing games its time this happens.

        You misquoted what I said. I didn’t say our views should not be shaped by the race of the perps. What I said was that our enemies are not going to change their minds based on perpetrator’s race in this one case, nor shall we – and I stand by this. Of course our views should reflect the realities on the ground, but no single case can be definitive and we shouldn’t put ourselves in the position where it looks like our views hinge upon one such case. In this case, we were “lucky” because the perps appear to be Muslim. But this will not always be the true.

        • me

          Well, the MSM sure jumped the gun on wishing it was a White person…and I’m sticking to my statement on judging a book by its cover–until I know the person and the content of their character. You, however, are free to believe whatever you want to believe about race, culture, and religion–as am I. If we were betting in a pool in Vegas, I’d come out a lot wealthier than you….

  • EdKnowsAll

    So these two must be white darkskinned arabs?

  • cat cait
  • Jim G

    Who profits by creating an America filled with people sacred to death of terrorists?

    The primary beneficiary is the American government and the burgeoning anti-terror security industry. More funding and bigger government are in the making.

    The only other big beneficiary is America’s only friend in the Middle East and this means
    Mossad agents. The two do look very Mossad.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      They are/were Muslim Chechens.

  • Hunter Morrow

    They look jewish but you can’t even talk about jews purchasing the GOP around here, much less setting bombs off.

    • Freya

      Are you under the impression they haven’t purchased the Left?

  • StillModerated

    I was just watching a Discovery ID program about the FBI cluster fox trot at the Branch Davidian compound. I’m cynical about Boston and the fertilizer factory in Texas. Stay glued to your boob tubes while the lying liars spin their stories — and buy erectile dysfunction pills.

  • Anybody think it is odd that both were dressed somewhat militarily pants wise and wearing boots?

  • Morris LeChat

    These pictures were “enhanced”. The security tape they came from was not this good. After all their best efforts to whiten and lighten these guys, we still have two saudis. The kid who was originally apprehended was more than likely p[art of the plot as well. Wouldn’t they need someone to check ahead and make sure there was no security person that might stop someone with a backpack. The bombs went off two hours after the winner finished. Perhaps that is how long it took for the “coast to be clear” and for Alharbi to give them the signal to go ahead.

    • Anon12

      Yes, there is proof that that kid from Saudi Arabia is connected to this crime. He has terrorist ties and that is why they were/are going to deport him……why don’t they charge him ? Because the USA loves Saudi Arabia….Here we $$$$ to Saudi Arabia and all the other terrorist countries……

  • NeanderthalDNA
  • Guy

    Look at the guy in the white cap, his nose Israeli large.

    This seems like one of those Mossad jobs, like when they massacred the USS Liberty and tried to pin it on Egyptians. I bet they’re going to catch some ‘Iranians’ or Hezbollah soon, then America will have to change our tune on an Israeli first strike against Iran. You just watch.

  • jeffaral

    Both look incredibly semitic. Mossad job !

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      I wondered the same thing. I keep hearing they’re “Muslims” but they look like Russian Jews.

      • Anon12

        They probably are. There are Jewish Musllims also….

  • Why didn’t these two show up in a database just mentioned on CNN at 742 AM. Some mentioned some student database or international student database. It sounded like sievas.

    • carolina

      Can you explain more about this data base.

  • Secret Tribunal

    AP sources: Boston bomb suspects from Russia region near Chechnya, lived in US at least 1 year

    “As horrific as these Boston Marathon bombings were, if we allow xenophobic and racist White privileged bigots to push for a reduction of our open immigration of Muslims from troubled regions, that’s worse.”

    • KittyAmerica

      Dzhokhar’s father, speaking from Makhachkala, said his son is an accomplished medical student and a true angel. Sounds like mothers we know in BRA.

      • Anon12

        He also said there would be hell to pay if his son was killed…….

  • MBlanc46

    Am I the only one who is disturbed by the fact that the
    state and the corporations have unilaterally decided that they can take video
    of citizens whenever and where ever they want, without so much as a by your
    leave? It’s Orwellian. It’s Stalinist. They’ve brought the Gulag to us with
    cameras everywhere. And people just seen to accept it. I rarely hear a protest.
    Is this really how we want to live?

    • Orwell

      But, bu,t it’s to keep us “safe from terrorists”. Scary brown people hate our freedom so we need to give up our freedom. Think of the children!

  • KittyAmerica

    This Al Qaeda prophecy is still on Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s YouTube channel;it may not really be his (wouldn’t it be taken down if this were real?) y’all tell me: http://www.youtube.com/user/muazseyfullah

  • cadmium

    What muslims do show is that multi-racial cultures can be unified. African, North African, Central Asian, Indonesian … they can all share common values like enjoying the fruits of European societies and then blowing up their hosts.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Chechen Muslims. There we have it.

    • Texan1st

      Same group that attacked the school in Beslan, Russia and massacred 100’s of children. The same group that took over that theater (Oslen?) in Russia. An unknown gas was released into the theater by Russian authorities, killing all the Chechnya terrorists but also killing many of the patrons. Read a book titled “Terror at Beslan” for more info. There are also videos on YouTube detailing both events.

      • Unperson

        First Beslan, now Boston. It’s bad enough our white brothers and sisters in Russia have to be tormented by their local Islamic maniacs, now they’re doing it to us, too.

        I knew they’d be Muslims. I just didn’t predict from Chechnya. Not many Chechans are in US. But despite their whitish appearance, make no mistake: Chechans are Muslims first and foremost. They may look more like us than like a Saudi, but it’s the Saudis and not us that they identify with.

        Which is a rock-solid reason for never letting Muslims into our countries AT ALL. Not for any reason. Not to “study”; not to work; not even to visit and throw their money around in expensive stores and restaurants. Just keep them OUT.

    • Like the white supremacist in France about a year ago. He turned out to be a Muslim.

      Sneaky these white supremacists.

  • kemetscholar

    Of course their not white. Whites don’t commit random acts of violence or terrorism (Bundy, H.H. Holmes, Tim McVeigh, Unibomber, etc.) 😉

    • me

      “They’re not white”…fixed it for ya….asshat!

    • Hegel

      If you believe Tim McVeigh was responsible for OKC you’re delusional. There is so much evidence to prove that story was total bullshit.

      Or whatever, believe what your TV tells you. I’m sure they won’t lead you astray.

    • Ni123

      They are not White. They are Chechen. Rabid Muslims.

    • Anon12

      Bundy, Dahmer, Son of Sam and the Unabomber were Jewish, Holmes also sounds that way.. so their goes your little lie/ rant.

      Let us at least tell the TRUTH! Quit labeling everyone as a White person when they are NOT! If amreners cannot be allowed to correct these false statements, then all is lost.

  • Al Queda in the White House


    Muslim bombers, Who else? Both from muslim Chechnya who bombed the Russian school house and killed 250 Russian school kids.

    Was mullah Obomba behind it like the ones in Benghazi and Afghan? Al Queda cell in the White House? Go fig

    • Pelagian

      Bomb a Russian school house, bomb predominately white Boston* … kill maximum whites. If you’re a descendant of Genghis Khan, it makes sense. We in the white pride community should make some hay on this.

      *the jogging community, no less

    • Anon12

      CAIR is in Obama’s WH along with other enemies…

  • Morris LeChat

    If America had any REAL will to survive. It would send an operation to the town in kyrgystan where this pice of dirt if from and amputate the legs of all of it’s inhabitants after just plain executing every member of this family.

  • Morris LeChat

    Up until last monday, these two were considered “mohhhhhhhhhhhhhhderrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaatttttttte” moslems. To even THINK that they might do something like this would have been considered “hateful”, to express such thoughts could get one fired or expelled or otherwise socially penalized.

  • Swarthy, Muslim terrorists from one of those “Stan” countries. We couldn’t have scripted this better. Now let’s get active using this propaganda to defeat the mass amnesty of illegal aliens like them.

    • Puggg

      I remember a few days ago you said something at least tongue in cheek about not blaming Russians. Turns out that with the doers being Chechnyans, the Russians are involved at least on the margin. But we do know these Chechnyans didn’t do this because they were upset with our Chechnyan policy, because our policy has been neutral to mildly supportive of Chechnyan secession (i.e. anti-Russian). Will this mean we’ll quit hounding Russia’s case and let them do what they need to do to keep that part of the world under control?

      Scary thought: Winter Olympics in February are in that general part of the world.

      One more thing: Jeff Sessions or Kris Kobach for President.

    • Bossman

      Yes, these stupid Muslims are aiding and abetting your side. Now why would they do that? Do they hate Blacks and Hispanics also? It seems whenever the climate is favorable for immigration reform is when they do it. Same thing happened in 2001.
      Lets not forget that Muslim terrorists are right-wingers also.

  • Andrea Ostrov Letania


    David Sirota is a sick Jew, but Jews can get away with anything, especially with anti-white hate.

    Imagine if a white gentile wrote ‘I wish the terrorists are Jewish, gay, or black.’ He’d be fired and even prosecuted for ‘hate’.

    The bombers are/were scum, but we are really under the occupation of the tribe Sirota belongs to. They are the terrorists of our minds with total media control.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    I was listening to the news this morning, several channels including the radio and TV. Not one mentioned the race of the two bomber suspects. Not one. That’s how I knew the suspects were not white. OTOH, the Ricin mailer suspect’s photo was featured prominently on the home pages of the Interenet news sites yesterday. This is because he’s white.

    Look for the media to twist this into pinning these bombings on whites.

    • Anon12

      Not everybody who “appears” to be White are actually WHITE. Never forget that.

  • Epiminondas

    They’re Chechnyan Muslims. Once more, we’re feeling the joys of diversity.

    • Anon12

      Not to mention the whole family was given asylum to come to the good ole USA….Haven’t we seen enough of all these foreigners given asylum or refugee status to flood America with their “dna” intact. They don’t come to America to “assimilate” or to bless America, they come with their old country cultures and thinking firmly planted. They bring their country into our country. The same goes for all these illegals and even most legal immigrants from the 3rd world. They ALL stick with their own kind, yet when we Whites try to do the same we are bigots and racists, right? How many times have you seen any Vietnamese, Muslim, Mexican, Korean, Chinese,or black who took over all these once owned White businesses,( donut and pizza places, liquor stores, motels, and you name it) ever hire a White person??? They are allowed and encouraged to only hire their own kind. We aren’t.

      • Bob Willard

        The relatives are all over the US and Canada. Not only are the two boys murderers and terrorists, but the sister, Aunt, and father (now in Russia) are pulling the “they’re good boys”, “they didn’t do this” defense. That’s the love the US gets in return for granting them all asylum.

  • So they are supposed to be white supremacists are they? Well to the media they are.

    All they are interested in is demonising the white race.

    • Bossman

      Russians are very anti-black. They may also be anti-Hispanic.

      • Anon12

        Good for them…..They have more racial sense than we do, that is for sure.

        The Russians do not like the Chechens and they know how evil those “russian” Chechen muslims really are. We need to get them all out of our country along with millions of “others” we allowed in, and let Russia deal with those Chechens which they want to do in the first place.

        • Bob Willard

          My first wife was Russian. She was the sweetest, nicest person. The type of person who never said a bad word about anyone. Mention Chechens, though, and that all changed because she (like nearly all Russians) hate Chechens. And rightly so.

  • Didn’t Obama say wait until the facts are known. But then the media just make up their own facts.

    • Bob Willard

      Interesting that Obama didn’t wait until the facts were known when he declared that the Cambridge police acted stupidly a few years ago. Now, when the Cambridge police are part of pursuing Muslim terrorists, Obama chooses to act more judiciously.

      • “Obama chooses to act more judiciously.” Bang on the money with that one Bob. To me this never looked like a white perpetrator crime right from the start. Maybe Obama thought the same. It was Obama’s words I first heard. That made me suspicious even before I viewed the footage and heard the report.

        What does he know, I thought.

        They’re (the media) quite happy to malign all whites with stories about white supremacists, yet won’t say a word about Muslims. (Every news outlet seemed to be running such stories.)

        I know a few whites have been responsible for terrorists acts in he distant past. Then, so have the Muslims.

        Remember about a year ago in Toulouse France after a Jewish family were killed? The media was giving us guff about white supremacists, Nazis and one newspaper in England even produced a photograph of three ex-servicemen holding a second world war German navel flag up side down.

        And guess who did it? Well no self-respecting white supremacist would call him brother. That’s for sure.

        It couldn’t have been white supremacists. The media was working it too hard. They wanted it too much.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    Now that one of these bastards is dead and they’re looking for his brother, it seems that Fox news keeps harping on the fact that they are two White males, but never mentions the fact they are Muslims as are most if not all Chechens.

    The one whom they’re still pursuing bears a close resemblance to Gene Simmons’ son Nick.

    • Pelagian

      Further proof of the Ashkenazi hypothesis, by the way…

    • Anon12

      LOL….So true.

  • The media aren’t prepared to demonise the right people, but are quite happy to demonise the wrong people. The White race.

    Can we have an apology to the white race from the media please?

    Remember the killing in France about a year ago. He turned out to be the strangest looking white supremacist I have ever seen.

  • He gave up alcohol and tobacco, he’s too modest in his relations with the opposite sex to be seen in public shirtless, and as he is now the world’s most wanted man, he’s driving around in a car with one of those “Coexist” bumper stickers on them.


    He led such a pure and righteous life…except for the whole “killing people” part.

    It’s too bad I quit drinking and never took up smoking, otherwise I’d be spending as much of the day as I can with no shirt on drinking and smoking, while not killing anyone.


  • Ella

    I think one suspect looks Middle Eastern and the latter is difficult to see under the baseball cap. Again, the Govt and media will classify the terrorist as “White” much like the Trevon case. The govt sees 1/3 of the world now as White according to their PC classification. Fairer-skinned Asians and Africans are now White who commit their crimes. Overall, it’s a sad lot, probably poor security, when you attack marathon joggers. I have a feeling they fled the country long ago with the help of our non-racial profiling methods.

  • I was watching a little news this morning before work and my impression was that the state controlled media was actually angry that it was those darn muslims messing up their pre-planned narrative.

  • From Volokh:

    Yet such freakouts are nothing compared to what is in store if the the Marathon bombing means that Chechen jihadis has come to U.S. shores. The Chechens mounted one of the most vicious terror campaigns ever against Russia in the 1990s, blowing up apartment buildings, and launching massive attacks on theaters and even schools. They are known as among the most violent and dedicated terrorists in the world. They can be found fighting in Libya, Syria and every other major jihadi campaign. Though usually they have to sneak into the target countries, rather than coming on a visa as the Boston bombers apparently did.) Russia only succeeded in suprresing the Chechen Islamists with extremely brutal tactics that would never find support in the U.S – essentially leveling the Chechen capital. Yet dealing with such a threat would also be impossible with a politically correct approach to counter-terror that, for example, turns away from talking frankly about the terrorists profiles and motives.

    You can have freedom or you can have open borders. But you can’t have both (comma, Rand Paul)


  • ImTellinYa

    I work for a mainstream, major daily newspaper. As you can well imagine, ALL of the editors and reporters are afflicted with the Leftist pathology. When it came out that the bombing suspects were White you would not BELIEVE the open glee among those newsroom imbeciles. All of these MOSTLY WHITE people were seemingly competing to see who could most loudly and emphatically celebrate the fact that the suspects weren’t some species of third-world savage.

    The worst though were the Mexicans. We have several low-IQ Mexicans in the newsroom. They are loud, rude, inconsiderate boors whose emotional age is somewhere around 14. They were by far the happiest that the bombing suspects where White. They were going around high-fiving and laughing like hyenas.

    Now it seems that the bombing suspects aren’t White after all. They are central Asian Moslems. Contrary to Leftist lies, these third-world savages are no where near White. Of course Leftists will strain every nerve to redefine them as White with their usual lies. Remember they tried to make Zimmerman, a Black, AmerIndian, Hispanic into a White. That was so insane that even the Left has abandoned that. Of course Zimmerman, a hero, is still in the hands of our oppressive, arbitrary, illegal “justice system.”

    The Left has even tried to transform millions of Black and Hispanic third-world savages into Whites by giving them home loans they could never hope to even make payments on, much less pay off.

    The Left will respond to the ugly spectacle of nonWhite, third-world savage immigrants blowing up American with calls for MORE immigration, MORE amnesty, MORE insane wealth transfers from Whites to nonWhites.

    The Left and our “government” headed by that affirmative-action parasite Obama, no longer has any legitimacy whatsoever. They are just another criminal gang that finds itself in control of the levers of power. We owe them no allegiance because they are the enemies of their own country.

    • Anon12

      “All of these MOSTLY WHITE people”

      They are NOT as you call, “mostly White people”…….Remember Jews call themselves White also..they also use our own surnames. They are in ALL media.

      As for the “hispanics” I know exactly what you mean. I worked around them for YEARS. They were hottin and hollerin when OJ was found not guilty just like the blacks were doing. Total hatred for Whites by these two groups.

    • Nate Miller

      Both the bomb suspects are white Europeans. And if you consider them Asian? Than maybe we should also include two of the World Heavy Weight Boxing champions as Asians too, considering that those Russian boxers come from the same region.

      • Bob Willard

        The Klitschkos are Ukrainian. The Ukraine is contiguous with numerous Europesn nations, and all Ukrainians have a distinctly white appearance. Chechnya is further east and south of the Ukraine going into Asia. Chechnya is not contiguous with many European nations, and many Chechens have a swarthier appearance than Ukrainians.

    • Bob Willard

      Leftists disgust me. Particularly white Leftists. I saw a similar mentality on a message board I visit. One poster logically suggested that it might not be a good idea to allow young men from Islamic nations to immigrate to America. He, of course, was roundly denounced as a Klan member by white Leftists clamoring to show their piousness.

      The logical poster then noted that of terrorist activity, young Muslim men commit a high percentage. A white Leftist then said that most rapes are committed by white men, should we hate white men?

      God, I hate white Leftists, and their lack of logic and self-loathing.

      I’m done with that other board.

  • Gereng

    More blow back! We’ve been mucking about in Russia’s backyard, supporting the Chechnyan seperatists for the past few yrs and allowing them entry into the US as political refugees. They are white, but that is as far as it goes, as they are Islamists to the core and haters of all things Western and Christian..

  • Dennis Schedrivy

    The rumor is that they are chechens.

  • Anon12

    Chechens – the descendants of the ancient people of Khazar (Khazar Khanate)

    The Russians do not like nor want these Chechens..Now I understand why.

  • Deal with it

    They’re Caucasians. Whites. White muslim domestic terrorists. Racist amrenites be damned, they are WHITE. Not jewish, arab, black or hispanic. W-H-I-T-E. Period. End of discussion.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      “They’re Caucasians. Whites. White muslim domestic terrorists. Racist amrenites be damned, they are WHITE. Not jewish, arab, black or hispanic. W-H-I-T-E. Period. End of discussion.”

      Are you white? If not, we Whites will decide..

      I guess if YOU call them “White” than you can continue to blame Whitey, eh?

      Get out of here.

    • KingKenton

      People with small minds are unable to move beyond trite made up labels / words like racist and homophobe. But since you are so enamored with Muslims the by all means, invite them to live in your neighborhood, because us “xenophobes” don’t want them. Period, end of discussion.

  • Bill

    Looks like it was two Chechen brothers, in the country only one year. Got in a shootout with and throwing bombs at police. One of them is dead. White hat is at large. Will we never learn? Half the 9/11 hijackers were here on student visas, and overstayed. WHY do we need to let these people in? We owe them nothing. They contribute nothing we can’t already do or contribute. Their religion dictates jihad. If you believe in Islam and the Koran, then you believe this whether you practice it or not. THERE IS NO REASON TO ALLOW immigration anymore, of any kind. We have enough problems of our own, and we sure don’t need third world immigrants AT ALL. They are nothing but trouble.

  • jeffaral

    Both are Asian Muslim Chechens. Who allowed them into the US?

  • Pelagian

    Sad that the network anchors have to go through all this “Muslim talk” and have all this “Muslim knowledge” to do their jobs. Muslims shouldn’t even be here in the first place. Oil and water dont mix.

  • jay11

    I wonder if those bad guys identify more with the republicans and tea partiers, or more with democrats, diversity and the whole multi-culti ideal. Hmmmm.

  • Natalia

    Can some1 please tell me
    Why these 2bums have been associated with Armenians? I am Armenian and my race would never even consider such a ruthless act like what these 2fags did.