Unruly Europe, Part One

Mark Bruijn, American Renaissance, April 12, 2013

Europe must decide if it is to survive or not.

Today Europe faces a crisis unlike any in the past. It is a slow march towards the precipice, made possible by the treachery of the very people who should be defending Europe. Fortunately, there is a growing sense of what is at stake, and Europeans are taking the first steps towards ensuring their long-term survival.

Betrayal by stealth

In 2004, Europeans were presented with a new constitution for the European Union. It was drafted by Euro-bureaucrats, with no direct input from citizens, and would have greatly increased EU control over many policy areas, including immigration.

Some member countries ratified the new constitution by a vote in parliament, while others put it to a popular vote. Ratification went smoothly in 16 parliaments, and Spain and Luxembourg actually approved it by referendum. In 2005, however, in both France and the Netherlands, the people said “no,” despite pro-Constitution campaigning by all the major parties. By a vote of 61 percent in the Netherlands and 55 percent in France, voters rejected schemes for greater European integration that their rulers would have forced upon them.

Ratification required unanimous member-state approval, so these rejections stopped the process—much to the dismay of European elites. They then decided to shut out the voters by means of a different treaty—the Lisbon Treaty—that would contain many of the same “reforms” but could be ratified more easily.

The EU diversity star.

The EU diversity star.

This time, only Ireland was required, by its own laws, to approve the treaty by popular vote, and in 2008 the Irish rejected the treaty—again to the annoyance of elites. In 2009, badly battered by the economic crisis and somewhat mollified by renegotiations that let Ireland opt out of certain provisions, the Irish people duly approved the treaty in a second referendum. If the treaty had mostly required referenda instead of approval by parliaments, it would surely have failed.

This is the story of Europe: Elites implement centralizing policies over the heads of the people. On matters of immigration—as well as on many others—the EU is always at odds with ordinary Europeans, and the elites always betray their people.

The EU has long used this strategy of stealth, and its proponents occasionally even admit it. In 1999, Jean Claude Juncker, an EU politician from Luxembourg, described how the system works:

We decide on something, leave it lying around and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.

Of course, it would be a mistake to blame all of Europe’s troubles on the EU; many local governments have done idiotic things. But after many years of submission, there are clear signs that Europeans have had enough.


There was substantial immigration in Europe even in the 1950s. Spaniards, Italians and Greeks found jobs as guest workers in Northern European countries. When the economies of their home countries improved, most of them went home.

After the southern Europeans left there were continued labor shortages, and in the 1960s Western European countries—most notably Germany—sought workers in North Africa and Turkey. France and the Netherlands received large numbers of people from their former colonies. Unlike the southern Europeans, non-white immigrants stayed even after labor shortages had eased. European authorities did not expel them; instead they let them bring in their families, and huge numbers of Third-World immigrants began to arrive in the late 1980s and during the 1990s.

Today, the immigrant stream is increasingly diverse, and there are many different forces pushing non-whites into Europe. The population of Africa is growing rapidly and will probably double by 2036. Millions of Africans want to come to Europe, especially from black Africa, driven by failed governments, famine, disease, and war. The American invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan have produced a flood of refugees who want to come. The Arab Spring—egged on by European support for rebels in Libya and Syria—destabilized much of North Africa, and sent people streaming North.

Smuggling people into Europe is now as big a business as smuggling people into the United States. Most Africans—black or Arab—usually cross the Mediterranean. People from the Middle East sneak across the Greek-Turkish border. Immigrants pay thousands of Euros to international gangs who promise to deliver them to specific destinations.


Despite these new influxes, Turks are still the largest non-white group in Europe.

In Germany there are more than four million Turks and German citizens with full or part-Turkish ancestry—or about 5 percent of the population. It is less well known that Turks have spread throughout the rest of Europe. Europe now has more Turks outside of German than in it, for a total of some nine million.

Many Turks are now European-born, but the majority feels Turkish to the core, and many speak only Turkish at home. There was a famous incident in 2008, when Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Cologne, Germany, and told a crowd of 20,000 Turks that although they were living in Europe they were never to forget that they were Turks. “Integrate yourselves into German society but don’t assimilate yourselves,” he said. “No one has the right to deprive us of our culture and our identity.” On that same trip, he also told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that her government should fund Turkish-language schools.

He has also been known to quote lines from a poem that uses a military-religious metaphor for the conquest of Europe: “Mosques are our barracks, minarets our bayonets, the domes our helmets and the believers are our soldiers.”

German polling data for 2010 and 2012 reveals that Turks are feeling increasingly Muslim. To the question “Is Islam the one true religion?” the number of German Turks saying “yes” went from 69 to 72 percent in two years. To the question “Should more mosques be built in Germany?” the “yes” percentage went from 49 to 55 percent. Perhaps most shocking, to the question “Would you like to see a Germany with more Muslims than Christians?” the “yes” percentage grew from 33 to 46 percent.

The number of fanatical Muslims is increasing, and many are on welfare because they cannot support the large families that Islam enjoins. Even if they wanted to work, many Turks are being pushed out of low-paying jobs because more recent arrivals from Romania or Bulgaria are willing to work for even lower wages.

Imams routinely give chauvinist harangues in their mosques, and establish religious and cultural organizations funded by Turkey. Recently a Turkish organization in the Netherlands insisted that the Dutch government provide schooling in Turkish for students of Turkish background.

Very few Europeans are aware that there is obligatory military service of 12 to 15 months for all Turkish men, even those living in Europe and who have dual citizenship. It is possible to buy an exemption from conscription by paying a fee of €10,000 to the Turkish government, but many Turks in Europe consider military service an honor. Recruits swear loyalty to Turkey, and the army bathes them in nationalist propaganda.

It is incomprehensible that European governments permit conscription on their territories by a foreign power. The Turkish army still occupies Cyprus, which is a member of the EU. Furthermore, in times of chaos and war, it is dangerous to be harboring a large, unassimilated ethnic group, loyal to a foreign power, living in the heart of Europe—especially when all the men have had military training.

Expected Muslim population growth.

Expected Muslim population growth.

Expanding the EU

The EU keeps growing. From its original six members, it now has 27 members and a border with Russia. Turkey has been trying to get in for 20 years, despite the fact that it is an Asian country with only 3 percent of its landmass in Europe. Its entry is not assured, however, due to that little matter of its occupation of Cyprus.

Turkey also has human-rights problems that do not sit well with Europeans. There has been a rise in attacks on other religious groups—especially Christians—and the Turkish secret service is observing Jews because of suspected dual loyalty. Honor killings are on the rise. Some suspect that Turkey, which has officially been a secular state since 1928, may be slipping back towards theocracy.

Adding Turkey to the EU would make it the country with the second largest population after Germany. This would give it many seats in the European Parliament and considerable influence. With completely free access to Europe, Turks would flood into the richer countries.

This would add a huge boost to Islam, which is already on the ascendant. In France, there are already 2,000 mosques, and in any given year there are 150 new mosques under construction. By contrast, the French Catholic church built only 20 new churches in the last 20 years, and decommissioned more than 60. Muslims regularly petition the church to make its empty buildings available as mosques. The 2.5 million practicing Muslims in France now outnumber the 1.9 million practicing Catholics.

But Turkey is not the only Muslim country that is a potential member. Kosovo and Albania, which are legitimately European geographically, are majority Muslim. They are also centers of international crime, with the Albanian Mafia especially notorious for the drug trade, prostitution, weapons offenses, and human trafficking. Curiously, Kosovo receives the highest level of EU foreign aid per head of any country in the world: between 1999 and 2007 it got €3.5 billion, a huge figure for a country with a population of just 1.75 million.

Adding these three Muslim countries to the EU would be a death sentence for Europe and its people. Fortunately, there is much popular resistance to the idea of admitting Turkey, and Albania and Kosovo still have many technical hurdles to clear before they could qualify for membership.

Results of immigration

Today, the results of mass immigration are evident across Western Europe. All the major cities are thronged with non-whites, and some neighborhoods in Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, and Berlin are wholly alien. In 2013, white Britons officially became a minority in London, as 600,000 whites fled the city over the previous decade. Whites in Leicester and Rotterdam face the same future.

In Brussels, the capital of the European Union, the Belgian Police are losing control of certain immigrant areas. They fear to enter them—they may face gun fire when they try—but rather than send in the army, the authorities are turning these areas over foreigners. Not surprisingly, crime is on the rise.

European prisons are bursting with foreigners. In Greece, 41.5 percent of the prisoners are foreigners, in Spain, 50 percent. In France around 70 percent of the prison population is Muslim. Attacks by Muslims on Jews are so common that there has been a mass exodus from Oslo and Brussels. Non-white immigration has lead to other spectacular events: the 2005 mass rioting across France, the 2011 riots in England, and the rape epidemic in Sweden. Sweden is now said to have the second highest rape rate after South Africa, with immigrants accounting for more than 70 percent of all rapes.

And, of course, immigration has brought home-grown Muslim terrorism to Europe. These days, the Muslims who wreak havoc are not wild-eyed fanatics from the wilds of Somalia. They are mostly European-born and European-educated; they become radicalized in European mosques. They travel to Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Somalia for weapons training, and may actually do some fighting in Chechnya, Afghanistan, or Syria before they return on missions to Europe.

Thus, most of the men involved in the July 7, 2005 series of suicide attacks in London were born and educated in Britain. The murderer of Islam critique Theo van Geogh had studied at the University of Amsterdam. Mohammed Atta, leader of the September 11 attacks in the United States, had studied at a Hamburg university and had become a radical in a Hamburg mosque. Mohammed Merah, who killed seven French Jews and soldiers last year, was a French-born Muslim.

Once allies, now traitors

It is an irony that two institutions that once valiantly defended the West are now complicit in its betrayal. For 1,000 years the royal houses of Europe and the Catholic Church worked together to defend Europe against Islam and to free the Holy Land. The church, with at least a billion followers worldwide, is still one of the most powerful institutions on earth, and European monarchs still have prestige and influence. Neither group takes serious steps to prevent Europe’s demographic nightmare.

In Belgium, for example, the royal family is widely respected, and it is common for the monarch to speak on days of national importance. Last year, King Albert II gave a Christmas speech on live television, in which he warned against “populism” and referred pointedly to the “catastrophic consequences of the 1930s.” This was a clear attack on the New Flemish Alliance, a political party that wants tighter immigration control and aims to break Flanders away from Belgium to establish a self-consciously Flemish state. It is unusual for a monarch to talk politics, but it is typical that Albert chose a capitulationist theme.

King Albert II expressed his political preferences on live television.

King Albert II expressed his political preferences on live television.

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands likewise gave a Christmas speech, in which she said that throughout history Holland had been a tolerant country, and that multiculturalism and immigration made it strong. She forgot to mention that it was European immigration that made the country strong, and that non-white immigration started only in the 1960s.

In 2008, on his 60th birthday, Prince Charles of England announced plans to change one of the titles of the British monarch from “defender of the faith” to “defender of faith.” Ever since Henry VIII, the throne has defended the Christian faith, whether Catholic or Church of England. Charles thinks that is too exclusive, and wants to defend all faiths, including that of jihadists who want to conquer Europe. As early as 1986, he was calling for black faces in the elite military units that attend ceremonial events.

There is an occasional exception. In 2005, Queen Margrethe stated that the Denmark must take the challenge of Islam seriously, and that her country had been too lax and tolerant. She was clearly aware of the danger of candor: “We have to run the risk of being labeled in an unflattering way, because there are some things for which we should display no tolerance.”

As for the Catholic Church, most of the hierarchy appears to have no loyalty to Europe. In 1990, before his elevation to pope, Cardinal Ratzinger at a private dinner party reportedly lamented “the slow suicide of Europe” as its population aged and was being replaced by inassimilable immigrants. Once he was pope and speaking in public, however, he denounced the “fear of others, of foreigners,” who “reach our land and appear to threaten what we are.” He said this in Venice in 2011, at a time when North Africans were swarming into southern Italy because of upheaval in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya.

Today, the number of Catholics is declining in Europe while it grows in Africa and Latin America. After Pope Benedict’s resignation this year there was much talk of a possible non-white pope who would reflect the changing face of Catholicism. Such a church is not going to fight to keep Europe European.

The EU, of course, is not a friend to whites. The union’s person in charge of immigration and asylum is Cecilia Mallström, an unabashed leftist from Sweden who is never happier than when welcoming more non-whites into Europe.

At the same time, the EU has its very own $15 billion-a-year foreign aid program. Every year, it gives $750 million of its citizens’ money to . . . Turkey! It has also sent a troupe of Belgians to one of the most down-and-out countries in Africa, Burkina Faso, to teach them how to dance. The EU has even given $13 million to an immigration-advisory office in Mali that is supposed to help Africans find jobs in Europe.

Cecilia Mallström: “Towards a common European immigration policy after the Arab spring."

Cecilia Mallström: “Towards a common European immigration policy after the Arab spring.”

Part II will describe the resistance to the demographic displacement of Europeans.

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Mark Bruijn
Mr. Bruijn is a student of international relations.
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  • Cannot Tell

    Many political scientists think the European Union will collapse in the near future. I can only hope that it’ll collapse before Turkey can join. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that another post-nationalist government body doesn’t emerge and take the EU’s place.

    • sbuffalonative

      I like to believe it will happen. It seems inevitable because you can’t please everyone with blanket reforms. The actions of the EU are clearly undemocratic with the people losing complete control of their destinies.
      We can only hope that the EU keeps making absurd recommendations until the people see how ridicules they are.
      I’m not a big fan of the French Revolution but one can see that when the rulers become some out of touch with the people that the people are forced to act.

    • David Ashton

      We not a Union of Europeans instead of and against the EU!

    • BonusGift

      It is collapsing. Of the current EU members with the common currency (i.e., the Euro), six (of seventeen) have been ‘bailed out’ (e.g., all but one of the PIIGS – Portugal, Ireland, soon to be Italy, Greece, and Spain; also Slovakia) or ‘bailed in’
      (Cyprus). Others are up to be bailed out one way or the other, for example, Slovenia appears to be next and then even France, Italy, etc. Imagine if some states (e.g., New York, Illinois, California, etc.) declared the need to be bailed out? Oh wait, forget that last part. All kidding aside, what you are witnessing in Europe is just a version of why the whole economic and cultural Marxist house of cards is coming down over the westernized world (Japan and much of the rest of Asia included). No matter what Paul Krugman, Ben Bernanke, the New York Times, or any of the other tribal mouthpieces/apologists declares, the solution to too much debt is not more debt; and the solution to too many socialists isn’t to import more of them on the way to genociding the Christian Europeans. Only a hate filled brain dead anti-European Christian cultural Marxist would keep their foot on the gas pedal while the whole thing goes over the cliff. Welcome to the world circa 2013. This economic implosion is a process that took decades to wind up and it will take
      decades to wind down; and, by the way, it has already started and will not be announced by the tribal controlled media.

  • L B

    Nature Abhors a Vacuum and the birth rate of White people has collapsed to create that vacuum for those who have a few more kids to walk straight into. Even if the immigrants disappeared overnight never to return the White birth rate is still very far from picking up and extinction would still be inevitable. Be the change you seek – women must have many babies. Simply finding excuses and complaining is not the way to recover.

    • Aurelius

      Extinction? No way. Western nations have survived wars, famine, and plague. Only racial dissolution will lead to our extinction.

      • Defoe

        There is nothing in Nature that precludes extinction of Whites.

    • David Ashton

      I repeat my advice: (1) More white babies; (2) secure the recorded heritage; (3) master the technology as well as content of cyberspace.

    • a multiracial individual

      These extinction doomsday scenarios are not compelling. People think that in a few centuries Japan may only have a few million people. Perhaps, but they will not go “extinct”

      • Defoe

        Tell me why you think that the possibility of White extinction is not compelling. If you study the demographics of the world-wide White population, you will see that a very small percentage of Whites are of re-producing age. Couple that with the fact that the White population is shrinking and there is some mixing occurring, and then consider that these trends continue for a couple of hundred years, and you can easily see extinction of the White population. Sure, the trends can change, but failing that, how do you find that possibility “not compelling?

    • john boggs

      Couldn’t agree more. My wife and I threw caution to the wind and had four children because we knew it was the only chance we had as a race- for racially oriented white couples to have as many children as they could. Positive racial discussions occur every day in our house. My children are happy, well adjusted, smart, atheletic and very proud to be of the same kind as John Adams, Charles Lindbergh, Nikola Tesla and Lief Erickson. My 11 year old can spot lefty propoganda from a mile away. If every racially aware white man in this country married a good white woman and had at least three children, We’d be out of this mess in two or three generations.

      • gemjunior

        “My 11 year old can spot lefty propoganda from a mile away. If every racially aware white man in this country married a good white woman and had at least three children, We’d be out of this mess in two or three generations.”
        My hat’s off to you sir. I can’t help but admire parents who insist on the truth no matter what, because I do the same way. I can’t stand all the parents now who, even if they do tend toward our views, won’t “expose the children to having to think about it yet” or that type of nonsense. If you give your child to the schools and don’t even attempt to reprogram them at home, you will have an indoctrinated, brainwashed teen and adult. Good job.

        • john boggs

          Well thank you. That’s it, we present the truth to our kids. Obviously they’re not going to get the truth in any public forum. A very intelligent doctor friend, who I respect immensely, told me that he got instruction in school and he got his education at home. We’re educating our kids so they’re better prepared to disseminate information later. I point out things like achievement gaps and high black crime rates, but I also encourage them to be open minded and to judge the people they meet as individuals. After all, there are decent blacks out there just as there are worthless whites. But we have no reservations instructing our children to generalize. It could save their life someday.

          • Pat

            It is a good idea what you and gemjunior are doing with your children but I feel it is not just in schools that young minds are formed. I do not know how things in the US pan out but here in the UK there is also the State, the media and even the Churches all on message regarding political correctness and the benefits of ‘diversity’. Our two children are fully aware of our views on the way things are nowadays and always have been but like the majority they choose to ‘go with the flow’ . My concerns now are my grandchildren. My daughter thinks it is wonderful that my 8 year old grandson’s class resembles the United Nations – all that knowledge and experience he is getting, etc. I just see him facing a teacher who has to teach him and deal with everything from Serbo Croat to Swahili at the same time. It is very difficult having to swim against the current tide – I wish you and your children well.

          • john boggs

            Likewise for you and your family. With all due respect, I have to say that it seems you may not have been assertive enough when it came to educating your children. We’ve gone to great lengths to shelter our children from the multi culti sensation. We moved from a large city to a very rural area and we have no cable television. But my children still attend public school. They swim for a very large club with hundreds of other children. We associate with very liberal families, several of whom have adopted black and Asian children. But I am very vocal and bold about racial and political issues. I give my children stats and then I support the stats with references. I never miss an opportunity to point out black behavior. I teach them to have pride in our people by educating them about our accomplishments. I instruct them to be brave, proud, bold and outspoken. I then lead by example. Most importantly, the indoctrination is relentless. It is more powerful than any PC dogma that they may be exposed to during their daily routines. We don’t rely on our children simply ‘being aware of our beliefs’. Our beliefs are our way of life. Aside from our love for each other as a family, I would say that our identification with our racial heritage is the most important aspect of our lives. There is no way that a relative stranger, who is only in my child’s presence for one hour a day, will have more influence on my child than my wife and me.

          • john boggs

            I’d like to add that an important aspect of educating your children properly is happiness. If you make your kids happy, they will believe what you tell them. It’s absolutely vital to shower your children with love, support and guidance in every aspect of their lives. My children do not doubt for one second that mom and dad want nothing but the absolute best for them. Be authoritative, rather than authoritarian, and your kids will respect you. If they respect you, they will listen to you and they will want to make you happy. Affirm your daughters and they will never look for validation from a man, especially not a black man. In addition to all of this, instill a healthy racial orientation with open dialogue and education.

      • David Ashton

        Well said, Sir.
        An example to all of us.

      • Licurg Enescu

        “My wife and I threw caution to the wind and had four children…”

        Good for you 🙂 Remember to teach them how to fight, as that’s very important.

  • Julian

    The practitioners of Islam are indeed now a significant threat to Europe. In the U.S. this is not the case for one primary reason — there are very few of them here. African Americans are, by far, the greatest physical threats to the country in terms of crimes committed.

    What a precarious position Jews in positions of influence have put themselves into with regard to the practioners of Islam. The ideology these Jews so closely follow and would have us follow — diversity as a strength, equality of all human beings, cultural enrichment through massive immigration, and so on, has directly led to the ongoing Islamification of Europe. Something they don’t want because they recognize the threat that represents to themselves.

    The problem then becomes how to uphold their Leftist beliefs and at the same time condemn the threat of Islam. Take Ms Pamela Geller for instance. Her position is to condemn the ideology only without condemning those from whom the ideology arises. In other words, Islamic immigration into the West is fine, we just don’t want certain aspects of their beliefs, such as Sharia law, to come with them.

    So they want to uphold and defend the Leftist ideology that led to the Islamification of Europe in the first place yet keep the religous beliefs within those immigrants out of the West at the same time. A losing proposition.

    Many Jews in the U.S. magnify the the threat of Islam here because they see Islam as a threat to themselves. Any harm that may involve Gentile whites is at most an afterthought.

    In the end, you can not have it both ways.

    • So they want to uphold and defend the Leftist ideology that led to the Islamification of Europe in the first place yet keep the religous beliefs within those immigrants out of the West at the same time. A losing proposition.

      American Republican Party elites are in the same pickle: They’re trying to find a way to import more cheap Hispanic labor while at the same time trying to find a way to keep their newly imported cheap labor from being able to vote Democrat.

      Many Jews in the U.S. magnify the the threat of Islam here because they see Islam as a threat to themselves. Any harm that may involve Gentile whites is at most an afterthought.

      Most American Jewish organizations actually consider “Islamophobia” to be the “threat.” The only kind of “American Jews” that might be accurately said to overdramatizing the (real) Islamic threat are neo-conservatives, but they’re a minority of American Jewish thought and politics.

      • Mike Lane

        It’s a bizzare phenomenon, isn’t it?

    • Greg Thomas

      Militant, illegal invading mexicans are by far the greatest threat our country (U.S.) faces.

      • Popeye Doyle

        I suggest you check the crime stats on that one.

        • America First

          I don’t think he is talking about crime only. They are an existential threat in a way the bulk of the violent criminals (we know who you mean) are truly not.

          • Popeye Doyle

            Julian was.

        • Greg Thomas

          I have “checked the crime stats on that one.” Mexicans (Ok-hispanics. how many are illegal or the byproduct thereof) account for over 60% of arrests here in Los Angeles. Illegal invading mexicans are a threat to White America in a multitude of ways. I seem to have hit a sore spot with you. Are you an illegal invading mexican apologist?

          • Popeye Doyle

            “African Americans are, by far, the greatest physical threats to the country in terms of crimes commited.” – Julian

            Thats a true statement. You countered that statement with a mocking false statement.

          • Kathy M

            Maybe he hasn’t seen the flash mob post yet. He’s also thinking locally.

          • Greg Thomas

            I see plenty of illegal invading mexican mobs on a daily basis. By stating that illegal invading mexicans are a greater threat does not diminish, nor suggest that I have dismissed the threat that blacks present. The fact remains that such threats increase exponentially because our traitors in Washingtom refuse to secure our border and deport illegals .
            Militant, illegal invading mexicans will soon catch up with blacks when it comes to violence directed towards White Americans.

      • Defoe

        I suggest that liberals who espouse and push their agenda are the greatest threat to our country. Before we can wage an effective war, we must identify and understand our enemy!

    • Ella

      If Europe collapses under Leftist ideologies or Islamification, the elite and wealthy usually escape (Jewish; Anglo; whomever). They have the means and power to emigrate for USA, Canada or Australia until these countries become collapsed as well. Then, they start the whole socialist utopia all over again like a plaguing cycle. All who remains just suffer.

    • Martel

      Pamela Geller does support Paul Weston and Geert Wilders who want to stop Muslim immigration all together, so i’m not sure your analysis is correct.

      • David Ashton

        She personally is OTT in other respects.
        Anti-Nazi Zionists like Robert Wistrich is more sober and now closer to our outlook.

    • MikeofAges

      How do you uphold leftist beliefs and at the same time condemn Islam? Answer in a word, nationalism. And recognizing the Platonic roots of the idealism which made you want to be a leftist in the first place. Those who do not accept Platonic idealism and all that it implies culturally and socially do not belong in the West. That means Western ideas of marriage, family, education, child development, and the basis in individual mental endowment of the general division of labor within society. And seeing the nation as the instrument for protecting the same.

    • David Ashton

      Whites should simply advance the policy of white survival, whatever anyone else thinks. Welcome Jews who see sense in this. Ignore or criticize those of them, and anyone else, who does not. There is a great danger in jumping to generalized conclusions about Jews without the hard work of serious and thoughtful research.

      • Talltrees

        Kevin MacDonald has done serious and thoughtful research. See “The Culture of Critique” and his website The Occidental Observer.

        • David Ashton

          I have read and possess “Culture of Critique”, and referred – on on the whole favorably – to it in previous posts; I also have other writings by KM and some downloads from his website (of which I have rather more mixed opinions). I have a substantial scholarly library on Jewish issues from different viewpoints, but adhere to my opinion as expressed here and on previous AmRen threads, though always open to fresh arguments and factual research I have missed.

  • The Mechanic

    The cold and grim reality is that most of the nonwhite aliens in Europe will have to be physically expelled from the white nations they are now colonising. There is no other way to a lasting peace.

    • Morris LeChat

      Yes, well, this has been done many times in history and can be done again. After the second world war, millions of Germans were expelled from Silesia, the Sudetenland, Pomerania, Prussia. Millions of Poles were moved from areas that are now part of White Russia and Ukraine. All we have to do is… “git her done!”

    • PBL

      Expulsion, yes! It is high irony that a ms. Mallstrom (cf. maelstrom) head of immigration and asylum for the EU.

      It is past time that whites in Europe swept aside perfidious bureaucrats, ornamental royals, and bleating clerics to retake their own lands. This they should do for themselves and their heirs. Plain in-your-face self interest should rule the day, else they will rue the day Europe tips.

      Americans should welcome such blood consciousness, too; and emulate it before we are immolated by our own multicultural volcano.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Part of the expulsion MUST include race traitors like Mallstrom or we will be leaving the job unfinished.

    • Bobby

      Yes, but you had better make them carry a leftist under each arm as they leave, or all the work of explusion will be for nought. The left, as I have said a thousand times, are fanatical, intransigent, almost insanely so, people. Conservatives are as little babes next to leftist ideologically moved people.

    • MikeofAges

      There are ways to do it which are less violent and intrusive. One of them is to simply pay people to leave. Cheaper than a lifetime of welfare benefits.

      • E

        Many immigrants KNOW their countries are rat-holes and will refuse to return “paid” or not. Many Mexicans are treated better in the USA as illegals than by their own Mexican government. US Govt. gives away our tax monies as we work longer hours. Mass inflation is slowly strangling the Middle Class everywhere. The Dollar/Euro buys less for our families so we work longer hours. In Europe cost of living (VAT tax) is 2-3X’s worse than USA so they scale down their size of families. There is a correlation between low cost of living and family size.

        • MikeofAges

          Absolutely right in many cases. But indemnifying people with a lifetime pension or single payment would make the exit process more palatable. Nor do you have to send everybody back. Older people who could no longer have children could stay and be allowed to die out naturally. Younger ones, no. Not unless they submitted to rigorous assimilation protocols for themselves and their children. Protocols that might not be legal under present law in the West.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            Letting the elderly stay would probably be okay, but we cannot, under any circumstances, let those young enough to have children stay.

            Assimilation is impossible for non-whites. It doesn’t matter how much you educate them, how well they dress, or whether they profess a white religion or not.

            Even during the segregation and Jim Crow days, blacks couldn’t assimilate. They behaved better than they do now, but their levels of violence were still higher than whites’, and they still resided at the bottom of society, because their IQs are just too low to rise any further.

            Hispanic IQs are not much higher on average than American blacks’. No matter how rigorous the assimilation protocol, they would inevitably outbreed whites, create a permanent, violent underclass, and whenever they reach critical mass in any area, the rigorous assimilation standards would break down.

            They must be sent back, whether through cash payments or physical expulsion. Anything else just leaves a ticking time bomb for our descendants.

          • MikeofAges

            Thinking about the Arabs in Europe, primarily. Lots of Arab “blood” in Europe anyway. Studies of the DNA of Adolph Hitler’s close relatives showed that he had a lot of either North African or Jewish ancestry somewhere in his family tree. I am sure in the south of France, for example, there is but plenty of Arab in the ancestry of most of the population. A little more would not do any great damage provided the cultural risk is remediated.

          • ATBOTL

            Newsflash: All of the ancestors of Europeans once lived in Asia and Africa because Europe was under a mile of ice.

    • William Allingham

      they are not even making use of what white societies have to give (culture and education) their criminal lives in Europe are not so different from the ones they would have in Africa, they have nothing to lose but we are losing everything

      we tend to project our qualities to people who dont have them (even to our pets)

    • LeChat

      Kick all the whites out of north, south and central america, the carribean, australia and africa and then you can kick the browns and the blacks out of europe.

  • AJ

    A lot of things stated in this article are accurate. However, I must state the following points:

    1) It fails to identify the people behind the open doors policy (the jewish supremacists)

    2) It exaggerates the non-whiteness of Turks. While many Turks are non-white, most of the ones I have met could pass for any other European nationality (The example in the picture is by no means typical).

    3) It is wrong in describing Albania as a muslim stronghold. I am Albanian and I know that a lot of Albanians might describe themselves as muslims when you ask about their religion. However, they do not practice at all. Most of us are for all intent and purposes atheists/deists.

    Now, having said all that, I am against all forms of immigration. I am even against the immigration of one European country to another. Don’t think that immigration is hard only on the host country. It is hard on the immigrants as well. And I feel that a lot of immigrants would be far happier if they returned to their home countries (and the economy of their home countries would be helped too). Unfortunately, I know of no organization that tries to convince immigrants that it is in their best interests to return to their home countries….

    • Morris LeChat

      How can it be jews behind the open doors policy? It is the elites of Europe, and there aren’t many jews left in that number after WWII. The elites of any and every country almost always end up conspiring against their own kind. Was the VORTIGERN Jewish? Do you know who he was? He let the Anglo Saxons invade Britain. He sold out all of Keltic Britain, yet remained in power. The Keltic British Elites remained in power in their Roman cities while the Anglo Saxons spread throughout the land. They disappeared eventually through assimilation and demographic demise. At some point, the Anglo Saxons decided they did not need to respect the authority of the Vortigerns that let them in and then the Kings were Anglo Saxons.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        It is unfortunate that many Jews have ascribed to leftist notions now being forced on people in Europe and the US.

        I think that, sans Hitlerian resurgence, however, Jews and non Jewish whites have much more in common than say non-Jewish whites and Muslims, non-Jewish whites and blacks. My hope is that as the true consequences of radical leftism become ever more apparent more and more Jews will abandon leftism and that more whites will welcome them and their considerable talents in the struggle to come.

        It will indeed be in Europe that the firestorm will ignite. There is no choice for white Europeans and more are figuring it out. I only hope it will not be too late when a critical mass look around and no longer see their countries.

        I think it’s coming sooner rather than later and it’s going to be ugly. Or should I say, uglier.

        • eiszeit

          Not true. Jews lack an Aryan soul just as much as Blacks, Arabs, and Hispanics do. There’s us, then there’s everyone else.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Well, Jews are also targets for extermination and slavery by Muslims, so enemy of my enemy and all.

            I’m proud of my Aryan roots but have no problem with Jews per se. Many have a lot of Aryan blood and I distinguish early proto-Semites from today’s HIGHLY Africanized inhabitants of the Middle East. I assure you there are many Jews who look, act, live White.

            Looking forward to genetics unraveling a lot of the mystery regardless.

            Remember that there were also aboriginal populations of whites throughout Europe prior to the arrival of Aryans (Indo-Europeans) and their genetics are part of what makes modern Whites white.

            In terms of an Aryan soul, sure…I read excerpts from the Zend Avesta, possibly the earliest Aryan religious tract in existence and feel a stirring I don’t believe a non Aryan can quite appreciate.

            But then what is an Aryan or non-Aryan? I caution against hyper exclusivity and small tent-ism in the current context for any number of reasons. For example I responded to a purist not long ago here who claimed that only “Aryans” would be allowed in a White NW Pacific republic he envisioned with something like this…

            What? DNA tests for all who wish to be there? What is the exact level of acceptable “Aryanness”? Have you ever looked into your woodpile? What if you find out your wife was, in spite of appearance, behavior, and lifestyle…not Aryan enough?

            In terms of America I posit that the American White is a NEW MAN, a new form of white, of which Aryan is the biggest and most important piece to be sure, but…not the entire picture.

            Is that you Aldric? Welcome back.

          • AJ

            I am not Aldric, sorry. Also, I agree with you that we should not be hyper-exclusive. I also agree that many jews are for all intent and purposes white. The problem I see is that I don’t think they see themselves as white. In fact, they seem to think of their agenda as different and in some ways opposing that of Europeans. Maybe that will change in the future…I don’t know

          • Jim G

            Here is a true story that happened 30 years ago.

            I worked with a nice Jewish kid named Allen. He told us that his father was an accountant. Allen’s father told him that a fellow worker told a Polish joke. When his father laughed a man asked him how he could laugh at a joke poking fun of Polish people when he was Polish.

            Allen said his father told the man that he was from Poland, “But I’m not Polish I’m Jewish.”

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I once had Jewish student who liked to exchange Jewish jokes with me. Think he was trying figure out how I felt about Jews and had a real impish streak, so he invariably busted out the most offensive Jewish jokes he could dredge up, stuff about pizzas and ovens and such. Great kid, funny. Once I made up a joke of my very own that he told his mother, who taught at the same school, who thought it was very funny…good people…

            How do you play the Jewish defense in American football?

            Nickel and dime ’em ’til you get the quarterback.

            Ba-dump-bump pshhhh!

            Kid was blonde haired and blue eyed, definitely non libtard, non PC.

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            I first learned this from an Israeli friend: “How do you fit 70 Jews into a car? Put two in the front, two in the back, and 66 in the ashtray.”

          • PesachPatriot

            Thats an old one, but a good one….I like the one about the chicken soup powered car….it stops on a dime and picks it up too…..my personal favorite is the one where the jewish kid comes home and tells his father that he got a role in the school play….the father asks what role and the kid says he gets to play the jewish father…the mother hears from the kitchen and tells him to go back and try auditioning for a speaking part.

            This is a good bush era joke that was popular in israel. Osama bin Laden calls bush in the middle of the night “George I had a dream that over all the great cities of america, NY, Miami, New Orleans, LA, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas there was a green banner that said there is no god but allah and muhammad is his prophet. Bush responds, thats very interesting, I also had a dream, that over all the cities of the islamic world, there was blue and white flags…they flew over cairo, damascus, tehran,riyadh, baghdad, tunis and beirut….osama asked bush what the flags said….bush responded…how the hell should I know, I can’t read hebrew.”

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Thanks…never heard those…stops on a dime and picks it up too!

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah! That’s the stuff “Jew Boy” (what he called himself, lol) would hit me with. He also indroduced me to “The Hebrew Hammer”. There’s a hilarious scene where the hero almost bites it when he stops to pick up a quarter…

            My grampa, an old Scotsman, got along fine with the old Southern Jews he dealt with. Perhaps due to some shared stereotypes regarding Jews and Scots, lol.

            Someone called me Jew Boy the other day here, lol. Not that I care beyond the infuriatingly paranoid aspect of it, but I’m really not, you know? But if some wealthy person of Jewish descent WANTS to pay me to “spread Zionist propaganda” (I guess what I’m doing for free now according to the SF’ers)…

            I’ll gladly serve my Jew masters. You guys got the money, LOL!!!

            I should be careful. Some folks have neither sense of humor nor perspective, eh?

            Thank God or Yahweh or Satan or the Decapitator (my favorite psycopathic pre-Colombian deity http://tinyurl.com/and-the-spanish-were-bad ) for Amren. There would be nowhere else other than chimpout for me to post or lurk.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            PS, to ProWhite

            You know, my fellow Zionist co-conspirator, (and do please contact your shady Hebrew banker/entertainment overlords and tell them I’ll gladly sell out to them for their Jew gold, heehee)…

            Perhaps we should both consider converting to the cult of the Decapitator. There’s something simple and beautiful about the morality, I gotta say. Whereas when a Christian is confronted with a sticky moral situation he is encouraged to say to himself something like, “What would Jesus do?” Which can get kind convoluted and require wearisome thought. But for a worshiper of the Decapitator…

            The answer to the question “What would the Decapitator do?” couldn’t be more obvious, LMAO! I know exactly what the Decapitator would do! Gotta love that old timey religion of the morally superior pre-Colombianos, eh?

          • pcmustgo

            Yes, I am half Jewish and try to convince these guys anti-white racism IS anti-Jewish inherently, as Jews are viewed by non-whites as white, whether anyone agrees or not.

          • NeanderthalDNA


          • MikeofAges

            I’ve argued regarding the affirmative action system that the first moment blacks had any real power in America, they used it to dish on their perceived ancestral enemies, Jews, Appalachians and Eastern Europeans. Yes, anti white racism is strongly anti-Jewish. Whatever racial system America has had during its history, the racial system has been the system for everyone in that it has defined who everyone is and what their material relations to society are going to be. I also argue that the best era for race relations in America was the brief “equality” era, which lasted only from maybe 1948 to around 1970. Although, obviously, there was not equality during that period time (though some achieved it if normal income and lifestyle is the measure), the point was, this was the period of time when blacks seemed to experience the greatest movement in the direction of being able to live like normal people with normal relations with others.

            What happened to world around 1970, that great watershed year, needs more looking into. So much changed so quickly that you have to think there was a design behind it. But whose?

        • AJ

          I hope you are right

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Me too, brother.

        • gemjunior

          I don’t think anything would ever change their minds about unifying with anyone – even if they turned into right wing ultra extreme militants; but they will always need more than anything to feel CHOSEN, different, above others. I’m from NYC originally and worked there my whole adult life, mostly for Jews naturally because they own everything. It’s not a fable. Some have been very good to me personally but I couldn’t help noticing the general treatment of
          non-Jews they did NOT know. They can’t help it, can’t change. It’s been this way for over 5,000 years for them. So I don not believe they will assimilate more than they have, with the other people of Europe.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Sure. I’ve never lived/worked there but I credit you. Jews have the right to self identify and I think such propensities are as natural for them as for us. I would rather be governed by non-Jews, since I’m not Jewish. I envision more of a MUTUALLY respectful alliance against common foes.

            Heck, in my perfect America I would say all ethnic groups have the right to associate/dissociate as they like. I can envision a situation where there exist ethnic enclaves that peacefully and respectfully coexist separately as well as areas where people CHOOSE to mix if they so desire.

            Legal equality, meritocracy (nothing being perfect in this very imperfect world, of course).

          • EuroAmerican

            When in the history of the human race have ‘ethnic enclaves’ ever coexisted peacefully? The only example that comes to mind is Switzerland, and that’s because all the residents, German, French Italian, are white Europeans. with a long shared history.

            Your perfect America is a utopian dream that ends with a dystopian nightmare. Wake Up!

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Oh I’m wide wide awake buddy. Trying to envision a solution that does not result in complete dissolution of the country, not sure it’s possible.

            My most pressing concern is the nightmare of subSaharan African (dys)genetics.

            I’m coming to believe that this, more than anything else, is the greatest danger to progress and civilization there is and nothing else matters in the big picture if such continues unabated.

            I look at the pre-modern Middle East and see a melange of pre-Africanized Semites who accomplished some pretty impressive things, competed and mixed with waves of Aryans and aboriginal white populations like Sumerians and Kassites. Even early Islamic Semites, prior to massive sSA slave imports evinced undeniably vital and innovative civilization that not only inherited and preserved the knowledge of their predecessors but truly added something new and worthwhile until…

            Europe became strong enough to prevent Muslim slavers from taking millions of white Europeans as slaves, to be replaced by millions of 70 average IQ sSA’s who interbred and debased over the process of several centuries.

            At some point within the last 300 to 600 years a critical mass of 70 avg. IQ African genetics poisoned the well and the Islamic Middle East ceased innovating, ceased producing original thought or scientific innovation – correlates very nicely with the cut off of European slaves and the massive importation of sSA slaves. Whereas in the earlier days if the Islamic empire there existed in many places enlightened rulers who in fact attempted to treat their faith as a living religion and applied some logic and rational analysis I believe that as the 70 IQ sSA genetic markers became more common and intermixed the more rigid and less capable of anything resembling European style critical thought and civic involvement became possible.

            The sSA represents an insidious stealth assault on all other populations, a creeping cancer that thrives on our noblest and most admirable qualities of charity and empathy and will toward justice and fairness, then spits in our faces and results in devolution back to savagery and torpor. Through irresponsible r-style breeding the sSA gains a toehold in the societies of other more capable types and then resorts to parasitism to eat away at the corporate body of any higher IQ population that evinces empathy toward the downtrodden of it’s own folk, mis-identifying the natural state of being of the sSA with unfortunate instances on intra-group miscarriages of justice such as the mistreatment of Irish by English, for example. With tragic results.

            Jews? As I’ve stated before, I neither love nor hate them. I strongly disagree with unconditional US support for Israel, am suspicious of hard core AIPAC’ers and suspect that many of them are indeed more loyal to Israel than to whatever country they reside in other than, am sure they do indeed look after themselves and so on, but…

            Perhaps my biggest problem is the way many have enabled the acceptance of the sSA genetic Trojan horse to pollute our genetic pool, possibly setting back progress thousands of years. At the same time their do indeed exist many Jews who are similarly disgusted with their fellows and who I welcome at my side in the coming struggle. At the same time there exist many sick Aryans every bit as involved in this pollution who I detest even more for their stupid treachery because they are of mine.

            Science – greatest divider of wheat from chaff and I always reserve at least a small section of my mind to receive possibly dissonant information from real, legitimate science. I’d rather eat crow any day than convince myself a lie is the Truth.

          • Defoe

            Outstanding discourse! You write as I think, although I think you wrote it better than I could. Kudos!!

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Thank you sir. I love the editing tool on Disqus.

          • Just wanted to let you know that this is one of the best things I’ve read in a while, I’ve just come back here to save it in my quotes.doc. Thanks

          • MBlanc46

            It ends that way only if we let it.

          • Derelictus

            Singapore? Besides the Muslims, the other ethnicitiies seem to get along okay.

          • saxonsun

            White gentiles have to take a page from the Jewish book–we come first and we work for and promote our own kind.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I could not agree more. I just don’t see how Jew bashing is a prerequisite for it. How bout black and/or Muslim bashing? I can get into that…and I believe it to be perfectly legitimate and 100% supportable by Truth and science.

        • Ella

          We’ve had heavy Jewish immigration since early 1920’s, especially Eastern Bloc countries post WW2. Jews have fought every immigration reform since the 1900’s (minus 1-2 Asian Bills) to ensure their own peoples safety. Most Jews, around 70-85%, still vote Democrat (left) even though the Republocrats pander to Jews in every election giving an “oath of allegiance.” We have more Jews here in USA than Israel.

          Jewish lobbying groups have greatly interfered and influenced our foreign policies that show little support of the American Middle Class peoples –mostly European descent. They raise billions in lobbyist monies to “throw their weight” as an ethnic group…you cannot deny the effects. These social problems currently feel “foreign”and “remote” to average American families.

      • ATBOTL

        Men like Marx and Freud influenced people in countries they never visited long after they died.

        There are currently many Jews at the highest levels of power in European countries: ministers, presidential candidates etc.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Any idea what percentage we talking about?

      • David Ashton

        Jews had a special motive for supporting immigration because of Czarism and Hitlerism. Their current opposition to Islamism has changed many minds. This is not altruism on their part, but it makes many of them allies of white Gentiles in a common cause.

    • Martel

      The Turkish behave despicably all over Europe, they show intense xenophobia against white Europeans, and most my experiences are exactly as such, they abuse the welfare system and they refuse to assimilate, naturally Erdogan calls any form of assimilation “a crime against humanity”. In Cologne alone, police officers report more then 65% of rapes are committed by Turkish immigrants.

      I do not consider the Turks Europeans, they are descendent of the Asian hordes which conquered Anatolia, who slaughtered and subjugated the native Christians. I regard Albania in similar fashion, they are extremely hostile against their ethnically European neighbours, and hence, i view them as an enemy of European civilization.

      I do not care if muslims are practically atheist or devout Islamists, it does influence their political decisions and Islam will always be incompatible with European civilization, and it presence in this region is completely illegitimate and the product of violent, not peaceful conversion.

      • AJ

        Have you met any Albanians? It is true that the Balkans have been ripe with conflict, but you should not confuse race with religion. Would you regard Bosnians in the same fashion too, since they are muslims?

        Also, you seem to regard Christianity as wholly European. If you did your research, you will find that Christianity is as much a middle-eastern religion as Islam. Not just that, but just like Islam, it was spread by force in Europe. Not to mention that Christianity played no small part in the intellectual starvation of Europe during the middle ages. Europe only started to regain its glory after it started moving away from this religion during the Renaissance.

        Now, having said that, I do not care what religion you are as long as you are European. And Albanians, Bosnians, and many Turks are European. We should not alienate a whole branch of Europeans because they practice a different religion. This only weakens our cause

        • Martel

          Yes, i have met Albanians, and the Turks are a common commodity here. They are hostile against European interests. I see both Albanians and the Turkic people as invaders, not legitimate heirs of the grounds they occupy. Albania is a crime ridden cesspool, and worst of all, they are hostile towards the Serbs who have my undying loyalty. Kosovo was taken over by a pro-islamist Clinton administration and Turkish pressure,and I will not recognize it as an independent state.

          I am not a racial puritan when it comes to allies, I would not mind a white nationalist alliance with Albanians or Turks, but currently, and historically, they are hostile and opposed to the interests of ‘my’ Europeans. You are trying to sell something as sweet while it is in fact still poisonous. If you want to fulfil your vision you have a lot of work to do because currently both Albania and Turkey, which most Albanians are exceptionally loyal too (and vice versa) are not the friend of the traditional European in any sense.

          Bosnians, i see them no different from cultural Marxists, they have chosen to adopt a religion inherently opposed to the societies Europeans have build.

          The difference between Islam and Christianity is quite simple, Islam was developed by Arab nationalists, not only the prophet Muhammed, but Caliph Umar made it clear the Arab races are the true inheritors of muslim faith. Caliph Umar, a sahaba of prophet Muhammed forbade enslaving Arabs and pushed other pro-Arab policies.

          The majority of Muslims believe the quran can only be understood in original Arab, which weakens the position of non-Arab muslim scholars and politicians and ensures Arab domination. Quote any Pakistani or Indian Islamic scholar to an Arab Muslim and chances are he will mock him as “just a pakistani”.

          The choice for claiming the “Arab-only” nature of the quran was strategical, the muslims feared other tribes finding out about the hostile texts contained in this book no different then they do now. A dirty infidel cannot even touch a quran. Under President Obama, US forces are now asked to wear gloves when handling a quran.As funny as it is sad.

          The shafi’i school of Islamic jurisprudence agrees that the caliph should be of Arab descent, even a qadi should be a male of Arab descent. I’m not sure of the position of the maliki, hanafi and hanbali schools, this doesn’t matter though as the Arabist Ikwan are the strongest political force in Islamizing Europe. The biggest financiers of global islam are also Arab Nationalist forces from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the emirates.

          Christianity on the other hand is developed in a different region, it doesn’t refer to the superiority of locals, and it became strongly Europeanized as centuries passed. Also, I understand you are an Albanian, but it is difficult to claim Christianity was spread by the sword in Europe. Adoption was mostly voluntary. Without the sword Islam wouldn’t have left Arabia, Prophet Muhammed had less then 150 followers before he started raping, murdering and pillaging until the day he died.

          • AJ

            Since I do not want this to turn into one of those ugly debates about the Balkans that I have seen all too often on the internet, I will make this my last reply.

            Now, I want you to understand that I in no way am defending Islam. I think Islam, just like most religions, has caused more misery than anything else. But Christianity is no different. You say that Islam talks about the superiority of the Arabs. Have you read the Old Testament? Does the idea of a “Chosen People” not sound like superiority to you? Wanna take a guess as to how European these “Chosen People” were? Also, after the fall of the Roman empire, Christianity ruled Europe (virtually unopposed) for 1000+ years. Were those dark ages remembered as a golden period for Europe? How many wars were fought and how many Europeans died fighting each other because of different interpretations of Christianity? Have you read about the 30-years war and various other wars that caused the death of 1/3 and maybe up to 1/2 of Germany in the 1600s? I am sorry, but this does not sound like a peaceful religion to me… Europeans have achieved most of the things we are proud of after we started moving away from this religion.

            Also, about Kosovo, there is a big misconception that the Serbs were there first (even though this happened hundreds of years ago). However, if you go back a bit further, you will realize that the Balkans had no Slavic population until the middle ages. The Slavic people (including the Serbs) came to the Balkans as invaders. There is plenty of evidence, however, that Albanians (or ancestors of Albanians) have been in the region much earlier. Read “The Etruscans begin to Speak” – a little known book written by the Frenchman Zacharie Mayani, on the similarity of modern Albanian words with ancient Etruscan.

            I think the reason why so many White Nationalists support Serbia vs Albania is because they do no want to alienate the 200+ million Slavs in the world for the less than 10 million Albanians. However, I think there should be a better way around this that respects both sides. I certainly hold no ill will to the Serbian people or to other Slavic people in the Balkans. After all, even though they are recent arrivals, they have been in the region for over 1000 years and I consider them neighbors. However, I think the best way to solve the situation in the Balkans is through self-determination. If people in Kosovo say they are Albanian, let them be Albanian. If there was a large chunk of Serbs in Albania, I would let them be Serbs. I think this is not only fair, but necessary if we are to make a united white movement.

          • Martel

            I do not agree that the Serbs are the newcomers and the Turkic invaders are the original inhabitants. Even if it would be so, the loyalty between the Albanians and the Turkic shows who they consider their natural ally. I see absolutely zero possibilities of white unity with Albanians, i do with the Serbs.

            Earlier you told the widespread myth claiming Europe was Christianized by the sword. Now you attempt to claim Christianity was the cause of these wars, while Christian infighting only became an issue after Europe was devastated by Muslim invasions. After 400 year long war against Europe, Europe attempted to unite along religious lines. Only after the 10th century did enormous intolerance for different interpretations of Christians cause major conflicts. The only issue i blame christianity for is its passivity as it did not successfully attempt to defend itself earlier, and when it did, it did not reconquer all Christian lands.

            The Chosen People

            Unlike the clearly defined Arab nationalist stance of Prophet Muhammed and early sahaba, the Chosen People is an abstract concept in the eyes of most Christians, and locus of Christianity is in Europe.

            My reasoning isn’t strategical, and I doubt the reasoning of other white nationalists is.My reasoning is that the Serbs were targeted by a left wing American administration in alliance with Turkish and Arab political forces, and they had no issue doing so because the war was Muslim/Turkic against white natives. The media didn’t need to show any sign of mercy against the Serbs and they reported the issue from the Muslim-perspective only as their loyalty is always with “less-white”..

            Also, even if someone would consider Serbs as invaders, they are not expansionist and hostile against European interests as the Turkic people are. The Albanians had no rights taking over the land and homes of Serbs, which they started under Tito and finished under Bill Clinton, and hence they can be considered hostile against native whites.

            I respect that you try to find a way to build white nationalist alliance, but currently, this is not a possibility as long as the Turkic people attempt to take what is not theirs.

          • AJ

            I won’t argue anymore about religion with you. Your claim that muslim invasions caused Christians to start fighting each other, makes no logical sense to me… If anything, the opposite makes more sense

            Also, Albanians are not Turkic, even if some are muslim. Finally, you say that it was only the left-wing American administration that targeted Serbia. Do you know that when Nazi Germany invaded Yugoslavia, it gave Kosovo back to Albania? This was before Tito. Look it up. Are you gonna blame Nazi Germany for being against the “native” white Serbs too?

          • Talltrees

            No more Muslims, regardless of what color they are and what country, European or not.

    • Bravo for your statement.

  • Morris LeChat

    There have been times during Europe’s history where up to two thirds of it’s populations had been wiped out, plagues, religious wars etc. Still Europe is still here. What the People of Europe need to do is kick out those that have betrayed them, dismantle their socialist states and start having children and families again. Normally, one would say they wont do this, but the collapse is coming, the socialist governments and economies and welfare states will utterly fail. They will fail while Europeans still are hanging onto their countries. The world we have been living in during the past 50 years will become an anachronism.
    “Modernity”, in the form of feminism, gay rights, socialism, corporatism, metrosexualism,pornography etc will be heavily scorned, totally rejected and discredited. The mistake that the socialist made was to think that the world doesn’t ever change.

    • ricpic

      I agree that the collapse is coming. In Europe and here in the States. For one thing the BRICS nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – are well advanced down the road that will destroy the dollar, it will lose its reserve currency status and collapse precipitously, plunging the United States into something worse than the Great Depression. My guess is that Germany will save itself by joining the BRICS, which means that the PIIGS – Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain – plus France will also implode. In effect there will be immense economic suffering followed by turmoil we can barely imagine in both the United States and most of Europe. IMO there is absolutely no telling what the picture will look like when the smoke clears. Ideally it will be the end of the bloated welfare state and its client blacks and browns on both continents. But it also might end in near total enslavement of whites by statist whites.

      • Cannot Tell

        Forgive my ignorance of macroeconomics, but is the opinion that the destruction of the dollar will lead to economic collapse linked to the opinion that our enormous national debt will lead to economic collapse?. I’ve read books where the author attributed impending economic collapse to our ever increasing national debt, but I haven’t yet come across one that talks about the destruction of the dollar.

        • ricpic

          The only way the United States keeps above water at present is by selling its debt, in the form of US Treasury Bonds, primarily to other nations, China being the biggest purchaser. But China is more and more aware that it is buying debt the United States will either pay off in devalued dollars or fail to pay off at all — default on. What happens when China says “Uh uh, no thanks, we pass on your next debt offering?” What happens is the end of the living on debt game for the United States. Aside from the value of the dollar dropping like a stone at that point there is the real possibility that supply chains will be broken, you go to the supermarket and the shelves are bare. I probably didn’t answer your question properly and believe me I’m no expert in this area. The simple fact is that a nation, even one with a printing press, can’t go on indefinitely living beyond its means. Look at it this way: the world sends us goods and we send back dollars, dollars that we’ve printed out of thin air. The world, and not only China, is getting fed up and soon the United States is going to be poor and relatively powerless as a result.

          • Cannot Tell

            Thanks for informing me. That was a good explanation.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Actually China only owns a very small portion of our debt, about 8.1%. Foreign countries own about 34% of the debt total.

            Who owns the rest? Americans and the Federal Reserve.

    • Cannot Tell

      I can tell you enjoy Guillaume Faye’s book, Archeofuturism, as much as I did.

  • Inki Snowe

    I notice there is more than one hammer-and-sickle in that “diversity star”. No swastikas, though. Europe died in 1945. Everything since then is just decomposition.

    • Bobby

      Interesting. Something David Aston and K, in their rude reply to eiszeit, might think about.

    • Nazis are Marxists

      You mean the Hindu and Buddhist symbol that Hitler thought represented non-Slavic white people?

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Amerinds used the swastika also, perhaps brought to them through Solutrean interaction. The one place that seems to have never grasped the swastika as a symbol is The Dark Continent.

        • Nazis are Marxists

          That would be amazing/interesting, since the Solutreans were A. Not Aryans and B. Never had a Hindu or Navajo style swastika.

        • Defoe

          The “Dark Continent” has “never grasped” so many things! Where to begin?

      • Dude
        • Nazis are Marxists

          Sorry, it doesn’t predate Hindu use of it. Article doesn’t even make that claim anyway. And yeah, Hitler’s use of the swastika is identical to Hindu, Buddhist, and even Navajo swastikas. If he wanted to use that soft, curling windmill that represented the Earth he could have, but he didn’t.

          • Dude

            Hinduism is just a degenerate form of the religion of the Caucasian people who conquered India and established the original caste system anyway.

    • Nazis are Marxists

      “The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?”
      -wonderful leader

      Our dear beloved Hitler got his wish, I don’t know what everyone is so upset about? I think what’s happening in Europe is glorious. We should all convert.

  • eiszeit

    Europe is finished. The jews and their Shabbos goy White slaves have all the money and power and they’re never going to give it up. If Europe ever shows some resolve Israel will just go nuts with its Samson Option and wipe out Europe forever. Basically, the White race is finished. Like Celine said, European civilization was doomed the moment the Germans surrendered at Stalingrad.

    • David Ashton

      Nutzi defeatism.

    • K..

      You’re a loony.

    • ProWhite son of Jacob

      Why would Israel nuke Europe for not wanting to be Islamified? That’s absolutely ridiculous. When is the last time Israel threatened to use nukes, even against countries that pose direct and tangible threats? Your ideas would be more respectable if they weren’t marked by paranoia– the same kind of illogical paranoia that is held by many Jews that immediately jump to accusations of Nazism.

      • Pamela Geller has called for Israel to nuke European capitals if Iran attacks Israel for just the opposite reason: Precisely because Europe has allowed so many Muslims in.
        With “friends” like her, people who don’t want America or Europe to become part of the Caliphate don’t need their Jihadist enemies.

        • ProWhite son of Jacob

          I have never heard of this famous and influential policy maker…. Pamela Geller. So I looked her up… and she’s an activist… Not only this, but she isn’t even an activist in Israel. She also doesn’t hold bearing on Israeli policy, which I keep up with. I would have heard of this crackpot otherwise.

        • Other Guest

          I read that Rev Pike article. If you eliminate ‘the entirely separate paragraph’ about retaliatory nuking Islamic holy places you will see that what she is referring to is the mass importing of muslims to Europe, not at all what he purports, ie, bad reading comprehension on his part. He further goes on to say that she is much admired and supported by the Southern Poverty Law Center which is ridiculous as they list both her site and this one in the same category as miscreants. People would do well to realize that she is calling attention to threats against freedom when she reports islamic news stories, and the religiously inspired reasons behind them.

          “In dense Muslim communities in the US we are witnessing the same ugly trend.”
          “Not to mention Europe. They exterminated all their Jews, but that wasn’t enough. Those monsters then went on to import the next generation of Jew killers.” (Muslims)

          — The article was in reference to the multitude of Jews currently leaving Europe because of EU mass immigration policy and persecution of Jews by muslims there.

        • ..ylo

          Geller should call on Israel to nuke themselves then— for it is their lobbying groups in Europe and in every White nation on this planet that is directly responsible for multi-culti racial programs.CRIF which is an Israeli lobbying group is–similiar to AIPAC here– is directly responsible for the muslim problem of Europe…but the jews have nothing to fear…they can simply leave Europe for Israel or any other country they wish to go to…just like they did in South Africa calling for the end of Apartheid and handing over power to blacks…big mistake but jews,like the one that wrote “into cannibals pot” can simply leave their mess behind while White goyim like the Boers have no such options.

      • NeuBismarckian

        “Samson Option”

        A previous Israeli Defense Minister let the cat out of the bag a few years ago: “Israel has been building nuclear weapons for 30 years. The Jews
        understand what passive and powerless acceptance of doom has meant for
        them in the past, and they have ensured against it. Masada was not an example to follow—it hurt the Romans not a whit, but Samson in Gaza? What would serve the Jew-hating world better in repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a Nuclear Winter. Or invite all those tut-tutting European statesmen and peace activists to join us in the ovens? For the first time in history, a people facing extermination while the world either cackles or looks away—unlike the Armenians,
        Tibetans, World War II European Jews or Rwandans—have the power to
        destroy the world. The ultimate justice?”

        And an Israeli military historian: “We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: ‘Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.’ I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”

        • ProWhite son of Jacob

          Those aren’t official Israeli statements, although it certainly is dangerous Cold War-era type rhetoric. I do not support the Samson Option as it pertains to the globe (although I probably wouldn’t lose sleep if Mecca were nuked).

          However, although I’m sure you thought it more clever to attribute that to a Defense Minister, it is actually from an opinion piece by David Perlmutter, appearing in the Los Angeles Times.
          The second is by Martin van Creveld.

          • NeuBismarckian

            Whatever the source, it still proves Israel is not my friend.

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            Interestingly, most of this paranoid rhetoric is due to Israel thinking you are not their friend… Or that the world will try to destroy them anyway, as Ezekiel prophesied. It’s ok if you don’t like Israel, I am highly critical of them as well.

            But, does it surprise you that the “Samson” Option is religiously named and derived? The reference should suggest to you that there is a significant religious lobby in Israel. A group who strongly believe that after God gathers exiles back to Israel, they are going to be attacked soon, by multiple major powers. This is not merely rhetoric, but something believed quite strongly. For many Jews, the existence of Israel is predicated on the possibility that the world will become its enemy, according to Ezekiel and Isaiah. Maybe you aren’t religious and this sounds illogical to you, but “Israel” is a religious term–it isn’t just a Hebrew word. It is the realization of Isaiah and Ezekiel.

            Yehuda Etzion plotted to blow up the Dome of the Rock in the 1980s so that a “proper Israel” could be established (not an Israel that theoretically allows for an Arab to reach leadership positions in the country). Which would do everything that leads up to the Messiah (which would bring knowledge of God to the world: Isaiah 11:9). In their mind this is justified because they believe that it will be bad, but ultimately usher in the Messianic Age for the Earth–and all that entails.

            I do not condone the Samson Option or any of this rhetoric… But at the same time I don’t think the Samson Option will ever be used. That the Samson Option is believed as legitimate is the entire purpose
            and intent of it, whether Israel would actually ever initiate it or not.
            You are supposed to believe that this is the tactic, if you didn’t it
            would be a useless ploy. So for the sake of fulfilling its intent, we should just agree that this Option is akin to policy. Although it just exists as deterrent rhetoric–like “mutually assured destruction” or “star wars.” Israelis would be stupid not to advocate for it… Especially in a world that is growing to dislike them like the prophets said. As Palestinians (Pallywood) become the U.N.’s “victimized pet,” and as Islam spreads into the rest of the world by traitors and complicit/naive liberals alike.

            The fight for White Nationalism is ultimately the Jewish fight as well. People like Anders Breivik (despite the bad PR the media gave him) and Marine Le Pen have altered long-standing opinions in Israel (illogical accusations of nazism, although mainly Jewish leftists make these arguments)–Such as when she stated the Islamic occupation of France is akin to the 1940-1944 occupation of France.

            Anyway, peace brother.

          • Defoe

            Of course those are not “official Israeli” statements; Israel has never officially acknowledged that it has the “bomb”. Perlmutter is certainly a FOI, and Creveld teaches at Jerusalem U.

  • ProWhite son of Jacob

    I find Cecilia Mallström’s last name to be quite ironic, given her position as a violent whirling force that seeks to consume and de-Europeanize Europe.

  • newscomments70

    I would like to see all white nationalist movements around the world unite and become an angry, powerful, effective force. All criminal non-whites should be expelled from our countries, immediately…not only in one country, but from all of our countries. At that time, there will be a special place in hell reserved for genocidal white liberals. This is what I fight for, this is what I live for.

    • ViktorNN

      I agree with your comment. Never ending immigration is making it steadily clearer and clearer that there is a problem facing almost ALL countries with white European majorities, from Australia to the U.S. to Europe herself. The problem is nothing less that the continued existence of majority white countries anywhere, including in white ancestral homelands.

      This means the problem goes beyond one that ethnic Germans or ethnic French or ethnic white Americans face alone in their own nations – this is a problem that the worldwide white Nation and Race faces.

      Which, as your comment suggests, underscores the need for a Pan-White political movement.

      A Pan-White Movement needs to build racial awareness most of all, and then begin the work of ending non-white immigration, finding answers to stagnant or declining white birthrates, and ultimately clearing out the non-white foreigners living in our midst who threaten to upset the demographic balance of historically white nations in their favor.

  • Bobby

    I can’t believe the picture of the “suburb” of Paris, with all its graffiti. I live close to Los Angeles and if there wasn’t a caption under that picture, I would think it was Los Angeles. Europe is in for some rude awakenings, to put it mildly.

    • Dude

      The majority of babies being born in Paris now are black. I’ve been there and seen graffiti on architecture far more impressive and ancient than that little wall.

      • IstvanIN

        Africans have no respect for the ancient, the magnificent, the beautiful, or the grand. They would write graffiti on the Sphinx if they could. They have no history of greatness and therefore do not value it.

        • Dude

          Maybe not, since they think the Sphinx is theirs.

  • JohnEngelman

    Everything secular liberals hate about the religious right and the Bible Belt is far more true of Muslims and the countries they dominate. Nevertheless, because secular liberals prefer to blame western civilization for the evils of the world, they refuse to acknowledge the evil that is growing in front of their eyes.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      They have the luxury of criticizing their own culture for now. Let’s see how brave and critical they are under sharia.

      • JohnEngelman

        The Left was nurtured by Western Civilization. Karl Marx was solidly within the western intellectual tradition. To the best of my knowledge, as long as he lived in England he was never harassed by the police. He was able to do his research free of charge at the Reading Room of the British Museum.

        In an Asian or African country he would not have had his research material. He probably would have been arrested. He may have been executed.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          Exactly my point. Marxism has been allowed to fester because of traditional Western Liberalism which tolerates and allows for dissent and differing points of view. Mohammedans are clearly not tolerant.

        • MBlanc46

          Absolutely. He was certainly the most important of the Neo-Hegelians. Nor did he propose the overthrow of Western civilization. He merely thought that the class basis had to be eliminated for it to survive and prosper.

          • JohnEngelman

            I have an affection for Karl Marx that I do not have for Vladimir Lenin or any of the dictators who modeled themselves after him. I see Marx as someone who was genuinely concerned with the poverty and inequality he saw in Europe as it industrialized.

            In the United States most on the right associate poverty with laziness, but you cannot say that factory or mine workers who worked twelve hours a day six days a week were lazy.

            I am not a Marxist, and I do not claim to know what Marx would have thought of the totalitarian dictatorships that were erected in his name. I will say that they were inconsistent with his ideals. Nevertheless, the man was human. During his life he experienced poverty and obscurity. Being treated like a secular deity may have gone to his head.

          • MBlanc46

            Absolutely. He was involved in a mode of thinking–Hegelianism–that has not stood the test of time, but his writings, especially his historical writings, are chock full of apercus. Lenin is an almost completely different character: an activist who’s theorizing is a mere handmaiden to his practical politics. I do have a special regard for “State and Revolution”, alhough it’s difficult to know how seriously to take it.

          • David Ashton

            Like many writers and politicians Marx had more than a few personal failings. He sponged off his capitalist comrade Engels. “Bloody struggle or extinction” was their watchword.

          • David Ashton

            That “merely” is the problem. He was more than a neo-Hegelian interpreting the world, but his proposed changes were either impossible or harmful to western civilization. He was a revolutionary activist and organizer, not just an ivory-tower researcher with a bad temper who cut off his boils with scissors in between sending begging letters to the capitalist exploiter Engels.

          • MBlanc46

            I suppose that Marx would have considered himself an activist and perhaps an organizer.He spent most of his time in London, so he didn’t have much direct contact with the Continental labor movement (nor do I think he had much influence in the British labor movement). But for all that he was principally a theoretician and propagandist. Was it you who referred to the “Critique of the Gotha Program”? That’s the sort of organizing Marx did. My view would be that his historical work surpasses any practical organizing he did.

        • David Ashton

          Communism seems to have gone down at least as well in China, Vietnam, &c.
          How “western” were Bela Kun, Pol Pot, M.N.Roy, &c.?

    • robinbishop34

      ” secular liberals prefer to blame western civilization for the evils of the world”

      They do this because it’s safe.

    • David Ashton

      Well said, my friend.
      I hope you will continue to contribute to this website.

  • a multiracial individual

    I can hear them already….It’s all “their” fault. Why do liberals do this?

  • Just some dude

    What’s the endgame? A slow suicide for Europe? Or a grassroots-led expulsion of foreigners? Or something in between?

    • Nocturna

      Once these things are done they are nearly impossible to reverse without violence. Four possibilities exist:
      1. White racial dissolution in which whites are miscegenated with the immigrant hordes of every type and race. A type of Brazil scenario. This is actually what the multi-cults want. This is the slow death of the white race.
      2) Balkanization. New geographic boundaries are established along racial and ethnic lines. Nations within nations are formed. Note that this scenario has historically led to war in Europe.
      3) Voluntary or coerced physical removal of those alien to Europe.
      4) Civil war.

    • whiteyyyyy

      If you ever figure it out let me know. It’s impossible to know. The only thing I really believe is, it will never happen unless Whites start turning on other whites. Cultural marxists,politicians, journalists,academics,globalists etc- everyone involved in defending the status quo. If these traitors we’re to pay the price, today there is no price, eventually we would see who is behind this. Then maybe, the situation could be turned around.

  • a multiracial individual

    [Attacks by Muslims on Jews are so common that there has been a mass exodus from Oslo and Brussels.]

    Muslims treat Jews far worse than White Gentiles.

    • Aurelius

      Maybe they need to fight back so that they don’t become multiracial individuals.

      • a multiracial individual

        That was whack son! Not even funny. I need to keep an ad hominem counter.

        • Aurelius

          The problem is that AmRen doesn’t have a Statement of Principles. I believe there was one years ago. Without this statement, I can no longer tell what kind of website this is. We have a “gay black man, a “multiracial individual,” a pan-Asiaphile, “John Engelman,” etc etc.

          Dr. Sam Francis, a man that used to be highly respected here wrote the Statement of Principles for the Council of Conservative Citizens website. It is excellent. Here is principle six:

          6) The traditional family is the basic unit of human society.
          We believe in the traditional family as the basic unit of human society and morality, and we oppose all efforts by the state and other powers to weaken the structure of the American family through toleration of sexual licentiousness, homosexuality and other perversions, mixture of the races, pornography in all forms, and subversion of the authority of parents.

          Maybe if we had something similar here it would become clear that this is a website for WHITE individuals. Not multiracial individuals, gays, and blacks.

          • Popeye Doyle

            I tend to agree. Its getting to the point that you can’t swing a dead cat around here without hitting a non-white commenter. Why they are attracted to this site is wierd.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            There’s a few Rukuses out there, some of whom are curve blowers on the IQ scale, some of whom are sick of living amongst their peeps.

            I believe MRI is a quarter white, a quarter black, half oriental. Let’s see, 100×1 + 85×1 + 105×2/4 = 98.75, and I get the feeling he’s at least a standard deviation above that, so…

            I respect the guy and understand why he distances himself from ghetto bastards. Likely acts and lives white too. I personally have no prob with including folks like him in my dream of a New America populated by New Men who in the big pic are in fact the American White.

            He’s got a sharp wit and if he identified himself as “some pee’d of white dude” or something you would love the kid, lol…

            Regardless I like a little diversity. Very little, lol, and too would love a few liblefty trolls to frequent this place more often – get tired of preaching to the crowd and they serve to unify us.

            Would you have a problem with Walter Williams posting here? Just asking, brother.

          • Aurelius

            You are missing the point and motive. Would you go to a Muslim interest website and post as “Zionist Man?” Only if you were intentionally trying to provoke the other commenters there. Otherwise, you would post using a name like “Abu.” This is the intent of MRI yet some of the people here act as if we are on some frickin’ general discussion website instead of a white interest website. “Oh thank you for that link multiracial individual.” “Oh that was a great point Gay Black Man”

            Are you kidding me?! WTH?!

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I follow the rules of this website as well as anybody.

            You are simply wrong. Read some of the moderator’s comments. This is not Stormfront. You wrongly impute your desires as to the nature of this site.

            Apparently I’ve p’d off some 85 IQ stormfronters who can’t read the philosophy section of this magazine/website and think they can hijack this place and fart out their obnoxious bullying nonsense and get away with it.

            Wrong. Do you even read the articles?

          • NeanderthalDNA

            “Moderator Mod Aurelius • 21 hours ago−

            Just because we are white people who advocate for white people because we are white people, doesn’t mean that other people can’t participate in the discussion reasonably and tactfully.”

            21 hours ago in response to you. Then…

            “Aurelius NeanderthalDNA • 13 hours ago−

            You are missing the point and motive. Would you go to a Muslim interest website and post as “Zionist Man?” Only if you were intentionally trying to provoke the other commenters there. Otherwise, you would post using a name like “Abu.” This is the intent of MRI yet some of the people here act as if we are on some general discussion website instead of a white interest website. ”

            13 hours ago, THIS?

            Really guy. Can you not read?

            What is it? Intellectual sloth or an arrogant assumption that you, not Jared Taylor, determines the content and vector of this website?

          • Smitty

            Would you have a problem with David Duke posting here? Are you filled with glee that amren staff banned razorrare from posting on this site .Why not allow him to post so you “won’t have to preach to the choir.” Y ou. Jews are so deceitful but you don’t fool me.

          • oly

            Would you have a problem of David Duke posting here? Just askin Jew Boy.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            “Would you have a problem of David Duke posting here? Just askin Jew Boy.”

            No I would not.

            You are an ignoramus. I’m not Jewish. Have you read nothing I’ve posted you cretin? I’m quoting you, by the way, because I’m betting your comment will be deleted and my response will remain and I want all to see precisely the kind of slimy mental midget that the lower end of the White gene pool sometimes vomits forth in this world.

            1. As far as I’m concerned I don’t care what you look like, you have mentally more in common with an 85 IQ black than either a Jew or an Aryan.

            2. I’d love to meet you in person and have an even livelier discussion, you worm, but it really would not be worth it.

            Slime back into the corpse you wiggled out of you black maggot.

          • whiteuncleruckus

            They always want to be where the White people are at, they always want to do what the White people are doing. Wherever we go they will follow. Like anything thing else that is White they want to take it over. It’s not enough for them to seperate, they feel a deep biological urge to force themselves upon White people because subconsciencly they know we are better than they are. It’s an evolutionary attempt to improve their race by latching on to ours. Notice how they don’t force themselves upon asians, arabs, hispanics etc. Just the Whites.It may also be because they are fasinated by the small percentage of White people who did not succomb to the liberal brainwashing.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Sure, nobody’s more sick of them than I, but…

            Although many Whites suffer from WAY too much empathy and compassion I still say that such traits, within reason, are a strength and that in the tradition of the All Men (Allemani), when I meet a minority who is truly and exceptional individual who appears to prefer my and my company to that of his own…I don’t know, man…have a hard time rejecting him/her outright. I think this is a noble and admirable trait, a White trait.

            But the seething horde of R-style breeding subhuman parasites? Yeah, you are correct sir.

          • a multiracial individual

            I am here because I enjoy learning, and I enjoy thoughtful debate, it’s that simple my friend.

          • Aurelius

            Ok fine. Then can you please use a name like “Frank” when you post? You are what you are through no fault of your own at all but whites with an interest in the survival of our own race specifically do not want to become multiracial individuals. There are many websites out there for “biracial” groups. Thats not what we are about here. Do you post at Stormfront? Somehow, I doubt that.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            “Do you post at Stormfront? Somehow, I doubt that.”

            You would know if he did, eh?

          • Defoe

            Gee, you sound like Engelman. He says he likes “thoughtful” debate as well. One would think that there are many, many other sites where “non-racialist” debate is available. And since neither of you espouse the obvious philosophical position of this site, I continue to wonder why you find this particular site so attractive.

          • Aurelius

            True but even more importantly is the attitude you have which is exactly what I would expect on a website like this and I agree with you. I am getting a little miffed by some of our other supposedly white-interest/nationalist commenters going right along with MRI and “Gay Black Man” as if they have been brainwashed with the diversity-is-good poison.

          • Just because we are white people who advocate for white people because we are white people, doesn’t mean that other people can’t participate in the discussion reasonably and tactfully.

          • Aurelius

            I agree. I remember the days when we had “Under cover black man” here. It was clear he was here to get everyone riled up. Now though, we’re getting commenters using the same in-your-face handles (instead of just names) taking part in routine discussions and white AmReners applauding them. Cheering them on. Imagine I went to a radical homosexual site and starting posting as “Hetero man” or went to a Muslim site and posted as “Zionist Dude.”

            Anyway, please see if Jared will rewrite that rather weak multiculturalist prone “About Us” with a more concise Statement of Priciples. We should be crystal clear about who we are here. That is, of course, simply a suggestion.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Three cheers for the moderator! LOL!

            You, sir or madame, are indeed a class act with a rather delicate and difficult task. I apologize if I’ve made your job…more challenging.

            I didn’t realize it was possible to utterly obliterate all record of a comment but regardless I promise to try my very best to restrain my vitriol and thereby give you a little break, har har.

            That guy really yanked my chain. At least my vitriol was non-potty mouthed, but still had no place here. Hope you enjoyed it, however.

            Keep up the good work and thanks for your wise graciousness. Sometimes us pit fiends get a little out of hand down here in the pits.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            But then “Unruly Europe” IS the title of the piece…

          • KingKenton

            Yes, indeed. The same mentality and philosophical worldview that gave rise to multiculturalism gave rise to homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle. The two are joined at the hip.

  • a multiracial individual

    Sam Harris (an intellectual hero of mine) is currently in a Twitter feud with Glenn Greewald (a gay, liberal, Jew) about Sam’s incessant “Islamophobia”



    Perhaps Mr. Greenwald should travel to Iran and let everyone know he is a gay Jew. I am sure he will be safe since there are no Klansmen around.

    • DailyKenn

      thanks for the info!

    • PesachPatriot

      LOL…Glen Greenwald would not last more than 30 seconds in downtown Tehran before being beaten to death with fists and rocks…the boys in black in bnei barak don’t care too much for feigelehs either, as demonstrated in the movie bruno…is that what intellectuals do now….have twitter feuds? I thought those were for high school mean girls. Sam Harris is the famous atheist right? Twitter might just be the dumbest thing ever invented…

      • a multiracial individual

        Yes, Sam Harris is the author of “The End of Faith.” While they have made exchanges on Twitter, the dispute is a little more substantial than that. They have written full articles on their respective blogs. Also, interestingly, his mother is Jewish. That means he is one of the rare Jews that rejects hyper-multiculturalism.

        • PesachPatriot

          Not as rare as you would think. I also believe in america, the constitution, the english language, a white majority and not turning the country into a giant international food court . Granted the US was multi-racial/cultural on day one in 1776 with different language groups of whites, african slaves, and amerindians but there’s some 315 million people here now…thats quite enough at least until the economy and other social problems get straightened out. I think i read that end of faith book a few years ago…faith is only weakening in parts of america, canada, europe, australia, japan, china and korea…..in africa, latin america, the middle east and india it still burns with medieval intensity.

          • IstvanIN

            But the vast majority of actual Americans were British, followed by Northern Europeans. Few Africans and Indians were citizens. Nobody expected a national language other than English. It was an overwhelming Christian, largely Protestant nation. Not nearly as multi-cultural/ethnic/racial as you seem to think.

          • PesachPatriot

            I’m sure they didn’t have “diversity” and “multi-culturalism” as we understand it today in colonial america, but on the day the country was founded there were peoples from different racial, linguistic and cultural groups here.Wasn’t there an issue with german settlers refusing to learn or speak english for a while? I remember reading that the founders got some of their ideas about democratic representation and individual rights from the mohawk and iroquois indian tribes. Europeans were all used to monarchy and the divine right of kings…the amerindians were used to living free, without taxes or much of a social hierarchy out in the woods.

            I have often wondered what the founders would think about modern day american society if they could be brought back to life…I don’t think they would even be able to understand today’s world. Back then it would take two weeks to send a letter from New York to Philadelphia….now you can send an email from NY to LA within seconds. They probably wouldn’t be able to comprehend the idea of a computer, television or an airplane

          • Wasn’t there an issue with german settlers refusing to learn or speak english for a while?

            I think what you mean by that is that early America was almost a de jure bilingual country, both English and German. But German-Americans never deliberately eschewed English, AFAIK.

            I remember reading that the founders got some of their ideas about
            democratic representation and individual rights from the mohawk and
            iroquois indian tribes.

            Ask yourself: Why has such only been “discovered” in recent years? Answer: Because it’s not really true, it’s more a fantasy/construct of the anti-white multicult crowd.

            Europeans were all used to monarchy and the divine right of kings

            The “Divine Right of Kings” doctrine had already died out well before the late eighteenth century.

          • PesachPatriot

            I always thought the divine right of kings was taken pretty seriously in europe until the early 20th century….the czars in russia certainly enjoyed it until they were deposed by communism and I think so did the kaisers of germany until the weimar democracy was created by the victors of WWI. I don’t really know to what degree the founders were influenced by the amerindians because I wasn’t around back then. I always found it interesting that franklin wanted america’s national symbol to be the wild turkey instead of the bald eagle because the turkey was native to the north american continent and was not associated with imperialism like the roman eagle was.

          • Defoe

            Franklin liked the turkey idea because that bird is extremely wary and alert. The Romanov family did not espouse the “devine right of kings” per se, but simply saw themselves as the ruling royalty of Russia, and were, until the murdering bolsheviks slaughtered them, one by one, including the children.

          • Another thing: Our Bill of Rights had nothing to do with Indians. It’s a direct and improved descendant of the 1689 English Bill of Rights.

          • IstvanIN

            The Germans, who like the English and Dutch, are all descended from Germanic tribes. The Germans did learn English, didn’t they? And as for learning Democracy from Indians, please get real, you forget that England had the Magna Carta, Britain had a Parliament in 1776, and the Greeks had democracy before any of them. Yeah, the founders based our country on the “teachings’ of savages.

            The fact that some other racial groups were here is in no way lessens the fact that this country was founded why white men for white people.

          • PesachPatriot

            Not disagreeing with the last part, but I’m pretty sure I remember reading about both franklin and jefferson being pretty impressed with the amount of freedom the savages enjoyed in their society….weren’t they all influenced to a degree by the whole “noble savage” idea that rousseau talked about? I know the founders were more influenced by british thinkers like john locke, jeremy bentham, and john stuart mill, but weren’t they also readers of both voltaire and rousseau too? I thought the british parliament of 1776 was basically a rubber stamp to legitimize the whims of king george the 3rd, which is what led to the american colonies revolting.

          • Jaego

            Colonial America as a Mutli-Cultural Society – Sickening. But now we have enough, oh Oy Vey.
            We created America by excluding those who didn’t fit.

          • PesachPatriot

            I’m not saying it was a diversity seminar or anything….the facts were that there were more than one racial and ethnic group here on day one….the indians would have been content to hang out in the woods and hunt and fish and kill each other forever, the african slaves were obviously not going to write the constitution or the bill of rights, but even the whites weren’t sure about what kind of government was going to be here….prior to the DOI parts of north america were claimed by france, britain and spain….the majority of the population was either neutral or pro-british during the conflict for independence. Wasn’t washington offered the chance to be king but turned it down…

      • Defoe

        I read that it was invented so the lower strata could easily use it.

    • MBlanc46

      I just refuse to debate with people who use these “phobia” words.

      • MRI

        Very well, anti-[fill in the blank] sentiment.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Is it just me or is some weird stuff going on here? I had a hard time getting on (denial of service attack?) and I SWEAR you posted this a long time ago…

      • If you can get onto AR itself but not Disqus to post comments, then it’s a Disqus issue. If you can’t even get onto AR, then it’s an issue with AR’s server.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Where ever the expulsions occur first, it will embolden Europeans where ever they live to do the same.the intial expulsion will be a game changer. Someone wrote that hispanics are bigger theat than asian immigrants. Both are very dangerous in ther own way. There were thousands of Native Born White American Families across America that were harmed by the so called small number asians that were entering America to work as scab labor Egineers. David Alston if only you and your family had the great “Pleasure” of experiencing asian immigration under those circumstances. And if you really want to experience what it is like to be a White Minority with an asian “American Majority”..visit the Shenandoah Valley Shyline Highway in Oct..I will never go again..it was an absolutely traumatizing experiencing.
    The asians invaders are very dangerous because at the current and expected future demographic size they are in a position to deskill the Majority Native Born White American Population..this is in the realm of genocide..and this why I have very very nasty borderline violent thoughts to certain Troll(s) who harrass people here.
    And it is for this reason that the asian invader..along with the muslim invader must be expelled..all of them.

    • Bossman

      Asians and Muslims are a big threat for two big reasons.1) Muslims do not want to assimilate to the dominant cultures of the Western nations. 2) There is just too much of humanity in Asia and they all want to leave and their first choice is North America.

  • sbuffalonative

    This is why we must be fearful of the United Nations.
    These are unelected people without any accountability. They do what they want and it’s totally undemocratic.

  • IKantunderstand

    What scares me about Europe is that all those ferocious warriors of yesteryear, might have in fact deleted their bellicose DNA from the pool. How many centuries of European infighting has there been? We all know who goes to war, well, at least historically, (speaking of which, maybe having women allowed into combat, isn’t such a bad thing, maybe women who are attracted to such things, aren’t exactly feminine, or attractive mate material, but I digress, as usual). Is it possible that the current men of Europe are mostly the progeny of previous wars’ rejects? Rejects left behind as physically unfit, from hundreds of years ago? Is it possible that the current altruistic mindset of Whites, has been dictated by the removal of warrior DNA from our gene pool? If so, are we ever going to fight our way out? Or, have we been rendered into emasculated, pacifistic shells? Are a few Europeans struggling to regain manhood enough? Are there enough Whites in America, Canada, Australia who have enough warrior DNA left to reverse this tidal wave of craven self-immolation?

  • David Brims

    The first duty of a government is to protect its people from invasion. They’re not doing that but the exact opposite, importing millions of invaders to colonize us. It’s called Treason, a word that has fallen out of fashion, strange, since our politicians practice it everyday !!

  • Mike Lane

    Did anyone else notice that the Hammer and Sickle was just above the Christian cross in the top photo?

    • BAW

      The Soviet Union actually never went away, it just shifted its operations from the East to the West.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      I see 3 Christian crosses, 4 Stars of David, 4 Muslim crescents and 5 hammer and sickles in that photo. I suppose the number indicates degree of preference…

      • Mike Lane

        Exactly. A lot of people like to say communism is dead, though it is far from the truth. Marx once described communism as a spectre and I’m beginning to think he was right this time.

  • Bobby

    Honest to God, what is it with leftists? It makes me believe that human though can actually transform the physical body. Look at that picture of Swedish leftist., Cecilia Mallstrom above. Tell me you haven’t seen leftist woman, whether they are Irish, German, French, Dutch, almost any leftist woman except perhaps dark skinned blacks, THAT LOOK EXACTLY LIKE MALLSTROM ABOVE DOES!!! It’s that beady eyed, slightly arrogant and self important look of “concern” that is literally common to all of them. It seems to have the effect of producing leftist female clones.

  • Laura White

    Mister Taylor:

    What the F******!! is this :

    “Europe now has more Turks outside of German than in it, for a total of some nine million.”


    I hate Hate HATE HATE sloppy writing and I know you do too.

    Please correct this ridiculous, horrible mistake in this otherwise most important article.

    I. Hate. Typos.

    Point barre.


    – Arturo

  • KenelmDigby

    The EU has been a disaster for Europe.
    To put it bluntly, the EU is *killing* Europe.
    Due to its obsession with economic stagnation, deflation and no or slow growth (this seems to be the ONLY economic policy the EU has), the nations of Europe imprisoned in the EU are locked into downward spirals of stagnation and consequent population decline, as millions of potential parents more or less give up on the idea of having children in the god-awful scorched-earth economies that the EU has bequeathed on Europe.
    – In the meantime top eurocrats (ie Ceclila Malmstrom) have formulated secret plans to race-replace the Europeans who were never born with blacks and Arabs. She really and truly couldn’t give a damn.
    The EU is inherently evil. The sooner more Europeans wake up and realise this, the better. I can only hold out the vain hope that the EU suddenly collapse like that other monstous dictatorship the USSR.

    • MBlanc46

      As a trade bloc, it had great potential. As a superstate, it is a much dodgier proposition. Especially when they included the Mediterranean and Eastern European countries that are, and probably will remain, underdeveloped relative to Germany/France/Britain/Scandinavia.

  • MikeofAges

    Our cures for the endemic problems of Europe were NATO, anti-communism, the Cold War and European union. We might ask, were we right to protect the Europeans from Soviet domination? How would the world be different today if we had not? This is one of those “elephant in the room” questions. Except that, in this case, no one knows that there is an elephant in the room.

    One thing I can say is that there would have been less Third World immigration into most of Europe, maybe very little at all. For another thing, the process of decolonization would have come down entirely differently. How it would have been different, I don’t know. But it would have been different.

    Tragic, you know, that all of this comes down to people becoming so cosmopolitanized and effete that they no longer know how to manage a can of cleanser and a brush.

  • sweggen

    Comfort breeds a soft lifestyle and a complacent approach to life. If you are apathetic, lazy, weak and stupid, the world is a very tough place.

  • It does not need pointing out as to why they are giving $750 Million to Turkey. They are not only oiling the wheels of the trojan horse, but spending our money in doing so for purposes of raising Turkey’s internal affairs to one which may then be shown to tick all the boxes for entry to the club. If poor infrastructure and other matters are not up to speed, they intend to use our money to bring it into line. If Turkey decides not to enter, I cannot see us getting it back. So, once again, we pay for bringing on our own eradication either way. Like everything else, if we could turn off the money taps then the EU and all their projects would wither and die overnight.

  • William Allingham

    I’m in Neuchatel (Switzerland) for a short trip and its sad to see so many blacks and arabs.

    if they get to sneak into this country which is not open to immigration, what can we expect from countries like England or Germany?

    we are in difficult times, civilization as we know it will collapse, we have to prepare ourselves for a white ethnostate it would be a refuge.

    if lefties hate so much bigotry and imperialism why are they importing intolerant,with conquest dreams immigrants? its like a vicious circle the more immigration, the more intolerance so they promote more immigration in order to “solve” that situation.

    • Defoe

      They (the lefties) are importing other racial groups because the low-level conflict these groups will cause will mask the activities of the lefties. They WANT the low-level conflict. Their plans are coming to fruition just as they want. Even the economic collapse is working in their favor. They would like nothing more than to see the White populations reduced to slavery much like during the period of Serfdom in Europe; Serfs were slaves even though they were enslaved by their racial “brothers”.

    • Hal K

      It is not just the left that is the problem. The left shares power with the mainstream right. The elites of the mainstream right prevent anything from being done about the problem of white demographic displacement. You don’t see politicians on the right talking about encouraging nonwhites to leave. Instead they talk about how “multiculturalism has failed,” as if determined programs of assimilation would solve the problem.

      Blaming the left for everything is a waste of energy. The mainstream right has to be fixed. That is where the natural impulse towards racial self-preservation gets corrupted and twisted around to the point where it is rendered ineffective.

    • Funruffian

      It spreads like wildfire. The more you allow Turd-world immigration, the more intolerance and hostility you face from those particular immigrants. History has proven that people who were subservient or oppressed in some fashion always grew more and more hostile when they gradually attained more rights and power.

  • cecilhenry

    Point out that it’s genocide, and that elites are doing it. They must be held to account and all non whites removed and returned to their country of origin.

    denying this is genocide.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Not only is it genocide, it is also treason of the highest order. The elites that allowed masses of Muslims into Europe must be punished for their crimes. Our ancestors would have already brought out the guillotines. But perhaps a more fitting fate for them would be to strip them of their wealth and drop them off in a Muslim country, with no chance of returning to Europe.

      Let’s see how much they’d enjoy multiculturalism then.

  • BAW

    Some other thoughts, in no particular order, on this topic:

    1. A big part of what makes the social welfare of the EU possible is that the US does the heavy lifting when it comes to defense. Although many EU countries have quite capable militaries, and the UK and France have significant nuclear arsenals, they pale in comparison to ours. BUT – as our economy stays stuck in neutral and our debt skyrockets, it becomes more and more likely that we’ll begin to reconsider our military presence in Europe, as our original mission from 1945 to keep the defeated Nazis down and the departed Soviet Union out has been over for almost 20 years. Furthermore, with the American public getting tired of wars and “peacekeeping missions,” fewer people will support our military presence abroad, especially when there’s no imminent threat. Once we decide to abolish or curtail our military presence in the EU, the EU will be forced to increase its military spending at the expense of social welfare.

    2. Many of the problems facing white Europeans vis-a-vis (if that’s how it’s spelled) low birth rates and ethnic displacement are economic in nature. High taxes, burdensome regulations and overreaching government lead to high unemployment and slow or no growth.

    3. People are different – that’s why you have different countries. The Tower of Babel will not be denied. The dozens of different cultures and countries in Europe have very different attitudes toward spending, saving, family, defense, you name it. The very existence of the EU denies this fact.

    4. Even with the falling birth rates, the EU is still too crowded and too expensive. Crowded, expensive places aren’t conducive to affordable family formation – the same is true of Japan and also American cities like New York and San Francisco. Europe has been overcrowded for centuries – Benjamin Franklin mentioned this in 1775. Were it not for Muslim immigration, Europe would be a far less crowded and expensive place.

    Your thoughts?

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Good thinking. Got to go but will babble back later. Not 100% in agreement but close.

    • Defoe

      “Even with the falling birth rates, the EU is still too crowded and too expensive.”

      I wonder why you think that the EU is “too crowded”? On what do you base that statement? As for the “too expensive”, that’s too subjective. Not sure what you mean.

      • IstvanIN

        Well, isn’t something like 50% of young Spaniards unemployed? Unemployment is rife throughout Europe and yet the elites keep importing third world savages. Mass unemployment would seem to me to be an indicator of over-population. In addition, does every square foot of a nation have to be covered by people before it is considered over-populated? Do we have to live like people in Hong Kong before we recognize that there are just too many people in an area?

        • Defoe

          ” Mass unemployment would seem to me to be an indicator of over-population.”

          Mass un-employment usually means a severe drop in economic activity. As a side-note, the same thing is happening in the US; we have high un-employment, yet the Southern border is wide open.

          I get a little uneasy when talking about over-population because at essence, wealth, real wealth, is created by people. Low populations will never create much wealth. I never want to find myself on the side of those who espouse the idea that the world can only sustain a population of about 2 billion. That seems ludicrous to me.

          • IstvanIN

            How many people were on the face of the earth during the height of the Roman Empire, a very wealthy period? How many people were on the face of the earth during the height of the British Empire, the world’s largest empire? How many people live in Iceland, a small, prosperous nation. The idea that the only way to be economically prosperous is for a never ending population increase is ludicrous. If that were true then India should be the world’s wealthiest nation. How much healthier would Spain’s economy be if they hadn’t taken in millions of low IQ, criminally minded third worlders? Or the US’s for that matter?

            There are no unpopulated territories to explore and settle. Low population density areas, such as the US southwest or large swathes of Australia, are not suitable to support large populations without incredibly large inputs of energy and the importation of potable water. Furthermore, why should we lose all of our open space, forests and farm land? I have seen, up close and personal, the destruction of most of New Jersey due to both immigration and internal (US) migration. Believe it or not, there was a time when NJ did not look like an extension of Long Island. There was a time you could take a Sunday drive and actually hit 50 miles per hour for stretches of time. There was a time NJ was a major hog producer. There was a time most of NJ was nice.

            In addition, technological advancements have made a large population of “peasants” increasingly unnecessary. Read about the recently developed computer controlled butcher (Popular Science, April, 2013).

            If I have an economy that creates 50,000 jobs a year but I import 250,000 people a year, where is the sense in that?

            An ever increasing population as the driving force behind a healthy economy is an outdated notion. From overcrowding, to increasingly expensive energy and water, to loss of fertile land, overpopulation is not our friend. Countries like Japan may be going through a rough adjustment period right now, but in the long run a smaller, stable Japan will be a better, stronger Japan. Countries like the US will simply die, regardless of how many low IQ rats have overrun it.

          • Jaego

            Yes the economy improved after the Black Death. Fewer people meant better wages and ownership of land more widely distributed. The size of Englishmen fell during the industrial revolution due to the horrible conditions.
            Libertarians are some of the most ignorant people on Earth. Since all they know is Economics, they don’t know Economics since Economics is about Life.

  • KingKenton

    Speaking of Turkish immigration, this Austrian Member of Parliament isn’t too happy about it either. One can only dream that we had members of Congress with enough fortitude to speak likewise.


    • Pat

      Three years ago the Welsh section of the BNP in Britain made a short video of a suburb in London called Wembley, now heavily populated by Muslims. It is the home of the national football (soccer) stadium. They filmed a lot of it from a car but when the presenter got out to do a commentary in the street he spoke in Welsh to protect himself from any adverse reaction from those around him. You may be interested.

      YouTube – BNP – Is This Our Capital City? – 4.25 minutes in if you do want to see it all.

    • tech

      very powerful!

  • LastBastionOfHope

    I’m only 23 but in my lifetime I can picture Europe being beyond recognition with sharia law, car bombs, beheadings, and burqas. All this is really not unfathomable by the time I’m in my 50’s or a bit later the way things are going. Europe better make decisions now, because if the muslim population gets even crazier there will be no tourism industry especially from the US where they knocked our towers down, bombed a naval ship, and killed thousands of innocent civilians. They know they are not welcome in the US. Good. Every time I get on a plane at JFK I practice in my head what I would do if I see a muslim get up and yell “alahu akbar” or however it’s spelled. Nothing would make me puff my chest out more than snapping the neck of the next would be terrorist and making rounds on TV.

    These people are a plague. Sure there are plenty who are genuinely good people, but many of those people sit idly by while the radicals dominate them and they allow it to happen. Not all of them are terrorists, but they allow terrorist states to exist. So Europe, your move. Do you want Europe to turn into a 3rd world country under sharia law and a nonexistent tourism industry, or do you want to resemble the way Europe was and should be: mostly white?

  • pcmustgo

    It has also sent a troupe of Belgians to one of the most down-and-out countries in Africa, Burkina Faso, to teach them how to dance.

    LOL, in the US, it’s usually Blacks teaching whites how to dance some latest hip-hop craze.

  • Q-ship

    End all Muslim immigration. They are weapons of mass destruction.

    • jeffaral

      End all Christian African immigration. They are weapons of mass destruction.

  • Theorist

    I noticed that there is no hakenkreuz amongst the jumble of symbols “belonging” to europe.
    Nor any Fasces. Yet the hammer and sickle has a prominent station. Is this really a europe “for all”?

  • Africa
    for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everybody

    Annihilation by Assimilation

    white country on earth is supposed to become multicultural and multiracial.
    EVERY white country is expected to end its own race and end its own culture. No
    one asks that of ANY non-white country.

    Netherlands is more crowded than Japan, Belgium is more crowded than Taiwan,
    but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve the RACE problem by bringing in
    millions of third-worlders and assimilating and intermarrying with them.

    says the final solution to the RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY
    white countries to bring in the third world and assimilate with them.

    tolerance, and especially assimilation are being used against the white race.

    this immigration and intermarriage is for EVERY white country and ONLY white

    is called anti-racist, but it leads to the disappearance of one race and only
    one race, the white race. The real aim of anti-racism is to wipe out the white
    race or make it a minority anywhere it exists.

    It is genocide.

  • jeffaral

    It’s Nationalism or Internationalism. Make your choice,

  • Sun

    Europe WILL survive.

  • Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural.

    Diversity is good!
    Diversity is a strength!


  • Mud-shits are the army of the anti-Christ. They stick thier butt cracks into the air. I mean, what can you think.

    • David Ashton

      Your contributions certainly reveal that you have an unusual grasp of the English language.

  • Funruffian

    i suspect within the next 20 years there will by isolated areas of armed resistance such as the BNP. We will see skirmishes and civil conflicts involving bloodshed in Europe. It will come. Trust me.

  • Norman Lowell

    The dire straits of Europe and The White Race.

    Only Unity can now save this dwindling

  • Norman Lowell
  • Wilhelm