600,000 Move Out in Decade of ‘White Flight’ from London: White Britons Are Now in Minority in the Capital

Jack Doyle, Daily Mail (London), February 20, 2013

More than 600,000 white British Londoners have left the capital in a decade.

Census figures show that between 2001 and 2011 the level of ‘white flight’ reached 620,000.

It is the equivalent of a city the size of Glasgow – made up entirely of white Britons – moving out of the capital.

The figures, reported by the BBC yesterday, mean that for the first time, white Britons are now in a minority in the country’s largest city.

At the same time, the census shows, some rural areas have seen a rise in the proportion of people who describe their ethnicity as ‘white British’.

Some 3.7million Londoners classified themselves as white British in 2011 – down from 4.3million in 2001 – despite the city’s population increasing by nearly one million over the decade to 8.2million.

White Britons now make up 45 per cent of the population, compared with 58 per cent in 2001.

London’s population has been boosted by immigrants. Three million foreign-born people now live in the capital.

Five London boroughs saw the proportion of white Britons fall by more than a quarter. The largest decline was in Newham, East London, where the decrease was 37.5 per cent.

In Barking and Dagenham, on the East London/Essex border, 80 per cent of residents were white British in 2001 but by 2011 the proportion was 49 per cent.

There were also big falls in Redbridge, Harrow, Brent, Enfield, Ealing and Waltham Forest. The BBC website was criticised by readers for its depiction of the change as a ‘story of success’ in which many white Britons had moved out to live by the sea or in the countryside.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the MigrationWatch think-tank, said: ‘The BBC make a very serious mistake in addressing an issue of such importance to the British public in such a trivial and superficial manner.

‘It’s surely obvious that the main reason for white flight is because people are not willing to live in an environment which has changed beyond recognition and against their own wishes.’

Ralph Baldwin, a Tory councillor in Barking and Dagenham, said: ‘I think people left for a variety of reasons.

‘If you look back to the early 2000s many people were able to retire to Clacton-on-Sea and they saw their friends going and followed.

‘But people also watched all this demographic change going on between 2000 and 2010 and they thought, “We don’t know where we are living any more”.

‘One day they are in a place that they think is Essex and then they are living in another place.
‘It has never been an issue of race. It’s about the inability of people to affect change. The world was changing around them and they couldn’t do anything about it.’

Behind white Britons, the largest ethnic group in London is now Asians – including those born here and those arriving from overseas – who make up 18 per cent of the population.

Black Londoners – including Africans, black Britons and those from the Caribbean – make up 13 per cent.

The census shows the proportion of white Britons in South Derbyshire went up by 13.7 per cent over the decade.

Other rural boroughs that saw big increases included North Kesteven and West Lindsey in Lincolnshire, Uttlesford in Essex, East Northamptonshire, East Cambridgeshire, Mid Suffolk, South Norfolk, Mid Devon and Forest Heath in Suffolk.

The census shows the population of England and Wales was swollen by nearly four million immigrants in a decade of sweeping social change.

In 2011 there were 7.5million people who were born abroad living here, of whom more than half had arrived since 2001.

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  • 48224

    London is the new Detroit. Look out third world, here comes London!
    Seriously, London needs to take a good look at Detroit if they want to know what the future holds.

  • Ulick

    The “best rated” comments under the original article show how the true English feel about what has been done to their country. All the highest rated comments are similar to comments here. Yet politicians continue to refuse to listen to concerned citizens. More drastic approaches will need to be taken.

    • The__Bobster

      At many news sites, the “best rated” comments are hidden. Apparently, a few whining libtards and minorities are all it takes to remove them from view.

      • Morris Thecat

        Five, same here, five people flag a comment and it is removed or hidden. Soooo, flag away my friends. We have been sitting here while some people have multiple identities/profiles and they have been spiking our comments. When you see a collectivist or miscegenationist feel free to flag said person. being polite has not paid.

        • Flagging is not to be used for political torpedoing or to carry out personal vendettas.

          Many comments that are flagged for review by enough people are restored, because they are valid comments.

          • razorrare

            see everybody..i just made a valid reply to the moderhater and he removed it!!!….everything that engleman has to post the moderhater drools with approval…anyone who questions jewish power & influence is not being valid!!! aint that right moderhater!!

          • a multiracial individual

            Presentation goes along way.

            1. It is my view that race X has limited cognitive skills.
            2. [Insert racial slur here]s are dumb.

            1 is not getting removed, but 2 certainly is.

          • razorrare

            I have never used a racial slur while posting, so whats your point? I did use the N word once but in the context i used it,it was appropriate…if i recall correctly it involved 2 blacks who raped,tortured and murdered 4 Whites…i stated something like this…is it not proper to call these two blacks n1ggers…being Honest & Truthful is more important than being nice.

            It had received 52 thumbs up when the moderator had it removed.

          • razorrare

            Bad moderhater again!!! you removed my valid reply to multi-racial…and here i thought you were turning over a new leaf!!! Shame on me,eh…hahahhaha

          • razorrare

            see….once again…i have never used a racial slur so whats your point? I did use the N word once but in the context in which i used it,it was appropriate.It involved 2 blacks who raped,murdered and tortured 4 Whites…Is it not proper to call these 2 blacks n1ggers? Honesty & Truth is more important than being nice…you had time enuff to reply to my comment but chose not to do so…rather you waited for the moderhater to remove it…are you one of the moderhaters many aliases?…oh,that post received 52 thumbs up before being removed by the moderator…if left alone no telling how many thumbs up it would of received…

          • razorrare

            see….once again…i have never used a racial slur so whats your point? I did use the N word once but in the context in which i used it,it was appropriate.It involved 2 blacks who raped,murdered and tortured 4 Whites…Is it not proper to call these 2 blacks n1ggers? Honesty & Truth is more important than being nice…you had time enuff to reply to my comment but chose not to do so…rather you waited for the moderhater to remove it…are you one of the moderhaters many aliases?…oh,that post received 52 thumbs up before being removed by the moderator…if left alone no telling how many thumbs up it would of received…

          • LaSantaHermandad

            IF you’re referring to Wichita I totally agree and also with Knoxville and the host of other atrocities committed against innocent Whites by these savage, bestial bastards and I mean each of the previous adjectives in all their nuances, both literal and figurative. They need to be obliterated like the cockroaches that they are. And here in our own country a succession of politicians have sold us out. Now they’ve also managed to take away our sole means of self defense. We still holding the hose but they’ve shut off the water and we never saw it coming because more attention was being paid to the Super Bowl, that is dominated by the same savages who prey upon us. Even Gander Mountain is dry.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            It just occurred to me that the Christian and Newson families are unwittingly supporting these beasts with their taxes. It’s the tragic icing on the tragic cake that they and all of US being forced to eat by those vermin whom we elected to be ” lookin’ out for us”.

          • BannedandProud

            Thanks for your support and input…and yes…i am referring to all such atrocities committed by blacks against Whites…one of the most atrocious acts committed by blacks on White in terms of number of Whites killed,including old men & women & children(one White child was nearly beheaded by a sword wielding black in front of his home)was what came to be known as the Zebra killings–coined by Clark Howard,writer of the book detailing the vicious crimes that took 72 White lives,men,women,and children within a six month killing spree back in 1972–the N word applys to them all.

          • Morris Thecat

            interesting, this comment was not deleted. That would mean that disquss is not blocking selected profiles from using some words.

          • SwineatAmren

            morris—just so you know the moderhater has taken away my permission to post—razorrare…Amren is a Fraud!!!

          • SwineatAmren

            Disques isnt the problem–its the rabbinic moderhator thats a problem…this fraud removed post at the thread where a Catholic University has Tim Wise speak…a poster was upset because some posters had made comments about Jewish Slavery and he wanted proof–subsequently the moderahater removed all such post and not only that but he took away my permission to post for simply telling the truth!!! The moderahaters here have the capability to simply remove your post—not only to delete them..dont believe anything he or she says!!!—Razorrare

          • Morris Thecat

            No, this is not the case at all, some people seem to be flagged so they can never use any word that identifies any of a certain groups of people, even when the identification is not derogatory.

          • For the record, until we decided to turn off flagging, at least temporarily, maybe permanently, moderators did not have the ability to flag posts. Why? Because it’s redundant, because moderators have the ability to delete a post directly or edit it.

          • SwineatAmren

            everyone should be flagging your post moderhater!!! You & your boss are Frauds!!!

          • SwineatAmren


          • razorrare

            Well thats better moderator…now you are being more honorable…you deleted my reply to you rather than removing it.Bravo!!

          • Morris Thecat

            People are highly suspicious for one reason. SOme posts are removed within minutes of being posted. If a moderator is not constantly monitoring posts as the appear and removing them, but instead is only reviewing the fagged and removed posts, then that means only one thing. One or two people here are taking it upon themselves to censor the boards. They are doing this by having multiple identities although they only post under one. They use the other four to flag a comment, that along with their posting identity makes five and the comment is removed. Do you have the capability to see the IP addresses of those who flag comments?

          • Some posts are removed within minutes of being posted.

            If a moderator happens to be moderating, and a person makes a post at that time, then of course it will be removed “within minutes of being posted.” The only difference is a matter of time. A post that should be deleted eventually will be deleted; it’s just a matter of time.

            They use the other four to flag a comment, that along with their posting identity makes five and the comment is removed.

            The fact that it took five flaggings to knock a comment back to moderation was not a fact that anyone in any official capacity with AR revealed; it was something that was found out through the power of implication. As it is, we have turned off the ability to flag posts for the time being, maybe for good.

            Most people don’t play with a deck that is stacked against them and when they start feeling that this is indeed what is going on they will just stop coming here.

            The Metallica Doctrine. If you’re referring to the kind of people to whom I think you’re referring, then they’re not paranoid, they’re perfectly sane, because we really are out to get them. It’s for much the same reason why a cop is really out to get a habitual thug that keeps committing violent crimes.

            The only other reason why some peoples posts disappear immediately, that I can think of is that “disqus” lists it’s members and some can be flagged as “racist” and once they are, their posts will automatically be deleted if they use a “hot word” that a non ” racist” identity is allowed to use.

            You’re assigning a level of uber-competency to Disqus that you shouldn’t. McHale’s Navy is by no means Seal Team Six.

          • Morris Thecat

            the power of implication also leads me to conclude that Engleman is a moderator. Posts that he dislikes are the ones removed within minutes, and it is always when he is making current posts. So, now that flagging has been disabled, the deck is truly stacked a certain way. It was only when the common posters became aware they could collectively spike his posts that this ability was removed. I am ending my monthly donation.

        • razorrare

          anyone who worships jews & asians over Whites needs to be thumbed down and flagged!!!

        • razorrare

          moderhater removed my reply to you…or thumb down and flag those who flagellate over jews and asians being smarter & less violent than Whites…i am beginning to think engelman is one of the moderhaters many aliases…

          • Morris Thecat

            I inquired about this, he seems to have wormed his way into a special relationship with the moderators. He directs them to some stories that they end up posting. so they consider him valuable in this respect. They also like some of his posts while they admit that others are inflammatory. My opinion is that he is poison to this site and will sabotage it, actually is sabotaging it, by alienating many people away from it. They think his positives outweigh his negatives. I on the other hand think otherwise. I have had my differences with you too. Personally, I think you are too quick to blame jews, and your posts always boil down to that. It is as repetitive as his adulatory posts of jews and asians. . To me, you both are one note wonders. But you balance out, so if he goes, I think you need to go too, how do you like that?

          • Moderators’ identities are not revealed, and we are instructed not to reveal to anyone that we are moderators. As it is, no one moderator knows the identity of any of the other moderators. It is impossible for any regular AR poster to “worm his way into a special relationship” with any of us.

          • SwineatAmren

            My post dont always boil down to “that”…i have made over 500 comments and maybe 10% of those are “jewish related.” The fact is behind every law or policy that has been enacted that has been detrimental to Whites you will find it is created,supported and promoted by such…believe what you want to believe but the facts and the truth speak for themselves.To me your much worse than a “one-note-wonder”…you are willing to lay down your freedom of speech to to able to post on this board…suc a little to get a little—so you think they’ll get rid of engleman? hahaha–yeh,i have no problem getting booted/its their website…–its their right…but it is my right to call them as i see it.I am already gone but i sure would like to see someone burn that Thomas Jefferson quote these Fraudsters put at the top of Amrens site!! How do you like that!!!!

          • SwineatAmren

            Just because I am not willing to shake hands with the devil dosent mean you dont have too…its your choice.

          • BannedandProud

            I am already gone…i’ve made over 500 comments of which less than 5% speak of the jewish question…so your observations concerning my post are not factual…most people here obsessed with race…that makes you all one trick ponies…If you are going to obsess it is best to obsess on the one problem that causes all the other problems.Many articles dangle the carrot in front of readers inviting them to speak of the jewish question…if Amren staff dont want to hear it then stop posting such articles—its put in front of us and then we respond and then we are being accused of being anti-semites of which we are not–ask your freindly moderator why it is that i have been banned–will he give you a truthful answer? Will he answer at all…he thinks he is winning at this game but he is no better than the politicals who say they represent the interest of the American people.Go ahead…drink his koolaide & do a jig now that i have been banned…it only proves how right i have been.Have fun.

          • AmrenSucks

            Amren sucks–you do too.How do you like that?

    • Morris Thecat

      Revolutions always take their time in coming. There is no angler like that of the patient man who is finally pushed too far.

      • gemjunior

        And the politicians become so bigheaded and so far removed from regular citizens that they start believing they are aristocracy among peasants. How can they be so stupid in believing they will not pay for what they are doing? Worse, their children may pay for their crimes because there are people who remember where these assholes got all their money – by robbing the citizen to bail out these scum, and as thanks they sell us down the river. I see a lot of signs that the patient man’s anger is coming. I say, let it rip.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      I long for the day when the pandering politicians are finally hanging from lamp posts.

  • JustaWhiteMom

    Ethnic cleansing is a crime under international law. The grooming scandal and the bedroom tax are sufficient in themselves to warrant a finding of government complicity in same.

  • The__Bobster

    How long can this continue? Britain isn’t very large.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Not long. Taking over major cities is what you do in war.

      Once the major cities topple they can install whatever political parties they want in those cities.

      I think the reason they are able to take over the big cities so fast is because that is where all of the free housing is that they use.

      • Ulick

        “Taking over major cities is what you do in war.”

        You’re right. The following is a passage from a 1971 Enoch Powell speech…

        “If these areas were described as what they are—namely, pockets of territory occupied by the enemy, as surely as if they had been captured and held by parachute troops—then perhaps it would be realised how preposterous is the situation.”

      • rightrightright

        Third worlders seem to lack the explorer’s gene. They turn up in their millions when the donkey work has been done, land cleared, bridges built, housing, streets, streetlights, infrastructure of all sorts and above all, benefits in cash and kind. Of course they head for cities and towns. They couldn’t hack it, even in the rather gentle English countryside.

        It wasn’t third worlders who opened up the USA but it is third worlders who are taking over your cities too.

  • Morris Thecat

    When the Anglo Saxons invaded England the cities were the holdouts for the Romanized Keltic Britons. When the chinese communists took over China, they controlled the countryside first and the cities then had to submit to them. The current invasion of Europe is bottled up in urban enclaves. Let’s hope this still holds true that those who hold the countryside hold the nation. It could be said that the third worlders, establishing pockets of urban enclaves in a foreign population, and living off of welfare from that foreign population, are actually entering a kind of rat trap that could be sprung on them when the Europeans are willing.

    • NorthernWind

      I’ve always believed that this will be a great strategic advantage for us someday. It’s well known that urban areas are very easy to control because they are vulnerable.

      • Pelayo

        A fantasy that involves Suburban Whites launching thousands of Katyushas into Detroit, Newark, Philadelphia, South Chicago etc.


      Fjordman wrote an excellent article about the takeover of the cities. Google “Fjordman Beheading Nations” to find it. It is probably the most in depth analysis on the subject.

    • I thought that the Saxons were invited into England to control the looting Picts from Scotland? But the Saxons got greedy and wanted more from the Natives.

  • skara_brae

    26 Bishops Rd. (Fulham Broadway), 66 Fordhook Avenue (Ealing), 11 Mill Lane (West Hampstead), 17 London St. (Paddington)…We’re not moving one inch.

  • JackKrak

    Don’t forget that probably at least 10-15% of the whites in London are from Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia and various Balkan states.
    How many other countries have a capital city in which only about one out of three of its residents has a family background in that country?

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Paris. Berlin. Washington DC if you count Southern Blacks. Scandinavia is getting there.

    • Xerxes22

      White Britons make up 45% of London’s population, Asians 18% and Blacks 13%. That adds up to 76%. What about the other 24%? If East Europeans are 10-15% of the population, then Whites are still the majority in London for the present. This is a misleading article by the Daily Mail. Of course in another decade Whites will be the minority in London.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Only a full-blown violent race war can reverse the situation in England. As Bobster pointed out Britain is a small place. There is no place to hide..or do we assume that English Men will accept enslavement for themselves…and their sisters and wives becomming comfort girls for the muslims.
    If there is one thing you can be certain of …the muslims will exterminate the english liberals and homosexuals. And this is the reason why athiest Richard Dawkins has gone on TV to debate whether or not muslims should be kept out of England because they are not fond of homosexuals. Professor Dawkins:its too late..the muslims will cleanse England of its native filth. This is something that the normal English Men and Women should have done years ago.
    Ironically Muslim immigrants were forced on the Native Born English because the Liberal filth delusionally believed that their perverted lifestyle would be protected and promoted in a coalition with Muslims.

    • Jss

      I don’t mean to hi jack this thread, but I will never ever understand people’s fixation with that man. He is no hero at all in my book. If he wasn’t so fixated on destroying Germany (he was instrumental in getting Britain into WW1 as well) then Whites would at the very least not be on the verge of extinction. And more then likely given the national socialist expertise in science and technology and corresponding contempt for diversity whites might be on Mars by now.

      But no, because of wheels Churchill helped set in motion we have the crappy modern world where Whites are dying and hated in their homelands and forced to kiss and pay for the people who rape, beat, and rob them. This mess we are in would never have happened had Churchill the backed the other team.

      • Jss

        My response was meant for bigone. Not sure i how I replied to wattly.

        • bigone4u

          I could tell it was for me and I get your point. Churchill was cited only as a British cultural icon associated with fighting spirit, not as a defender of European DNA.

          • Jss

            Yeah I really wish I could have seen England when it was still British. I have spent quite a bit of time there and am of the opinion that Island is doomed. As I mentioned on the terrorist article amongst myself and friends who have also been there “British people” is code for Muslims.

            To me England was the land of King Arthur, Boudicca, Romes lost 9th legion, Monty Python, red coats, the Tudors, the Smiths, the Cure and Depech Mode. When I finally made it there at age 29 I honestly was appalled to find Pakistan on the North Atlantic. I can say seeing England was a big part of my becoming explicitly pro White.

          • Eddie Elgar

            I can trace my family to Worcester back to 1700, and I have spent a couple months in the UK in mainly in Cornwall, Manchester, Yorkshire, and London. I was there about 10 years ago, and I have nothing but pleasant memories of the British people in that great nation. I am sad to hear what has happened.

          • Jss

            All told I spent around 6 months in England, mostly around Aylesbury and the buckinghamshire area and a little bit in London. I enjoyed the older White Brits, the ones in their 30s and above. I have spent the majority of the past 4 years in Europe and in my opinion no group of young Whites is as thoroughly conquered as the young White British. They seem totally entrapped with thug culture, drinking, and drugs. I met a couple of young White Brits that I was friendly with but for the most part they were either American style “wiggers” or sullen depressed drinkers (like I was while living there). I had some good times at the pub none the less, but almost always with a middle aged white Brit who responded positively to the guarded comments I would drop about England not being what I expected.

            Im sad to say England is the only place in Europe I didn’t enjoy over all. And that’s simply because there were times I would go a few days only seeing Pakistanis in my neighborhood. That got to be very nerve wracking sometimes. Riding the trains..always made sure to literally have 2 knives on me. And yes I did end up pulling one out on 3 Pakis who I knew were plotting on me.

            Like I said, I wish I could have seen England a few decades ago. I was certainly to late.

          • I think you are right about the general necessity for people to be over 30 to understand properly what things were like ‘before’ the greatest tsunami of change.

            I do not think it is just a ‘generational’ thing on my part to believe that there is a whole new breed of “British youth” who are extremely detached from what we would recognise as British traits, attitudes and understandings.

            The rest are getting (in my opinion) either ever more hedonistic and scummy – or so smugly liberal that they would spontaneously combust of their own bursting pride to do away with themselves.

            I just have to hope that all is not lost, and a new generation still, will buck the liberal trend as part of a revolutionary rejection of “the system”……. although I shant be holding my breath on that one.

          • Jss

            I’m sorry to say I didn’t get to know any legitimate White Brits all that well. Not all the one younger were that bad, as I said though if they weren’t just plain gangster wannabes most of them seemed to be just very heavy drinkers or emotionally cold. Which I don’t blame them for , as England has turned into a depressing place and I dont just mean the weather.

            I remember one day me and my girlfriend where checking out the little towns in between Aylesbury and High Wycombe, and were delighted to find a pretty little clean one where the only Pakis were the taxi drivers. There was a Starbucks (I admit I like my mocha and they make them bigger then Nero) a big park with a little lake and White Brits lounging around with their families and dogs. Just a nice place whose name I can’t remember. We were walking around the town aimlessly when the inevitable occurred, we start seeing signs in Pakistani. Then a few blocks later the day killer, we see the biggest damn mosque we have ever seen in England complete with hordes of people that could have been teleported straight from Islamabad. We turned around and headed back to the park in a subdued mood. They are like cockroaches.

            On another occasion in London I was mindlessly checking out the play advertisement posters on the walls in an underground station. I came across one promoting a play called Julius Ceaser. On it were all Africans dressed in togas. Really? Why not make one where the Tudors are all black to. Little things like that make me look back on England and just feel sad as opposed to nostalgic.

            America’s bad to, but England is such a small place. There is no where to run and you guys have so much to lose. Actually the whole white race has much to lose with England, and little time left to do anything about it.

          • Yeah, there is nowhere to run to here. An example is my home town in the North West of England. It is already 33% or above Asian according to the wikipedia entry a few years ago. There are several mosques, and there seems to be an appearance of Blacks now starting to be seen too.

            It sounds insane that you start to give thanks that up to press it was just you and them, without Blacks. That is of course, if you discount the ‘orientals’ from China and Malaysia, or various Eastern Europeans.

            A town, in my own lifespan (I am mid 30’s) has grown from a pocket of Muslims in one section of town to one which is essentially dominated by them, where the shops are all shut up, fast food places everywhere that seem to be a front operation for drug running, mosques all over the damned place, halal butchers.

            When I was a kid, it seemed so much whiter. You would hear the Lancashire dialect, the accent of the town, and you could tell somebody from this town apart from somebody 15 miles away in a nearby town just by a slight affliction in their accent.

            Now, the flat caps have gone. The accent is still there with the few older generations that remain, yet on the streets, it is a northern twang of Pakistani meets Lancashire, or just plain jibber-jabber as they flick from one language to another.

            When it isn’t them, it is Eastern Europeans. At least they are white, I tell myself – but they are not my fellow Englishmen, not my fellow northerners, they are a different entity.

            Now I see blacks coming in, in drips and drabs. On a car-wash here, in a coffee shop there, selling Sky TV on stalls in a nearby town, youths hanging around on BMX bikes with their half-caste friends from school and a straggle of whites.

            As for the propaganda and distortion of things, it is mind boggling. Our history seems to be a canvass on which to paint a multiracial rainbow of deceit.

            Last Christmas when I was shopping, I noticed most of the board games, the advertisements, the packs of nappies (diapers?), the ‘families’ on boxes of Lego or kids scooters, were almost all black or mixed race.

            Everywhere you go, everywhere you look, everything you listen to is saturated with something. That is how it seems, but then I suppose we here are more attuned to it.

            As for being small and nowhere to run, that is correct. I am wanting to move out of this town before my immediate ‘white bastion’ is overwhelmed with them. The change is nipping at the toes. It is only a matter of time.

            But where do I go? The places far removed from the “enrichment” are extremely expensive and picturesque. There are often no suitable jobs for my role in life in these places either.

            Immediate escape hatches are simply placed “in between” other concentrations of Enrichment. For example, 30 to 40 mins to my left I have Keighley and Bradford, again, enriched. To my right, I have Blackburn and Manchester.

            All these places are on their “way out” as far as I am concerned.

            You can buy a little bit of time, the little pockets in between may see me well for another 15 to 25 years, well at least at a tolerable level compared to what this town will be like 25 years from now……but it WILL come eventually.

            Like you say, you get pockets of places and then right next door, before you know it, you are in down-town Islamabad or at risk of thinking you’re re-fighting the Zulus.

            As for London, I have never liked the place. I went there as a child, and hated the noise, the bustle, the overcrowding and faceless nature of the place.

            Now, as an adult and a nationalist, I simply couldn’t bear to see it. I wouldn’t go to London city if I was paid to do so.

          • Jss

            Yeah I really feel bad for you guys over there. I don’t mean that in a condescending way at all. You have nowhere to run, and as far as I can tell if you speak out the government will take your kids away and maybe put you in jail. I love the tower, zoo, and whatever the huge museum that has the history collections from every time period from all the world is called. Other then that it sucks for the reasons you described. And really the trip isn’t worth it. My last time there on one of the main trendy streets by Piccadilly there was a photo exhibit about a full block long plastered along the building fronts celebrating multicultural London. These were photos of people around the city and you had to search for about 5 minutes at a time to find a white person who most likely wasn’t even British. Why? Why is this a good thing?

            If I had the means do so I would love to make a film with interviews of British WW2 vets to get there thoughts on what has become of their country. Is this what they were fighting for? Or Falkland vets, fighting to retain the Falklands just to surrender your own Island? I would be curious to hear the thoughts of loyalist from the Northern Ireland troubles. Fighting for decades so as not be ruled or sold out to IRA Marxist and then sold out anyway along with the rest of the UK. Basically I would like to know the thoughts of real British patriots on what has become of their Homeland. But as I said in the UK speaking out carries serious penalties.

            It’s really a horrible thing to see what has happened to the empire the sun never set on. Now it’s like watching car wreck in slow motion. England deserved better. I don’t mean to be totally confrontational or out of line, but one thing I find utterly ironic is that Adolph Hitler had more respect for the British empire then the UKs current leaders. With a fact like that mind how can anybody make any sense of the modern situation?

          • Yup, you’re absolutely ‘spot on’.

            The only thing that I could positive spin about the endless cosh of propaganda is how much of it they need to pump out in order to drub us all down and make people accept it as the norm. They seem to have to work extremely hard to shoehorn it in everywhere. In fact it is like some sort of mental illness on their part.

            I suppose with the ww2 generation, who won’t be around for all that much longer, they will come in various shades of political thought.

            Some will be staunch in saying “we fought b’stards like you in Germany, you Nazi fascists!” and pushing the stereotypical war-time propaganda they have been fed – whilst others will be “I can’t believe what has happened, we did not lose our mates and risk death for this!”.

            You may be very interested in this old article from the Daily Mail:


            and the book it is discussing:


            I have not read the book, but it seems to chime with some aspects of the project you wanted to undertake.

          • Tim

            You`re gonna love Rio De Janerio….

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Yes, my last hero from Britain was Enoch Powell.

      • american_cavalier

        I totally disagree. Churchill was an out and out WASP Supremacist who warned and was fearfull of the rising numbers of non Europeans and the declining confidence in British values by the political class. He was horrified at the appeasement of that class to not just the insulting behavior of that “kaffir from hundistan” Ghandi disgracing the sacred christian steps of the Inns of Court in his pagan garb but was driven to apoplexy by the political classes cravenness to the Nazi gangsters. Indeed it should be noted that it was Germany which pioneered the development and use of anti white and anti christian third world liberation movements now responsible for confidently walking over London. Churchill forewarned of this possibility and provided the answers toward defeating the conquest.

        • Jss

          It’s certainly true that the Nazis armed Bosnian Muslims to fight the Serb Cetniks and Communist. And from what I understand Himmler had a fixation with Turkey and Islam. I find that very distasteful personally.

          I do not doubt that Churchill was as pro white as any Nazi. He even made flattering remarks about Hitler up until the reoccupation of Austria. Churchill was also an ardent anti communist when it suited the political climate. Basically he was a very savvy politician, and a man of many, many contradictions.

          England declared war on behalf of Poland. Was Poland free after the war? How much of Eastern Europe was free after the war? The places where Hitlers actions made Churchill sick? Why was Poland worth the lives of British soldiers when Hitler would have preferred peace with England and a secure west to deal with the communist? Keep in mind that war cost Britain the last remains of its Empire.

          And I’m sorry, I have to say anyone that believes that the Nazis would have let their country go multi racial is silly. I don’t think they were paragons of virtue but had they survived the war there would be somewhere on Earth where Whites weren’t going extinct. Whatever’s Churchills views on race were, he sacrificed the British empire to destroy Germany, and his England is now a nation where Whites are jailed for speaking out against multiculturalism.

  • Veritas_lux_mea

    To say indigenous British politicians have committed treason doesn’t even fully describe what they’ve done. I would liken it to selling one’s own family into slavery. They have robbed their people of a future in their own capital city, and if they aren’t stopped, the entire country.

    • saxonsun

      I saw all this coming decades ago. I did, however, hold out some hope that our people would not descend into full lunacy. This goes past anything I could have imagined.

    • american_cavalier

      There is only one answer for such treason: DEATH TO TRAITORS. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

    • drake lamb

      the floodgates were opened by primarily David and Ed Milliband. Ed Milliband has reiterated it was a great thing to do while making some mealy mouthed comment about doing more to ‘integrate’.
      Ed and David are Jewish lineage…they have strong feelings for their cultural and ethnic heritage, and no doubt the Jewish continuity into the futre is something they’d so obviously support that they probably never even consciously think of that question. It would be like asking someone if they support breathing.
      But Ed and David don’t seem to see the point of the ancient peoples of Britain and Europe, or the rich but fragile white working class cultures that have been decimated by ‘diversity’ and no longer even exist in most parts of the country. We don’t get the comfort of knowing our continuity is secured. We stand and look into the future and see that we are to be dispossessed and snuffed out. By Ed and David Millibands hand, two brothers that just don’t see the point of us.
      Yeah. Ed. Thanks for all the immigration.

  • MekongDelta69

    It has never been an issue of race.

    Excuse me – I’ll be right back. I don’t want the entire house to hear me laughing hysterically….

  • NorthernWind

    I hope that the pressure cooker of anger that is Britain will soon explode and bring “Great Britain” down with it. I want to see my homeland burn to the ground and I want to see my people reclaim it when all has been reduced to ash. I am so tired of reading this kind of nonsense. My family has spilled too much blood, sweat and tears for those isles. I’m furious.

    ‘Human rights are not a prescription for national suicide,’ Justice Asher Grunis

  • bigone4u

    “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender,”
    I know a certain Englishman who must be spinning in his grave right now. For the Britain of history to win the current war of cultural and racial extermination, Brits wil have dig down deep and fight again, including the willingness to shed blood.

  • Quarter tonner

    The richness of diversity has blessed London in full measure. Time to leave the island.

    • Robert Binion

      And for over half a million Londoners the 60s are finally over.

    • No, time for visible minorities to leave the island.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    1666 was a better year for London than 2013. In 1666 much of London burned.

    • rightrightright

      There is still time.

  • The system won’t function without creative intelligent humans. The rich will soon learn a hard lesson.

    • Steven Bannister

      Sorry to say this, but I’m afraid that whites CAN be replaced. The white collar whites will be replaced by high IQ Asians and the blue collar whites will be replaced by Hispanics.

      No one will miss us when we are gone.

      • Cannot Tell

        I will miss you. I don’t want to live in a world without whites.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        I disagree. Once the golden goose is gone and every corner of the planet is more in the likeness of Asian, African and Latin American countries, many will wonder why there is no democracy, no charity, no infrastructure, no clean water, no beautiful women…

        • Morris Thecat

          Democracy has NEVER been part of the asian culture. Europe stands out in stark contrast to the rest of the world in this respect. Even Rome started out as a republic. The US government is born from a tradition that goes all the way back to the magna carta, and that is from an even older Anglo Saxon tradition of the parliamentary form of governement . It does seem that it is in Europeans genetics. Democracy on the mainland of China didn’t even last a generation.

          • DudeWheresMyCountry?

            You are correct, the obvious can’t be ignored… except for our race baiters and leftists. What I am getting at is now parts of the world that were first world are now being colonized by Pakis, Indians, Bangladeshis, Chinese and Southeast Asians and no good, none at all will come from that.

  • bubo

    Beijing will never be majority non Chinese. Seoul will never be majority non Korean. Mumbai will never be majority non Punjab etc and etc.

    We are being systematically cleansed. Who is behind this and what can we do to stop it?

    • Nathanwartooth

      The “elites” of our people sold us out. People can blame the J words all they want but Jared hit it right on the head when he said it’s our own people to blame.

      What can be done? That is the solution we are all looking for. In the good ol US of A both of our parties want us gone and we don’t elect third parties. My only hope is that the Republicans get taken over by pro Whites. But I doubt this will happen.

      The Democrats are a lost cause because they are now a racial political party that is non White.

    • american_cavalier

      In a nut shell its treason. Foriegn powers ranging from ancient nations of the third world, American multinationals descended from racketeers, all the way to ancient enemies like the Catholic powers of Europe and revolutionary criminals like the trotskyites. Corruption and cravenness of the political class has made this possible starting with the appeasement of the post wwi era. Only if the common Britishman rises up and punishes te traitors will the nation be redeemed.

  • “There’ll always be an England,” warbled Vera Lynn in 1939. She probably never imagined she’d outlive her nation.

  • LHathaway

    This is reminding me of all those zombie movies, only reversed. Soon they’ll talk about walling the city in, so whites cannot escape. Transferring schools will be forbidden. It will only grow larger as white briton’s will be refused Visas to exit the country. The must not be allowed to escape diversity. At this point whites will need to leave the planet in order to escape enrichment.

    • bigone4u

      Wow, like the Berlin wall to keep the east Berliners from heading to the west back in the day.

  • Laager

    From someone born and raised as a white South African now resident in the UK I find this an intriguing development. I lived in SA during the apartheid years when the country was subjected to global condemnation. Much of it came from the liberal establishment in the UK. Now I find that Brits whisper to me their concerns about what is happening to their country. They automatically assume that I am racist. I actually find that having grown up as a minority surrounded by black people I am more tolerant than they are. What angers them specifically is that none of the mainstream political parties included uncontrolled immigration in their election manifestos. It has just happened and they are powerless to do anything about it.

    The BNP publically spoke out against immigration and was shot down in flames by the media and liberal establishment for being “racist”. We now have Sir Andrew Green and Migration Watch articulating the same sentiments. What I see is the same attitudes of apartheid type segregation being manifested and camoflaged in very skillful non offensive language.

    It is true that there are parts of London that certainly do not look like what one would expect England to be. However it is a big city and there is no need to visit these areas. I commuted into the city for 15 years and there were parts that I did not feel comfortable in being the only white on a train surrounded by loud unruly blacks.

    The onus is now on the British. For centuries they have advised other people how to live. I think particularly of the ethnic melting pot they created by the Act of Union in South Africa in 1910. They will now have to apply this advice and their solutions to what is happening in their own back yard.

    • rightrightright

      “It has just happened and they are powerless to do anything about it.”

      Laager, yours was an intelligent and thoughtful post but with regard to immigration, you are plain wrong. Immigration into White people’s lands was planned as an effective means of destroying White civilisation. Please google Frankfurter School and also The Fabians. A conspiracy against White people is successfully being perpetrated upon us.

      Our governing caste could drop the portcullis any time it liked on immigration and boot out over a million illegal migrants who have cheated their way in. If the EU didn’t like it, what could it actually do about it? If the Court of Human Rights didn’t like it either, what could it actually do as well?

      • curri

        ” Please google Frankfurter School and also The Fabians. A conspiracy against White people is successfully being perpetrated upon us.”

        Also, see The Slaughter of Cities:



        “… Jones is onto something significant. The destruction of the working class, homeowning urban neighborhoods was not just the necessary outcome of economic and demographic changes, but also the result of ill-considered government policies written by urban planners often contemptuous of Catholics and patronizing towards blacks. … What E. Michael Jones in The Slaughter of Cities understands … is that the same stubborness that kept the Catholics in cities – and made them so belligerent to blacks who threatened their neighborhoods – was key to rebuilding the cities.” Harry Siegel, The Weekly Standard.

        “Jones has described in microcosm some of the policies that led our once-proud centers of American industy to become the dead zones of the Rust Belt. … Jones has given us a cautionary tale of government attempts to force disparate groups of people to interact and embrace one anohter in our big cities, which breaks down into suspicion and flight.” Thomas J. Herron, The Barnes Review.


        “The most unjustly unsung observer of America today, as far as I know, is E. Michael Jones, editor of the Catholic monthly Culture Wars (most of which he writes himself) and author of several wonderfully trenchant books. Among the latter are Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control (2000) and The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing (2004), both of which tell the story of the cultural subversion practiced by America’s elites, especially such seemingly respectable institutions as the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. Jones is as profound as he is prolific. He’s also versatile, original, combative, and fearless, naming names and drawing blood. If you think of liberals as well-meaning bumblers, guilty of nothing worse than ‘unintended consequences,’ you need to read Jones.” Joseph Sobran, Sobran’s.

      • KenelmDigby

        The free wheeling, free dealing Friedmanite capitalistic class, with their in-house magazines, namely ‘The Economist’ and ‘The Wall Street Journal’, which loudly insist on the ‘unfettered right’ of the entire third world to move in us, are just as culpable, nay, even more culpable, since our dumb, third-rate politicians seem to think they are ‘being clever’ by reading ‘The Economist’ – and taking the shyte written therein seriously. If you want to know the reason why the west is screwed right now, there it is.
        I keep banging on about ‘the political class’. You may be forgiven in thinking that this is some bug-bear of my own creation, a convinient monster that allows my to vent my frustrations and anger, in the sense that it is nebulous and not actually defined as such.
        If so, I strongly recommend you google-up that report on immigration authored by Peter Sutherland (ex boss of Goldman Sachs and BP, ex-EU commissioner, ex Irish Attorney General), and Cecilia Malmstrom (Swedish MEP and all round silly cow). You can’t get more ‘political class’ than that.

      • Laager

        Let me rephrase the statement: It has happened without them being informed, the topic debated and without their consent. It has been thrust upon them almost through subterfuge.
        Much like the Act making its way through parliament right now which intends redefining the estate of marriage.

  • KenelmDigby

    You often hear the phrase ‘ethnic cleansing’ ,(which I believe originated in the Yugoslav wars of the ’90s), bandied about various leftists and media commentators, but strangely enough you will never hear the mass exodus of indigenous English people from London – due to the intolerable conditions the British government has imposed on them through its deliberate policy of massive, uncontrolled, unlimited immigration – described as ‘ethnic cleansing’.
    If this is not ‘ethnic cleansing’ I don’t know what is.
    It is exceedingly likely that Greater London will be at least 90% non-White by mid century.

  • curri

    Traditionalist Catholic intellectual E. Michael Jones wrote a very long book about a decade ago about the first wave of ethnic cleansings of “undesirable” whites in Northern US cities :



    “Jones argues that the established urban neighborhoods did not deteriorate simply because of economic crises or demographic accidents. Rather, from the 1950s on, a combination of misnamed redevelopment programs and malicious social planning turned these areas into war zones, and finally, depopulated deserts. … He insists that what motivated such experiments as busing and scattered public housing, presented as urban renewal, was at least partly a disdain for urban ethnics … . Protestant elites and their Jewish liberal allies never hid their contempt for the white ethnics who resisted their plans for thrusting underclass blacks into ethnic Catholic neighborhoods. Nor did the urban reformers whom Jones examines, such as Louis Wirth and the Blanshard brothers, conceal their intention of mainstreaming Catholic immigrants and their descendants, whom they viewed as a threat to their notion of a ‘pluralistic America.’ … Jones correctly understands the overshadowing role of ethnic hatred in political life. … Jones demonstrates that anti-Catholic Protestants have also contributed to this manipulative revolution from above, carried out in the name of fighting ‘prejudice.'” Paul Gottfried, Chronicles Magazine


    • razorrare

      Excellent post..

      And let us not forget Gunnar Myrdal,author of “An American Dilemma:The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy published in 1944…Louis Wirth whom Jones refers to funded Myrdals trip to America…In the thread “Liberals Favorite Program gets Another F” I posted this…

      Myrdal had jewish helpers/ sociologist to help him with this airhead idea…R.M.E. Sterner and Arthur Marshall Rose(both jewish)collaborated with Gunnar in writing the book…but the biggest contributing benefactor to Gunnar’s book was a Chicago professor of sociology named Louis Wirth(jewish) who invited him and paid for his trip to America to start the writing of “The American Negro…” ….Wirth Edited the book and is said to have contributed 8 chapters to the book…so…lets not give much credit to a useful idiot like gunnar myrdal(at 16 years of age he had his last name changed to myrdal) who was being groomed much like Rosa Parks to receive the credit for the ending of segregation & jim crow laws…..This nobody dishonored his Father & Mother by having his last named changed…he was a traitor to his own family before he became a traitor to his race.

      Arthur Rose 4 years later did a short re-write/version of the book titled ” American Negro in America.”…funny that,eh?

    • Morris Thecat

      In Boston and Dorchester MA. it was the JEWISH neighborhoods that were destroyed and turned into black ghettos. Dorchester and Roxbury were, before the 50’s heavily Jewish ares. Just like all white neighborhoods they were clean, safe, low crime, well kept, etc. The plan to turn these communities into black communities was a deliberate plan by the government and used the banks and insurance agencies. The whole thing is detailed in the book “The death of an American Jewish Community”. This does not jibe with Jones’s assertion that this was a Jewish plot against Catholic neighborhoods. I do not see what we have to gain by not being honest about the history of what happened. This was NOT something that was just done to catholics. South Boston and parts of Dorchester are, in fact, still heavily Irish Catholic today.

      • maxonepercent

        Well said

  • cadmium

    the problem with the demographic terminology here is that ”asian” in uk or australia doesn’t mean east asians it means south asians, many of which are muslim.
    the difference between a chinese and paki muslim is rather large in terms of social outcome.

    • Ralph

      “Social outcomes,” may be different, but the genetic outcome is stil the genocide of Whites.

      If they are non-White, they are not my kind and I’m indifferent to them except as they impact me and mine.

  • Britain needs third world immigration like a dog needs fleas.

  • Ralph

    Mass transportation now brings non-Whites to all non-White lands where life is better. It is better because we Whites made it so as a natural part of our genetic code.

    Mass transportation isn’t going away. We Whites now need to adapt to the new reality. This means we need to up our birthrate. The new reality is that if we do not fill our lands with our own kind, other kinds can quickly move to our lands and fill them with their kind. Erect a wall of us, and our lands will be less desirable for them.

    Also, we Whites are most vigorous and have more self and group esteem when we expand and teem. We are less vigorous and have less self esteem and are full of self doubts as a people when we contract. Our aging White population is a sure sign of contraction.

    Have more White babies, there are too few of us on this dark planet.

    • curri

      Funny how all that modern mass transport hasn’t caused Japan to be inundated by Third Worlders.

      • Ralph

        Two reasons why: 1. Japan doesn’t welcome them in and doesn’t value “diversity.” 2. Japan is crowded with Japanese.

        • curri

          1. Japan doesn’t welcome them in and doesn’t value “diversity.”

          That’s because Japan is not governed by a ruling elite that’s hostile to the
          Japanese people.

          2. Japan is crowded with Japanese.

          England is more crowded than Japan:


          “England is more densely populated than China; indeed even more densely populated than the eastern half of China (where most of the people live.) It’s more densely populated than Japan, or the Netherlands. ”


          • Ralph

            The crowding in England (refer to your citation) is caused by immigration and the higher birthrate of the immigrants, not by the White Brits. My points remain.

            We Whites seem to “need” more space around us than other peoples, so when we feel crowded, we either move, or we stop having babies. These things are working against us in the present reality.

            People are not fungible, and we Whites need to shake off the conditioning that has too many of us thinking this is the case. I’ve heard old childless Whites looking at crowds of non-White children and then saying “The children are our future.” What a load of crap. Whites have no future in non-White children. We only have a future in the children of our own kind. Period.

          • curri

            “The crowding in England (refer to your citation) is caused by immigration and the higher birthrate of the immigrants, not by the White Brits. ”

            The crowding in England is caused a British ruling elite that has no concern for the welfare of ordinary English people. In fact, it’s clear they would prefer to see the English working class eradicated from Britain. The same problem exists in the US. Getting a handful of white people to have more children solves nothing unless the current hostile ruling elites are displaced.

          • Ralph

            While waiting for the revolution, Whites should spend their time having children. When we teem, we get very rambunctious, and we need White rambunctious mobs to maintain our right to exist.

          • curri

            Under current cultural-political conditions the vast majority of those additional children would simply become self-involved secular hedonists with lives revolving around consumerism and degenerate popular culture. A substantial minority would become Chavs, Yobs, coal burners and mudsharks.

  • In all White countries, native peoples are, or will soon become, a racial minority – yet immigration will never stop. It was never meant to be stopped.

  • Ralph

    Had the Germans won in WWII, we would not now be facing our genocide and GB would be as white as snow.

    • saxonsun

      Right. As if Germany isn’t one of the biggest race-traitor nations.

      • Morris Thecat

        after we turned them into such

      • Ralph

        Hopefully, the German people, yearning to be free of the anti-White tyrants who are ruling them, will be able to overgthrow those tyrants.

  • josh

    Bring on the monkeys!

  • Seek

    So the white share of London’s population has declined from 58% to 45%? That it had dipped to 58% in the first place is a scandal. What Enoch Powell had predicted in 1968 actually is running ahead of schedule. Where, pray tell, is the Monarchy in the face of this?

  • JasonC

    Mid Suffolk ! I worked for the council here lovely area and crime rates are the lowest in the country. The times Ive dealt with ex-londoners who complain that ‘London isnt London anymore’ very sad.

  • Ralph

    It’s odd how some humans fail to learn lessons of nature. Prince Charles is pushing a project to save the native red squirrel from extinction in GB at the paws of the invading grey squirrel.

    The situation is analogous to what is happening to native White Brits, but the Prince seems oblivious to this fact and isn’t doing a thing to save native White Brits.

  • curri
  • Shattered

    The same thing happened in Washington DC which now boasts the highest rate of homosexuals per capita at 10% (the national average is 3.5% for all LGBT and 1.7% for homosexuals). Those homosexuals are literally crawling all over our nation’s capital and in Obama they have found their champion (which doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the Chicago “down low” allegations). The white population has fallen to a minority demographic of 38.5%.

  • Treason against the West, this is all that it is. Anti-racist is code for anti-white.

  • getshorty75

    WHITE CELTIC/BRITISH/GERMANIC/NORTHERN-WESTERN EUROPEAN WOMEN NO LONGER WANT CHILDREN & FAMILIES. They want college, careers, and money. Also, the world has changed its views on homosexuality and adults remaining single and childless (shrugs). I understand this and I’m moderate enough in my beliefs to support anyone’s definition of happiness, sexuality, and freedom for themselves. However, as we’ve seen, it comes with hefty consequences. I invite all of you misplaced, disgruntled Brits, Welsh, Irish, and Scots to join me in Canada. If our beloved Avalon becomes a lost cause, you’ll receive a hearty welcome in most of the major provinces (well maybe not Quebec): we have good weed and great beer, safe cities and excellent schools, parks, right to bear arms. Many of the whites here claim “British” and Irish ancestry, so it is an excellent place to relocate. See you at the pub, next round’s on me 😉 — P.S. Never be ashamed of who you are, no matter how barbaric your ancestors were (EVERY CULTURE WAS FORGED FROM THE SEED OF BARBARIANS). We’re all their children. Never be made to feel guilty because of your white skin and great intelligent minds, minds that fathered modern medicine and saved millions of lives, sent people to the moon, built castles and machines, brought species back from the brink of extinction, cracked the human genome, etc. Our race strives for civilization, advancement, order, and perfection. That’s unique and inherent in our makeup. Be proud of that. Our time on Earth is very short.

  • George

    Wipe out the Rothschilds and company or just give it up and be their puppets forever.

  • BD

    2 Billion people born in the sand or the jungle destitute and without. They see the shining light of capitalism, free sh8t and a toilet that works. Where do you think they are going to want to go? Back to the jungle??? Back to the bastards that rape and make them wear sheets over their entire, cutting the heads off of enemies and displaying them for the camera? Bring the terrorists here to the US, let them destroy us so we can experience it ourselves and see it on CNN. So I can be accused of racism. Bring the fight there not here.