Multiculturalism’s Here to Stay, So Let’s Embrace It and Look to the Future

Harold Mitchell, Sydney Morning Herald, February 16, 2013

Melbourne has a very popular lord mayor in Robert Doyle, and I was honoured to sit with him at the annual Weary Dunlop Lunch, which celebrates the great surgeon who worked with such humility in the prison camps of the Burma-Thailand railway.

Weary was also the first Victorian to represent Australia in rugby union. He is the only Victorian in the Wallaby Hall of Fame.

And, not surprisingly, the lunch at Crown was an unstinting rugby crowd, all buoyed by the coming British Lions tour, which our energetic mayor reckons will bring at least 30,000 overseas supporters to the 25,000-seat AAMI Stadium game, against the Rebels.

“They will be hanging from the rafters,” says Charlie, who knows how to predict everything. “Well, at least 5000 of them.”

But as the lord mayor made his speech, he mentioned something that has brought home the real and exciting nature of the country that we have become. He said more than 200 languages are spoken in Melbourne, and I am sure the same is true for Sydney.

Sometimes I wonder if our media and marketing people understand this rapidly diversifying country. There is a very strong Anglo-Australian force in the advertising industry with a healthy representation of young British professionals. They grew up in the English advertising culture that was so vibrant 25 years ago with the likes of Morris and Charles Saatchi and others. So it’s not surprising they came up with the infamous line for the Australian Tourism industry “Where the bloody hell are you?” And it went down like a lead balloon.

That campaign sank without trace because it completely misread the true nature of our culture and the world beyond our shores. Who can’t wait to snorkel on the world’s best-known coral reef, experience an opera in the most famous modern building on the globe, or simply get married in a rainforest?

If you think of our society of more than 200 cultures, how do you think that line would work for a middle-class traditional Pakistani or Indian family planning on visiting their student children?

So the challenge in every business is to recognise that new people from new cultures will be our salvation.

Consider Google, and the others who created the dotcom boom that saved the American economy. You could walk through the corridors of these great creative institutions and be forgiven for thinking that you were in uptown Madras. “You mean Chennai,” pipes up Louise. And she is correct, of course.

The transformation of India in every way, from reclaiming the traditional names of its cities, to its mastery of software development, is running rings around its old colonial masters and anyone else who can’t see the profound changes that are underway.

I am not saying that we forget our roots in the “old country”. Britain has given us, and India and Pakistan, the basis for strong civil societies and powerful ships of state, but let’s not get so sentimental that we can’t see where the world is going.

Speaking about ships, recently I attended the launch of the largest naval craft ever commissioned by our country. While the fitout was done here, by a typical multicultural Australian workforce, the vast hull and superstructure was manufactured in Spain and our 92,000 Spanish Australians are as proud as Sangria for the boost it gave their former country’s economy.

The ship, HMAS Canberra, was launched according to maritime tradition by the wife of a former admiral and the vast vessel looked a fine sight soundly afloat on Australian waters. But this did not deter Louise quoting a writer mate: “The ship of state is the only vessel that leaks from the top.” Well what can I say, other than to wish all who sail in Canberra a fair breeze and a steady course.

Some would say that it is no surprise to see a Canberra all at sea.

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  • Someone tell Weird Harold here that “the Future” is Detroit and Zimbabwe. While they are at it, remind him about those Cronulla riots back in ’05.

    • Alan D

      About the Cronulla riot in 2005, the people who took part obviously did not believe in multiculturism, even though they were young and had therefore been told how wonderful it was from the day they started at school (or even pre-school).

      Basically, the elite here in Australia treat multiculturism as a quasi-religion. The masses have a range of opinions about it, but few believe in the extreme form, which says that the traditional Anglo-Celtic culture should be reduced to just one of many cultures, or even abolished (in Australia “Anglo-Celtic” means a mixture of English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish).

      I will add some of the jokes that I sometimes make about multiculturalism and non-discrimination:
      (1) As a non-disabled middle-class white male with British ancestors, I lower the percentage of everything wherever I go;
      (2) Under the principles of multiculturalism, the Italian culture must be maintained in Australia but not in Italy (a friend of mine whose origin is Italian likes this one);
      (3) The tradional Australian culture is bad, and furthermore it does not exist (who cares about logic in this field?)

    • Felix_M

      Yup. Mogadishu, that’s Paris or San Diego in fifty years.

      • newscomments70

        I was at a mall in San Diego recently. I did not see any blond haired women, surfers, etc. I didn’t even see that many Mexicans. I saw many hijabs. There were Muslims everywhere. I assume they were Persians. I didn’t feel unsafe, no one bothered me or anything like that. It was simply crowded with foreigners…wall to wall people. It was Sunday, but the traffic was at a standstill, like Los Angeles. To be honest, I have nothing against these people…but why do they all have to come here? Why is a population explosion being forced on us?? No one wants this.

  • Consider Google, and the others who created the dotcom boom that saved the American economy.

    Very debatable. The dotcom boom eventually went bust, and the affirmative action housing bubble was partially inflated to replace the dot com boom, and that went bust. Does the economy seem so “saved” to you?

    • Google was first incorporated as a privately held company on September 4, 1998, and its initial public offering followed on August 19, 2004.

      Rough to fuel a dotcom boom when you aren’t yet a publicly traded company.

      • Now that you mention it, you’re right. GOOG’s IPO was long after the dotcom bust, years after. In fact, the market was kinda scared of GOOG’s IPO for that reason.

      • A. Windaus

        Once again a journalist is caught rewriting history to suit their agenda.

    • sbuffalonative

      There’s also the cost and benefit. One person started a successful business but what about the millions who didn’t and rely on government support.
      Also, high tech can be done anywhere. The company could have been started in any country that had the resources to make the company successful and profitable. Catering to an english language market also helped.
      I once got into a debate with a ‘Russian’ immigrant who taunted me about how much he loved the changing demographics of the US. He said he lived in California and worked in a tech firm and that the majority of his co-workers were Indians and he loved it. He said he went to the local mall over the weekend and he didn’t see any white Americans and the thought it was great.
      Since high tech can be done anywhere because it essentially means writing code and designing circuit board, I asked why these people had to come here to work. High tech can now be done over any number of computer/electronic networks. There’s really no reason to physically import large numbers of people when they can work in other countries and send their work over the internet. He said, ‘he didn’t want to talk about that’ and just kept taunting me about Americans changing demographics.
      I put up a great defense and he had no answers other than to keep trying to push my buttons about how much he loved the ‘new America’.

  • Smacks of Stockholm syndrome. I once read that Jewish prisoners in Nazi concentration camps took to emulating their prison guards.

    • bilderbuster

      I once read Eli Wiesel’s book “Night” and he claimed that the ground at his camp shook for months for the dead and geysers of blood were shooting out of the ground.
      He was awarded a Nobel Prize for his story but it should have been for fiction.

  • Ulick

    “recognise that new people from new cultures will be our salvation.”

    Salvation is a word used in religions and cults, and that’s fitting because multiculturalism is a religion to it’s cult-like followers. “Diversity is strength” is accepted on blind faith (the facts certainly don’t support it.) And those criticizing the multi-cultists’ religion are viewed as blasphemers who should be shouted down and attacked.

    • Felix_M

      Well said. I don’t look for salvation from someone else. White countries were better off before we let in our saviours. THAT was our mistake.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Including that ONE that has tortured Europeans for 2,000 years.

    • StillModerated

      If ignorance is strength, can we also infer that diversity is ignorance, and vice versa?

    • Anna Tree

      And the word salvation implies we were in danger, needed help and/or needed to be rescued! But this is not true! We don’t need them, they are no salvation, they are in fact destroying and killing us.

      Ulick, you are right: of course multiculturalism is a cult.

      And like other cults, liberalists are willing to die for their faith of multiracialist/moral relativism/political correctness etc dogmas, or maybe more correctly, the liberalist “priests” (politicians, journalists, elites) are ready for their flock to die : multiculturalism and multiracialism bring murders, eventually wars and miscegenation is suicide.

      Mixed marriage kills half of one’s genes and one’s image (your descendants are different from you). It’s Avraham smashing the idols all over again: this time whiteness being the false god (or false gods of different white skin tones, eyes colors, hair color, with or without freckles etc). White idols have to be destroyed to give place to the new/”real” gods: the Non-white. Liberalists can redeem themselves by brainwashing their kids to miscegenate or at least adopt non-white children to take white children’s place.

      Liberalism’s martyrs are not those beaten by blacks or muslims (that’s a natural consequences of the whites’ actions and discrimination of course), their best saints and martyrs commit cultural and/or racial suicide willingly, by only helping, converting, adopting or marrying other races for the glory of the liberalist faith. If not then the least is to promote all of this strongly, by brainwashing new victims or giving money to the cause.

      Liberalists may not be ready to be tortured, executed or kill directly but they will have no children, adopt non-white children or miscegenate, same result, and are very ready for others to be tortured or executed: their actions (in elections,
      opinions, pathological altruism, through their work – from the judge who free illegal immigrant criminals to the teacher who brainwash our kids, etc) will put others in harm, usually poorer whites who don’t have the money to live in white neighborhoods or send their kids in white schools etc, notably because their jobs were outsourced to non-white countries by… liberalism or taken by immigrants, most non-whites, or illegals (non-white illegals is redundant).

      Other religious aspects: evangelism, new world view, new institutions or converting existing, universities as the temples, new morals, quasi witch hunts/inquisitions of dissidents, censuring of their books etc… and like you said, blind faith and the concept of salvation. Liberalism is a set of beliefs that all races are equals, diversity is sacred, whites are evil, mixing is the purpose of the universe and so on.

  • I just heard the Australian tourist council’s latest pitch on the radio, very catchy I might add!
    “come on over and take it from us, we didn’t earn it or build it and sure as hell don’t deserve it!!!”

  • The__Bobster

    ….to its mastery of software development, is running rings around its old
    colonial masters and anyone else who can’t see the profound changes that
    are underway.

    Only because our cheap labor elites allow them to. If we cut them off from our technology and funding, they’d spiral downward and revert back to their prior condition, e.g., bathing in raw sewage.

  • Jaego

    Why does Australia need to be saved? What is the problem? They are creating a problem through mass immigration – and then saying more is the solution to it.

    • Felix_M

      Maybe Harold means the country will be saved from nutjobs like him. Third-worlders, as low performing as they might be, aren’t indoctrinated into believing garbage such as he is spouting.

      • A. Windaus

        Third Worlders are more likely to vote for those who throw benefits their way, and those people are nearly always the same people who are for mass immigration.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          This is how and why the Democratic party in the U.S. has essentially turned the U.S. into a single party political system.

    • gemjunior

      “Why does Australia need to be saved? What is the problem?”

      This is the basis of “Critical Theory” and The Frankfurt School. The Culture of Critique, by Kevin McDonald, explains how Critical Theory (criticize everything about the country that welcomed you into it as a new citizen and constantly agitate for “change”) destroyed so much of our European Christian traditions both in Europe and in countries where Europeans settled – specifically Anglo-Saxons and their cultures. They claimed it was wrong and racist to continue desiring to live among your own people in a culture with institutions that whites created; it was “exclusionary” and unfair. Let in a bunch of people who don’t understand you and largely hate you! Run to appease them when they complain they want things to be more like the country they came from. Then, the FS set about dismantling the family by claiming fathers and husbands abusive and controlling, the children were subjected from the beginning for indoctrination through the schools. Sex? It was no longer for married people to form a partnership and raise as many children as arrived. Porn was introduced, and freaks like Alfred Kinsey and Hugh Hefner were allowed to pervert the public. The FS infiltrated academia and culture to the extent that we know longer know our own countries.

      YOURS is the question that should have been asked half a century ago and The Frankfurt School and it’s followers should have been thrown out of all White Western countries. Unfortunately we know that hindsight is 20/20.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Ironically, Christianity used Critical Theory (without calling it that) to assert itself in Europe. Until we realize when the usurpation of Europe and the European white began, we will never fully escape its consequences.

    • GM (Australia)

      Yes, the Cronulla Riots, we must be the only western country in the world where a significant number of people have had enough guts to make a real stand against the Muslim influx. Eight years on it is still rare to see any (overtly) Muslims at that beach or it’s precincts.

      Multiculturalism and 3rd world immigration is not popular here in Australia yet it is constantly rammed down our throats as something that is just so necessary and desirable, why? We also have very stringent anti-racism laws here which makes any real debate on the subject is almost impossible.

      We have a federal election here due in September, the Liberal Party has vowed that they will get tough on illegal immigrants and people smugglers but apart from that I predict that it will all be very PC as per normal. (Note to USA & UK readers, the “Liberal” Party here in Australia is the conservative side of politics)

      • cadmium

        yes, the conservative PC… i read the other day abbott was ”rubbishing” wilders’ views on islam. wilders should have been given a nationwide tour like our monarchs.

        • newscomments70

          Or like Martin Luther. That is how he convinced people to revolt against tyranny.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Oh? As I recall the race riots of the 60s were anything but peaceful. The demonstrations MLK helped organize and took part in were hugely provocative. Once they baited the White Southerners to act, they were able to scream, “Look at the bigots, look at the racists!”

            I think it’s time for Amren to run the article called “Reflections on Selma” again. But all of it, from the Freedom Riders to the demonstrations themselves were planned by adjutants and splinter groups of The Frankfurt School. They knew that they had found a way to agitate – race.

          • newscomments70


        • GM (Australia)

          Yes,Mr Abbot has gone strangely quiet on immigration matters, I feel he will be very PC like the rest of them. (Remember also, Mr Abbot set up the slush fund to put Australia’s very popular anti immigration “One nation” party out of business)

          Geert Wilders was in town yesterday, all very predictable, lots of security and “rent-a-crowd” was there to protest with the media generally describing his message as one of bigoted hate. But, it was very refreshing to see one quite articulate young man get up on national TV and “say why aren’t these protesters speaking out against the real and documented horrors of Islam including the current persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt”

      • anonymous

        These white Aussies fought back without guns, too. Imagine how much power whites in the US with their firepower would have?

  • The__Bobster

    Author believes “new people from new cultures will be [Australia’s] salvation.”


    And the elites here say that we can be saved by importing dysfunctional, low-IQ third worlders.

    Not all industries have jumped on the H-1b gravy train. Oil and natural gas exploration is running full bore in the U.S. As a result, average starting salaries for bachelor-level petroleum engineers doubled from $43,674 in 1997 to an astronomical $86,220 in 2010.

    As salaries increased, so did the number of students attracted to the field. A recent study of the market for petroleum engineers reports that the number of BS degrees awarded in thisfield went from roughly 250 in 2002 to almost 700 in 2009.

    FLASH: higher prices trigger higher supplies!

    OK, that’s no surprise. What is surprising, given the conventional Inside-The-Beltway wisdom, is the source of the supply: native-born Americans

    • Felix_M

      And the elites here say that we can be saved by importing dysfunctional, low-IQ turd worlders.

      And they still wonder why school performance continues to plummet? There is NO good reason for the citizens of a country to continue to import high levels of immigrants. We will never lift up the Filipines. Mexico will always be Mexico. We can however make San Diego look like Tijuana, Portland like Manila and Minneapolis like Mogadishu if we continue these suicidal policies.

  • Mahound

    What kind of doggerel is this?

  • pcmustgo

    He “Believes” so, huh? He Believes in “The Future”.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “recognise that new people from new cultures will be our salvation.”

    Salvation from what exactly?

    • jambi19

      “White privilege” of course.

    • David Ashton

      Exactly. Keep pressing for an answer.

  • Oil Can Harry

    I was intrigued by the author’s claim that India and it’s South Asian neighbors were so economically successful that they were “running rings around” Europe.

    So I did a little research of average GDP for some of these nations:

    Norway: $55,000
    Ireland: $41,700
    UK: $36,700 (and would be much higher if not for Third Worlders)

    India: $3,900
    Pakistan: $2,900
    Bangladesh $2,000

    • And what GDP those countries do have wasn’t home grown, western companies relocating to them is the main source of it.

  • Lewis33

    I wonder if Harold would say the same thing to his friends on the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce? Something tells me this media mogel might have a different tune to sing at those meetings…

  • Felix_M

    And it’s really night time and he doesn’t have his head up his rectum.

  • MikeS

    “So Let’s Embrace It and Look to the Future.”
    You can’t do both.

  • concernedcollegekid

    “recognise that new people from new cultures will be our salvation.”

    Meanwhile, China is trying to use eugenics as its “salvation” from the West’s long era of world domination. Haha, dumb ol’ China! Psst, you guys: nobody tell China that intelligence doesn’t exist and occurs equally in all groups! Silly China, thinking genes have any effect on the human brain. Someday the West will grow even stronger than ever before due to racial and cultural diversity (which we didn’t used to recognize was a strength, which must have been why our “culture” has always been so pathetic) and homogeneous China will feel pretty stupid.

  • David Ashton

    200 languages – not including the Abo tongues!
    There’s progress in national cohesion and ease of communication!

    • GM (Australia)

      He also noted that the Indians had reclaimed the traditional names for places like Bombay and Culcutta. (Now Mumbai etc) I notice that Indian sourced news stories still use the Anglicized names!

  • edie

    I say it’s not here to stay!

  • bigone4u

    Two hundred languages in one city means a lot of misunderstandings. I suggest sign language is appropriate in this case, with a collective middle finger salute to the traitors who sold out English virtues and values. As the American Tower of Babble (deliberate mispelling) rises from this once proud land, the same salute on a mass scale seems appropriate.

  • Brian

    The words of the worst kind of cynical criminal. “We ***** you over, but there’s nothing you can do about it, so you might as well just smile and make the best of it. Have a nice day!”

  • Luca

    To paraphrase Michael Savage: Liberalism is an international mental disorder.

  • NorthernWind

    “So the challenge in every business is to recognise that new people from new cultures will be our salvation.”

    Salvation from what exactly? Aussies don’t want your damned “salvation”. Multiculturalism will bring nothing but destruction.

  • NYB

    “more than 200 languages are spoken in Melbourne”

    Typical liberals, raised in the shopping mall, love the idea of surrounding themselves with a living, ethnic theme park.

    The languages, the foods, the flowing robes, the diverse skin tones – the white liberal isn’t looking for content of character. He yearns to judge the superficial.

    Liberals are blind to their own racism.

    • Tim

      I was raised in the shopping mall And I`m stunned and saddened at how the ethnic makeup of same has changed…

    • dondiego

      I lived in Melbourne for two years 10 years ago. The place has degenerated further since then.
      The above linked crap is more common than Russel Crowe’s Romper Stomper.
      Whilst there asians vs asians appeared the most deadly.

      The town I’m in right now (2hrs North) has a HUGE number of Iraqis and sub-saharans (as residents, not just for fruit harvest).

      Real/anglo Australians I’ve spoken to aren’t pleased about this. “Remember Cronulla” has been mentioned several times.

  • Katherine McChesney

    You know it seems to have been George H.W. Bushs “New World Order” speech that sent predominately White nations into the depths of hell. Am I right or am I imagining it?

    • gemjunior

      Now that you mention it…. I wonder what year that was. I think very early 1990s, and it wasn’t long after that when “reality tv” arrived with MTVs “The Real World”. Then we started seeing it everywhere and it got more and more risque, reaching it’s zenith with “Jersey Shore”. It seems it was around that time when all the crazy talk-shows like Ricki Lake and Jerry Springer started up as well, or maye a little before. The point is that loss of quality and/or morals seemed to plummet at that time and White nations began spinning out of control. Was there a coincidence in the timing? The NWO speech certainly seems to have appeared at a time when things started going downhill. I don’t think it was a coincidence, as I don’t believe our White race’s traditions, beliefs, morals etc. changed 360 degrees in just 50 years, alone, unencouraged and without influence. The traditions, morals and beliefs that were for a large part unchanged for oh, a few hundred years? I think it did start at about that time, I agree.

  • guest

    “New people from new cultures will be [Australia’s] salvation.”

    Like every other liberal, he offers no real rational explanation to this claim. His article is nothing more than the vague “multiculturalism is our strength” mantra.

    “Multiculturalism’s Here to Stay, So Let’s Embrace It and Look to the Future”
    What he really means: “Everyone else should embrace multiculturalism while I live in the comfort and safety of this all-white gated community.” This liberal who makes a living by spewing out his anti-white agenda may act like he loves multiculturalism, but we all know that no liberal ever really embraces it.

    • dukem1

      Ain’t that the truth.

    • Felix_M

      And when all those newly imported bantus target his lily-white arse for extinction, he’ll look to his conservative, wasp older brother for help.

  • IstvanIN

    With multiculturalism Australia will finally become a republic! An old white lady on money is so yesterday.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Imagine if we went to Africa and told the blacks, “Multiculturalism is here to stay, so let’s embrace it and look to the future”? They would probably call Zulu nation and have them attack us.

  • bubo
    • gemjunior

      What is it about “poverty” that causes all the poor third worlders to throw litter everywhere? Are they really just poor? Or does the fact that they don’t CARE at all have anything to do with it? What about not caring and the relationship to not doing anything, including working? I see this type of malignant, overt buildup of mounds of trash in Haiti, in Africa, and it’s disgusting but it seems to be very prevalent. I wonder why they don’t use it as building material, or burrow a hold in it and live there. It does not make me feel any sympathy when I see these mounds of garbage because I know that if a community cared at all they could find a way to do something about that rubbish; even burning it.

  • sbuffalonative

    This guy doesn’t get out much does he?

  • George

    Only politicians love diversity, because diversity = more votes

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Harold Mitchell is a retard. Unfortunately, there is no comments area for this opinion at the original site.

    • newscomments70

      I looked as well. I’m sure the author and liberal newspaper knew exactly what the majority would write…so they censored us.

  • LHathaway

    Diversity is ignorance. . . I like it. It’s a phrase that may be right in more ways than one.

  • newscomments70

    Multiculturalism is a miserable failure. It is not here to stay. It will be the cause of a global civil war and mass deportation. If there is any future multiculturalism in western countries, it will be in the form of balkanization. White people are sick of being raped, killed and mutilated by uninvited third world immigrants. We will expel these people from our countries. During the era of colonialization, backward, third world cultures expelled the much more advanced Europeans from their countries. Now that reverse colonization is occuring, we will do the same to our invaders, and it will be much easier. You cannot rape someones’ children and expect no consquences…the dam is starting to break

  • Laager

    Notice there is absolutely no mention of Australian Aboriginals in the article.
    Why is that?

  • rightrightright

    They are not from “new” cultures. They are old, fossilised, failed cultures from which they ran away. It is they who are seeking salvation in Australia. They are certainly not providing that interesting commodity to Australia.

  • Token Finn

    Diversity reminds me of the classic 90’s game that was “Doom”. You’re a disillusioned white man in a strange place. The remaining whites have turned into deranged zombie men who hunt you with firearms and then there’s hordes of brown monsters attacking you.

  • Ralph

    My nation is within my genetic code. It is not in mixed pieces of geography or in ideas of nationhood. If a particular land only has my kind, and helps my kind survive and expand and live happy prosperous lives, then it may get my allegiance. If a particular land is mixed, it gets no allegiance from me.

    Genes are us. Everything else is secondary. And, despite what some may posit, a little miscegenation is still evil for our kind.

  • Tired

    Salvation from civilization?…

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    I “love” the way he described India’s reclaiming of its own indigenous heritage while touting his own countries loss of it as if it was a logical addition to his argument that Diversity represents future salvation for Australia. Wait until Australians have to provide services for 200 language groups – or anywhere near it, even a fraction of it. Then there is the rising crime that must be ignored.

  • Shattered

    Sure… once you’ve removed every Hispanic street gang from every corner in my community. But let me guess, that’s not going to happen right.

  • Tucker

    This article only confirms the imperative that, once we finally manage to get these white genociders and social engineers unseated from power, we have to try them as genocide criminal conspirators, convict them, and then award them capital punishment.

  • The writer says, “If you think of our society of more than 200 cultures, how do you think that line would work for a middle-class traditional Pakistani or Indian family planning on visiting their student children? So the challenge in every business is to recognise that new people from new cultures will be our salvation.” But I don’t see any reason to worry how traditional Pakistanis feel about Australian idioms; and I don’t think Australia was in need of salvation before the proliferation of multiculturalism since it was turned into a monster by the Whitlam government.