Detroit’s Financial Crisis Now in Governor’s Hands

Corey Williams, Yahoo! News, February 20, 2013

The fiscal crisis plaguing Detroit is now in the hands of Michigan’s governor after a state-appointed review team determined the city was in a financial emergency with “no satisfactory plan” to resolve it.

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder has 30 days to decide if Detroit needs an emergency manager to take charge of its finances and spending, and come up with a new plan to get the city out of its financial mess.

After spending weeks looking at the city’s books, the independent review team released a report Tuesday saying Detroit’s deficit could have reached $900 million last fiscal year had it not borrowed enormous amounts of money. The city’s long-term liabilities, including underfunded pensions, are more than $14 billion.

The report also said the city’s bureaucratic structure makes it difficult to solve the financial problems.

Some fiscal experts believe the city’s only way out may be municipal bankruptcy, but state Treasurer Andy Dillon said answers could be found if the city and state work together.


But over the last nine months, that relationship has been strained. Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and the nine-member City Council entered into a consent agreement with Snyder in April that allowed some state oversight and help with Detroit’s finances—short of cash infusions—in return for certain fiscal reforms. However, the city often missed deadlines and benchmarks.

The ongoing cash crisis has threatened to leave the city, which has a current budget deficit of $327 million, without money to pay its workers or other bills. Dillon said the city has been running deficits since 2005, and masking over them with long-term borrowing.


Under state law, Snyder has 30 days following the review team’s finding to decide for himself whether there’s a financial emergency. Bing would have 10 days to request a hearing. The first-term governor could then revoke his decision or appoint an emergency manager.

The emergency manager would be responsible for overseeing all of the city’s spending. Bing and the City Council would keep their jobs, but the manager would decide all financial matters. And only the manager would have the power to authorize the city to take the bankruptcy route.


Bing said Tuesday’s report shouldn’t have surprised anyone.

“My administration has been saying for the past four years that the city is under financial stress,” Bing said in an emailed statement. “If the governor decides to appoint an emergency financial manager, he or she, like my administration, is going to need resources—particularly in the form of cash and additional staff.”


If Snyder appoints an emergency manager, Detroit would be the sixth and largest city in Michigan to have one. The cities of Benton Harbor, Ecorse, Pontiac, Flint and Allen Park are currently under state oversight. School districts in Detroit, Highland Park and Muskegon Heights also have managers.

A new state law taking effect in late March gives local governments the chance to choose their own remedy when a review team finds a financial emergency exists. However, Detroit loses those options if an emergency manager is put in place before the new law goes into effect, said Department of Treasury spokesman Terry Stanton.



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  • The__Bobster

    Watch this situation carefully. It’s the future of the whole country.

    • Morris Thecat

      no, not the whole country, blacks were given a chance, they have proved that our grandparents and great grandparents knew what they were talking about. They have proved that they are not “just like us”. They have prove that color of the skin IS CONNECTED with content of character. There is always a tipping point, we are getting near it. Something will happen and things will change, white people will stand up.

      • rebelcelt

        Some will, there are the hopeless. You know the ones that are looking for a crusade and take up the plight of the black man.They can be raped, robbed families murdered etc., but they will comfort themselves with the mantra “well there are whites that do the same thing blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

  • Keefer

    Please do not bail out Detroit. Offer no help of any kind from whites. Let the fate of Detroit stand or fall according to complete African rule. Let the city be a testament to black rule.

    • tickyul

      Dats Rayciss!!!!!!!

    • Yorkshireman.

      These Detroit bonds.. is there any connection between these worthless bits of paper and the worthless bits of paper issued by Mugabe of Zimbabwe as currency? Seems like that once the Whites have been driven out by these Afriggers the whole infrastructure is doomed. Time and time again. Wherever and whenever.

    • Exactly. If they are true equals, they can find a solution without dragging in innocent whites (and other tax payers).

    • Michael Mason

      Madison Grant was right.

    • Wayne

      I think Hollywood should be forced to bail out Detroit!

  • Detroit…a city with not even a million people anymore can run up $14 billion of real and implicit municipal debt. Only Dirt-Rot.

    I read on one of the lamer “B” sites (Breitbart or Blaze) that Dirt-Rot politicians already have their hands out to Obama. They want a Federal bailout, and think they deserve it as a QPQ for Detroit voting heavily Obama. As if Obama had to worry about Detroit boxes NOT voting Obama. Heck, back out all of Wayne County (not just Detroit proper) and Obama still won Michigan…and Romney was born and raised in Michigan and his father Governor!

    • NM156

      Did Detroit turnout have anything to do with Obama’s victory in Michigan?

      • Probably not. But it is true, (I did the math), that Obama wins Michigan anyway even if you don’t count anything in Wayne County.

    • It’s only $19,600 per resident ….. most of which are indigent and on the dole.

  • eavesmac

    I guess its just a coincidence that D is majority bl.

  • Anonymous #3
  • MekongDelta69

    I saw on the news where some idiot black female council woman (or whatever A.A. post she bribed her way into), said it was racist if they hand over the running of DIE-Troit to anyone is not black.

    (I’m paraphrasing the above, b/c I don’t remember her ridiculous (but totally expected) exact quote.)

    • Ed_NY

      I saw that too, I also saw a Detroit city council member (might be the same one) say it is about time that Obama take care of his fellow blacks and bail out Detroit.

    • Melanie

      I wish someone had the guts to reply to her that in that case, not to expect any of our racist white tax dollars.

  • Luca

    Detroit is run by a black mayor and an all black city council and for some odd reason the city is going the way of Haiti and most African nations. When you put all blacks in charge, this is what you get, They are mentally, fiscally and morally bankrupt. Usually blacks in higher positions can hire Whites and Asians to make them look good and do the real heavy lifting. But when left to their own ingenuity..well.. you can see the results. However, I am sure the Liberals out there are cooking up all kinds of excuses of why Detroit is a failed city due to White flight or some other nonsense..

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Well “white flight” IS a contributing factor…

      Why would whites want to live under that crap? Plenty of white Michigan people scattered about the country these days, happy to be anywhere but black ruled Detroit.

      Black rule = white flight. But anywhere whites run, hateful, handout seeking blacks are SURE to follow. White people be where the money at!

      • Morris Thecat

        just having black people in an environment destroys it for white people. It could be a restaurant, a laundromat, a store. We’ve all experienced it, everything is fine until some black people enter. then all sorts of behavior that white people never engage in starts happening. Their sproggs start running around, pawing everything, grabbing everything. They are all yelling, singing, gyrating, trying to be the loudest amongst them and the center of attention. Everything is a joke, they all try to outdo each other. Sooner or later the competition amongst them becomes more intense and nastiness starts, out of nowhere a fight starts or a parent is screaming at and hitting a kid. Meanwhile the white people are in shock, and resentful that they have to put up with such animals.Black minds are constantly looking for ways to antagonize and violate each other and everyone else. Aggression is their only drive. sooner or later they start pulling nonsense on white people, the kids are grabbing things that don’t belong to them etc. I was once in an airport for a stopover. I was eating at a food court, a black kid of about 8 comes up to my table and asks me for food, his parents were at the next table over. WTF!!!

      • rebelcelt

        I remember reading where whites were disinterring family members that were buried in Detroit and reburying them in other parts of the country where they had moved to.

    • Melanie

      We need to remind them every day, in every way we can, of how proud they were when Coleman Young boasted about running all the whites out of Detroit. We need to remind them that they don’t need us, and they don’t need our money. They really need to be pinned down into admitting themselves to be the parasites that they are, and they expect whites to be the host.

  • The independent Review Team must be idiots if they actually believe that:

    …..the independent review team released a report Tuesday saying Detroit’s deficit could have reached $900 million last fiscal year had it not borrowed enormous amounts of money.

    Borrowing to cover a deficit does not reduce a deficit, it only delays the covering it.

    “My administration has been saying for the past four years that the city is under financial stress,” Bing said in an emailed statement. “If the governor decides to appoint an emergency financial manager, he or she, like my administration, is going to need resources—particularly in the form of cash and additional staff.”

    And Bing apparantly think and Emergency Financial Manager’s office and its interaction with the city is a jobs program for some of the very same people that ran the city into the ground, and their fambily and friends.

    • Melanie

      I bet their eyes are as wide as saucers at the thought of a whole fresh new trough at which to put their snouts in.

  • HamletsGhost

    Who was dumb enough to lend money to this northern version of Port-au-Prince? Let the governor declare bankruptcy and stiff all the nitwits who funneled money into this pit.

    • Sloppo

      It would not surprise me if they got some of that 16 trillion that Ben Shalom Bernanke’s Federal Reserve counterfeiting operation created out of thin air and loaned to their friends at zero percent interest with no repayment terms. I’m sure Detroit didn’t get the zero percent interest rate, but the middle man bankers who extended credit to Detroit may have. Now, it’s up to white people to use money they earned to bail out the middle men bankers. That kind of arrangement is called “social justice”.

  • joesolargenius

    Just cut all the social welfare benefits and watch how fast the deficit and the freeloaders go somewhere else , that”s how Arizona and Oklahoma got rid of so many illegal aliens .

    • You are correct. Ohio pays better social welfare benefits than West Virginia and Kentucky.

      Which side of the Ohio River do you think is more diverse?

      • blight14

        I have been a medical provider in both Ohio and Ky, and yes, Ohio is a welfare gravy train…they cover crowns, dentures, partials, etc etc etc……also, if the patient doesn’t have a ride to the ER, presto, Ohio pays for an ambulance to pick them up/take them home…..for a TOOTHACHE they willingly pay for an ambulance ride to the emergency room…..FOOLS!

        • boy times have changed, when I was on welfare in ohio years ago they did not provide any of that stuff just basic cleaning and extractions and I had to take the bus to get there, what happened? I walked and rode the bus. do you suppose they are doing this to foster some kind of hate leading to civil war or something? does anyone know?

          • blight14

            I don’t know Roberta, I was in residency in Dayton and the welfare abuse would make you sick! I was nearly thrown out of the post doc program for ‘daring’ to suggest that the system was corrupt and out of control…..I had to bite my tongue many times just to get through the time there. I would easily say that the welfare pts in my practice today (~12%) are easily responsible for >90% of our problems, no shows/late cancellations, etc etc etc… by golly everyone of them has an iPhone/iPad/etc…..

      • Melanie

        I don’t know. My state pays the lowest rate of “benefits” of any state in the union, and yet has the highest percentage of negros per capita of any state in the union. Of course, we have the most stereotypically lazy, unmotivated, low IQ, utterly stupid negros too-the ones who stayed put when all the other nagros were making the “Great Migration” north to the “promised land”. These were satisfied to remain sharecroppers on the land of the “evil oppressor” whites out in the boondocks of the Delta. We are the only state which even had a vote to keep the Confederate insignia in our state flag, which an overwhelming majority voted to keep-including one majority-black county, lol. The NAACP tried to threaten us into cancelling the vote by calling for a boycott-we said “Please do” and carried on-the local blacks couldn’t be bothered. I don’t know what to make of the fact that we have the highest percentage of negros, yet they are the least militant/radical of any blacks in any state, generally speaking. All of the “history-making” events of the Snivel Rights era in my state were set into motion by outside agitators.

        • Luis

          Melanie, let me guess – you come from the Magnolia State of Mississippi. Did you know that – in addition to being the last state to formally repeal slavery – Mississippi was also the LAST STATE to formally repeal Prohibition, in 1966?

          I do admire Mississippi’s gun laws – in fact, I think Mississippi should adopt constitutional carry – like Arizona, Vermont, Alaska and Montana (or is it Wyoming) have done. No permit required.

          I think poverty is relative – the poorest family in Mississippi is FAR WEALTHIER than the poorest family in Bangladesh.

          • Melanie

            Yes, I’m from Mississippi-the state which is always first in negative indicators, and last in positive indicators. I think that this can be attributed to our app 40% black pop per capita. There’s an upside to this-we’re not attractive to lefties looking for a new place to f up after f’ing up their previous state. We’re not attractive to parasites looking for gibmes. We fly under the national radar, and that’s a good thing-helps us stay free. Our capitol city is completely fuxxated, but nobody ever really needs to go there for anything anyway, all the whites (and our businesses and tax dollars) have left, as usual when a city turns majority-black, so it’s all theirs to fuxxate. You’d think that with such a large black pop we’d have more problems, but that in itself is exactly why most white Mississippians know the score and self-segregate.

            I knew about being the last state to repeal slavery on the books, not surprised to learn about Prohibition. In a lot of the state, we still have strict “blue laws” and dry counties.

            I agree with you re the gun laws-they’re pretty good, but could be improved. I will say that I have no fear of being prosecuted for defending myself or my family/home.

            I hope we retain our reputation as the most backwards state from here till doomsday-keeps the riff-raff out 🙂

          • Melanie

            Oh, and a major lack of public transportation-believe it or not, that’s a positive. (I read somewhere that the insurance companies conducted a study of which states have the fastest and slowest drivers-I expected some place like Wyoming to be the fastest, but surprisingly, it was Mississippi. Hawaii has the slowest drivers. I figure it’s because so much of Mississippi is the boondocks, we’re used to driving long distances, often, to get anywhere, so we drive fast to get it over with, lol).

          • I do not advocate constitutional carry in a state with a lot of NAMs. You need the process crime of carrying concealed without a permit on the books, mainly as plea bargaining fodder or fodder to turn the NAM thugs into snitches.

          • Melanie

            That’s a good point. It’s a shame that whites have to pay with our freedom in order to control uncivilised negros.

  • bigone4u

    In my experience blacks cannot manage their time, their money, their diet, their hair, their body odor, their children, their tempers, their language, their homes, or anything else I can think of. How can they be expected to manage a city. Let em fail. Whites should not have to pay again and again to repeatedly bail out these ill-mannered stupid people. Blacks, sink or swim. It’s up to you.

    • Rastus

      Black men are great at managing women.

  • Ship all the africans back to africa. They can’t be civilized.

  • NM156

    How could have Detroit municipal bonds been sold on any market? Is the state borrowing for them on the faith and credit of the people of Michigan?

    • I’m sure the people who buy Detroit bonds have it in the back of their heads that the Feds will bail Detroit out. Especially if the “people” buying Detroit bonds have bought off the right kind of Federal politicians.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the Detoilet muni’s are held by their pension funds.

    • How could have Detroit municipal bonds been sold on any market?

      Nothing is done in the financial world without a hedge.

      Bond seller comes to me and offers me Detroit Bonds, now my job as a bond trader would be to go out and find some municipal bonds that I think are a much worse investment, whose terms are similar, and to sell those bonds. So I get on my Bloomberg and find bonds issued by:

      San Bernardino, CA
      Stockton, CA
      Jefferson County, AL

      Now I am what I am doing is betting on downgrade/default when I hedge.

      So what I do is I buy $100,000 of Detroit bonds and sell $100,000 of the bonds of the three places named above. What I actually sell is based on there being an acceptable bid size and price.

      A few years pass, and the Detroit bonds I bought fell to a value of $90,000, but the $20,000 of San Bernadino fell to $10,000, the $30,000 of Stockton fell to $25,000, and the $50,000 of Jefferson County fell to $25,000.


      Long $90,000 for which I paid $100,000 = $10,000 loss
      Short $10,000 which I sold for $20,000 = $10,000 profit
      Short $25,000 which I sold for $30,000 = $5,000 profit
      Short $25,000 which I sold for $50,000 = $25,000 profit

      I can buy back my shorts and sell my long and lock in a $30,000 profit.

      I made up this entire scenario. None of this is real. Places used for illustrative purposes because they are bankrupt or headed there.

  • Barrack Osama

    Leftists despise organized religion and deify evolution. Why then do they stand in such vehement opposition to it? These people have been promoted far beyond their means and they have failed. They have no place at helm of our society. Let them fail.

  • IKantunderstand

    Every government in the world run by Blacks would benefit by having a White emergency financial manager, and then, even more benefited, if somehow, all their constituents could somehow be magically transformed into White people. I think it is pretty clear people, (White people), the government is at war with us. This government discriminates against us in terms of employment, college admissions, housing, the application of the first amendment, soon the second amendment; their laws have caused us to lose the value in our homes; for most of us, our biggest asset. We are taxed to the detriment of our own loved ones. For what? So illegal aliens can be supported by food stamps and God only knows what all else. White people, have we gone from being Thomas Paine, to being Thomas Paineless. FIGHT BACK!!!

    • Melanie

      They’ve figured out that since blacks as a race are genetically incapable of raising themselves to white standards of civilisation, then in the interests of “equality”, they must lower whites, however artificially, to the lowest common denominator-that of blacks.

  • generalquagmyer

    First the Tawana Brawley civil judgment, then the Jesse Jackson, Jr. felony conviction, and now this. Celebrations of Black History Month have been rather unenthusiastic this year; no-whuddum-sane?

  • Charles_Peterson

    Had a boss go to a conference in detoilet once. Said it was the worst city they had ever been to. I think we all know why.

    • Johnny Clay

      I wouldn’t go to Detroit on a bet.

  • Tom Iron

    This has been coming for a long, long time. It’s a tribute to the power of the main stream media for keeping a lid on this situation for as long as they have.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Can anyone name a successful black-majority city or country? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

    • Ed_NY

      I think Haiti or Zimbabwe would be their flagship of success.

    • Luis

      Only one place comes to my mind – the Bahamas, which became independent in 1973. It hasn’t resembled Haiti yet, because it’s still a decent place for tourists.

      • Melanie

        Yes, but even in the Bahamas, whites still run much of the private sector. If their economy is primarily based on tourism, they’d better take care that they don’t go the way of Jamaica-it’s becoming common knowledge that black Jamaicans in service sector jobs are rude, slow, and don’t bother to hide the fact that they hate whites and will drag their azzes when they have to wait on one. This includes the public officials whom whites have to deal with, such as waiting while the black female official files her nails while you wait almost an hour to get a boat anchoring permit. This, after waiting almost an hour to even see the lazy bitch because she’s “busy”, even though you can see through her partially-open office door that she’s at her desk doing her nails.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I may have grown up with you as my next-door neighbor. You must be in your late 30s now.

          • Melanie

            No, I’m just about at the mid-century mark.

    • blight14

      You’ll be waiting for an eternity………………

  • IstvanIN

    The State of Michigan should hand Detroit over to the Feds. Disown it. Make it a Federal District and let congress deal with it. Another Washington, DC.

  • Pelayo

    In order to improve relations with the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, maybe we could rent them Detroit for their next Nuclear tests.

    • Luis

      Please, THAT would be a far worse cruelty to the North Koreans than what the Kim clan has done.

  • odious liberal

    Detroit needs more bling.

    • HamletsGhost

      and less Bing.

  • They should leave Detroit as it is. Every year, showcase it for black history month. Let people know what the negro gives back to our culture.

  • Michigan should just cut Detroit loose. I bet their state taxes will drop 50% over night.

  • the buck stops with taxpayers

    That will simply sent to Obama who will pass the buck to taxpayers and pay as usual since this is Motown right? Drop in the bucket in the red ink ocean of 17 trillion

  • AB7

    What a perfect chance for whites to pay reparations. Whites should be forced to rebuild Detroit, and any other city or area of any city destroyed by blacks, into new perfect gleaming modern marvels. The whites should then also be required to run the new areas including all maintenance and support for those horribly mistreated blacks who live there. After several centuries of this whites could then BEGIN to claim some small measure of having begun to make up for the horrible evil they have brought upon the world, especially against the blacks.

    • Liz Betbeze

      Black tribal animals sold us the worthless farm equipment. Go get your reparations from them. If anything blacks should be paying white citizens reparations.

      • AB7

        Civil War casualties were payment in full for any and all reparations. Any black in America who claims any relationship to original slaves in America should visit a Civil War battlefield and fall on the ground on their face weeping thanking those who shed their blood there. All of the trouble blacks have caused since then actually means they owe reparations to America. How much was Detroit worth? They won’t ever pay us back for destroying that.

        The overreaction of Western Civilization to false claims of racism has resulted in a castrated society incapable of standing up for any of it’s traditions and values, even to the point of “tolerating” the spread of Islam within our borders, which even faster than a problem minority will with absolute certainty result in the final destruction of Western Civilization. So blacks REALLY owe us big time.

  • Ben

    Detroit is a Shining Example of the capabilities of the superior black mind.
    First the whites packed up and left and only the black genius remained.
    Did they maintain Detroits standards?
    They they improve living conditions in Detroit?
    With whitey gone did the crime rate tumble to almost zero?
    Have the massive black minds built Detroit into even more of a paradise then it had been?
    OR did the blacks actually show what they were capable of? Whuich seems like noting!

    • Ed_NY

      They showed us didn’t they. They showed us exactly what they can accomplish when left on their own. Now, I am afraid the White taxpayer of this country is going to have to cough up some more money to bail these losers out of another black engineered mess.

  • Melanie

    As much satisfaction as it would give us to see Detroit just be allowed to fail, no bailout, there’s a hitch with that-the PTB would then feel obligated to give the Detroit groids vouchers so they can migrate to safe, secure, sound white communities and spread ther cancer further. The only real solution to the problem of Detroit and all the other negro-run failing cities coming right behind Detroit, without stealing white tax dollars to “redistribute” to the groids, or redistributing the groids themselves to nice white communities, is an unthinkable one, to the PTB, but it’s the only one which would solve this problem.

  • Morris Thecat

    wall it off, cut it off, declare it a small separate independent country between Canada and the US. It’s on it’s own

  • ViktorNN

    Looks like the all-black government of Detroit is preparing to throw themselves at the mercy of white people. “Save us, save us!”

    And once again, as taxpayers statewide pick up the cost of running Detroit, the white middle class will endure yet another redistribution of wealth from white to black.

    And they have the gall to say we’re privileged and that the legacy of slavery is what holds them back.

    Every black person in this country receives reparations daily in the form of affirmative action and their disproportionate consumption of public services which they draw far more from than they contribute.

    The worst of it is that their innate inability to measure up and rise up to our level is used as an ongoing excuse to get handouts. What it should be is the groundwork for separation. No people should be obligated to take care of another that can’t take care of itself.

    Let blacks live naturally the way blacks live – and give whites the freedom to keep the hell away!

  • Morris Thecat

    Birmingham is only one or two steps behind. Atlanta…maybe three or four. Black cities across the country are going to go down like dominos. I have a sneaking suspicion that in the future, the dumb animals are actually going to blame obsamma for this. The irony will be just so delicious.

  • Shattered

    She’s going to blow. It’s just a matter of time.

  • Michael Mason

    Everyone knows of Detroit as black capital usa. If and when it is driven to bankruptcy, I wonder what B.S. excuses the major news networks will devise.

  • Spencer E

    I am from Michigan and the whole emergency manger thing is kind of shady, it is essentially the state replacing elected officials. However Detroit will not get better in till a change in the population occurs, I personally am in favor of taking all the moochers and criminals of the city and ship them across the river to Canada

    • chuck_2012

      or maybe Liberia?

  • Morris Thecat

    History is repeating itself. This is the modern day equivalent to the period of reconstruction in the south.The corruption, the government looting, the unbelievable behavior of the black officials, the unbelievable violence and intimidation of blacks towards whites. What will happen will be a corollary to when white southerners retook control of their states. Blacks will be segregated, pushed aside, and whites will get on with moving forward. Hopefully we will learn that they can not be left here to someday wreak havoc again, and when they are pushed aside it will be OUTSIDE of the borders of this country. Whites will finally emancipate themselves from this burden, this parasitical element. For the past 60 years whites have been brainwashed to believe that everything that is done should always have the purpose of benefitting blacks, for the past 60 years this whole country has been run FOR blacks at the expense of everyone else. We are learning that there is NOTHING that can be done for them. They will take endless amounts of money and be not better off. No matter what you give them, what you do for them, what you set aside for them, they can never be made to be human. They can never be made to be white.

  • rebelcelt

    My question is. Who was the dumb*** that hired the first black in a Detroit plant?
    Thank God, it got at least that many blacks out of the south.

    • Odds are it could have been Henry Ford himself. He loved to recruit blacks from the American South and Arabs from the Middle East.

    • AB7

      The “great migration” of blacks out of the south has led to what we see in Detroit in many cities. Even Harlem was white until the twenties when blacks began moving in and then the familiar pattern repeated. Here is an article that develops what the author calls “manifest destruction” related to this phenomenon.

  • Luis

    A few weeks ago, the Kresge Foundation gave Detroit a $ 150 miilion grant. Just throwing money away.

    Dave Bing’s economic “plan” for Detroit boils down to this:

    “Gibs me dat, gibs me dat, gibs me, gibs me, gibs me dat, gibs me dat ding, gibs me dat, gibs me, gibs me, gibs me dat, gibs me dat ding, gibs me, gibs me, gibs me dat ding”.

    • Being the black mayor of a big black city is basically nothing more than being a friendly and pleasant beggar. This is why Cory Booker and Dave Bing and Clarence Harmon are “better” mayors than “keepin’ it real” militant types like Kwame Kilpatrick or Freeman Bosley or David Dinkins others like them. It’s all PR.