Posted on January 25, 2021

Biden Is Already Making Your Life Worse

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, January 25, 2021

President Joe Biden delivers the inaugural address

President Joe Biden delivers the inaugural address during the 59th Presidential Inauguration ceremony. (Credit Image: © Po1 Carlos Vazquez / Dod / Planet Pix via ZUMA Wire)

Joe Biden says he wants unity. What he does spreads division. Mr. Biden is hardly a radical leftist by today’s standards, but that is because the ground has shifted dramatically. His current positions on immigration, race, and crime are extreme compared to his previous moderation. I believe he won the election because he campaigned as a blue-collar union Democrat who would work for jobs and infrastructure, and fight the pandemic. This scraped together just enough whites to push him over the edge.

Moderates who wanted to “Build Back Better” are getting a surprise. One day into the Administration, it looked like President Biden was going to pick immigration as his first major legislative priority. He has halted deportations for the first 100 days (with a few exceptions) and stopped building the border wall. His immigration bill makes the amnesty bills from George W. Bush and Barack Obama look tame. It includes a path to citizenship for illegals, an increase in “diversity visas,” and more loopholes to keep illegals in the country. He has replaced the word “alien” with the gentler “noncitizen.”

Even in the midst of a pandemic and economic crisis, President Biden caused a border rush even before he took office. His bill would not offer citizenship to illegals who came after January 1, but every amnesty makes a future one more likely. Why not take the chance?

Will Mr. Biden test the thousands scurrying across the Rio Grande for COVID? Illegals could spread disease and will make it even harder for Americans to find jobs. Instead of working with Republicans on a COVID-19 stimulus bills, the Biden administration is picking a fight on one of the most divisive issues. When a president invites invasion, I find it hard to take him seriously when he talks about “insurrection” or “sedition.”

Honduran migrants

January 17, 2021: Several Guatemalan soldiers block Honduran migrants at a police control in the city of Chiquimula. Some 9,000 Honduran migrants are crossing western Guatemala on a journey to the USA. (Credit Image: © Esteban Biba / EFE via ZUMA Press)

But let’s give the President credit: He’s attacking immigration with the intensity we thought we would get from Donald Trump on Day One. Of course, leftists are not satisfied. A Twitter account asking whether Joe Biden is “letting kids out of cages” is already getting tens of thousands of retweets. Unless he abolishes immigration laws entirely, leftists will say he’s not doing enough.

Mr. Biden has also ordered that biological men should be allowed to play girls’ sports. Some feminists criticized this because it destroys women-only spaces; in reply, pro-trans activists called them TERFs (“trans-exclusionary radical feminists”).

Males have advantages over females in most sports. They have more testosterone, denser bones, and larger muscles. Not surprisingly, the bestfemale” athletes in some sports are trans. Mr. Biden’s order will probably surprise liberal mothers who didn’t realize that part of a return to “decency” in the White House means letting boys compete with their daughters in sports and share their locker rooms.

In one MMA fight, a “trans” fighter cracked the skull of “her” female opponent. A man beat a woman while crowds cheered. Such a spectacle is sickening. If leftists truly believe there is no difference between biological men and women, it is proof of their fanaticism. For decades their fanaticism has blinded them to race differences.

Fox Fallon

April 25, 2013 – Schaumburg, Illinois. – Fallon Fox trains at her local gym. Fallon found herself in the spotlight after coming out as a transgender fighter in mixed martial arts. Born as a male, Fox underwent gender reassignment surgery to become a woman several years ago. (Credit Image: © Sally Ryan / ZUMA Wire)

Countless films, television shows, games, and other media show lithe, “badass” women beating down hulking men. Reality doesn’t work that way, but in modern America, there’s almost no difference between image and reality. We shouldn’t be surprised when people believe nonsense.

Transgenderism is the strange mix of subjective choice and strict legal codes of the American caste system. Technically, a person changes sex simply by saying he has. Then, “deadnaming” someone by using a former name or the wrong pronoun becomes immoral. A man does not have to have surgery or hormone therapy to be transgender. Presumably, a man who wants to play women’s sports can just say he’s a girl and the government says he/she can play.

Ellen Page was a liberal lesbian who fell for the Jussie Smollett hoax. Did she ever change her mind? She did about her sex. Now, she’s Elliot Page. The only obvious change was that “he” put on a baseball cap. Wikipedia and the media went along with it. For a joke, Canadian journalist Lauren Southern changed her sex by putting on a cap and people went along with that, too. Reality becomes parody. Of course, this means that Elliot Page is just another privileged white man. Let’s hope he knows his place and shuts up.

Race doesn’t work this way. Rachel Dolezal believes she is black. She devoted her life to working for blacks, but it didn’t help her. She lost her position with the NAACP when people found out she was white. However, if she decided suddenly she was a man, we would have to call her “he.” These absurd test cases show what happens when wish fulfillment and ideology become more powerful than reality. It’s especially ridiculous because sex is a far clearer biological distinction than race, which can be ambiguous.

Will our daughters be besieged by weirdos who want to compete in wrestling or lacrosse? Let us hope not, but we will have to deal with the deeper principle. For example, President Biden explained who will get priority in small business funding.

Asians make more money than American whites, so this is pure discrimination against whites. But who is or isn’t white? According to federal policy, “Hispanics,” can be any race. Are Portuguese people Hispanic?

Should there be genetic tests? Certainly, if race is a biological reality and not a social construct. Why doesn’t “I am whatever I say I am” apply to race?

A lot of jobs and careers depend on running this ludicrous system, and this really could affect your life. Small business loans and government aid could depend on your race. President Biden also told every federal agency to set up a plan for racial “equity” in all government departments. This is a departure from the past — we’re not pursuing “equality” of opportunity but “equity” of results. However, if equity is defined by having a certain percentage of various groups in each department, government employees will have an incentive to say they are black, Hispanic, or American Indian. If you are a white man working for the federal government, I’d start practicing your Spanish and trying to find a Hispanic ancestor. Or claim you are part Indian; it worked for Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Another one of Joe Biden’s first executive orders was to eliminate the civic nationalist “1776 Commission Report” designed to promote patriotic education in American schools. Critical race theory and “1619 Project” incitement against whites will return.

The MENA caucus (Middle Eastern and North African) may also get its own separate category for the census. Arabs are now considered white, but they’d rather not be. They want to ditch the imaginary “white privilege” in the “invisible knapsack” in favor of non-white privileges in government checks. When this controversy starts up again, it will also raise the question of whether Israelis are MENA. The federal government will have to decide whether Jews, or at least Israelis, are white. American Jews, who also earn more than gentile whites, could become an officially protected class.

Bashar al-Assad and Ali Khamenei

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, in February 2019. White men? (Credit Image: Wikipedia)

Did whites who voted for Joe Biden want this? According to post-election polling, Americans want to stop the pandemic and rebuild the economy. Instead, President Biden is opening the borders, complicating an already absurd racial caste system, and closing down a pipeline that would have meant more jobs. Is this what Biden’s working-class supporters thought they’d be getting? Mr. Biden needed union support during the campaign, but has already cost thousands of workers the jobs they thought they would get and labor leaders say they were betrayed.

Republicans should pounce on the anti-white policy changes, but we know they won’t. Republicans could have ended affirmative action many times but kept it in a futile attempt to woo black voters. Abolishing it is not a fringe issue; voters just defeated an attempt to restore it in California. If Republicans were interested in victory rather than appeasing journalists who despise them, they would pay attention.

President Donald Trump wasn’t much better than the California GOP. Journalists have insisted over the last five years that President Donald Trump is a “white nationalist,” but he never did anything to stop anti-white discrimination, let alone consider the legitimate interests of whites. Blacks got a “Platinum Plan” and black rappers got pardons. (Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and the people who stormed the Capitol did not.)

Despite this, when President Trump’s most fanatical supporters tried to “stop the steal” on January 6, media called it a “white nationalist insurrection.” There is no evidence that it was either an “insurrection” or “white nationalist.”  Republicans don’t seem to care; they’re too busy worrying about Uyghurs in China. European-Americas don’t count. We just pay the bills to run the Globalist American Empire.

Joe Biden starting his Administration with anti-white “woke” gibberish should wake up whites who were expecting better treatment from Democrats. If America is to be saved, whites must demand that the media and government stop assuming we are “insurrectionists,” “terrorists,” and “white supremacists.” If it doesn’t, we owe this government grudging obedience, but not sacrifice or affection. We’re a stateless people, no different from the Kurds.

In the meantime, let’s exploit the absurdities of the system. A well-known actress becomes a man by putting on a hat. A man can beat up girls just because he says he’s a girl. Let’s try malicious compliance. An internet rumor claims DNA testing companies deliberately add non-white ancestry to results to confound “racists.” Even if they don’t, they show “0.1 percent” contributions from various regions. We might as well take advantage of that.

Alexis Bledel

American actress Alexis Bledel was born to an Argentine father and was raised in a Spanish-speaking household. Should she qualify for set-asides? (Credit Image: gdcgraphics via Wikimedia)

Based on my 0.1 percent Hispanic heritage, I’m going to say I’m a castizo on all government and medical documents. I speak enough Spanish to get by. I identify with the heroes of the Reconquista, the conquistadors who brought European civilization to the Americas, the men who saved Spain from Communism during the Spanish Civil War, and the Cubans who were betrayed by President Kennedy at the Bay of Pigs. Hispanics have been the vanguard and defenders of our civilization for untold centuries and deserve praise and gratitude. I’d consider it an honor to join them.

This is far more sensible than Joe Biden’s transgender policy. If my government won’t treat me as a citizen, I’ll pick the preferred group and demand my cut. Of course, in the long term, such absurdity will bring down the system. Until then, at least we’ll have a solid answer to one of our opponents’ most persistent questions.

They ask, “If race is real, who is white?” It’s the people the most powerful government on the face of the Earth can oppress without consequence. Joe Biden may be a white man, but within his first hours in office, he’s already making our lives worse.