Posted on January 19, 2021

DC Braces for Imaginary Army of White Supremacists

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, January 19, 2021

Our rulers are fools.

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Some Trump supporters were reportedly dreaming of a military coup. Soldiers would flood DC and keep their man in the White House. If you saw the city today, you might think their dream had come true. There are 25,000 National Guardsmen protecting tomorrow’s Inauguration. That’s on top of beefed-up city police, Capitol police, Secret Service, and Homeland Security. DC is practically a ghost town, with roadblocks everywhere. Mayor Muriel Bowser told everyone to stay indoors. AirBnb cancelled all DC reservation for the whole week, and a Don’t Host Hate campaign tried to shut down every hotel.

You can’t drive to the Mall. The entire area inside the red line – about four square miles — is barricaded off. In the center left note that three bridges into the city are closed. One of them carries 200,000 cars a day. The DC subway closed 13 stations.

The nation’s capital has never been so heavily guarded – not even during the Civil War. In July, 1864, Confederate General Jubal Early showed up with 14,000 men and 40 cannon. Twenty-one thousand Yankees sent them packing. They fought off an entire Confederate army with 4,000 fewer men than the number of National Guardsmen defending the place now. Those 25,000 are five times as many soldiers as we have in Iraq and Afghanistan put together.

What is Washington afraid of? Insurrection. White supremacist insurrection. National Public Radio talks about “armed insurrection at the U.S. Capitol today – still so strange to say those words out loud.” Not strange, idiotic. An insurrection is an attempt to overthrow authority, in this case the federal government. Only a half-wit could think these people are trying to overthrow the US government. But that’s the official story. And *armed* insurrection? Well, yes, they had flag poles. This was a leaderless rabble, without any idea or plan, that managed to occupy the US Capitol. It was like occupying the office of a university president – except that student insurrectionists get what they want, while the jokers at the Capitol will get prison time. In 2019, these students chained the doors shut to the main building at Johns Hopkins and locked the administration out — for a week. Do you think any of them saw a jail cell?

And what’s with this cuckoo idea that the Capitol rioters were white supremacists? This lunacy is everywhere. Just two days after the riot, Joe Biden had the mob pegged for “a bunch of thugs, white supremacists, domestic terrorists.” The Guardian’s headline was “Insurrection Day: When White Supremacist Terror Came to the US Capitol.” The Atlantic explained that “the Capitol riot was an attack on multiracial democracy.A fellow at the Brookings Institution explained that “the domestic terrorists showed America they fundamentally believe in maintaining and enacting white supremacy.” In an article called “White Riot,” the New York Times said, “White supremacy and frank racism are prime motivators.” “CNN had the most ridiculous line of all about the takeover: “It redefined white supremacy as a form of treason.” What does that even mean? It goes on to say, “The Capitol riot has made it much more difficult for White Americans to deny our country has a huge problem with White supremacy.” How did it do that?

The media love to show photos of this Confederate flag out of hundreds – maybe thousands of US flags that were there. They nabbed this guy in no time, of course. He’s Kevin Seefried of Delaware, and I can’t find anything about his politics except that he’s a Trump supporter.

But National Geographic can explain why it’s white supremacy. Here is the most photographed guy in the entire takeover: Jake Angeli, also known as the QAnon Shaman. In an article called “Decoding the Hate Symbols Seen at the Capitol Insurrection,” the Geographic writes about “the QAnon Shaman, so visually remote from the disciplined masses we associate with, say, Hitler’s brownshirts. But this toxic combo of goofiness and fascism is implicitly American and has its roots in the Ku Klux Klan.” How’s that for pure stupidity? This Angeli guy is political, alright, but not even Wikipedia can pretend he’s a white supremacist.

Yes, someone hung a noose. It was supposed to be for Mike Pence, but as everyone knows, “Mike Pence” is shorthand for “black people.” There can’t be a noose anywhere in America that isn’t for black people.

Daniel Hodges is a Capitol policeman who was crushed in a door — fortunately, not seriously hurt. In an interview later, he said, “It was absolutely my pleasure to crush a white nationalist insurrection.” Did a dozen friendly rioters explain to him that what they really wanted was an ethnostate. Nancy Pelosi says the rioters chose “whiteness” over democracy. Did they tell her that?

There are going to be hundreds of convictions, and I bet only a tiny handful will be people that even the most crazed journalists can call “white supremacists.” But even if they were, the Capitol riot had nothing to do with race. Those people believed – just like one half to three quarters of Republican voters – that the election was rigged. They thought they were saving democracy.

A lot of them support QAnon, which isn’t racial at all. I bet a lot of them were anti-vaxers, Covid-skeptics, fundamentalists, home-schoolers, gun-owners, who don’t think about race. But because they were white, everyone from Joe Biden on down just knows they are white supremacists.

And that is a big reason why these poor sods are going to be hunted down as if they were mass murderers and will have the book thrown at them. They will be fired from their jobs, break rocks for years, and their lives will be ruined. It will be a great victory over “white supremacy.” And the riot will be an excuse to turn the screws even tighter on anyone who doesn’t believe in “white privilege.”

After all, as Philadelphia’s NPR station explained, “The Capitol insurrection was never about the election. It was about white supremacy.” They make up this foolishness and then, apparently, they even believe it.

The obsession with “white supremacy” is one of the most hysterical fantasies since the Salem witch trials.

It’s why the Capital is under military occupation – which will be a colossal waste of money. Nothing is going to happen. But you can never be too careful when white supremacy is on the march. Did you know the FBI vetted every one of those 25,000 guardsmen to be sure there weren’t any traitorous white supremacists?

Meanwhile, 9,000 Hondurans fought 2,000 border police trying to cross into Guatemala — on their way to the United States. Here are just a few of them, and they have high hopes for the new administration. A Biden spokesman said: “there’s help on the way,” but now “is not the time to make the journey.” He asked that Hondurans wait “while we put into place processes that they may be able to access in the future.”

What a country! Twenty-five thousand soldiers locked and loaded, ready to fight a fantasy army of white supremacists, but it’s “please come back later” to 9,000 very real Third-Worlders who want to break into our country.

HL Mencken used to say that “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.” The common people of America sure don’t want this, but they’re getting it good and hard, anyway.