Posted on January 20, 2021

An Open Letter to Trump Supporters

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, January 20, 2021

(Credit Image: © Kyle Mazza / NurPhoto via ZUMA Press)

Donald Trump is gone. No storm broke. No reckoning came. There was no plan. In his place, a career politician assumed the presidency. Joe Biden muttered some platitudes. Most people have already forgotten them, probably including Joe Biden.

We’re told the inauguration was historic and dramatic. It was banal and boring. It celebrated mediocrity. It had about as much dignity as getting your driver’s license — which has more personal meaning.

Everyone has strong opinions about President Donald Trump. It’s hard to feel anything about President Joe Biden. Few attended his rallies or watched them online. He ran a modern-day front-porch campaign, as media and tech companies censored the opposition. He was a prop, a spectator to his own march to power.

The election was a referendum on President Trump. Many believe the election was stolen. You may be one of them, and you may be right. Some politicians and journalists accuse President Trump of attempting a coup, and they may even believe it.

Mr. Trump told his supporters to be patriotic and peaceful. The media have certainly soft-pedaled that. But he didn’t march with his people to the Capitol. He went home. What was supposed to happen? His supporters didn’t know. I don’t think President Trump knew. What did Ashli Babbitt die for? Now, we can ask the same question about the entire Trump administration.

Maybe you still believe in President Trump. You say his allies betrayed him. You say he turned his back on a life of luxury that men dream of in order to save his country.

His supposed friends — from Michael Cohen to Anthony Scaramucci — turned on him, flaunting their dishonor as heroism. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and other Republicans were happy to use President Trump when they needed him, but once his usefulness ended, they dumped him. They tell us the president of the United States is the most powerful man in the world. Today, he can’t even send a tweet.

Perhaps you are less charitable. You may think President Trump betrayed you. You followed him to the end, even beyond the end. He gave Kim Kardashian more support than he gave you. The people who put their bodies on the line for him won’t get a pardon, but Jared Kushner’s father did.

When our rulers say “our democracy,” they mean the Regime that governs us. Whoever they are referring to when they say those words, it doesn’t include us.

The fact remains that if President Trump had told people to march on Washington, they would have. After years of failure, pandering, betrayal, and weakness, they still were willing to face armed men in his name. One died for him.

President Biden took his oath guarded by troops that he doesn’t trust. The FBI vetted every one of those 25,000 men to make sure they weren’t “white supremacists.” The people who tell us walls don’t work surrounded themselves with walls and barbed wire. Federal agents who let cities burn all summer are now arresting and humiliating those who had dared trespass in the “temple of democracy.”

Government, oligarchs, and billionaires ruin the lives of the people they don’t like while progressives cheer. Leaders of NGOs rage because teenagers can host podcasts and post on 4chan. CNN wants to shut down dissidents on YouTube because more people watch livestreams than watch their darling Brian Stelter.

Journalists who encouraged riots that left dozens dead tell us we have to stop misinformation. Regime media and its politicians want a “domestic terrorism” law that would stifle Trump supporters. The Daily Beast wants secret police. Journalists have been joined by volunteer commissars to hunt down co-workers, friends, and family who attended the January 6 rally.

Regime media use words like “traitor,” “sedition,” and “insurrectionist.” The sentence for treason is death. Do they want to kill people?

But what did President Trump actually do as president? Not much. In 2016, after the most remarkable, unlikely, and miraculous campaign in American history, President Trump governed like a normal Republican. He did not deport illegals, make English the official language, or tax remittances to Mexico. He did not abolish birth-right citizenship. He was not a “white nationalist.” He did not even eliminate race-based discrimination against whites and Asians.

President Trump was softer on crime than Bill Clinton. He was weaker on riots than George H.W. Bush. President Trump is leaving office not because he was strong, but because he was weak. He did not defy the “Swamp.” He couldn’t defy his son-in-law.

The “new” president is a man who was a political relic even when he was Barack Obama’s vice president. If 2016 was the “Flight 93” Election, we successfully stormed the cockpit and then pushed the control stick straight down. But let’s give Donald Trump credit: Whether he meant to or not, he did something no other politician, activist, or artist ever could: He forced the Regime and its servants to reveal themselves.

They no longer disguise their intensions. They tell us what they think of us and what they want to do. Please consider these headlines:

This tells us what journalists think the rally was about. I doubt it’s what any of the Trump supporters thought it was about. President Trump never praised American whites or offered a program for our benefit. He has done so countless times for other groups. Any “white nationalist” who supports President Trump is a glutton for punishment.

As a Trump supporter, I doubt you think you are a “white nationalist,” let alone a “white supremacist.” These words once meant something. Today, they are just smears, random noises journalists make to identify people they don’t like. People use words to maintain power. Our opinions would matter if we had power, but we don’t.

We can define ourselves however we want, but in the economy, at university, in the media, or anywhere in public, we can’t define ourselves. Those with power define us. And the people who have power say you are racist.

You’ve probably noticed that the people who lecture you about “white privilege” are some of the most privileged people in the world. Take a step back and see our situation for what it is.

From third-grade classrooms to the Ivy League, from the Fortune 500 to the NBA, from the Communist Party to the Libertarians, from the Vatican to the Satanic Temple, almost every institution in what we still deludedly call “Western Civilization” agrees that “racism” is the defining evil of our time.

You’ve heard of white privilege, institutional racism, systemic inequality, and antiracism. These phrases mean that if you are white you are always racist no matter what you do. Our own children are taught to hate themselves, thrown into a cult in which there is no salvation.

Many Americans voted for Barack Obama because they thought it meant we could get past race. Instead, race is almost all we talk about, and we get new double standards practically every day:

  • Race is a social construct and whiteness is a privilege, but it’s a scandal when a white person abandons that “privilege” and pretends to be black or Hispanic.
  • IQ tests are biased towards whites, but Asians score higher on IQ tests and Asian-Americans out-earn whites in the United States.
  • Diversity is our greatest strength, but Amazon recognizes that ethnic diversity prevents unionization because a diverse workforce has fewer common interests.
  • Moving into a black area is racist because it’s gentrification. Leaving one is also racist because it’s white flight.
  • Using anything from another culture is cultural appropriation when whites do it, but it’s wonderful when non-whites take over European history.
  • According to the doctrine of disparate impact, any non-discriminatory policy that results in group differences is racist — but only if blacks don’t benefit. Anything that helps them — even deliberately — is, by definition, not racist.
  • Whites are privileged because they have disproportionate power and wealth, but if you notice that the most disproportionately powerful and wealthy are Jews, that’s antisemitism.
  • White racism torments black bodies, which is why blacks need to be protected from anything “offensive.” One of those offensive things would be to point out that any given black person is 48 times more likely to commit violence against a white person than the other way around.
  • We live in a world where a politician who says “All Lives Matter” is considered “disgusting.”

This isn’t just the destruction of monuments, a “Black National Anthem” you have to listen to before the game, or the diversity training you sit through. It’s in the school curriculums. It’s the state-mandated discrimination against whites. It’s the knowledge that every interaction with a non-white could “go viral” and end your career. If you feel threatened, you may be the criminal if you call the police. If you defend yourself against an attacker, you must weigh the chances of being killed against whether you will face hate-crime charges.

If you violate “our values” of anti-racism, you are barely human. Your family may face pressure to join the campaign against you. It may lead it. Jake Gardner was a former Marine who owned a bar. His business was being destroyed by Black Lives Matter rioters. The police did not respond. Protesters attacked Mr. Gardner, and he fired in self-defense. The District Attorney ruled it was self-defense. After media promoted the story, a grand jury indicted him anyway. He shot himself, having lost faith in the system he served.

Christopher Georgia was a bank manager in Fulton County. Police charged him with “unlawful entry of public property” and violating a curfew after the Capitol Hill riot. There are countless examples of leftists doing this without consequences, but a white bank manager faces severe penalties. He killed himself.

Ashli Babbitt was an Air Force veteran who participated in the Capitol occupation. She carried no weapon and had armed police on both sides of her. A Capitol policeman shot and killed her. Progressives celebrated her death. The New York Times, Washington Post, and NPR smeared her post-mortem.

In August 2020, a black man executed five-year-old Cannon Hinnant in his own driveway. It was strictly local news. There is no movement to fight the endless wave of black-on-white violence in this country.

The great irony of this moment is that if Joe Biden were working for Starbucks, what he used to say about race would get him fired. But now he’s useful because he is dependent on blacks.

In President Biden’s own words, he is a “transition,” presumably to the new majority non-white America of Kamala Harris. She is a mediocrity who would be unknown were it not for race. After he’s gone, Joe Biden will be replaced by people who don’t care about the historic American nation and promote endless grievances against whites.

It will only get worse. “Equity” can’t be achieved. Progressives will never say “mission accomplished.” Too many people have careers whipping up grievances against whites. We are also importing a permanent Third World underclass that will make assimilation and reducing income inequality impossible. As racial equality continually fails to materialize, the hysteria will mount. Only “racism” can explain why a Honduran immigrant who speaks no English is poor.

The Regime is building a society on resentment. To succeed, it must fail. If we ever did “move beyond race” or achieve equality, our rulers would lose the ideological justification for power. “Antiracism” must become more extreme, outlandish, and violent. Just look at South Africa to see what happens when whites become a minority.

However, Trump supporters, let me speak for a moment to just my people: white people. There is nothing unusual about a ruling class using ideology to justify power. Theirs is “equity.” We owe nothing to the Regime. It needs us; we don’t need it. We’d be better off without it.

We European-Americans are a stateless people. We have citizenship, but no country. No progress is possible until we face this.

We have no political representation. Any politician who said whites have legitimate racial interests would be crushed. Look at what happened to Steve King, whose decades of conservative service did nothing to save him after a New York Times reporter misquoted him to make him sound “racist.” He even voted to denounce himself and it did no good.

There is not a single white man in the Western world — no matter how powerful, well-connected, or wealthy — who would not lose his position if he openly defended white interests.

That was why Donald Trump mattered. The Regime will stop at almost nothing to stop a white man who doesn’t grovel. Mr. Trump was rich, famous, and beloved so long as he accepted the system’s rules. He palled around Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. He was a hero to rappers and a staple of television and movies. But then he unleashed forces that couldn’t be controlled, and that brought repression, censorship, and hysteria. The Regime can’t ever let that happen again. The Regime may not even let Trump’s cameo in Home Alone 2 survive his removal from power.

Regime” is the right word. We are ruled by an elite that is hostile and increasingly foreign. Whites can collaborate with this Regime. We all do, when we pay our taxes, obey the laws. However, collaboration does not bring protection. The goal posts are constantly shifting. If you are a non-white American who doesn’t want your country mutilated, you’re still a “white nationalist.” Just ask the Proud Boys.

We must mock, not just reject, charges of “sedition” or “treason.” Treason against what? In public schools and in the most prestigious media outlets, the Regime tells us America was founded on genocide and slavery. Now, it claims Old Glory for itself and calls us traitors? Let us hear no pieties about “loving” the country that you want to transform. A husband who tells his wife she needs to “fundamentally change” doesn’t love her. A patriot doesn’t speak of his country as a problem to be solved.

The question now is whether we still have anything to defend. This Regime does not represent me, nor even 74 million Trump supporters. I’m not advocating rebellion or any illegal act. When I see President Joe Biden, I don’t feel “hate,” anger, or even resentment. I feel nothing. I will obey the Regime’s laws and pay its taxes. I wish I didn’t have to, but that’s reality – like a flat tire or a pulled muscle. I wish those whom the Regime prefers would fight its wars and pay its bills. Somehow, I don’t think it would last long.

When I see President Trump, I feel pity, sadness, and grief. I pity him because he has no future and will be go down in history as America’s most hated man. I feel sadness for those who begged him to save them and were let down. President Trump offered just a hint of how great this country could be. A glimpse of that dream inspired millions of Americans. That’s something bigger than he is, and it’s a tragedy he can’t see it.

Most of all, I feel grief for a country I barely knew and for the future we could have had. Those who should have led our people are destroying us for fear of a word. When I look at what calls itself America, I see the corpse of a loved one. It’s already rotting. I feel disgust at the maggots eating it. It’s pointless to rage against them, but it’s futile to try to stop them by telling the corpse to stand up for itself.

The American “Experiment” is failing, but our people are alive. We may have been mistaken, misguided, or betrayed, but we are still here. The Regime shows its people the iron fist because it is afraid. It has nothing left but force. I feel more optimistic than I did in 2016. All illusions are gone, so everything is now possible. A great adventure awaits, from which we will emerge stronger.

Trump supporters, you are arriving at the place I reached long ago. Now, we see the Regime revealed for what it is. We couldn’t expect to be saved by someone coming down the Trump Tower escalator. We paid for our naïveté, but once you see, you can never shut your eyes again.

What do we do now? What the finest of our people have done before. Nietzsche wrote:

A state is called the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly lieth it also; and this lie creepeth from its mouth: “I, the state, am the people.” It is a lie! Creators were they who created peoples, and hung a faith and a love over them: thus they served life.

Outside the eyes of the Regime media, creators are emerging. We have it in our power to begin our national epic anew, to show through word and deed that history has not ended. The most exciting chapter has begun.

Some have said that Americans like us are “Amerikaners,” drawing a parallel with the South African Voortrekkers who tamed the wilderness to create a state of their own. “Amerikaners” will need to gather geographically, work together financially, and bind themselves to each other through loyalty and faith. This will take dedication, planning, and the all-important first step: recognition that we are a nation within a decaying empire. Our destiny is separate from its fate. We do not have a state, but we are a people, something more important than any one of us. Our task is nation-building.

To start thinking about alternatives to the Potomac Regime does not mean forgetting our roots. We Americans look back to men such as George Washington and wonder how such titans once walked where Kamala Harris and Joe Biden now stand. However, our roots go back much farther.

As I search for a way forward, I look to the ancients. The inauguration was a funeral, but even a funeral can affirm life. I think of the funeral games that the Greeks held after the deaths of great heroes. They were celebrations of martial valor and vitality.

The challenge is desperate, but the prize is beyond calculable value. Our opponents have unwittingly defined “whiteness” as almost anything that is great, beautiful, or accomplished. I almost feel we should thank them. Inauguration Day 2021 wasn’t the end. It was a beginning. History has begun again, and I can’t wait for what is to come.