Posted on June 5, 2020

Who Speaks for Whites?

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 5, 2020

“Freedom of Speech” by Norman Rockwell

European-Americans built this country. We sustain this country. We love this country. We are the one group without which this country would not exist. But we have no political representation. We have no leaders in office. We have only a handful of people who fight for our interests.

Leftists would laugh at these claims. They say whites dominate Congress, corporate leadership, and the law. Whites have a higher average income than any group except Asians. We don’t need to look hard to find celebrities and musicians who look like us, movies with mostly white casts, or American heroes who were white.

That is all true. However, there is not one white person with real financial or political power who uses it explicitly for white interests. I’d go further. If there were such a figure, no matter his power or money, he would lose it. He might even lose it just for accidentally violating a taboo. Perhaps the most extraordinary case was “Papa John’s” founder John Schnatter, who was expelled from his own company because he said the forbidden n-word during a training exercise about avoiding racial controversies.

Wealthy or powerful non-whites promote their own interests all the time. It is expected of them, especially blacks. LeBron James, John Boyega, Don Cheadle all vocally support the Black Lives Matter protests. BET founder Robert Johnson wants $14 trillion in reparations for his people.

Other groups have champions. Hispanic political superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez argues immigration laws shouldn’t apply to Hispanics because they are “descendants of native people” and America is “native ground.” The New York Times reported in May 2016 that Asian-American celebrities are “fighting for visibility” and criticizing the entertainment industry. Jewish senator Chuck Schumer says that his name means “watcher” and that he will be the “shomer Yisrael,” or Israel’s defender in the United States Senate.

In contrast, no white, gentile politician, celebrity, or businessman defends white political interests or helps oppressed whites like the farmers in South Africa. At this moment, white celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel, Jane Fonda, and Harry Styles, are promoting “anti-racism” and acknowledging their “white privilege.” The New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg has called President Donald Trump a “white nationalist who inspires terrorism.” However, President Trump hasn’t done anything to cut back racial preferences against whites, let alone call for white nationalism. He recently bragged on Twitter that “no administration” has done more for blacks than his, including providing direct funding to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

One politician whom many people thought was pro-white was Congressman Steve King. Mr. King was deliberately misquoted by The New York Times and accused of defending “white nationalism.” He hadn’t, of course, but Republicans, out of cowardice or stupidity, said that he had, and voted for a resolution censuring his remarks. Rep. King was so beaten down that he voted for it, too. After heavy campaigning by the pro-cheap labor U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Steve King was recently defeated in a primary.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch Faces Congress on Clinton Email Investigation (July 12, 2016)

Rep. Steve King (Credit Image: © Jeff Malet / Newscom via ZUMA Press)

The RNC head said Steve King’s “white supremacist rhetoric is totally inconsistent with the Republican Party.” National Review also gloated. In an editorial called “House Cleaning,” it attacked his support for Faith Goldy and “enthusiasm for an Alt-Right Internationale.” In another article, National Review’s Dan McLaughlin called Steve King’s ouster an act of “political and moral hygiene.” He said that while the Left may stand by its supposed extremists, Republicans shouldn’t, for moral reasons and because Republican identity “requires a certain level of respectability.”

Mr. McLaughlin is apparently happy that media, academic, and financial elites who promote or fund ideas such as critical race theory and white privilege are the ones who determine what is “respectable.” Steve King wasn’t anything close to being a “white nationalist,” but former Congressman Keith Ellison was an open black nationalist. Well into adulthood, he called for an independent black state to be carved out of American territory. Mr. Ellison is not just respectable; he is now Minnesota’s Attorney General and will be leading the prosecution against the officers accused of murdering George Floyd.

Mr. McLaughlin’s “conservatism” makes no sense unless it is specifically designed to lose. My experience in the conservative movement showed me that it is. It funnels legitimate white grievances into tangential and counter-productive ends. While conservative organizations raise money by complaining about the menace of antifa, leftist journalists, and campus radicals, but they take orders from these very people about who is and is not allowed to work within the Beltway Right. They even brag about taking orders from the left.

The result is that ordinary white people have no one to defend their interests or even articulate them. For example, small businesses throughout the country have been hurt badly because of the coronavirus lockdowns. “A great majority of our nation’s small business owners are old, white men,” reported The Washington Post disapprovingly in 2017. This could be one reason why journalists called mostly white protests against lockdowns “suicidal,” “reckless,” “selfish,” and, of course, “racist.”

Now, suddenly, we needn’t worry about social distancing. “Public health experts say the Pandemic Is Exactly Why Protests Must Continue,” said Slate. It included a letter from various “experts” saying that the response to current protests “must be wholly different from the response to white protesters resisting stay-home orders.” Why? Because the “public health problem of pervasive racism” is “paramount.” It doesn’t matter if thickly packed groups of protesters give each other the virus because protesting against racism is more important!

Does this letter represent the weight of expert opinion? The signers include students and unnamed people (such as “priest,” “anonymous,” “art therapist,” and “activist,”). Nonetheless, media have given it wide circulation. To these people, fighting “racism” is more important than stopping the pandemic. The struggle by white small business owners to save their jobs and families is less important than a movement against a problem which, objectively speaking, doesn’t exist.

Some conservatives are at least saying that riots and looting are wrong. However, many conservatives are already conceding that police murdered George Floyd, despite new evidence showing he was sick and on drugs while he was resisting arrest. Republicans Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, and Ben Sasse have all called it murder, without waiting for a trial. The Republican House Minority Leader says “no more racial discrimination.” White House advisor Kellyanne Conway called George Floyd’s death “murder” and said “it is absolutely the case that there is institutional racism and that there is a lack of equality for all people in this country.”

Even when conservatives condemn the riots, they often say the real problem is that they are hurting “minority owned businesses.” Ted Cruz said Justin Timberlake and other celebrities should not support “the spoiled (often white) ANTIFA terrorists [because they are] destroying minority communities.” “Not only are the anarchists who burn and loot stores subjecting many of their neighbors to a dehumanizing experience,” wrote David Harsanyi at National Review, “they are destroying poor and minority neighborhoods.” The riots had a “particularly devastating impact on minority-owned businesses and non-profit organizations,” reported Breitbart. This may be true, but don’t white businesses count for anything?

To discourage looting, many black-owned businesses are putting up signs that say “black owned business.” Other non-whites are claiming “minority ownership.” It’s like saying “go pillage a white-owned store.” Several people have set up GoFundMe’s to support minority-owned businesses destroyed by the riots. The message is that it is more permissible, perhaps even praiseworthy, to loot white-owned businesses. “We want to go to places of white affluence so that the pain and outrage that we feel can be put right in their faces,” said Black Lives Matter leader Melina Abdullah in the Los Angeles Times.

The solution would be for whites to organize their own defense. Other races have. Some blacks have armed themselves to defend their stores and protect their neighborhoods. Hispanics have protected their neighborhoods. Some whites have done this too, but journalists and law enforcement disapprove.

In Philadelphia, whites with bats patrolled their neighborhoods, but the police commissioner (who failed to stop rioting in the city) said they are being investigated. “Antifa ‘Invades The Suburbs’ In Yucaipa, Calif… It Does Not End Well For Them,” read one Infowars story that went viral. Police are investigating possible “weapons violations” by the whites. In the Minneapolis suburbs, reporters profiled residents who are guarding their neighborhood, then quoted a Professor Omar Wasow from Princeton who accused them of having given in to “long, deep-seated racist mythology.” The journalists did not mention that Professor Wasow was the co-founder of BlackPlanet, an early social networking site designed especially for blacks.

Sam Francis was right: Multiculturalism inevitably leads to anarcho-tyranny. While law enforcement and armed forces kneel to mobs and governments complete the property destruction the rioters began, whites are on their own. We may see that the few people who ever see serious legal consequences are the whites who protected their homes and businesses after the state abandoned them. Despised in popular media, discriminated against in law, victimized by crime, and dispossessed by non-white immigration, we are becoming a hated minority in the country we built.

No one else will speak for us. The Silent Majority can no longer afford to be silent. South Africa is our tomorrow, unless we organize today for a place of our own.