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Both Parties Defend Israel. What About Defending America?

“Conservatives” will stand up for Jews but not white gentiles.


Western Civilization Is White Civilization

Liberals and conservatives get it wrong.


Steve King Muffs It

But he could still redeem himself.


To rid themselves of “racism,” Republicans “would have to completely reinvent the party.”

Republicans Strawman Steve King

Congressman stripped of committee assignments.


Democrats are working on resolutions to censure him.

He’s dared speak of demographics, multiculturalism, and race.

Black Republicans Betray Conservatives

They impose left-wing dictates on their own party.


The Closing of the Conservative Mind

David French leads the way.


The Tragedy of Trump

And opportunities for the future.


“You’ve got to give credit to the president. He closed the gap by making this about him.”

‘We Can Replace Them’

NYT op ed champions the “new multiracial polyglot majority.”


Thank You, Michelle Goldberg

For admitting that you really do want to replace us.


Rep. King opposes “the great replacement.”

Make America Speak English Again?

GOP can’t recognize a winning issue when they see one.


Twitter claims the censorship is part of an effort to improve discourse on the platform.

The “Scary Ideology” that Haunts the Left

Journalists love to rail against imagined enemies.


Why They Hate; Why We Love

The power of myth.


This is supposed to be a point against it.

A liberal’s meditation on Camp of Saints.

Mark Krikorian: “Time to start burning your #MAGA hats.”

The Best of American Renaissance in 2017

The editor’s picks.


Estimate does not include “potentially millions” who are older than 18.

He thinks America’s greatest strength is assimilation.

Western Civilization is not threatened by mass immigration, but by reaction to it.

. . . but that might not be the case.

Liberals look at the women of the alt-right.

CNN host can barely contain her rage.

‘Other People’s Babies’, Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal admits immigration brings social instability, but wants it anyway.

What Rep. Steve King’s ‘Racist’ Statements Teach

“There’s a class of people for whom no identity is permitted. They’re the people of Europe and the Anglo-sphere.”


Daily Caller publishes Peter Brimelow.

Taking Back the Border, Washington Times

Congressman Steve King on what President Trump can do.

“Far right” leader still received 46.7 percent of the vote.

An in-depth profile of AfD leader Frauke Petry.

Because Protestants once treated Catholics poorly, whites should give away their countries.

James Edwards was admitted to the GOP convention as a member of the press.

“There is no real America. You don’t own it.”

The congressman fought back against gloating about white decline.

He’s now to the right of Trump.

Each year, about 400,000 children are born in the US to illegal immigrants.

Roy Beck says Trump has put the immigration issue “front and center.”

“Racists” aren’t entitled to political speech.

Also passed an amendment blocking spending on trade deals that add visas.

SPLC testified in favor of birthright citizenship.

Permitting birth tourism is apparently now an American principle.

No free speech for him.

Steve King says “This is the signal of capitulation.”

Some congressmen are sponsoring an amendment to defund it.

Author says we owe between $22,000 and $101,000 to each illegal.

VDARE documents more sloppiness from Harvard.