BRC (“Black Run Conservatism”) vs. GAP—(“Generic American Party’)

James Kirkpatrick, VDARE, February 13, 2013

Conservatism Inc. has already transformed from movement to business and finally to racket. However, like some kind of twisted political Pokémon, it’s now evolving into a little known fourth stage: a joke. And one joke in particular—“What do you call a black person at a conservative conference?” The obvious answer – “the keynote speaker.”

The next Great Black Hope of the conservative movement: Dr. Ben Carson, who recently spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast. These events are generally the stage for well-meaning banality, but Dr. Carson broke the nonpartisan tradition to condemn Barack Obama’s political agenda even as the President sat only a few feet away. [YouTube]

Carson ripped the idea of a progressive tax system, instead suggesting that God mandates a flat tax through the institution of tithing. He blasted Obamacare and recycled the old conservative idea of Health Savings Accounts—an interesting concept that was strangely absent during the campaign. Finally, and refreshingly, Carson attacked Political Correctness, aptly observing that it “keeps people from discussing important issues while the fabric of their society is being changed.”

And so it does. But right now it is also working to the advantage of the good doctor.

Since the speech, the sober neocons of the Wall Street Journal published an editorial calling for Ben Carson to run for President. [Ben Carson for President, February 8, 2013] Sean Hannity, having lost half his audience because of his support for amnesty, urged the same and gushed “I’d vote for you.” Joe Concha at Mediaite called Dr. Carson the Republicans’ “Dream Scenario.” Rush Limbaugh echoed Chris Matthews’s reaction to Obama by saying, “Talk about a tingly feeling up your leg. I got it from Dr. Benjamin Carson.”

As Carson is now retiring so he can “educate” the American population, we can expect the good doctor (and the lab coat that he wears to his speeches and TV appearances) to at least try makeRepublican dreams of African-American advancing austerity come true.

Of course, none of what Carson said is particularly revolutionary—they were simply standard Republican talking points, a less sophisticated version of a policy panel at CPAC. Nor would a presidential candidate who makes the case that “God” commands a flat tax be likely to make much headway among socially liberal swing voters in this year of our Lord 2013 (or should that be 2013 CE?)

This hysterical reaction (“we found a black guy who agrees with us! Let’s make him our leader and President!”) suggests deep self-loathing and fear among white Republicans who have internalized the Main Stream Media’s narrative that they are racist, hate-filled, and worst of all, backward.

Nor is this a one-time phenomenon—witness the recent coronationof one-term congressman Tim Scott as Senator from South Carolina.

The last round of the presidential primaries presented the unedifying spectacle of Herman Cain, the former CEO of a pizzacompany elevated to Tea Party favorite on the strength of apolitically suicidal (but catchy) tax plan and dark complexion. (I kept waiting for someone to criticize “Godfather’s Pizza” for exploitinganti-Italian stereotypes but it never happened.) Cain’s campaign collapsed when it was revealed that he had an affair with a white woman (named, appropriately enough, White.) After making a few bizarre advertisements, he ended up endorsing “the American people” for President.

Florida congressman Allen West was a more promising contender. Despite foolish statements about the innocent Trayvon Martin and the predicable rhetoric about the “liberal plantation,” Allen West was generally a solid conservative. Lieutenant Colonel West won popularity among pro-war conservatives after he threatened a suspected insurgent with a pistol during the Iraq War and refused to apologize for it. Once elected, he took strong stands on racial preferences, federal spending, and illegal immigration. These stands were essentially identical to those of other Republican congressmen like Lou Barletta, Tom Tancredo, Steve Stockman, or Steve King. Nonetheless, it is only for Cain and West that conservative outlets like WND sold bumper stickers reading “I Have a Dream – Cain/West 2012.” 

Now that West is out of Congress, the whole idea of him as a party leader seems foolish.

During the reign of George II, Condoleezza Rice was rarely seen conservative Affirmative Action twofer, a (1) black! (2) woman!! Political analyst Dick Morris (last seen predicting a landslide victory for Mitt Romney) titled his 2006 prediction of the 2008 elections Condi vs. Hillary: The Next Great Presidential Race.

In 2011, Dr. Rice was recycled as a (if I can be forgiven the phrase) dark horse that could rescue the lamentable Republican field after a well-received foreign policy speech that won approval from Conservatism Inc.’s hedge fund managers, including Bill Kristol.

However what Rice actually stood for was always unclear, aside from more foreign policy adventurism. Despite her reputation as a Russian expert, Rice’s policy views are the usual cheerleading for aggressive confrontation with Vladimir Putin‘s conservative autocracy. Although conservative flacks repeatedly hail her “genius,” Rice does not actually speak fluent Russian. In domestic policy, despite making speeches talking about the Christian faith thatguides her in all decisions, Rice is pro-choice. She also supports anti-white and anti-Asian racial preferences.

Predictably, her only current importance is as part of a working group on ramming through amnesty. If conservatism is to mean anything other than an interventionist foreign policy, it is hard to say what Rice is actually supposed to be conservative about.

During the 1990’s, there was J.C. Watts, the black savior from God’s Country in the plains of Oklahoma. Jack Kemp would justify his political ideology on the grounds that he used to shower with black people while playing football, but Watts had an additional advantage: he also took showers with black football players—while being black himself!

Watts of course went in to divide responsibility with profligate rake, serial cheater, and Catholic “convert” Newt Gingrich in torpedoing any attempt to end anti-white and anti-Asian racial preferences during the 1990’s. Predictably, in 2008, J.C. Watts revealed that he was considering voting for Barack Obama.

Finally, there’s the original Great Black Hope, Colin Powell. Powell gained fame during the First Gulf War and popularity among conservatives by opposing gays in the military during President Clinton’s Administration. President Bush II capitalized on his popular reputation by making him his Secretary of State. A thinly veiled version of Powell is even the heroic President of Max Brooks’ wildly post-apocalyptic zombie (and quite liberal) story World War Z.

Of course, Powell frittered away his popularity by making the case for Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and has spent the last few years lecturing an increasingly indifferent public about the evils of conservatives on issues like racism, immigration, Affirmative Action, and seemingly every other policy except the foreign wars for which he bears responsibility. He also endorsed Barack Obama,twice, and occasionally buttresses his credibility by dancing on stage with rappers at the usual white guilt festivals that support the African economy.

This parade of failures and false hopes conceals Conservatism Inc.’s actual contempt for African-Americans. They are real people with self-generated conceptions of their own interests. The condescending belief that blacks are trapped on a “liberal plantation,” that they simply vote for whoever has a black face, or that conservatives just need to “communicate” is a patronizing faction.

The reality is that blacks as a bloc want racial preferences, government aid, racial redistribution of wealth, and symbolic tributes to their displacement of whites in cities like Detroit, East St. Louis, and Birmingham. If conservatives want black votes, they would have to actually give blacks what they want—and that would mean confronting the uncomfortable truth about black public opinion regarding whites and the country that European-Americans largely built.

Instead, Conservatism Inc. has aggressively convinced themselves of an alternate reality, one where Martin Luther King (a Republican, don’t you know) was a Tea Party Patriot who opposed Affirmative Action, where the literal nonexistence of black Republican voters in the inner cities is solely the responsibility of white Democrats who use fraud and trickery to disenfranchise hidden black conservatives, and where Django Unchained is a pro-American movie about using the Second Amendment to fight Southern Democrats.

Any evidence to the contrary, even from Conservatism Inc.’s own outlets like Human Events or National Review, is simply wished away to nonexistence.

Basic historical literacy is a severe career disadvantage in Conservatism Inc.

Paul Kersey calls what used to be our country “Black Ruled America” (BRA) not because blacks as a group literally rule America (just many of the major cities) but because the transfer of jobs, wealth, and resources to nonwhites is now the ideological justification of the entire country.

Central to this thesis is the idea that moral absolution can only be bestowed by nonwhites, who, as John Derbyshire has observed, have taken on a religious significance in our secular society as holy figures.

The Republican leadership are converts to this new theology. With the likes of Eric Cantor waxing poetic about “Rashawn’s” search for a better school, the Beltway Right fêting failed congressional candidates because they are black while ignoring the likes of Stockman and Barletta, and the movement’s utter surrender on issues like illegal immigration and racial preferences, Conservatism Inc. is taking on characteristics of what can be called “Black Run Conservatism” (BRC).

The lily-white department heads who process the checks evidently believe that the only ideological justification permissible is the claim that a pro-corporate agenda will somehow advance the best interests of America’s teeming black and brown underclasses. While the likes of Glenn Beck once mocked liberals who believed Barack Obama was the “Messiah,” now Republicans look desperately for a savior to redeem them from their reactionary sins.

Columnist Joe Concha writes: “As the left tells it… old, white, angry males need not apply.” The GOP has internalized the liberal narrative and the actual Republican constituency of middle class white voters is as absent from Conservatism Inc.’s thoughts as Martin Luther King’s support for Affirmative Action.

Nonetheless, despite their own best efforts, Republican reliance on white voters is only likely to increase.

Attention Republicans – you are the “Generic American Party,” the party of the historic American nation.

Accept it and fight for it—or die.

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  • Garrett Brown

    The stupid party is committing suicide. Big surprise huh?

    • Why do they have to hitch their wagon to every black that comes along and speaks some what good English and does not spill at the table????

      • Garrett Brown

        They don’t want to die. But the only way that would happen is if they proclaimed they were the white party and for whites. Their ship has sunk unfortunately.

      • jeffaral

        Never understood why people in America lose their time with blacks. Time to start ignoring them.

        • StillModerated

          I can’t. They keep coming up to me and asking for 35 cents. Rather than ignore them, I’ll ask them for a dollar, ask them what time it is, ask them where I can score some smack, ask them where I can get me some poon-tang, or merely reply: Huh?

    • Nate Miller

      Actually Dr. Ben Carson is a highly accomplished and articulate man. He is a self made success story who is among the very few black people left who can think sanely. Dr Carson is not just another AA hire, in fact, he is one of the leading Neurosurgeons in the world and is the head of Pediatric Neurosurgery at John Hopkins Medical & Research center. I found his views on politics, social dynamics, tax, and religion quite interesting. He deserves to be applauded by the conservative right and just about every sane person alive on this planet. I really don’t see why Amren would bother wasting their time criticizing an eminent person of Dr. Carson’s stature just for being black. There are so many other factors in the equation that need to be considered and he is certainly an ally and more importantly an asset to our cause.

      • Garrett Brown

        What? I don’t care how smart or articulate he is, he is NOT
        and I repeat NOT getting the black vote away from the Democratic party. Too
        many blacks want to sit on their ass and do nothing.

        And I most certainly am not part of the greedy, pro immigration, pro
        amnesty, religitard, egalitarian Republican party. Speak for yourself.

        • I Love White Culture

          Exactly! He is a still a “N*GGER!”

          • Adam

            No need for this sort of language. We are a civilized group of people here!

      • Eagle_Eyed

        The problem isn’t with Dr. Carson who is a fine man, but with the Sean Hannitys of the world who mock liberals for fawning over Obama but do the same whenever a clean, articulate black espouses conservative viewpoints.

      • jeffaral

        I think most blacks are geniouses like Dr carson himself. Only if they were given a chance, the poor ones….

      • Thor Bonham

        Perfect.. You sound just like the republicans they are talking about in the article..
        You would fit right in..

        • Walla Walla

          Jeffaral was being sarcastic! Some of you need to lighten up. Geez!

          • Garrett Brown

            His response was to Nate, not jeffaral.

          • Walla Walla

            You are right. Sorry.

        • Nate Miller

          Really? Well unlike you, I prefer to live in planet reality! Lets face it: we cannot avoid blacks and other non white ethnic groups in our daily lives. Now, since we are all stuck together in God’s glue, the best we can hope for are well assimilated, intelligent, productive and well behaved blacks like the fine Dr. Carson. Unless of course you’d rather have all blacks act ghetto and thuggish? Sean Hannity is spot on about the good doctor’s ideas. Get a clue!

          • Roger

            I agree. I would much rather deal with the Ben Carson’s and Sidney Poitier’s of the Black community as opposed to the gangsta thugs.

  • Puggg

    Ben Carson can be as good a neurosurgeon as he can. That doesn’t qualify him to be President, even if he was white. Heck, I’m not as enthusiastic today as I was a few days ago about a certain ophthalmologist-surgeon becoming President even though he actually has won a statewide public office.

    Another issue: Tithing is a spiritual affair, but that is not a requirement that earthly societies have flat income taxes. I wish people would quit dragging spiritual affairs into civil society, to this extent.

    • brengunn

      A flat income tax could not support a Western democracy. The rich get more benefits from society, they should have to pay more tax for those privileges.

      • I don’t know about that, the notion that “the rich get more benefits from society.” And even if they did, I fail to see how a flat income tax rate means the rich aren’t paying more in taxes, because they are. I think we have a confusion in terms: By “flat income tax,” I mean a flat RATE of income taxation, you might be mistaking me to mean a flat fixed amount in Dollars/Euros/whatever. Of course that’s a dumb idea, but a flat income tax rate would still mean the rich pay more in dollars/euros/whatever because they earn more, and also they technically pay a higher rate because even a flat rate income tax would have low income deductions for individuals and families which means that if you plot the rate that household pays, it would increase gradually from zero to approaching the flat rate of income taxation as individual and household income increases.

        Personally, one thing I think we need are very low percentage per year (e.g. 0.25%-0.50%) taxes on the net wealth of very high net wealth individuals/households. Why does Warren Buffet pay little in income tax? Because he has very little income, because he is statically wealthy, not dynamically high income. I wouldn’t expect such a tax to generate a whole lot of tax revenue, but I do expect to to “keep the pot stirred” on very high dollar/euro amount static ossified fortunes.

        • brengunn

          There is no confusion. A flat tax rate benefits no one but the wealthy, while punishing low to medium earners disproportionately. It would also likely cause a general collapse of infrastructure, emergency services and other government institutions.

          Anyway, these people don’t pay what they owe as it is, if we ask for 10% we’ll get 5% or less. Whereas, workers pay tax at source, so always pay the full amount.

          I’ll say it again, our societies have been built on a progressive taxation system, our system relies on progressive taxation. Taxation which should charge a fair price for the benefits a person or business receives.

          • Actually, progressive tax rates are a tool of the wealthy, to preclude future competition. Which is why I prefer flat income tax rates and wealth taxes on very high net worths.

          • brengunn

            to preclude future competition

            Could you explain that to me?

          • The more you tax the upper middle class and lower rich, the less likely it is that they can ever become mega rich. And the mega rich kinda like to keep their “club” at a manageable number…too many cooks spoil the sauce.

          • Eagle_Eyed

            So what? Why do the wealthy (or anyone else) have to pay anything at all to a government that redistributes it not for the collective good but for illegal aliens moochers and welfare rats?

          • brengunn

            You may hate welfare mammies but surely you know that taxation pays for much more besides and is essential for a healthy economy. If you want to live in a country with all the benefits of low taxation, move to Africa – the libertarians paradise.

          • toldev

            Go live in Detroit, it is a socialist paradise. The problem is not socialism in Detroit or libertarianism in Africa. It doesn’t matter if a society is libertarian or authoritarian, blacks will ruin both.

          • brengunn

            You may have a point, Toldev, but I could point you to Russia – an all white libertarian paradise.

          • toldev

            The progressive tax system was supposed to tax the wealthy at a higher rate and tax the working class at a lower rate. In the real world it often does the exact opposite. This is why in every election cycle you always here about a wealthy candidate who paid less of a percentage of his income in taxes than what many working class families did.

          • brengunn

            That may be true, but there’s not even any pretense at fairness anymore with it openly being stated, as both you and Question Diversity say, that billionaires pay less than their secretaries. How would a flat tax remedy the injustices of the system?

          • toldev

            That flat tax would at least do away with the special interest tax breaks and loop holes that the wealthy use to avoid paying their fair share. I don’t even think that the flat tax is the best solution to replace the current system, just that it is a lesser evil. Personally I would prefer that the Federal government go back to being funded exclusively by tariffs and excise taxes as it was 100 years ago, but I know that isn’t happening. That being the case, the best solution would probably the Fair Tax proposal.

          • brengunn

            I don’t see why a flat tax would stop the wealthy using loopholes.

            Look at Google, Amazon and Starbucks here in the UK, all of them paying less than a percent! Less than a percent!! I mean, that’s not right. If everyone behaved in that manner, there would be no country to speak of.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Actually his point is valid considering that liberals constantly argue that the progressive tax system is “moral” whereas a flat tax is “immoral.” Given that most people are (at least nominally) Christian in the country, if God is okay with a flat tax how can it be immoral?

      • Puggg

        Tithing is not civil taxation. It’s a faithful act of faithful people. God saying “10% income tax,” so to speak, is not a divine requirement that your civil authorities institute a 10% flat rate income tax.

        • Eagle_Eyed

          I didn’t say that. But how can one argue that a progressive tax rate is justified and a flat tax is immoral?

  • The__Bobster

    The Stupid Party is always looking for the next Great Black Hope. How has that worked out for them? This one should at least run for Congress so we can vet him first.

    • Yes, the GOP should leave the picking of people based on race to the Democrats and instead focus on getting the best people, period, which in the GOP case will be mostly whites because their party is mostly white.

      One of many mistakes that the GOP is making is that it has so few minorities that by trying to replicate the Democrats by promoting lots of minorities it will find itself scraping the bottom of the barrel very quickly and having significantly lower quality candidates as a result.

      I expect the GOP to gets its clock cleaned with all this open-border and racial pandering, with real conservatives either staying home or switching to the Constitution Party. Hopefully then it will learn.

    • Kane

      I doubt if people like Dr. Carson and the other few sane and educated Blacks will ever join politics. They’re a minority within a minority and they’ll never be known in the black community as the people to look upon because their ideas and values will never be shown by the liberal media. All these young inner-city black kids will only watch rappers and sports personalities and aspire to follow them. In a way, I think the liberals and the uber-racists will always want blacks beneath them as their slaves. Well I don’t care ultimately what happens to the self-destructing black community but the humane and humble part in me wishes that these minorities wake up to the reality before it’s too late.

  • Willliam

    A fine article, but VDare really needs to start taking it easy with the hyperlinks. Twenty-three in the first four paragraphs?

  • Extropico

    While I liked the article, BRC is quite a misnomer. Globalist Neocons run Conservative Inc.; and not too many of them are black.

  • wattylersrevolt

    The sooner the stinking,rotting corpse of the Republican Party is sealed in lead and buried deep in a Utah salt mine along with the radioactive waste, the sooner a Native Born White American Revolt against race-replacement at the hands of very high fertility and very hostile post-1965 nonwhites can begin….for the burial of the rancid stinking corpse of the Republican Party will create a very deep political vacum…and since politics abhors a vacum…this very deep political vacum will be filled….with 100 percent it will happen.
    The Republican Party was never worth saving..never. It is the Party of open sociopathic class warfare against White Unions and the White Working Class in general. Fitzpatrick is advocating the sociopahic policy of people handing the health care and retirement savings to Wall Street Hedge Funds…he is bat…. crazy. And this is why socially conservative Unionized White Workers voted for the Kenyan Foreigner…out of justified stock raving fear of the Sociopaths in the Republican Party.
    If Peter Brimelow thinks that an alternative Third Party that is steeped in the cult-like blatherings of extreme privatization fanatics…he is delusional.
    Native Born White American Racial Survival is not viable in the current political and economic order of things..this is why Peter Brimelow’s Third Party advocacy is nonesense…it is being done within the current rancid stinking Corporate owned framework.
    Corporate Power has to be destoyed completely. Corporate Power is the fundamental force in the Universe driving Native Born White American race-replacement. The only alternative is anachism-populist-anticorporate-socialistic-libertarian-communitarian…and a highly racialized foundation for all of this to rest on.
    If Rush Limbaugh got a tingle up his leg over Carson..well, then it only goes to show that the Late Alexander Cockburn was right about Limbaugh:he is a Fat Old Queen. Go take a look at the photo of the inside of his mulitimillion dollar NYC Townhouse that was posted on Counterpunch a few years back.

    • IstvanIN

      Why would he keep getting married if he is gay? He is 60 now, his fame and fortune are secure, he doesn’t need a mustache, what would be the point in another failed marriage and a big divorce payout? And let’s be honest, if he were too overtly “pro-white” he wouldn’t be on the air. He wouldn’t have the audience he has because radio stations wouldn’t pick up his show. Regardless of how popular he was if he was too overtly honest he would be silenced, if for no other reason than he wouldn’t get any sponsors.

      This morning on NJ101.5 substitute host Eric Scott was talking about how so many of “our” kids are failing in school and have no hope. What do you think the chances are that somebody could have called in and stated the truth: as NJ’s population becomes less white and more third world the worse “our” kids prospects will be? No way you can have an honest public discussion on why the US is going to h#ll. That it is the people we are importing who are the problem. That if you have third world people you have a third world population. The elites all know what the problem is, and for some strange reason they all support it.

    • Diamond_Lil

      It certainly had an incredibly girlie-looking bedroom.

  • Anon

    I’m not sure this author knows exactly what the joke is or who’s expense it is at.

    Let me ask you ALL a question. Why does the republican party always do what seems the absolute worst in terms of gaining credibility, votes, power, traction? Why didn’t it disappear way back before Carter, because of this behavior.

    The reason is because there are no legitimate political parties in this country. No such thing as a republican or democrat and none of the issues talked about have anything to do with what our government, does, has done and will do….which has remained markedly stable (and decidedly against the wishes of just about everyone). Such a thing is simply not possible in a legitimate representational democracy. It’s not even anymore that you are given the illusion of choice, between two choices that have been chosen for you. You have no choice, no vote and no say. This is something that has been suspected for decades….but in the age of Obama, YOU have no excuse for thinking otherwise. Obama is quite open, even flaunts, what was secret years ago. He’s made a brazen attempt to shift into a mode where nobody pretends anymore and has nothing to fear from a disarmed populace.

    So, does it matter that the republicans are doing everything they can to field a black? No…not at all. It doesn’t matter. The outcome of the next several elections are probably already determined. I’m sure the inability of white Americans to get another white president is pretty high on the talking points of concern they have created for us. Years from now, they’ll even give us a solution…..all part of the plan.

    None of this has any relevance at all. It would if there was some way to get our guys in and have some modicum of control using political methods. I think a good 50 to 100 years of that failing is enough for people to admit that isn’t going to do anything.

    Instead. white people should look far more long term and develop three issues. The first is easy….arm yourself. There is still political control on a local level, mostly because on a local level is where our government fears being shot by enraged citizens, the most. Go live where these governments fear us so much that the laws are cut and dried as to who gets punished and who has rights when a criminal attacks a righteously armed, law abiding citizen. It’s not even funny anymore. Many of you are armed to the teeth and are going straight to jail where you will be gangraped, then murdered, for daring to defend yourself… live in an untenable area. LEAVE…NOW….or else. You should have done this years ago…but now, you are basically out of time. That gun you carry might as well have two barrels, one pointed at you.

    Once in the proper environment and having the right tools, join up with others. One lone nut with a gun will have thousands of police wasting the entire years budget, going bonkers with no results. Ten thousand people with guns who belong to the same organization is something our government can’t handle…..especially if they all agree no one is handing over any guns no matter what. Extra points if local manufacturers simply ignore federal rules, regulations and laws. But what is really important is that the state openly supports all this and chooses to be the voice of it. Alone, you are a criminal. As part of a state militia….you have a say.

    The second issue….children. If you don’t have three, you aren’t doing your job. If you have one or two, consider the implications for them as minorities. Then, tighten your belt and have another child. There are no excuses. The excuses you think you have have been given to you by brainwashing. You must be willing to admit this and resist. Think deeply about this. Claim you have no time, yet stupidly you watch hours of sports designed to subtly chip away at your manhood? Your deluding yourself and just going along to get along. Smash your TV with a hammer. Then have sex with your wife. Eliminate all the other bullshit they put to keep you “too busy” to grow and be with your family. This is, perhaps, the number one thing that will effect your quality of life.

    Can’t find a wife? Guess what….brainwashing is even a bigger problem among our women. Be careful who you invite into your life. One way to get around the problem is to seek women in eastern europe (and no…I don’t mean hanging out at clubs where drugged out zombie women shuffle around….those women are prostitutes). Learn another language and spend a significant amount of time in these cultures. A little persistence will reward you with the grand prize of life. Not too many men from the western world know this. More and more everyday are figuring it out.

    These things….THESE are how you empower yourself and choose what is going to happen now and in the future. They say choose your future. Well, this is how you choose your future. Not by voting and certainly not by becoming politically active.

    If a republican candidate comes to your door, kick him in the balls, cover him in hot tar and run him out of town in your pickup. If a democratic candidate comes to your door, treat him exactly as the republican (because he is). If a white nationalist comes to your door looking for support for his new party, invite him in for coffee and (gently) explain the cold, hard truth of the matter. Give him money. Give him your support. And go vote for him. When he fails and he will, give him a hug and encourage him more….but never let him forget that he can’t win the game he is playing. The type of system that would allow that is a fantasy. But, what he CAN do, once he’s banged his head against the wall, just one too many times, is come back and be a community leader….we need people like that. Especially those who know the truth….who’ve experienced it first hand. Why? There will come a time (it’s actually already here) when the SLAVES in other parts of the country look on we free men as criminals, psychopaths and outlaws. It would be all too easy to embrace that. Without leadership that understands those pointing the finger at us are evil men, cowardly, wicked, degenerate and, quite frankly defiled, there is a tendency for us to accept such criticism. And that is where the battle is won or lost. Our way is the right way. The righteous and good way. We must be united in that understanding. Insist on it. A simpering, whimpering slave that does evil just to get along in an evil society HAS NO RIGHT, to point at his neighbor who resists and insists on righteousness.

    • crystalevans

      As far as women in eastern Europe goes. a lot of these women are con artists who end up getting money from Western men. Many of these women are married or have boyfriends. Often, many of these Western men find out too late.

    • StillModerated

      Well said, my friend! As long as you avoid sending your kids to college where their brains will be polluted with marxism and reverse-racism, 4 or 5 children are no burden whatsoever.

    • Cannot Tell

      This country may be lost. I think whites should be looking for places to flee to. What about Eastern Europe? Either start planning to flee or start gathering support for secession.

  • Barrack Osama

    Nothing would elate me more. Anything that results in a deepening of the chasm between the treasonous neo-cowards and their true base is progress in my book.

  • Jss

    Why don’t the stupid republicans just get it over with and ban all whites from the party? That would be way progressive and “with the times” right? I really wish the stupid party would this already so that the remaining Whites who still vote for them might finally wake up and realize that nobody represents them and they better start looking to their own collective interest fast.

    • They can’t out and outright ban all whites, (even though they’ve done everything but), because white votes are the only kind of votes they get. While not all whites vote Republican, if you look at it the other way around, the universe of people that do vote Republican is so white that it’s not foolish to think that 100% of the votes they do get come from white people. Some election cycles, while it’s not literally 100%, that figure is 98% or more.

      • Jss

        Given how much groveling to diversity the GOP is engaged in you would think that 1 diversity vote was worth 10 White votes to them. But yes you are correct the GOPs actual base is Whites who still think the GOP represents their interests. I have no idea how those Whites can be so naive. That’s I wish the repubs could somehow do something stupid enough that even the densest white voter would realize that neither mainstream party has their interest at heart and furthermore actually want them essentially dead or enslaved.

  • 1776is1984

    yep, some GOPers would rather foam at the mouths for neocons like 999, West, Powel (the person that voted for Barry twice!!) than vote for REAL conseratives like Jared, Buchanan and James Edwards. the heck with all em! let the gop fail.

    • wattylersrevolt

      You just don’t get it…all this ranting about Jared or Pat for president is nonesense. US Presidents can only harm..they can do no good. The US Presidency selects for sociopaths and if they aren’t sociopaths would transform them into sociopaths!!! You fool!!
      Voting for a President means I can then go home and watch Sports Entertainment all night..because Jared or Pat will tuck me in bed at nightime. The office of Presidency is a subverter of hyper-vigilent civic duty….the very thing required to reverse race-replacement. A new political and economic architecture is needed, and it won’t happen without hyper-civic vigilence. A decentralized highly robust and connected topology is required. To be analytic about it:think in terms of expander graphs..almost a complete graph…and emergent structures that can rapidly reconfigure…a Dear Leader will always disappoint and oppress.
      Rush Limbaugh is a Fat Old Queen.

      • 1776is1984

        please dont refer to me as a ‘fool’ little child, I was just making a point, yes I think even if they were voted for presidents they wouldn’t fix everything.

        • wattylersrevolt

          My deepest apology.

      • Tom_in_Miami

        “A decentralized highly robust and connected topology is required. To be
        analytic about it:think in terms of expander graphs..almost a complete
        graph…and emergent structures that can rapidly reconfigure…”

        I wish I could understand what that means…

        • wattylersrevolt

          What it means is that the political structures that will enable Native Born White Americans to rebel and reverse the loss of Native Born White American Living and Breeding Space requires political,social and economic structures that have powerfull accountability structures built into them and that are linked..stitched together in a way that makes them invulnerable to assault by the current top-down Corporate owned poltical and economic structure. You gotta think in terms of nodes on a network like a p2p infrastructure.

          I’ll give some real world examples of this:look no further that what is happening in Eygpt right now. I terms of how information is flowing through Egyptian society is has a very decentralized structure and it has allowed a very fluidly moving sponstaneous combustion of Egyptian society to occur. Same thing happened in Russia and other Eastern European Nations.

          The lesson of Random Graph theory and Ising Models of Social Change is the idea of a spontaneous phase transition that occured when the there are just enough local interactions occuring..once a critical threshold is use physics jargom…percolation threshold…BOOM!!! the phase transition occurs and a completely new regime-order just pops out on a much longer range scale:local interactions..long range order.

          This is why the conspiracy theorists are insane:they attribute supernatural intelligence to what are essentially a bunch of very gross incompetents:Bush,Rice,Chenney,Clinton,the Kenyan Foreigner…the grossly incompetent hairy bulldyke Hilary Clinton. The don’t have the intelligence to control and manage the spontaneous combustion that is going to occur.

          It reallys does pay in a returns to scale sense to agitate…find creative ways to get the message out and increasingly make the message the basis of the social and cultural interactions…it will makes it so much easier for us to use catastrophes to our advantage. Just go look up a picture or visual model of the 2D Ising Model and you see what I mean.

          It’s the old story about the elites not seeing the rebellion comming. It is nothing but sheer blind luck that the system hasn’t imploded…has 0 to do with the inelligence of the managers of society…Alex Jones is bat..s…crazy as is Paul Craig Roberts.

          The norm for social and cultural interaction in the future has to be local hyper-racial civic vigilence connected with other Native Born White American nodes on the network doing the same thing across America…absolutetly. No politician and CEO shold ever be trusted. This has to be the fundamental glue that holds Native Born White Americans together as a long term racial-cultural entity.

          • Joseph

            This (American) society is not nearly so subject to the operations of your theory as this gov’t has much more order and inertia than Egypt and the power to carry out edicts from on high at a local level effectively and swiftly.

            There is also plenty of reason to think this “spontaneous” change in Egypt was instigated from without anyway -just like it has been in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, and various banana republics. Dictators all over the world are installed -or dethroned frequently to suit the whims of international interests. If societies are so “fluid” and subject to these natural and spontaneous hypothetical “phase transitions” in your favored model, then how can you have this “fundamental glue that hold native-born white Americans together”? Is this some variant of “punctuated equilibrium”?

            Since you like the physics analog I’d put it this way: Because of dilution of the requisite isotope, we lack critical mass to initiate the over-unity reaction you hope for.

          • wattylersrevolt

            Interesting that you mention puntuated equlibrium..last night I was watching mathematician John Casti’s TEDx talk on you tube about extreme events…X events..that’s the exact term he used..punctated equilibrium. So whats Americas X Event..Amnesty..droughts..legalization. A pro-White network that contains a well developed alternative point of view already exists that millions of Native Born White Americans can tap into which will accelerate very rapidly the revolt. Egypts revolt is homegrown…because eygptian society has collapsed…young egyptian males are economically redundant and as a consequence are cant get married..thousands of eygptian families now live in graveyard crypts for housing. American society is moving in the same direction quite rapidly..our viral meme to spread through the network..blame nonwhite imigrants and their geneline.

          • Tom_in_Miami

            Thanks for your response.

      • Dean

        Someone could make an allegation about you being gay. Do we really want to start going down the accusatory road?

    • 999 has a radio show now. It’s probably the most boring banal radio show on conservative talk radio, and knowing some of his competition, (I won’t refer to Sean Hannity by name), that’s saying a lot. I hear what WatTylersRevolt has to say about Rush Limbaugh, but at least he has radio talent. Yes, WatTylersRevolt, I have seen pictures of the bedroom of his former NYC condo he recently sold, and I hope for his sake that one of his ex-wives decorated that, otherwise I’ll have to believe those “rumors.”

      • IstvanIN

        I never heard a rumor that Rush was gay, but boy, that room looks very Louis XVI or maybe railroad baron fancy!

        • Xerxes22

          It’s the bedroom of someone who has more money than he can ever spend., which describes Rush Limbaugh to a T. The faucets in his oversized bathtub are probably solid gold.

          • IstvanIN

            Probably. I think someone who has the desire to become super famous, as well as rich, has such an outsized ego that such a “grand” apartment is part of the whole persona of being bigger than life. I can not imagine living like that, it looks a bit sterile and empty, but then I never had any illusions of living like a Vanderbilt either.

          • brengunn

            Whoever designed it has appalling taste. It’s hideous.

  • fakeemail

    Even if the majority of NAMs were like Carson or Sowell. . .so what? That *still* doesn’t help White people. We’re interested in preserving OURSELVES as well as our civilization.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      If the majority of NAMs were like Carson or Sowell then theoretically blacks could create self-sustaining societies and Whites wouldn’t be taxed/coerced into supporting blacks financially and sociologically.

      But I get your point. Unfortunately mainstream conservatism by-and-large doesn’t.

  • brengunn

    (and the lab coat that he wears to his speeches and TV appearances)

    I don’t know the man, so I can’t speak of his character, but the above sentence speaks of a charlatan. That is exactly the kind of affectation a conman would use, the man is not to be trusted.

    • William

      Sounds like Karl Rove, Dick Morris and many of our current GOP spokespeople and politicians.

  • Joseph

    Carson has said many things that another conservative doctor said -Ron Paul, who was roundly ridiculed and marginalized by the same damned white fraudulent conservatives. Had he deigned to include God in a speech, they would have filed a lawsuit to prevent him from running for pres. but any black guy who can pass a few Repub. talking point tests gets sent to the head of the class.

    Funny how that works.

    I guess the next proposal will be Rubio/Carson 2016 “More Hope and More Change Than the Other Guys”

    • wattylersrevolt

      A vote for Ron Paul=a vote for very very rapid race-replacement and Corporate Power.

      • Joseph

        “A vote for Ron Paul=a vote for very very rapid race-replacement and Corporate Power.”

        Yeah, not at all like what we had before, or since.

  • NeoconsNailed

    Don’t change the hyperlinks, please V — your fellow pundits and researchers depend on them!

    A fine, rightly sardonic treatment of a dismal, miserable subject. That’s one of the few joys left to us — the freedom to ridicule sacred cows in print. This one column won’t ruin any liberal’s day, but knowing how much of such commentary is going on (“online hate”) drives them mad with rage and spite.

  • Black and Proud

    “This hysterical reaction (“we found a black guy who agrees with us!
    Let’s make him our leader and President!”) suggests deep self-loathing
    and fear among white Republicans who have internalized the Main Stream
    Media’s narrative that they are racist, hate-filled, and worst of all,

    The fact is that this is true. THE GOP is a racist, anti non-White party.

    • Extropico

      Falderal. It is not invidiously racist to want to preserve one’s nation. I really doubt you’d demand that blacks become a minority in Africa.

  • ZB

    Newt “three marriages” Gingrich. Catholic convert??? Newt is about as Catholic as Oral Roberts….or Ian Paisely.

  • liberalsuck

    This pathetic asskissing from conservatives these days who think that just because one black person says something that doesn’t sound 100% like a Democrat that they are just like any average white conservative Republican is really getting tiring.

  • odious liberal

    Never vote bantu.

  • bigone4u

    Mr. Kirkpatrick’s brilliant analysis lacks a bit that needs to be said. Republicans are stumbling all over themselves to find the Great Black Hope out of a crisis of self doubt, for sure. You lose a couple of elections and you consider steroids to beef up–blacks and browns being the steroids. Well, steroids can kill you. Your white cell count will drop faster than you can say Condoleeza Rice.
    But more than that, the conservative establishment is fantasizing about a future in which conservative small government family values prevail, while the people are majority black and brown. It ain’t gonna happen. It’s a pipe dream. A nonwhite nation of white picket fences, rose gardens, and little country churches with steeples rising into the sky is as likely to be found as a sweet smelling pile of horse dung. If the conservative establishment wants to build a future on smoke and mirrors, don’t be surprised guys when the smoke is from the fires of destruction of conservativism.
    Herman Cain, Condi Rice, Allen West, Ben Carson, et. al. all reek of panic and desperation. Cultivate the courage to stick to principles and stop turning yourselves into “wiggers” (or is it spelled whiggers?). Nobody respects a wigger. Got it?

    • Eagle_Eyed

      “Republicans are stumbling all over themselves to find the Great Black Hope out of a crisis of self doubt, for sure.”

      So true.

      The “conservatives” who think this way argue on a liberal’s terms and then feign credulity when they are still branded “racists” and “bigots” for opposing [insert liberal egalitarian program]. The conservative thinks he’s smart by accepting the cultural-Marxist term “racist,” and then proving to liberals that he (and his movement) don’t fit this paradigm. Of course this never works as the term “racist” is quite fluid and can be moved so that the liberal can always hold it over the head of whatever passes for “conservative” at the time.

      But instead the conservative should be arguing from his own political philosophy–one that rejects Marxist, egalitarian thought and recognizes that it is quite natural and healthy for people with a similar ethno-cultural heritage to band together and defend their sovereignty/interests as a nation. A conservative who understands what his political philosophy meant wouldn’t claim to “evolve” on a basic tenant of national sovereignty–immigration–because if one gives up conserving this fundamental aspect of his nation what won’t he give up?

    • Joseph

      “Nobody respects a wigger. Got it?”

      Sure they do -the other wiggers who make up the rules and control the discourse.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Does anyone here recall Rush Limbaugh’s excuse for avoiding military service during the Vietnam War? Anyone?
    Yet the Fat Old Queen Rusty Limbaugh agitates for evicerating the bodies of Economically Redundant Native Born White American Teenagers from the American Heartland in the Middle East on behalf of Big Oil…as opposed to Big Cabbage…and the Zionist Fifth Column…Alan Dershowitz,Michael Bloomberg,Sheldon Adelson,Elliot Abramson(who looks like Satan)..and the rotting corpse of the Old Queen Ed Koch. This is the Spirtual Essence of the Republican Party.
    As far as I am concerned, the Republican Party is the Party of Satanist.
    There is very credible evidence that the inner core of the Republican Party is infested with homosexual pedaphiles…is the Fat Old Queen Limbaugh a member of the Republican Party inner core?
    Just a reminder:the Tea Partiers are retards.

  • Thor Bonham

    They just don’t get it .. We don’t need a black president or a black savior .. Blacks ARE the reason this country is upside down … I’m falling out of favor with the republicans .. I’m looking for a new WHITE party that fights for whites rights..

  • Tom_in_Miami
  • Tom_in_Miami

    Speaking of equal rights in schools, take a look at this:
    Where’s Jesse Jackson when WE need him?

  • Albert

    Cal Thomas wrote an article urging Dr. Ben Carson to apologize to President Obama for his remarks.…/dr-ben-carson-should-apologize-to-pres.

    • Joseph

      Geez, Thomas now too? He has been getting flakier with time, another Billy Graham I guess.

    • Ben Carson taking it to Obama in front of his face at the prayer breakfast doesn’t bother me one bit. I just don’t think that qualifies you to be President by itself.

      Actually, this is good and illustrative. By itself, what Ben Carson did was more brutal and direct personal-political direct combat with Barack Obama than all of Obama’s prime political opponents did to him between 2004 and 2012. I said the exact same thing about the single NRA ad entitled “Elitist Hypocrisy” that was only bought on outdoors TV shows and put up on YT. We’re getting shown how to take this cretin on from the most unusual sources.

  • Epiminondas

    One of the best articles I have ever read revealing the fecklessness of Republican leadership. Why any knowledgeable white person would see in this party any kind of viable future is beyond me.

  • StillModerated

    A Black brain surgeon? What next for the Stupid Party, to trot out a black rocket scientist?

    The late Jesse Helms proved that the way to win a senate seat in North Carolina is to pander to the White vote. But the GOP forgot nothing because they learned nothing. They even denounced Helms’ campaign tactics.

    Here’s the controversial ad.

  • A Reader

    I don’t think GOP is the “stupid party”.

    It’s just that the cancer of “Liberalism” (with its all attributes) metastasized to the Republican establishment (figuratively speaking).