Illegal Immigrants Attending State of the Union Despite Social Security Number Requirement

Alex Pappas, Daily Caller, February 12, 2013

At least five Democrats say they are bringing illegal immigrants to the U.S. Capitol for the State of the Union address on Tuesday evening, despite a rule requiring guests to provide their Social Security numbers.

The government doesn’t seem to mind.

A document obtained by The Daily Caller indicates that all guests attending the president’s annual address to the country undergo a government background check, which is required by the House Sergeant at Arms.

That includes providing a Social Security number, which could pose problems for those in the country illegally and set off alarms for government employees performing the background checks.

“For guests who do not possess a valid Congressional ID, please provide their full name, Social Security number, and date and place of birth,” the Sergeant at Arms office wrote in a memo to congressional offices.


The DC reported Tuesday that five Democrats—First Lady Michelle Obama, Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Rep. Marc Veasey and Rep. Kathy Castor—have announced that they are bringing illegal immigrants to the speech as their guests.

Most of those guests are young. Alan Aleman, the 20-year-old guest of Michelle Obama, is a benefit of President Obama’s deferred deportation program for illegal immigrants who were brought into the country when they were under 16 years old. He has since been given a Social Security number.

But Gutierrez is bringing 27-year-old Gabino Sanchez, an illegal immigrant who lives in South Carolina and is fighting deportation, as his guest.

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  • Enar_Larsson

    The headline tells me everything I need to know about the state of our union.

    • The__Bobster

      The invaders attended the DNC Convention, too. The Congresscritters responsible should’ve been placed in irons.

  • Garrett Brown

    This isn’t a big deal. What matters is they actually voted… Terrifying.

    • So CAL Snowman

      How is this NOT a big deal? We have people in the highest positions of power in this government openly defying the rule of law and the constitution.

      • Garrett Brown

        I’m talking about them specifically going to the speech… You know, what the article is talking about.

        • Greg Thomas

          An illegal invader being invited to speak at our nation’s Capitol is a huge deal, especially considering all ID requirments had to be waived in order for the illegal invaders to attend. It’s a big deal to me and every other American who is required to follow the rule of law.

          I also think it’s a “big deal” they vote!

          • Garrett Brown

            It’s going to happen more and more. Get used to it.

          • Greg Thomas

            I refuse to “get use” to anything of the sort! This is exactly what the
            pro-illegals say when they are attempting to cajole White America into surrendering to their invasion. Interesting….

          • Garrett Brown

            Oh? What are you going to do then?

          • Greg Thomas

            Keep fighting, while you surrender apparently.

          • Garrett Brown

            How do you fight?

          • Greg Thomas

            You can start by dropping the ” you better get used to it” line when discussing illegal invaders and their attempts at reconquista. I’m prepared to do whatever necessary in order to fight this invasion. The question is, what are you prepared to do besides give in?

          • Garrett Brown

            I said how do you fight, not what you think I should do. Whatever is necessary? So you went to Washington and spoke against illegals speaking at the event?

          • Greg Thomas

            I heard what you said and no, I did not go to Washington
            smart guy. I donate sums of money, as well as my time to various groups fighting this invasion. In addition, as a White man, I make sure not
            use defeatist language (Like you seem to fancy) when discussing this topic.

            Now, let me ask you a question. Why would a White man (assuming you are White) insist on using language preferred by illegal invading, brown La Raza types when discussing this issue?

          • Garrett Brown

            You heard? I’m not speaking sir. I’m a smart guy? How can you decipher my intelligence by the few posts I’ve made? Or if it was sarcasm why be rude? Are you upset I outed your hypocrisy? What groups go to dc speaking against illegals that speak at presidential addresses? If there areid like to join.

          • Greg Thomas

            You “outed my hypocrisy?” I suspect you are fuzzy as to the meaning of that word. I’ve listed what I’m doing to fight this invasion. Why do you seem to be under the impression that “going to Washington” is somehow the only way in which to fight? That is baffling.

            There are a number of groups that fighting this invasion on the national level. ALIPAC is one, FAIR is another. There are others on the national and local level you could join if interested.

            Moreover, do you actually believe that any group opposing illegal invaders would be allowed to speak at a presidential address? I only wish that were true.

            Now, back to my question. Why do you insist on using defeatist language when discussing this issue?

          • Garrett Brown

            Yes, you are in fact a hypocrite to criticize another person for “laying over and letting it happen” when you’re doing pretty much the same thing. You didn’t go to D.C, you didn’t write letters to the white house declaring your disagreement with the movement. You did nothing, like me. So, to confront another person just because they’re logical and know that it will continue to happen doesn’t make much sense. I’m trying to stop white genocide, not a silly mestizo from speaking at Oboonga’s dictatorship address. That’s pointless and isn’t going to stop it.

            So you are a member of FAIR? You go to their meetings and gatherings? You were at D.C the 13th showing support for the hearing? I find that hard to believe. You probably do about as much as me, which is write to congress(if that) and give money.

            No, I don’t. Which is why my original statement is does this matter? Not really. We can’t object or disagree with it publicly anyway. Oboonga surely wont let that happen.

            I don’t use defeatist language, I go after the bigger picture, which is stopping them at the border so this can never happen.

          • Greg Thomas

            I’ve written more letters and made more phone calls to our traitors in Washington than a person should have to. That includes attending meetings and donating money to stop these invaders.

            “Who cares” is some illegal invading mestizo is invited to speak
            before this nation, at the bequest of our traitors in Washington? I DO and so do millions of other Americans.

            What you fail to see is that inviting this illegal invading mestizo to speak before the American people is part of the “big picture” of eradicating White Americans in favor of brown invaders. Our government is attempting to give legitimacy to squatting foreign invaders by flaunting their illegal presence before the American people. Those that control the speech control the debate. You seem to dismiss this as harmless. That is your problem.

          • Garrett Brown

            Agreed but we have to keep writing. I send 11 letters a day to protect our second amendment and sign any pro white petitions I see on whitehouse gov. I gave over 500 last year to Amren, FAIR, The White Rabbit, and The Caucasian Persuasion. That is what is going to make a difference, not worrying about a little girl speaking at an event that only three million(who already are brainwashed and cannot be swayed) people watched.

            No one is inviting it, I just don’t care about a little girl. I care about stopping white genocide and that is the ONLY picture I care about. I mail the same letter to my congressman and governor every day; That the public does not agree with amnesty and we can not continue to support mass immigration in this country. Obama controls the speech for now and unless someone kills him that isn’t going to change. Put your energy towards support of sites like these, and less on caring about a little girl.

          • Greg Thomas

            People who are in the dark and/or undecided might very well be “swayed” by this SOB speech. Why do you think they are doing it! Tell you what, I will continue to dedicate my time and money to the sites I have mentioned AND caring about “little girls” who happen to be illegal invaders, invited to speak before this nation

            You on the other hand can continue to use your defeatist language and “not caring” about little girls, being used as propaganda tools to sway the American people on this issue. I am done with you….

          • Garrett Brown

            If people who are undecided in where their allegiance aligns are persuaded by a young mestizo then they have no business being part of our movement in the first place for they are extremely weak minded, sheeply people.

            She is a little girl, that is what I described her as because that is what she is. I don’t care about this little girl because it doesn’t do any good. You can act superior than thou and like you making a big fuss in a forum is doing anything progressive towards your goal; But it simply is not. The majority voted for these people that don’t uphold laws, therefore they will pay the price. When we secede and make a sovereign white nation, they will not be a part of it.

          • Greg Thomas

            You’ve made it rather clear you don’t care Garrett. That’s concerning. Nevertheless, she is also an illegal invader, but you refuse to acknowledge that fact in your description. If you feel being opposed to an illegal invader used to further White displacement equates to,” making a big fuss,” then I’m guilty as charged.

            I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this. Keep up the good fight.

          • Garrett Brown

            I care about stopping white genocide, that’s all I care about. If she is a criminal and not being persecuted then it further proves how corrupt our government is. But it isn’t going to change for a while, so we mustn’t dwell on the small things

            You too brother. Stay on the right track!

      • Gnowark

        And how does this differ from January 2009? Maybe you can report it to the Attorney General and the DOJ to investigate, right after Fast’nFurious. Or maybe one of the Czars appointed to prominent positions or a Congressional Investigation complete with Executive Privilege for things BHO “knew nothing about.”

        • mobilebay

          Rep. John Conyers calls them “new citizens.”

  • The__Bobster

    One strict legal system for the little citizens; another, more permissive
    standard for the foreign lawbreakers who infest the country — that’s America

    Today’s example is the invitation of five Democrats to illegal aliens to
    attend the State of the Union speech held in the nation’s capitol. Everyone else
    has to show proper American identification to get in the door, but not the
    invasive foreigners.

    Naturally one of the inviters was amnesty pest Rep Luis Gutierrez. His date
    for the evening is Gabino Sanchez, a Mexican unlawfully residing in
    North Carolina.

    Why isn’t some pro-sovereignty Republican bringing an American who has can’t
    find employment because of illegal immigration? Why not invite a citizen who has
    suffered job discrimination because of not speaking Spanish?

    • One strict legal system for the little citizens; another, more permissive standard for the foreign lawbreakers who infest the country — that’s America today.

      One only needs to look at the rap sheets of blacks and browns to know there are two different legal standards, one harsh one for whites and the slap on the wrist for them.

      • Sam

        Yeah, they can carry guns and face no consequences, while I can’t get a CCW here in California because I’m not a friend of the sheriff. They can drive without a license and nothing happens, but if I drive without a license I will lose my car.

        It truly is two separate systems with different rules, because if we were all under the same rules, there would be few blacks who are not in prison.

        Speaking of rules, I’m going to go to Mexico without a passport, perhaps by bribing one of the gringo border guards who got hired in Mexico’s affirmative action program. I’ll bring a gun, and buy drugs if I feel like it, and I’ll also expect public assistance if I need it. How’s that all likely to work out? Will someone in the Mexican Congreso General invite me to meet el Presidente? I hope so! They all better speak English, too, because I don’t speak Spanish and it’s my right to have all government services in English when I’m in Mexico.

    • mobilebay

      Luis Gutierrez is the poster boy for traitors to this nation.

  • Wayne

    And the silence of the Republitards is deafening.

    • Greg Thomas

      They will continue to do nothing out of fear of alienating hispanics. Disgraceful!

  • Jss

    I wonder if the families of the border patrol agents killed by Mexican illegals warrant any special invites to the state of the union? Or how about the families of people raped or murdered by illegals? I’m sure most of those illegals invited will soon be Supreme Court judges and tenured ethnic studies college professors. This country can’t die soon enough. Pull the plug please.

    • IstvanIN

      Those people are all citizens, they must follow the law. The law only applies to citizens.

      • Jss

        It’s about race not citizenship. If the U.S. we’re suddenly flooded with high IQ Swedish or Hungarians who decided skip the visa process I promise you the DHS would suddenly decide it was in fact possible to “deport them all” including their children. If the illegals were White and coming in enough numbers to tip the racial balance of the country back towards the European end the Feds wouldn’t tolerate it and they sure as hell wouldn’t be offering them citizenship.

        And even with citizenship Whites still are not equal under the law. Affirmative action, hate crimes, quotas for everything etc. everything is about race first.

        • saxonsun

          It is about race and the fact that these lice are getting a free pass proves there’s a concerted effort to destroy White America.

        • Sam

          That’s the Post of the Month on Amren. That’s absolutely right. If there were, for example, 10 million Ukrainians here illegally, they would be deported by any means necessary. Ukrainians can’t even get visas here because they are so worried about overstaying.

          The Democratic Party may be traitors but they’re not stupid.

  • fakeemail

    There was an illegal immigrant behind the podium, too.

  • So CAL Snowman

    How is this not treason and punishable by death? This is not a country, it’s an insane asylum inside the “Twilight Zone” that is part of the alternate timeline that Marty McFly and Doc Brown visited.

  • Ikantunderstand

    Since being illegal is the cool thing. We should all aspire to be illegal. Since we are all LEGAL residents, we must find another way to be illegal. Stop paying taxes. There is a guy on the net who is advocating that none of us submit income tax returns for the year 2016. I say support him! Ya know, it’s amazing that this country expects only WHITE people to obey the law. That is because, we, as WHITE people invented the law. Hey kids, we invented the law, so, let’s us decide, to not recognize the “WHITE MAN LAW” anymore. White people! Feel free to go out and knock out unsuspecting Blacks! White men! Could you please control your gag reflex and rape Black women. I know you are looking at these suggestions as last resort. THEY ARE NOT!! People! We must takeover. New name= Patriotic Dawn.

    • bigone4u

      I agree with you in principle, but I think for now it’s best to lay low and fight a guerilla war against the feds without drawing attention to yourself. File your tax return but make sure you take every deduction. Earn income off the books. Shop garage sales to avoid paying sales taxes. Make trouble for government bureaucrats by demanding your rights be honored. Vote down every bond issue that serves primarily minority interests. Start petitions on the White House web site demanding an end to the nonsense. Keep extreme opinions to yourself to avoid being labeled a nut or crackpot. Never threaten anyone. I don’t quite have this well thought out yet, but the basic idea is to screw up the feds as much as possible without doing anything that would land me in prison.

  • bigone4u

    Did Democrat liberal Senator Robert Menendez bring one of his 16 year old prostitutes to the State of the Union? The possibilities for fun at SOTU are endless. And such an educational experience for the girl.

  • Greg Thomas

    I recently returned from a trip abroad. Upon returning to this country, I was required to fill out a Custom’s declaration reform, asking all sorts of personal questions about where I was, what the intent of my trip was, what I was bring into the country etc. It
    dawned on me as I was standing in line waiting to be interrogated, that we
    allow millions of illegal invaders to raid our southern border, (bringing only
    God knows what into this country), and our government does nothing. In fact, it
    purposely ignores these invaders and even allows them to speak in the highest
    levels of our government at the bequest of government “leaders.”

    They even go as far as openly advocating rewarding the invaders with US citizenship, demonizing those who disagree as “racists and hate mongers.” They cast aside all sorts of laws and requirements for invaders, without hesitation. Yet, this same government has no problems giving an American citizen the third degree when returning from abroad.

    BTW…the Customs Agent who interviewed me was a young Asian wearing a Rolex watch. I kid you not….

  • SintiriNikos

    The state of our disunion. I’m sure these illegals can manicure a hell of a nice lawn at the Mulatto House.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    This is profoundly disgusting. If anyone needed more proof that we currently live under anarcho-tyranny, this is it. Strong, strict law enforcement for citizens (white citizens especially); zero law enforcement and praise for law breaking illegal invaders.