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Ties to American Renaissance are dragged out again.

Straight talk about race and IQ is the kiss of death.

Israeli multiculturalist interviews Jared Taylor.

Controversy over AmRen essay reaches Britain.

Michigan governor is the latest to denounce AmRen.

GOP bureaucrat dared to cite American Renaissance.

Congressman: AmRen article is “the real discussion we should be having on race.”

AR was first to release surveillance footage of the attacks.

VDARE documents more sloppiness from Harvard.

Harvard University Press Defames American Renaissance


New book is riddled with falsehoods.


Fred Reed is as shocked by Salon.com and Robert Sussman as we are.

Foreign Policy reports on the Budapest conference.

Balanced coverage from the BBC.


Richard Spencer reports on the 2014 AmRen Conference.

Heidi Beirich needs to start thinking.

“Good manners are infectious.” So are good ideas.

The witch hunt never ends.

David Yeagley on his victory over Daryl Jenkins.

An detailed account of the case.

Voice of Russia reports on American Renaissance.

What AmRen is up to should be treated as a “criminal act.”

His “crime” appears to have been associating with American patriots.

The Left claims to be above religion, but they have their own sacred cows.

The IQ Test, Slate

Charles Murray: “To write about IQ and race or ethnicity is to take a very good chance of destroying your career.”

A “day in the life” style documentary shows what really happens when race realists convene.

“Anti-racists” claim they are oppressed.

Gerald Martin explains the basics of white identity.

With slogans such as “Remember Stalingrad?”

AmRen Protesters, WSMV Channel 4

Objectivity and fact-checking are not their strong points.

They love that word “supremacist.”

Conferees didn’t know they also bought a ticket to the circus.

Local Tennessee paper publicizes details about protest against AR conference.

Covers Taylor’s presentation and part of Q&A.

A partial account of Taylor’s talk at Texas A&M.

White Student Union, HuffPost Live

Matt Heimbach and Jared Taylor defend the idea of a white student union.

Some students say group should not be allowed.

Dispatch from Jared Taylor’s Towson talk.

Hopefully for the better.

The Case for White Identity, Special to AR News

Jared Taylor speaks before an overflowing audience at Towson University.

Makes free speech pay-to-play.

Causes predictable uproar.

Are they worried the Obama has black appeal?

At least the press is reporting this attack.

AR speaker scores musical triumph.

Jared Taylor points out the racial double standard.

Atlantic Wire Can’t Get Enough of John Derbyshire


. . . and gets the prize for lazy journalism.


Lefty spy’s writeup of AmRen conference.

The horror!

Richard Spencer interviews Jared Taylor.