Posted on February 3, 2022

It’s Hate White History Month!

Ann Coulter, February 2, 2022


Terrified that their hate-America curricula have been discovered by parents and politicians, liberals hysterically accuse them of opposing the teaching of “history.”

As MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid put it: “Like, it is a problem for old Ron DeSantis, because I think what he’s saying is that he believes that the white citizens of Florida are too snowflaky, too sensitive, too scared, and not strong enough to handle actual facts about history.”

In fact, the precise objection to critical race theory is that it doesn’t include anything resembling “facts.” {snip}

The primer for the CRT nonsense is the New York Times’ idiotic “1619 Project,” which holds that slavery in America is the single most important event in the history of the world!  Yes, apparently, America was founded on slavery; the reason Americans fought the Revolutionary War was to protect slavery; the engine of our prosperity is slavery; the cause of black suffering to this day (and those low SAT scores) is slavery.

American History = Slavery


Although most of K-12 education is dedicated to reliving slavery, it would be unfair to say that it’s all that’s taught. There’s also Jim Crow, Selma, Rosa Parks, Little Rock, Emmett Till, redlining, John Lewis, Martin Luther King Jr., Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali and Black Girl Magic.

Also, Christopher Columbus was a terrorist, European settlers committed genocide against “Indigenous Peoples,” everything whites have accomplished they stole from People of Color, and so on.


When parents objected to the filth in their kids’ schools, MSNBC and CNN began running nightly specials on MODERN-DAY BOOK-BURNING! (Now try to buy from Amazon—with your own money, of your choice, as a free American—Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints, Ryan Anderson’s When Harry Became Sally or any book by Jared Taylor or David Cole.)


Slavery has existed everywhere — practiced with most enthusiasm, brutality and longevity (13 centuries) by the Arabs. Barbary pirates kidnapped more than a million white European slaves from captured ships—as well as directly off the streets of European ports. Nearly a century before Columbus set sail, Arab traders had brought back 4 million slaves from West Africa, according to William Phillips, author of the book “Slavery From Roman Times to the Early Transatlantic Trade.”

The descendants of those slaves aren’t getting affirmative action at the Moorish Harvard or given preference for a seat on the Islamic Supreme Court. Among other reasons, the vast majority of their ancestors were castrated and murdered.