Posted on February 9, 2022

Progressive School Administrator or White Nationalist? It’s Hard to Tell Sometimes

David Harsanyi, National Review, February 8, 2022

Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland, one of the wealthiest systems in the nation, is overhauling its curriculum. One of its goals is to “develop interconnected and interdisciplinary learning experiences for students” that “strengthens students’ sense of racial, ethnic, and tribal identities, helps students understand and resist systems of oppression, and empowers students to see themselves as change agents.” {snip}


Though this certainly not a fresh observation, it striking how the authors of MoCo’s “Antracist System Audit” use virtually the same verbiage that pseudointellectual racists on the far right do to justify their worldview. {snip}

If the Montgomery County public-school system used the American Renaissance’s “What We Believe” language verbatim in its “Antracist System Audit” — sans “race realism” — would anyone notice?  {snip}