Posted on August 23, 2021

And They Wonder Why We Despise Them

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, August 23, 2021

Larry Elder is a black radio talk show host running to replace California Governor Gavin Newsome if he is recalled in the vote scheduled for September 14. During the campaign, he has said the same sensible things he has been saying for years on the radio. Nothing more enrages our self-style betters than a black man who doesn’t step and fetch the way they think he should, so they have opened fire.

Last Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times published an article by Jean Guerrero, best known for her sensitive and nuanced portrayal of Trump advisor Stephen Miller called Hatemonger. Beginning with the headline, “If Larry Elder is Elected, Life Will Get Harder for Black and Latino Californians,” Miss Guerrero tucks into Mr. Elder with everything she learned for her master’s degree in Creative [sic] Nonfiction. In the first sentence, she writes that Mr. Elder “isn’t afraid to deny the reality of systemic racism by maligning Black people.” Where do those ominous links take you?

“People” takes you here:

What Mr. Elder thinks of a former president and a black “Good Morning America” host sorrowing over how badly the United States treats blacks.

And “maligning”?

These numbers are straight from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Apparently, to cite facts is to “malign” blacks.

But Mr. Elder’s greatest sin is to have quoted your servant: “In some cases, the bogus data come directly from Jared Taylor, a leading white supremacist Elder has repeatedly cited in his articles and books.” The one article she cites is from 1999, and Mr. Elder refers to something I wrote about toxic waste dumps in a book I published in 1992. Mr. Elder’s own book is one he wrote 21 years ago. I have never read it, and don’t know what’s in it, but anyone who cites me as a source must be unhinged.

Miss Guerrero goes on: “Elder’s views were shaped by Taylor, who wants a ‘majority-white’ nation and wrote a 1999 pamphlet, ‘The Color of Crime,’ a white supremacist classic.” The “Color of Crime” link, of course, is to what the SPLC wrote about it, not the report itself.

And, of course, it is pure “creative non-fiction” to claim I “shaped” Mr. Elder’s views. I had practically no contact with him, and we have not spoken for at least 20 years. His views were well established by the time he heard of me, and he disagreed with any form of white advocacy.

But apparently “Elder quoted him [Taylor] repeatedly between 1998 and 2002.” Repeatedly? Twice? Three times? Miss Guerrero doesn’t say, but anyone who thinks I ever said anything worth quoting is obviously a lunatic.

As far as I can tell, Miss Guerrero can’t stand the truth. She writes that Mr. Elder “shared a graphic with so-called facts depicting Black people as murderous, echoing similar claims he’s made on air for decades: ‘Blacks kill 2x as many whites (500) as whites kill Blacks (250),’ and ‘Blacks, 13% of pop., commit 50% of murders.’ ” She then scraped up a law professor at Columbia University, Jeffrey Fagan to say, “This is an extraordinarily dishonest rendering.” Are the figures correct or not? In fact, they are dated. In 2019, blacks were 55.9% of known murder offenders. In these strange times, it is “extraordinarily dishonest” to speak the truth.

Miss Guerrero lists more of Mr. Elder’s sins: He “doesn’t believe in sanctuary laws or citizenship for Dreamers. He’s against in-state tuition, healthcare and driver’s licenses for the undocumented. . . . He opposes birthright citizenship. He objects to cashless bail and diverting police funds to social programs . . . . [and] favors the term ‘illegal alien,’ not ‘undocumented.’ ” And he must never be forgiven for quoting from my book, which was a main selection of the Conservative Book Club.

People like Miss Guerrero can’t seem to help themselves. No deception is too degrading for them. But I will remind her of the name of the last candidate unprincipled journalists tried to defeat by associating him with me: Donald Trump.