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Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, welcomes interviews. If you would like to request an interview with Mr. Taylor, please contact us here. His appearances include:

Television Radio
Scarborough Country (see below)
Buchanan and Press
Hardball (see below)
Donahue (see below)
Fox News Channel
The Queen Latifah Show (see below)
CNN Prime News With Erica Hill
CNN Paula Zahn Now (see below)
C-SPAN (see below)
CTV News (see below)
The Young Turks (see below)
Russia Today (see below)
Black Entertainment TV (see below)
The David Brudnoy Show
The Larry Elder Show
The Ken Hamblin Show
The Laura Ingraham Show
The Mike Gallagher Show
The Mike McConnell Show
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The Jim Bohannon Show
The Tom Roten Show (see below)
The Jesse Lee Peterson Show (see below)
The John Oakley Morning Show (see below)
The Political Cesspool (see below)
The Rick Amato Show (see below)
The Lars Larson Show (see below)
Ringside Politics with Jeff Crouere (see below)
White Voice (see below)

Here are partial listings of media appearances, media mentions, and published articles outside of American Renaissance and New Century Foundation.


  • September 29: Center for Security Policy — Frank Gaffney interviews Jared Taylor about the “refugee” crisis and what it means for Europe (article).
  • September 9: Fox News Radio — Alan Colmes interviews Jared Taylor about immigration, racial consciousness, and Donald Trump (video).
  • August 31: New Yorker — Jared Taylor is featured in a piece on the rise of Donald Trump (article). Mr. Taylor’s response to the article is here.
  • August 26: BuzzFeed — Jared Taylor is quoted at length in an article about racialist support for Donald Trump (article)
  • July 22: America’s Survival TV — Jared Taylor is interviewed about the white vote, Donald Trump, and the invasion of the U.S. through immigration (video)
  • July 13: Voice of America — Jared Taylor appears on the show “Washington Forum” (in French) for an interview on the Dylann Roof shooting, race, and crime (video)
  • June 22: Al Jazeera America — David Shuster interviews Jared Taylor about race, crime, and media bias (video)
  • April 26: The Stark Truth — Robert Stark and Robert Lindsay interview Jared Taylor (audio)
  • April 3: The Pressure Project — Master Chim interviews Jared Taylor (audio)
  • March 30: Steel Broadcast — Host Fedor Biryukov interviews Jared Taylor (in Russian) on the Russian television channel Day TV (video)
  • March 21: Russian Imperial Movement — Jared Taylor addresses an audience of nationalists in Saint Petersburg in English, with consecutive interpretation in Russian (video, article)
  • March 11: Red Ice Radio —  “The Suppressed Conversation About Race.” Host Henrik Palmgren interviews Jared Taylor (audio)
  • March 7: The Political Cesspool —  Jared Taylor discusses conservatism and the 2015 American Renaissance Conference (audio)
  • March 1: Manner of Man — Jared Taylor is interviewed about race realism (article)
  • February 27 — Jared Taylor speaks at the National Policy Institute’s “Beyond Conservatism” event at the National Press Club (audio)
  • February 16: The White Voice — A podcast with Jared Taylor on what it means to be American in 2015 (audio)
  • February 12: The Unz Review — “What I Like About Blacks,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • January 12: Muftah — Israeli multiculturalist interviews Jared Taylor about white consciousness and Zionism (article, abridged video, full-length video)


  • October 7: TV Libertés — Jared Taylor is interviewed (in French) about the banned “Future of Europe” conference (video)
  • October 4: Future of Europe Conference — Jared Taylor speaks to a meeting in Budapest (article and transcript)
  • October 1: The Snowy Owl (Quebec) — Letter to Quebec nationalists by Jared Taylor (article)
  • August 18: New Times (Sweden) — Interview with Jared Taylor (article)
  • April 24: American Thinker — Jeff Lipkes profiles Jared Taylor (article)


  • September 22: Property and Freedom Society — Jared Taylor speaks to a meeting in Bodrum, Turkey (article and video)
  • June 28: Fédération des Québécois de Souche — Jared Taylor speaks (in French) to a meeting in Montreal (article and video)
  • June 8: Council of Conservative Citizens — Jared Taylor speaks at the national conference about the religion of the Left (video)
  • April 19: Bloomsbury Forum — Jared Taylor gives an account of America’s racial transformation and political prospects in London (video)
  • April 13: Prorussia — Jared Taylor is interviewed (in French) after giving a speech in Paris to the Institute of Geopolitics and Populations (video)
  • January 12: The Political Cesspool —  Jared Taylor discusses the upcoming AR conference (audio)


  • October 23: Diversity: The Assault on Whites — Jared Taylor speaks at Texas A&M (video)
  • October 11: HuffPost Live — Interview with Jared Taylor (video)
  • October 2: Towson Student News — White Student Union Speaker Jared Taylor (video)
  • October 2: The Case for White Identity — Jared Taylor speaks at Towson University (video)
  • May 2: The Stark Truth — Robert Stark interviews Jared Taylor (audio)
  • March 10: France in Danger — Jared Taylor speaks before an audience of more than 700 French nationalists (video)
  • February 8: The Unsolicited Opinion — Jared Taylor discusses the biological basis of race
  • January 21: The Political Cesspool — Jared Taylor (audio)
  • January 16: VDARE — “Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also . . . The End of Free Speech,” by Jared Taylor (article)


  • December 28: The White Voice — Joe Adams interviews Jared Taylor (audio)
  • December 8: Radio Courtoisie — French radio interview with Jared Taylor (audio)
  • November 29: Sunday Night Safran — Jared Taylor debates Daryl Lamont Jenkins (audio)
  • August 24: VDARE — “Elizabeth Wright Dies,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • Summer: White Voice — Joe Adams interviews Jared Taylor (audio)
  • May 5: VDARE — “Jared Taylor on White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century” (article)
  • April 11: VDARE — “150 Years After Fort Sumter: Independence Is There for Those with the Will to Take It,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • March 18: VDARE — “Genes, Not ‘Culture’ — Why the Japanese Don’t Loot,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • February 16: The Unsolicited Opinion — Maggie interviews Jared Taylor on AM radio 1360 in Philadelphia (announcement)
  • January 13: VDARE — “Jared Loughner And Jared Taylor: When Sloppy Police Work Meets Irresponsible Media,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • January 4: VDARE — “First, They Came for American Conservatives. Next, for Establishment Conservatives — But They Deserve It,” by Jared Taylor (article)


  • December 23: Taki’s MagazineNoble Lies Are for Children: A Q&A With Jared Taylor
  • December 18: The Political Cesspool — Jared Taylor (announcement)
  • November 15: VDARE — “Announcing American Renaissance’s 2011 Conference!” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • October 1: VDARE — “Remembering Joe Sobran” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • September 18: Council of Conservative Citizens — Jared Taylor to speak on “Why Liberals Cannot Understand Race”
  • August 10: VDARE — “The ‘Political Structure Doctrine’ — Another Excuse for Anti-White Distrimination,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • July 27: Russia Today — “Is ‘Affirmative Action’ racism against whites?” Jared Taylor counters Adam Lerman, an organizer for affirmative action group By Any Means Necessary. (video)
  • July 20: Examiner — Jared Taylor interviewed by Jamie Triplin-Hines (transcript)
  • March 16: VDARE — “Reap The Whirlwind”? What Our Rulers’ Non-Reaction To AR 2010’s Suppression Means, by Jared Taylor (article)
  • March 8: Tom Roten Show — Jared Taylor discusses the steps taken by opponents of free speech to cancel the 2010 AR Conference (audio)
  • February 26: Russia Today — Jared Taylor outlines the steps taken by opponents of free speech to cancel the 2010 AR Conference (video)
  • February 22: VDARE — “2010 AR Conference Held Against All Odds,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • February 19: Ringside Politics (WGSO 990 AM New Orleans) — Jared Taylor discusses the recent forced cancellation of the 2010 AR Conference and other related topics. Jeff Crouere hosts. (audio)
  • February 8: Cross Talk (Russia Today) — Jared Taylor takes part in a panel discussion about whether or not Barack Obama is a post-racial president. Peter Lavelle hosts. (video)
  • January 4: VDARE — Announcing American Renaissance’s 2010 Conference, by Jared Taylor (article)


  • December 1: Radio Free Mississippi — Host Jim Giles interviews Jared Taylor about race, immigration, and the coming white numerical minority (audio)
  • November 11: The Mark and Jim Show (KION Salinas, CA) — Jared Taylor discusses the terrorist attack at Ft. Hood and the cost of diversity (audio)
  • July 24: The John Oakley Show — Jared Taylor discusses racial profiling and the arrest of Henry Louis Gates (announcement)
  • June 26: Council of Conservative Citizens Conference — address by Jared Taylor (audio)
  • June 3: The Lars Larson Show — Jared Taylor on the Sonia Sotomayor Pronunciation Controversy (announcement)
  • June 1: Taki’s Magazine — “What Do White Nationalists Want?” by Jared Taylor
  • May 30: The Political Cesspool with James Edwards (radio) — Jared Taylor (announcement)
  • May 20: Taki’s Magazine — “Whiteout,” by Jared Taylor
  • May 17: Work with Marty Nemko — Jared Taylor debates the merits of workplace diversity.
  • January 19: The Tom Roten Show — Stephen Webster discusses “The Unknown Martin Luther King, Jr.” (audio)
  • January 7: The Rick Amato Show — Jared Taylor debates John Dovidio (audio)


  • September 29: VDARE — “Racial Quotas in Malaysia: Grim Warning for America,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • September 19: The John Oakley Morning Show — Jared Taylor and Steven Skurka (audio)
  • August 18: The Young Turks (internet TV) with Cenk Uygar (video)
  • August 10: The Political Cesspool with James Edwards (radio) — Jared Taylor (announcement)
  • August 14: VDARE — “Raping the Military,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • July 4: VDARE — “On Gottfried, Zmirak and White Nationalism,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • June 24: VDARE — “Egalitarian Orthodoxy: ‘Noble Fiction’ or Noxious Poison?,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • April 14: VDARE — “Asians Put Foot in Racial Spoils Trough,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • April 1: Texas A&M — public appearance by Jared Taylor (announcement)
  • February 14: The Political Cesspool with James Edwards — Jared Taylor on the AR Conference and the failure of integration (announcement)
  • January 21: VDARE — “American Renaissance’s 2008 Conference: Thank You, Loonies!,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • January 21: VDARE — “Introduction to Sam Francis’ Essential Writings on Race,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • January 15: The Political Cesspool with James Edwards (radio) — Jared Taylor


  • November 19: The Political Cesspool with James Edwards — Jared Taylor
  • November 14: Taki’s Magazine — “Primal Moments,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • November 13: VDARE — “Race/IQ Explanation Gap at ‘Achievement Gap Summit’,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • November 12: The Political Cesspool with James Edwards — Jared Taylor
  • September 13: VDARE — “SPLC Stalinists Strike Again, Stupidly,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • July 30: The Political Cesspool with James Edwards — Jared Taylor
  • July 17: The Tom Roten Show — Jared Taylor debates Jose Rivera (audio)
  • May 8: VDARE — “Slavery: Many Apologies, But No Reparations — Yet,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • April 9: Clemson University — public appearance by Jared Taylor (video)
  • March 7: The John Oakley Morning Show — Jared Taylor debates Peter March (audio)
  • February 5: The Political Cesspool with James Edwards — Jared Taylor
  • January 17: CTV News — on the Halifax fiasco (video)
  • January 10: VDARE — “Do We Need More Hispanics?” by Jared Taylor (article)


  • December 12: CNN, Paula Zahn Now — Jared Taylor joins a panel discussion on “Hidden Racism” (video and transcript)
  • November 30: VDARE — “On Carleton Putnam’s Race and Reason,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • September 6: The Mike McConnell Show (audio)
  • August 30: Race and Conservatism: Jared Taylor debates John Derbyshire at the Robert Taft Club (audio)
  • April 28: Debate between Jared Taylor and Jose Angel Gutierrez (audio and transcript)
  • March 23: The Political Cesspool with James Edwards — Jared Taylor
  • February 14: Frankly Speaking — Jared Taylor debates Oscar de la Torre on the Hispanization of America, and the impact of legal and illegal immigration (audio)
  • February 6: VDARE — “American Renaissance’s 2006 Conference: A Gathering of Thought Criminals,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • January 24: The Political Cesspool with James Edwards — Jared Taylor


  • November 8: The Political Cesspool with James Edwards — Jared Taylor
  • November 8: VDARE — “Citizenism’ vs. White Nationalism: A Second Reply to Steve Sailer,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • September 29: VDARE — “Taylor vs. Sailer: Survival vs. ‘Citizenism’,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • September 27: The Political Cesspool — Jared Taylor on “The Color of Crime” (audio)
  • September 13: VDARE — “Color of Crime, Sound of (Big Media) Silence,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • July 14: VDARE — “Further Down the Road (Paved with Good Intentions),” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • July 9: VDARE — “The Late, Great American Right to Offend,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • May 11: Infidel Guy Show — Jared Taylor debates Tim Wise on immigration (audio and transcript)
  • May 9: The Jesse Lee Peterson Show — Jared Taylor (audio)
  • January 19: Frankly Speaking — Frank Whalen interviews Jared Taylor (audio)


  • October 24: VDARE — “Can It Happen Here? Sweden’s ‘Hate Speech’ Laws Hateful, and Unequally Enforced,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • August-September: Right Now — Derek Turner interviews Jared Taylor (transcript)
  • February 2: VDARE — “The Truth About Tuskegee,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • January 10: VDARE — “American Renaissance Conferences: Talking About the Taboo,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • January 6: Scarborough Country — Jared Taylor discusses immigration (transcript)


  • October 29: VDARE — “The New York Times Says Japan Needs Immigrants: The Japanese Politely Disagree,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • September 1: VDARE — “Will America Take Up the New White Man’s Burden?” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • April 22: VDARE — “Steve Sailer and the RPI: Even Homer Nods,” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • February 10: Donahue — Angry White Men (videoaudio, and transcript)
  • January 22: Donahue — Angry White Men (audio + transcript)
  • January 10: FrontPage Magazine — Jared Taylor participates in a symposium on white nationalism (transcript)


  • January 16: — “Why a National Slavery Museum Is a Bad Idea,” by Jared Taylor (article)


  • December 28: VDARE — “Democracy vs. Freedom (and the Nation-State)?” by Jared Taylor (article)
  • August 31: The Steve Brown Show — Jared Taylor (audio)


  • December 13: Queen Latifah Show — Jared Taylor discusses racial profiling (video)
  • May 18: KSTP AM — interview with Jared Taylor
  • Date unknown: Black Entertainment TV (BET) — Jared Taylor discusses racial profiling (video)


  • December 21 — Contemporary Voices of White Nationalism in America — Russell K. Nieli interviews Jared Taylor (transcript)
  • July 10: C-SPAN — Multiculturalism and America’s Future (video)
  • June 23: Hardball with Chris Mathews — Jared Taylor discusses The Color of Crime
  • June 22: The Bottom Line with Kweisi Mfume— Jared Taylor discusses The Color of Crime
  • June 15: The Next Revolution with Bill Lind — Jared Taylor discusses The Color of Crime
  • June 2: C-SPAN — Jared Taylor announces the publication of The Color of Crime (video)



  • Counsel of Conservative Citizens — Jared Taylor smashes the politically-correct view on “racial profiling” (video)


  • Allerlei — Interview with Jared Taylor (article)


  • February 7: KGO AM radio — interview with Jared Taylor

Mentions and press coverage

Here is a partial listing of media coverage mentioning Jared Taylor and/or American Renaissance.