Reply to Scott McConnell

I have read Scott McConnell’s objections to any movement to promote the interests of whites as a group, and was surprised by his assertion that “white” is too indefinite a category to sustain the loyalties such a movement would require. It is certainly not too indefinite a category when people make important decisions: where to live, where to send their children to school, which church or club to join, whom to marry, and whom to invite to dinner.

Whether they think about it in explicitly racial terms, most whites prefer the company of whites, and know that if their neighborhood, church or school became majority non-white they would leave. This is such a well-established phenomenon it has a name: white flight. When refugees from integration (or, increasingly, immigration) go looking for a new home, what they want most are white neighbors. It is among whites-and that category suddenly becomes wonderfully precise and definite-that they find the texture of life their old neighborhood has lost.

Think, if you will, of five neighborhoods in which you would like to live. All of them are majority-white. Can you think of a single majority non-white neighborhood — anywhere in the world — in which you would buy a house? Whites build particular kinds of societies, whether in Manhattan or Zurich or Australia; a kind no one else has ever built. If whites permit themselves to be displaced, it is not just the high culture of the West that could disappear but such things as representative government, rule of law, and freedom of speech, which whites usually get right and everyone else usually gets wrong.

Whites know that unchecked immigration from Mexico and Haiti turns more and more of the country into places where they feel — and are — alien. In their bones they know minority status is a terrible legacy to leave their grandchildren. It is entirely proper and moral to take measures to protect one’s people and culture. Every non-white group takes this for granted and thinks nothing of advancing its interests at our expense. It is the purpose of my publication, American Renaissance (, to alert whites to the crisis of dispossession they face, and to encourage them to act now in defense of the things they love.