Race and Conservatism: Jared Taylor Debates John Derbyshire

On August 30, 2006, the Robert A. Taft Club, under the leadership of Marcus Epstein, sponsored a debate on Race and Conservatism. The panelists were AR editor Jared Taylor, National Review contributing editor John Derbyshire, and conservative black activist Kevin Martin, who is associated with the National Center for Public Policy Research.

It was a civil and lively debate that continued for more than two hours, with many questions from the floor. The audience, apparently starved for straightforward discussion of subjects conservatives usually avoid, would have kept the event going considerably longer if Mr. Epstein had not drawn it to a close. After the debate ended, audience members engaged panelists and each other in animated discussions until the hall had to be cleared, more than an hour later.

AR thanks the Robert A. Taft Club for sponsoring this event.

Please click below to listen to the audio of Jared Taylor’s and John Derbyshire’s opening remarks and the question and answer period.

Remarks by Jared Taylor
(19 mins – 4 Megs)

Remarks by John Derbyshire
(29 mins – 7 Megs)

Question and Answer Period
(69 mins – 16 Megs)