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It’s lawful to cut clitorises in Somliland. It is done with only local anesthetic.

They set school housing on fire and shot or knifed anyone who escaped.

Presence of journalists is no deterrent.

UN Secretary General warns of possible genocide.

This is apparently not considered an important human rights problem.

Religious and tribal groups slaughtering each other.

He and his accomplices are all “Christian.”

War is obsolete. Instead, this is the era of massacre.

6,000 children have been recruited as soldiers.

African Christians and Muslims are killing each other.

Immigrants being run out of South Africa.

. . . but the facts remain murky.

Washington embassy says it has not heard of such a ban.

Islam is contrary to the “habits and customs to Angolan culture.”

UN adviser says there is a possibility of genocide.

Al-Shabab is now careful to kill only infidels.

Book store’s stock is untouched.

At least 22 “Americans” have joined al-Shabab.

The group responsible is named Boko Haram, meaning “Western education is forbidden.”

Brutality included castration, removing fingernails with pliers, eye gouging, and dismemberment.

The “Americans” are “of Somali or Arab origin.”

Kenyan Muslims executed men, women, and children who couldn’t name Mohammed’s mother.

31 Killed in Indian Religious Violence, Christian Science Monitor

There have been 450 incidents of religious violence in India this year.

Forty-four churches have been attacked in the past week.

Christians, moderate Muslims, and foreigners are targets for Tanzanian fundamentalists.

More than fifty buildings were damaged in the mayhem.

Dual citizens engaged in “black jihad” can move freely in and out of France.

They are promised paradise if they die in battle.

It is not only Christians who provoke them.

Hamid Karzai: “the menace of Islamophobia” threatens peace among civilizations.

Few dare criticize violent Muslims who hate free speech.

How the mob “thinks.”

A clash of civilizations?

Police stand by as crowd forces way into German embassy.

The protesters chanted “Obama, Obama, we are all Osamas.”

Democracy, Libyan-style.

If there are no white masters, black slavery is not news.

Jihadists institute their own form of justice.

The Islamist Pyramid Scheme, Washington Times

Egypt’s pyramids are “symbols of pagan idolatry” and must be torn down.

Clearly they prize tolerance and diversity.

Black Slaves, Arab Masters, Frontpagemag.com

Arabs have taken slaves from the 8th century to the present, and not just black ones.