This is a call for action for the international press community to provide increased press coverage for upcoming protests planned against Dictator General Aziz. Sources here say a major protest is planned for August 25, 2012. Prior protests have received little if no press coverage.

Although, slavery has been declared illegal, Mauritania is a country where 20% of the population, who are of black origin, is still considered slaves to ethnic Arab owners. The protests are in line with other popular uprisings from the Arab Spring Movements that have occurred in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Tunisia.

Mauritania has been a hotbed of demonstrations and political unrest that have been largely ignored by the international press. In 2009, the United States supported an African Union call to action on Mauritania. According to US State Department press release, “The United States has consistently issued press releases from the Department of State condemning the coup d’état as illegal and unconstitutional. The African Union has issued condemnation of General Aziz as well as travel bans and the freezing of assets of Aziz and those connected with the coup and the illegal seizure of the Mauritanian government”. Currently, Aziz has been elected to President, but only after his appointees have controlled the election process, which discriminates heavily against the Black African portion of the population.

Although slavery has been officially made illegal in the country, the practice largely continues unabated. The South African Institute of International Affairs had this to say about the matter, “Although numbers are difficult to establish, the Mauritanian advocacy group, SOS Slavery, estimates that as many as 600,000 (men, women and children) – about 20 per cent of the population (3,069,000 people) – in the arid West Africa country could be enslaved.” Unfortunately, little has been done to relieve their plight, and the worst global violations of human rights continue.


The upcoming protests scheduled for August 25, 2012 will be demonstrators seeking the removal of President General Aziz. They are demanding that he step down, and remove himself from power.


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  • Rocky Bass,

    The term “Natural order” comes to mind. Why is it that this exact same theme seems to play out again and again? Let Mauritania to it’s self determination, after all, can’t her citizens look to many many examples of other countries who chose abolition, and see if it resulted in a better country?

  • TomIron361

    If slavery was reintroduced in the US, how could blacks apply for the job? After all, isn’t slavery about having work done? If it’s about work, what usable skills do the vast majority of blacks  possess that  would  cause a normal person to feed, clothe, and house them?

    • Chimp Master Rules

      Forget who wrote it . . . may even have been Obama’s little buddy Prof Henry Gates . . . but there’s a good piece out there about how the black is the only creature in history to be so successfully enslaved.  Other racess have been enslaved but blacks adapted like ducks to water.

      Offer blacks slavery today in return for clean clothes, clean housing, plenty of food and drink . . . and I bet huge numbers would sign up.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

         “CMP wrote – Offer blacks slavery today in return for clean clothes, clean housing,
        plenty of food and drink . . . and I bet huge numbers would sign up.”

        They have welfare, why would they need to work?

    • Rocky Bass,

      You are correct, in order for someone to make a slave, the slave’s labor must be worth more than their care and upkeep, with blacks of today this does not add up!
      The would-be modern slave owner of the Americas would be getting ripped off for sure!

    • Whirlwinder

      TomIron, you obviously have a lot of compassion for the downtrodden. Actually, slavery has been a mainstay for Islam for some 1400 years now. Having practiced the enslaving of conquered peoples for so long, it seems only natural. Our liberals in western civilization do not care because they cannot blame white people for enslaving millions and millions of blacks and every other race you can name. Furthermore, if Islam is successful in its stated aims in America, that is to replace the Constitution and our rule of law with Sharia, you will be less than a slave and we can all share the joys of the lack of liberty, and of beatings, murder, rape and a generally sorrowful existance. If you think I am kidding, just look at the lifestyles of the conquered peoples in places like Pakistan, the Balkins, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran etc.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    There’s very little that I find endearing about the arab, but here’s one thing:  They still practice slavery.

    It’s not unusual to hear about a “nanny” or a “gardener” or a dock worker for a major company who are essentially slaves.  In most cases it’s really a form of indentured servitude.  Asians still do it too.  It’s not unusual to find prostitutes sold to a house so ma and pa can send little brother to school.

    It seems fundamental to human psyche to regard “others” as being of less worth. 

    That’s why I believe this current multicultural and diversity kick we’re on now is a passing thing. 

    It’s only a matter of time, I think, before whites regain their senses.

    •  I think it’s a remarkable and wonderful thing about us Whites that for the most part we don’t do that.  Our altruism and sense of empathy and can get us in trouble, like it’s doing now, but it’s really the best thing about us.

      • Chimp Master Rules


        However, I think Europeans, for the most part, disdained slave labor in favor of employing the lower class white to do the work not for altruism but for common sense.

        Running slaves has to be a difficult thing to do.  It’s fine for mass production . . . laying railroad track, picking cotton, mining for gold, cutting sugar cane, etc.  But when you build a cathedral, or a sailing ship,  you don’t want slaves doing the work. 

        Most whites are born with a sense of personal industry.  It takes a jewy-progressive  culture to knock it out of us, but all things being equal, we prefer work for its own virtues over allowing a slave to do it for us.

        • The Worlds Scapegoat


          Why would any competent white want to take care of a slave? They are more trouble than a horse. Pay someoen to do the job, and if they can’t do it don’t pay them.

        • “Inferior” Slave labour was used to build the Capitol building as was many other structures in Washington D.C why do you think it has had a large black population  for so many decades & where did the ex-slaves get the skills to build Howard University and many other historically black colleges?

  • Demographics: mixed Moor/black 40%, Moor 30%, black 30%

    So it’s probably still a hole.

    • Somewhat.  The Arabs are not incapable of civilization.  Their civilizations are pretty barbaric, and stagnant, but they are civilized.

  • Ulick

    “If there are no white masters, black slavery is not news.”

    100% nailed it.  Not only is it not news to Liberals and American blacks, but I’ve actually had Liberals and blacks get angry at me when I point out the continuing Arab slavery of blacks.  To the “anti-racists”, alluding to any other form of slavery is secretly trying to draw attention away from and downplay the horrors of white slavery which is the pinnacle of all unforgivable sins.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      I’s so glad that you said that. I was at a get together last week with some teachers who are all liberal left wingers. The usual topics came up about Romney and Obama. I held my tongue because I’ve come to the conclusion that there IS no changing of minds going to occur and the stress isn’t worth it. Sadly, they can only learn the realities of what’s going on through experience. 
       I started out with a The subject of “racism” came up and how Romney is out for White people only. I managed not to raise my voice as a I brought up the POTUS’s statement about his grandmother being a”typical White woman”. They simply ignored it. That irritated me a bit so I went a bit further mentioning the increase in violent attacks against White people that are occurring daily to which I got these vague stares and some shoulder shrugs. I then installed the cherry at the top of the cake by bringing up Wichita, Knoxville, Eve Carson, Lauren Burk, King Samir Shabazz’s  and “Professor’ Kambon’s calls for genocide against Whites and their response was that they are just a fringe group and shouldn’t be regarded as representing all Black people. I politely responded by bringing up the fact that they’re always ready to stereotype White Southerners as being rednecks, racist and stupid. One of them finally suggested that we should change the subject.

      • LaSanta, when you brought up Knoxville, etal, was anyone else squirming, from what you could see?

        • LaSantaHermandad

          I should have mentioned that in my post. Would you believe that none of them was aware that it even happened? The same with Wichita, Eve Carson etc.
          They’re walking around in this fog of ignorance of that on which their very lives may depend.

    • Paisan, how many white liberals in this country are aware that the Koran actually sactions slavery (referred to as “possessing their necks”)? How many are aware that the Koran refers to Jews as “pigs” and Bantus as “stinking monkeys”? Not a whole lot, I’d say.

      Having said that, why TF is Mauritania in the United Nations, if it practices slavery?

      • Whirlwinder

        Luis, the world of Islam is in the UN and they practice slavery. Mauritania is just a newcomer to the game.

  • Jay11

    Where are all those christian organizations buying the freedom for the slaves.  Why is there nothing about this over at the or the  Obama?  Anything to say on this?

    • JackKrak

      Because neither of those sites have any room for stories about actual modern day slavery – it’s taken up by stories about how there aren’t enough black faces in commercials for financial services and what Beyonce is doing to be a better role model for young black girls.

  • I tend to think that most African “slavery” is as scam act, because Africans know some white person will come along and buy the “slaves'” “freedom.”  The reason I think this slavery in Mauritania is more genuine than scam is that Arabs are the slave owners.

  • Either blacks are slaves to non-blacks or non-blacks are slaves to blacks. Ultimately, one race must be the master and the other the slave. The only question is: Which one will play which role? When so-called “equality” is given to blacks, they waste no time in enslaving others.

  • Ulick

    It would also require reading about this slavery, but reading about important matters is not a black strong suit.

  • Bantus in the United States are outraged ONLY IF white people are involved, like the pre-1994 South African regime or Ian Smith of Rhodesia. They could give a flying duck about the Nigeria-Biafra conflict, the Congo’s civil wars of the 1960’s, Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Liberia, Burundi, etc.

    It works the same with Bantu-on-Bantu crimes here. As long as a Crip and Blood are shooting at, and killing each other, or Osibisa Washington shoots Dejuan Lumumba, they’re cool with it.

    Heaven forbid a George Zimmernan shoots the Skittles Man, Treyvon Martin. THAT is an entirely different matter. That makes it racist.

    Remember, a Crip killing a Blood is NOT racism. Nor is Osibisa Washington killing Dejuan Lumumba. That’s the most natural thing in all the natural world, as far as Bantus are concerned. In cases like that, NATURALLY they blame the gun, NEVER the (Bantu) killer. To do so would be too complicated an act.     

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    What about us white slaves in the US, and Europe?

  • The g Factor

    I think the current estimate of slaves in the modern world is around 27 million, more than ever before in history and the price of a slave is now lower than it was during the heyday of the Atlantic slave trade. This is one of the great successes of the United Nations.

  • As I recall, most of Arabs in Mauritania are blacks. Maybe not too Bantu-like, but nevertheless, black. Of course, some are lighter, but not too much. Maybe like Anwar al-Sadat.

  • brew730

    Nothing to see here folks, keep on walking….

  • TomIron361

    Guest – BINGO