31 Killed in Indian Religious Violence

Shivam Vij, Christian Science Monitor, September 9, 2013

Hindu-Muslim violence 80 miles from Delhi in Muzaffarnagar in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, has left 31 dead and 40 more in the hospital raising fears of a return to widespread communal violence.

The riot is one of the biggest cases of Hindu-Muslim violence in India this year. India’s home minister said today that the country had seen 451 incidents of violence between religious groups so far this year, as compared with 410 incidents in all of 2012.

The increasing violence is reminiscent of the bloody riots in Gujarat state in 2002 that left more than 1,000 people dead, according to official estimates. Such large-scale Hindu-Muslim violence seemed to have ebbed since then–until this year.

“Many thought that with increasing prosperity violence between communities declines,” says historian and columnist Ramachandra Guha. “But India is a large and complex country and Pluralism is always a hard-won daily battle. While civil society has been active in its work for communal harmony, the consensus amongst the political class that we need communal harmony at all costs, seems to no longer be there.”

The death toll is expected to rise. The military and police have been deployed in the area and issued a curfew. And dozens of families were seen leaving the area on Sunday night, according to reports.

The recent violence began on Aug. 27, when three young men were killed after an altercation between Hindus and Muslims about a man of one community sexually harassing the woman of another. {snip}


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  • Oldcorporal

    Once again India enjoys the marvelous benefits of diversity. Just one big happy family!

  • Spartacus

    I suspect White Supremacy is to blame somehow, but I can’t quite figure out how… If only doctor Ignatiev were here to explain it to me, I’m sure I’d understand .

    • David Ashton

      As another Jewish comedian once said, “Include ME out”.

    • me

      At least Ignatiev is honest and up front about his hate, unlike other members of the non-goys that have infiltrated every government in the world with this goal in mind.

  • Why is there Hindu-Muslim violence in India? Since the world already is expected to tolerate “Banlgadesh” and “Pakistan”, I disunderstand this pretend “problem”.

    India is for Hindus. It says so right on the label.

    • Spartacus

      Labels mean nothing for people who can’t read them .

      • Then you and I should have to sort things out someday.

        • Spartacus

          We should… But I can assure you I won’t be sorry about anything .

    • David Ashton

      Well, Pakistan is now the “Pure Land” for Muslims as full citizens only. National “purity” for European lands should be for non-Muslims. Quid pro quo?

      The English were told to “Quit India” in the 1940s. Quid pro quo?

  • IstvanIN

    Hindus and Muslims both beat on Christian Indians.

    • Sick of it

      Both groups are fond of rape as well, thus the current conflict.

  • Bossman

    They are the worst kind of trouble-makers. You’re only allowed to say nice things about them.

  • Part of the problem was the prince of Kashmir (Hindu) deciding to join India instead of holding a national referendum for his largely Muslim subjects. The Kashmir mess was completely avoidable. The Punjab probably also ought to be independent. These two buffer states, if stable and responsibly governed would probably reduce Indo-Pakistani friction.

    Pakistan’s Muhajirs were expelled from India after the partition. Plenty of Hindu and Sikh refugees fled in the other direction.

    Pakistan is also largely a failed state. Their army constantly meddles in politics, which helps keep it from being as effective as it should be in military matters. India’s army doesn’t do that, which is one reason why Pakistan has lost all of the wars they started with India.

    As an aside, the British did a considerably worse job subdividing the Middle-East after the defeat and collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1918. I suspect they got stuck into the gin pretty early.

  • I used to work with Indian “engineers”, neither of whom could have invented his way out of a paper bag with a chainsaw and a flamethrower. I didn’t – and still do not – hate them; I just don’t want them in my country.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Waaaay back when I was in college, we actually got a new professor from India. She would tell us what chapter to read and then leave. She didn’t last long. I think the few actual Indian computer engineers sparked a trend bolstered by Bill Gates who started the trend, putting his dreams of Diversity ahead of actual efficiency. I have literally stood by in a hotel lobby watching new H1B arrivals from India checking in to begin their new jobs at Microsoft nearby Seattle. All of us (most of us) have had experiences with Indian tech support.

      • me

        Gates is an ‘aspie’ asshat. He stole everything–it’s the only thing that he’s good at. Gates is a perfect example of an idiot with a lot of ill-gotten wealth; dangerous to himself and to others.

      • For an example of Indian engineering, one need look no farther than the HAL “Tejas” fighter jet. The subcontinentals have reinvented the Mirage 2000 and got it into service only 30 years after the original.

      • Brent Wood

        Last time I checked, The attorney general of California, the guy who invented 5 hour energy, the governors of South Carolina and Louisiana, the US attorney for the southern district of New York, one third of medical school graduates and 10% of all american STEM graduates are Indians. Whites are actually punching well below their weight…Too busy smoking pot, doing meth, gettin laid and goofin off I presume..

    • David Ashton

      One of the Duke of Edinburgh’s “racist” jokes was about Indian incompetence with electric wiring – which white liberals found offensive, but ordinary Indians thought quite funny.

      • One of my former co-workers could say “Vikram” but always said “Woltage”. He was an idiot.

    • Brent Wood

      This isn’t YOUR country… This country belongs to Native americans.. Go back to Europe you loser

      • David Ashton

        So the whites in the USA should disappear and leave the country to the “Native americans” (your spelling). What about the foreign Indian graduates you mentioned – should they stay? And the blacks? Should the Whiteskins take their technology and literature back to Europe with them, and leave the Real Owners to rebuild their own wigwams, remake their own bows and arrows, and rebreed the buffalo herds? (Incidentally, Mr Scott has some Amerindian ancestry, so perhaps he should only “go back” half way across the Atlantic?)

        • Brent Wood

          White people alone have the blood of genocide and slavery on their hands. They can take all their technology and their literature back to Europe.. The real owners can do whatever they please with their lands, especially because this is THEIR land. Whites can build Europe to be the “Garden of Eden” on Earth if they please. But they must leave the Americas now !! Anyone who is even 1/8th white has no business living in the US

          • David Ashton

            No, Muslims have the blood of white, black and Hindu slaves “on their hands”. And West Pakistan’s “genocide” in Bangladesh? And the slave camps of Red China, Cambodia, Vietnam and North Korea?

            So the “real owners” – not including you, I suspect – can do whatever they like with a land emptied of all technology, western literature, communications, buildings and mechanised agriculture?

            Only a troll, a crackpot, or an Engelmaniac could post or vote up a demand that anyone who is even 1/8th white-skinned should “leave the Americas” (from Alaska to Argentina) NOW!!!!

            Thanks, Moderator, for allowing us this glimpse through a mental hospital peep-hole.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    The British had nothing to do with India once they released their colonial control. The Indians themselves partitioned India to stop the civil war that was breaking out.

    • David Ashton

      The British did many good things for India and a few bad things to India. The loss of life after our withdrawal was the responsibility of Muslims and Hindus themselves, not British troops. In comparison Amritsar was a vicarage tea party.

      • Brent Wood

        Wrong ! Go read your history !! The Indians pleaded with Mountbatten to give them more time to draw the borders and allow for an organized movement of people from one side to another. Mountbatten could care less coz his wife was taking it from Nehru and he was pissed !! True story

        • David Ashton

          Except for the alcohol element, a Brahmin teaching colleague told me all this some years ago. Mountbatten may have rushed things, but the wholesale atrocities themselves were not committed by “wicked whites” any more than in the much later war between West and East Pakistan, or in more recent communal conflicts. In the Middle East, Arabs and Jews still similarly blame Britain for their own mutual shortcomings.

          “Brutal Brits” who built the greatest empire in human history can in some Ugly-American eyes never do anything right, from Ulster to Quebec, or from Kenya to South Africa. Our new national diet must be not be chicken tikka or chow mein, but humble pie – for ever.

          • Brent Wood

            “Greatest empire in human history” – LMFAO.. According to whom ? According to all the slaves and indentured laborers they took to Fiji and Trinidad ? According to the millions of Indians that perished in famines and massacres directly caused by British policy and genocidal British prime ministers (especially Winston Churchill) ? According to the millions of South African blacks that stayed disenfranchised until 1994 thanks to Britain’s “hands off” approach ?? According to the tens of thousands of Ugandan british subjects that Britain refused to accept when Idi Amin kicked them out JUST because they weren’t WHITE ??

          • David Ashton

            Just a few points. All empires are, well, – “empires”, but the British Empire had more positive achievements than any others. Read YOUR history for a balanced view of pros as well as cons.

            British colonial control of South Africa finished long before Strijdom’s “baaskap” and then Verwoerd’s “grand apartheid”. The problem of ethnic conflict and rivalry in South Africa, indirectly illustrated by the black-Indian conflict in Uganda, would have been best solved by partition, but it was western liberal democracy that joined communist “peoples’ democrcy” (sic) in pressing for a universal suffrage in both Rhodesia and the RSA, with the poor results (especially over food shortage) we can all observe.

            Many Ugandan Indians were accepted into Britain, which unlike India had no obligation to accept them, but the blame for their ill-treatment rests with the black African Idi Amin, not the UK government.

  • evilsandmich

    The real problem in India is not diversity but Islam/muslims.

    Why do I find that easy to believe?

  • me

    Hindus are the only ones that have a distinct and historic right to India. Your country should chase these violent, misogynist, and evil invaders from your land. They bring nothing but hell on their heels, as history has shown.

  • me

    From your mouth to God’s ears.

  • David Ashton

    We ‘White British’ as the UK government calls us are really looking foward to the relations between our Hindu-Sikh population and our ever-expanding Muslim (Syrians-added?) population if and when war breaks out between Pakistan and India.

  • David Ashton

    He could speak Urdu as fluently as he could translate Latin and ancient Greek.

  • Brent Wood

    Sorry Jaipal, but India is a secular nation. People of many different religions call India their home. Please take your bigotry where the sun don’t shine. And what the hell is an Indian Hindu doing reading a white supremacist website ?