Police in eastern Nigeria say more than 20 people have been killed in violence that erupted after Christian and Muslim youths argued over a soccer field.

Taraba state police spokesman Amos Olawoye said Monday that the attacks this weekend in the town of Wukari damaged more than 50 buildings, including mosques and churches.

He says about 100 people have been arrested and that police have stepped up their presence in the area.

While Christians and Muslims largely live in peace in Nigeria, a multiethnic nation of more than 160 million people, tensions between the two communities have grown due to a campaign of attacks by Islamic extremists.

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  • While Christians (or maybe more accurately, animists) and Muslims were fighting over the use of this pitch, I get the feeling that this fight was far more akin to traditional African tribal warfare or a gang fight rather than a religious fight qua religious fight. Think: Hutus vs Tutsis or Bloods vs Crips, not Thirty Years War.

  • The__Bobster

    While Christians and Muslims largely live in peace in Nigeria………

    Just give it time. Muzzies are at war with everyone.

    • Garrett Brown

      No one lives in peace in Afreaka.

      • Diamond_Lil

        You can repeat this a million times a day and the libs just don’t get it.

    • Diamond_Lil

      You’re being genteel, Bobster, the time is now.

  • dd121

    And the point is…?

  • brengunn

    The whole place is a tinderbox ready to go up in flames.

  • MobyWhite

    This story is a made up hate lie hoax. Diversity builds civilizations, not tears them down.

    • SFLBIB

      Diversity of what builds civilizations?

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        I think that was sarcasm

        • SFLBIB

          My comment was not intended to be sarcasm. Dr. Thomas Sowell has written, “I have never known a word to become absolute dogma, without a speck of evidence, the way ‘diversity’ has.”

          So I’m just asking MobyWhite for the evidence that “diversity builds civilizations” and what kind.

          • He meant “Moby White” (who looks an awful lot like Uncle Tim Wise) is sarcastic. Wise up (forgive pun). If you’re going to argue in defense of white identity and interest in this corrupt and insane age, be aware even the average person who comes along is primed to find any excuse to dismiss you as a fool or a fascist. So be smart or be silent.

  • bigone4u

    This story isn’t very interesting to me because I expect Africans to act like Africans. However, I will keep this story in mind the next time one of those appeals for me to sponsor some little starving kid in Africa with my hard earned cash comes on TV or in the mail. Whoever named Africa The Dark Continent knew what he was talking about in more ways than one.

  • IstvanIN

    While Christians and Muslims largely live in peace in Nigeria,
    Really, when I was in grade school we read about Biafra in the Weekly Reader.

  • Roger

    “While Christians and Muslims largely live in peace in Nigeria…”

    False. I know someone from Nigeria who says that what is happening is that the Muslims who now control North Africa are pushing South into Nigeria to change it into a Muslim nation. The Muslims have infiltrated to the point where they control the North of Nigeria and Christians are trying to hang on to the south of Nigeria. Both groups are black. Added to this is the radical Muslim gang “Boko Haram” which kills as many “Infidels” as they can.

    This is not a “diversity” program, it is an invasion.


    Guns don’t kill people; soccer does.

  • Fr. John+

    Ah, the ‘joys’ of multiculturalism. Can we end the charade now, and ship all non-Whites OUT of America?

  • Whirlwinder

    Christians and Muslims have never lived in peace. Islam will force jihad on all non-muslims and this is the nature of this supremacist movement. Before it is all over in Nigeria, you will find the Christians a small minority doing as it is told by their muslim masters. Happening all over the world. Europe is next, the America. Look at Obammy and his thugs infiltrating muslims into our government.

    • PesachPatriot

      I almost feel sorry for the muslims if they ever try bringing jihad nonsense to texas….the one thing good old boys and illegal hispanics agree on is the right to cold cervezas after a hard days work and bacon cheeseburgers….The Mississippi river will flow backwards and florida will be under a foot of snow before muslims impose sharia law on the US….Nigeria doesn’t have F-16s, M1 Abrams Tanks, Apache Helicopters and millions of irate,heavily armed citizens. To be fair, muslims can’t live in peace with anyone, even themselves….i’m not much of a religious person but there is a line in the old testament somewhere that describes Ishmael as having his hand against every man and every man’s hand against him.

      • Whirlwinder

        Pesach, I live in Texas also. Did you know that the Texas judicial system gave Islam the right to adjudicate family matters to their shariah courts. True, we are a powerful nation but “stealth jihad” starts with just one cut and after about a thousand you finally realize that you are dead. Lets stop this nonsense by naming Islam what it is, an alien culture that will never assimilate and exorcizing it from our nation.

        • PesachPatriot

          Seriously? I didn’t even realize there was a big muslim population in texas…..I thought most of america’s muslims lived in dearborn michigan, the NYC/NJ area and California….I heartily agree with you…there are 22 arab countries and several others in africa and asia with big muslim population…they can have all the sharia they want in damascus, cairo , peshawar and kabul….I remember reading a lot about sam houston, sam austin and the alamo when I was a kid….the yellow rose of texas is also one of my favorite pieces of american folk music…

          • Whirlwinder

            Sam Austin? Who the hell is that?

          • PesachPatriot

            my bad…thats who I meant…its been a while since learning about the settlement of texas in the 7th grade…I was usually the indian when I played cowboys and indians with my friends but every now and then I would be a texas ranger…