Leaders of the nation’s largest Somali community say some of their young men are still being enticed to join the terror group that has claimed responsibility for the deadly mall attack in Kenya, despite a concentrated effort to shut off what authorities call a ‘deadly pipeline’ of men and money.

Six years have passed since Somali-American fighters began leaving Minnesota to become part of al-Shabab. Now the Somali community is dismayed over reports that a few of its own might have been involved in the violence at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi.


Since 2007, at least 22 young men have left Minnesota to join al-Shabab, including two who did so last summer. Unconfirmed reports that two more left earlier this month have deepened concerns.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said Tuesday that initial reports had suggested a British woman and two or three American citizens may have been involved in the attack. But neither Kenyan authorities nor the Minneapolis FBI office had any confirmation.

Minnesota’s Somali community, concentrated in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, includes people who fled the long civil war in their east African homeland and children born in the U.S. Many are now American citizens.

The movement of Somalis who’ve come to be known as ‘travelers’ remains ‘a priority investigation for the Minneapolis office,’ FBI Special Agent Kyle Loven said.

At least 18 men and three women have been charged in the ongoing Minnesota investigation. Some went to Somalia while others were accused of aiding the effort mainly by raising money.

Seven men pleaded guilty to various charges. One man was convicted on terrorism-related charges last year. Two women were convicted in 2011 of being fundraisers for al-Shabab. A third woman pleaded guilty last month to lying to a grand jury. The other defendants remain at large, or are confirmed or presumed dead.

Al-Shabab means ‘The Youth’ in Arabic. The group uses a mixture of religion, nationalism and deception to lure young people, said Omar Jamal, a longtime local activist who now serves as the first secretary for the Somali mission to the United Nations.


Al-Shabab’s local recruitment efforts began in 2007 when small groups began discussing returning home to fight Ethiopian troops who entered Somalia to prop up a weak U.N.-backed government and were seen by many Somalis as foreign invaders. The recruiters aimed their appeal at the young men’s patriotic and religious ideals.

Ethiopian troops pulled out of Somalia in 2009, but al-Shabab kept up its fight for power. According to Valentina Soria, a security analyst with London-based IHS Jane’s, al-Shabab has increasingly focused in the past three years on the recruitment of western nationals and members of the Somali diaspora in the U.S. and Europe to offset its declining domestic support.


The group often appeals young men who’ve had trouble assimilating into American life, perhaps because they are unable to get a job, dropped out of school or got involved in gangs, Jamal said.

He cited a recently released al-Shabab propaganda video that lauded three ‘Minnesotan martyrs,’ including the American-born non-Somali Troy Kastigar, a convert to Islam.

Smiling and laughing in the footage, Kastigar called his battle experiences ‘the real Disneyland’ and urged other Muslims to come and ‘take pleasure in this fun.’ He was killed in 2009 in Mogadishu, according to the video.


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  • [Guest]

    Once again, Daily Mail, thank you.

    Now, get on this and stay on it, U.S. media.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      CNN/MSNBC/FOX/CBS and the rest of the government-owned media all have their wicked claws deep in the globalist-socialist cookie jar. They who must not be named sit on the boards of these corporations, acting as de facto shills for the Rainbow Agenda. Their contempt for all things white and European runs deeper than you can imagine.

  • Puggg

    Somalians are leaving America.

    Party at my house in ten minutes.

    • Spartacus

      They’re breeding a lot faster than they’re leaving…

  • IstvanIN

    Let them all go and fight for Allah. They never should have been brought here.

  • Nathanwartooth

    Now people are talking about upping security in malls in America.

    Just another price of diversity.

    • mgs166

      …..that the elite don’t have to pay.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        You can be sure the elites will never have to worry about THEIR security at a mall, because they go to malls exclusively for them. In the meantime, anywhere Somalis are in numbers means shopping malls in Amerika are going to be no-go and free fire zones for whites. We will have those elites who imported these terrorists into the land to curse for that. They allowed them in, knowing full well what their presence means for the rest of us. It would be poetic justice if members of the ruling elite get gunned down during a jihadist attack against THEM when they are shopping at a mall.

        • mgs166

          You’re right about that. It would be justice served.

  • mobilebay

    If we had an administration that thought more of its own citizens than it does of turning the US into the next third world, it would get every one of these people out of here and not ever bring another one in.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    These Somalis are not Americans, and never will be Americans. The fact they joined an organization that singles whites out for murder and torture that occurred in Kenya prove that. They are enemy nationals who should be shot and killed on sight.

  • libertarian1234

    If they returned “home” and took out some PC universities or a few newspaper buildings, I’m wondering if the fools who are responsible for them being here would feel guilty?

    And wouldn’t it be a shame if they attacked some PC reporter who has been covering up black on white crime declaring it to be non-racially related?

  • MekongDelta69

    “Smiling and laughing in the footage, Kastigar called his battle experiences ‘the real Disneyland’ and urged other Muslims to come and ‘take pleasure in this fun.’”

    I saw that video on TV…

    “He was killed in 2009 in Mogadishu, according to the video.”

    …And I was crushed when I heard that news. Absolutely crushed.

    [Don’t make me put /sarc here, ok]

  • bigone4u

    When these vermin kill each other, it’s reason to cheer. When they kill innocent whites, it’s reason to mourning. Since they do both indiscriminately, I am having trouble cheering and mourning at the same time.

  • Dave4088

    This is shocking. According to contemporary conservative ideology (Re: L. Ingraham, Hannity, O’Reilly, Limbaugh) once these Somalis learn English and how Christopher Columbus discovered America they become Somali versions of Daniel Webster and Davy Crockett and supporters of Reaganomics. Ron Paul says once we end the Fed and eliminate income taxes these chaps will reject radical Islam, enroll in the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, and become champions of commerce and trade.

    • Laura Ingraham has been great on the immigration issue this year, so don’t thump her too badly.

      But if you’re bashing Ron Paul, I’m all ears.

      Remember, Somalia is in all literal sense a libertarian paradise, the archetype of the doctrinaire libertarian prescription for the world, but it’s not a paradise at all. “But it’s full of blacks,” you might say. Except we’re not supposed to notice race, say the libertarians. That’s like collectivism or Nazi or Hitler or gas chamber or racial socialism or something like that.

      Besides, those cultists would blame Somalia’s problems on the lack of libertarianism.

      • Dave4088

        She’s been great on opposing attempts at amnesty, but if you listen closely she’s fine with third world, non-white immigrants as long as they enter “the right way”. Although I could be wrong, I’ve never heard her advocate for a moratorium on all immigration as well as deportation of the illegal aliens unlawfully squatting on our soil.

  • Freedom Hayak

    Meanwhile, the New York Times is worried about “backlash” against Somalis in Minneapolis because people don’t understand Somali culture…AmRem does’t allow posting links, so you’re going to have to find it yourself, from Saturday.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “Now the Somali community is dismayed over reports that a few of its own might have been involved in the violence at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi.”

    A few of them may be, but I doubt this is true in the aggregate. If this type of thing really dismayed Somalis, they wouldn’t be so over-represented among the perpetrators of such crimes.

  • dd121

    Fellow AmReners: I don’t think we should be having this divisive conversation during president Obama’s self-declared “Muslim Appreciation Month”. Here lies the strength of America. Just ask the Kenyan in Chief.

  • Earl Turner

    Meanwhile, the Republicans are working behind the scenes in the House to push amnesty and immigration reform through, while everyone’s attention is focused on Obongocare and the government shutdown.

    But hey, keep on pulling that lever for the “tea party” candidates because they’re on our side. Right? Right? Anybody?

  • Well you just answered your own question. They think everyone else has reasonably high intelligence because they have reasonably high intelligence, they project themselves on the whole world. I’ve even made that mistake internally from time to time, wondering why people are so stupid to do or not do such-and-such when it’s something I wouldn’t or would do (respectively) in the same situation. It is hard for smart people to understand that people can be so dumb and behave like it.

    Because the average libertarian (for the most part) would avoid the use of the substances they think should be legalized because The Lancet publishes studies about the negative consequences of the use of those substances, they think that every 15-year old 85-IQ black and Hispanic subscribes to The Lancet.

  • NorthSea

    Dunno. Never tried cocker spaniel.

  • Boris McGuffin

    I must be losing my memory. I don’t recall a vote ever taking place where the American people were asked whether they wanted Somalis to be let into the country.

  • Helios Megistos

    They MUST all be immediately rounded up and deported; any resistance MUST be met with deadly force!

  • Freedom Hayak

    Peter King puts the number at closer to between 50 to 60; 22 is an old number

  • Freedom Hayak

    Yes! Thanks for finding and let me know your secret of posting links on AmRen since they won’t let me do it ever.

    • itdoesnotmatter

      Freedom, right click on your browser’s URL address of the web page you wish to transfer, select “copy” then go to AmRen and click “paste” for transfer onto the desired reply space.

      • Freedom Hayak

        thank you – I will give a try – normally when I cut and paste a link, I get a message that says my comment is being moderated and then it never shows up.

        • itdoesnotmatter

          Posted links are always held for moderation. Usually, they appear….eventually.

  • Freedom Hayak

    The refugee racket, that’s why – you can thank Catholic Charities, among others, including Lutheran and Jewish charities. I cannot post a live link, but this explains it: http://freefabulousgirlDOTcom/2013/09/21/somali-terrorists-kill-15-in-nairobi-mall-obviously-us-needs-more-somali-refugees/ and http://freefabulousgirlDOTcom/2013/05/30/the-refugee-racket-is-anti-freedom/

  • itdoesnotmatter

    @Freedom: Got it!

  • Freedom Hayak

    A first!