Justice Department Sues North Carolina over Voter Law

Fox News, September 30, 2013

The Justice Department announced Monday that it is suing the state of North Carolina for alleged racial discrimination over tough new voter ID rules.

The suit claims that the North Carolina statute violated Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act and would seek to have the state subject to federal pre-clearance before making “future voting-related changes.” The suit was filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Nashville, Tenn. Attorney General Eric Holder said “by restricting access and ease of voter participation, this new law would shrink, rather than expand, access” to voting.

The Justice Department will ask a federal judge to place the four provisions in North Carolina’s new law under federal scrutiny for an indeterminate period. The suit is the latest effort by the Obama administration to fight back against a Supreme Court decision that struck down the most powerful part of the landmark Voting Rights Act and freed southern states from strict federal oversight of their elections.

North Carolina’s new law scales back the period for early voting and imposes stringent voter identification requirements. It is among at least five Southern states adopting stricter voter ID and other election laws. The Justice Department on Aug. 22 sued Texas over the state’s voter ID law and is seeking to intervene in a lawsuit over redistricting laws in Texas that minority groups consider to be discriminatory.

Republican lawmakers in southern states insist the new measures are needed to prevent voter fraud, though such crimes are infrequent. Democrats and civil rights groups argue the tough new laws are intended to make voting more difficult for minorities and students, voting groups that lean toward Democrats, in states with legacies of poll taxes and literacy tests.

In the North Carolina lawsuit, the government will challenge requirements in state law that eliminate the first seven days of early voting opportunities and eliminate same-day voter registration during the early voting period. {snip}


Finally, the federal government will challenge a provision in the new law that requires voters to present government-issued identification at the polls in order to cast ballots. In North Carolina, a recent state board of elections survey found that hundreds of thousands of registered voters did not have a state-issued ID. Many of those voters are young, black, poor or elderly.


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  • Puggg

    In North Carolina, a recent state board of elections survey found that
    hundreds of thousands of registered voters did not have a state-issued

    That sounds to me a lot like real fraud or attempts at fraud. If you don’t have photo ID in this day and age, you’re not really functional. You need photo IDs to visit inmates in jail or prison, which a lot of blacks do. My wager is that they voted in their real home address’s precinct then tried to do illegal multiple times other voting but couldn’t show their real photo ID because it had their real address, so they claimed they didn’t have photo ID.

  • Why are they picking on North Carolina?

    Because 2008 proved Democrats can win it, and Romney didn’t exactly win it going away in 2012.

    They’re not really doing these things in states that are solidly red or solidly blue, save Texas where they want those 38 EC votes. They’re doing this in swing states because they’re swing states.

  • Spartacus

    A black kid asks his mother, “What’s a democracy?”
    “Well, son, that’s when white folks work every day so we can gets all our benefits,
    you knows like free cell phones for each family member, rent subsidy, food stamps,
    WIC, free healthcare, utility subsidy, & the list goes on & on, you knows”.

    “But mama, don’t the white people get mad about that?

    “Sure they do, that’s called racism!”

    • Whitetrashgang

      Should add white people don’t get mad about it but blacks sure do.

  • Luca

    “Attorney General Eric Holder said “by restricting access and ease of voter participation, this new law would shrink, rather than expand, access” to voting.”

    Holder, Obama and Company certainly do want ease of access for voting. They want it so easy that they can continue to commit massive fraud.

  • TheCogitator

    What should happen won’t happen because North Carolina like the other 49 states is ruled by gutless people.

    If people with courage governed North Carolina, they would tell the federal government were to pack it. They would let the “Justice” Department know they are going to hold fair and honest elections and if the feds don’t like it they are willing to escalate it to whatever level is necessary. Bring it on!

    • Sick of it

      Texans are starting to talk about secession more and more.

  • libertarian1234

    Black Obama and Holder can’t help but hold on to the view that injecting millions more non-whites is going to make things better for blacks by reducing white voting power.

    If the Hispanics and blacks accelerate their bloody fights as Hispanics become more numerous, and deny blacks from achieving anything at all, because they don’t like them and have zero commonality, I wonder if the two black boobs will understand what a blunder they made?

    I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m POSITIVE it doesn’t include blacks getting along with anybody nor do I think anybody will want to form an alliance with blacks.

    We have the same kind of black planning trying to change the US as has been in play in Haiti, Zimbabwe, South Africa and every black run government in the world.

    And the results will be just as abysmal….and probably more so.

  • Greg Thomas

    This proves to me that illegal invading mexicans are voting in our elections and our government has no intent of stopping it.

    • leftists are delusional

      Stopping it? Heck the political operatives are picking them up in vans to give ’em a ride to the polls.

      • IstvanIN

        You must be from NJ.

        • Greg Thomas

          Or Mexifornia.

        • leftists are delusional

          Just aware of typical leftist behavior.

        • leftists are delusional
  • bigone4u

    “If even one black or Mexican is not allowed to vote twice, this insidious new voter ID law is racist.” Holder may not have said it, but he was thinking it.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Is there any point to voting at this stage? To keep guns? Nothing else is working.

  • Here we go again with the canard that voter fraud is rare.

    On legitimate votes:

    Candidate A: 1,000,001 votes
    Candidate B: 1,000,000 votes

    Therefore, Candidate A wins the election.

    But Candidate B’s people “find” two fake fraudulent votes for Candidate B in the back of some tavern. So Candidate B winds up winning the election by a tally of 1,000,002 to 1,000,001 votes.

    Therefore, fraudulent votes were only a rare 0.0001% of all votes cast.

    Rare isn’t the issue, marginal leverage is the issue.

  • Skip Wellington

    Sadly, many persons of color don’t possess the “tools” to obtain an identification.

    The system is racially rigged in favor of White oppressors with the cultural know-how to
    make the barest minimum effort to get out of bed, get up on their hind legs and actually lift a finger to accomplish this Herculean task.

    To ask this much of a person of color amounts to a hate-crime.

  • A Freespeechzone

    If the acceptance of voter fraud is affirmed by the courts—WE need to beat them at their own game…..and leverage this to OUR advantage.

    No Apologies.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The Justice Department announced Monday that it is suing the state of North Carolina for alleged racial discrimination

    Is this Holder’s new plan of the week?

    Why is voter ID not settled after the SCOTUS ruling in 2008 that voter ID laws ARE Constitutional?

    April 29, 2008:

    WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court upheld Indiana’s voter-identification law, declaring that a requirement to produce photo identification is not unconstitutional and that the state has a “valid interest” in improving election procedures as well as deterring fraud.

    http://www // nytimes // com/2008/04/29/washington/28cnd-scotus // html?_r=0

    As Jerome Corsi writes in What Went Wrong Democrats will continue to steal elections in swing states unless voter ID is implemented and bus in hoards of democratic voters unless early voting is eliminated.

    • Greg Thomas

      “I only got to vote once!” Jesus Christ! And they say these people are our equal.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        “They” that tell you “these people are our equals” want YOU to believe it; they certainly don’t.


  • dd121

    150 odd years ago the South engaged in a civil war over a lot less than this.

  • CoweringCoward

    Come now, you well know that the “get out the vote” efforts are to round up crack heads and hoochie mamas from under every bridge and buss them from poll to poll. And I know that in the local voting place (black church), where I vote, those folks stuff the boxes at close. Anyone who didn’t come in and vote, voted FOR Oooga Booga!