Dozens of Students Shot Dead in Their Beds as Islamist Militants Storm through College Dorms in Northern Nigeria

Francesca Infante, Daily Mail (London), September 29, 2013

Gunmen killed at least 40 people today in an attack on a college in northeast Nigeria, witnesses say, in a region where Islamist militants have targeted schools and universities.

Islamist sect Boko Haram has intensified attacks on civilian targets in recent weeks in reaction to a military offensive against its insurgency.

Boko Haram and spin-off Islamist groups like the al Qaeda-linked Ansaru have become the biggest security threat to the nation which is also Africa’s second largest economy and top oil exporter.

Gunmen stormed the College of Agriculture in Yobe state and shot students as they slept in the early hours of this morning, state police commissioner Sanusi Rufai said.

They also set fire to classrooms, a military spokesman in Yobe state, Lazarus Eli, told Agence France-Presse.

One witness counted 40 bodies at the main hospital in Yobe state capital Damaturu, and politicians claim that victims, most of whom were young men, were taken in van loads.

Boko Haram is fighting to overthrow Nigeria’s government to create an Islamic state, and has launched a number of attacks on schools including a raid which killed 27 students and a teacher at a school in Potiskum, a town about 30 miles from the site of today’s attack.

The group’s name translates as ‘Western education is forbidden’ and regard schools as a symbol of Western culture.

Across Nigeria thousands have been killed since Boko Haram launched its uprising against the state in 2009, turning itself from a clerical movement opposed to Western culture into an armed militia with growing links to al Qaeda’s West African wing.

In May Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in three northeastern states including Yobe, and ordered a military offensive aimed at crushing Boko Haram’s insurgency.

There was an initial lull in the violence as Islamists fled bases in cities, forests and mountains across the northeast.

Then the militants began revenge attacks on schools and then on the security forces and civilians believed to be helping them.

In June, Boko Haram carried out two attacks on schools in the region.

At least nine children were killed in a school on the outskirts of Maiduguri, while 13 students and teachers were killed in a school in Damaturu.

In July in the village of Mamudo in Yobe state, Islamist militants attacked a school’s dormitories with guns and explosives, killing at least 42 people, mostly students.

Boko Haram is led by Abubakar Shekau, in August reports surfaced that the Nigerian military had killed him in a shoot-out but a video released last week purportedly showed him alive.

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  • Spartacus

    Remember – if we import these “people” in our own countries, it’s gonna enrich us, and strengthen our democracy, and increase the corn harvest .

    • Whitetrashgang

      Also I think you can just never have enough violence. If only they would turn on a certain tribe, do a 9-11 over in the middle east for starters.

    • Magician

      We also get to prove that we are not racists!

      If they ever rape our daughters or beat up our sons to death we will have to be silent! If we ever condemn those wonderful people we will be racists!!

    • libertarian1234

      I’m surprised this bunch wasn’t already in Main or Minnesota.

      But maybe some of them were, because they’re missing 22 of them. At least at the last count. I’m pretty sure there are dozens more.

      But it’s o.k., because “diversity is our strength.”

  • Associated Press

    Terrorists used new tactic to spare some Muslims

    The turbaned gunmen who infiltrated Nairobi’s Westgate mall arrived with a set of religious trivia questions: As terrified civilians hid in toilet stalls, behind mannequins, in ventilation shafts and underneath food court tables, the assailants began a high-stakes game of 20 Questions to separate Muslims from those they consider infidels.

    A 14-year-old boy saved himself by jumping off the mall’s roof, after learning from friends inside that they were quizzed on names of the Prophet Muhammad’s relatives. A Jewish man scribbled a Quranic scripture on his hand to memorize, after hearing the terrorists were asking captives to recite specific verses. Numerous survivors described how the attackers from al-Shabab, a Somali cell which recently joined al-Qaida, shot people who failed to provide the correct answers.

    Their chilling accounts, combined with internal al-Shabab documents discovered earlier this year by The Associated Press, mark the final notch in a transformation within the global terror network, which began to rethink its approach after its setbacks in Iraq. Al-Qaida has since realized that the indiscriminate killing of Muslims is a strategic liability, and hopes instead to create a schism between Muslims and everyone else, whom they consider “kuffar,” or apostates.

    • JohnEngelman

      This will inspire a backlash. There are more non Muslims in the world than Muslims. Eventually the rest of us will decide that we have had it with those people.

      • Jeff O

        I hope you are right. But I don’t see any signs of a backlash. In fact, I see the opposite; i.e., denial and capitulation. Most people are terrified of muslim violence. The fact is, terrorism works.

  • mobilebay

    When will the world come together long enough to condemn Islam and its believers? They are savages and should not be allowed to live in normal societies.

  • bubo

    Islam is the ultimate threat to civilization. The civilized people of the world should band together and destroy this evil cult. Capitulation and political correctness is not an option.

    • libertarian1234

      “Islam is the ultimate threat to civilization.”

      And when it is embraced by blacks it offers a faction of people that absolutely delights in killing infidels, just as the black non-Muslims here delight in the tenets of the PC religion that encourage them to hunt down non-blacks, especially whites, and exact revenge for imagined injustices that they have never suffered, but are told that they have, and they’re not smart enough to think otherwise.

      Yes, blacks make good Muslim killers, just as they make good rioters and killers here. Just ask Jesse and Al. They had them all primed and ready to burn down their neighborhoods because they were told Trayvon was “hunted down and killed by a white man.” They’re so stupid they can be made to do whatever a propagandist wants. But sometimes no prompting is needed, because they just love to hate.

      They’re really easy to psyche up to hate also, utilizing lies and other nonsense, and they’re more than eager to kill if they’re told that it is justifiable payback.

      The jihadists have just found the perfect useful idiots for their cause.

  • Magician

    And some of the most beautiful and advanced western nations in the world such as Sweden and Norway are importing them by several thousands every year, give them citizenship as soon as they arrive, and let them live off the generous welfare system for the rest of their lives

  • bigone4u

    I hate reading these stories because it gives Barry Soetero an excuse to invade another country by sending in white boys to get killed and maimed. Nigeria is an important oil supplier, so Barry can claim US strategic interests are at stake, when all he wants to do is stir up more trouble. Heck, we’re supporting al-queda in Syria!!!

    • Nah, Boko Haram are Barry’s peeps. The real terrorist is John Boehner.

  • These black university “students” in Bongostan would only demand to inflict themselves on the developed West as H-1b immigrants (or the equivalent), so if other blacks shoot them before they arrive here…


  • Sick of it

    More evidence that nations must expel their muslim population to have any sort of safety.

    • Jeff O

      Unfortunately, there have been no expulsions thus far. We can only hope Geert Wilders is elected PM in Holland; then you may see some action.

  • M&S

    As with any religion, the purpose of Islam is to give an alternative (non fear based, that’s the government’s job) sense of order as social conformism through participative moral elitism.
    You are a Muslim, therefore you are better than all who are not, now come listen to the sermon like a good little sheeple.
    It is when religions fail that there is no reach out control rod to influence people to a domesticated animal level of commonality defusing purpose (which is where the true power lies, in lockstepping society towards a submission complex).
    In this, you see the root of organized religion’s greatest strengths: namely the ability to think something of oneself (group membership) that either is not true or doesn’t matter on a scaled basis of acceptance but only because ‘you believe’ as an extroversion of internal ego through moral supremacy.
    Yet religion’s ultimate weakness is also derived from this ‘anybody can go prostrate’ global inclusivism which, by not being selective (i.e. having strict standards), no longer forces the social contract to belong to the dedicated zealots.
    This is why the world is moving ever more towards functional atheism because if religion doesn’t pay, materially, as a social network. And it doesn’t provide a sense of elitist elevation to allow one to presume higher superiority.
    It has no functional, material, or egotistical, benefits.
    As with anything involving selective elevation, as soon as everyone is special, no one is.
    AQIIM doesn’t make any such promises to it’s recruits because Islam is as much about anti-black racism and exploitation as any white group of sheet wearers.
    Rather, AQIIM simply allows people to channel natural hatred of the elevated and their outsider affiliations into actions useful to a cause.
    Hence as long as someone is successful or has the chance to become so, there is always a mission statement as special destiny to be fulfilled.
    Whether governments will ever completely stop trying to dupe the easily gulled with an honest admission that “Yes, Jesus is Santa Claus!” is the bigger question here. Because to those whom religion does speak, it offers the certainty of supremacy as the belief in offering -hope- (baseless as it is) to those less than themselves.
    When that happens, whites in particular will no longer attempt to be saviors of the unwashed masses and it is likely that any sense of purpose inherent to their participation in a globalized world will evaporate along with any patience with governments that attempt to burden us with no-god-but-evolution failures.

  • TheAntidote

    Haram is the Arabic word for forbidden or sinful. Boko is from African pidgin English; ‘boko’ meaning book and by extension reading, writing, knowledge. Boko Haram wants to eliminate all western influence including apparently technology and modern agriculture.
    I say more power to them. As the hippies of days gone by they’re “doin’ their own thing”. Who are we to judge if they want to live in the dust and dung islamic lifestyle?

  • Perhaps this “education is forbidden” approach should be tried in urban public schools here in the US. It would certainly save taxpayers a lot of money.

  • I like the names these militant Muzzie groups give themselves; “Boko Haram” (Western Education is Forbidden), “Al Qaida” (The Base), “Al Shabab” (The Youth). It reminds me of the devolution of superhero and supervillain names to the lowest, most childish denominator. Accordingly, I propose a new Muslim super-duper militant group, “Al Ansar i Dorks” (The Army of Dorks).

  • Of course we’re not funding them. Our good “friends”, the Saudis are funding them.