Drones Proposed to Tackle Marseille Crime

Tom Witherow, Telegraph (London), September 19, 2013

A mayoral candidate has proposed the use of drones over the streets of Marseille to combat the city’s notorious network of drug dealers and reputation for violent crime.

Eugène Caselli, the Socialist Party president of the Marseille urban community, and mayoral candidate, proposed on Thursday that drone aircraft be used to seek out drug-dealing and violent crime on the backstreets of the city, which has been hit by a spate of murders.

“Once police get intelligence on gangs of drug-dealers and how they embed themselves in the city, how they move about, and how they sell drugs, that’s when it’s time to deploy the drones,” Mr Caselli said on French radio station Europe 1.

“Everything is filmed, and it’s better than a classic police stakeout,” he added.

A petition called ‘Will It Take Batman To Save Marseille?’, was launched after a vigilante pensioner was shot dead after he ran over robbers and then confronted them with a baseball bat and pepper spray. Criminal gangs are even known to use assault rifles, such as AK-47s, thought to be smuggled through Mediterranean ports.

Mr Caselli’s drone plan has the backing of police chief Jean-Paul Bonnetain, according to Europe 1, and local government authorities in the Bouches-du-Rhône department are already willing to spend €1 million (£840,000) on it, with each drone costing €50,000 a piece.

The drones would be remotely operated by pilots who need only be within 1,000 metres (3,280ft). The proposed drones are non-lethal and would be used for surveillance purposes, observing and filming movements and interactions on the street from an altitude of around 150m.

“You can deploy them in less than a minute to go and figure out a situation,” said Pascal Zunino, director of the drone manufacturer Novadem, which sells the aircraft to the French military.

“Instead of a standing camera, which is always in the same place, a drone is never in the same place. That’s what allows it to break habits and have various points of view on a situation, by day and night,” he added.

Despite these benefits, Mr Caselli’s plan will have to pass legal hurdles at a national level in France, where drones are at present only used by the military.

Among the concerns are fears that drones would risk invading the privacy of law-abiding Marseille residents.

Police officer David-Olivier Reverdy said: “Before we send in drones, let’s see exactly what the police can achieve when given proper resources to do their jobs.”

“If we have €1 million to invest in a technological solution like drones, surely we have the means to equip French police officers who are dedicated and trained to gain intelligence on criminal networks, and to break them up.”

Crime in Marseille has spiralled with the 13 gun murders in 2013 alone prompting the emergency deployment of 130 extra riot police and 24 more detectives.

[Editor’s Note: The St. Louis police chief has suggested similar measures to combat crime.]

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  • Puggg

    And just like here in St. Louis, it won’t do any good in France.

    Here’s a hint: A politician from the political party that depends on the votes from the race of people committing the violent crine in Marseille is proposing the drones. Do you think that they’ll actually propose anything that will work if working means it hurts the people that vote for you?

    We don’t need drones to show us who is committing the violent crime in Marseille, St. Louis or otherwise. We already know.

    • Dotson won’t be flying drones on the north side to look at our Bellcurvii deal dope, they’ll be flying them on the southwest side to hunt for white people with rinky dink code violations.

  • Spartacus

    “Criminal gangs are even known to use assault rifles, such as AK-47s, thought to be smuggled through Mediterranean ports.”


    Wait a minute… The French have gun control ! Why isn’t it stopping criminals from buying rifles ?


  • Spartacus

    From Wikipedia :

    “In 1999, in several arrondissements, about 40% of the young people under 18 were of Maghrebi origin (at least one immigrant parent).”

    Wanna bet those are the arrondissements that have the most crime ?

  • IstvanIN

    It would be far more prudent to have the trouble makers emigrate, be deported or disappeared.

    • mgs166

      I vote for “disappeared.”

  • A petition called ‘Will It Take Batman To Save Marseille?’

    No, but it will take Marine LePen. And a whole lot of honesty about race.

  • HJ11

    Just send all the Blacks and other non-Whites back to where they came from and there won’t be much violent crime.

    • MekongDelta69

      Along with all their socialist enablers…

  • benvad

    The Magreb & Afrique noir got their freedom in 1960s. Time to stay in your countries. Especially Algerians, the terrorized until the got their republic. Time to never associate with them, send Zidane his métis spawn back to Kabyle.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    Berbers and Muslims are nearly as violent as blacks. Who would have thought? It makes me sad to see this once great Greek colony destroyed by third-world immigrants.

  • bigone4u

    Dust off the guillotine and use it on organized crime in France. Just sharpen the blade first, so that the executions are humane. Wouldn’t want an old dull blade screwing up the thing, would we?

    • Ella

      This would also work well on the recent 2400 Aliens released in America by ICE. Justice supposed to be “blind” for both USA and France.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Did it ever occur to anyone what a huge mistake this is, given that Sarkozy and company hate and despise the native born French? They will not use drones against the Muslim invaders, they will sooner or later use them to kill Frenchmen and women who dare to fight back against the Jihad being waged against them. Even worse, the Muslim hordes will probably get their hands on them. Even if they are not armed, they will definitely be yet another nail in the coffin for Frenchmen’s privacy. These drones enable operators to shadow anyone they like for hours, days, even weeks at a time.

  • Dave4088

    I wonder what color the violent criminals and drug dealers are?

    • Spartacus

      Look in your toilet and you’ll find out .

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Drones carry with them one deadly danger, and that is “mission creep.” Even a small one can be armed with any number of weapons, missiles, bombs, cannon, mini-guns, even lasers or chemical weapons. Some of them ARE weapons that rove around an area in search of a target. They might be toy like today, but tomorrow they are going to be ‘”aerials” out of the Terminator movies.

  • jackryanvb

    French General Paul Aussaresses, directed counter terrorism in French Algeria.

    Read his tell all book “Battle of the Casbah”, everything Amren readers fantasize about doing to Black criminals, Muslim terrorists, Gen. Aussaresses did and more, and he brags about it.

    Yes, Paul tortured and executed low life, scum Algerian FLN terrorists who put bombs in White discos, that what he did.