Liberals and the Knockout Game

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, December 7, 2013

For once, they’re right.

The “knockout game,” in which young black men try to knock out an unsuspecting stranger with a single punch, is finally getting national attention—as it should. It’s nasty business. If whites were knocking out blacks it would be a national scandal.

But since whites are the victims, and since the capacity of elite whites to excuse black violence is one of the wonders of the modern world, the New York Times and National Public Radio have told us there is nothing to worry about. As late as November 22, New York City Police Chief Raymond Kelly was saying, “We’re trying to determine whether or not this is a real phenomenon.”


Matt Quain, St. Louis “knockout game” victim.

It’s a real phenomenon, alright. Even Al Sharpton says so, and he’s not known for noticing black misbehavior. There have been hundreds of reports of the game, and some of them go back years. A 2009 article from Denver, Colorado, quoted a black minister, Leon Kelly, who runs a gang-prevention program:

“They knock a young white guy out with one blow to see if his knees will wobble and surround them and take their money.”

Rev. Kelly added that young blacks record the attack on video, replay it endlessly, and roar with laughter when they see the victim go down.

That Denver story is four years old. And by 2010, people were already calling the game “polar bear hunting” because blacks like to play it with whites.


It’s much harder to say whether there has been a real increase in polar bear hunting or just more talk about it. Looking up crime records would probably not help because most cases—even if they were reported—would simply be classified as assaults or robberies.

In fact, it makes hardly any difference if there has been a big increase. There is already so much black-on-white crime that even if there were ten times as many knockouts as there were three years ago, the numbers would be lost in rounding error.

There is a huge amount of black crime—a lot of it directed at whites—and has been for years. The media can screech all they want about police bias and “racist” justice, but the Department of Justice collects data that give us a very precise picture of interracial crime. Since 1972, the department has run something called the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), which covers a huge sample of nearly 160,000 people. DOJ then calculates what the total crime figures should be for the whole country, based on the sample. And every few years, NCVS asks what race the perp was.

The NCVS is more accurate than police reports, and for two reasons: First, only about half of all violent crime victims call the police, so official reports are always undercounts. Second, police records don’t make it easy to track interracial crime, whereas the NCVS specifically ask about it.

Unfortunately—in fact, astonishingly and unforgivably—the NCVS lumps all Hispanics in with whites. Its operating manual for interviewers (page C3-64) says:

If a respondent answers the offender’s race question with “Spanish, Hispanic, or Latino” . . . mark Box (1) “White.”

This means that when the NCVS says “white,” it really means “white and Hispanic.” There are signs the DOJ has finally noticed that there are a few Hispanic criminals in the country and that it will start counting them, but for now we are stuck with boneheaded numbers about “whites” that include Hispanics.

The NCVS counts single-offender and multiple-offender crimes separately. In 2008—the latest year for which we have numbers—blacks acting alone attempted or completed 430,000 acts of violence against “whites,” while the figure for “white” violence against blacks was 91,000.

That same year there were 142,000 multiple-offender violent crimes against “whites” by blacks–that is to say, a bunch of blacks got together and raped, robbed, and/or attacked a “white” person. What about group attacks by “whites” on blacks? The NCVS sample reported so few that the official figure was rounded down to zero. That’s right: a group attack by “whites” on blacks is so rare that the huge NCVS sample of 160,000 people came up dry.

Multiple-offender "knockout" attack.

Multiple-offender “knockout” attack.

If we add single-offender to multiple-offenders crimes, we get 572,000 violent crimes by blacks against “whites” versus 91,000 cases that go the other way. Given that the combined white and Hispanic population is about 6.5 times greater than the black population, these numbers mean that a black person is 38 times more likely to attack a “white” than the reverse.

There is another way to look at this. When a black criminal goes looking for a victim, he chooses a “white” about 54 percent of the time. This means that despite all the hand-wringing about black-on-black crime, there is actually more black-on-“white” crime. “White” criminals choose black victims less than 5 percent of the time.

This is what the American people have been telling us year after year, but the New York Times and National Public Radio refuse to listen.

The only interracial crimes we hear about are those rarities committed by whites—especially if the police call them “hate crimes.” I don’t understand all the shouting about “hate crimes.” If black thugs rob a white man or gang rape a white woman, does it really matter whether anyone said “white mother-fu**er” while they were doing it? If a black person is beaten up by whites, does he care whether he was called rude names?


We are supposed to be outraged by “hate crimes,” because they are bad for race relations. That’s why they get special penalties. But which is worse for race relations: the 2012 total of 2,695 officially recognized hate crimes or the other 660,000 in which the perp did not utter the magic words?

If the country really cared about improving race relations, it would impose stiffer penalties on all inter-racial crime—but that would never do. It would have a “disparate impact” on blacks, who—all by themselves—commit 65 percent of the interracial crime.

In any case, does anyone doubt that virtually all black-on-white crime, including the knockout game, has at least some racial motivation? As John Derbyshire points out, our country is trying just about as hard as it can to teach blacks to hate us. Every time blacks come up short, whether it’s on test scores or crime rates or poverty or illegitimacy, we pat them on the head and tell them it’s not their fault. We tell them to blame vicious, hateful white people, past and present.

If Hollywood makes a movie about race—even if it’s supposed to be about a historical event—it turns the white people into sadistic psychopaths. I have lost count of how many newspapers and universities and state governments and Christian denominations and US Presidents have apologized for slavery. And the campaign to wipe out “negative stereotypes” has one official and honored exception: the white racist. With all these white people telling blacks how awful white people are, it’s a wonder there isn’t more black-on-white violence.

Scene from Twelve Years a Slave.

Scene from Twelve Years a Slave.

Part of the mania for excusing blacks is the refusal even to recognize the reality of the things liberals are so desperate to excuse. Ann Coulter complains that liberals are trying to play down the knockout game by pointing out that there has always been loads of black crime, so it’s no big deal. Miss Coulter should know better than to complain. It’s a huge step forward for the non-Fox media to admit there is any black crime at all.

So our rulers are right: There is such a fantastic amount of black-on-white crime that the knockout game doesn’t amount to much. But at least the game is forcing them to take a look at something they don’t usually even admit exists.

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • …liberals are trying to play down the knockout game by pointing out that there has always been loads of black crime…

    Even that is a big admission for liberals to make, by liberals’ own standards. That’s the same kind of noticing things that they generally prohibit us from doing.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Well the level of cognitive dissonance is hilarious.

      Well, sure, Blacks have been disproportionately violent for ever. What do you expect you racists!!! Ha ha!

      Or what, liblefties? We Whites DESERVE this so stop whining? THAT is also a factor in their smugness.

      I’d love to play this little game with the liblefty punditocracy. Bet I could knock out most of ’em with one punch as good as a negro!

      • Alexandra1973

        Of course they’ll be quick to explain away why blacks are so violent. Blame whitey.

        • GOD

          “When one becomes a liberal, he or she pretends to
          advocate tolerance, equality and peace, but hilariously, they’re doing so for purely selfish reasons. It’s the human equivalent of a puppy dog’s face: an evolutionary tool designed to enhance survival, reproductive value and status.
          In short, liberalism is based on one central desire: to look cool in front of others in order to get love. Preaching tolerance makes you look cooler, than saying something like, “please lower my taxes” — Greg Gutfeld

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Exactly. It is easy to give lip service to tolerance and the notion of peaceful co-existence when one lives in an all-White, low crime, peaceful neighborhood. Folks who experience the sociopathy that is Negroid behavior on a daily basis know that this stuff is nothing but pure naivete.

          • M&S

            First, I would say ‘attention’ rather than /love/. Attention begets power because power is about holding the national agenda as theme-meme. Love is a two way street where each side vamps the other unto equilibrium or entropy.
            Then I would offer that Liberalism is a the functional extremist end of a behavioral spectrum where centrists cling to established values and moderates swing towards whoever is strongest.
            What has gone wrong with society is that where a World War had made crusaderism cool, liberals are the sons and daughters of an idealism that they did not make nor would have advocated (Liberals are cowards) had it been up to them but rather ‘ran with’ as an established agenda that let them displace their own sense of outlier isolation as victimization onto another population group whom most whites simply didn’t know enough of, one way or another, to judge.
            Thus you have this built up image of a socio-cultural revolution that is the extension of what 60s brats thought made their daddy’s famous and which The Tribe directed them to “Get done by implying it was for others rather than themselves” (like the JFKs famous: “You always get more done by giving credit for it to someone else…”).
            The problem is that, just like WWII, this was not only an invented condition but one based on false assumptions of nobility.
            Whites brought blacks to the U.S., not out of sadism for ‘another sentient being’ but because they didn’t want to pay other whites to do the jobs society needed to sustain and grow itself.
            That didn’t make blacks themselves noble.
            Whites of the 1960s didn’t want to know blacks, just as they still do not, they simply wanted to be away from the connection to blacks that 3% of society exploiting slavery had been _paid for in full_ by 750,000 whites dying to free the slaves, 100 years before.
            But white liberals to include women and far-left men displaced their own sense of non-dominant social function frustration by displacing their (false) sense of victimization upon another group and by doing so, ‘forming a coalition’ in which to disconcert as much as fight the majority with Phantom Menace guilt of oppression for all three.
            The truth was that ‘none of the above’ wanted a better society for all, they just wanted more power for themselves.
            And as with all societies where the fringe element becomes the driving social norm, what results is a condition in which partisan fragmentation destroys the whole all.
            Centrists have no center to fight for because society as the perfect excuse for their indifference to minority opinions is now coming apart at the seems, under minority control.
            Moderates wander aimlessly, looking for power as stability without a moral core that says “Our identity as a race is it’s own overriding goal” (survival of the white genetic algorithm of controlled breeding and hard work is what is at risk here, and black profligacy and stupidity is the useless at everything counterpoint).
            And the self-important Extremists, like Hitler, are so deep in their delusion that they have effectively said: “Rather than cede power to the racists who were right, we will ride this country into the ground on the precept that it’s better for all whites to die rather than a vague ideal of ‘equality, liberty and brotherhood’ which _does not exist amongst our fellow disenfranchisers_.
            Liberals are the most pathetic of all because they don’t dare to look within for the motives of their pathological altruism and in facing their own ugliness, dare to glance aside at that vicious partners they have chose to ally themselves with who don’t even hold their own espoused traits as truth.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Exactly. White Leftists also think that Mandela was a hero, and do not even know about the Boer Genocide when I ask them what they think about it. If they are willing to engage in reasonable discussion and show interest in learning about the Boer Genocide, I tell them a little about it, and encourage them to read more, letting them know that simply typing “Boer Genocide” into google will bring up a wealth of information. Unless a White person is bathing in self loathing, I can’t imagine them reading very much about the Boer Genocide without recoiling in disgust at the senseless violence and brutality of the South African Negro population.

      • Young Werther

        I see you have a good sense of humor. Good. It is healthy. Nothing changes…we talk they kill us, we talk they kill us…so far.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Thanks. The sturm and drang of this weary epiphany of mine – race realism – and my inability to either ignore it or stop talking/thinking about it…

          Impels me to make a big ugly sick, True, joke of it. I try to throw in generous dollops of sarcasm, soft-core meanness, pretentious farce, absurdity, snark…

          When you are effectively shut up by society the only way to express yourself is through humor. Leftists have used this for a while.

          I was once a leftist. Still ascribe to a sort of “racial socialism” in a very broad and squishy manner, though nothing doctrinaire.

          • Young Werther

            I don’t think I have ever been a true Leftist in the sense of The New Left as Ayn Rand termed it, but I can be obnoxious, a snob, full of irony…very un pc…guess that is why so many of my comments have been removed or rejected here, among other reasons, some known to me and some not…and:
            “When you are effectively shut up by society the only way to express yourself is through humor…”.
            How about rage? I kind of like that idea too. Sometimes, I really like that form of expression. I think that is healthy…pent up anger and rage, frustration and so on can bring about big changes because it almost always leads to rage.

          • Young Werther

            Still ascribe to a sort of “racial socialism” in a very broad and squishy manner, though nothing doctrinaire

            What an interesting statement…pray tell what that might look like.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Rage: OK and certainly a powerful engine. Five to fifteen minute hates can indeed do the soul well but too much rage burns the candle too fast. Humor can be very mean.
            Racial Socialism? Just sort of came up with that. I pine for the days when we had a merit based civil service and a healthy, mixed economy. I like a smart social safety net, something made very difficult to achieve in a tribalized farce where one or two groups produce while others bleed and drag down.
            When I win the buzillion dollar mega-busta-ball lottery I’ll show you.
            After taking care of myself and my own the rest goes into the “Europa Foundation”, a non profit that…
            1. Fosters White-European heritage and pride.
            2. Links together networks of Whites in their communities.
            3. Assists economically distressed Whites through…
            a. emergency funds
            b. linking with charitable Whites who want to help
            c. through networking with other whites build the support groups needed for distressed Whites to help each other (rides for babysitting, whatever)
            4. Assists education of Whites through…
            a. Scholarships for White youth in need
            b. Consultative and enabling assistance for White home schooling
            5. Helps link up distressed Whites with legal assistance to sue when denied anything or when discriminated against.
            6. Copy and paste NRA stuff, throw in some martial arts and basic safety/crime watch stuff – The Phalanx. Provide for security against antiWhite antifa slime and random criminality.
            Is that Racial Socialism?

          • Young Werther

            Sounds like it to me. I love order. Rage is needed to bring about order, or re-establish ORDER. Rage is building in ways I have never witnessed before. There are many people who could create a machine overnight to do all the things you listed above. MANY people…it might *have * to be done.

          • Young Werther

            I am afraid my humor can be awfully mean. Sometimes *mean* is necessary.

          • Young Werther

            Sounds like a plan. Been wondering what to do with my money for years. Is that an existing foundation, or your dream foundation? Ever wondered about #5? It is like the easiest thing in the world to get a few retired lawyers together to start up a firm via a foundational funding grant. Where are they? Where is it?. Yet it has been attempted. Know what goes wrong everytime? Interesting. Btw, Old Scratch, I looked it up on several sites and since it appears to have been a New England term for the most part (one site claims it is from Old Norse mythology (my ancient ancestors were Norse) it is no wonder I do not recall hearing it, since all my ancestors since the 1600s have been from the colony of VA, or the Deep South. Yet I have read lots of Trollope and love him, but apparently did not read The Devil andDaniel Webster,in which it is supposed to appear.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Souf Crakalaka here. It’s my pipe dream.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Violent forever is right. The Negro race is the least advanced species of Homo Sapien. Libtards are in a state of permanent denial regarding race. They wallow in the blissfully ignorant notion that all races of humans have the same behavior patterns and same basic temperaments, and even equal abilities, when any logical person can see that this is not the case. The Negro race is more violent than us Caucasians, plain and simple. Negroes do not need to be convinced to hate a certain enemy, and to fight them on a battlefield, as our people have traditionally done. Negroes will become violent at the drop of a hat, and for no reason whatsoever. Most Negroes do not live by a moral code, as we do.

    • Oil Can Harry

      QD, If you can stomach reading the leftard websites you’ll find that after years of ignoring the Knockout Game they now admit it exists but then add the bogus claim that conservatives are lying by claiming it’s on the increase.

      That’s why they say “the knockout game TREND is a myth”. In reality the police don’t count KO Game assaults separately from regular assaults, making it hard to “prove” whether it’s increasing or not.

      • Great catch.

        Last I was aware, the kook left was saying that Knockout Martin Luther King didn’t even exist. And now they’re saying it existed all along but it’s no worse than it ever was?

        Next thing you know they’ll be saying that we’re all around about the race IQ gap, that it’s not getting any worse.

      • M&S

        Which is why we need to get allies in the medical profession. If blacks have 10% harder bones and 20% higher quick-twitch muscle density, then the kinds of injury you see above will not be all that uncommon and the hospital records will record it, by type.

        Fake releases of medical information which they are forced to ask patients for. Get the data. Shame the entire police as liberal establishment.
        Has nobody learned anything from WikiLeaks?
        We are no longer the Centrist but the Outliers, the Fringe Element. Our refusal to accept our displacement comes, not from our own lack of intelligence as conservative view but rather from the simple truth: the Moderates and Liberals are not interested in looking for the truth. They want to accept and to make it (respectively) as a function of justifying their position.
        The Truth is still The Truth. Because black and Hispanic genetic algorithms will seek to utterly displace white dominance as /presence/ on the American stage. That is what a genetic algorithm does: seek dominance and then eliminate competition.
        But that truth will be of little use to any of the white Centrist/Moderate/Liberal communities if it is discovered only in passing as we exit the stage of our own nation hood.
        We must therefore uncover and reveal it, forcing the Liberals to admit to their own vile sociopathy as a function of disengaging from the black menace which _still_ numbers only 13% of this societies total population.
        Moderates will follow because that is their nature. And the commercial as media driven national agenda will switch back to whites for whites social dominance because without a cause to cling to, blacks lack the social organization as selflessness to be functional.
        Hispanics are the real monster in our midst because they are the growth demographic which is set to displace the white genetic algorithm towards something closer to Mexico’s casta-as-class and they have the organizational capabilities to make it happen such that they can summon a majority controlled government of The Espania.
        But regardless, we cannot fight for our own destiny in our own homeland with the promise of robotics to replace conventional capitalism as exploitation of a ditch digger consumer ‘market’, if we cannot regain a collective group identity.
        And that begins with putting the liberals down so hard that they can never again attempt this ‘Those guys are victims and I am their champion so give me all your money as power, you racist!’ nonsense.
        Getting the straight data from the victim lists on the KO Game is a first step in that direction.

    • Berkeley Guy

      Emotionally, I don’t whether to laugh or cry.

  • Erasmus

    Thanks for the picture of “Reverend” Sharpton. Looks as if he’ll be rendezvousing soon with Trayvon in hell.

    • Garrett Brown

      Someone jokingly said he had aids in another article. I found it quite hilarious.

  • Ronald

    It is often said that figures don’t lie, but liars figure. For example, in rare instances where Whites are attacked by the “Blacks” and the White acts to defend himself by fighting back, the corrupt legal system acts to mitigate the behavior of the “Blacks” by declaring such encounters to be “mutual combat”. Go figure.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    From Wiki, the average incarceration rate of Hispanic to White is 1.8, or roughly 2 to 1 Hispanic to White nationwide. Incarceration rates mirror crime victim reports nicely, therefore I would suggest that one take the “White” crime rate and multiply it by .35 or roughly a third to figure out how many crimes are being committed by REAL Whites vs Hispanics.

    Following this we can arrive at a reasonable guestimation regarding “White on Black” crime, which should also be one third of the total reported by lumping in Hispanics with Whites.

    • Strike_Team

      Wiki is playing it down. In CA, the incarceration rate of “hispanics” to whites is now almost 3 to 1 and rising. The govt. tries to bury the numbers.

      Yes, I am involved in law enforcement. In the US, Mexicans alone, not counting other latinos, are over 3 times more likely to commit murder than whites, and this number is rising as well. Salvadorans are worse, and while I don’t have the numbers on hand, I would bet they are not far off from blacks these days when it comes to their propensity to kill. Unless you have been around these creatures, you have no idea how cruel, stupid, primitive and violent they are. It’s staggering.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Thanks for the inside info.

        Even multiplying the White crime rate by .33 yields an even more damning picture of the state of things. I’m sure in CA its higher than national average.

        Yeah, Salvadorans have quite an edge to them.

      • Jack Burton

        Looking at Salvadoran DNA studies they have a higher contribution of Amerindian ancestry than other Hispanic groups, so that would explain it.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          The expression in Spanish for getting angry is “getting your Indian up”.

          The worst mix of all has to be the Zambo, black-native like most Puerto Ricans.

          • There is no situation so bad it can not be made worse. Convert these Catholic Zambos to Islam; that would be worse.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Worse + worse = more worse. Worser.

            Add Islam to anything else to make worse.

          • Katherine McChesney

            I always heard it was ‘getting your Irish up”.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            The local version of it. Think Comanches and fire water…
            “Se sube el indio…”

      • newscomments70

        I’ve had so many near death experiences on LA freeways, I don’t drive there anymore. 15 years ago, it was bad, but it was more bearable. I can’t do it anymore. I admire your fortitude. You are facing a rising tide.

        • Strike_Team

          Rising tide is correct. And I work in the middle of it.

          There is no hope of ever making blacks and browns see it “our way”. One would have to be an absolute idiot to believe anything else. Ask anyone in law enforcement. Anyone who is a realist. Whites need to “withdraw”, kick out the aliens and traitors, and then they can retake the continent.

          • newscomments70

            It’s a sad reality. When i was younger, I actually liked living in LA. I was naive, I guess. It just became unbearable to live there, after awhile. Everytime I drove on the 5 or 101 fwy through downtown, I would either get rear-ended, or someone would try to run me off the road. I never had a problem with muggings though, it was just the homicidal driving habits of Mexicans and others. Living in the city, I usually got along well with most, including many non-whites. On a personal level, the people I disliked the most were white liberals.

  • Alexandra1973

    As for those who claim the KO game is just an urban legend…I wonder how crow tastes…?

    • Erasmus

      (Hmmm, I wonder what sort of malt liquor goes well with crow.)

      • Max Krakah

        “Jim Crow” malt likkah

  • Jefferson

    A Mestizo/Spanish speaking Amerindian on Black crime is counted as a “White” on Black crime. But is a Black on Mestizo/Amerindian crime counted as Black on “White” or is it counted as Black on “Hispanic” ?

    Does law enforcement classify George Lopez for example as a “White” victim if he gets robbed at gunpoint by a Bantu while at an ATM machine, or is he classified as a Hispanic victim ?

    • TeaZar

      Hispanics are counted as white only if they are perpetrators, but not as victims. In this way they skew the numbers to make it look like there is more white perps. It’s called affirmative action.

  • [Guest]

    >>>…The capacity of elite whites to excuse black violence is one of the wonders of the modern world….

    It’s also one of the most obvious proofs that on the subject of race a lot of white people are flat-out depraved nuts.

    >>>This means that when the NCVS says “white,” it really means “white and Hispanic.”

    That’s disgusting. It’s also disgusting that this practice necessitates our putting references to our own race in quotation marks, as if we were not quite real.

  • JohnEngelman

    the capacity of elite whites to excuse black violence is one of the wonders of the modern world.

    – Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, December 7, 2013

    Elite whites live in white, which is to say safe, neighborhoods. During their entire lives they have known few blacks. These few have been exceptional, or they have accepted subordinate positions without resentment.

    This is true whether these whites are liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans. These elite whites suffer from what George Orwell called “money sheltered ignorance.”

    • Jack Burton

      That’s true, but there are also plenty of liberals that know full well how blacks really behave and still excuse them. It’s not merely that they’re ignorant, they’re really delusional.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Some of these libtards simply have no human decency or moral fabric. This is why they excuse Black behavior. Whites who have been sufficiently exposed to Black behavior and actually like Blacks are those who fail to see the sociopathy of Black behavior. A person who thinks unprovoked violence is okay is certainly not going to take issue with things like Trayvon Martin’s unwarranted physical assault on George Zimmerman. To find such things abhorrent requires a moral compass.

        • My suspicion is that the libtard excuse-mongers regard themselves as morally better than the rest of us, precisely because they can contort their thinking through bizarre psychological gymnastics to rationalize the behavior of vicious black thugs.

        • Jack Burton

          That’s how much they hate White people. They hate White people and Whiteness as an abstraction so much that they will hurt others and even themselves. They’re fanatics, they will lie, cheat and steal for their agenda. The most fervent advocates I’ve come into contact with are Jews, Asiatic Caucasoids in general and mestizos.

    • Jefferson

      The majority of rich White people in South Africa drive bullet proof cars because the Black crime rate there is so out of control.

      Do you think America will ever reach that level where most rich White people are going to drive bullet proof cars because of vibrant diversity chimping out too much ?

      • MBlanc46

        We may not be there yet, but that’s the direction we’re headed.

        • Non Humans

          Depends upon which parts of certain cities. If Im going anywhere that carrying the Beretta is essential, I would consider the need for vehicular armor as just as essential, as well as body armor.

      • Bantu_Education

        “The majority of rich White people in South Africa drive bullet proof cars”. I very much doubt this is true, although it depends on your definition of “rich”. Certainly not in Cape Town and the Western Cape which is still (relatively) peaceful and civilised you may be surprised to hear.

      • John R

        Major difference: For all the stupidity of White liberals, most will draw the line if minority crime affects THEM PERSONNALLY. Then, they will clamp down a bit. Also, remember, the US, unlike South Africa, is a major superpower. Other countries cannot order us around. South Africa was ultimately brought down because the White Western nations betrayed her, and ganged up on her. The White South Africans-a small minority in their own land-could not control both the blacks amongst them, and the pressure from all the major powers that should have been supporting them. As bad as things are here, that is probably why Whites in this country will not get that bad off-at least not for the time being.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Right on the money. Most wealthy people are abhorrently self centered, especially White Liberals. Empathy, for them, is as foreign a concept as civilized decorum is for Bantus. Negroes are this way at all income levels, though, driven by pure hedonism, never giving a rat’s a*s about anything that doesn’t affect them personally.

    • Jon

      Elite whites are for most part completely out of touch with the white majority and could care less what happens to them.

    • George Clark

      “the capacity of elite whites to excuse black violence is one of the wonders of the modern world.”

      – Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, December 7, 2013

      “Dogs fuc*ed the pope, no fault of mine.”

      –Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Exactly. Elite Whites are not exposed to Bantu behaviors on a daily basis. They think that they are immune to the manifestations of Negro sociopathy, and will never be the victim of something such as a random knockout game. The wealthy libtards actually think that most Blacks are angry about racism, and thus, would never lay a finger on a White leftist. These wealthy White leftists need to spend some time living in close proximity to Blacks, or be required to deal with an appreciable number of Blacks at work. They will change their views, if they have a shred of sense and decency in them.

      • JohnEngelman

        You write of “wealthy libtards” and “wealthy White leftists.” What about “wealthy wingnuts” and “wealthy White rightists.”

        The Republican Party exists in order to advance the economic interests of the richest and best paid ten percent of the American population. Most rich people vote Republican.

        • Fak_Zakaix

          With the exception of Jews.

  • bigone4u

    The big picture here is the conspiracy to ignore black on white crime. The conspirators are government, the media, and academia. The payoff for them is that whites resist the racial solidarity that would result in massive social change that would benefit whites and hurt bureaucrats and their ideologues.
    As the truth slowly leaks out, such as with the Zimmerman prosecution and now the knockout game, white racial awareness is rapidly increasing. You see it in Internet comments. A motivated white race would cut off politicians and professors at the knees. Rest assured, they’re sweating bullets about now. Our job is to take this crisis and not let it go to waste.
    Convert everyone you’re on friendly terms with to an anti-government, race realism while idiots Obama/Holder keep stirring the pot. Our job is made that much easier by the evil dumb and dumber mulatto twins.

    • Just bought a copy of Flaughtery’s “White Girl Bleed a Lot” to give to a Democratic friend for Christmas. Although he disagrees with mostly everything I say, I think he’ll read it just out of curiousity about the title.

      • Thor Bonham

        Why have a friend that disagrees with everything you say ? You have zero in common, so why do you even bother? You know that book is going in the trash, yet you buy it for your “friend” any way .. Doesn’t make much sense ..

        • tlk244182

          Many (All?) libs are seemingly impervious to facts and reasoning. It’s truly a mental illness. I’ve never made progress with a liberal.

          • Non Humans

            You can always embarass them.

  • Strike_Team

    All I know is that it took a jew being attacked to have this make a dent in the national media. That’s criminal in itself.

    Blacks have been attacking whites like this for decades. Now it has a new name, and white technology, yes whites invented it, allow the animals to record their triumphs for posterity, to show the next generation the way.

    • Jack Burton

      That’s right, now it’s big news since a few Jews have been injured. Now they’re really talking about it. Michael Savage is claiming it’s a “low-grade pogrom” against Jews, which is ridiculous. They are not exclusively targeting Jews. The majority of victims are non-Jewish Whites.

      • Jon

        Jews love to complain and do it so everyone can hear but white just take without defending themselves. Whites should just defend themselves and forget about the media because they could care less.

        • Fair Dinkum

          Whites know they’re not likely to get much support from their fellow whites if they’re hauled into court for defending themselves from a black. Injure or kill a black, no matter what the circumstances, and the left will do its best to railroad you into prison.

      • Max Krakah

        Michael Weiner is a loud mouthed …

      • They’re pounding a few Jews as “collateral damage” simply because there are a lot of Jews in NYC; this was inevitable. They’re really after non-blacks and aren’t concerned with subgroups. Jews, Orientals, white gentiles – the “yoofs” just don’t care what they get.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Very true. Zimmerman was a Mestizo, obvious to most of us Whites by his appearance, but to his Negroid attacker he was another White dude. A few Jews being attacked will hopefully wake up a lot of Jewish libtards, and make racial realists out of them. My old joke: Adolf Hitler-good idea, wrong group. If he had just sent his soldiers to Africa and the United States and exercised his final solution on the Negro problem, today’s world would be a far better place.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        As long as Jews refer to knockout game assaults as pogroms, they are at least raising awareness of Black on White violence. In this vein, every White who is attacked by a Bantu should immediately raise issues of Black bigotry against their nationality. Blacks are frequently shameless in insulting our various nationalities, so we should use this against them.

        • Likewise, if you are the victim of a “knockout” attack, you can always claim to the police that you are Jewish, gay or both. They won’t ask you to prove assertions like these, and hate crime laws would instantly kick into overdrive against the perps.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Very true. Would I play up that my ancestry is an eighth German Jewish in this case?? Of course!! Even though the last time an ancestor was a practicing Jew was back in Germany over 150 years ago, and I’ve never set foot in a synagogue, I would try pulling that card if it would help to garner justice against a wilding Bantu aggressor. People that have a smidge of Amerindian descent pull that card in such cases. The part that bothers me about this is that I could not pull the same card with my German Gentile or Scandinavian ancestry to equal avail. Since the Liberals are never going to consent to treating European Americans the same as everyone else, it is due time for red county America to focus on secession, as Western Maryland is doing. A White, homogenous, conservative society that places Judeo-Christian moral values first, and recognizes our cultural and racial superiority over the non-White world is what we can create if red county America parts ways with blue county America. If the Libtards want to live in crime infested, morally degenerate diversity hell, let them have it. Those of us that want to preserve our heritage need to bid the Libtards Adieu!!

    • Lord_Steven_Regal

      Yep, and if you listen to Al he keeps talking about senseless attacks against Jews. Some of that may be a byproduct of Al being in New York and the primary Knockout Game victims being Jewish, but most of it is likely Al knowing that Jews tend to be brethrens in Liberalism who help fund his agenda. Al was not as bent out of shape when whites in St. Louis or Milwaukee were beaten, nor is he using the word “white” when describing victims.

      • capnmorgan5150

        Don’t forget that Sharpton called New York “Heimytown”.

        • Massif1

          I think Jackson said that. Regardless, Sharpton and Jackson are the same person.

        • Lord_Steven_Regal

          No, that was Jesse Jackson.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Yeah, it was Jackson. He had to ‘donate’ to a Jewish cause with money he stole from white people.

          • Strike_Team

            You can bet the tribe wasn’t insulted at all. They saw it as a way to get back some of the funds stolen from us that were used to prop up Jesse the Spitter in his various campaigns. It’s no different for Sharpton. They back him all the way behind the scenes. His behavior is proof.

          • capnmorgan5150

            I stand corrected.

        • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

          Jewish Libtards need to wake up, and join us Gentiles in fighting to preserve the White race. There will be no place or respect for Jewish culture in a society dominated by Negroes and Mestizoes. Truly intelligent Jews are Philo-European, like Robert Weissberg, not Negro worshiping shrews.

          • tlk244182

            Perhaps they feel they will exercise at least as much influence over a Black/Brown culture as they do now, or believe that in any case, they can always move to Israel. Or perhaps they are mentally ill like the Gentile liberals, and cannot accept facts and reason when they contradict liberal dogma.

      • Bantu_Education

        And in future, and forever after, he’ll use this single instance of “speaking-out against violent black criminals” as a means of repudiating anyone who in the future who might be tempted to call him what he is – a one-sided black racist hypocrite.

    • Bulan Sabriel

      Jews in Crown Heights have been attacked for years. It took a video of this to get Jewish groups to stop apologizing and to take action, and for the media to pay attention.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Jews in the United States have never benefitted from being Negrophiles. I’ve never understood why some Jewish people remain so blind to the hatred that Blacks have for them, and blind to the fact that it is in White European cultures where they are received with the most tolerance.

        • Bulan Sabriel

          Jews in America are not a monolithic group. Liberal Jews are negrophiles and nothing short of violence against them or their families or friends will wake them up. Their idenitity is ties with liberalism.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            Exactly. Liberal Jews are like all other White Libtards, such as the Clintons or the Kennedys. Most of these folks are not in touch with their heritage. If they were, they would shun such Negro worship out of nothing other than pride.

    • Spartacus

      Vic Mackey is awesome !

      • dukem1

        I always thought it would take Vic and his crew about one and a half episodes to take down all the Sopranos.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Yo, da Knockout Kings!

      Jus’ keepin’ it real in Hymie Town!

    • Bantu_Education

      And the one orthodox jewish victim I read about co-operated with the cover-up by saying it wasn’t racially motivated. In that case I wish they had finished him off.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      And in that video of the young Jewish man being attacked he is merely bitch-slapped and keeps on walking.

      The Jewish lobby never misses an opportunity to cop a martyrdom feel.

  • negrolocaust

    it is black females and children not just black males. many of these blacks are 12 and 13 years old. why can’t people understand that? it is also taking place in carry states like florida, texas, and colorado. i wish people would get the facts straight.

  • Dave4088

    Sure, liberals and Sharpton-Jackson, et al., might grudgingly admit that the “Knockout Game” is real, but I expect them to blame imaginary lingering white racism, a poor economy, and school and workplace discrimination since blacks are never, ever responsible for their violent misdeeds against white people. Understanding the ethnic group who controls Hollywood, and who is therefore responsible for the endless stream of anti-white movies and TV shows also puts things in their proper context rather than just blaming “liberals”.

  • negrolocaust

    it seems like 90 percent of my life is spent trying to avoid any and all contact with blacks. i have turned it almost into an art form. even driving 20 miles out of my way to get gas where i know there will not be one black at that station. it even angers me to have to drive by them shuffling down the road aimlessly with their behinds hanging out of their pants.

  • Jon

    The knockout game would be a moot point if all white people both men and women were trained to use firearms and bought one as well as a permit. Do not complain if u refuse to protect yourself because it all comes down to self defense.

    • Jefferson

      The knock out games happens in mostly big liberal cities that only vote for Democrats for mayor. Extremely few White people in big left wing cities own a gun.

      That is why you are not seeing knock out games in Redneck cities like Amarillo, Texas or Charleston, West Virginia for example. Because Rednecks pack heat and Bantu yoofs know not to phuck with them.

    • What about those of us who are forever prohibited firearms? I did my time and finished my paper, so I made a coilgun for home defense and I carry a box-cutter outside.

      • Bill Moore

        Hello Michael Christopher Scott,

        Washington DC it trying to put as many of us Caucasians into your status as possible.

        I’m a war zone veteran, and when I go to the VA, they keep asking me if I ever have nightmares or have flashbacks and so forth. The obvious reason is to have me declared a danger to society and prohibit me from owning firearms.

        Veterans should be aware of this insidious program to stop veterans from owning firearms.

        Washington DC is terrified of veterans, especially war zone veterans. When the fighting starts, we’re the ones that can commandeer a tank and/or other heavy weapons (e.g., fighter planes, bombers, submarines, aircraft carriers, and so forth), and use them against Washington DC. We know how to operate those things.

        Watch what you say when talking to a “doctor”.

        Thank you,
        Bill Moore

        • The feds gave me a head-shrinker for the three years I was on supervision, and Justin once asked me whether I had any remaining anger. Yes, I still do, 13 years later, but this is manageable. My ex-father is now so full of cancer that even his tumors have suspicious growths, and the TSA agent housesitter who lied to me, stole from me and trashed my house is now seven years into a three-to-life sentence for molesting children. When Dr. Lincoln asked me whether I ever felt like retaliating against Rowe, I explained “No; I know exactly where he’s going.”

          I’ve been off paper for seven years and got married to the wonderful lady who wrote to me while I was locked up and we have an intelligent, healthy daughter.

          I think this means that I won.

          • Ella

            I see someone above with a new chance in life having two blessed gifts. I can’t understand some Whites who never have any ambition to ever improve their lives or plainly stagnate young or old. You had it hard but still able to make a worthy life after prison.

  • Funruffian

    Admission by the liberals doesn’t mean much to me. In fact, I smell a rat. I’m sure they will downplay the carnage and savagery of it and even make silly commercials about it. It’s there style of desensitizing the masses that heinous Negro behavior is excusable. If they can’t always sell the Magic negro, then they will resort to glorifying the sucker punches who attack Whites and Asians in mobs. They may even make excuses for it like they have before thousands of times. After all, the Chosen people love to inflict pain and torture on Whites via the Negro.

  • “They knock a young white guy out with one blow to see if his knees will wobble and surround them and take their money.”

    This is the milder variant of the Denver games. The more virulent version began as a gang initiation rite requiring that the wannabe member put a white in the hospital with a visible permanent scar, usually a knife slash across the face.

    • RisingReich

      I avoid Denver like the plague.

      • Who doesn’t? Aside from a couple of museums that are worth seeing once in a while, there really isn’t anything there. Colorado has great hiking, hunting, skiing, and whitewater rafting, and some adequate fishing. The hot springs at Pagosa Springs are great. For sightseeing an amazing display of geologicical cataclysm, there’s the La Garita volcanic crater near Creede. There’s Rocky Mountain National Park, and over on the other side, Grand Lake (it’s a pity the lodge there closed, as the food was amazing).

        What on earth does anyone need Denver for, except as an inconvenient place to get through as it sits like a giant tumor where I-25 and I-70 meet? They get temperature inversions during the winter that hold the smog close to ground level, and even in nice weather the oil refinery smell from Commerce City is nasty. It’s an illegal alien “sanctuary” city and thus 32% greaser. Since 2/3 of these speak Spanish at home, it is obviously full of genuine criminal alien invaders.

        Coloradans joke about how Greely stinks when an upslope wind blows from the pig farms to the east of there, but Denver is worse.

        • RisingReich

          Ha ha. While I agree with your sentiment – being a N. Coloradoan – Greeley’s smell is pretty awful. Plus, lately I read Greeley is 33% greasier. Loads of squatters there.

    • Gilbert Jacobi

      I’m thinking of relocating to the West or Northwest. Researched Great Falls, Mt., and it looks good. But your news of how destructive even 3% African can be gives me pause. Know of a Western small city/large town that’s good for a family with school-age children?

      • They don’t make trouble that I know of but you should be aware that MT is about ten percent Amerind.

        We currently live in a west Denver suburb and will stay here till age forces my wife to stop working as a home health nurse. Looking ahead, we’ve been thinking about either Laramie, WY (climate is probably much like Great Falls) or, and more likely, Dalhart, TX.

        You see, one of our constraints is that my wife insists on being within a day’s drive of our kids and grandkids, who live within five miles from where we are now. You don’t have that constraint, you’ll be taking your kids with you.

        As you probably already know, Wikipedia is a good source of information about cities and towns includiing demographics, climate and the nature of the local economy. I suggest that you look at small towns of maybe 10,000 people located 50-100 miles (ballpark) from regional centers — costs of living and housing will be lower than in places like Great Falls and Amarillo, and certainly lower than places like Denver.

        You will find that the highways out here are generally well maintained, and distances don’t matter nearly as much as they do east of the Missourri/Mississippi or on the coasts.

        It’s a big, big country. Consider taking a driving vacation next summer to see the west and northwest.

        • Gilbert Jacobi

          Thanks, Lex. Already took the drive, 3-4 years ago, but didn’t take notes or pay as much attention to detail as I should have.

          • On a 3-week fast-paced driving vacation forty years ago we identified three places that we would like to move to — San Diego, Flagstaff and Colorado Springs. We were fortunate enough to be able to move to the Springs, where we lived happily for twelve years.

            Michael Christopher Scott can tell us what the Springs is like these days — I wouldn’t recognize it today — but the area features a large military retirement contingent and is the seat of Christian radio in the USA. It is very conservative and, when we lived there, the police took no nonsense. The schools were good to excellent, especially Air Academy High, which is where our kids went.

          • I’ve been here most of the last 23 years, so almost half my life, and can not imagine wanting to live anywhere else. I miss Sydney, Australia for the fishing I did when the weather was good and the crabbing and clam-digging I did when the water was rough, but it never really felt like home. C.S. does. The tapwater in Colorado is the best I’ve had anywhere; I can’t imagine how there’s a market for bottled water here. The weather has been frigid lately, but I get a lot more work done when the cold keeps me indoors, so this isn’t all bad.

            Some of the things I particularly like is the fact that the city does a good job maintaining the streets, especially compared with Boulder. It is generally a safe place. The cost of living is reasonable. I moved here in early 1991 for work, which went away in July 2000 with my arrest, but I stay here because I like it.

            I would like to see a few other areas: the Azores, New Zealand, Buenos Aires and the Patagonian coast, the Russian army tank museum at Kubinka, etc.

            If I could change anything at all, we’d have a nearby ocean. I still have my big lures and hooks on stainless wire leaders and my heavyweight salt-water rod and reel.

  • Lord_Steven_Regal

    “Elite” whites don’t just excuse black crime. They also excuse black academic failure, black illegitimacy, black corruption, and any other black pathology. White “elites” only acknowledge that these black pathologies exist if they immediately then say that they’re the result of white racism. The white “elite” then pats himself on the back for distinguishing that he’s not like “those other whites.”

    • Spartacus

      Those “Elite Whites” aren’t actually White….

  • Sick of it

    Spoiled children don’t normally murder people in cold blood over nothing.

    • Katherine McChesney

      But, Blacks ARE spoiled children and they murder people in cold blood for nothing. And, it’s normal behavior for them.

  • Spartacus

    “If whites were knocking out blacks it would be a national scandal.”


    I say give it a try nonetheless…

    • MBlanc46

      Oh, Sparty, you are bad.

    • Evette Coutier

      I like the way you cut through the non-sense.

    • benvad

      I want someone to correct the left eye.

    • Bantu_Education

      If I knew it was by a white only then I would uptick…

      • Spartacus

        I’m pretty sure it was. It’s from a self-defense story that was also featured here an Amren a few months ago.

  • John K

    I would be okay with the knockout game if the victims were all liberals, since they’re the ones always making up excuses for the black vermin.

  • Lord_Steven_Regal

    Why does the response have to be politically correct if political correctness helped exacerbate the problem in the first place?

    • Young Werther

      I don’t think responses should be forced to be pc at all. Often times my posts have been rejected or removed here…guess it has to do with my not being pc enough for a White Man’s Race Realist site. No one tells me…perhaps I am considered disrespectful, but against whom and why? Words in the printed form are often taken the wrong way…it appears situational. Then again I can always guess..I have always enjoyed irony. Maybe it is the brutal irony that offends.

  • MBlanc46

    That sure does sum it up succinctly.

  • Kai is your guy

    According to Abby Martin the game is a myth or distraction. I hope that she doesn’t experience what many Whites have. It’s amazing how they can be so biased and minimalize this violence.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      If that is what she’s saying I sincerely hope she does experience the true nature of her pets.

  • ‘Liberals’ are great for inconsistent situational arguments. So when confronted with sane common-sense people saying that the ‘Knockout Game’ is part of an epidemic of black-on-white violence, they forget all about hiding or minimizing black crime and reflexively counter that this is all blown up out of proportion and is only ho-hum black crime as usual. However they will soon no doubt merrily buzz back to their PC hive by attributing these attacks to: growing up in the ghetto, a history of slavery, institutional racism, not enough youth programs, white privilege, etc, etc.

    On our side, if countless whites being blindsided and having their heads casually squashed as if they were dimwitted potato bugs by packs of laughing blacks does not soon cause a significant pro-Western political movement, including a political party that is not hopelessly entangled with open-border libertarians, it is hard to see what will ever awaken our people.

    • Max Krakah

      There is a tired old saw going around that says that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time” . That is not insanity, that is stupidity. The inability to learn. Insanity is believing two opposite things at the same time. Liberals are insane. They believe blacks are the victims of a racist, oppressive white society and they are always living in fear of violence, while at the same time they believe the levels of black rime are much higher than that of white crime. They believe disc rumination is wrong and then they say the government should discriminate. They say they believe in free speech, then they outlaw “hate speech” and then they go further and decide that those who don’t agree there is man made global warming are engaging in hate. They are totally tangled up in their won rhetoric.

  • Non Humans

    I usually call them on it when I see it in stores: “You must really miss your prison buttsex with your pants that low!”
    When I see them lumbering down a sidewalk, I usually throw my beverage out the sunroof at them. My accuracy isnt bad either.

  • crockadoodle6

    The script is being rewritten before our eyes. In spite of trillions of dollars over a half century the black behavior is unchanged and appears unchangeable. First, busing was jammed down our throats as one of the initial social engineering foundations. Then quotas, affirmative action, WIC, Medicaid and food stamp expansion, Hollywood mythologies, and finally a planned peaceful coup resulting from MSM cover and voter-fraud to place a black man in the white house…. Guess what? They have not changed and cannot change, so the elite must change the target. If white, first-world culture is not a remote possibility for blacks then make the whites adopt a black, third-world culture. Replace English with garbled, thick-lipped double negatives as acceptable, apply massive amounts of ink to your skin, eschew marriage, commitment, steady work, honesty and responsibility. Condone, excuse and wink at crime (knockout) against whites…….This is the new culture that is being written. It is a deevolution to the jungle…..something we left behind over 60,000 years ago and blacks still have hard-wired into their DNA. In a way it is easier to be a feral, roaming, irresponsible, violent, sperm donor/baby machine. But whites are hard-wired genetically to be anything but. That’s why this massive redefinition of American culture will ultimately fail.

    • Stan D Mute

      “… Will ultimately fail” ???

      Have you see the demographic data? Studied the trends?

      Whites WILL BE A MINORITY in as few as 20 years. And you think the cultural devolution will fail? How? Will the blacks and mestizos suddenly embrace white culture once they’re the majority?

  • tlk244182

    How do they keep their pants from falling all the way down? I’m asking in all seriousness. Safety pins? Hidden suspenders? Constant outward pressure as if doing a spit (as you suggest)? And how do they run? When I was growing up (in NYC,) I was always concerned about how my clothing would affect my ability to run fast if necessary.

    • I saw a white guy sagging his pants last week; completely absurd. The moron was smoking a cigarette, which made him 18 or older, but was sagging like a prison b**** and messing around on a skateboard. I once though that by the time someone is old enough to smoke, he’s also old enough to ditch the skateboard and dress like a man. Apparently I was wrong.

      • Brian

        Down my way I see the sagging but more common are the brightly colored 3/4 pants; I don’t know if they’re supposed to be shorts, culottes, highwaters or what. But they make the wearer look like an overgrown 12-y.o. Esp. with the obligatory t-shirt, sneakers, and anyway-but-normally-pointed baseball cap.

        • When women wear those, we call them “Capris”.

          • gemjunior

            I know those pants for men, and I think they are gay as hell and overtly feminine. Many of the men’s fashions are feminized nowadays, so sad.

          • I think so as well. Boot-cut jeans for me, except when cross-country skiing or the weather is really cold; then it is heavy wool Swedish army winter trousers.

            I loathe the fashion industry. I once said that fashion designers obviously hate women, but I suspect that they also hate men. They want folks to look silly.

          • Katherine McChesney

            I agree. Fashion designers DO appear to dislike women most off all. The clothing of today is geared mostly to Whores and Fags. Look at those strange shoes which make women’s feet look like club feet.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Blacks often dress in cartoonish clothing sold to them by black merchants. Their shoes are also strange looking. Pimp clothing, at best.

  • Could the fact that they are arrested more often for the same crimes POSSIBLY be due to the fact that they commit those same crimes more often?

  • I think what you’re trying to ask is how to respond to the silly studies that come out of lib think tanks a few times a year that state something like:

    Blacks who are arrested for drug crimes receive far stiffer sentences than white arrested for drug crimes, even though surveys report that black and white drug usage rates are the same.


    Da po’ black man got caught wiff a widdle bit of weed and da man sent him away fo’ 20 yeerz. Dat white man caught wif a widdle bit of weed and dey done give him a slap on da hand

    Never fear, QD is here.

    The big factors that contribute to what seems to be disparate sentencing are:

    1. Plea deals for the convenience of the prosecution
    2. Concurrent criminal charges
    3. Prior criminal history
    4. Dissimiliarity in seemingly similar crimes
    5. Geographical or age quirks

    Let me try to explain all four by rolling them all into one hypothetical scenario.

    The cops in Anywhere, U.S.A. arrest two people on the same day because they saw them both standing around with doobies in their mouths in public. One is 18-year old Blake, the other is 30-year old Dontrell. This is Blake’s first arrest for anything, while Dontrell not only has a half dozen serious felony convictions already, he also has outstanding warrants for dealing crack and armed robbery and firearm possession by a previously convicted felon.

    It should be obvious to everyone why the disposition of these two cases will be vastly different.

    But I should tie up a few loose ends:

    1. Prosecutors in cities with lots of blacks and therefore juries with lots of blacks have an incentive to broker plea deals to avoid juries. They want black suspects to cop pleas to technical crimes or process crimes, because if they go to trial on crimes that involve human victims, the victims are either too scared to testify for retribution or they’re black themselves and they don’t want to snitch on another black.

    2. There are drug crimes, and there are drug crimes. Being caught with one doobie full of weed is a drug crime, dealing crack is also a drug crime. Ceteris paribus, we know which draws the more serious sentence.

    3. Some crimes, especially drug dealing, are treated way more harshly if one deals drugs in one of these x number of feet radius from a school drug free zones (insert laugh tracks here) or to people under a certain age. Let’s say Blake sold a dime bag to one of his buddies of the same age nowhere in particular, but Dontrell sold a dime bag to a 12-year old in front of a school, ceteris paribus. So you have two people going up the river for dealing weed, all other circumstances are the same but two. But you know why the system will treat Dontrell a lot more harshly than Blake.

    4. “Surveys report drug usage rates are the same.” Surveys based on self-reporting. Never trust those, especially if you expect blacks to be honest.

    If this isn’t enough, then either wait until AR covers one of these nonsense stories about these nonsense studies, to read some of the reactions of other people, or you can go back into the archives and dig old stories of this type and read through the comment section.

  • Pelagian

    A black public defender, who later became a state Supreme Court judge, once told me categorically that blacks prefer whites as victims because their ability/willingness to fight back is way less.

  • Pelagian

    Knockout game is still significant because the randomness of it means that we whites no longer need to be flashing jewelry, cell phones or looking like a swell to be robbed. If you see a group of blacks coming the other way, you *must* cross the street no matter what, because of the knockout game.

    • John R

      Good point. And it destroys that stupid argument that black on white crime “is economic.” They don’t even bother trying to rob the victim. They don’t even try and PRETEND that it is because of “poverty.”

    • silviosilver

      A basic race-realistic street etiquette here could be something like: you cross; if they follow you’re allowed to draw and issue a warning; they continue coming, you can stand your ground and fire. Whatever faults one might find with this, the value comes from thinking in such terms. If enough people think this way a workable formula should emerge. And if blacks weren’t so insanely anti-white even they might agree that it’s better this way (‘cos, come on, how many decent blacks with a livelihood to think about walk around in packs anyway).

      • Stan D Mute

        Maybe where you live. But where I live, that “draw and issue a warning” is a FELONY with a mandatory 10 year sentence.

        If you need to use a weapon in self-defense, you draw and fire and keep firing until the threat stops.

        • silviosilver

          I’m talking about ways that etiquette could evolve to deal with these problems. I’m not talking about precisely what is right now the case.

        • I was taught by the United States federal court system to never, ever issue any sort of warning.


    You might try lagriffedulion . f2s . com/ .

  • Paleoconn

    The only reason the MSM is covering the knockout game after all these years of silence is because some Eskimos were targeted in Brooklyn. Who pays Sharkton on MSNBC?

    Also, although I agree with the notion that blacks are being taught to hate Whites, I think black-on-White crime would be just as bad if this was not the case. And by the author’s surprise that black-on-White crime is not even higher, is he saying blacks are showing restraint? Just what level of crime against Whites by blacks would make sense to the author?

    • ” … is he saying blacks are showing restraint?”

      I doubt it very much. I took it to mean either that a) some obscure societal pressure prevents blacks from committing even more violence against whites than reported, or that b) the incidence of such crimes is actually higher and the surprise is that the statistics don’t reflect this. Under neither of these interpretations would Taylor be saying that blacks are showing restraint.

      • Trayvon Martin is corrently showing a remarkable level of restraint. In fact, it has been almost two years since he assaulted anyone.

        • [stopmebeforeipunagain]

          Weren’t Zimmerman and Martin assault and pepper act?


    • NoMosqueHere

      MSNBC is a division of NBCUniversal. It is run by Stephen Burke, who is an Irish Catholic.

      • I suspect that since NBCUniversal is corporation owned jointly by Comcast (51%) and General Electric (49%), which are in turn publicly-traded entities listed on the NYSE, the real owners are investors like managed pension funds and not some nefarious cabal.

        • Oh, my: down-votes to our comments, MoMosqueHere. It appears that someone does not understand what publicly-traded corporations, shareholders, and boards of directors are. While Comcast CEO Brian Roberts is Jewish, the job of a CEO in a publicly-traded company is to make money for the shareholders. If the board of directors was allowing Roberts to focus his energies on political nonsense instead of the bottom line, Comcast wouldn’t have made a net profit of $6 billion last year.

          • Martel

            So the media disseminates anti-white propaganda because its profitable, got it!

            You can’t possibly make a profit and exert political influence at the same time, that’s inconceivable!

          • I can be done, but isn’t rational.

          • Martel

            So you believe that if the House of Lancaster in Games of Thrones were not evil blondes, HBO would lose revenue. Likewise for all other productions where blacks & jews are considered sacred oracles of wisdom and the blue eyed man is the obstinate fool or the perpetrator(who most likely blamed an innocent black men before his arrest). If this wouldn’t be typical of Hollywood movies and series, would Hollywood make less money?

          • I read the books by George R.R. Martin, and never watched the series. The books were about an island continent in the sad, slow process of self-destructing. What the Hollyweirdos did with that story is not my concern. I like Martin’s writing because just like Larry McMurtry, he develops his characters amazingly well and then kills the living daylights out of them. The screen adaptation of “Lonesome Dove” was excellent, by the way, and faithful to the book. We got the four DVD set out of the “bargain bin” at Wal Mart for three dollars back in about 2008.

          • Martel

            That’s great, but your claim that Hollywood can’t produce propaganda and run a profit at the same time is nonsense.

      • Stan D Mute

        It’s really even MORE pathetic to blame the Jews. What kind of white man gladly jumps into the VICTIM role?

        “ooh, those big bad meanie Jews are out to get us! All 2% of our population of them! especially all those 80 year olds in Palm Beach and Miami, they’re especially frightful and hurtful.”

        I have no trouble believing that Jews want more visible minorities here so that they aren’t singled out as they have been in other places and at other times. I have no trouble believing they work to cause an increase in those other groups or even instigate and agitate conflict between us and those groups. Let’s say they do all this and more, that they insert subliminal “kill whitey” messages into BET and Univision programming. My response is, “So what?” They’re 2% of our population. Which means, no matter how you slice it, WE ALLOW IT. Not just do we allow it, we must be actively helping because there simply aren’t enough Jews to do everything they’re accused of doing.

        But, more importantly, only a pathetically weak crybaby is going to whine that “The Jews” are forcing him to watch “college” football and basketball, NBA, NFL, Hollywood movies, buy rap records, let his kids dress and act like wiggers, etc. Sorry folks, but if that’s all we got then I don’t think we are worth saving. I’ll be damned if I’m going to risk myself or my family fighting for some moron who cheers at his TV when a negro successfully bounces a ball or runs across a lawn with a ball…

        • NoMosqueHere

          And…the intermarriage rate among secular or reform jews in the US is a whopping 71 percent. Jews are assimilating at a rapid rate. The orthodox aside, they are not particularly loyal to their own. They are blending into the american fabric, for better or worse. Most jews don’t want to be jews anymore. They want to be americans and they are.

  • Sick of it

    Children can use guns (I had one as a child). Children have easy access to knives. White children rarely kill people, despite being terribly spoiled today. Thus my point.

  • Archon0069

    Pisses me off that if whites attack a black its a hate crime how the FLICK is that when whites only make up 9% of the world population.

  • me

    Nothing you say will be ‘politically correct’ if it comes out of the mouth of a White man.

  • newscomments70

    Not everyone in those neighborhoods is liberal though. i.e. Malibu and Hollywood Hills are about 30% conservative. Santa Monica is about 20% conservative. If you lived there and get to know the people, some of them may as well be decent white folks from the South. You would be hurting many people on our side. Furthermore, many of those places already have section 8 housing. Malibu doesn’t have Section 8 housing…probably because Babs Streisand still lives there. There are many illegals living in shacks and guesthouses in Malibu however. They are servants for the wealthy, obviously. All of these areas have forced busing in the schools.

  • NoMosqueHere

    The poverty rationale for black violent crime and other dysfunctionality is and has always been fraudulent. Some of the real reasons include: (1) lower black IQ; (2) lack of imposed discipline on blacks; (3) molly coddling or blacks for no good reason, including affirmative action policies; (4) lack of political cohesion of whites, which makes whites vulnerable to black attack; and (5) insane, rampant political correctness.

    • IstvanIN

      Very succinct.

      • Stan D Mute

        Even more succinctly, they play it because WE ALLOW IT.

  • Kai is your guy

    I quit wasting my time with the whole RT media outfit. We need our own media.

  • Exactly. “Hispanic” usually means some variety of Mestizo: a cross between Iberian whites and Central- or South American Indios, but not always. Dominican blacks are “Hispanic”. The old actor Desi Arnez was a Cuban and therefore “Hispanic”, though for all intents and purposes he was white. The term is thus fairly useless as a race-descriptor; it merely refers to their main language.

    • Talltrees

      Desi Arnez’s ancestors could have been Spaniards (Spain). That would make him White. Spaniards hate to be called Hispanic even if they do speak Spanish.

      • M&S

        ‘True Spaniards’ discovered the Casta system which they brought to the New World and which functions today as the ‘color continuum’ in places like Mexico, only when overrun by Germanic tribes at the fall of Roman world.
        These tribes provided a legal system as a means of societal protection of rights as property and, beyond tribute and taxation, otherwise lived apart from the natives of the Iberian Peninsula, wanting nothing to do with them. The Spanish greatly admired this sense of self as isolate because the Germans, for all that they were a primitive people (Spain was a center of metallurgy and ship building among other things) had a higher cultural standard than they did.
        Prior to this and, it must be admitted, for a long time after, ‘Spanish’ whites were the genetic victims of migratory route influxes of other peoples from North African and beyond.
        Spanish whiteness is thus the least white and least pure of all the white castes and _Hispanics_ who claim to be from Spain ‘by ancestry’ to cover up their Amerindian roots are making all the greater fools of themselves.
        From Rome to El Cid, Spain was a racial gutter.
        Now that Islam is on the rise there again, the natives high caste belief in their white societal eliteness is all the more doomed to amalgamation with the lesser gene groups that are flooding a country with runaway unemployment and poverty in all the outlying regions.
        To fail to keep out the other-groups is to be overrun from within by them as stupidity breeds poverty whereas intelligence trades innovation for population and gets by at much reduced footprinting upon the land.

        • Talltrees

          You might be interested in some of the videos on Youtube specifically those going into Spaniard DNA. They are about 8 minutes or longer. There are some videos there claiming Spaniards are not White. Spaniards refute that claiming they are European White.

          I can only go by DNA evidence as to whether they are White or non-White. I am not an expert on the subject, but do believe in most DNA proof.

        • Talltrees

          Here is a photo of the Spain basketball team 2012 Olympics. All have dark hair, but they have White skin.

  • drattastic

    You had me till you said “politically correct response” , that’s how we got to this point to begin with.

  • “Cross the street, walk into a store, or join a large group of tough-looking non-blacks if there is one around.”

    Good advice. Now for a story …

    One night in downtown Denver twenty years ago I was starting to be surrounded by a group of blacks before I could follow your advice One of them asked me if I had a light. I replied “You have the right to remain silent. I suggest you use it” … And then crossed the street. They did not follow.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    I’ve attempted to have a rational discussion of this barbaric knockout game with a few White Libtards. They wanted me to know that a few White kids are also playing the knockout game. When I informed them that the knockout game involves mostly Negro aggressors, and suggested that the few White kids involved are Wigger boys who are trying to build street cred by acting as Black as possible, they did not want to listen.

    • HaroldWesterling

      rational discussion with White Libtards?

      That was your first mistake.

      • White libtards are merely the enablers of criminals.

      • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

        Aw, c’mon, Harold, a journey into that warped piece of gray matter that is the Libtard mind is a journey worth going on! How some folks can be so irrational, myopic, and self-hating fascinates me. Thus, I like to try to pick their brains to figure out what makes them tick. Libtards are practically psychotic!!

    • Jack Burton

      Their argument is like saying that rap isn’t a black music genre because of the Beastie Boys and Eminem.

      I’ve yet to see a video of White males playing knockout at all, much less targeting black women.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    Absolutely correct. In the old days, here in America, and by the old days I mean as recently as the 90’s, this was how things were here as well. Blacks were not targeted unfairly as they do to us, but they were expected to act decently around us, or they would be subjected to a little backyard justice. Something like the knockout game would be answered with a good lynching or Klan rally, and the Blacks would cool their heels for awhile.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I worked for a black corporation in Nashville in the late 80’s. A big mouthed morbidly obese black woman on staff told us (braggingly) that when she was young she used to lure White men into the alley for sex. When they agreed they entered the alley only to be met by black men who beat them up.

      That doesn’t say much for White men who’ll have sex with anything on two legs. And I’ve heard terrible stories of White men on farms who engaged in sex with farm animals.

  • scutum

    Back in the late sixties when I got out of the service I began
    attending the University of Wisconsin. I worked the night shift at a local meat
    packing plant and went to school during the day. I got to know one of my classmates
    in a calculus course I was taking who was the son of a prominent and wealthy
    surgeon. His father had sent him to an exclusive prep school out east when he was younger instead of a local high school in his home town. We used to talk about his experiences
    at his prep school and one of the things he told me that made a lasting
    impression was that the students in his prep school who came from the lost elite
    families, had nothing but contempt for the people in what they referred to as
    fly over country. I can only assume that this attitude was carried with them into adulthood. This would explain the insouciance of the elites regarding the concerns and opinions of their fellow citizens about such things as unlimited third world immigration, the black
    undertow, crime, welfare, and a host of other issues that are negatively
    impacting what is left of our nation.

    • “… the students in his prep school who came from the lost elite families, had nothing but contempt for the people in what they referred to as fly over country.”

      As a Native New Yorker born in 44 I can assure you that this is the typical New York attitude toward anyplace that is not either in Manhattan, DC or Hollywood. The wild west begins on the opposite side of the Hudson.

      Last week I happened to read a New Yorker profile of Sam Walton’s daughter, the richest woman in the world. The author was, between the lines, quietly angry that this woman should dare to open an art museum in Bentonville, Arkansas, where Wal-Mart is headquartered.

      Google “View of the World from Ninth Avenue” for a famous New Yorker cover on this subject.

  • dave

    The only way the liberals will wake up is when someone “Knocks” some sense into them.

  • Jackryanvb

    Here’s a good come back:

    “Do you also think members of the Gambino crime family are unfairly considered to be CRIMINALS by law enforcement “

  • Stan D Mute

    Why, why, WHY do whites still watch feetsball or bassetball? Every white who watches that garbage knows the thugs on the team, knows the thugs are thugs, and wouldn’t dare let the thugs into his home. Yet he will sit on his fat arse and yell at his television hoping “his” team wins.

    It literally turns my stomach to see it. What is wrong with us? How have we become so absurdly weak and craven that we CHEER for the people who are robbing, raping, torturing, and murdering us? We shout with glee when one of our dispossessors, who have destroyed our cities and bankrupted our nation, bounces or throws a BALL. Every time I see whites doing this a small part of me dies inside – the part that says my race is worth saving..

    And please, no replies about “I used to play ball…” That’s garbage. I played three sports and never had a negro on my team. I quit basketball when my team had to play a ghetto school (an away game no less) and I had to endure the barbaric behavior of both the opposing team and their fans in the stands. Never again, said I. But these millions of whites who cling to their “college” football or basketball, the millions who pay for NBA or NFL memorabilia with a negro’s name on it, each and every one of them is a traitor in my opinion. How an I wrong?

    • “How an I wrong?”

      You’re not.

    • Jack Burton

      If Whites were to stop and question things, oh my, that might lead to a confrontation, we actually might have change in this country. Too bad the vast majority of Whites are too lazy and unwilling. They have their base needs met with bread and circuses, and they’re kept under sedation with the pharmaceutical industry and media propaganda. We’re all going down with the ship.

    • Ograf

      Dr. WLP used to describe such individuals as “joe six pack” , He is the first one who opened my eyes to exactly what kind of insanity was going on in our country.

  • gemjunior

    LOL that reminds me of the 3 young negroes running away from security in the Queens Center Mall – they were desperately trying to get away with whatever they stole with the guard close on their heels. Unfortunately they were slowed down by having to pull up their pants constantly – and it was hilarious. I was in my car coming home from work and saw the whole thing. Eventually one was caught, and his 2 buddies just kept on running while holding up their pants.

  • M&S

    No. Implode, not Explode.

    There is nothing which will make Liberals be-not what they are. It’s genetics to seek empowerment by dominating the dialogue of social discourse.

    But they are still subject to shame because they still want to be Crusaders. And where shame of having ‘Crusaded’ for the wrong group causes them to step off, conservative realism can step into the vacuum because moderates will swing with whichever truth is most en-vogue as predominant seeming.

    The question then becomes what conservatives want to do with a return to power. Selling our nation to the corporate socialist vision of a world society is not in the cards for those who look to their own survival first.

    We must admit that Conservatism is now the outlier group, that we can no longer stand stoic and stolid and pretend to own the Center. And we must not look to be inclusive of Liberal thought because it is the antithesis of decency and has finally endorsed the wrong ally group in their ‘coalition effect’ to the point where they can and MUST be put down, completely.

    That is the narrative swing we must first adopt: to admit our displacement is to know where to focus our efforts to kill the new king.

    But we must then have an agenda of our own that appeals to all the herd follower Moderates, lost in the middle who see only the end of their way of life no matter which direction they swing and so meander, aimlessly, inbetween.

    It’s squeeze chart psychology 101 but with a functional IQ twist: society does not exist unto itself and therefore control over it’s driving memes for power’s own sake is pointless.

    Rather society serves as the vehicle by which to ease the path to evolution. Society -must- therefore provide sufficient assurance to those who use it to be useful in sustaining that journey.

    What is it that we need to ‘know that we are safe’ and thus to be able to regain sustainment TFRs as social participation?

    I would suggest that working economics that devalues ditch digger classes, replacing them with robotics as a supervisory role for whites who are borderline IQ able to make a decent living with their own skills but who could multiply their wage scale through ownership of workproduct of others.

    I would suggest that government as a giant Big Lots purchaser of consumer goods on a bulk-wholesale level from automated manufacturing systems as the return of industry to America in direct competition with slave state economics (nothing is less than free but free implies a loss of profit motive as the means to drive corporatism and the wealth class exploitation of stock ownership as thermodynamically inefficient work processes).

    Finally, I would suggest government as guarantor of _open repository_ information of all kinds. To include racial differentials in altruism, IQ of various types, sociopathy and criminal psycholgoies as the means to judge whom we want to associate with on a group level before we start empowering individuals whom we won’t breed with on an individual one.

    Such a system is the basis by which we can begin to genetically optimize our society away from the Savannah Priniciple inheritance of our savage past and towards a condition where nobody in America is excluded because they lack the brains to be competitive.

    The nice thing about all of this is that it doesn’t require a military police state as world cop to functionally achieve. It simple mandates that we do what we do, only for ourselves.

    Such is a sellable agenda to whites who are tired of bearing the white burden of uplifting an ungrateful and unsaveable, Other Population world.

    One which is bent on a Malthusian Disaster of mindless overbreeding and total exploitation of societal resources.

  • M&S

    You cannot use ‘common sense’ on a don’t-go-there exclusionary basis of self denial of resources as access, when the predators are allowed freedom to do the opposite: going everywhere, seeing everything, and wanting for their own.
    Once an Olympian vision of everything once rendered safe by redlining as no-go real estate is made impossible via public transport and voucher driven housing, you cannot create a viable strategy of avoidance because the threat comes to you.
    Blacks are not children in the evolutionary sense of under developed or primitive beings. They are _fully evolved_, modern, humans. It just so happens that they have taken the aggressive, manipulative, dominance patterned approach to gaining control in a social environment where they are on the top and will never be able to fit in with a high IQ, high conformity driven, condition where what you can do is more important than the (violent) show with which you do it.
    Their genetic algorithm evolved in a veritable wartime condition of constant struggle with Africa’s pathogens, predators and population pressures and as such, the need to out breed their competitors has driven aside all other elements of their developmental potential to the extent that they have neither the IQ nor the functional, societal, conformist co-consciousness to be part of a modern world civilization such as ours.
    This doesn’t mean that we need a pogrom, it does mean that we need isolation from their base behaviors.
    And that means that we can no longer hold ‘equality and liberty’ as absolutes across all races and cultures.
    Rather affinity and association by choice must be the drivers and ONLY from there can we make the future whites deserve for themselves.

  • M&S

    The strength of an adult in a teenaged body derives from a 20% higher serum testosterone level which spikes lymph as immune system maturity as well as the development of sexual functions needed to survive on a Continent where a million people die every year from malaria alone.
    Such hormonally driven power also degrades brain function however and specifically has lead to evolutionary differences in cross hemispheric impulse control through the hypothalamus and corpus collosum.
    Blacks are _different_ from us.
    And less well adapted to survival in a society which is increasingly less dependent on the strengths they bring to the menial labor table.
    Pretending that this doesn’t effect our condition as safety in their midst is a fools errand.
    Yet we are still 63% of society which means that we are our victimizers when we allow them to strike at us to the tune of 48-52% of all yearly murders and 35,000 rapes per annum from an ethnic population which forms 36% of all prison inmates yet are only 13% of the country as a whole.
    Find the political source of -that- deliberate psychopathology and you will find the real reason why we have ‘racial difficulties’ in this nation.
    Hint: it doesn’t begin with the blacks.

  • I suspect he has cancer.

    • EuroHero

      I guess there is a god then.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Any black knocks me down I’d get up and give him such a good kicking his ancestors in Africa would feel it!

    • Young Werther

      Why do you wait?

  • Young Werther

    As I keep saying, JT. Nothing changes. Ahhh it seems we have grown much older together even in web-land and it is only getting worse everyday…talk, talk, talk. But, then again…as a wonderfully strong *character*, modeled after the actual histories and diaries of a number of real women in America during and after The Late Unpleasantness, said: “Tomorrow, is another day.”.

    • Young Werther

      I have always posted as myself, on this particular site, out of personal principle, but for some reason I can only post as Mann’s sweet man.

  • Young Werther

    “All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.” Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Jack Burton

    It’s funny. He started his weight loss when he was arrested and jailed for 40 days in Puerto Rico. Too bad we don’t arrest him in the states. He said he liked the weight he lost so he kept going.

    He also sees some kind of conspiracy in how blacks are only served unhealthy food, while Whites get more healthy food. He says he has to leave his community and go to the White areas to get a healthy meal.

    It’s only the fault of blacks that they don’t like or serve healthy food, but as always he transfers blame onto Whites.

  • Jack Burton

    Of course. You have to wonder why Whites even pay to see propaganda and hatred against them. Whites are very unique in this way. Do you think blacks or Asians would go see movies, especially in their home countries, that were nothing but propaganda and hate against them.

  • Strike_Team

    I can tell you for a fact that when leftists compare incarceration rates for blacks and browns vs whites, they use the prison terms given white FIRST TIME OFFENDERS vs blacks and browns with multiple arrests for the same crimes. Everyone in law enforcement knows this. Yes, you can “google it”. However, I use duckduckgo (dot) com. Just as good a search engine, without google’s habit of digging into your browsing habits – for possible further use against you, truth be told.

    When you break down incarceration rates by rates, with the offenders having the same number of offenses, whites actually receive stiffer sentencing by a small margin. Those holds true across the board, even in death penalty cases.

    Blacks and browns are arrested at higher rates for crimes because they commit the crimes at higher rates. The numbers are actually worse than they appear, because black and brown crime is so rampant, some of it goes unreported, and in many cases, including murder, there is no evidence and “minority” witnesses are usually uncooperative. If you are white, your greatest threat in terms of being killed by a black or latino is the “stranger murder”. They will walk up to you, shoot you, steal you wallet or purse and run away. These crimes are very, very hard to solve.

    The level of animalistic, criminal and cruel behavior by these peoples is amazing to me, even after years of dealing with them.

    • Strike_Team

      And excuse my typos lol. I am generally rushing through answers while on a break from my work. Sorry.

  • You’re talking about what I like to call the “Oreo Brigade” on YouTube. From Tommy Sotomayor to Nadra Enzi to Painless Risen to Walter Gildersleeve and a few others.

    Problem is, they generally don’t like white people either. Don’t expect salvation from any of these people. Just about all of them praised Nelson Mandela after his death, for example. The best use any of these people could be to our cause is an enemy of my enemy. They tell some shocking truths about the black undertow that even I didn’t know, and our sorta liking them really steams certain ghetto people.

    Also, one of Sotomayor’s problems is that he blames ghetto black women too much, when it takes two to tango — It takes both ghetto black men and ghetto black women to make a true Bell Curve City.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      All true, but Jackson and Sharpton have been more destructive. They’ve been shaking down the right with no desire to stabilize the left. It actually benefits them to keep the left destabilized, too keep the shakedown machine rolling. They’re just bank robbers. And Sowell, Oprah, and Carson got out and never looked back.

      It’s only street level guys that are going to have any effect. And any street level leader knows he can’t appear too cozy with the other side (i.e. praising Mandela).

      Maybe more benign converts like Don Lemon are the answer? And yes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is certainly in play here. I post this u-tube link to angry black spammers on other sites, and whenever I do, they go silent–smoke to a beehive. Busted. Deer in the headlights.

      And, I agree with Sotomayer, maybe because of feminism, that black women are largely responsible for them being single parents. They aren’t all dead-beat dads. Some are alienated fathers. Which, of course, the feminist media would never report.

      • It’s unnatural to us, white western European people of a patriarchal and patrilineal culture. Black Africans and their diaspora, OTOH, left to their own devices, default to a culture that is matriarchal and matrilineal. And that is not the same as feminism as an ideology as developed and practiced by white people.

        Backing up for just a minute, Sotomayor’s big hobby horse is that ghetto black women are entirely responsible for every bad thing that black people of either sex do. He has the mentality that all that needs to happen is for black women to get better, or for there to be more BM-WF relationships to make more mulatto girls who will become mulatto women, or for black men to give up on black women and take up with white or other non-black women, and presto chango black men would all be perfect. And I don’t buy that for one minute. All that would mean is that more non-black women would be abused or worse.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          I think Sotomayer is speaking from the heart from his street level experiences. I doubt there is that much analysis going on. He’s saying it how it is. Entitled black women are entitled to be as nasty as they wanna be. That might change if the state stopped paying for everything, short of wiping their a$$es for them.

          If Sotomayer has success with white women that, in and of itself, might indict black women. It isn’t that he’s unsuccessful with women, only black women. It’s not like he’s a women hater in general.

          He actually has a disdain for black people as a whole. In the video he says he doesn’t want family or black people at his house, in his neighborhood because: “things start to disappear”.

          • With these kinds of things, you can never discount the personal angle.

          • AndrewInterrupted


          • And how are they?

            Women will find any catty hen house reason not to like other women.

            They keep saying that we need to let women run the world so there aren’t any wars. Well flip the bird to that — If every head of state was a woman, World War III would break out as a chain reaction consequence of one of these women heads of state saying of another, “b**ch stole my man.”

            Other social items of note in this regard:

            * Queen Bee Syndrome. Where women who have a higher social status over other women try to hold their women subordinates down and keep them from rising. Ceteris paribus, women bosses tend to treat their men subordinates better than their women subordinates. If we ever have a woman President, and she is left to her own devices, there will be no women in her Cabinet, and she surely wouldn’t pick a woman as her running mate and potential Vice-President.

            * Reverse Queen Bee Syndrome. This is in a sense a female crabs in a bucket syndrome. Women who are subordinate to other women will find a way to keep the higher status woman from rising even higher. Notice in 2007 how many relatively powerful elected women Democrats were early adopters of Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Yes, that was probably what my coworker was referring to. It’s an honor thing. Women don’t have that level of discipline. Social engineering destroys the American workplace.

            As far as WW3 goes, imagine if all of them were in menopause!!!!

  • By promoting their preposterous accounts of the T.M. shooting, the mainstream media was effectively inciting attacks against innocent whites.

  • soul hunter

    I will never recognise negroes as human beings until
    they have changed from being racist
    to human beings, and then they
    can migrate to China

  • iamserious

    Why are there so many anti liberals posting comments here? There seems to be many anti black folks here too. So a hate article brings out all the haters to join in together to hate? I am not asking to be rude or spark an internet war I am seriously concerned about the mentality of people.