A woman challenging France’s burka ban stayed away from court today because she did not want ‘to be perceived as a symbol of supposed rampant Islamisation’.

Cassandra Belin, 20, sparked a near riot in the Paris suburb of Trappes in July after being stopped by police for wearing a full face veil.

She admits telling the officers to ‘shut up’ but denies saying ‘Allah will exterminate you’.

Now her lawyers have launched a constitutional challenge to the ban on Muslim veils, arguing that the controversial law of 2011 which made them illegal should be scrapped.

Belin’s husband, Michael Khiri, was arrested for insulting one of the officers who stopped his wife in Trappes during the Muslim fasting period of Ramadan.

This led to a large crowd gathering on the couple’s housing estate, where hundreds of mainly Muslim immigrants live.

Soon bus stops and other public property was being destroyed, as running battles took place between youths and the police.

Belin, a Muslim convert who has worn a veil all her adult life, was outraged when her husband received a three-month suspended prison sentence.

In October, Belin herself went on trial for defying the ban on Islamic veils and for insulting a police officer.

Now her lawyer has launched a constitutional challenge to the entire burka ban at the criminal court in Versailles, west of Paris.

Philippe Bataille told the court that the ban was discriminatory, unconstitutional, and against the guiding principles of the French Republic.

Mr Bataille said his client was deliberating shunning the hearing because ‘she does not want to be wrongly perceived as the symbol of a supposed rampant Islamisation’.

Many conservative politicians claim that France’s 6million-plus Muslims are changing the nature of the country.

They say that burkas are a symbol of many Muslims’ desire to exclude themselves from other French people.

This has led to growing support for the far-right National Front party which wants to stop the so-called ‘Islamisation’ of society.

Thibault de Montbrial, for the police, said that ‘a small group of radical elements were testing the institutions’ of secular France, under the guise of religious freedom.

Earlier this month, European judges heard the case of a 23-year-old French woman who also claimed the burka ban violates her rights.

The Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights will rule on the case in 2014.

Today’s case in Versailles continues.

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  • Spartacus

    These things do not belong in France, or any other place in Europe, North America or Oceania.

  • Kronolog

    I’m sure this veil ban will turn these fine Moslems into Frenchmen in no-time. If it doesn’t work, then they should simply be forced to wear berets – because, as we all know, nationality is simply a matter of head wear.

    • Paleoconn

      Good point. As much as we attempt to harass them on their dress or other symbols that irritate us, they would still not leave, since the other option is going back to their countries. Enoch Powell once said some immigrant constituents of his asked for help to go back home. That may have been an option back then (paying them to go back) but the goodies in their adopted countries are too sweet to pass up for a few Euros or Pounds sterling.

    • Kevinberger

      Funny bit is of course that berets are not a traditional French headgear; in fact, in French, they are or should properly be called “bérets basques”, basque berets.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Not that I want to spend the blood or treasure, but articles like this make me want our troops out of East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Afghanistan right away so we can concentrate them on Europe, and for the third time in a century, try to keep Europe from killing itself. Get the Muslims and the Africans out of Europe!

    • mikebowen55

      You speak as if the US isn’t under the same siege.

      • Carney3

        Our biggest problem in that regard is mestizos. I’d rather have that issue than Muslims and pure-blooded, fresh from the Dark Continent black Africans.

        • Paleoconn

          False dichotomy. The correct answer is secret option c) none of the above.

        • Kevinberger

          True. But AFAIK, even the most “diversified” European countries (GB, France, Belgium) do not have minorities-majority birthrates, as opposed to the USA since a couple years. Not to mention the fact that, usual denials from the US “conservatives” to the contrary, the true heart of globalized progressivism is not in Europe, but in the very center of the Empire. The “rot” spills out from the USA outward, into the European satrapies, not the other way around.

      • Pro_Whitey

        I agree with you. It’s just that the U.S. has had a clear history of immigration (albeit mostly white immigration nearly 200 years), and we have a lower population density relative to Europe, so it seems like we can fit more. I still want to stop immigration and reverse it to a large extent.. What irks me is that the European wounds are so self-inflicted, or at least inflicted by the European elites, where there was no tradition of immigration, no need for it, and little room for it in Europe.

        • Kevinberger

          Defines “self-inflicted”.

      • Kevinberger

        Yeah, but focusing on Europe allows for keeping comfortable blinders.

    • Kevinberger

      Maybe you might start gently, say by stopping to push for Turkey to be integrated in the EU?

  • sbuffalonative

    She admits telling the officers to ‘shut up’ but denies saying ‘Allah will exterminate you’.
    Either she’s lying or the police are lying.

    • Fair Dinkum

      I’m much, much more inclined to believe the police.

    • 1stworlder

      Muslims are allowed to lie even under oath. Its called taqiyya.

      • Sloppo

        That is correct. Lying is an important part of being a “good muslim”. Dishonesty is considered to be an act of Islamic virtue, especially when it can be used to preserve or increase the power and influence of Islam or to harm “infidels”.

        • Pelagian

          can you give us any proof from the Koran or any other authority that this is the case?

          • Sloppo

            Here are a few examples from Islamic jurisprudence:

            Bukhari:V7B67N427″The Prophet said, ‘If I take an oath and later find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath.'”

            Qur’an 9:3″Allah and His Messenger dissolve obligations.”

            Qur’an 66:2″Allah has already sanctioned for you the dissolution of your vows.”

            Bukhari:V4B52N268″Allah’s Apostle said, ‘War is deceit.'”

            Bukhari:V5B59N369″Allah’s Apostle said, ‘Who is willing to kill Ka’b bin Ashraf who has hurt Allah and His Apostle?’ Thereupon Muhammad bin Maslamah got up saying, ‘O Allah’s Apostle! Would you like me to kill him?’ The Prophet said, ‘Yes,’ Maslamah said, ‘Then allow me to say false things in order to deceive him.’ The Prophet said, ‘You may say such things.'”

            Ishaq:442″By Muhammad’s order we beguiled them.”

            Youtube has a pretty good variety of videos which explain the meaning of taqiyya. If you’d like to do a youtube search with that word, you’ll find several.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      “A woman challenging France’s burka ban stayed away from court today because she did not want ‘to be perceived as a symbol of supposed rampant Islamisation’.”

      Kitman. While working to destroy host body, keep it quiet and play victim. Mouth platitudes to the hated enemy – the host. Grow while consuming host from within, kill and eat host, institute Sharia law.

  • Luca

    “They say that burkas are a symbol of many Muslims’ desire to exclude themselves from other French people.”

    I have a better idea, exclude yourself physically from all the White European based countries of the world and go back to your repressive, 7th century, Bedouin-culture countries.

    • Bill

      ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans’. Otherwise, GTFO! I sure get tired of immigrants using our goodwill against us. They must see it as a sign of weakness.

      • “They must see it as a sign of weakness.”

        They do. Muslims are colonizing the west — and the natives are losing because they are weak and, in societal terms, suicidal.

        • Kevinberger

          Defines “suicidal”. As, you know, opposed to “euthanasied”, or even “murdered”.

  • John K

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

    These vermin often flee their cesspools and flock to western countries, then try to turn those countries into the cesspools they escaped.

    • Carney3

      Dehumanizing rhetoric simply drives away persuadables and helps the enemy. Have the discipline necessary to temper your rhetoric. The enemy is careful and only pushes as far as the general public can tolerate.

      However, you are correct in saying that non-whites, Muslims, etc. when allowed in in sufficient numbers, concentrations, and speeds, replicate the conditions they flee from, and then flee onward to somewhere new to ruin THAT place. The process continues until there’s nowhere left to flee to.

  • mikebowen55

    I think we all know how the “European (anything but) Court of Human Rights” will rule on this one.

    • me

      Yup. It’s always “human rights” when they want to take away the rights of White people living in their own countries…..

  • Anna Tree

    To stay away from court so not ‘to be perceived as a symbol of supposed rampant Islamisation’ is like to riot, kill and rape to show how islam is peaceful.

  • 1stworlder

    making death threats to cops, I would carry a container of bacon bits with me if I was in a place getting overrun with muslims.

    • Sloppo

      On a completely unrelated subject, do you happen to know if pig blood works well in a squirt gun?

  • NotTooSwift

    I was doing a Muslim woman who was so ugly, I made her to wear two veils in case one fell off. Bada Bing

    • me

      Did you hear about the Muslim beauty contest?
      Me, neither.
      A Muslim, a communist, and a socialist walk into a bar.
      The bartender says, “Hello, Mr. President!”
      Don’t forget to tip your waitress. Thank you, and good night!

  • Bill

    Maybe she converted and wants to wear the burqa because she’s ugly?

    • fuzzypook

      I have noticed that muslim women have big, ugly, man hands. Maybe they should cover them up too.

      • Sloppo

        Sometimes those muslim women have big ugly man hands because they’re actually men using a burqa for a disguise.

  • me

    Even ten terroristic foreigners are ten too many…even five….even one! WTF does it matter? You move to another country, then accept their culture and laws, period.

  • Ella

    It will be interesting to see French women nude on the beach or dressed in sexy clothing next to a Burka-attired woman. The French will do something about Muslims if they attempt to ban alcoholic products. At least, I hope so.

    • Kevinberger

      Neo-cons BS to the contrary, France does NOT, I repeat, does NOT have a problem with “islam”. “Islam” is NOT a problem. Muslims are.
      IE, France has a deep, existential problem, with mass immigration. The same mass immigration challenge/issue faced by, oh, well, just about White country on the face of the world… but that doesn’t seem to bother a certain kind of US “conservatives”, who get all agitated nonetheless at the thought of muslim shennanigans. Weird.

  • Anna Tree

    Yes the speech about Emperor Manuela’s request in the 14 century to bring any one good new thing that islam brought to the world. Nobody can, because there are none!

    Sadly many whites, especially women, are converting to islam… But indeed many criminals in jails are also converting: no surprise that killers, rapists, pedophils etc are converting to islam in our jails… how convenient to follow a “prophet” who himself was a killer, rapist, pedophil and a religionthat allows them to continue to do those crimes, as long as it is against Non-muslims or if they marry their young victims!.

  • Kevinberger

    That’s one of the big unspeakable truths, isn’t it? This whole “islamization” is being driven, worlwide, by oil money, and is smothering other forms of islam, in muslim as well as in non-muslim countries, in addition to being at war to the non-muslim world.

    And that oil money flood financing the spread of that hick/hillbilly, arab supremacist, warmongering islam… is being poured out by “friendly” Gulf countries, whose Elites are literally joined at the hip with Western Elites, and protected by the world’s largest army (I’ll let you guess who is their big daddy).

    “War on terror”, yeah, right.