In Jeopardy: Future of White South Africans

Alex Newman, WND, June 15, 2013

As former South Africa President Nelson Mandela remains hospitalized and reportedly in serious condition, questions about the future of increasingly marginalized European-descent South Africans are edging into international headlines.

Recent developments on multiple fronts are striking fear into the hearts of many Afrikaners, descendants of primarily northern Europeans who began arriving in South Africa three to four centuries ago.

From legally mandated race-based economic discrimination against whites to the thousands of farm murders targeting Boers across the nation, the problems are only getting worse. Poverty and unrest are spreading quickly as well.


The world’s most prominent expert on genocide, Dr. Gregory Stanton, president of Genocide Watch, already warned last year that the Afrikaner population could be on the verge of a government-linked extermination campaign.

During a fact-finding mission to South Africa, Stanton, who helped fight against apartheid, found evidence implicating the ruling African National Congress (ANC)-South African Communist Party (SACP) government in a plot to eradicate whites as part of a scheme to foist Marxist tyranny on the nation.

In fact, after the investigation, WND reported that Genocide Watch raised its alert level on South Africa to stage 6 out of 8 – the planning and preparation phase of the extermination process.

“There is thus strong circumstantial evidence of government support for the campaign of forced displacement and atrocities against white farmers and their families,” Stanton said in the Genocide Watch report, adding that the end goal was communist tyranny. “There is direct evidence of [South African] government incitement to genocide.”

As WND also reported, South African President Jacob Zuma routinely sings racist songs calling for the murder of whites.

Former ANC Youth Leader Julius Malema, a virulently racist self-styled communist with a significant following, is now forming a new political party to “fight white males,” South African media reported this week.

Malema’s alliance will also seek to expropriate white-owned property without compensation, nationalize key industries and force whites to “behave in a manner that says they regret their conduct.”


Meanwhile, on the economic front, authorities are cracking down on the white minority as well.

Through a controversial program known as Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), the government has instituted a race-based employment regime specifically targeting whites.

Critics, even among prominent blacks, say the results of BEE have been disastrous.

Among the myriad problems associated with the race-based employment system: mass emigration of skilled workers contributing to “brain drain,” soaring poverty rates among whites, chaos for businesses and more.

Hundreds of thousands of economically excluded Afrikaners now live in squalid squatter camps throughout South Africa without so much as running water or electricity.

Hundreds of thousands more have fled to Western nations seeking a better life.

“The advent of black rule has been devastating for whole groups of whites, even highly educated ones,” Dan Roodt of the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group, PRAAG, told WND.


“I definitely blame the system of reverse discrimination or anti-white racism for white poverty,” the author and prominent activist continued.

“Almost all whites are educated, literate and generally hard-working, so they should not be poor,” he said. “The system makes them poor by denying them opportunities and expecting whites to be superhuman and to make money out of thin air.”


Since the fall of apartheid in 1994–when the Western establishment and Soviet powers finally succeeded in forcing the anti-communist, white-dominated government to relinquish power–the international press, which played a key role in the process, has been largely silent.

After almost two decades of ignoring the issues, however, the world media is starting to take notice–albeit slowly.

The British state-funded BBC, for example, featured a recent article headlined “Do white people have a future in South Africa?”

“The answer, as with so many similar existential questions, is ‘Yes – but…’,” reported BBC News World Affairs Editor John Simpson after exploring the problems.

While acknowledging that whites still own much of the nation’s wealth, Simpson concluded that only certain segments of the European minority have a genuine future in South Africa.

“Working-class white people, most of them Afrikaans-speakers, are going through an intense crisis,” the BBC noted.


With a population of around 5 million, whites today make up less than 10 percent of the population, down from above 20 percent a century ago.

Since the fall of apartheid in 1994, an estimated half-a-million have emigrated. Countless more would go if they could.


In a separate BBC report, the state-funded news organization also documented the results of the South African government’s highly controversial land-redistribution policies.

The government admitted that 90 percent of farms it had “redistributed” from whites who farmed the land for generations to blacks with little knowledge of farming–almost 25,000 square miles of land so far–are now “failing.”

“The farms–which were active accruing revenue for the state–were handed over to people, and more than 90 percent of those are not functional,” Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti conceded.

“They are not productive, and therefore the state loses the revenue,” Nkwinti continued. “We cannot afford to go on like that… No country can afford that.”

While the government plan was to redistribute a full third of white-owned land to blacks by 2014, there are now discussions about potentially trying to return some of the farms to their former owners in a bid to keep the tax revenues flowing.

In neighboring Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia, Marxist dictator and ANC ally Robert Mugabe violently expelled much of the population of white farmers. The land was then largely “redistributed” to cronies who knew nothing about farming.

Before that, the country was known as the “breadbasket” of Africa thanks to its massive agricultural export industry.

Today, Zimbabweans are starving as the nation increasingly depends on international food aid for survival.


Analysts on all sides of the issue seem to agree on at least one point: The eventual death of Mandela, 94, could make long-simmering problems explode to the forefront once again, potentially with deadly consequences.


When he dies, more than a few analysts say full-blown chaos could be unleashed in South Africa. One source with knowledge of the matter told WND that martial law may even be declared.


For an increasingly significant segment of the population, it is becoming clearer that today’s South Africa is simply not sustainable in the long term.

“South Africa is a colonial construct, currently an incompatible, unsustainable mix,” International Afrikaner Society President Hannes Louw told WND.

The major fault-line in what is dubbed the “Rainbow nation,” Louw said, is between Afrikaners – descendants of Europeans, Khoi Africans as well as former slaves from Africa, Indonesia, and India – and Bantu, descendants of migrant groups from central and eastern Africa.

“The time has come to face the facts: oil and water do not mix,” he continued.

“The same principles that applied to other countries, like North and South Sudan, also applies to South Africa – the country needs to be divided in two countries, a Western South Africa where Afrikaners are the majority and an Eastern South Africa where Bantus are the majority,” Louw said.

“Despite the current regime’s efforts to culturally colonize Western South Africa, with racist Black Economic Empowerment and busing in homeless Xhosa, Afrikaners are still the majority in in this region and that’s the saving grace,” he continued.

“The time has come for Afrikaners living in Western South Africa to democratically take back their inheritance, the land that was paid for with the lives of our ancestors, fertilized with their blood and watered with their tears,” Louw added. “But as Christians, let us not forget to do so responsibly in line with Biblical principles, international law and the South African constitution.”


PRAAG leader Roodt, meanwhile, says the European minority in South Africa must achieve self-determination and self-governance if the Afrikaner people and culture are going to survive and thrive.

“The sooner whites realize that the only way out is an ethnic state or Israel of their own, the better,” he told WND. “I can only see the system deteriorating progressively, with anti-white discrimination becoming so pervasive and pernicious that no one will be able to survive.”


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  • bigone4u

    Without the support of the US and Europe an Afrikaner state is impossible. Can anyone really see the US backing the idea? It would tarnish the legacy of their darling Mr. Mandela, who is complicit in the genocide toward whites. I just read today that the Ukraine or one of the other former Soviet Republics is offering the Afrikaners political asylum. Again, although that’s the decent thing, the US would never go along with giving them asylum here. Mandela, like MLK and Rosa Parks, must be protected by the elites no matter the cost in blood.

    • IstvanIN

      Georgia was talking to Afrikaners. If the Anglo-Sphere weren’t so suicidal Australia would be the perfect spot for the Afrikaners. They are already acclimated to that type of climate and have the knowledge to farm under less than ideal circumstances. The English South Africans should be invited to the UK, NZ or Canada. Of course none of this will happen. When St Mandela dies the “west” will applaud the extermination of a group of its own.

      • bigone4u

        Thanks for correcting me. Georgia it is. Ironically, the home of Joseph Stalin.

        • IstvanIN

          Actually you were right, Georgia is a former Soviet Republic.

        • Romulus

          Dzurgha, Joseph Dzurgha. He changed his name.

  • I can’t feel sorry for people who won’t even try to fight back.
    All you have to do to defeat the blacks is to shut off their electricity, and release the smallpox you have saved up.

    You Afrikaners are getting past the point of wondering what the United Nations MIGHT do if you rebel. Either fight for your land or leave for the homeland. If you choose the latter, then you should be at the forefront of removing “them” from your homeland. The “them” I am talking about are the white people who allowed the third world in to begin with.

    • Spartacus

      It’s not the blacks that are the problem, it’s the jew-controlled west that’s stopping them from doing anything. You think if tomorrow the Afrikaners start destroying the black, Obama won’t start bombing them for “humanitary” reasons ? Think this through, will you ?

      • Romulus

        You are both right. Although, I can’t say for certain if the white Boer have access to that level of bio tech.

        • 5n4k33y35

          This commentary about biological weapons is stupid and does a disservice to Boers.

          • Romulus

            If commentary provided, brings useful discourse and revelations of knowledge to all of us herein, then it is not stupid. Surely you are aware that the West and Russia have an extensive bio-weapons program. Is it a stretch that some of the “scientists” in south Africa do not?. I said that im unaware if they do, not that they are incapable.

    • 5n4k33y35

      You’re insulting white South Africans who’ve endured more existential stress than white people anywhere. Also, smallpox? You sound like a black or a Jew trying to make South African whites look bad.

  • IstvanIN

    The plan seems to be going well, world wide extermination of whites. Rhodesia was the “spring training camp”. SA will be the first major league game. Then the US and Commonwealth with Europe being the coup de grace of our people. Or so it has been planned.

    • The__Bobster

      Sailer’s N-th Law of Good Non-Hispanic White Citizenship. You should strive to be as ignorant as possible about demography. Interest in this topic is the mark of an antisocial attitude probably arising from feelings of personal insecurity. In this, as in all other topics relating to the National Question, total blank stupidity should be your goal.

  • JohnEngelman

    The white liberals in the West who forced the end to apartheid have not had to pay the price for their “ideals.”

    I have to admit that I used to oppose apartheid, although I never attended any anti apartheid demonstrations. My opinions change when new facts become available.

    • David Ashton

      Some facts were there but not easily available.
      Same with communist crimes from Lenin to Castro, from Mao to Ho.

      • JohnEngelman

        People have a way of ignoring facts they do not want to believe.

        • Sick of it

          Understatement of a lifetime.

          • JohnEngelman

            That is true for anyone with strong opinions, rather they are liberals, conservatives, libertarians, or something else.

        • MikeofAges

          If only you would stop ignoring the facts about meritocratic democratic universalism. Many things are not what they seem. One flaw with meritocracy is that provide no protection for people who may suffer adverse conditions during their upbringing. And it recognizes no birthright.

          • JohnEngelman

            A country benefits when there is an easy flow of talent into leadership positions in the government and economy.

            Nevertheless, I believe that those who play the game by the rules deserve to be treated with economic decency even if they were not born with lucrative talents.

          • MikeofAges

            And what about the people who are born with talents and are in various way denied to opportunity to use them, as in being denied so much as the first step on the ladder. Is the idea that the country benefits when it own are denied any “flow” into leadership positions? Are people always to be readily replaced by someone else from somewhere else forever?

            I’ll tell you the dirtiest little secret about American life. The myth is people arrive, they strive, they go up the escalator to the second floor, and they stay there forever. But, actually, except for those for whom specific intergenerational arrangements have been made, those who have been here the longest are the worst off. You can see that process between the World War II generation and its progeny. These were people who reached a good height, but made no effort to provide place and situation for their descendants, operating instead on the assumption that if they provided for their children’s education, their education would provide for their children. Now their descendants very often are slipping back into the lower class as the generations go on.

            I know where you live, and I’ve lived there too. Where are all of the descendants of the engineers, administrators and technical personnel who worked in the aerospace industry in Santa Clare County during the Cold War? The people who built all the middle class neighborhoods in south San Jose and in all the surrounding towns? Hard to find any evidence those people were ever there.

          • Sick of it

            Well said. Quite a few of my ancestors fought in the American Revolution. My people have run the gamut in professions which helped to build this nation…and yet so many of us are now stuck with little to hope for.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          It takes a good man to admit that.

    • Lila Dennis

      The system of exchange under which we all struggle demands an underclass. The color of the underclass is incidental. What is interesting about South Africa is that the traditional roles between Whites and Blacks have been reversed. Whites are now relegated to the under-privileged class and are being victimized like any other impoverished group. (note also that the higher White IQ is not helping one whit in the struggle against their systematic dissolution) What bothers the White community here is that the veneer of superiority can be so quickly and thoroughly defaced – that even Whites can be subjugated by the system and that no amount of hard work or intellect can save them. Which in turn raises the question: If the economic system, and not the individual, is responsible for a group’s economic and social outcome, how are we to maintain our supposed superiority?

      • libertarian1234

        “The system of exchange under which we all struggle demands an underclass.”

        Yes, there is an underclass in a capitalist system and every other one as well….to some degree….. except, theoretically, communism.

        “The color of the underclass is incidental.”

        The color of the underclass in every country in the world is black. Average group I.Q. of blacks is 85 in the US and 70 in Africa, the lowest in the world.

        Blacks have lived a stone-age existence for 5000 years never having invented the wheel or a written language. Why would anybody be naïve enough to believe that all of a sudden they should be able to compete with other races now?

        ” If the economic system, and not the individual, is responsible for a group’s economic and social outcome, how are we to maintain our supposed superiority?”

        By continuing to be the most successful race of people in the history of mankind, as we have been since the beginning. Science and technology can advance under any system so long as the existing authority doesn’t impose restrictions on research and learning.

        South Africa is a basket case economically and rapidly getting worse. The whites there don’t have the ability to use their intelligence to advance themselves. The entire country is imploding and it’s affecting everybody, not just whites. Blacks are showing…once again…they can’t run an existing system effectively nor can they build one.

        Blacks hate capitalism, because they can’t achieve any real success due to their mental inabilities, lack of creativity, innovativeness, overall intellectual curiosity, etc.

        Blacks, however, DO like communism, which is a system that allots according to need and takes according to ability, which is why you should move to Cuba where you would be happier, because as much as you would like for it to happen this country won’t be a communist one in your lifetime.

        I’m afraid Jesse and Al’s efforts are doomed to fail.

  • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

    Bring them(the Whites) to the US under the same “refugee” umbrella as the Syrian “families” our idiot president is actually considering importing,

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      Yes, but that would make too much sense. They would be real refugees, not criminal and terrorist wannabes.

    • Bobbala

      A prisoner exchange would be nice but the blacks just can’t resist the racism of America. It pays so much better than in Africa.

    • Romulus

      Good screen name, saw that on bumper sticker.

  • Oom Paul

    Please lookup Siener van Rensburg. He was a supposed prophet and seer that apparently foretold many of the events happening here.

    I used to think that it was a bunch of junk, and only crackpots would listen to such things, up until a year or two ago. I really think it might be real what he predicted.

    He also said that it will really hit the fan here when a great black leader dies(Mandela?).

    At least I have been preparing for this for a few months now… And all I can say to any other Afrikaners here is to have faith and get ready.

  • Bobbala

    In a lot of ways, I wish I could join them in Africa. At least they are putting up a fight.

  • Spartacus

    “Former ANC Youth Leader Julius Malema, a virulently racist self-styled
    communist with a significant following, is now forming a new political
    party to “fight white males,” South African media reported this week.”


    That’s right you moron, bite the hand that feeds you. The Afrikaners will survive, as their are the most resilient nation of the most resilient race. You filth will go back to living in huts made out of straw and dung, and having a life expectancy below 25, like you did before Europeans brought you civilization.

  • The__Bobster

    The Whites just need to find a country to take them in for five years until the natives kill each other off as they starve to death.

    And unlike other “refugees”, they’d return to their home country.

  • Romulus

    If we can seize Al Qaeda’s assets, why don’t we seize madoffs and help the Boers. Surely that MF -er can afford it unless its already been given back to his victims. Soros would be a good choice for redistribution of wealth.

  • libertarian1234

    “The time has come for Afrikaners living in Western South Africa to democratically take back their inheritance, the land that was paid for with the lives of our ancestors, fertilized with their blood and watered with their tears,” Louw added. “But as Christians, let us not forget to do so responsibly in line with Biblical principles, international law and the South African constitution.”

    He had better change his attitude if he expects to defeat a bunch of savages who show no quarter and who laugh, hoot and holler with glee when they skew a person atop a pole or disembowel him or engage in similar atrocities.

    If plans are not already in place to initiate a guerilla war with the existing authority, the whites are no better prepared to fight for their people than the ones in Europe when the situation transitions into critical mass…..and it will.

    However, I’ve read of accounts over the last several years that relate to how many arms, ammo and equipment stashes are available in various areas around South Africa that could be secured in an insurgency, civil war or guerilla war. I hope that’s the case. If the source is correct, there are quite a few, which include pull along howitzers, mortars, claymore anti-personnel mines, RPG’s, land mines, light machine guns, etc.

    A guerilla campaign of hitting and hiding would take out the power grids, and cause mass rioting and starvation eventually with the black masses also fighting the black run government for their share of sustenance, which will be in very short supply. Inter-tribal fighting would also be a factor.

    But the price would be heavy for the whites too, because the blacks will take out their frustrations and aggression on every woman and child that is not in a safe
    protected area, which will probably amount to many people.

    I feel truly sorry for my fellow whites there, because they would not be supplied by the West in any civil war as the Muslims are right now and have been many times in the past.
    Their ancestors settled and built that land when it was nothing but a remote area, almost deserted, and to have it taken from them, because of pressure by spineless fops in the West is one of the greatest injustices in modern times.
    The blacks running the country now had better understand what war would mean to them.

    But when have blacks anywhere in the world exercised good judgment and foresight and invoked policies based on a long term projection of what the consequences would be?

    • evilsandmich

      My thoughts exactly when I read that. Not that I’m a fan of the organization, but they should at least go the IRA route in fundraising by having a guerrilla arm along with a friendly faced western front group to raise money.

    • AllSeeingEyeSpy

      “it was nothing but a remote area, almost deserted, and to have it taken from them, because of pressure by spineless fops in the West”

      They have themselves to blame. When they were a majority, they did nothing of consequence to prevent immigration into their country, and then they failed to act by not claiming a territory of their own (no doubt some white supremacist claimed that ‘all of SAfrica is ours’ and not some, not any, smaller territory – they only have themselves to blame for integration. Well, they only have themselves to blame. As we will have only ourselves to blame if we end up inhabiting a USA as a smaller and smaller minority group, which, unless something changes, and whites vote for a territory, an Isreal of their own, it’s a reality that will continue to unfold.

  • evilsandmich

    These whites in these squatter camps, is anyone raising money for them? Maybe Sally Struthers can pose with some suffering whites for a change; goodness know it would be a real eye opener for Americans.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    “found evidence implicating the ruling African National Congress (ANC)-South African Communist Party (SACP) government in a plot to eradicate whites as part of a scheme to foist Marxist tyranny on the nation”.

    Why mention the communists in every other sentence? There’s no connection here, at least the author makes none, to the old cold-war. Saying there’s a scheme to bring ‘communism’ to the country is just ridiculous. The ANC have already ruled SA since 1994 and the author himself points out that whites are only 10% of the population of SA, a democracy. Whites have been on the defensive and on the decline and living alongside very racially conscious people of color when they cannot flee since at least the 1960’s (well, we’ve always been living alongside them but in general whites have been solely the victims of their racism since the 60’s) yet every article is about the racism of Whites and pretends whites first exposure to racism is whatever day the latest article is written.

  • Joe Sewell

    Thank goodness for Mr. Roodt. Afrikaners will have to self segregate on their own without waiting for permission from completely dysfunctional America and Europe. Hoping they do it soon.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Meanwhile, that famous South African Cherlise Theron adopts an ape.

  • truthteller
    The guy to the right of mandela is Ronnie Kasrils
    Kasrils’ grandparents were JEWISH immigrants from Latvia and Lithuania
    Joe Slovo was a South African politician, long-time leader of the South African Communist Party (SACP), and leading member of the African National Congress.
    Slovo was born in Obeliai, Lithuania to a JEWISH family who emigrated to South Africa when he was eight. His full name was Yossel Mashel Slovo. Although his family were religious, he became an atheist who retained respect for “the positive aspects of JEWISH culture”
    In 1949 he married Ruth First, another prominent JEWISH anti-apartheid activist and the daughter of SACP treasurer Julius First.

  • John Smith

    “the Afrikaner population could be on the verge of a government-linked extermination campaign.”

    ^ Where is Hollywood? Where are the liberal Jews? Where is Sting to throw a benefit concert to help these human beings under threat of an ‘extermination campaign’?

    All the once loud liberal voices and liberal media have gone silent.

  • Lila Dennis

    Ironic it seems that when the system no longer favors a specific group, that group becomes impoverished and victimized. I wonder what the IQ of the dispossessed whites will be after a generation or two of systemic violence and poverty. When the tables are turned, it certainly make it harder to claim superiority.

    • libertarian1234

      Studies for the last 100 years or more verify that poor whites do better on tests and academically than wealthy blacks.

      Just recently a group of the usual brainwashed academics studied poor whites and wealthy blacks fully expecting to get proof that poverty was the reason for low black I.Q. and not genes.

      That they were amazed poor whites did SIGNIFICANTLY better is an understatement, and they kept the findings to themselves.

      In fact the study showed ALL GROUPS did better than wealthy blacks.

      Average black group I.Q. is 85 in this country and 70 in Africa, the lowest of all the races, so the whole world is smarter than blacks because blacks are born with low intelligence.

      Sorry, but there’s no other way to put it.

  • DelmarJackson

    I was very surprised to see the following wikipedia posting data on white murders in south africa

    Attacks on Whites[edit]

    There have been increasing incidents of prejudice against white South Africans since 1994. In particular the actions of prejudiced police personnel towards white victims have attracted media attention.[25] White men arrested and held in overcrowded cells on minor or spurious charges have taken legal action against the government, as many have been raped, contracted HIV, and been assaulted by violent criminals (often rape and murder suspects) held in the same cells.[26]

    There are 40,000 mostly white commercial farmers in South Africa. Since 1994, over 4,000 [27][dead link] farmers and family members have been murdered in thousands of farm attacks, with many being brutally tortured and/or raped. Some victims have been burned with smoothing irons or had boiling water poured down their throats. An estimated 70,000 White South Africans have been murdered since 1994, mostly in urban areas.[28]

  • Richard

    They are, with some exceptions of course, a failed race, primitive and backward.

  • Fredrik_H

    It’s going to get real bad for the poorest 1/3rd of the white afrikaaners. They won’t have any marketable skills that will allow them to migrate to western countries and unless it goes completely out of hand they will not be allowed to seek refuge either.

  • MBlanc46

    “Without whites, South Africa will implode upon itself, becoming a national version of Detroit.”

    Or like just about every other black African country.