A Curious Madness

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, December 2005

Acurious state of madness descended on the country on October 24, and began to dissipate only by the first week of November. Americans lavished the praise and honor reserved only for supreme heroes on a woman whose sole achievement was to refuse to give up her seat on a bus.

Rosa Parks

High heroism.

From the moment Rosa Parks died at the age of 92, until she was buried nine days later, virtually every politician and organ of the media competed to see who could heap the most praise on a woman invariably referred to as a “civil rights icon.” She became only the 30th person — and the first woman — to lie in state in the Capitol rotunda, where President George W. Bush laid a wreath. Her casket was accompanied by a military honor guard for memorial services in Washington, before she was buried on November 2 in a seven-hour funeral in Detroit. The President ordered that all flags over federal buildings and bases fly at half mast. It was an astonishing tribute to a woman whose lifetime of achievement began and ended in one afternoon.

The myth that has grown up around Rosa Parks is of an exhausted Birmingham seamstress who, in 1955, was too tired to give up her seat and move to the colored section so a white man could sit down. According to the myth, this spontaneous act sparked the Montgomery bus boycott and launched the civil rights movement. In the miles of column inches that greeted the news of her death, there were only hints of what really happened.

Rosa Parks

In fact, Parks’s decision to keep her seat was carefully planned by the NAACP, for which she had worked for 10 years as a secretary. Her arrest did help start the bus boycott, but she played no role in organizing it. And though the boycott has gone down in folklore as a great blow for freedom, it did not even succeed; it was a court order that integrated Birmingham’s buses.

Several black women had already done exactly what Parks later did. They were arrested and charged with minor infractions. Parks’s best known predecessor was Claudette Colvin, a 15-year-old high school student who refused to give up her seat on March 2, 1955. She was arrested and taken off the bus kicking and screaming. Police say she was screaming obscenities; she later claimed she was screaming that her constitutional rights were being violated. Not even Miss Colvin’s case was the spontaneous act for which Parks is now generally remembered. The girl had been active in the NAACP Youth Council, and had even discussed strategy with Rosa Parks herself.

The NAACP considered basing a desegregation case on the basis of Miss Colvin’s arrest but soon decided she was not an attractive plaintiff. She was dark, and many blacks wanted a lighter-skinned spokesman. The NAACP also learned she was several months pregnant by a married man, and discovered her habit of breaking out in volleys of curses. This was not a girl conservative black church-goers would support.

Rosa Parks

After court-ordered integration.

As E.D. Nixon, then a leader of the Montgomery chapter of the NAACP, explained years later, “I had to be sure that I had somebody I could win with.” Rosa Parks was far more promising: “morally clean, reliable, nobody had nothing on her.”

The NAACP had been planning a bus boycott for years, and was waiting only for the right person to act as figurehead. Far from being an accidental hero, Parks was carefully groomed for her role. A white integrationist, Virginia Durr, had paid for Parks to attend civil rights strategy seminars at the Highlander Folk School in Tennessee. The school, known to be rife with Communist sympathizers, was under FBI surveillance.

Moreover, Parks’s role was strictly limited: keep her seat and hold her tongue. Others swung into action immediately to organize the boycott. The very day she was arrested — it was a Thursday — an English professor at all-black Alabama State College named Jo Ann Robinson stayed up all night mimeographing 35,000 leaflets calling for a one-day bus boycott the following Monday. On Friday, she and her students secretly leafleted elementary and high schools. As part of a coordinated effort, Montgomery’s black preachers met and agreed to endorse the Monday boycott from their pulpits, and to hold a mass meeting Monday night at Holt Street Baptist Church to assess the results. That evening, after a surprisingly successful boycott, thousands of blacks crowded into and around the church to hear 26-year-old Martin Luther King give his first public speech. The boycott lasted for more than a year, with both the blacks and the bus company more stubborn than anyone had expected. Blacks organized carpools that even the Citizens Council had to admit operated with “military precision.” Parks played no role in any of this.

Rosa Parks

The ‘mother of the civil rights movement’ makes a stylish exit.

It was not the boycott that eventually brought integration, but a court case — and one in which Rosa Parks was not even a plaintiff. In Browder v. Gayle — one of the four plaintiffs was foul-mouthed Claudette Colvin — a three-panel district court in Birmingham ruled on June 5, 1956 that segregated buses were as much a violation of the 14th Amendment as segregated schools. The Supreme Court upheld the decision in December. Then, and only then, did Montgomery agree to integrate its buses.

It can be argued, therefore, that the boycott was both a failure and unnecessary. Rosa Parks was a catalyst in organizing what turned into an impressive demonstration of black solidarity, but virtually anyone presentable would have served equally well. Rosa Parks did not risk death. She did not face fire hoses or police dogs. She did not even face humiliation. She knew very well that if she was polite and cooperated with the police she would be treated courteously. She also knew that the NAACP and her white friends would immediately bail her out of jail.

It is impossible, even by the most sympathetic reading, to see Rosa Parks as anything but an unimportant actor in a drama that was not even necessary. Not once, in the intervening 50 years, did she do anything of the slightest importance. Black congressman John Conyers gave her a job in his Detroit office, apparently more out of courtesy than because of her abilities. As she grew older, she mismanaged her finances, and depended on a local church to pay her rent. Eventually, her landlord simply stopped charging.

Said to be the very bus itself—now on display in a Detroit museum.

Rosa Parks has dined out — and become a hero of American history — on the basis of a single half hour of immobility. Surely, never in the history of the world, has so small an act won such praise.

The last few years have been building up to the extraordinary excesses we have just witnessed. In 1996, President William Clinton presented Parks with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and in 1999, Congress voted her its Gold Medal. These, too, are exalted honors.

Blacks are not likely to complain if whites make a demigod of an unimportant woman, but why do whites bow their heads before such transparent fraud? There is no satisfactory answer. Americans are never happier than when glorifying non-whites who have denounced the alleged sins of whites. The adulation of Rosa Parks is just another chapter in the lemming-like rush to destruction whites everywhere appear to have joined. If a still-majority-white Congress and Senate can vote by acclamation to make Rosa Parks the first woman to lie in state in the rotunda, any act of racial self-mortification is possible.

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  • GB101

    Montgomery or Birmingham? I believe it is Montgomery, but there are some references to Birmingham.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I saw an episode of “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader?” recently and found out that it was Montgomery. I would have been wrong, because I thought it was Birmingham. I know courtesy of Paul Kersey’s SBPDL blog that Birmingham is all black and doing pretty badly these days, and I’m guessing Montgomery is pretty much the same.

    • Black and Proud

      The Highlander folk school is located in Tennessee. It is not a communist school

      • Katherine McChesney

        It’s in Sewanee. It IS communist in nature.

        • Black and Proud

          That is your misguided opinion.

  • 48224

    I was required to take an African American History class as part of a graduate social science program. The black instructor of the class told the class multiple times that the entire “incident” of Rosa Parks not giving up her seat was a “set up”.
    The black instructor said that the “real incident” actually took place weeks earlier and the black woman who would not give up her seat was jobless, pregnant, and unwed. This however did give “black leaders” an idea! The black leaders actually put Rosa up to not giving up her seat because she had a job and a husband and would better represent the civil rights cause.
    God as my witness, on my father’s grave that is what the instructor told the entire class.
    How ironic that today 72% of black children are born out of wedlock and the pregnant, unwed, jobless woman was actually a perfect example of reality. Also, Google “48% of black women have herpes”. I didn’t believe it myself until a Registered Nurse told me.

    • The__Bobster

      She was correct, except that there were two Rosa Parkses before the real one. The first one was the foul-mouthed slut you noted. The second one didn’t want to get involved in the movement. This left it up to the third one, who had been schooled in communist causes.

    • It’s only 48% percent. I would have guessed around 80%. I won’t start in on all the other std’s.

      • ed91

        the other 52% haven’t been tested yet

    • ATBOTL

      I’ve read this before. The anti-white activists were planning to fight segregation in court for a long time.

      • and now, with a black president, black people are acting in ways that will make segregation necessary, even desirable again.Can anyone say “flash mob”?

    • Triarius

      I’ve heard this. Also, the white man that asked her to move was a part of it too.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    I’ve never understood how riding a bus is a constitutionally protected right. If blacks felt that riding at the backs of buses were such travesties why didn’t they start their own bus line?

    • Johnny Clay

      I’ve noticed that they tend to sit in the backs of buses and subway cars, anyway, so what was accomplished?

      • Yorkshireman.

        So….. what happened to the bus? Is it now in daily use as a Black only conveyance with all the rear seats removed?

      • Garrett Brown

        This. In my predominately black high school they would fight kids for taking “their spot” in the back of the school bus. It’s more important to them than actually being on the bus,

    • THE MAN

      Every tactic dealt with money .Today we have the same strategy .Look at the Boy Scout Gay issue . They use either boycotting or with holding of financial support . If you take money from the Federal Government then comes the federal control . We have to be stronger to resist the monetary pressure and to stand on principle instead of filthy lucre .

    • Daisy

      Because slave-owners and their conspirators amongst the majority of non-owning whites would lynch them. Blacks or whites who questioned the feudal system got lynched for trying to organize any alternatives to the economic and political order.

      • MikeofAges

        Something would have happened. Intimidation, harassment, even murder. But probably not lynching. I don’t know the whole history of lynching in the United States, but whites were victims as well as blacks. A friend of mine’s father was, a a boy, a witness to the lynching of a white man (albeit a criminal) in California in the 1920s.

        A total of about 5,000 black men were lynched in the South. Probably, some large number of them were guilty of heinous crimes. Others of lesser crimes, but still criminals. Don’t casually toss the word around. Right now, you’re the one who is making light of this sordid history.

        • Daisy

          My source for that is Jim Webb, author of Born Fighting, in which he claims that more whites were lynched than blacks in the south. I don’t recall if he gave estimates. It might have to do with how one is defining ‘lynched.’ Overall I trust Webb but the book is devoted to a recounting of the history of the scots-irish’s journey from scotland, to northern ireland, to the border states, not to black-white relations in the south.

          I’m not making light at all of the sordid history of it, although I do question what percentage of your figure of black men victims were actually guilty of heinous crimes.

          • MikeofAges

            I have no certain knowledge of what percentage of lynching victims were guilty of heinous crimes. In the case of the only lynching where I lived in the community where it occurred (decades before I got there), the victim, a white man, was guilty of child murder. Still, he should have had his due process.

        • rebelcelt

          I have talked to two men (much older) that witnessed lynchings. Both times the black murdered a white man.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Good point, Sir, but you’re thinking like a white man, not a black man. They lack the foresight and determination to change their adversities for good by being creative, hard-working and self-disciplined. They dwell on their problems and their perceived lack of ‘fairness,’ but are not motivated to think beyond them and come up with creative solutions to improve their lot.


      Because they don’t want to have to actually build a bus company when they can just claim the one the white man built as their own.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Rosa Parks attended Communist The Highland School prior to her sit-in.

  • The african slave trading negroids that sold the slaves. Knew that they were garbage and the one’s that bought the negroids also knew it too. I think their content of character has been shown.

    • rudeboi

      what would you call the Irish that were taken into slavery? Probably the same thing since the Irish are the kids on the white block.

    • Otto

      Why isn’t Anthony Johnson the FIRST LEGAL SLAVE OWNER in America featured on these Black History Month Announcements? He was not White he was (black)

  • bigone4u

    The story claims that the blacks organized their carpools with “military precision.” Mercy! That would be the last time that blacks organized any noncriminal activity with military precision I suppose.

    • The only thing i have seen blacks organize in a timely fashion is a TNB rally.

      • Beloved Comrade

        If you look closer and deeper, you’ll find that those who organize these types of “rallies” going back to civil rights days of the 60s and before are not blacks. The organizers fund and agitate blacks as a tool against White Americans. . Look at who founded the NAACP: Hint: It wasn’t blacks.

        In 1917, early Black nationalist Marcus Garvey became famous for storming out of the NAACP’s headquarters proclaiming to be “dumbfounded” by the apparent domination of Jews.


        • Daisy

          Canadian journalist Greg Felton is another excellent author on this and related subjects.

  • rudeboi

    this site makes about as much sense as white nationalist in Wyoming. You preach to the choir and the choir of course says, AMEN!!

    • falsedawn

      There are plenty of anti-White sites that “preach to the choir.” Do you go on those sites and criticize them sir?

      • rudeboi

        Yup!! I think you and they should be talking about uplifting your race. I don’t think either needs anymore proof that other races all sucks.

        • concernedcollegekid

          I don’t know why you’re getting so many thumbs down. You’re right. This website has probably directly caused like zero white babies to born (anyone can correct on this me if I’m wrong). It is informative and entertaining, but it mostly attracts people who already agree with it and come to vent. I think this website will have more of a chance of affecting the real world as more people become “race realists” due to life experiences and find it while googling information about race so I definitely think it’s valuable and should keep existing, but I’m actually surprised that people are so hostile to your comments.

          • KevinPhillipsBong

            ALL websites “mostly [attract] people who already agree with” them. This is hardly noteworthy. Corvette websites attract people who like Corvettes, Catholic websites mostly attract people who like Catholicism. So what?

      • Katherine McChesney

        I’ve read his comments on other sites. He uses vile language and makes perverted sexist jokes about women. He’s just trying to impress us here with his fake manners.

        • Daisy

          Well he’d be in good company here, at least among some posters.

          • saxonsun


    • MekongDelta69

      But there’s one BIG difference between us and all the anti-white sites.

      We deal in reason, rationale, common sense, logic and those oh-so-annoying little things called FACTS. We are not ‘victims.’

      They deal in imaginary ‘racism’ and imaginary ‘oppression’, lies, distortions and perpetual ‘victimization,’ among many other things.

      (I read this article when it originally came out and the general public couldn’t have suppressed it anymore than if they had put a pillow over its head and snuffed the life out of it. Same as they did with Saint Martin Luther King Boulevard’s entire life.)

    • ed91

      so now we’re infiltrated by the 25 yr old losers liberals, who even though unemployed, with no future, stand by their phony AA semi-god and do his biding.
      shame on you carlton.
      axelrod laughs about you guys and your ignorance

      • Daisy

        And feminazis according to pernicious rumor.

      • rudeboi

        You are most definitely infiltrated but I doubt it’s by 25 yr old losers liberals.

    • IKantunderstand

      Correction: Here, the choir says: AMREN!!

    • Cherry Bomb

      If you don’t like it here, thread exit is that way ——->

      Begone, troll.

    • concernedcollegekid

      I, as someone who frequents this site, couldn’t agree more with this comment. However I would replace “makes as much sense as” with “is about as utilitarian as”.

      • Beloved Comrade

        Kid, why don’t you take that arrogant attitude of yours and hit the road. This is a White issues site and you are out of your league.

        It’s obvious you are being brainwashed by Mommy Professor in that college you attend.

        • saxonsun

          You mean “Daddy Professor.”

  • falsedawn

    It didn’t bother me a bit when Rosa Parks got robbed and beaten by a black guy in the 90’s.

    • Andy

      Not much online about THAT! Can you imagine if he had been white? Nonetheless, she was an old woman and it bothers me.

      • falsedawn

        she reaped what she’d sown…

      • Thor Bonham

        Bothers you ,why ?

      • falsedawn

        Ye reap what you sew…

    • Ashley

      You are callous and sick.

      • Thor Bonham

        And you’re a moron .. Don’t you and Andy know what the heck we are trying to do here at AmRen or even what we stand for ?? Please ,if you’re not with the program then exit the site..

        • Mike

          THOR BONHAM:
          Have you taken on the job of regulating the comments of others?
          Why not just tend to your own?

          • Bill

            You mean, perhaps, as you’ve just done? A forum is a place where people can speak their mind whether that opinion is valid or not. I’ll frankly feel compassion for Rosa Parks getting mugged by one of her own when I see EVEN JUST ONE black be vocally against black flash mobs beating up on whites, and expressing compassion or shame. Until then, Ashley and others are exhibiting one sided and misplaced compassion. No black has as yet made a peep about black thuggery on whites, and Eric Holder actually seems to be letting it slide as official policy. So, I stand with Thor. Ironic justice.

          • Daisy

            I just found out recently just how long Channon Christian was held captive and tortured, which was for a few days I think I read. I also just learned about the Wichita Massacre. If I’m calloused, at least I’m not sadistic.

        • Observer

          Heaven forbid, but let’s say someone robbed, beat and attacked your grandmother? Would you be so insensitive?

      • why? What makes that remark objectionable?

        • Ashley

          The remark demonstrates a callous degree of insensitivity toward a human being.

      • falsedawn

        I think you’re correct, But I’d put sick before callous.

  • Dr. X

    Excellent, Jared. Thank you for such an informative counter-narrative to the Official Propaganda. The United States government has truly creaed an unconsitutional State Religion of negro worship and white self-flagellation.

  • StillModerated

    Rosa Parks was living in some Detroit slum/project at the time of her demise. She’d have probably been happier in Alabama where she could have kept a small garden and some hens.

    • Katherine McChesney


  • Gregory

    Speaking as a successful Black man in my late 40s, Rosa Parks made it possible for me to live in an America that afforded me many more opportunities then I may have otherwise had. She was an icon. God Bless Rosa Parks!

    • RisingReich

      Do you think you’re successful due to your real capabilities or due to affirmative action policies?
      It is amazing to me that you believe your success is due to one black woman participating in a staged act of disobedience so many years ago.

      • Gregory

        Do you think you’re successful due to your real capabilities or due to affirmative action policies?


        • veritas_lux_mea

          So you support gov’t sanctioned discrimination based on race? How do you reconcile that?

          • concernedcollegekid

            Just because Gregory admits that he benefited from affirmative action doesn’t necessarily mean he supports it. He didn’t say whether he supports it or not. People can benefit from affirmative action without supporting it in principle.

          • veritas_lux_mea

            There are very, very few blacks that are against affirmative action. The only one I’ve ever heard speak out against it is Clarence Thomas. Just like when you meet a black person you can safely assume they’re an Obama supporter (because 96% of blacks voted for him), you can just as safely assume they support affirmative action. Here, I got the same answer I usually get when I ask someone to try to defend it: silence.

          • falsedawn

            Many years ago in NYC, a black guy took the NYPD Sgts. exam and failed. He was told he’d be made a Sgt. anyway because they needed blacks to be Sgts. He refused and said he’d take the next exam and hopefully do better. About three years later, there was a small blurb in the paper that said he’d taken the latest exam and passed and would be promoted to Sgt. That was the last time and only time I ever heard of a black guy standing tall like a man.

          • Not Politically Correct

            Interesting that you mention Clarence Thomas. He is a prime example of affirmative action from Yale to Holy Cross all the way to the Supreme Court. for him to be against it demonstrates his hypocrisy..

          • veritas_lux_mea

            How is his denouncement of affirmative action even the slightest bit hypocritical? Yes he benefited from it, but it was completely out of his control. He rightly said that his degrees are tainted by affirmative action and keeps them hidden away in his basement instead of putting them on display like most people do. You make no sense. Any black who SUPPORTS affirmative action is hypocritical, because they are saying, “One standard for you, a different one for me.” – the very definition of hypocrisy.

          • Katherine McChesney

            It doesn’t mean he’s a success either.

          • Not Politically Correct

            True. Moreover, if most of us are being honest about, a large number of us have benefited from friendship networks, alumni relationships, family connections etc… The vast majority of people I know, including myself, are in the positions we are in today due to connections, nepotism, influential friends and other related factors. This is classic affirmative action and its benefits the wealthy, well connected and privileged.

          • veritas_lux_mea

            You should really remove the “Not” from your screen name. I can see how what you are saying might be true for some positions at some small businesses, companies, firms, etc. But it is certainly not true for the vast majority of occupations and job opportunities. Being wealthy, well connected, or privileged does not add extra points to your GPA or SAT. All the major employers (Fed Gov, healthcare, etc.) have been actively discriminating against whites in favor of minorities for 40 years now, and nearly the same disparities still exist.

          • Gay Black Man

            Exactly! Could not have said it better myself!

        • Pete

          I will give this much to you. You do have some wit.

          • Gregory

            I try.

    • ed91

      I don’t believe you……..
      I suspect you’re an overweight 58 yr old liberal white man somewhere in iowa trying to invent some sunshine to spread.

      • Gregory

        Actually, I am 205 lbs Black man who lives in the northeast. Although you are correct, I am left of center in my politics.

      • Negotiator

        Is Iowa a hot spot for overweight White late, middle aged liberals? This is new to me.

    • Why are you here and not out trying to civilize the black communities? You should put 100,000 times the amount of effort into maturing the thugs!

    • JohnEngelman


      I am happy for you. If you and Rosa Parks were characteristic of blacks there would not be racial problems. Unfortunately blacks have a rate of violent crime that is nearly eight times the white rate, and a rate of illegitimacy that is nearly four times the white rate.

      Two generations after the civil rights legislation was signed it is becoming more difficult to blame those facts on white racism.

      Nevertheless, I am glad you are here, and hope you continue to post comments to this website.

      • Gregory

        John :

        Thank you.

        • concernedcollegekid

          “Do you think you’re successful due to your real capabilities or due to affirmative action policies?


          Lol. I respect that answer a lot. My question to you, Gregory, is: What brought you to this website? You don’t seem “hostile”. Do you agree with some of the views on race that are represented on this site, or with none of them?

          I have a few black friends (one close; all successful in life) and I wish I knew whether or not they think that blacks trying to achieve as much as whites in society (occupationally, etc.) is a good goal for blacks. What I mean is that I wish I knew whether or not all successful blacks believe that equality of outcomes for blacks and for whites is something that can ever happen in the absence of affirmative action. I’m currently too afraid to ask them what they think about this though.

          What do you think about this, Gregory? If you see this post. Which I hope you do.

          • falsedawn

            Sir, All you have to know is when everything comes apart in this country, you’ll be on the right side, which is along with True White men and women. Don’t worry about anything Gregory says or doesn’t say. The same is true for him. he must alighn himself with his black bretheran.

          • Gregory

            I align myself with the truth.

          • Gregory

            To answer your question. I would argue that more than 60% of all Americans regardless of race who are successful and who are fortunate enough to work in the more desired professions and jobs in our society have them due to affirmative action of some sort. While I cannot speak for all Black people anymore than you could profess to be the spokesperson for your entire ethnic group, I would that many Black people would argue that they still would have achieved some level of success, but the degree would not have been as significant absent the assistance of affirmative action. l would argue that many Whites (especially professional White women) would make the same argument.

      • Katherine McChesney

        More John Engleman pandering.

        • E.D. Bussworth

          Some of us consider ourselves race realists, Katherine. We are not racial bigots. I , like Mr. Engleman, have no problem with Black and other non-White posters contributing to our conversation in a respectful manner. Indeed, some already do.

          In fact, I rather welcome it. Having only posters speaking and preaching to the converted choir can be limiting after awhile. Believe it or not, respectful dissent can be healthy at times.

          • JohnEngelman

            Some of the posters who are attracted to this website are not motivated by a desire to learn the truth about racial differences. They are motivated by hostility to anyone who is not a white Gentile of European origins.

            Fortunately, that is not the attitude of Jared Taylor, Henry Wolff, and the moderators of American Renaissance.

          • Daisy

            Some of us come to seek refuge from governments motivated by hostility to anyone of white native european ancestry and don’t snivel for moderators to save us when we cannot argue with facts.

          • Cherry Bomb

            Nonsense. We are surrounded 24/7 by a hostile anti-White world. Dissent? All we need to do is turn on CNN, ABC, or any alphabet network or listen to government officials to hear anti-White drivel shoved down our throats every single day.

            Non-Whites have scads of sites that openly cater to their ethnic/religious/racial interests, we do not. They have the national media, DC and academia on their side, we do not. The majority of non-Whites come here to insult us.

            Where is a White network like BET or El Mundo, with White programming and White actors that cater to out interests? We don’t need “respectful” dissent, we need LESS of it and that’s why we come here, it is a rare oasis in a sea of anti-White hatred. If you welcome anti-White dissent, find somewhere else to go like the ADL site.

          • E.D. Bussworth

            I stand by what I said. You prove my point.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Another Affirmative Action Hoax ‘success’.

      • Gregory

        You probably protest too much.

    • you mean she was part of a cabal that imposed racial quotas that enabled you to take the place of a white person that could do your job more competently and diligently than you.

      • Gregory

        Probably not. But you do spout a lot of falsehoods and nonsense .

    • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

      “Rosa Parks made it possible for me to live in an America that afforded me many more opportunities then I deserved or was actually qualified for.”

      fixed it for ya

  • MekongDelta69

    P.S. to my comment below:

    If you haven’t (also) read this, I would highly suggest it:

    Abolishing America, Cont’d: Black History…or Red?
    By Sam Francis
    January 27, 2003

  • NM156

    Who’s that Punjabi woman in the photos?

  • Barrack Osama

    It’s not 1965 anymore. These people need to stop living in the past. Wake up and smell the new civil rights movement.

  • The Ice Queen

    Affirmative Action requires that whites give up their seats in classrooms and offices everyday. I hope to see the day when whites get tired of giving up their seats and shuffling to the end of the line, just so a black person can sit down.

    • Pop Culture Lover

      Many White women would probably disagree with you given the fact that they are the group that benefits the most from affirmative action. Maybe some White men are tired of giving up their seats to White women.

      • Daisy

        Can you provide any proof of this assertion?

        • Pop Culture Lover

          U.S Department of Labor Statistics.

          • Daisy

            Tells us what…statistic? Fact of some kind?

      • Daisy

        And try telling that to Hillary Clinton I didn’t vote democrat but couldn’t help notice how utterly inexperienced and incompetent her rival, His Royal Blackness, was in comparison.

  • AutomaticSlim

    Rosa Parks…

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.
    Only in America can a surly, uppity, law breaking cleaning lady become a “cultural icon”.

    Kind of like “celebrating” the “Florence” character from “The Jeffersons”.

    What a joke! Is that the best the blacks can do?
    An uppity cleaning lady, a violent perverted “pastor” who had a dream, and a homosexual “scientist” who mashed up peanuts and spread them on a cracker. Yup, those blacks sure have contributed to America…

    • IstvanIN

      You are being unfair to George Washington Carver. While he may be more famous than a similarly skilled white researcher and educator would be, but he was certainly no Rosa Parks or ML King. He was accomplished in his own right, modest and unassuming. Henry Ford even offered him a research position (Henry Ford grew up on a farm and was always trying to help farmers). Carver wanted to make life better for farmers. People who denigrate agricultural research are usually the ignorant ones. While peanuts may not have turned about the be the end all for our economy, how would we know if research hadn’t been done? One hundred years ago who would have thought of all the uses we now have for soybeans. Not all scientific research may bear fruit but when it does we are better off for it.

      • AutomaticSlim

        I am not denigrating agricultural research by any stretch of the imagination!
        Nor am I “ignorant”.

        I am totally and completely being critical of the praise and notoriety that that liberal historians and media types have lavished upon Carver simply because he is black.

        I also believe that Henry Ford was one the greatest men who has ever lived. He truly cared about hard working Americans, and put his money where his mouth was when he paid them double what other factory workers were receiving. He wanted them to be able to buy the Model T and have a better life. He cared about his workers even though they turned on him and eventually gave in to the semi-communist Union movement.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Henry Ford financially supported Hitler.

          • Tim

            And the problem there is ?????

          • And believe it or not some Jews in Germany and Austria did too. He was a politician, they make a living out of getting people to donate to them.

          • ograf

            I am not sure he financially supported Hitler, but I do know he was pissed when the Jews tried to smash his small newspaper in dearborne. Ford wrote a novel after that titled “the international jew” can’t get much closer to a commie than a karl marx type .

      • AutomaticSlim

        By the way, you do realize that soybeans are perhaps the single worst food for human male consumption, right? They cause the body to produce estrogen.

        I learned that years ago and I have been avoiding soybean products like the plague. They really should not be using them for animal feed either. That stuff is poison.

        • figment

          Holy Crap! that would explain why the green tree hugging enviros are so pansy like! (as well as sick looking- give him a steak) 😀

        • Katherine McChesney

          I had a friend who had hormone problems. She began to drink a container of soy milk per day. Her doctor was amazed that her hormones improved. Within months she was diagnosed with cancer and died three months later. I’ve have read on some obscure site about a link between soy and cancer. Don’t know if that is true or not, but it reminded me of my friend.

          • That’s hilarious. She improved her health right into the grave.

        • they make animals fat, they are used to fatten them up before slaughter. They make people fat too.

      • Terry

        Actually George Washington Carver was a fraud. All of his supposed inventions were either stolen or not workable. He imagined that he invented something when he didn’t. Carver told plantation owners that they should use peanuts to fertilizer their plantations. The plantation owners told him, “George we’ve been doing that for over 200 years.” Carver said, “But I invented it.” The plantation owners said, “Are you telling us that you were around over 200 years ago?” Carver said, “No, but I invented it.” The plantation owners just stopped bothering with him, and that is the way it was with other people as well. Henry Ford might have wanted to give Carver a job, but that was before he learned that Carver was a fraud. All of Carvers inventions have already been done before Carver. All he did was claim them to be his. His inventions were so full of nonsense that they were shelved. Everything that Carver received was from the white race. Blacks have never invented anything. Besides, blacks don’t farm. A farm to a black is a garden. Carver was a joke, but the powers that be wanted to make a hero out of him. Even today he is not known for much, except for stealing other people’s inventions. Which he did all the time.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Blacks don’t like George Washington Carver. They claim he acted “white”. I believe he was an exception to the rule and actually invented many ways to use peanuts.

          • Fritz

            Is this why so many blacks have heads shaped like unopened peanuts?

          • name them

      • Otto

        Carver as most phoney black inventors was a fraud.
        He invented nothing – peanuts had been ground into a paste and eaten by the Mayans for 2000 years before this great inventor/imposter came along.

        • Rick

          Proof please?

  • JohnEngelman

    It was a choreographed event, but it worked. During the civil rights movement whites who favored segregation usually had much more experience with blacks than whites who favored integration. Nevertheless, civil rights activists did a much better job of projecting their message.

    They were so successful that even today it is dangerous to discuss black social pathology and lower intellectual performance.

  • Daisy

    It might be a lesson to the white rights community; placing females front and center accomplishes more than rallying behind any white male’s alleged persecution, real or imagined. The NAACP used females to advance their cause whenever possible. Wasn’t Brown a girl? Why have we as a group failed to make white female targets of liberal racism household names?

    • Liz Betbeze

      Few white females have any loyalty to white males?

      • Daisy

        Sorry, don’t understand the question if it is one.

  • obamafraud

    The downfall of America has been planned generations ago and has been effectively carried out over a dimwitted, uninformed citizenry. Obama is the latest of the great frauds to envelop the nation, and perhaps the last.

  • Shattered

    Try to ride that urban public transportation today and you stand a good chance of becoming a crime victim from one of Rosa’s descendents.

  • rudeboi

    Reading these comments you people make me wonder if you are serious? I mean silly name calling and immature insults and you wonder why white folk are on the way out. You do it to yourselves. Grow up, you’ve fallen far. Or is this just survival of the fittest?

    Now, if you are silly and immature you can’t help yourself but to comment on this.