Students Disciplined in Harvard Scandal

Richard Perez-Pena, New York Times, February 1, 2013

Harvard has forced dozens of students to leave in its largest cheating scandal in memory, the university made clear in summing up the affair on Friday, but it would not address assertions that the blame rested partly with a professor and his teaching assistants.

Harvard would not say how many students had been disciplined for cheating on a take-home final exam given last May in a government class, but the university’s statements indicated that the number forced out was around 70. The class had 279 students, and Harvard administrators said last summer that “nearly half” were suspected of cheating and would have their cases reviewed by the Administrative Board. On Friday, a Harvard dean, Michael D. Smith, wrote in a letter to faculty members and students that, of those cases, “somewhat more than half” had resulted in a student’s being required to withdraw.

Dr. Smith, the dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, wrote, “Of the remaining cases, roughly half the students received disciplinary probation, while the balance ended in no disciplinary action.” {snip}

The Administrative Board’s Web site says that forced withdrawals usually last two to four semesters, after which a student may return.


The episode has given a black eye to one of the world’s great educational institutions, where in an average year, 17 students are forced out for academic dishonesty. It was a heavy blow to sports programs, because the class drew a large number of varsity athletes, some of them on the basketball team. Two players accused of cheating withdrew in September rather than risk losing a year of athletic eligibility on a season that disciplinary action could cut short.


While Harvard has not identified the course or the professor involved, they were quickly identified by the implicated students as Introduction to Congress and Matthew B. Platt, an assistant professor of government. {snip}

Matthew Platt

Matthew Platt

In previous years, students called it an easy class with optional attendance and frequent collaboration. But students who took it last spring said that it had suddenly become quite difficult, with tests that were hard to comprehend, so they sought help from the graduate students who ran the class discussion groups and graded assignments. Those teaching fellows, they said, readily advised them on interpreting exam questions.

Administrators said that on final-exam questions, some students supplied identical answers, down to, in some cases, typographical errors, indicating that they had written them together or plagiarized them. But some students claimed that the similarities in their answers were due to sharing notes or sitting in on sessions with the same teaching fellows. The instructions on the take-home exam explicitly prohibited collaboration, but many students said they did not think that included talking with teaching fellows.


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  • ed91

    AA in action, once again.

    Hey– dey jus’ gettin’ back at da’ man.

    But since they are now the “man”, then something else may be afoot.
    I’m still not getting it.

    If you cheat and win, did you really win?

    If you hate da white man’s schooling process, why can’t you come up wit’ your own?
    or why even go to the process…..

    jus’ because it opens doors for you?

    I needs someones to do some ‘splaining to me.

    • IstvanIN

      If you cheat and win, did you really win?

      If you are black, yes. Winning, or more accurately “getting over”, is more important than any actual personal accomplishment.

      • falsedawn

        Sir, I think that type of reasoning is off base. The cheater always cheats him/her self. There is no such thing as “getting over.”

        • ed91

          as obama seems to prove, day after day………

        • Ed_NY

          Not in the black community. Getting over is a victory no matter how small or symbolic. That’s what black culture is all about. They don’t believe in earning anything, they believe in getting it anyway they can, the easiest way, cheating, stealing, etc…

          • falsedawn

            Be that as it may, they’re still only cheating themselves.

        • Bill

          In a WHITE world, you’d be correct. In the black world, getting over is seen as the epitome of achievement. Especially if whites are clueless as to what they’ve done. They titter and giggle and engage in back slapping and fist bumping about “getting over” on the Man constantly. It’s their brand of ethics.

          • falsedawn

            Correct, but they’re like children. That’s a known factor. We don’t operate like that.

      • When you get out of school you will have to know how to do the job. If they get out not knowing anything they will be fired from the job within weeks for incompetence anyways.

        • I really hope you don’t believe that is the case in all environments.

        • Ulick

          Ha! There’s the DOJ and EEOC to ensure that unqualified minorities get hired and don’t get fired. Employers know this and play the game to prevent a federal lawsuit.

          • falsedawn

            No one person or agency can fend off the day of reckoning forever. It will come. It’s inevitable.

      • Ed_NY

        “Getting over” is a personal accomplishment to a black.

    • Daisy

      I’ve seen a lot of white males feel totally contented in their ‘winning’ by manner of cheating. a) sexual assault. they can’t compete with other white males and resort to this method of ‘winning’ b) by assaulting a woman who did better than they did academically they artificially better their position against her by taking her out of the competition. such attacks ruin many survivors’ concentration. this tactic benefits both inferior males and females. both sexes cheat directly. I’ve noticed jews of both sexes and white males have a penchant for academically cheating. I got cheated off of by jews throughout my entire highschool experience and some of same cheaters continued through college.

      I suspect something else is motivating this whole thing for some reason. A drug scandal, perhaps, maybe a more organized form of mass-feeding of answers to athletes as opposed to some discreet anecdotal thing.

      • josh

        oh daisy you rae a troll. OK by me,Troll on!!

        • Daisy

          Luv u 2.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    This always seemed to me as a teacher, the real purpose of “group work”. The hope was that bright white or Asian students would do all the real work while minorities slid by with good grades they did not earn, thereby proving they are just like us.

    • The__Bobster

      This is why group projects are so popular in business colleges nowadays. They prepare them for the real world, where YT will also do all the real work and blackie will get the credit.

    • pcmustgo

      Funny, we had that in my home-town, “group learning” was all the rage… except for me the dumb white kids did that… I grew up in a 95% white kind of place.

      • brengunn

        When I was in school all I ever did was copy homework of the swots, scribbling furiously before the teacher arrived in class. That was especially true for the subjects I didn’t like.

        Curiously, this plagiarism never spilled over into exams. I was always much too pious and intellectually vain to cheat on a test.

        • ed91

          whatza swot?

          • brengunn

            Studious student or teacher’s pet.

        • Sloppo

          The last time I tried to cheat on a test happened when I was in high school. I made a bunch of little “cheat sheets” with tiny writing and hid them up my sleeves. When I took the test, I noticed that I could remember all that stuff I had written on those little pieces of paper so I didn’t pull them out. I decided that cheating was a stupid idea. I didn’t try to cheat anymore after that and I made it just fine through high school and I earned a couple of college degrees. By the time I got to college (an engineering school), I had decided that my goal was to actually learn.

          • Flossie

            Interesting! I learned the very same lesson, but not with the intention of cheating. I forget how it came about exactly, but I realized that by writing out what I needed to learn or memorize (the latter especially), it became much easier to remember come test-time.

          • Garrett Brown

            So that means you left the multi culturistic indoctrination academy I hope?

          • Sloppo

            Engineering school seems to produce a higher percentage of race realists than most. Engineering answers are either right or wrong. If the bridge collapses, it’s a little difficult for the marxists to give the bantu engineer partial credit.

          • Garrett Brown

            Oh most definitely. My best friend is an engineer. It’s what ALL universities are teaching in those first two years before you start your major that scares me.

      • I grew up in a town that was over 95% white. It was a GREAT place to be from. Safe streets, good school system, virtually no crime.

      • JoJo the prancing machine

        Was your dumb goy half ever tempted to join the crowd and let your brillant Jooo half carry the day? If so, you must admit that you were half way enthused with that there group learnin’ yourself.

    • Shattered

      They certainly rode on me during my first bachelor’s degree program. I did all my work and their work in order to get an A. I did the work of five people to satisfy the group academic requirement at an A level.

      They take five people and put them into a group. The person that wants an A quickly sees that four others are willing to settle for something less with two of the five something far less (they don’t even show up to the group after the first session… complaining to the instructors accomplishes nothing).

      So, the person that wants an A has to take control of the group and ensure the group gets an A. This is done by doing most of the work themselves. It’s backbreaking. Then the group gets an A.

      The leader gets an A because both their individual and group work were all As but they are burnt out and having to do so much work.

      The losers that went out drinking and fornicating with their “muh dick” behaviors, like the “gangstas” they are, instead of doing their part of the group’s work are smiling because they got A’s on their group work too. The group A’s combined with their individuals D’s to give them a C+ exactly what they wanted all along.

      The university looks good because everyone passed with a C or better and they financially prospered because they made bank on the federal loan money for all five students.

      That was my experience in college and what passes for “equality” today in America.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Yup. Well, at least it’s a pretty accurate little snapshot of life in our fine totalitarian democracy. Training for the real world, eh? Always look on the bright side of life…

  • purestocles

    White liberals believe that black people want to be just like them. They believe that black people want to be middle class and enjoy the fruits of hard work such as a home, green lawn and safe schools where their children can learn and play. But where is the evidence for any of this?

    What we see is black people robbing, gaming the system and behaving criminally in order to reap rewards that they haven’t earned. And blacks justify this by saying things that suggest that whites don’t deserve what they have gotten because someone else (a slave) has done the real work for them–“blacks built America” etc. In their minds this rationale justifies their cheating. After all, they are only doing what white people do all the time, except whites get away with it because of their “privileged” position. While this may be true with respect to certain very powerful and wealthy whites, it is seriously disconnected from any reality most of us experience. But for blacks to acknowledge that whites earn and deserve their status and well-being would entail a self knowledge that would reflect critically on them. And this they will not allow because, far from suffering from low self esteem, most blacks suffer from the opposite–exaggerated, overweening pride–and to see themselves as anything less than whitey’s superior and master is a condition they will not accept.

    Thus ironically, they refuse to conform with the middle-class lifestyle that liberals have mapped out for them not because society has indoctrinated them to see themselves as failures, but because they regard working for a middle class lifestyle as contemptibly unworthy.

    • StillModerated

      Indeed, but why do so many White people want to live like slovenly Africans?

    • Tucker

      “society has indoctrinated them to see themselves as failures”??

      Frankly, I see almost zero evidence of this being true among the blacks who I am most often likely to observe. Remember, Purestocles – in literally all statistical reports over the last 3 to 4 decades, when black kids and white kids are given the same tests which are designed to measure self-esteem – black kids, for some inexplicable reason, will almost always score far higher than white kids.

      This bizarre phenomena happens repeatedly, despite the abysmal and persistent inability of the vast majority of blacks to perform at an academic level that is comparable to the average white student. So, from where are these black “bricks” getting their self esteem boost? I’ve thought about this at considerable length – and I’ll admit that for a long time, I made the mistake of trying to analyze it from the perspective of a White man. Big mistake. Never try to analyze or understand blacks or black behavior using White standards!

      Anyone who’s watched even 10 minutes of NFL or college football – and observed black behavior on a football field – will notice that, with each passing year, as the sport of football becomes blacker and blacker – the explosion of egotistical, narcissistic, showboating behavior by black players gets more and more prevalent. A few years ago, the ridiculous and clearly unsportsmanlike, obnoxious antics of blacks was usually limited to chest-thumping, Earthquake-shaking, Goal post swinging performances in the end zone, following the scoring of a touchdown. These days, no matter what the score is in the game, every single time any black athlete does anything ‘right’ – a simple tackle, or catching a 5 yard pass, or gaining one yard that makes a first down – these blacks will act as if they’ve just won the Super Bowl and start jumping around, beating their chests, making some of the most comical facial expressions, or jumping up and doing body bumps with their fellow black teammates.

      I’m even embarrassed to note that I’ve seen a few White players mimicking this sort of unseemly behavior.

      Observing this disgusting, jungle-like behavior one day not long ago, the thought crossed my mind: “Is this a reflection of the ever increasing spike in black self esteem that we read about when the survey results are published about black school age kids having such high self esteem?” It seems to me that, over all, throughout our society – there has been an explosion of self-esteem coming from demographic groups who have the least amount of practical justification for it.

      I’ve finally concluded that black culture contains within it, a genetic driven characteristic that motivates blacks to ‘show off’. Another aspect of this genetic characteristic seems to be an inflated ego and a baseless and exaggerated sense of self-importance.

      William Raspberry, a black liberal columnist, once noted that the primary reason behind the enormous gap in wealth between blacks and whites – is that his fellow blacks tended to spend a disproportionate amount of their discretionary income on material assets that were designed to ‘impress one another’. Fancy clothes, fancy cars, gold chains, all items which depreciate in value over time – while the ‘evil White man’ was investing his discretionary income in stocks or other commodities that were likely to increase in value over time.

      Which is why Obongo and Je$$e Jack$son and Al $harpton are now eyeballing the $19 or so trillion dollars that Whites have stashed away in their 401K and IRA retirement accounts and trying to figure out a way to get their hands on it.

      Which is why Whites need to pull out all stops and get our exclusively White Ethnostate as soon as possible, before our parasites can devour us completely.

      • purestocles

        Yeah, I agree with you, or your agree with me. In the last paragraph I’m trying to say that Liberals hold the view that society has indoctrinated blacks to see themselves as failures. Above, I comment that blacks–as you have pointed out and psychological testing shows–have high self esteem even when they hold demonstrably wrong views or opinions.

        I agree completely with you regarding unsportsmanlike conduct by blacks celebrating every successful completion of what is after all, their job description. Personally, I can’t stand football or basketball anymore, though I used to love watching them. I’ve often thought that the NFL should rename itself the Negro Football League and allow only blacks to participate. Then whites could play in their own league and we would could choose which we wanted to watch–true diversity!

        Wide receivers are fondled, held and obstructed in ways that used to be called pass interference. It’s part of the blackification of the game. Just as basketball now allows constant contact and two and a half steps after picking up the dribble or landing with both feet simultaneously after two steps and then shooting. It’s no longer the same game. The rules must always be changed to accommodate black ghetto style play.

        It’s violates Natural Law for the Better to yield to the Lesser and ultimately Nature herself, or God, Karma, the Tao, or Nemesis will balance the accounts–and not necessarily in our favor. We cannot bring a halt to unreasonable demands by cowering and meek compliance.

  • The__Bobster

    I wondered why a busload of boon stoo-dints would travel to Harvard, as none of them should’ve been able to meet the admission standards, let alone graduate. But if cheating is allowed all bets are off.

    Alana and the 41 others on the Calvary Coach bus had just begun the hours-long journey back to the Philadelphia area late Saturday. The driver, Samuel J. Jackson, was trying to navigate Boston’s confusing maze of roads and rotaries, famously challenging to out-of-towners. He looked down at his GPS and looked back up and saw the bridge but was too close to avoid hitting it, Ray Talmedge, owner of the Philadelphia-based bus company, told

    Thirty-five people were injured in the crash, Massachusetts state police said. One remained hospitalized in critical condition, four were in stable condition, one was in serious condition and one was awaiting discharge on Sunday night, they said.

    The students were part of a Destined for a Dream Foundation group, based in Bristol, Pa.

  • Lewis33

    Don’t worry folks, these boys will be gobbled up by other high class schools to help fill some quotas.

  • whiteyyyyy

    Not a great advertisement for Harvard, if they want the best they might have to eliminate the fake courses and cut down on the negro worship. Elite establishments by their nature have to discriminate.

  • pcmustgo

    WTF, A TAKE-HOME EXAM?????????????????

    • a multiracial individual

      I attended a “West Coast Ivy” for undergrad. We had a few of these as well. They are essentially essays. They are exams, except instead of 2 hours, you get 168 hours to finish it. Most kids liked them because there was less pressure. I found them a bit annoying because most essays take longer than 2 hours to finish. I would much rather study and get it over with in 2 hours.

    • Flossie

      I had a couple of take-home exams in college calculus. Believe it or not, they were actually kinda fun — much more challenging than an in-class test. This was back in the pre-internet days.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I was offered a frightening problem to take home in high school calculus. Wally, the guy who sat next to me and I occupied my mother’s kitchen table and reduced the problem a bit.

        We ended up with the Algebraic Equation From Hell. At that point, we finished the last of the hot tea (we had run through the coffee and had microwaved all my iced tea), and we walked back to school, still talking about the problem and splitting up there. School was halfway between his house and mine, so that also seemed fair.

        I solved that one with a trigonometric substitution. I was in archery class, and was explaining the problem to a friend – who later majored in mathematics – and had to write everything down right away on a folded-up paper bag from by back pocket after my “Hit By Lightning” moment. It worked. It was the head and tail of an arrow, pivoting on the arced trajectory of the center of mass of the arrow itself that was my clue.

        Wally battered through the algebra and actually factored and then solved the equation at which we first arrived. He was the hero in this story; I was just patient and more than a bit lazy.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I once helped someone with a take-home upper-division organic chemistry final, and the problems were completely insane. My new boss – in private industry, as was I – paid me several thousand dollars to get his wife an “A”. He was an electrical engineer; he didn’t know organic chemistry.

      I got her a 100. He not only paid me, he instantly moved me from part-time to full.

      Allowing someone to take any organic chemistry exam home is just silly, because a grown woman who has a husband with a chemist working for him can have his lab wonk solve the problems, no matter how absurdly difficult anyone attempts to make them. Nobody else was going to make it back in those days (1991) before online search engines.

      I still feel somewhat scarred from that test. On the other hand, for all I know, that boss’s wife had a normal three-hour, in-class final and that monstrosity was just for me. It doesn’t matter very much, 22 years later, now does it?

  • bigone4u

    At the Texas university where I used to work, a very anti-white one it is, glorifying lawlessness with a huge statue of an illegal immigrant crossing the Rio Grande standing in the quad, the administration heavily promoted the idea that the faculty must break classes down into groups and get all involved in group work.
    In fact a $5 million federal education grant was spent to promote the idea, creating a mini burearcracy. The administrators refused to acknowledge the “free rider” problem that others are bringing up here. Some students simply wanted to let others do the work, while the grades assigned were group grades–all members of the group get the same grade. The idea promotes grade inflation because if the group is assigned a poor grade it shortchanges the hard workers who actually do something meaningful. Liberals have a variety of tricks up their sleeve. This is one of them.

    • pcmustgo

      Some students simply wanted to let others do the work, while the grades assigned were group grades–all members of the group get the same grade.


  • dd121

    Even today, in the better schools in the South, these people would have been permanently expelled for an Honor Code violation. But of course liberals and blacks have no honor.

    • brengunn

      That’s what I was thinking? I can’t believe the punishment is so soft considering plagiarism in the academic world is career suicide.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      In Colorado, they would have been arrested. Cheating at a university is a crime here, not just an academic faux pas.

      • dd121

        I went to a private college in Virginia where the Honor Code was enforced. I too live in Colorado now. In my 30+ years here I have never heard or seen any newspaper or news report of anyone ever being charged with a crime for cheating either in k12 or the state university system.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Several of them got arrested in 1987 or 88 at CU Boulder. It was in the Boulder Daily Camera, a.k.a. “The Instamatic”. Maybe the universities simply no longer refer the cases to DA’s offices anymore. I’ve been out of the academic scene 15 years, so I can’t get very worked up over anything that happens behind the Ivy Curtain anymore.

  • Bob

    There is also an enormous amount of cheating among Asians there, too. Apparently they don’t get caught very often.

    • brengunn

      How do they know they cheat, if they don’t get caught?

      • Bob

        Because honest Asians have told other people what is happening. From what I’ve heard, cheating is rampant among non-whites.

        • Doppleganger

          White students cheat too. To say it’s more “rampant” among non-whites is just pure speculation.

          • Renegade

            True. White students are the most likely to cheat.

  • josh

    Hahvad has a policy of discrimination against WHITE males,so I have little concern for this crummy place. Is ay give the “black” a promotion–to President.

  • 48224

    I had a great history professor. When we had essay questions, we had to write the answers down IN CLASS.

  • Vince

    “Students complained that the professor’s test were too hard.” The students were at Harvard. Did they expect elementary tests? Really?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Dese be afawete students. Gnome sayin?

  • Semi-related news:

    In all frankness, who would want to steal the work of a (black) Prince Georges County, Maryland public school student?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      (Raises hand)

      A Mexican from Five Points, Denver.

  • How the hell do you cheat on a “take-home” exam?

    • All turn in the exact same answers to the questions with identical misspellings and sentence structure errors.

      • jambi19

        Amazing isn’t it? You would think that all the genius Harvard students would know if they are going to cheat DON’T COPY IT WORD FOR WORD. How would a Harvard student not correct the misspellings and punctuation? This is one of the most difficult to get into schools in the country correct? It has the highest standards for applications correct? How can this happen? I know how it can happen. It happens because YT/Asian has to not only have superior grades to be accepted but impeccable credentials. Others not so much. It’s funny I don’t hear about all the minorities calling this profiling racist.

  • I can’t remember the class; I think it was History. Mrs. Montemayor was the teacher, I remember that. She kept walking by my desk as I was letting one of the cool jocks copy off my test. She never said anything, so we thought she didn’t catch us, until the test results came back. We both received the exact same grade, which was something like “47.5.”

    I never let anyone cheat off my test after that.

    • Flossie

      One of my econ profs liked to tell the story of the hotshot who returned his final exam bluebook empty except for a hundred-dollar bill and the note “$1 per point.” The prof returned the bluebook with $40 and gave the guy 60 points — a D. (This was many years ago, back when $100 was meaningful.)

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Will never forget my college days when the black basketball player next door came over to me in the lounge begging me to do his school work since he fell behind basically all of his classes. He showed me the assignments that he didn’t do on one online class…there were about 15 assignments and he completed 1. Mind you it was the end of the semester so he was desperate to have me do all that work in a few days.

    He came from inner city DC and had no business being at a private college that accepts 29% of applicants aka quite competitive with most students in the top 10% of their graduating classes. I said no, and went back to finishing my own work. A week later there was a fire drill. Me and my roommate left our door unlocked, shut it and quickly went outside. I came back in only to realize my Xbox was gone. I know it wasn’t my roommate because I was with him the entire time. Take a wild guess who it was. Yup, the black basketball player I refused to do work for. I got the cops involved but there wasn’t any evidence to charge him. He remained at the school and stopped going to classes altogether. He was kicked out of the school about a month later for having a 1.0 GPA.

    College sports lets black students get in colleges they have absolutely no business being at. It’s like me getting into a billionaire’s only club because I play a sport well even though I make $40k/ year. I do not want to have a daughter especially knowing that black thugs lurk at every school even the top tier ones. They don’t go to class, they don’t do any work. They just play basketball and try to lure white girls which unfortunately works many times because the white girls these days have no respect for themselves and the media tells them that black men are hung, studly, superhero athletes and rappers with swagger while white men are stupid, impotent, feminized dorks.

    • Bill

      Well, in many cases white men ARE stupid, impotent, feminized dorks. All white men who voted for Obama, for instance. He’d never have won if it wasn’t for all the aforementioned class of whites. They exist. The shame of it is, they have been so indoctrinated and terrified by the colleges and schools, the Institutionalized Myth of blacks with numerous organizations willing to sue over anything, and by the women who want to be men organizations….they don’t even know they have been emasculated and are bringing about their own demise. Don’t misunderstand me, I have NO compassion for them. None.

  • Ulick

    Between the indoctrination in today’s colleges, the blatant cheating to benefiit blacks as we see here, and the idiocy of the average graduate regardless of color — it’s difficult to take a college degree as a stamp of intelligence seriously.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The class was called “Intro to Congress” so cheating would have to be part of the curriculum — plagiarism too, right Slow Joe Biden?

    These students are also upholding the legacy of Harvard cheater Ted Kennedy:

    At the end of his second semester, in May 1951, and anxious about maintaining his eligibility for athletics for the next year, he had a friend who was knowledgeable on the subject take his Spanish language examination for him. The two were quickly caught and expelled for cheating, but in a standard Harvard treatment for cases of this kind, they were told they could apply for readmission in a year or two after demonstrating good behavior. Kennedy returned in 1953


  • I wrote term papers for others when I went back and finished college.

    This was a few years ago.

    1) The papers were always for people who could do the work if they had the time, or wanted to.

    2) They were not students where I went to school.

    3) They were for topics in which I had knowledge.

    4) Undergrad was $25 per page. Graduate was $50 per page. – I was an undergrad, did more graduate work than undergrad.

    I also tutored a little bit, but it only paid minimum wage. Went to one guy’s house to help him with something related to Rasputin, and he wanted me to write the paper for him for tutoring wage (and was drunk at 11 AM — not that I ever did an AM drink, but he knew a was scheduled to be there). Did not happen. But I did spend some time studying Rasputin after that. Sad part was that this former “mill hunky” died of a brain aneurysm while on a cruise just a month or two later. I think he probably committed suicide. While he owned his home and car, he knew he would never get a job that paid similarly to what he made at the roll mill at which he used to work.

    • IstvanIN

      What is a “mill hunky”???

      • Generally a white male that is probably not that intelligent who works in a place that creates metal or works in the places that refine to produces a whole-salable product.

  • IKantunderstand

    Hmmm, I forget. How many NCAA basketball championships has Harvard won?

  • Twenty dollars says Professional Platt was an affirmative action hire.

    • George

      I don’t think anyone here will take that bet, Felix…

  • George

    A Harvard education, like other Ivy league universities or Oxbridge, is a gold-plated degree, and generally a ticket to success.

    ‘Diversity’ enrolees who manage to graduate thus have a free pass to an accelerated start to their career. This scandal cheapens the value of all Harvard grads’ degrees.

    As Vince notes below, students complaining that the course suddenly became too difficult should remember that if one attends an elite institution, one should expect that the workload will reflect that status. Naturally, anyone admitted who does not meet the academic requirements will, indeed, find the curriculum to be too difficult.

    Nearly every American college or university that grants sports scholarships faces this problem: what to do with dullards who can swing a bat or catch a ball. They need to maintain a certain grade level to maintain their eligibilty. The argument is that college sports mean big money from alumni, corporate sponsorships, TV deals, etc. But, if all schools were on a level playing field, and were, say, required to ensure that student athletic scholarships were restricted to those majoring in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths), these athletes would quickly fail out. Alternately, forbid athletic scholarships of any kind for those whose SAT scores are lower than the standard for general admission to the school (Not the ‘minority’ standard, the real one).

    • JackSquid

      Based on the interviews he’s given, I believe Jared Taylor would disagree that Ivy League education is a ticket to success. See @ 4:00 minutes for his views.

      • George

        Well, in this interview, he does note that many people have the perception that the Ivy League is, indeed, a pathway to success.

        The Old Boys’ Network, alumni groups, etc. are conduits for many Ivy Leaguers to reach the top level in academia, business and government. Mr. Taylor notes that his first job at the Department of Transportation wasn’t glamorous, but, still, the upper echelons of gov’t, business and academia are disproportionately filled with Ivy League grads.

        The interviewer himself fits the usual pattern: ‘You went to (Ivy League School)? That’s impressive’! People value degrees from Columbia, Princeton or Yale more highly than, say, ‘Inner City Community College’ or the University of OoogaBoogaland Faculty of Medicine, Witchdoctory and Portent-Reading.

        Mr. Taylor also notes that the SPLC reacts with especial horror when an Ivy League educated person holds racialist views. Since they hold class-based prejudicial views, they think little of the white gas station attendant being a racist, but how could someone that *should have opinions like ours*, someone who should ‘know better’ believe there are innate differences between races.

        Thanks for the link to the interview! It’s always good to know that the message is getting out there.

      • Walt

        It can still give a graduate and advantage, but having an ivy league degree is not as a much of an advantage as it used to be.

  • MarcusTrajanus

    A “take-home final exam”? Isn’t that an invitation to cheat? Too bad blacks can’t even cheat right.

  • June

    Our son was recruited by colleges across the country, including most in the Ivy League. We visited a number of schools in the Boston area. Harvard made a very bad impression and wound up at the bottom of the list of the 51 schools that we visited in the northeast and South. Harvard was a rundown, snotty, elitist DUMP. And to quote the Bard: “Full of sound and fury and signifying nothing!”

    Our son went to a public university in the South and finished his doctorate recently. With scholarships and a part time teaching assistant position, he ended his college career with NO DEBTS and a little money in the bank. He recently has begun his academic career teaching graduate students research techniques and improving their writing skills. Can you imagine how much debt he would be facing if he had gone to Harvard or any other “highly selective” private school? It would have been staggering.

    When I think of Harvard, I think of the murderer Amy Bishop who killed fellow faculty members at the University of Alabama at Huntsville. She always bragged to her classes about being a Harvard graduate. She’s in prison for life now and I’m sure she’s still bragging.

    • convairXF92

      Bishop’s intent was not so much to be labeled as “Harvard”, but to*not* be labeled as “Northeastern University”, where she was an undergrad. Northeastern is a very large co-op school emphasizing 4-year technician degrees e.g. Electronics Technology and various medical-assistant programs. Its students have a reputation for being “concrete-bound” e.g. hard-facts only (abstractions are too difficult), plus lacking culture and causing trouble every time a Boston sports team wins a championship. Although Bishop did make it into Harvard grad school and obtain a doctorate, she could not function at a Harvard-appropriate level in her first research job.

      Northeastern’s intent is not to prepare undergrads for high-level research. Bishop, whose father was an arts prof at Northeastern and probably got free tuition there for the kids, was most likely forced to go there, and (correctly) blamed Northeastern for her weak foundation in research skills. Made sense she tried to cover up her connection with Northeastern.

  • whtabtwdiv

    Why is this colored prof still employed? I bet he makes more than $100K a year and for what. Handing out diplomas to those who follow in his footsteps?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Yes, but as I have learned at terrible cost to myself, money isn’t everything. If I had a million dollars, I’d replace the kitchen cabinets, resurface the counter tops and buy a good mill/lathe setup.

      I’d honestly have to ask my mother what to do with the remaining 995,500 dollars.

  • Dave4088

    Well if the tests weren’t culturally biased then the holier than thou, always innocent, blacks wouldn’t have to resort to cheating on the white man’s tests. Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama and his mini me attorney general need to address this terrible injustice being perpetrated on unwitting black students and student-athletes.

  • Pat Kittle

    Intellectually weak jocks don’t belong in academics.

    No exceptions!